iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

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Product Description

iRobot Roomba Scheduler - There's nothing like a clean home, and to keep your home as clean as it can be you need to clean frequently. Cleaning everyday however is just not an option, but that was before theRoomba Scheduler! With the Roomba Scheduler you can vacuum all day, everyday. Set it to run while you're at work or while you sleep. When it's done cleaning, it will automatically return to the self-charging Home Base. APS Battery - charges faster and runs 25% longer than a standard battery, with a 50% longer life Active Dirt Response - detects dirtier areas and automatically increases the intensity of Roomba's cleaning Automatic Surface Transitioning - adjusts automatically for both carpet and hard floor surfaces Multi-Surface Cleaning - hardwood, tile, linoleum, and low-to-medium pile carpet Max Mode - run the Roomba for the full charge of the battery to vacuum multiple rooms Spot Mode - intensely cleans one area of a room up to 3 feet in diameter Statis Sensor - Roomba immediately detects when it's stuck and initiates its careful escape routine Improved Wall Following Air Filter Edge-Cleaning Side Brush Cleaning Tool Extra Brushes&Filters Extra Large Debris Bin

  • Robotic, battery-powered floor vacuum and remote scheduling device
  • Remote scheduler sets and changes vacuuming times and zones
  • Artificial intelligence and sensors navigate between walls and furniture legs and adjust for carpet, tile, and wood floors
  • Virtual wall mechanism establishes two invisible perimeters for vacuuming specific zones
  • Low-profile design fits under beds, sofas, and other tight spots where conventional vacuums can't reach
Customer Reviews:
  • Irobot ate my daughter's school project - But will NEVER go back to the old style vacuum
    My husband and son got together and thought I would just love an Irobot. I complained a bit that they ordered it...but would give it a try. They set it up quickly. In a few hours off it went....and it has been going every day for the past 3 months. What a great find! Never will I got back to the old style of vacuum. We have a cat which sheds some...but I have 3 kids who track in dirt daily. When I come home from work, I have a freshly vacuumed house. It finds its home base about 90% of the time. If it does not, it is usually our fault. The Irobot ate my daughter's school project she left on the floor - was repairable! It has eaten up many cat toys. It will go after anything you leave on the floor. No mercy! It does not nick the woodwork! So in the, love love it!!! Never will I go back. Only quality issue - one of side brushes fell off...still worked great. You do need to empty the container each day...takes about 20 will be amazed the dirt it picks up each day...To think I was walking in the stuff for days.First time in history a child goes to school and says my robot ate my homework, not the dog!!! By the way I am a mechanical passes my test!...more info
  • Better than I expected
    After the purchase, I actually vaccum less. It works really well. The only complaints are it is noise and the replacement parts are expensive. So turn it on when you go out and try not to break an parts........more info
  • Roomba Va...vooom
    This is a great unit to clean up normal litter on the floors.Amazed how well it moves from Carpet to Hardwood floors without help. Doesn't eliminate regular vaccumm cleaners but reduces the need significantly....more info
  • I love it, great for the kitchen and hardwood floors
    We call our roomba scheduler Rosie, and she works hard. We track in leaves and dog hair off our patio, so I let Rosie go at nite while we're in another room and she picks up grass, leaves, dog hair, crumbs, dust... I walk around barefoot a lot, and i never get little pieces of grit stuck to my foot after Rosie has been at work!
    My house is small (about 1230 sq. ft) and I don't use her in the living room where there is deep plush carpet, even though I tried her in there and she worked, it takes much, much longer so I run the upright in there.
    But she goes under furniture, under the bed and dresser, and those places are cleaner than they have ever been!
    This is a great product and a time saver for me. It's one less chore I need to worry about and I love it!...more info
  • Oh yeah, I'm in love!!
    This is far,far better than I thought it could be. We have 3 cats and a husband who tracks crumbs everywhere. This thing is worth it just for picking up the cat hair under the beds and under the futon. We live in a small house and it is very difficult to get under the beds with a regular vacuum.
    I am a vacuum freak and have about 5 different vacuums. I used to have to use a different one for the hard wood floors and the area rugs. Now , I just let the roomba take care of it all. You are still going to have to vacuum in the corners and the very small areas. (These to be done much less often.) The good thing is also , it forces me to pick up ALL things off of the floor. I only wish I could use it on the furniture and on the walls!!

