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The Sims 2 gives you the fun of the classic SIms world, in a portable and easy-to-navigate format. Create a fictional life for your Sims and keep them happy, healthy and prosperous! Direct an entire Sims' lifetime, and try to get them to reach their goals in life. Will they have a long, successful and happy life - or will they end up poor and heartbroken? It's up to you!

  • Control your Sims through all of the fully customizable locations - each one unique per platform
  • Create thousands of your own food recipes, clothing designs, potions, inventions, and even personal music tracks and paintings
  • Tell your own stories and directly control your Sims lives to build their worlds, excel in their careers, and fulfill their wants while avoiding their worst fears!

Customer Reviews:

  • Didn't last
    I was disappointed in this game. It didn't last very long. I also couldn't move things in the hotel like I had wanted. The casino had one game in it and more never came. I did like the caracters, but some of them didn't do much at all. It was alot shorter than I expected and I couldn't do what I wanted in the game....more info
  • My nephew loves itI
    got it for him for christmas and out of the 5 games i got for him these is the one he liked the most...more info
  • Super entertaining and fun
    Our ten year old son played his cousin's DS with this game once before, and was wishing badly the DS for Christmas, but exclusively to play this game. So, DS plus Sims 2 game he received, for his complete joy. Yesterday's morning it was that he got it, and still is playing, very happy, very satisfied. What is surprising, I have never seen him before playing a game that he will not get frustrated sometimes because of an inability at a moment for meeting some goal in the game. I don't know what it is, but looks like this Sims 2 game doesn't have a moment where that can happen...he is just happiness and smiles. Even when having to quit the game for lunch, going out, etc., he will leave it in a great mood!! ...more info
  • Lots of fun
    This game is a ton a fun. You get to create a caracter(not as many choises as the computer games, but what do you expect?)
    Then you go to this town were you have to chase off robbers and help people in order to keep a hotel from going out of business.
    You can paint and buy a whole bunch of cool stuff like a rat suit.
    This game doesn't have great graphics but I give the game a 10/10 overall....more info
  • I have a question
    I love the sims 2. Though you can't build stuff like on the computer, it's a pretty good game. Um, I'm sorta stuck. Some of you guys have probably gotten alot farther in this game than I have. So, I'm at the goal which says, 'convince lord mole to stop chewing on wires.' well, I'm pals with this mole guy, and I can't convince him! I've tried giving him stuff, everything. Every time I click on 'what's up?', he tells me to buzz off! Nice guy...
    Anyway, if any of you guys out there, know how to convince him...
    PLEASE, PLEASE write back witha title of re: I have a question.
    That'll help A LOT! If you do, I'll write back and thank you! I'd thank and beg now if I could. Thanks a lot if you help me. Enjoy the rest of the game. ...more info
  • More of a kids game
    This is more of a kids game for a 9 year old it is nothing like the pc version....more info
    i am confused dose any one know how do defeet the mole dude i like tryed every thing this is like the best game ever but i am stuch and cant move on someone pleese help i will check this every day have a marry marry christmas ...more info
  • OMG ~ I'm Hooked!!!
    Okay, so I am new to DS. I am still waiting on mine (Christmas) but in the meantime and I am playing my daughters and this is one of the games I got for a good price on Ebay. I'm still figuring it all out but I am having a very hard time staying away from it for any period of time. lol. It is just so much fun!! My kids enjoy too so this one is definitely for all ages....more info
  • sims come to life on DS
    I thought the Urbz on GBA was incredible, but this game takes it up at least 2 notches. The game looks really good thanks to the power of the DS, and having the 2nd screen makes you wonder how you ever got along without it. Several of the characters from the Urbz turn up in this game, which is cool. Controls are fairly intuitive, but sometimes you get hung up in a doorway and the graphics bleed over into the next room. Aside from that, there is a lot to like about this game. Lots to do, as well. Highly recommended....more info
  • The Sims 2 for DS
    This game is fun in the beginning, when you have missions and different needs to accommodate. It's somewhat open-ended, but after the "end" happens there's not too much to do. Getting to the end is fun though and I think the chances you'll want to play it over again some day are pretty high, which counts for something....more info
  • Fun but not the best
    The title of this review pretty much says it all. The game is pretty fun but it certainly isn't on my favorites list.

    Basically you're stranded in Strangetown and are keeping a hotel clean / making the people happy, which honestly is very repetitive. But somehow it stays pretty fun. Everytime I play it I pretty much do the exact same things that I did the last time I played. Normally that would make a game boring, but somehow this game doesn't get that way.

    Although, I do really wish there was more character interaction. All you can do with the other characters in the game is check them into a room, let them boss you around, and get them to stop throwing a fit. You can't really become friends and there's not much of a romance system. When another character wants you to, you can kiss them but that's pretty much it. Wow... kissing. How exciting -_-

    Overall I'd say it's worth buying, but I might suggest that you get it used or renting it first, just to be sure. ...more info
  • Boring
    Compared to all the other sims games it is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to be a hotel maneger. I hate that you don't get to live in a house. You don't even get to talk to people normally you can only do romance,cheer them up, calm them down, and restrain....more info
  • I think its okay.
    Okay so yeah, this game may freeze up from time to time. Its done this to me about ten times, maybe more. I hadn't saved it, so it was really annoying and I didn't feel like playing anymore. Also, you can't personalize your room or your looks. There isn't much room in the manager suite, either.

    Even so...this game is the BOMB!! I couldn't stop playing during the mission. After I completed the mission, it was even better! I love the art gallery, and the casino. The different choices for furniture is great. I love the clothing options. Graphics aren't exactly perfect, but hey, beggars can't be choosy. We must remember that its on a little DS and not PC.

    So I highly recommend this to anyone. It takes a little bit of patience, but the game will soon grow on you like it did me. I love it!...more info
  • Not as bad as everyone else seems to think
    Okay, first of all I'd like to say that I agree with the other reviewers about how different this game is, that is where I stop agreeing with them.

    Skill points: They are not random, they come up daily for 8 hours.

    Character interaction: They have several moods, and when you talk with them, you have 3 choices to click on for each mood. You don't have to time it, the buttons blink at you to let you know when it is time to respond to the characters.

