Honeywell HCM645 4 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Description

Honeywell QuietCare 4.0 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier.

  • QuietCare Technology is up to 30% quieter
  • 3 Moisture output settings
  • Auto Shut-off at desired humidity or when tank is empty
  • Easy to clean, carry and fill
  • For Med-Lg Rooms (650-1050 sq.ft.)
Customer Reviews:
  • Long life- does a great job
    We bought this humidifier with our first baby- 3 years ago- because he was getting congested at night. After a while it does make some noise when using it but that was a bonus for us, it created white noise to help him sleep through the other noises of the house. Now we have a second baby and have started using it again. It still works great- still makes noise but we don't mind it because it clears up the congestion and muffles house noises. Easy maintenance. I would recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier
    My husband and I very pleased the way this product works.
    My only complain is the filter.It got dirty and we tried to wash it but did not come clean. Does this filter have to replaced every month or so?
    It does a great job pumping cool mist into our living room....more info
  • Nothing But Trouble
    I can't believe all the good reviews I read because I had so much trouble with this item. I returned the first one because it leaked before I had ever used it. I found the cleaning process to be awkward because I used the item in the bedroom and the bathroom sink was too small to clean the chamber efficiently. The company did replace my leaky one and after I had cleaned the replacement one, and before I had even used it, which is required, I filled it with water and it was so heavy and difficult to hold it slipped from my grasp and the plastic water chamber cracked against the sink. Luckily it didn't damage the sink, but needless to say I was quite angry. After having 2 of these items, I never even got a chance to find out how well they worked. I threw the second one out and never applied for a refund but I was left with a negative feeling toward this company....more info
  • Humidifier ...
    I bought this item because of the capacity of the water that it holds. We use a wood stove and need to get moisture into the house. I thought that 4 gallons would last at least 12 hours, but it does not. The humidifier is a bit noisy, but it seems to work well. I just wish that the water would last a bit longer....more info
  • Loud, but works well !
    It works as advertised. It is a bit in loud end to keep in the room at night. I would suggest to place it somewhere in the outside of the room, if you are a light sleeper. It is very dependable however, as it has been working for over 2 years now. I think all humidifiers are laud by nature. Filters are reasonably priced at Amazon. And, you must change the filter once in while to avoid molding of course. After all, this device filters the surrounding air while humidifying it and captures a lot of dirt and airborne bacterias....more info
  • HCM645 humidifier does the job
    I bought one from Meijer and went back for another in late winter and they did not have anymore. I found the 2nd one on Amazon at clearance price of 41.00

    I like the features of the 645 with various humidity and speed settings. It is very quite on low setting and the upper setting are like white noise, not a nuisance.
    I believe the 645 is replaced by 650....more info
  • Tank cannot hold up to daily use
    We purchased two of these for our home and have since wished that we had not. The unit, while new, worked almost flawlessly, reasonably quietly, and, we thought, did a good job. The problems came about while we lived with it over the next couple of weeks. It started, simply enough, with the need to occasionally take the top portion apart to realign all of the plastic bits. We found this out after one refill when the machine wouldn't come back on. It seems that if the top white portion (not the tank) is nudged out of place, sensors will not allow it to come back on until everything is properly lined up. Unfortunately, this happened quiet often as you place the 4 gallon tank directly against that part of the machine. This problem we learned to live with.

    The second, and deal breaker problem, is overly apparent when refilling the tanks. The tanks are made of a clear, very fragile plastic that, if touched on the side while full, crack. The first crack on one unit appeared from some unknown bump and was found hours later with a pool of water around it. Now we do not have children, and our dog is about as mellow as dogs come, so we aren't sure how it appeared. So, ok, on crack -- we superglued the crack to reinforce it, it held, and we were generally pleased. Then another, on another machine, on a different floor, appeared. Hmmm, more superglue. From there we know what happened. When we attempted to refill the original tank (first superglue job) about a week later, after it had held through a number of refillings, the bottom was bumped against the sink when full. This caused the superglued crack to spread very quickly and a chunk of the sidewall broke loose. The second tank saw the same fate, although it happened as we were placing it, the same way we had always done, back into machine.