    My husband complains of the noise, but to me , it is just a reminder that it is doing the work I don't have to. It is much less noisy than a standard vacuum.

    I have not yet used this unsupervised as I sometimes recognize I should have moved cords or other items in its way. Also, as another reviewer stated, it really does not go on the home base that easily.

    This is right up there with the other most favorite thing I've ever purchased...the automatic bread maker. ...more info
  • Look out Ester, here comes some help
    With life's hectic demands it is sometimes a challenge to even find time to vacuum ,especially a home of some size.

    We purchased this unit over a year now and so far it is still trucking along minding it's own business while keeping our carpet clean-to a degree.

    Environment; 3k sq ft home, 2 story, Berber carpet, 1 baby, and 5 dogs.

    The unit is capable of following a schedule that you would enter through the buttons. It is a bit more complicated than it should be in todays plug and play world but it does work. A PC interface would be be a welcome addition.

    This unit is not meant to replace a powerful upright vacuum but will allow you to extend your vacuum times exponentially. The deeper the carpet the harder this unit will need to work and there is only so much suction a little unit like this can produce not too mention the storage area for debris is limited by it's size.

    Now, with that stated, we run this unit once a week in each room and clean/empty it out every two weeks. It will fully vacuum our loft which is 28'x18' in about 45 minutes. Though it will not pick up every microscopic element hidden deep in the carpet it does a pretty good job of cleaning the surface area and little beneath it. This unit is designed to be used more often than an upright and I have found that routine cleaning makes things much easier and cleaner.

    Noise is not annoying and sounds like a low volume motor while it treks across the room. Battery usage is ok though I would prefer lithium batteries for extended time. It will go about 45minutes to 1 hour in it's Max cleaning mode. So in order to vacuum our house we leave it in one room, close the doors, come back and charge, place in a another room. Though this may seem like a hassle keep in mind that we are off doing something else while it is left alone to clean.

    The unit comes with two invisible walls that you place on the floor to keep it contained which work very well.

    The unit comes with a sensor to prevent it from going over edges or stairs and not once has it decided to take a tumble.

    Though far from appearing on a episode of the Twilight Zone the avoidance algorithm is pretty slick as it can find it's way out of almost any situation in your room and given enough time will clean the entire surface.

    We paid $300 when it came out and so far are pleased with the unit and look forward to more innovations in the robotic field to make our lives simpler.

    The only real issue with all Roombas is the battery life which last only about 12-14 months before it's charging ability is severely handicapped.
    It does come with a one year warranty and past that expect to shell out $60+ for a new battery.

    Lee A. Dye
    Simi Valley,CA.

