Honeywell HWM450 Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier

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Product Description

The Honeywell HWM-450 Warm Moisture Humidifier instantly provides bacteria-free vapor for your room. Produce moisture in seconds -- it works up to 3 times faster than other warm mist humidifiers. The compact design and Digital EasySet controls make setting the perfect moisture levels easy. Compact, space-saving design Medicine cup disperses soothing vapors Dimensions(HxWxD) - 15.55 x 14.57 x 10.24 Weight - 5 lbs.

For arid climates or the dry cold days of winter, running a steam humidifier indoors often protects the inhabitants' skin from chapping or itching, allows stressed lungs to breathe with comfort, and infuses moisture into the room to the benefit wooden furniture, upholstery, and houseplants to prevent them from becoming brittle or parched. Honeywell created their Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier for all of these purposes and more, enhancing a room's humidity in record speed.

Best suited for rooms up to 1400 square feet in size, the humidifier's heater is crafted in stainless steel for quick heat production and trouble-free cleaning. The compact humidifier outputs 4 gallons of warm steam for each full tank of water. This humidifier offers users a timer function for running the unit for preset periods, ranging from an hour to the maximum 18-hour setting. Digital controls and the easy-to-read LCD screen enable users to alter or monitor current preference settings. A medicine cup allows users to run the humidifier as a vaporizer for stuffed noses, sore throats and other respiratory illnesses. An automatic shutdown feature reduces safety hazards. Humidifier water should be changed frequently and the tank washed well each week to prevent bacteria, mold, and other impurities from developing, though the heating process should kill many of these unhealthy particles. As with any electrical home device, read all manufacturer guidelines and instructions prior to use. This humidifier measures 15.55 by 14.57 by 10.24 inches and weighs 6 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Warm steam humidifier reduces static electricity and prevents drying in indoor environments; manufactured by Honeywell
  • Heats water with a stainless-steel heater; easy to fill, clean, and carry water tank; digital controls and LCD display
  • Outputs 4 gallons of moist steam per tank; best employed in rooms up to 1400 square feet in size
  • Medicine cup provided for dispensing vapors; clean regularly to prevent mold and germs from festering
  • Humidifier measures 15.55 by 14.57 by 10.24 inches and weighs 6 pounds upon shipping; no filter needed for this item

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good vaporizer-type humidifier
    Overall, this is a good humidifier. We have one of these humidifiers, a Honeywell "cool mist" humidifier, and an Air-O-Swiss ultrasonic humidifer to humidify our 2,400 sq ft home in Phoenix, which has very low humidity especially in the winter time. This is the third season we've used this unit.

    Mode of operation: This humidifier works by boiling water. The boiled water creates steam. The steam is slightly cooled as it passes upwards, to release warm, bordering on hot, invisible steam from the unit.

    Ability to humidify: Of all three of our humidifiers, this is in the middle in its ability to humidify. It does a great job raising the humidity in our bedroom while we sleep, but doesn't affect the humidity in the rest of the house that much.

    Noise: The boiling process creates a rather nice white noise of gurgling sounds. You will hear bubbling sounds on occasion as the water from the tank is let into the unit. If you hear pops or clicks -- which can sound quite violent -- then this means that the humidifier needs cleaning.

    Hygrometer accuracy: The digital hygrometer is pretty accurate, being a couple of points greater than what our stand-alone hygrometers read.

    Type of water that has to be used: You can use any type of water, but the type of water you use dictates how hard it will be to clean the unit. Reverse osmosis or distilled water will basically leave the unit inside spotless. We use softened water, and salt deposits form inside the unit as a result of the boiling process, but these deposits just flake right off. If you use hard water, the hard water deposits (calcium, magnesium) will be much more difficult to clean.

    Ease of cleaning: As noted above, it really depends on the type of water you use. I pour vinegar into the base every week to clean off the softened water salt deposits. Once a month I use Air-O-Swiss's "EZ Cal" (or "EZCal") humidifier cleaner/descaler, which is a little more aggressive than vinegar, and renders the stainless steel boiling plate nearly as clean when we took the humidifier out of the box for the firs ttime. It may be worthwhile to use this type of cleaner every week if you have hard water deposits, as it removes them more easily than vinegar. Every week, I also wash the tank and the base in the dishwasher (on "gentle"). Cleaning weekly is a must unless you use distilled or reverse osmosis water, to remove the deposits that can affect the efficiency of the unit, and that can cause popping noises.