    Yes, the game is in one town, but any more than that and it would be to much. You could say it was in two since you do get to wander around in a desert and dig up alien artifacts and silver/copper bars.

    There are a lot of things that happen in this game that keep you busy. There are aliens invading, robots, the mob, and a small time crook that you as the hotel manager get to deal with. You also have to be an odd superhero to defeat these villians.

    The game did end rather fast. I expected a few more days of gameplay, but I finished it in less than a week.

    This is a great game, but please remember that it is very different from pc and other system versions....more info
  • good game
    this is a fun game. in the gamr you become amanager of a hotel and try to get guests to stay there. there is hardlt a time when u r bored because there is new goals for you to try aliens to fight or something. parts of the game are challenging though like i have 65% completed my hotel and i cant figure out wht to du nxt. but it is a fn game. i dont think it has any replay value because it just wouldnt be fun playing it again but i think its well worth the money....more info
  • The Sims 2
    The sims 2 is a fun game. You run a hotel and get all of these wierd guests. Between Aliens and Bigfoot your almost never bored. But thier are some cons to this game. At times you wish you weren't concealed to strangetown. Overall it is a good game....more info
  • DS The Sims 2: Waay better than the Urbz!
    DS the sims 2, is extremely fun, if you are a sim fan buy this game! It's not like the computer/xbox etc. games, its different but still a sims game. The story line is your car breaks down and your stranded in Strangetown, and the hotel manager leaves, so its up to you to become the manager and manage the hotel. You deal with alien invasions, goons, robots. You also have to keep the place clean, vacuum clean up 'Ick' spills. Find your friends lost cell's and furniture etc. I got this game yesterday and so far its very fun! The only problem i'm having is Recharging the metal detecter, supposadly you r suppossed to recharge it at the Hotel Reactor, but I cant find it, i think its the "Hotel Furnace" but im not sure. So if anyone has an answer please please reply to this review or u can email me @ thanx.
    Overall this game has 4/5 stars, considering its real time and takes 8 hours to build a room... but thats realisticish. :D. If you looking for a sims like the computer game on the DS this is pretty close, but you arent in a house, but you still have to take a shower/use the toilet/sleep/eat/drink. you can also workout on the treadmill and use the tanning thingy and it really gives u a tan!! This game is so cool and im only on the mission where you have to build the Vault. The only thing that im really frustrated with is the darn metal detecter, i really wanna use it, but no luck recharging it. So far this game ROCKS if your lookin for a adventurous new sims game, this is the game for all you new and old simmers! This game rox!...more info
  • Short but Sweet
    I am a huge fan of the Sims2, so when I found out there was a Sims2 game for my DS, of course I bought it. Initially, I thought the game was a lot of fun, but was disappointed that it was so short! I beat it in a mere two days. And somehow, my mayor has gone mysteriously missing, even though every time I call him, he says he's in the town hall. Hmm......more info
  • Good fun, but not EVERYDAY!
    I've had this game a while now and it is good fun to play, theres lots to do and plenty of issues to overcome. The storyline is that you are suddenly in charge of a hotel in strangetown. One of the downfalls of this as a game is that it runs in real-time and there are a number of things you have to do on a daily basis (such as feed bigfoot, or check in and out customers). If you don't complete these on a daily basis it can have an adverse affect e.g. some customers won't pay for their stay, etc. It's a bit annoying I have to say and after having the game a while you tend not to want to play every single day, and personally I end up reversing the clock on my ds so that I can play every day that I missed so everyone is happy and they all pay when they check-out, which can get awfully complicated (especially when you haven't played for a week!!). Apart from that, once you get used to dealing with people (you have to calm them down, romance them, impress them, etc.) and getting into a routine of taking care of everyone and everything in the hotel its a lot of fun. There are some really quirky features like having to wear a rat suit to get rid of unwanted visitors such as the aliens and you can unlock several secret areas of your hotel. The graphics are good, but I have had the game crash several times in one area, so I now avoid this area most of the time (which doesn't affect the storyline or gameplay in any way). I like this game a lot, and if I had the time, would like to play everyday, but the reality is I don't. I'd recommend it to anyone who like the SIMS URBZ on the ds, it has a similar feel to it, except it is more 3D in style....more info
  • Tips on this game and why it is so AWESOME!
    Well? Which do you want to hear first? Why is it so cool or help on this game?
    I had better tell you why it's super-cool first so y'all know what I'm talking about!
    First of all your car breaks down in the middle of Strangetown (believe me, it was given that name for a reason) and while some guy is fixing your car, you have to do Strangetown a favor and run their low-rate only 6% in quality hotel while your car is being repaired.
    You do that by cleaning your hotel, keeping the power, adding restaurants or lounges or gallerys or helpful room, gathering Skill Points, talking to your guests, and adding furniture. Creative, action-packed (there are alien invasions and goons) and tons o' fun!
    Now how to work your way up to the top.
    1. Where does some of this advice come from? The concergie. That's right, the concergie is your most loyal, and wise employee, so TAKE THE TIME TO CHAT WITH THE CONCERGIE.
    2. One of the useful rooms you may buy for your basement is a vault. However there is a money-printing machine in the vault. I know you're already tempted, but whatever you do, DON'T PRINT OR TAKE ANY MONEY. You'll get away with it a few times but afterwards, you'll be arrested.
    3. At first, making money isn't easy but soon you'll catch on. To make some serious cash BUY THE LION OR SAX LOUNGE AND MAKE MUSIC. You will, in other words, be tipped.
    4. When your guests check out, they pay their bill based on their mood. If they're happy they pay the full bill, if they're angry or loopy, some money is deducted and you make less so DO NOT CHECK OUT GUESTS IF ANGRY OR LOOPY. The smart thing to do is calm them down or restrain them and THEN check them out.
    5. This is yet another money making tip. You can make artwork and people WILL buy it (whether they like it or not) so BUY THE ART GALLERY AND FILL IT WITH PAINTINGS FOR MONEY.
    6. Skill points aren't, as the last person stated random. That person is right in stating that they do appear daily for eight hours so EVERY DAY CHECK EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOTEL FOR SKILL POINTS. They help in tips and sanity.
    7. Your guests are here to stay for a couple of days, but also to be diddled so SPEND TIME WITH YOUR GUESTS TO GET TO THEM. Eventually as soon as they show up as Best Friend in your relationship thingy they'll start sharing their concept art (secrets) with you.
    So what have we learned?
    Now let's test your knowledge in this funfilled game!...more info
  • Kids reveiw
    This game is alot diffrent from the sims 2 for pc and ps2 but its still cool.This game is too easy but its fun to start over and beat it using a whole nother person.
    When i first starting playing this game I was extremly dissappointed that it wasnt anything like the sims I have on other systems .After a while i started to really like it and got caught up in the stroy line and characters.clothes arent that limited considering that it is a handheld but you cant layer clothing(a favorite feature in other Sims games)...more info
  • It's great!
    I just got this game for my 16th birthday and it is awesome. I'm a big fan of the Sims franchise and this game was not a disappointment to me at all. I actually prefer this one over the Urbz. Making music and painting are really fun, plus becoming the Ratticator to destroy evil gives the game a strangely fun quality. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves the Sims....more info
  • It's ok
    When I started playing the game it was fun, but I never found out how to calm the guy down when he was pissed off, so I never got to find out much else about the game. I still have it, but it's gathering dust. It's a cool game if you have the patience. ...more info
  • Great Game
    I have had this game for like 2 years and it's like one of my favorite games. Your car brakes down in Strangetown-no wonder why it's called that-and you are now hotel manager in the middle of nowhere. There's a jail, restruant,hotel,store,desert,town hall, and a pack of cows. You clean rooms, help guests, and much more. It's really fun. It's easier than some sims games, because this game you just need to eat, bathe, and etc. to keep your meter bar up. It's like the best game. ...more info
  • To Buggy
    Fun at first but freezes at the worst time, and just before you save after complete a chunck of the game, very annoying. DS sucks anyway. Get PSP....more info
  • A game made up of horrible game ideas!
    I like the Sims on Pc and purchased this thinking it'd be somewhat similar (made the same mistake as many reviewers here). I also bought URBZ and liked that game a lot.