    ...more info
    iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

  • what a piece of garbage
    This is one of the most horrible things my husband brought home. It is a filthy machine to clean... stupid plastic comb for the brush... give me a break... broke the first time i used it. The lines in the carpet are deplorable. I have to go over it with my REAL VACUUM to make the rooms look respectable. I would not recommend this to anyone. I guess if you are too lazy to use a REAL VAC, then this might work, but, not in this household!!! Really ticked when I saw what hubby paid for this piece of trash. I only wish we had not opened the box & tested it. ...more info
  • Loved it until it broke!
    I loved this little guy when I got it, but just after 5 months of normal use it broke! The people at Roomba wouldn't replace anything after the 90 day warranty had expired, so I ended up paying an extra $200 to have it replaced !
    The product is great, it's life-span is NOT!...more info
  • just wonderful
    I have two cats, a double coated long haired manx and a domestic short hair kitty. I also have two daughters with very long thick hair. All the dust in our house is the color of that manx. We got the Roomba because I just don't want to spend my time cleaning. We love the Roomba. He does a great job of getting around and under furniture. The carpets look cleaner, and feel better too. In fact, the whole house is cleaner because we are getting the hair and mess up before it turns into dust. The roomba gets into places I wouldn't have cleaned even if I was limber enough to get there. The cliff warning keeps the little guy from falling down the stairs. The dirt sensors send him back to redo really dirty places. He does a great job on all the hair. He gets nuts, seeds, dry cat litter, leaves, dirt, and dust. I do take the brushes out and cut out the globs of cat and girl hair. I have not used the scheduler yet, we are all still enjoying watching him work. The virtual walls work really well. I fully intend to get a Scooba for our tile mopping and Dirt Dog for the pool deck. If they would just make a Tinker Bell to fly around and dust I would be in business. ...more info
  • I love my Roomba!
    I have had my Roomba for about 6 months now and LOVE it. I have it scheduled to clean my kitchen, dining room and entry hall which is all hardwood. I no longer have to do a daily sweep up of dog/cat fur and crumbs. I have tried it on the longer carpet but did not care to have to pick out the carpet fuzz from the sweeper brush. It really works a lot better on bare floors or very short pile rugs. I occasionally have to "rescue" it when it gets stuck on a floor grate or occasionally in the midst of chair legs. It is a little louder than I expected it to be so the inital cleaning programming for 2am was quickly replaced with another program that has it automatically cleaning at now it also works as an alarm clock since the noise wakes everyone up. I placed double stick tape on the base so that it will not move when the Roomba is trying to dock and recharge. I also have the docking station under a piece of furniture so that it is not seen or in the way but is easy for the robot to get to. Essentially, If you are a daily sweeper, this will save you HOURS of tedium and the few drawbacks can be easily mitigated with some common sense....more info
  • Still needs some work
    A nice idea that still needs some work. A vacuum? no, it's a self-propelled sweeper. That said, it does a nice job on hard floors and will transition to low, stiff area rugs (without fringe). It is noisy, about half the noise of a regular vacuum, but at least you can close the door on it. I quit using mine in the carpeted area of the house because of the maintenance issues. It is really a bother to clean. It does come with a neat tool to get long stuff out of the (too soft) brush, but no easy way to uncoil stuff that get wrapped around the wheels. The cost of the replacement filters is totally unreal! The dock is much too light for it to dock with on hard floors, it just scoots it around. It would also have to be "centrally located" against a wall, and frankly it's not good looking enough to leave in the middle of the room, which totally negates being able to "schedual it" to do the sweeping while you're gone. If you haven't got one yet, you may want to wait for the "next generation"....more info
  • Vacuuming No Longer Tedious
    Robert is well behaved and performs at a moment's notice with the remote or begins his work whenever programmed. I no longer need to worry if my carpeting or floors need vacuuming, because my husband loves to play with this remarkable working "toy," and he puts Robert through his paces often enough. I did forget to open the verticals once, and he got caught in them until my husband noticed and released him. Otherwise, he has been doing an excellent job. Everyone should have one; it's well worth the money....more info
  • great product, great seller
    fantastic little tool. we use it on our hardwood floors and rugs. even our yorkie likes to chase it around...more info
  • by other best friend
    This roomba is the greatest thing around. I've been having my roomba now for a little while and I haven't had to do my floor myself yet. I have a lab/greyhound mix dog and he is sheds a great deal. Roomba doesn't let me down....more info
  • We call it Hazel also
    While I was installing Pergo flooring, I ordered the Roomba. My wife thought it was a totally frivolous purchase! After we got "Hazel' programmed and the rooms we were having her work in 'Hazel proofed', she went to work. After 3 weeks of having her around, my wife admitted that Hazel was a real beneficial asset.
    Although Hazel will not go onto our area carpet (too high a border) and is too noisy to have running while watching TV, she has kept our place well cleaned. We schedule her work for the same time we take our morning walk and hardly ever get in each others way.
    I totally recommend this for anyone with hardwood floors and an extra square foot of floor space to park it in....more info
  • Roomba review
    Easy and convenient to use. Doesn't pick up everything, but does a good job cleaning our hardwood floors. My 3-year old loves playing with it.
    ...more info
  • Better than thought
    Our Roomba has worked wonderfully and can't believe all the dirt/dust that it finds. Love it....more info
  • Great stuff
    I live in a large house with two roomates and a dog. This thing cleans up after all of us. Its programmed to start when we are at work and when i come home i just empty the tray and clean the filter and then i am done. The house always looks good. Now if i could just get a robot that would take my roomates dishes out of the sink and put them into the dishwasher!...more info
  • it works so well....
    i can't believe how well the roomba works, and how user friendly it is. my floors have never looked this clean.....and it's all done while i'm at work. now my floors get cleaned more than just once a week. i recommend it to all of my clients.