    Consumables: There is just one consumable: a very inexpensive filter pad that soaks up some of the minerals. These are very inexpensive, and sold in packs of 12 I believe. A pad lasts about two weeks, although if you have hard water, it may only last one week.

    Other thoughts: This type of humidifier uses the most energy, and is the worst to use around kids (because if they topple the unit, they can be exposed to boiling water) -- but at the same time, is the safest to use in terms of the cleanliness of the steam it puts out. Germs, bacteria, mold, algae, etc., are all burned off or killed in the boiling process. You will never have white dust (i.e., minerals) in the steam leaving the unit, because the boiling process causes all minerals to lodge themselves in the base of the humidifier. If you are concerned about bad things coming with the steam leaving a humidifier, this is the humidifier for you....more info
  • the steamer
    this steamer works great,better then i thought,i can humidifi 4 gallons of water every 24hrs,...more info
  • Very Good Humidifier
    This humidifier is exactly what I needed. It starts heating the water immediately and operates silently. One caution - you have three choices for humidity level, and if you operate it at the highest setting, the water will be gone in about 8 hours. the second setting works best for me. I have only cleaned it once so far, but think it needs cleaning again since it is getting a little noisy. I have not changed the pad, only cleaned it off once. i have had this unit for about a month. This unit does not take up a lot of room, and is streamlined in appearance. It has a digital humidity indicator, although I am not sure how accurate it is. It is simple to operate and I have been satisfied with it.

    I have not operated this unit without the pads that are included, so I can't speak for how much good they do. I just know that my former humidifier heating element got coated with calcium quickly with our hard water, so I am assuming it helps to use the included pads....more info
  • It Leaks!
    After using it for 2.5 winters, it started to leak - and I can't find where or how it is leaking - very frustrating. ...more info
  • Nice
    This helped me a lot with my sinus problems and it actually keeps the humidity in the room nicely. However, cleaning the product is bothersome!...more info
  • Terrible Product
    I have owned two of these over the last year and they both broke through normal use. The problems occur in the electronics. Try a different brand -- these are a waste of money....more info
  • not so good
    This thing is SO loud that my husband often gets up in the night to shut it off. It doesnt bother me. I really cant tell if its doing its job, its misting but my room is just as dry when I wake up in the morning. and the electronics are faulty, I wouldnt get it. ...more info
  • don't buy this!
    The description it gives for the square footage that it's supposed to humidify is totally off. This kept running and running and running and then, after 2 days, it needed to be cleaned otherwise it wouldn't run and when I went to clean it, it was all crusty and I couldn't get whatever it was off of there! So I returned it promptly. ...more info
  • Good humidifier
    I got this to help keep our house humid during the winter months, when the heater and wood stove make it like a desert. It was easy to assemble and figure out, it has a good range of settings for various timed output. You do have to clean it often- I'd say every other week, but that is not bad considering water quality around here. It shuts itself off when it gets too dirty. Order an extra set of pads and you'll be good for the season! Good price, I like it!...more info
  • Great humidifier, poor humidistat
    I've purchased this humidifier in large because of its built-in humidistat. I thought, I'll just set it to a particular humidity and it will turn on/off as needed to maintain the desired humidity in the room. Big mistake. To think that a $50 humidifier would have a humidistat of any accuracy I suppose was a fault of my own. I have a precision hygrometer hung on the wall in my bedroom which normally registers relative humidity by up to 20-30% higher than what this humidifier registers. The unit's readout of current humidity will jump from 20% to 46% in no time. Highly inaccurate.