    I think whether you'll like this game or not depends on what kind of games you usually like playing. I hated this game. And the games i like so far are urbz, puzzle quest, lost in blue 2. The ones i don't like are definitely sims 2 and trauma center. I couldn't get into brain age either. it was too easy and not challenging - so what's the point? I haven't played that many DS games yet but if your likes and dislikes somewhat match with mine, then don't buy this game.

    There are other reviews out there that tell the details, there are cheats and walkthroughs etc. so i am not going to go into detail.

    The only thing i will say about the game is, although it is mission based, the missions are too easy. The only challenge comes from it being real-time. A mission takes longer than a day - well because it's real time - not because it's hard :)

    Anyway, although i hated the game, i finished it. Just because of my amusement of how bad the game was. It felt like while developing all the other games, there were good and bad ideas. They used the good ideas and left the bad ones out. Then, there was a big pile of bad ideas and they thought "hmm, let's make a game out of these so they don't go to waste". Seriously there were too many bad game ideas that..i was just amused.

    I should say though, it is a must-have for any game developer to see "what not to do in a game"...more info
  • Great game for young and old
    I bought this for my 10 year old son who is a rather avid gamer and has rather specific and sofisticated taste, he LOVED it.......more info
  • what happened?
    I bought this game expecting it to be somewhat like the sims on the computer. I guess I shouldn't assume. This game is a complete let down. To get skill points you have to find them randomly around the town which i feel is really stupid. then to increase your relationships, all you can do is a 3 choice thing based on the body language of the other character. I want to talk to the people. I want to do workout to get body skill points. If you are expecting something like the computer version, think twice before buying this game....more info
  • The Sims 2
    This game is horrible you can't build or get good stuff!!!!! I would not recommend this game to anyone...more info
  • Not like the original Sims 2 but still fun nonetheless!
    This was one of the first games I bought for the DS and I love it! At first I was disappointed that it wasn't like the original PC version of the Sims 2 but it's still a great game nonetheless.

    So what's this game about? You play the main character (you choose what he/she looks like) whose car has broken down in Strangetown. While your car is being fixed, you are asked to become the manager of a hotel to get Strangetown back to order. In this game, there are a ton of tasks, missions, and minigames that you can play in order to run your hotel.

    What's to like about this game? There's a ton of things to do! In order to "beat" the game, you have to complete missions. Some are harder than others and some take a while to complete. Along with these main missions, you have smaller ones (like getting furniture for your guests, beating up bad guys, and finding things in the desert). You must also do daily tasks (paying bills, cleaning, keeping your guests happy) in order to keep your hotel running smoothly. You can also go to the casino and play games. In other words, there's a ton of things to do to break up the main part of the game.

    What's not to like? I find it hard to play for a long period of time. It just doesn't hold my attention like some of my other games do. Also, the game continues whether you're playing or not. If you don't play for a few days, you don't return to the game where you left off. The hotel gets dirty. Guests get angry. Guests checkout without you. Bills rack up. This is frustrating when you don't want to play the game everyday and then when you do play the game, the hotel is destroyed.

    This is a great game for the DS. I gave it 4 stars because of the two above reasons but I still highly recommend it....more info
  • Not bad, not awesome either
    I have to say that while I was addicted to this game, what I didn't like about it was the fact that it was in real time. This means that instead of most sims games like the castaway one (which I enjoyed more than this but was done with in like four days)or the computer version, where it is daytime for only like 15 minutes to an hour, this one actually runs on YOUR time..meaning you could literally play it all day long. I'd turn it on at 8am and get a mission I couldn't do until literally 8pm my time. So i'd play for a little bit, interacting with the charactors, cleaning the hotel, earning money and then turn it off until right before 8 and do my mission. It took me two days to do my last mission because I needed to get three more mechanical symbols. That really annoyed me because once you get those symbols you just fight the robots and once that is done the game is over. I have to say that in that two days I got really bored interacting with people and looking for their cell phones. Except for the times I would find them in the desert or right outside the hotel, I could never find them. Overall it was a good game, just not a GREAT game. I think it would have been more enjoyable had it not run in real time.