    frank (key west,fl)...more info
  • Like it but ...
    A newer, muuch better model was introduced approx 90 days after I ordered. Tried to get Irobot to upgrade (for additional cost) They would not cooperate. I know that they didn't have to do this but I have had other customer support depts. do the same. I really do like the product and would purchase again. You need to keep it clean. Takes a little effort....more info
  • A Racket
    This thing is a toy, nothing more. Will pick pick dirt from the floor but, even when new, had a relatively short battery life (returned to battery charger before finishing even a small room). Now, not quite two years old, the battery lasts approximately 10 minutes. The company is apparently aware of some problem because the website gives instructions for improving battery life. However, the procedure does not work. I have gone through the process four times with no improvement to battery life. Save your money, unless you want an expensive way to entertain your pets. ...more info
  • Doesn't replace a regular Vaccuum but really helps!
    I received the Roomba as a gift from my parents. I live in a nice sized apartment with multiple types of terrain (flooring). The Roomba scoots around and cleans all of my floors surprisingly efficiently. I am always shocked how much dust, hair, and other little things it picks up in its run. The scheduling bonus allows me to run it while I'm at work during the day. I currently run it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and it always manages to pick up a little something. It doesn't replace a regular Vacuum's ability to get into small nooks and crannies with attachments, but it keeps the floors extra clean if used in succession. I would definitely recommend this product. If for nothing else it's funny to watch it chase the cat around....more info
  • I love my Roomba!!
    One of the earlier reviewers got this right - if you're a perfectionist with all the time in the world to run your sweeper, this is not for you. But if you're super-busy, the Roomba is a dream come true!! While I'm doing other housework or busy with something else, I can just set up my "wall" to delineate the area to be vacuumed, turn this bad-boy on and walk away. When I get back, the dirt, dog hair, and dust bunnies are gone - even from hard-to-reach places like under our sofa. I haven't used the scheduler yet, and probably won't for awhile as our dog has only an uneasy peace with the Roomba and might get freaked out if it started working while my husband & I were at work....more info
  • Great Product BUT Poor Customer Service
    The Roomba is unbelievable. After using my Upright, the Roomba continues to pick up tons of stuff. It certainly is efficient at cleaning up hairs and dirt. In a child's room that is regularly vacuumed, I needed to cycle the Roomba 3X to get the room really clean! Edging can be a bit tricky, however, as well as floor rugs with tassles (you might have to tape them down or fold underneath the rug). Bare floors are excellently handled. Now for the poor. Customer Service is quite poor. Back in the Spring when I purchased this, there were offers for free items with the purchase of the Roomba. Well, it is 3 months later and still no delivery in sight. Others have also called attention to this....more info
  • roomba cost effective for family
    We live in a 6 room house with hardwood floors and some tile. We have two kids, two working adults, a cat and a large long haired dog.

    We Pay a housekeeper $25/ hr to deep clean twice a month. She does much more than vacuum. The vacuuming takes about 10 minutes per room so we are actually paying her about $4 per room just to vacuum. This is twice as much as we would pay Roomba because we think the house keeper is twice as efficient. On the other hand, we can not afford to have the house keeper come every day. The advantage of Roomba is that we can use it to clean every day (like brushing our teeth to prevent plaque).

    We actually use Roomba on each room about once a week. That is twice as often as the housekeeper. The net result is that we are paying our housekeeper the same amount to vacuum our floors as we are paying for Roomba over a six month period. If we could hire Roomba to clean our house then we would probably pay Roomba [...]and the Roomba purchase would pay for itself in about 156 cleanings or about six months.