    If you are purchasing this solely as a humidifier, then know that it's quiet and reliable. However, its humidistat function is pure non sense. Doesn't work, highly inaccurate to a point of being pointless. ...more info
  • Excellent humidifier - 3 seasons and still going strong
    UPDATE: 2/12/2009
    I thought my humidifier had stopped working but as it turns out, someone (I won't name names :-) ) had inadvertently placed two of the mineral absorption pads into the unit causing it to overheat everytime we turned it on. This of course shuts the unit down as a safety mechanism. So the humidifier hadn't broken, it was user error. Just a heads up for anyone else experiencing the overheating and shutting down syndrome... check to make sure you only have a single pad installed.[end update]

    I looked at and purchased a lot of different humidifiers before buying this Honeywell model. I had read all the reviews but not all reviews are always accurate (except my reviews of course) so I decided that I'd buy and use the humidifiers until I got one that worked like I needed one to work, the rest I would return to the store.

    My requirements were as follows:
    -Minimal ongoing operative costs
    -Inexpensive consumables (filters, pads, whatever)
    -Quiet operation (within reason)
    -Would not promote bacterial growth
    -Easy to maintain

    I tried an evaporative humidifier similar to this Air King 3-Speed Digital Recirculating Humidifier #9929. These are sometimes called "cool moisture" because they don't heat water to operate. These are the type that use a large "wicking" filter and then a fan blows air across the filter causing evaporation thus humidifying the room. This was actually the worst type of humidifier... the costly filters need to be replaced very frequently as they accumulate minerals out of your water, they calcify and get plugged up quickly (depending on the hardness of your water). They also present a perfect environment for bacteria, mold and fungi to grow. No thanks. It went back to the store after a week.

    Another option was an ultrasonic type humidifier such as this Air-O-Swiss AOS Ultrasonic Humidifier - 7135. These run very quietly and they do humidify the room, but you will soon start to notice a white "dust" on flat surfaces. Not acceptable, back it went.

    Another type of humidifier is the hot mist, or steam type. And that is what this model Honeywell is. It's relatively easy to fill, the small pads that sit on top of the heating disc inside the base of the unit (which are used to collect the minerals in the water) are not expensive, can be cleaned in vinegar a couple times before you toss them and replace with new pads, and the clean up of the entire unit is petty easy. All I do is once a week or so, partially fill the bottom section of the unit with straight vinegar to dissolve any mineral buildup on the heating plate, or plastic surfaces. Depending on the type of water you have, you may need to do this more or less frequently. It's not a big deal and is about the only maintenance you have except for occasional cleaning of the water tank itself if you are concerned about bacteria.

    It's not completely silent. It boils water after all, so when it cycles on and off, there is what I consider a minimal boiling sound... not like a boiling tea kettle or anything like that, but a sort of minor sound of water sizzling. It doesn't bother me although by reading the reviews, it bothers some people. Not me.

    The controls are great and you can adjust the level of humidity in the room quite easily. We have a medium sized bedroom and we can still have a 1/4 tank of water left in the tank after running all night. We've been able to reduce the room temperature by a couple degrees (saves on heating costs) because humid air feels warmer than dry air. We have not noticed any increase in our electric bills that is significant so I wouldn't even give the cost of operation a second thought.

    I'm very pleased with this unit. We've used it for three winter seasons and it still works well. I'd buy another and that's the best recommendation I can give. 5 stars....more info
  • Works well
    Humidifier works well. For soft water users there's very little cleaning required. Basically every few weeks I empty the water in the tray, rinse it and then fill it back up again. Mineral Absorption Pad is not required with soft water as there is no scale or buildup what so ever.

    The only improvement I can see is a larger water tank. Need to add water every day if set to high humidity....more info
  • Very bad design. Avoid Honeywell
    I see several reviews indicate that this product died quickly, and I just want to emphasize that that's what happens with this thing. My girlfriend and I each have owned one of these, and both died after a few weeks....more info
  • Very Good, Effective Humidifier
    I've used this for three years, following sinus surgery. It's been great--no problems at all. It's quiet, easy to use, and works well. I'm a very light sleeper, and the occasional gurgles it makes don't bother me. If it's not cleaned often enough, however, the heating element cakes over and even seems to get burn marks on it. Then it starts making a sputtering sound that can be quite annoying.

