Dyson 48 Mattress Tool

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Product Description

Removes dust and dirt from your mattresses and upholstery / Quickly attaches to the hose or wand / For use with DC07, DC14, and DC15

  • Removes dust and dirt from your mattresses and upholstery
  • Wide head and lightweight design for easy cleaning
  • For use with all Dyson models
Customer Reviews:
  • cat + couch = useful vacuum extra
    Sure it's over-priced, but it's definitely handy for vacuuming the couch to get off what my cat leaves behind. My only complaint is that the suction through the piece is a little wimpy compared with the suction you get by just using the hose itself. Its major advantage is that it is lined with two thin rows of material that catch and hold the cat fur. ...more info
  • Worth it!
    I was hesitant at first getting another attachment for the vacuum but I am glad I did. With 4 pets that shed constantly and having bad allergies, it's tough to keep up with all the fur, pollen and dust. I was already in love wih our Dyson pet vac but the mattress tool makes it so much easier and faster to keep the furniture clean. I no longer dread this task. I definately recommend this one!...more info
  • Dyson Mattress Tool
    This is the best tool I own for my Dyson. It is great for vacuuming the bed (mattress, comforter, sheets, and pillows) and picking up cat hair off of the couch. I highly recommend it for anyone who owns a Dyson....more info
  • Dyson Mattress Tool
    Just the ticket for having the right head for the vacuum cleaner, especially for keeping the mattresses in the home free of dust and other sheddings. Easy to use, comes with all the adaptors / connectors for the different dyson vacuum cleaners, and just the thing to keep your home and bed super clean! Excellent design, and the Dysons have to be the best vacuum systems ever!...more info
  • It Broke.
    Kept coming off the hose then it broke from the handle. But it worked great while I was using it....more info
  • Great!!!
    First of all,,I love my Dyson! Second,,I love this attachment. It does help to clean, not just the matress, but other furniture items. With two dogs that believe they own the house, keeping everything clean is a top priority! And this piece does help me greatly....more info
  • great for all upholstery
    I bought this to help with cat hair around the house. I didn't realize at the time that the DC17 Animal I'd purchased was going to come with a smaller version of it, but I'm still glad I bought it. I use it to clean the sofa, pillows, the bed, and even use it across the counter to pick up little bits before I wipe down. It's got a nice pair of lint brush strips that grab pretty much all of the animal hair off anything in 1-2 passes....more info
  • Great tool
    This tool is perfect for cleaning off mattresses as well as furniture with slipcovers on them. Most tools suck the slipcover up and move it all around, but the mattress tool allowed me to vacuum them off with very little disruption. It also worked great on my comforters. This tool is able to pick up the dirt and dust without sticking to the item and that makes vacuuming those items so much easier. I have had my Dyson for 10 months and love it, worth every penny. This tool is a great addition. ...more info
  • Great for pet hair on smooth upholstery
    Great product. Does what it says. Very very good at getting up pet hair....more info
  • Dyson Mattress Tool
    Execellent for getting a deep dust mite free clean with the use of Acrosan. Very impressed...more info
  • very helpful
    This tool does what it's obviously supposed to do, it administers the strong suction of the vacuum cleaner to upholstery and it makes the job of vacuuming larger surfaces faster and easier than what can be done with the smaller tool that came on board on my vacuum. I'm happy to have both of these. The smaller tool is better suited to some areas, while the large is very helpful for others, like my king sized mattress and large sofa. Nice and strong. ...more info
  • Overpriced!
    This product is OK - it's just a larger version of the upholstery tool that you probably already have with the vacuum. The head is eight inches wide with two little strips of lint-catching fabric. The extra width lets you vacuum areas twice as fast, but for what it is, this attachment is ridiculously overpriced!...more info
  • This is a must-have for anyone with pets!
    My cats love to sleep on the guest bed. I used this mattress tool on the comforter and pillow shams on that bed, and I swear it never looks this good unless it's been dry cleaned! It was remarkably easy and quick, and while it removed all the cat hair, it never tried to suck up the comforter.

    I've also used this on my sofa and loveseat, with great success!...more info
  • mattress tool also works on bedding
    I have to admit that I didn't originally think I needed a mattress tool. Then I realized that it's not just for the mattress itself--it's terrific for getting dog hair and grit (and just about anything our 5 dogs track into our bed with them) off the duvet and sheets. I use it almost daily now on the bedding. I'd use it on the dog beds, but those tend to stay cleaner than ours......more info
  • Happy pet owner
    The Mattress Tool is the most used tool from my Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum collection. I inherited a cat who assumes my queen size bed is hers. I use this tool on the mattress, mattress pad, feather bed, sheets (while still on the bed), pillow cases (left on the pillows),pillows and my beloved quilts and shams (easiest to clean while left on bed). It really saves time and my washer and dryer. I used to double and triple wash to get rid of the cat hair and have to clean hair out of the washer each time. I even use it on clothing (I put them on a hanger and hold the bottom down while gliding the tool downward). I also have a 12 yr. old German Shepherd who sheds a lot. I use the Mini Turbine Head to clean her super-sized bed and twin-sized sheets (easiest while still on bed). I also have the Low Reach Floor Tool. Fantastic for getting pet hair from under my heavy furniture. I've owned a lot of vacuums and Dyson is by far the best out there for pet owners. I use all of the tools and they are great. I hardly ever used the tools on my other uprights because they didn't seem to get enough suction to do the job right. After 12 years of struggling to keep up with all of the pet hair now I can get the job done in no time and the results are a truly clean house. I've actually reversed the damage to my carpets from embedded pet hair. Dyson is powerful enough to pull out the pet hair. Another good point, Dyson is the cleanest vacuum to use. No spilled dirt while emptying the dirt bin (like my other two bagless vacuums) and no nasty filters to wash every time you vacuum. How good can it possibly get?!!...more info