    We got the Roomba for Pets because it has brushes that are easy and quick to clean. This is important for maintaining efficiency and battery life. Is worth the extra price because cleaning extends the motor and battery life.

    We got the inteli bin to remind us to keep Roomba clean. However, the inteli bin does not alert you as fine hairs clog the filter. This usually happens long before the bin fills up so we still have to clean the filter after every usage to maintain maximum suction. This is no surprise; every other vacuum cleaner must also be cleaned regularly to ensure maximum performance. So why do we need the inteli bin to tell us when it is full? O yea, we are inherently lazy and respond to visual clues.

    Vacuum cleaners are not silent and neither is Roomba. My wife does not like disruptive noises so we got the scheduler to launch Roomba when we are out of the house. The scheduler, however, can not tell Roomba to go into specific rooms of the house.

    The Roomba is inelegant enough to find its way into the next room if you do not block the entrance with a door or if you do not use the virtual wall. This is useful when we want to maximize coverage and to get the most out of the new battery. We usually carry Roomba into the room that we want to start cleaning, and set it on "max". Then we leave the house while it is running. It would be great if Roomba just had a delay feature. We still use the scheduler because we are inherently forgetful and it will always clean something if we forget to turn Roomba on in the morning.

    If you set it to "clean" then Roomba will attempt to find its base before it shuts down. However, Roomba may be lost in another room or in a closet. It may be unable to find the base when it is done, but we don't care. We just pick Roomba up from wherever it stopped; we clean it and place it on the charger. We also use the auto-docking feature by pressing "spot" and "clean" simultaneously. This allows Roomba to drive itself onto the base (as long as it can see the inferred beam). Alternatively, we could get a base for every room but that would be expensive.

    Roomba does not replace the human element. We can get under floor cords, avoids socks and picks up as we go. A human also gets into corners where Roomba can not go. Roomba is intelligent but not that good (yet).

    The robot is motivating the family to be more clutter conscience. We have to pick up pieces of debris on a daily basis. This is more work for us but it is good training. We are cutting back on clutter and my kids are more motivated to pick up since Roomba.
    We continue to use our housekeeper to deep clean every other week and our house is now cleaner between visits. She can now maximize her time doing other things around the house. I think we are getting more bang for the buck in the long run.

    We had to put our couch up on blocks so Roomba could get underneath.
    Roomba takes about the same amount of time to program and clean on a daily basis as a simple (less expensive) dust mop. But no one in my house will use the dust mop on a daily basis.

    ...more info
  • horrid customer support
    Hi - three weeks ago I purchased this after reading all the accolades on this site. It has worked OK and its value could be high because when it works it is great.

    However, I have had two problems with my roomba scheduler ceasing to work. Each time I tried to get in tough with the customer support that was so highly rated here without success.

    Today the thing just died - red light, won't recharge and I have no idea what is wrong. I called the Roomba customer support and went through 3 layers of automated voice prompts and was disconnected. When I tried calling back their phone did not pick up.