    The cleaning process, if done regulary, is not too bad. A 20 minute soak with vinegar (for de-scaling), then a 20 minute soak with a bleach solution (to sanitize). The trick is to de-scale the heating element before there's been too much build up. The instruction manual could be a little clearer, but some of the reviews here fill in the gaps and explain the procedure more thoroughly.
    ...more info
  • Overcomplicated, requires too much work and cleaning for use. Worst humidifier I've EVER owned!!
    This humidifier is just plain ridiculous. It has WAY too many things required to get it to work, with all the meticulous cleaning, disinfecting, getting the filter just right, etc. It is just too high maintenance for my taste and I've owned many a humidifier, both warm and cool mist. This thing will just plain shut off and not work if it senses ANYTHING out of the ordinary, which is basically all the time. I guess that's better than a fire if that's the alternative, I don't know, but I feel like having to clean this weekly when I'm already using distilled water is really overkill. There doesn't appear to be any mineral deposits, but the machine senses there's enough and refuses to work. Another issue I have is that I only use it in the winter and put it away for the rest of the year. When I pull it out again, I have to read the manual just to figure out again how to clean it and get it to work again because the buttons have all these stupid symbols instead of words, so you can't just pull it out, plug it in and get it to work. I saw someone else's review that said this thing thinks it's the Starship Enterprise, and I wholeheartedly agree--ridiculously overcomplicated when it's only a humidifier!! I will never buy this brand again after my experience with this thing....more info
  • Superb performance humidifier
    I was a little skeptical of the 450 after reading mixed reviews and so bought the humidifier locally for $55 at Home Depot in case I needed to return it. It assembled easily and has worked perfectly since I bought it two weeks ago with one weird exception. On the first day it ran for several hours and then turned itself off. I realized that the indicator light was on for a cleaning and thought, "if I have to clean it daily, this ain't happening." I emptied the well and restarted it with no problems since.

    NOTE: I have an extra Brita water filter I have been using for this machine and it seems to have REALLY helped cut down on mineral deposits. I run the humidifier daily and have cleaned it once in two weeks. A little white vinegar around the well parts and voila!

    This machine is good for the cost if it lasts more than one season. I have found the humidity indicator generally accurate. Moisture content may not rise because of the dry heat counteracting on the moisture. When my days are relatively nice (in N.C.) the moisture content gets up to 50%. On colder days (like today) I'm lucky to push it up to 30%. ...more info
  • Good Humdifier for Price
    I've had this unit for several months now. It replaced another unit sold by a local drugstore, which was good, but just didn't put out the volume of humidity needed. The good: The unit can really put a lot of humidity into the air quickly. It is relatively quiet at all speeds. The lower the speed, the quieter. At the highest output level, you will have to refill the tank after just a few hours. On the medium and low speeds the unit easily goes overnight or all day. The bad: It really does have a tricky cap. It is hard to tighten it just so to keep it from leaking. What did you do right this try that you didn't do right the other three? The other minus is that the top of the water tank is rounded, so it is impossible to set it on a flat surface in order to tighten the cap or do anything else until the unit is sealed. Cleaning is relatively easy; replacement pads are relatively cheap and effective. On the whole, I'm enjoying the unit a lot this season. For the price, noise level and humidity levels achieved, I recommend it. I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Died quickly
    While it worked, it worked well. But after a couple of months it simply stopped turning on. Now Kaz wants me to send it back under warranty for a replacement that will take 6-8 weeks. As I said to them, winter will be over in 6-8 weeks. VERY disappointed. ...more info
  • Humidity
    The only problem with this item is after turning it off you will need to reset the humidity level before using again, or you will wake up to windows steamed up and water dripping from the window sills....more info
  • Leaky and dangerous
    I had to toss it because more water would dribble out of the base than would end up in the air, and I had to either choose between soaking wet floors or electrocution if I put the humidifier in a container to keep the liquid off the carpet. Based on the other reviews I guess I just had bad luck, but with other humidifiers I've owned before this I've never had such a problem....more info
  • very good humid
    very good humidifier for long term daily use. Could use a bigger tank though to support large rooms as it claims.
    Has humistat, timer (very handy to avoid child burns).
    My only complaint is that in a 250 sq ft room, it does not hold eopugh water to run at 45level for 12 hrs....more info
  • Great Humidifier for the price
    I bought this humidifier a year ago for my office. It went into storage for the summer and after a little clean up it was up and working. Overall, it works great and I've had no problems.

