Honeywell 83331 Silent Surround True HEPA Air Cleaner for Medium to Large Rooms

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Product Description

The Enviracaire HEPA Air Cleaner cleana your air quietly even in larger rooms. If someone in your home has allergies, these True HEPA cleaners offer real relief by removing pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores and household dust from the air. Far quieter than regular air cleaners, they're silent enough to use even on high speed while you sleep, watch TV or talk on the phone. Perfectly portable, they can easily be moved from room to room.

  • Dimensions - Depth 19.5 x Height 17 x Width 19.5 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • bird dust
    I purchased this air cleaner for use in a room containing several large birds. The large cockatoos have an immense amount of fine powder (feather dust) that spreads onto every surface as well as the air itself throughout the room. This filter has cut down the amount of feather dust tremendously....more info
  • Does exactly what I need it to do
    After completely horrible experiences with Sharper Image Ionic Breeze machines and another machine purchased at Sears, I purchased two of these Honeywell Silent Surround Air Cleaners and have been happy with the results. I previously owned two Honeywell machines nearly a decade ago and was happy with them, so after the bad experience with the Ionic Breeze machines I went back to Honeywell. As someone with very bad allergies, I can tell these things are working. They work so well that my 4x a day Benadryl habit has turned into one right before bed. If the noise wasn't so bad, I could turn the machine to full speed and eliminate that last Benadryl tablet altogether.

    Ah yes, the noise. One theme that is universal throughout these Honeywell reviews is about the noise. Honeywell should rename this "Silent-when-turned-to-low Surround...". Let's face it, you can't move that much air through a true HEPA filter and do it quietly. It just doesn't work that way. In my opinion, any claim made by any manufacturer that they can clean the air out of a sizeable room and do it silently is a bald-faced lie.

    That being said, this machine IS silent at its lowest setting and is reasonably quiet at its second setting. Unless you're a terribly light sleeper, you can easily put this in your room on its second setting and sleep without a problem. At its highest setting, you'll have trouble hearing your TV or sleeping if it is in the same room with you. My suggestion is, if you have bad allergies or some other strong need for a HEPA filter, then suck it up and deal with the noise. There's no way around it and any machine that actually is silent isn't going to cut it.

    Bottom line: I like this product so much, I'm buying a third one....more info
  • Best air cleaner ever
    The two lowest settings are pretty quiet. The high setting is loud for some people, but it definitely helps to put me to sleep with it's hummmmmm. This is a fantastic product....more info
  • Nice air cleaner
    These air cleaners are inexpensive. I was looking at getting a newer unit but it cost $170. I was able to buy two of these for less.
    They are not silent. The fan has three speeds. The lowest level is quite almost tower PC sound. With the fan on High it is loud as a box fan on high.
    I purchased these to keep dust down and pet fur out of the air.

    ...more info
  • good enough for me
    Seems like it works just great. Helped with our mold problem and maybe even the dander from the pets. It isn't perfect or anything, but I do like how it has 3 settings. Reasonably priced, also....more info
  • Not Silent, but works great
    They should definately not call it a "silent" air cleaner. The noise level is totally bearable though. It sounds exactly like a window AC unit on high. On low the setting I put it on to sleep it sounds like an ordinary fan. I woke up feeling great this morning. I hope they invent a hepa filter that you can wear around all day!! Allergies suck!!

    It works great!!! I would say if your in the market for a "true hepa" filter for under $100 this would be it. I got mine for $59 +shipping. On another website it lists for $159. ...more info
  • Honeywell 83331 Silent Surround
    I did a ton of research on air filters before i purchased this one. This product was not reviewed anywhere but here - which was strange. That being said, the only review was a positive one, which other machines were reviewed as air raid sirens or too expensive to keep stocked with filters. So, i figured, how bad could this one be? I've had it for 2 days, so I cant really give a long-term review. However, i am pleased already. Whether its actually working, or i believe its working so therefore its working, i am already sleeping better. I was suffering from terrible hay fever and waking up with stuffy noses, headaches, nose dryness, etc. For the past two nights, I've slept a lot better. About the noise: the low setting sounds like a white-noise machine that you might put in a baby's room. Its a low hum, no clicking, constant low noise. It doesnt bother me. The higher speeds are definitely loud - but not like a siren, or anything obtrusive. The highest speed sounds like a loud air conditioner that doesnt shut off --- you have to turn up your tv slightly. That being said, I dont find it to be soo loud that i am annoyed. About the smell: I've read that these machines have a bad rubbery smell. At first, this one had a slight rubber scent. It went away after one day of running it one low. I dont smell anything now. The cost: the pre-filter was about $7 from amazon and I've read you dont have to replace it a lot. I have not bought a HEPA replacement, so i wont comment on that. The size: the instructions say that you need 3 feet around it, so you cant really put it under a table. Its about the width of a nightstand, so I think its perfect for the corner of the room, but you have to have it away from the wall. Honestly, i'm so desperate to breath, I don't really care that it sticks out like a sore thumb. If you are really into things being tucked away, you might want to look into a "tower" air filter. This one sits in the corner of my bedroom, slightly away from the wall....more info
  • Superb Air Cleaner
    This is being used in a small room (120 sq feet), but it clearly could accommodate a much larger room. It is quiet and efficient. Amazon shipped this very, very quickly, and the price is extraordinary -- less than it would cost to buy the HEPA filter alone elsewhere. ...more info