    Oh well - I guess this baby goes back to the vendor - another one to add to the very large number of "reconditioned" models they offer. The concept is great but the technology is still not quite ready for prime time. I would not recommend purchasing this product. Maybe in 5 years they will get the product to the point where it is reliable, but right now it is more of a headache than it is worth. ...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I have 5 dogs and cats and thought the Roomba probably wouldn't perform very well under the circumstances. I got a great deal from the Woot site on the scheduler and thought I'd give it a shot. I love how it gets all the dust bunnies out from under the beds, sofas, etc., that you just can't get with a normal vacuum cleaner unless you move all the furniture. I also think it does a pretty good job with the pet hair. Now, all my floors are tile so it's great in my home. Now, you do have to empty the bin a little more often than you'd want to, but I see that as only a tiny problem. I would definitely buy it again. I already have the scooba and think that it is wonderful too....more info
  • Very good technology for a reasonable price
    Very good technology for a reasonable price. It can go under furnitures. It doesn't get stuck. You will have to prepare the room and clean the dirt bin often, it is understandable. Mine broke after 2 months, but I got a replacement before I even sent out the broken one. Perfect customer service....more info
  • Rumba with Roomba
    Although I bought the Scheduler, I don't really need that feature. I just use it when I want. I'd prefer to be around when it works,in case it gets hung up someplace. It usually does pretty well without my intervention. The "virtual walls" keep it out of where it isn't needed. It did a pretty good job on my carpets, but it loves my new hard surface floors. And it is quite versatile at getting on and off areas rugs on the hard floor. When it bumps into a pet, it simply changes directon. (The pet usually doesn't even bother to move.) It is pretty good at getting under and around dining room chairs -- much easier than having to move all the furniture before using an upright. I love my Roomba, but be realistic. It has a small dirt collector. So even though it definately saves work when vacuuming, you'd better empty the container and clear the brushes of pet hairs and caught fibers after every session. Also check to see that excess dirt didn't crawl into crevices in the unit itself, because the dirt container can't cram in anymore. ...more info
  • Our new best friend
    We use the Roomba every night on our tile and bamboo floors (about 1000 ft2). It does a great job of picking up dust, cat hair, and crumbs. On carpet floors, its battery charge is only enough for 2-3 smaller rooms, and I would supplement with a full size vacuum now and again. It doesn't get 100% of the area 100% of the time, but for daily maintenance, especially on hard floors, the Roomba is great. We love it!...more info
  • iRobot rooba 4230 Remote Scheduler
    Fantastic!!! When I wake up in the morning my floors are already vacuumed. It picks up sand and dog hair. It is great for everyday vacuuming. I would not trade it for anything.
    Dorothy Richards...more info
  • Roomba performance
    It is marginal for use in a large house that has both carpet and hardwood floors. It goes out to clean, but cannot find its way home. It will not go onto an area rug on a hardwood floor. It gets stuck under chairs if they are not high enough from the floor. Battery will die before a large 20x30 room gets fully cleaned.

    We have another unit is our much smaller vacation home and it works very well there. You can block out rooms and move the home base into each room and get better performance, but that means the scheduler function is of little value.

    Amazon's web site says there is a rebate, but it seems to be impossible to obtain. Response I get is that Amazon does not know anything about the rebate.
    ...more info
  • Roomba
    Works better then expected. Just start it and forget it. Gets into areas you have never gone (under beds, chairs & etc) It was not a mistake to purchased this item.....more info
  • Great product
    This little thing does not have suction instead it use wiping/brooming for cleaning. I was concerned about how effective is wiping/brooming as compared to vacumming. Since Roomba cleans every spot at least 3 times thus using it more frequently than a vaccum (I clean main living areas once in two days) on a less dense carpet keeps our house cleaner then using the vaccum.
    I love this little devil.
    ...more info
  • The marvel of modern tech
    We got this device about a month ago. We are satisfied with it greatly. It saves a lot of time and labor for our family. Isn't that wonderful that "someone" is doing cleaning job while you are attending other things?

    The most helpful feature is the scheduled cleaning. You set up a schedule and go to work, and Roomba wil come out and clean. When you come home, the floor is shining and dustless. The device is easy to handle and sturdy, we have no prolbem whatsoever with it. The only room for improvement is the battery, wish it could last more than hour. ...more info
  • It's a great help around the house
    The Roomba is great to have in this busy world of ours. It helps keep the dust off our floors plus it is fun to watch it move around the house. It looks for dirt and picks it up. The bad part is the docking station, it has a hard time getting seated on the station, so it does not received a full charge. We just plug it in to the charging unit. As for all the other accessories we have not use them yet, so I have no opion on it....more info
  • Great Product
    I have been using a regular vacuum for 2 years and stumbled across the roomba. I read some reviews and decided to take the plunge based on the good reviews.

    I couldn't be any happier with the purchase. I have been useing the roomba for 2 months. It has made vacuuming the house so much easier. It is very easy to use and clean. The only area it does not do well in is the corners as other people have said in their reviews. So now before it vacuums my tile or hardwood floors I take a broom and sweep out the corners. This only takes less then a minute and then I move items that I would normally if I were vacuuming. Then let the roomba loose.