    Also LOL man that cop in the town is NO help whatsoever. Of course he arrested ME the one time I fell asleep on the floor of the bank but he ignores everybody else.

    As someone else pointed out too, my Mayor disapeared sometime during the game. I also didn't like how you had to wait literally 8 hours for Tristan to build a room. Also for the person that asked about killing the mole, you don't actually have to. He isn't really that bad of a guy, it's the robot that is the bad dude.

    ALSO what really annoyed me is that even though you were supposed to be on friendly terms with the alien and trying to find blue prints, he still came in and did invasions and zapped you! I hated how if I jailed two aliens and then the third one zapped me and I ended up back in my room, walking in my room like I had been anal probed, I had to capture them ALL over again. Or if I captured the two other aliens and the main alien flew away, the only way to get him back was to step into a room for a minute and then stop back out again and he would be back. But so would the aliens you just captured sometimes. Frustrating.

    At the end when I only had two mechanical symbols to collect, I found myself with like 100,000 dollars and really nothing to spend it on but furniture but there was really no point. All my rooms were built, no one was asking for anything, etc. It was really boring. I found myself just wandering around seeing what I could find in the desert. At one point they said to find a chest in the desert by 8pm. I searched that whole desert five times and found no chest. Only to step back into the hotel and have Penelope call me and say"I just found a large chest in the desert. Hope no one was searching for it." I was like you witch LOL...more info
  • A So-so Game.
    In my opinion, besides the odd story lines and the wierd goings on of the game, it is OK..but just OK. I has been filled with required tasks that are next to impossible. I've gotten to a point in the game that I feel compelled to go onto the internet to find some cheats. I expected much more. This has been a huge disappointment and considerable lowering of standards for the otherwise excellent Sims franchise....more info
  • Back to the drawing board!
    I played last year's URBZ: Sims in the City on DS and loved it so I rushed out and bought Sims 2 on DS. This was an awful follow-up. They've changed so many things:

    1) Game is limited to one small town
    The storyline is revolved around a hotel and you get to wander around one town with 5 houses and the desert. That's it!

    2) Character interaction system stupid
    Previously, you would interact with other characters thru dialogue options to raise relationship points. Now, they have this incredible lame system where you have to pick one of 3 reactions on the touch screen. The most annoying thing is you have to time it exactly to the characters movements.

    3) Skill points are random
    Used to be you have to perform specific actions to earn skill points. Now skill point icons just pop-up randomly all over town. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    I don't know why EA decided to make these changes to the DS Sims game but it's definitely a step backwards from the Urbz game. Also, please note the GBA version of The Sims 2 is totally different from the DS version. Perhaps that one is better....more info
  • Great fun!
    My 10 year old daughter received the Sims Complete Collection for the computer for a birthday gift and loves it. The Nintendo DS is what she takes along on vacations or long drives and The Sims2 is a real hit with her! She can play it for hours on end. She started out with the Nintendogs, next bought Mario Cart, then Harry Potter and finally Catz. The Catz is definitely a little young for her. The Sims seems to be something she really enjoys, perhaps even more than any of the others. I highly recommend this game, especially if you're planning a vacation with a lot of travel time!...more info
  • The Sims 2 DS
    It was an okay game, I havn't been able to beet it because i got bored and lost it, but it is very entertaining for a while, but unless you wait a couple days, you have to play this retarded card game to make money to run the hotel. And if you don't play it like at least every other day all your customers go away bedause you need to clean it the hotel, check in and out customers, and stock the furnace....more info
  • Sims 2 for PSP
    Not nearly as much fun as the Sims computer game, but still addictive. I beat the game relatively quickly. I enjoyed the art room and casino but I found many of the other rooms repetitive. ...more info
  • It's Okay
    Sims 2 isn't what I expected, I mean, there wasn't many choices to choose from, and right now, I'm stuck on a goal which is impossible, practically. I need to find 5 mechanical, which is hard because they only appear once a week, at a certain time, at a certain place. Other goals are'nt very life-like, like how aliens attack, and the city hall catches on fire almost every day, and also you can pass out in the desert after 2 minutes, and somehow, in a matter of time (2 seconds)you end up in the manager's suite again. It is really weird.there are a lot of different people to meet, but make sure you still let them stay in your hotel.Choose wisley on what kind of person you want to be.It can affect the way the game works. Also, make sure you build lots of rooms, for more buisness and their version of money. Anyway, the positves is you can become ratman, and have your'e own personal suite to be built, and it's very simple to negotiate with other people. All in all, you have to be very patient with your character that you create, and he/she will bring great things for entertainment to you.Watch out for the guy in the penthouse.Oh yeah, and try to meet as many people as possible.-Kate...more info
  • most boring game ever.
    this game is NOTHING like the sims 2 you can play on your computer. you're only one person and your stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. seriously, it's the worst game i have ever attempted to play. do not buy it unless you want to throw away twenty dollars, well, actually throwing away twenty dollars would even be more fun than this game. just don't buy it. get the computer version if your heart is set on the sims....more info
  • LoTs Of FuN !
    In this game you first start out stuck at a small town called stangevill, and take over a hotel and have to run it.All these thing happen and you have to fix it. Like right now i have to save some body from aliens from the desert. It's alot of fun. But one thing i have to say to you people who are looking at this thinking " should i get this or not ?" Well it's not think the comouter game where you build a house and buy stuff..... it's alot different than that! So if you want a game like that... than your better going with a different game ....more info
  • Good in concept.
    This game has a lot of aspects that are enjoyable and when it was running it was fun to play. There are quite a few glitches in this game that cause it to freeze and when I tried to access the options menu it blacked the screen having to be reset. If you play this game save often, otherwise you spend most of you time doing the same missions over and over. ...more info
  • very fun
    ok if you are stuch with lord mole shoot him with the water gun ...more info
  • This is the best
    I just got the Sims2 DS yesterday and it soo much fun I can't stop playing it.The whole thing is that your car brakes down and you have go to this hotel and become manager because the other one left.You have to control everything thats going on in the hotel.This version on the DS is sooo much better then the computer game....more info
  • My Daughter wrote this.....
    Alright, I just baught this game and it rocks!!!!!! But... it does have its cons so I'll give y'all a list.