    Although this is a great humidifier, it is not perfect. The pros far outweigh the cons and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this humidifier.

    NOTE: Keeping it clean is essential for trouble free operation.

    Pros: Easy setup and once you understand the controls it is easy to operate. Cleaning is easy and the unit breaks down as an added benefit. The mineral absorption pads do help, but I switched to distilled water and my clean is far easier. It works like a charm and other than filling it from time to time, I set it and forget it.

    Cons: The front panel does take a bit getting used too - keep the manual handy the first few times you use it. I also recommend using distilled water if your water is especially hard. Cleaning can be a bit of a task even with the mineral absorption pads, although I had good luck with using CLR. Having distilled water on hand can be pain, but I opted for that over cleaning. Your choice....more info
  • Nice Machine
    This Honeywell humidifier is working great. I like the control it gives over rate, level and time. We are very pleased....more info
  • Best value
    I bought one of these 1.5 years ago and bought another one this winter, since I loved my first one. I have had 2 humidifiers before that and this one has good features and works great....more info
  • warms and humidifies, water leaks all over
    I recently purchased and returned this product. It warms the room up nicely and adds noticeable moisture to the dry air in our office. The main problem I ran into is that with all the warm mist, the inside of the unit collects lots of condensation that in turn drips down and drips out of the unit onto the counter. It's quite a bit of water that needs to constantly be cleaned up to point that it isn't convenient in the work environment. It didn't appear that the actual water reservoir was leaking but it was hard to tell. Another issue that I has was poor design or craftsmanship on the buttons, low quality production I guess.

    It went through about 1 1/2 gallons of water set at about 55% humidity when running for an 8 hour day. I didn't have it long enough to have to clean it, but the product was easy to assemble, fill up and doesn't have many extra costs (I bought distilled water and replacement filters). I would have really liked it if it didn't have so much water coming out of it all the time....more info
  • Humidifier
    Price was right; easy to fill and operate; shows the current humidity in your house; easy to clean;

    Works well, we fill it twice a day while running on the low setting; when it runs out of water, the heater shuts down automatically. You know when it's time to clean when you take the water reservoir off and you see the remaining water in the basin is starting to turn yellow. It's easy to clean with a brush and some cleaning solution. Noise is not an issue. We put it on the landing upstairs outside the 3 bedrooms. I hear it at night but it doesn't bother me, its just the boiling sound and occasionally the glub, glub, glub of the water going from the reservoir into the basin. ...more info
  • started leaking after a year
    This has been my favorite humidifier ever, so much that I bought two. Cleaning required vinegar and a good soaking, but you can "fool" the unit into thinking you've cleaned by removing the digital control portion and replacing it. I found that I can rinse and reuse the mineral pads once and then they need replacing. After having a tough time finding them, I realized Home Depot stocks them. I've had the first unit for 2 years and the second for a year and they both started leaking within a few weeks of each other, resulting in soaked wet carpeting. I had to replace the one in my son's room with a cool mist as I was concerned about him getting burned. I'm not sure why they started leaking or if anyone has suggestions as to a fix. It just keeps putting out water into the tray and won't stop. ...more info
  • 3-Weeks...
    Dead in 3, seems to be the norm for this model. Mine just up and quit, even after following all the proper cleaning procedures.At least i am getting a replacement at no charge[not from KAZ..]After reading these reviews i suspect it also might last 3 wks!! I would NOT recommend this product....more info
  • Great but Amazon is no deal....
    Love this product and it works very well using the mineral pads to keep the heater clean.

    Today is 11/25/2008 and amazon has it listed for a blackfriday special at $54.00. I was looking around and found that you can buy this at a couple national home improvement stores for the same price. (Not on sale). ...more info
  • FRAGILE TANK, otherwise good humidifier
    This humidifier worked great for the 2007-2008 winter season, and then the tank fell over in the sink while I was filling it up and cracked. "No problem, I'll just call the company for a replacement tank," I thought. Except that there does not appear to be replacments to be had. I've been trying since last spring to get it replaced and keep getting the same response, "We hope to get additional stock in 30-60 days," every month. After much searching I can't find replacements ANYWHERE.
    Looks like I have to spend money for a whole new humidifier and will have to be a different manufacturer than Honeywell since I don't want to go through this nonsence again. Too bad....more info
  • Needs work
    I originally ordered two of these. One works well, took two more tries to get another one that is ok.