    Our kitchen is all tile and we also have a parakeet there that makes a mess with all his feathers and food on the floor. The great thing is I can use the roomba on the kitchen every week and it picks up the birds mess as well as hair and anything else that fell on the floor since the kitchen is a high traffic area. It just makes the process so much easier and does a good job. I am know going to buy the scooba to wash the tile floor as well as my hardwood floor in the dining room. ...more info
  • Time Saver
    Works great! Keeps our floors clean on a daily basis. Works great on our wood floors and suprisingly well on our carpets too (med. pile)...more info
  • iRobot Roomba
    I use this vacuum everyday. It has been a great time saver. Everything has worked perfect on the irobot. It lifts the carpet and makes it look new again. It also does a good job on tile floors. I would recommed this to anyone who might be interested in buying one. ...more info
  • Great but not perfect
    This is a very nice product that saves time and makes a positive impact on the cleanliness of our home. While I'm generally very pleased with my Roomba, it is not a perfect product and new buyers should educate themselves about both its benefits as well as its limitations. I will attempt to shed some light on both.

    We have 4 adults and two cats living in our 3 bedroom single story house and, before the Roomba, we took turns, once a week, pushing our excellent Electrolux vacuum around the house (just the people as we could never quite get the cats to help). Approximately 2/3 of the house is carpeted and 1/3 is either hardwood flooring or linoleum. I have programmed the Roomba to clean every weekday at 11am. On this schedule, it cleans for an hour to an hour and a half and then docks itself on its charger base to get ready for the next day's cleaning. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but the Roomba quickly won me over. I am amazed and pleased that it seems to be able to get to just about every place in our home that is not otherwise blocked to it - such as closed closets. It has no trouble transitioning from carpeting to other flooring or traversing the threshold between the two. When the Roomba senses a particularly dirty area, a little blue LED lights up and the machine goes into either a circular or serpentine motion until all of the extra dirt is gone - amazing. It effortlessly cleans under couches, beds and other furniture - places that were missed by our manual vacuuming. On most days, its dust bin is quite full of dust, debris and cat hair. I've been expecting the volume to decrease as the house gets cleaner and cleaner, but amazingly in the 3 months since I bought it, the amount of dirt it picks up daily seems to be holding steady. I do notice that the house needs dusting much less often now and this is another benefit that we have seen.

    Its programming is impressive as it has little problem navigating from room to room and extricating itself from most "problems". Ok, so now for some of the negatives. 1) Hey, it's a vacuum and it makes some noise. So I program it to run when I'm at work. 2) It does not like some kinds of area rugs. It sometimes gets stuck on the tassels that are on the edge of two of our rugs. One of them, I've just had to retire as the Roomba just could not handle the long and thick tassels and would get stuck there. We also have to pick up the bath mat every day as it would sometimes get stuck on it too. 3) Lots of loose wires would give it problems too. Now that I have bundled them together and gotten them out of the way, the Roomba has no more problems. 3) The bin capacity is rather small. So I just make it part of my routine to empty it every day when I get home from work. I'd rather do that then push the Electrolux around. 4) Because of our cats, the filter also needs to be cleaned daily. No big deal - take it out and bang it against the side of the kitchen trash bin. 5) It doesn't clean absolutely everywhere, such as behind doors and, of course, at the top of floorboards. About once a month we use the Electrolux for these. 6) We keep "stuff" in containers under the beds, so once in a while we remove it all, close the bedroom door and have the Roomba clean the bedroom thoroughly. 7) Finally, the Roomba itself needs cleaning and maintenance. Besides shaking out the filter, the brush and rollers need to be cleared of long hairs and fibers that get wrapped around them. Also, dirt and dust collects in other parts of the Roomba and this needs to be cleaned out once in a while also. For this and a more thorough filter cleaning, I use an air compressor which does a very nice job. 8) It's not a very powerful vacuum. But what it lacks in quality, it more than makes up for in quantity. If you think about it, we have it running for about 28 hours per month - far more than the 3 hours or so that we would spend vacuuming manually. Of course, with the scheduler, you can tailor the cleaning to suit your own needs - anywhere from once a week to seven times a week.