    - super fun!
    -lasts a while because it's on real time.
    -cool gaols
    -medium challenging ( i've only looked once!!)
    -wastes extra time in your day
    -there are 3 slots so my sister and brother can play too
    - aspirations like other sims games
    - painting
    -you can record ur voice
    - freezes
    -strange way to converse ( i'm not talking about simslish)
    -there's just on "sanity" bar
    -you gther up ALOT of money
    - the store doesn't get new items very often

    Yah. That's it. I'm 11 my sister's 15 and my brother's 9. We all love it.
    hope this helped....more info
  • Eh...
    I was very surprised at the amount of glitches and freezes this game had. Judging by others' comments, I guess I wasn't the only one.

    Not only does it freeze during important parts of the game, but I don't have an Options menu. At all. When I try to get to the Options screen, everything goes black and I have to restart.

    The game has an interesting set of minigames that are quite fun. Fighting crime with a rat suit is pushing the "funny fun fun" factor a bit far, but I guess some would find this okay.

    I wasn't very impressed with the game overall. It wasn't a HORRIBLE game, but Maxis could have done so much more with the concepts they had if they just tried a little more.

    Oh, if you're a Sims fan like me, don't even TRY to compare this one with other games on different platforms, especially PC. It's not even in the same ballpark- heck, planet as the others. ...more info
  • This Game Is So Much FUN!
    I would have to say that this is a great game. I know that it is rated E, but it is really fun. Ther is NO loading problems. You get to run the Strangetown hotel and do cool stuff. The only problem is, though, it uses real hours. But, you can always speed up the time by changing it on the main screen of your Ds. I love the sims games. I have them for gamecube. Even though you can't get married or have babies, this game really rocks. It is alot of fun to play and trust me once you start playing it, you'll never want to stop! Overall, this game is really fun and you should get it. It will be worth your money....more info
  • Sims2 for Nintendo DS
    This game is a riot! I have had it a month now and haven't gotten bored with it yet. I purchased it used, and it's frozen up on me a couple of times, so I've learned to save my game frequently. I like the challenges that are presented and you never know what or when they will happen. I created two Sims and both games were different to a degree on when things happened during the game. If you purchase it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. I also purchased one for my daughter-in-law, and we are both addicted to Sims games....more info
  • not going to complain, just pointing things out
    i am a MAJOR sim's lover. I have played it sense the first game. I got this game for my birthday and i was really excited. (My computer had crashed and had no sims to play) I was thinking it would be like the pc game, according to friends it was the same. But when i got it i wasn't happy with it. Im not saying "Dont go buy it" but if your a person that love's the game, you may not be impressed with this. But other then that it was interesting....more info
  • Fun, but a little hard at first...
    I got this game for Christmas, and having played The Sims Bustin' Out on GBA, I was sort of expecting the same thing. At first, I really didn't like the gameplay just because I couldn't figure it out. It frustrated me so much that I just didn't play it for about a month. But I finally decided to try it again, and than after that, I just couldn't put it down. Once I figured out how to respond to the people's reactions, it got easier.

    My favorite part of the game had to be fighting as the Ratticator. It was much easier and less frustrating than fighting the aliens.

    Overall, I think this is a really fun game. I hope that they come out with more like this, since this one went by too fast....more info
  • Not at all like the PC version
    When I purchased this game, I was looking for a DS version of the PC game. I wanted to build houses, develop relationships, create stories within the characters I created, etc. However, this game is just like the Urbz for the DS--and even utilizes some of the same characters. Most of the game is spent calming down or restraining the characters who are bugging out for no reason. Doing this, drains your sanity and becomes repetitive and annoying extremely fast. The game is too objective-based and lacks the appeal of the Sims 2 in its creativity for the PC. I found this game to be a disappointment....more info
  • Addicting!!
    Very easy to learn to navigate, very addicting. Bought this for my daughter and I play more than her!!...more info
  • Re: I have a qusetion
    First of all to the kid who could not get rid of lord mole. All you have to do is spray him with the water pistol and that will do the trick.
    This game is one of the best DS releases so far. The idea of it running in real time really works well and gives a nice difference to other sims games. Although having to wait for 8 hours for a room to be built is slightly frustrating.
    The missions are original and interesting but unfortunately there are not many which makes the game quite short. However you can continue to play for as long as you want after completing hte game

    Overall this is a great game with only a few minor glitches. Sometimes the game can just freeze up so make sure you save reguarly. Also I lost my game when I somehow played alien autopsy about 10 with just 1 mumified alien. I saved and when i came back on, whenever i looked at my pockets the game froze. It was so bad i had to start a new game. So i suggest you stay away from doing alien autopsy.

    graet game just falling behind animal crossing WW and Mario Kart. ...more info
  • The Sims 2
    The sims 2 is a fun game. You run a hotel and get all of these wierd guests. Between Aliens and Bigfoot your almost never bored. But thier are some cons to this game. At times you wish you weren't concealed to strangetown. Overall it is a good game....more info
  • Great Game to Pass the Time Away
    In overall, this game was pretty good. I like it a lot, but the only thing I did not like was that it only had a little selection of clothes, and the way it froze up. Being used to The Sims 2 on Playstation 2, this was way different.

    I enjoyed it at first because you meet the townspeople and help the town. Then over the time, you have to save up your money to buy the different Hotel rooms. There is about 3 other Hotel rooms, (they are all different looking on the inside), and lots of different shops you can buy. There is other "secret" rooms.

    Then, over the time, I don't know if it was MY Nintendo DS Lite, or the game, but whenever I clicked on the things I had in my "Pockets", it will freeze up, and you need to click on it because that is your inventory. It has happened twice to me already, and I have only had the game since last Christmas. I've had to restart the game.

    What I think is the funnest part of it is there is an Art Gallery, where you can paint up to 5 of your own paintings. That is really fun. And the other thing I really like is there is a Music Lounge, where you can create your own song. You speak or sing into the Mic, and it records your voice for about 10 seconds.