    The one that works has an inaccurate sensor that can be thrown off just by tapping the housing. You can even shut it off by doing this a little harder. Understanding this drawback, it works well and delivers a lot of water into my dry air. I use reverse osmosis water so cleanup is a quick wipedown once a week.

    Now for the other one. Within 20 minutes after plugging it in it read a constant 20% on the sensor. This I later learned means the unit is overheating. Strange a heating unit "overheating". Got a replacement, it did exactly the same thing. Got another replacement this one seemed to work, but later found it "overheated" after two hours of constant use.

    This is a good product, WHEN IT WORKS!! Unless you love going through the merchants return processes, I'd avoid this one until they fix this "overheating" problem....more info
  • A Good Humidifier
    With any electronic device, there's the possibility of getting one that doesn't work properly. Beyond that, I can't figure why anyone would have a problem with this humidifier. It's extremely easy to use and quiet. The unit is small enough to tuck away in the corner and just about everything is easily removable for cleaning. I clean mine once a week. I love the digital readout of the current humidity level and being able to set it not to go over a certain level. ...more info
  • Amazon... Why won't you ship to me?
    Amazon. I had to buy this from your competition because this and a growing number of other products won't ship to US Military APO/FPO addresses. The US Postal Service delivers here, so what's the problem? Good product though. The digital readout is easy to see from across the room. Big handle makes carrying the water tank easy. big easy-to-operate buttons are right up front. Easily comes apart without tools for cleaning....more info
  • Very Good Humidifier
    This humidifier is exactly what I needed. It starts heating the water immediately and operates silently. One caution - you have three choices for humidity level, and if you operate it at the highest setting, the water will be gone in about 8 hours. the second setting works best for me. I have only cleaned it once so far, but think it needs cleaning again since it is getting a little noisy. I have not changed the pad, only cleaned it off once. i have had this unit for about a month. This unit does not take up a lot of room, and is streamlined in appearance. It has a digital humidity indicator, although I am not sure how accurate it is. It is simple to operate and I have been satisfied with it.

    I have not operated this unit without the pads that are included, so I can't speak for how much good they do. I just know that my former humidifier heating element got coated with calcium quickly with our hard water, so I am assuming it helps to use the included pads....more info
  • Would not any Honeywell products
    I've had the product now for 2 years. Although a tad noisy, it worked well during that time. Until recently when I noticed the plastic cap on the water container had seemingly melted a bit. The quality seems poor and I would probably avoid Honeywell as a product in general for all future purchases....more info
  • Very Pleased
    We have had this humidifier for about a month. It has worked perfectly. No problems at all! We had a similar model before(without the humidity gage) we loved it to. It broke when I dropped it. So we decided on this one because it was pretty much the same thing and also looked a bit more updated. We love both of the honeywell models we own(ed)....more info
  • Disappointed
    After reading the mixed reviews on this product, I thought I would take the chance and purchase this unit. I am disappointed and will be returning the unit.

    Pros: Quick steam; works fast to raise humidity level

    Cons: Unit leaks; digital humidity reading is stuck at 20; tank is hard to fill because the handle doesn't make the bottom flat

    I tried the troubleshooting tips listed in the manual and cleaned the unit, but problems still existed. ...more info
  • Very nice
    This is my third humidifier in two seasons. I couldn't live with the noise of the cool-mist humidifiers!

