Dyson 47 Stiff Bristle Brush

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  • Stiff bristles to remove ground-in and stubborn dirt
  • Not recommended for delicate rugs and flooring
  • For use with all Dyson models
Customer Reviews:
  • easy work
    This Dyson Stiff Bristle Brush makes my cleaning easier and quick. I do not have to bend down to scrap off the bits of food my children leave on the floor. It seems that my clean up time is shorter and definately easier. My back feels a lot better by not reaching down to scrub a spot off the floor. Love it! ...more info
  • Great for cat fur
    The Dyson 47 Stiff Bristle brush does a great job at cleaing in small spaces and is particularly good at picking up cat fur on upholstery. I use mine just about every day and it is holding up well. I would recommend this to anyone with pets....more info
  • Great attachment
    Of all the dyson attachments that I have, this is my favorite. I have 5 long haired dogs, and this tool is great for the couch and their dog beds. It is also great for tile floors, and steps....more info
  • I'm so glad I bought this brush!!!
    I purchased this brush for use on my steps. Alhtough I have the mini turbo brush that came with my dyson, it seems like it doesn't have enough suction power to even turn the brush bar when i'm doing the top steps. as a result, i gave up using it and have tried several different products to remove the stubborn dog hair from my carpeted steps. THIS BRUSH FINALLY DID THE TRICK!!!! The stiff bristles make it effective in combing the hair up out of the carpet and bringing it to the surface of each step. I find myself vacuuming my steps much more often now, because i'm so pleased with the results. Works great on my couches and the car too. I found that the bristles on the standard brush attachment that came with the vacuum were too flimsy to clean the couch effectively. This little puppy does just fine!!! Check out the soft dusting brush, too. I purchased them together and love them both!...more info
  • easily The One
    If you can only get one attachment, get this one. I have a lot of different attachments (flexi, soft, low floor, mini, and the three standard ones), and this one stays on my DC17 a lot more frequently than the others combined. It is especially useful for cleaning tiles. The standard brush is too soft and cannot scrub the dirt/hair out.

    My only complaint is that the base of the attachment cracked over time, but this time duct tape is a perfect solution....more info
  • great little brush
    perfect for vacuuming the carpet in my car and the stiff bristles are great for getting pet hair off my car seats. I also recently used it for cleanning a couple of window screens and it worked great. ...more info
  • Very stiff & works as well as I thought it would!
    This brush is very stiff and works wonderfully at getting pet hair off stubborn fabric surfaces. It's only 3.75 inches wide but it works very well. I bought it to use in my SUV to get all the woven-in dog hairs out of the fabric that lines the cargo area. I also discovered it works incredibly well for grooming my dog! (My dog will stand for vacuuming and this brush is amazing at pulling the loose hairs out of his short coat so they don't end up all over my house.)

    After using it in other areas around the house I found it also does a great job at getting any dirt or debris that falls on the carpet right up against the base board. Sometimes the softer onboard brush doesn't have the oomph to catch it with it's bristles and pull this stuff out of the carpet. Often I find I have to use the onboard brush on the baseboards, go back along where the wall & carpet meet with the onboard crevice tool, hand pick anything that is left behind and then vacuum with the dyson. Now all I do is use the stiff bristle brush for all of it and everything comes up.

    I also like how it can comb the carpet in high traffic areas and how well it cleans where carpet and tile meet. I am happy with this purchase and I'm glad I have the brush because I keep finding uses for it. If you have dogs or cats and really stubborn pet hair, you may want to consider this accessory!...more info
  • A must-have for my bathroom...
    I bought this in the hopes it would tackle my bathroom floor well, and I wasn't disappointed. I have long hair, which falls in a certain spot on the bathroom floor when I am fixing my hair, and then hairspray falls over that and succeeds in affixing it to the floor in such a way that I have had to struggle with a stiff bristle straw broom to loosen it before vaccuuming.

    The Stiff Bristle Brush attachment for my new Dyson took care of it with ease, and did a much better job than that cumbersome process I detailed above! ...more info
  • Excellent Tool
    Although this seems like an accessory that I could have done without, I am very, very please how useful this tool is. It does a better job of picking up debris where the wall and the carpet meeting. I also used it with Absorb carpet cleaner. In the past I was not able to get all of the carpet cleaner up, but I can when I use this tool....more info