    *WARNING - Spoiler*
    When you buy the room that is called either, "Secret Storage Room", or, "Basement Storage Room", I couldn't find it at first, but it is by the "Alien Autopsy Room", the crates and barrels, you walk up to the barrels and crates and it will flip open and in there is a secret stairway going down. In there you will find BigFoot, and you have to make sure to feed him once a day, or he will make your Guests at your Hotel, mad and/or sad.

    If you tip over the Cow, and press, "Milk", you will get a Milkshake, instead of your regular Milk. ...more info
  • A Very Satisfying Purchase!
    I thought this would be a crappier version of the unrivaled original from the PC, but it's totally different and totally awesome! You are the owner of a run-down hotel, and you have the ultimate chance to restore it to greeatness! It's full of new challenges and surprises, and you have a whole bundle of things to work for! Complete the game's goals or even come up with your own! (i.e. "I want to make $100,000 Simoleons!" or "I want purchase all the possible rooms for my hotel!")

    If you want a more-than-decent game, buy this!...more info
  • It's different
    First if your buying this game expecting a hand held version of the either the PC classic or even the console version, your gonna be soley disappointed. It's called Sims2, but in some ways it's not the same. You play a person(who you can create just like in other Sims games) who's car breaks down in a small town, while waiting for your car to be fixed you take on the role of a hotel manager. Unlike the other games, you have an objective, to build and run your hotel. There's a prety colorful cast of oddballs(most of whom are pictured on the cover) and as you build rooms and check people in get to know them etc etc.

    There is no woohooing, or any other areas you can explore. You have a series of goals that you have to achieve and it's almost like a regular game with some sims mechanics to it.

    Does that make it a bad game, simply because it's not a carbon copy of the other? Absolutely not. In fact, while some tasks as others have mentioned get repetitive, the main goals are quirky enough to keep you interested and there's a bit of social commentary about the dangers of conformity with one. The people you meet are an odd bunch indeed, a gangster, his daughter, an arrogant out of work sci-fi actor(I'll give you 3 guesses who he's based on, and the first 2 don't count), a mummy, a moleman, an alien just to name a few.

    One thing I found interesting is the game is played in real-time. For example, it take 8hrs to build a room. Now to those familiar with the PC Sims knows that an hour is a minute. However in this game, it really is 8hrs. If you start a room being built at 1pm, the room will be finished a 9pm. And yes, as one other reviewer pointed out, the game progresses even when your not playing. So if you build a room at 1pm even if you don't play again until 9pm, the room will still be done.

    There are some flaws to the game, one of the minigames is to repel an alien invasion and it's difficult to aim at the aliens especially on the sundeck where you end up aiming at furniture.(note to those having trouble, dress as the rattinator) Also, when you bust crooks you have a split second between stunning them and throwing a rattarang before they escape. So you end up having to leave the screen and comeback and try again.

    It's also not clear in the game how your supposed to deal with the mole king(hit him with the water gun) and Optimus Alfred(you have to beat him 3 times, including defeating a swarm of robots twice)

    The real-time nature of the game has a drawback. Guests will check out of the hotel even when your not playing and if they're not in a good mood(moods change as well when not playing) they will check out and not pay fully. Keep track of what days your guests are checking out and try if you can to play at some point during the day to make sure they're in a good mood.

    Also those who played Sims the Urbz will recognize some of the NPC's in the game. To those who haven't played it, it only refernces the Urbz once. When you build up relationships with the NPC(none playable characters) they give secrets and on Sim says he was replaced by a robot in the previous game. That's a reference to the Urbz, but that's the only one that'll leave those who haven't played it baffled.

    All in all, despite it's shortcomings with the real-time problem issues and side missions being a little repetetive, if your a fan of the Sims, I say at least check it out. ...more info
  • Not Like The Sims on PC, but fun for a video game.
    I bought this video game used at Game Stop for myself. I used to be a huge Sims fan, but haven't had a lot of time to play it in the last few years. I knew this wasn't going to be like the PC game--I figured it was a scaled down version of the same game. So I was pretty disappointed when other than deciding on your character's appearance and clothes, the game is nothing like the The Sims at all. It's more like an action/adventure/puzzler type of game. The premise is your Sim's car breaks down in Strangetown, a Roswell type village in the middle of the desert, and since the locals think you have nothing else better to do with your time, they recruit you to run their hotel. After that, you're sent on various missions, like getting building permits, finding certain items, cheering people up, fighting off aliens with water guns, etc. Unlike the regular Sims game, there are very few things that are customizable. The only thing I give credit for is that the creators of the games were awfully creative when designing their scenarios. Either that, or they were ingesting/smoking some illegal substance. Still, I'll give them kudos to that.

    Even though I personally was disappointed in the game, my daughter loves it. She told me that it was better than Kirby Superstar Ultra, which is saying something, because she adores Kirby.

    My husband has played The Sims 2 on DS and he liked it a lot too, though he told me it's boring after you have done all the missions and just have to run the hotel. Neither he or my daughter have played The Sims PC game, so they have nothing to compare it to.

    So, in short, if you're looking for a mini version of The Sims PC game, this isn't it. But if you like weird fun games that send you on various missions, you probably will enjoy it....more info
  • I've got the answer to the mole problem
    All you have to do is shoot him with your squirt gun....more info
  • Grrrrrrrrrreat!
    I love this game so much!! It is hard to put down. You have many tasks to do but it keeps you busy. So buy it you'll like it....more info
  • ~~~AWEOSOME~~~
    I love the Sims games so I should love this game!I already noticed that the Sims 2 for the GBA is different but so what?I only wanna play!The only thing i don't like is the graphics aren't as good as the gamecube,and computer graphics but i know the screen is much smaller....more info
  • A Great Game for Everyone
    To me, Sims 2 is probbaly a great game to play for everyone because of the following...

    1. Storyline 4/5 stars
    The storyline in this game is that your car breaks down and you end up in the desert, in a small town called Strangetown. Then after a while, you end up owning and living in a hotel! While your at the hotel, you can check people in, check them out, build rooms, clean rooms, add touches to them, make your own music, paint in the gallery and sell paintings up to 1000 simolines (money), workout, save people from goons, aliens, and robots, meet bigfoot, talk to people in different ways, and much much more!!!