    For the price it works very nicely even for relatively large sized rooms. Scale is an issue, and the mineral pads help (which by the way are quite cheap), but I still had to hookup a wire brush with my dremel to scrub the scale away every weekend. I guess you can't get a good humidifer without any issues (noise, mold, white dust, scale etc). For me, this worked out the best among all options....more info
  • Short demonstration and return.
    The show was not long (only 15 minutes on the highest mode). Finally, a warning led constantly call for water or cleaning. Condensate was everywhere inside power unit. It is amazing that this humidifier has died so quietly (without any shortcut in my house). Electronics are not separated from a vapor tube and a condensate collector; there are all in one box ("power unit")!!!
    This "high-end" item must die early or late.
    In my case, it was early, and I could take money back.
    (Please, never take your computer to sauna. It can die like this humidifier.)...more info
  • good product
    You do have to clean it regularly (involving soaking of certain parts and light rubbing of the hot plate, every other week). It's not difficult, but you do have to do it. It works great and is easy to use. We have ours on every night and you can definitely tell the difference. Unlike what I hear about other humidifiers, absolutely no white powder has accumulated around it. I recommend it, but do be aware that, like any humidifier, you'll will have to make time now and then to clean it....more info
  • Amazon... Why won't you ship to me?
    Amazon. I had to buy this from your competition because this and a growing number of other products won't ship to US Military APO/FPO addresses. The US Postal Service delivers here, so what's the problem? Good product though. The digital readout is easy to see from across the room. Big handle makes carrying the water tank easy. big easy-to-operate buttons are right up front. Easily comes apart without tools for cleaning....more info
  • Great Product
    The Honeywell HWM450 warm moisture humidifier works as advertized. It is quiet and has a fast response. The water container is well designed, easy to fill in the sink and carry back to the humidifier. My water must be fairly pure as I have not experienced many deposits to clean. Cleaning is simple as the humidifier is easy to take apart. The built-in humidistat work well, maintaining the desired humidity setting. It would be even nicer if it could remember the setting when turned off as you have to reset to the desired level when restarting....more info
  • Nice product..I would recommend
    I have been using this for last 6 months. It works good. I am not using tap water. I change the deminaralization pad every month. I clean it with vinegar every month. If I do not change pad/clean, the humidifier starts leaking. I felt once in a month is perfectly ok. ...more info
  • Can't beat the 3-yr warranty
    I use my humidifier all the time in the winter. Although it needs to be cleaned regularly, the filters don't cost much and the machine works really well. I recently cracked the water tank while refilling it in the tub but when I called customer service, they said it was still under warranty and would ship me a new water tank free of charge within 7-10 business days. ...more info
  • works great
    Others have complained about the tank being hard to fill because of its design and I completely disagree. It easily sits in the sink balanced by itself while being filled. I have come to trust it enough to leave it in the sink leaning slightly on the side of the sink while I go and do other things as it fills. There is no design flaw in this regard.

    It works really fast and I am impressed by how quickly I can notice the difference.

    It is quiet enough to sleep with it in my room on mid-level and low. High was fine for myself, but my girlfriend noticed it for a bit then got used to it.

    Cleaning it is very easy, except for the 'burnt'-on minerals, but they are the same with any heater type machine. The mineral discs work well and you notice right away when they need replacing. Just keep up wiht the cleaning on a weekly basis and it'll run like butter.

    I don't have an independent RH gauge so I cannot attest to how accurate the display/sensor are, but I am happy with it achieving the humidity I want without any problems... it turns itself on and off when needed.

    I managed to buy it cheaper at Canadian Tire and am very happy. It is the best unit I have seen and I am comfortably saying I am very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Not even sure if the unit is working
    Unit didn't leak any water like some had problems with I only have it running for last 4 days. On full it will empty the tank in about 7 hrs not 12. It seems to have problem with larger space like my small living room with kitchen area of about 500 sqft. Even at full power the humidity stayed at 20 didn't go up even once.

    Now in my smaller bedroom with door closed after a while the humidity went up. I noticed very glitchy operation of the electronics it would reach my desired humidty of 35 shut off at 37 (which is all great) but then when I would check during night time it would drop to 20 with no reason and be working really hard and then jump to 35 again back and forth.

    Therefore my conclusion is to return it as I don't know if it thinks it reached the desired humidity or it's just a glitch and it never did. Plus it only seems good for 1 room which is the bedroom. I won't even want to test it out how it hold up through the winter even if it would be working propertly. Search continues for better unit....more info
  • Honeywell HWM450 Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier
    stop working in less than a year. when i first got one i was so happy with it i got one more . then it came time to clean it. way to much time and work to get it clean .now i only have one left that works and i will not be getting one again when this one stops working....more info


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