    Moral of the story: This is a nice machine with a poor tank that cannot be replaced from the manufacture and that, once cracked, renders the whole humidifier soon-to-be useless. In retrospect, we should have noticed the flaw and immediately returned both of the humidifiers after the first tank cracked. I hope that my warning helps someone else steer clear of this model....more info
  • Quiet and effective
    It really is quieter than all other units I've had, eg., Hunter, Holmes, other Honeywells, and it puts out moisture faster than the others as well. It has a different design from cheaper models and seams to be made of a better grade of plastic. Most importantly, it does a reasonable job of keeping a 1200 SF apartment comfortable. After Super Saver shipping (2 days for me), I'm plenty satisfied with this guy. ...more info
  • Great Product - Not like others have said
    I read the reviews about how noisy these were, but went ahead and bought two of them because I also read that they work well. I plugged them in and they both aren't that noisy. Of course there is a little noise, but that's to be expected. It's a humidifier with a fan blowing. Out of all the humidifiers I've used this is the most quiet. The 4 gallon tank is great, and the digital controls make it super easy to set. We put one in the nursery and one in our master bedroom. The two have no problem keeping the entire upstairs comfy. They run when needed and shut off when the desired humidity is reached. It really is a great product. I have had the two of them for about a month, so I can't speak on dependability, but the design and function is great, and it's NOT too loud!...more info
  • Unit stopped working; water tank not stable
    Our first problem with this humidifier occurred when I set the water tank on the counter to remove the valve for filling. Since the top surface of the tank is not flat, the water tank does not sit evenly on a surface, so it fell and cracked. The crack was mostly at the top of the tank, so it was still usable if it wasn't filled all the way. But then, about a couple of weeks later, the whole thing stopped working (after only about 3-4 months of use). The warranty was useless, because I would have had to pay to ship it for servicing, plus include a "processing/shipping" fee of about $10, plus the tank would still be cracked and probably need replacing, too. So we just threw the whole thing out. Don't waste your money on this product....more info
  • Excellent inexpensive Humidifier
    Very pleased with the Honeywell. I have two in my house in Western Colorady where the humidy tends to be quite low. They work perfectly although on the high setting are a bit loud. ...more info
  • Loud, Leaky, and Moldy
    It's loud, like being in a cheap hotel, we can't sleep with it on at night. Leaky, the tank is always leaking, when we fill it up. Moldy, the filter gets mold 1-2 weeks after we put a new one in. It is now in the trash. Save your money buy something else....more info
  • Not quite as represented.
    Overall, I like the product, but because it's being used in our bedroom (at night), I was hoping it was as quiet as the product description said it was. I've heard nosier (I had one), but this isn't quite what I was looking for. Maybe none are?...more info
  • Works Fine For Me
    We bought this humidifier about 3 months ago because our bedroom was becoming so dry that we were waking with dry throats, bloody noses, and so on. This machine has solved that problem and we have encountered no significant difficulties with it. It is not too difficult to maintain, and the only problem in that area is locating filters in local stores, although Amazon and other online retailers carry them. (I do wonder why the tank always leaks water at exactly the moment I move it over the machine, but not before; I can't figure it out but there must be a reason why this happens). Re: Mold. Apparently the person who complained of mold didn't realize the filters should be changed regularly, frequency depending upon the quality of your water supply....more info
  • this humidifier is defective!!! BEWARE
    Having read some of the other reviews here I recognize exactly the problem we had - the thing ran for maybe ten days and then the motor quit, forever. Unlike other and wiser reviewers, we had already discarded the packaging materials so there's no returning it. Money down the drain. A worthless piece of junk......more info
  • Allergy sufferers, BEWARE!
    I received this humidifier as a Christmas Present this year because I suffer from a severe mold allergy and was told that sleeping with a cool mist humidifier would cut down on my allergy/asthma attacks at night. WRONG! After 2 months of continuous use, I came down with a terrible broncial infection. I thought it couldn't possibly be the humidifier, so I didn't think twice about it, until I went to move it once when filling it and the front cover came off where the filter sits. It was COVERED in MOLD! The description of this humidifier says that the filter eliminates mold in the air, but it doesn't say that it traps it in the filter and blows it back into the air! ...more info
  • Simple Humidifier. But doesnt work well allways.
    After 3-4 weeks of use it stopped working. Initially I thought it was the auto-switch off mechanism at work. But I noticed that even when it was really dry, it wouldnt switch on. Luckily I had bought a replacement plan also. So I replaced it with the same model. It has been working well for the last 2-3 months.
    It is easy to clean. But the filter that came with the humidifier tore while cleaning, because it was made of paper. I think the new filters available for this model are made of plastic, so it should last a little longer....more info
  • The best humidifer I ever bought!!
    My family and I use this every day and night. On high it is loud but it sure helps put the moisture in the air. On low it is great for bed time especially in my daughter's room. She started to get nose bleeds because of the dry air. It really helps for the relief of coughing and congestion also..I saw this humidifer at Costco and couldn't pass it up. The best $40.00 I ever spent!!...more info
  • save your time
    The 1st one I brought a week later, the fan was not working right. I pressed the low button and the air was on high, and if I had the air on medium it turned on low. When I had it on high, the fan just shut off. So I returned the item, and decided to get the same one, 2 months later it's the loudest thing in the room. It make such a bad sound,I couldn't sleep either my husband, and he's a good sleeper. My baby was up too! Now I don't even have the receipt to return it. So save your time and don't even think about buying this item. Big mistake...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I purchased the Honywell HCM-645 as a replacemnt for the Honeywell HCM-360.

    I bought the #360 in Oct. 2005, and after about 4 weeks of operation the motor started to make a really bad rattling sound, Oh crap where is the receipt????? Can't find it!!!! Well, knowing that most stores won't return anything without a receipt if it's been used, I figured I would have to take advantage of the 5 year warrenty and contact the mfg. for a replacement. In the meantime I can't be without a humidifier so I went out and bought another one, same Mfg. (Honeywell)but a differant model to be on the safe side thinking if I go differant I shouldn't have any trouble......THINK AGAIN!!!!
    I bought the HCM-645 on 11-15-05 and on this day 11-29-05, yes thats right 13 days later.....This motor has started to rattle, not quite as loud as the other but that won't last long.

    I called the Mfg. about the one I had no receipt for and they wanted to charge me $10.00 for warrenty processing and I was to pay shipping cost both ways, estimated shipping cost would be $20.00 so for $30.00 they would send me a new humidifer. I paid $32.99 orginally does this make sense????. Well, I took the information on returning only to hang up the phone and call Wal-Mart just to see if they would take it back. Guess what? They had no problem in returning it for store credit and also took back the extra filters I purhased.

    So my thought on Honeywell Humidifers, BUYER BEWARE, something is definatly wrong with the components in the motor operation in 2004 and 2005 models ...more info