    2. Gameplay 5/5 stars
    Control- In the new Sims 2, you DON'T use a cruiser and click what you want to do. You have direct control over him/her.
    And when you want to eat or sleep or something, you can either press A or you can press the command that pops up on the touch screen which is pretty cool. When your picking up or moving stuff, it's like the consel versions except you moving the furinture on blueprints that automaticly go into the room. And the rest of the stuff like painting or making music, you can use on the touch screen. (And this game is based on a real time clock.)

    3. Needs 2/5 stars
    Well I was kind disapointed with the needs because instead of needs, you have something called a sainty meter. The sainty meter is a meter that represents your needs but in a different way. It's also used in conversations (see no 4.) And like usual you still have to fill it up so you don't have a nervous breakdown and aliens abduct you.
    The reason I was disapointed was because of the needs. Like in the previous games, you could buy stuff to support your needs and make your house look cool and stuff but when you play sims 2, your needs always stay up and there really isn't alot to buy because there is only one shop and only 1 new item comes in every week.

    4. Socials 4/5 stars
    When your talking to people in Sims 2, its kind of like a game and not the build relationship thing like in the previous. When you talk to people, they'll either be happy,sad,angry,romantic, or drunk. And in each conversation there are 3 different things to do or talk about.
    When I said it was a game i meant that you have to match the social with the person so their sainty meter can go down. If you get it wrong, then yours goes down. Once you bring there's down then the conversation is over and you can carry on what you were doing. You can also press B to get out of one.

    5. Graphics- 5/5 stars
    In the Sims 2, the graphics are a lot better then I thought it would be! It's not like the GBA version where you walk up down left or right. In this one the Graphics are like the consels where you walk forward, backword , left and right.

    6. Sound 5/5 stars
    The songs in this game are songs that you want to hear alot or ones you want to get in the mood for. Not to mention that you can also create your own ring tone or song on the keybord.

    7.Overall 4/5 stars
    Overall this game is alot of fun for everyone and I reccomend this game for first or great sim fans!!!...more info
  • Pretty Good Compared to Others
    I got this game for Chirstmas and was pleasantly surprised by it. I had the Sims 2 game for GBA and had liked it, but enjoyed this game more. It is very entertaing and can keep me busy for hours (usually 3 at the most). My only complaints with it are that I didn't always like the fact that it ran on real world time because that meant that if I wanted to build something and it said it would take 8 hours, that was really the length of time it would take. Plus I didn't like that fact that if I didn't play for a period of time, my whole hotel was in disarray and usually the repo men had come to take things away because my bills hadn't been paid. But other than those things, I really enjoyed this game and would reccommend it for all new buyers because it is easy to understand and play and is fun and entertaining....more info
  • Fun For Awhile
    This game can become the same old thing with little new to experience after you play it long enough. Although fun and exciting at first, like any new game. There is a lot to explore if you enjoy running around freely....more info
  • really fun but complicated
    intro-sorry, now i'll start the real review- but that really happend. first i'll tell you about the game and some secrets too then i'll ask some quesitons that if you know them please write a review and answer them
    Interact- when you come close to an object or person you can interact with them
    Pockets- you can hold 6 items like furniture or food you might buy, you also have 3 items that are permanent that you have to find- vacum, drencher, and metal something, you also can collect gourds nuclear rods, or license plates and sell them to sallon chick, johnny smith, or sherrif
    Goals- When sims call you on your cell phone or tell yuo in person you get a goal. it might be something like get ara fusilli (my favortie person by the way) a toilet by an hour
    Friends- you have friends by spending time with them and meeting them some are more of friends then others you can even have 4 boyfriends at once! at least that is legal in strangetown! lol
    Money- you earn it by checking out, selling art paintings, and many more other ways
    Sanity-keep your sim happy by fufilling it's needs like sleep sit bathroom food etc but don't step in fire! the sanity then goes down in 6 sec- not good!
    Secrets- don't check out angry sims- get less cash, get art gallery and sell paintings
    Question- my city hall and one of my hotel rooms is on fire!!! how do you extinguish it?
    Goal: imporve your hotel~~~!...more info
    this game is not what i expected! i didn't want to run a stupid hotel! i wanted to actually date and cook and stuff! its an OK game but BAD on the fun! DON'T WASTE UR TIME!...more info
  • Sims 2
    Sims 2 Much fun but computer p.c. game you have more options, but still alot of fun...more info
  • Not Fun At All
    This game is not very fun. It's okay, but what I hate the most is the new sanity meter. It dosnt show your needs seperatly, and when you have a need it goes down like crazy untill you fufill it but you don't know what you need untill it pops up over your head. The place is very small, not many places to go to, but a plus is the remixer where you can sample your voice into a song. There is not very much interactivity between people. You could make out with someone you just met, it's not realistic like the past sim games were. If you want a fun sims game, I'd suggest Sims Bustin Out for GBA or The Urbz for GBA or DS. This game was a waste of money....more info
  • Fun fun fun
    This game is really fun. There is alot of missions and tasks you have to do untill you finish it. It's not THAT hard but definitely not easy either. You get to run a hotel and personalize your own suite as well as your outfit and hairstyle. You can fight aliens, robots, and goons. It's really, really fun!...more info
    This game is not even close to the other games in the franchise. There is little customization and the only real way to make money is to play a stupid card game. All the other ways require you to wait a few days. Which brings me to my next point: the time system. This game uses the DS's real time for everything you do. If one of your customers is staying until Friday, you have to remember to play your DS on Friday. Otherwise, you don't get as much money. There are additional rooms you can add, but the only ones you need are the extra three bedrooms. All of the others let you make miniscule money by performing various jobs that require the skill of a 5-year old. Basically, this game is not worth the money you will spend. You are much better of if you spend 20 bucks on the PC version....more info
  • Sims 2
    First I brought the Sims 2 game for my computer but when I'll installed it it would not work so that is why i got it on nintendo ds. I though the nintendo ds verison will be the same as the pc verison where you can actually make families and build houses for them like in the original sims but it isnt. the sims 2 for nintendo ds is your character gets stuck in a desert and becomes a manager of a hotel. Fun game but nothing like the pc game...more info
  • very boring
    I bought this game because I really liked the Urbz but this was almost nothing like it. I don't know if there is an end to it but it takes forever to get new missions. I do not recommend this game....more info
  • It should have been more fun
    Okay, I'm a HUGE fan of the PC version of Sims 2, so maybe I was expecting too much. I realize you can't pack the same amount of game depth into a much smaller memory space, so of course the game will be different. I recognize that, I just wish it were a little bit more fun.

    At first I really liked the mission aspect, which is a big departure from the PC version. I liked having to earn enough money to improve the hotel, though I did most of that in the casino playing the super fun/addictive pirate card game. I like having to keep the place clean and the guests happy; that's all part of the challenge and the fun. And of course, you can find treasures in your vaccuum sometimes too!

    Two big departures from the PC game that I really don't like:

    1) The personal interactions are very limited and in many cases, annoying. Maybe I just can't figure out the patterns, but it still seems very random and I hate that you lose all "sanity" points after a few interactions and have to quit for a while. Maybe I'm just too impatient to see the patterns, but this is frustrating too me.

    2) The "sanity" meter and how unspecific it is about what you need. When your sanity is low, you can raise it by using the toilet, taking a shower, having a snack, or taking a nap. This is true whether you need any of those things or not. For example, if your sanity meter is low, you can raise it up to the maximum by using the toilet. But, you might get just a few feet into the hotel before your character starts acting tired and wanting to take a nap. So you have to go back and take a nap, even though your sanity meter is full. There was no way to tell in the first place that she needed a nap and not a potty break. And what is up with recharging your "sanity" after a fight with a hotel guest by using the toilet? This really doesn't ruin the game, it's just sort of stupid.

    There are some other things that aren't great, like the fact that gameplay really isn't that open-ended and you can't customize your character as much. No biggies, but repeat gameplay is limited.

    On the other hand, one of the things that is REALLY cute about this version is the art gallery. The DS touchpad makes it possible to draw your own pictures and sell them in the gallery, which is not only a good moneymaker but really sort of fun. That's a very unique touch for this platform and I think it's quite cool. The pirate card game is also fun, and even most of the missions are a good way to waste time.

    Overall, I'm not bashing the game completely but I am disappointed. It's worth a shot if you enjoy the Sims 2 franchise, but keep an open mind and be willing to be done with it forever it a week or two.

    I hope they resolve some of these issues with the release of Sims 2 Pets for DS in the fall! I can't wait for that!...more info
  • Slow progress
    This game was pretty fun I thought. The biggest down fall is that it takes place in real time. So when you build something new in your hotel you have to wait 8 actual hours. This limits the how much progress you can make in a day. It makes the game a touch boring. Other the the time issue i loved it. Its also pretty easy....more info
  • Surprisingly good.
    This game is actually good and very addictive. Its the only game I've been playing the last two weeks. I gave it only 4 star because the game freezes a lot and if I didnt save recently... I would have to start over lots of tasks. I read on some websites that the game freezing is normal because it cant handle lots of graphics on screen at the same time, so save very often.
    ...more info
  • It's a pretty good game
    I think that the Sims 2 for the Nintendo DS is a great game. It was fun and interesting to play. It has a lot of great features. It is a lot different than i thought it was going to be. Well for one I was hoping it would be PC games, which it isn't in any way. But it is still an excellent game. So you can't have kids, or have them grow up or anything like that. But you are given challenges to complete in a certain amount of time, which creates a lot of appeal. The only bad part about this game I think, is that you can't earn skillpoints, you have to find them. Which is annoying at times if you only have certain times during the day to play for a limited time. And one of the last challenges you have to do is find 5 mechanical points, which kind of just draws a stop to the game till you finish that. But other than that, it is a really good game and i have spent many hours playing it. A great game in my book, and I think most people would agree with me on that one....more info
  • "That animal was on the verge of ruining all my DEVIOUS watch television"---Optimum Alfred
    I started this game two weeks ago and just finished it (you can continue the game after finishing the missions by pushing "Select" during the credits). It is awesome! I had also finished Sims2 for Gameboy Advance (three times!) and, if you're not sure whether to get the DS version too, definitely get it! It is a completely different game. All the characters are there like Tristan Legend, Giuseppi Mezzoalto, Sancho Paco Panza, Frankie Fusilli, the mummy guy, Lord Mole and even Emperor Xizzle but, instead of acting in a reality show, you run a hotel.

    As hotel manager, you check people in, they'll call you on your cell phone with complaints and requests, and you run around to cater to their every whim. These Sims have a lot of emotional problems. They need to be restrained, calmed down, and cheered up constantly! You also build attractions for your hotel. My favorite is the art gallery. You get to create actual paintings to put on display and sell. You can draw some pretty funny stuff if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, say no more). You'll get calls on your cell phone from Sims who've bought your works. I've often run back to the art gallery to find out which painting was purchased. You can also save a favorite work of art and hang it in your room.

    Another cool thing you can do is create music. In the lounge there is a keyboard with several songs already installed. You can use the keys, sound effects, and mixers to create your own song, record it and play it back! How cool is that! Other neat features in this game are the vacuum cleaner and metal detector. The vacuum is used on dust bunnies throughout the hotel which sometimes include valuable items you can grab for Simoleons. The metal detector is used in the desert to find spaceship parts, silver, copper, and gold bars, and other items you can cash in.

    Sometimes you have to use a super soaker on aliens (led by Emperor Xizzle) who are invading the area. This takes patience as I've found the best strategy is to stalk them out and target one alien at a time before they can inform the others of your presence. It can be pretty challenging. The alien autopsy game is also a major challenge that I'm still trying to figure out. You also get to play a superhero, though I'm not sure about that rat suit!

    The graphics are awesome! It's in 3D. The communication is better than the GBA version. You react to the body language of the Sims so it's not a guessing game to raise your social levels. One thing that could be better are the items you can buy. Sims games have never repeated the variety of things you could buy in "The Urbs: Sims in the City." Also, the skill levels, save for one, don't seem to have any effect on the game unless I missed something. Anyway, I won't give away too much stuff. The missions are easy to follow with just a little bit of thought. If you have Sims2 for GBA, here's a hint: insert the GBA cartridge in the system in addition to the DS. It will open up a game in the casino....more info


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