    Despite its shortcomings, I think the Roomba is a great product and well worth the investment.
    ...more info
  • Everything I hoped it would be
    I recently moved into a home with hardwood floors and I hate pushing a vacuum around to pick up dust and sand and bits of leaves. I have had the Roomba Scheduler working for about a week now, and I am pleased to be able to walk around the house barefoot without picking up a hint of grit.

    We named it Thing, after "things that go bump in the night," which it does. I have yet to set up the electronic wall to keep it from bouncing off the kitchen door.

    We are well pleased, and I see it finds its way back home without difficulty after meandering around vacuuming. We are considering the workshop model for the basement....more info
  • Fun Vacuum Cleaner
    The vacuum does an adequate job vacuuming carpets. The real advantage is not having to push a heavy vacuum. We only have to use our big vacuum every few months. The robot reaches all areas of the carpet, no more dust bunnies under the bed. It also terrifies the cats.

    Downside: We have new carpets that quickly fill the vacuum with fluff, requiring emptying the compartment after every use. It is difficult to remove the fluff from all areas of the vacuum. With the passage of time there is less fluff and the vacuum only requires emptying every so often....more info
  • My Robbie robot
    I am one happy person with my Robbie, he is such a hard worker and does a great job. My friend also bought a robot, my sister is going to get one and another friend from another state is going to get one also, so I guess you could say that I am a very satisified costumer, and don't mind saying so....more info
  • Really Helps
    I love this product! Turn it on and when you come home all the cat hair is picked up for you! Only concern is that it may be making marks on our wood floor. It is great for tile and berber carpet. Not so good for thick carpet and over rugs. ...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I now have 2 robotic slaves and one of them is working for me right now. I puchased a combo pack from I have the Roomba cleaning my room right now. Overall, it does an excellent job. It doesn't do a single, fast, deep clean like my overpriced rainbow however, with more regulr cleanings it actually does a better job overall. The AI is good however it does have some problems. It can't always find its way back to its base and it will sometimes get stuck.

    I have purchased an extra battery so I can swap batteries out and clean more rooms. I will probably purchase an extra 4230 later on so I don't wear this littly guy out so fast.

    I'm trying to figure out how some people rate it so low and make statements that it doesn't clean. Defective units? Sour Grapes? It makes no sense to me. I love my machine and would purchase another in a heartbeat....more info
  • truly awesome
    I suppose I should preface my review by stating that I've only had my Roomba for a little over 24 hours. In that time, though, I've put it to work cleaning almost every room in my house, and so far, I'm delighted.

    I should also mention that the model number on mine is 4290, not 4230, but as far as I can tell, it's identical to the one shown here.

    Initial impressions:

    Its navigation seems to be more or less random, but it eventually covers all the areas it needs to. Once, I've seen it get stuck in a tight corner, but it found its way out after a couple of minutes. It does a great job of getting under furniture, though you'll want to tuck any wires and cables out of the way.

    It occasionally gets stuck on the corners of my throw rug, but it does a good job of getting itself unstuck. It senses when it's not moving in the direction it's trying to, and it turns and tries different directions until it yanks itself loose.

    The bin is rather small, but with daily use (thanks to the scheduling feature), I don't think that will be a problem. The manual recommends cleaning the brushes every three days, which is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

    I live with three cats, and they shed a LOT of hair. On Roomba's first couple of runs, it got a lot of hair tangled up in its brushes, but this didn't cause the motor to seize or anything; it must be designed to tolerate that. I cut the hair loose with the included cleaning tool, and now that Roomba is caught up with my weeks of neglect, this should be less of a problem.

    Incidentally, the cats are very curious, and perhaps mildly alarmed, but I'm sure they'll get used to it soon.

    I have linoleum floors (I hate 'em, but what are you gonna do?), and the Roomba does very well on those. It's less effective on the rug, but I guess that's to be expected.

    You'll probably want to pick up any twist-ties, rubber bands, etc. that are lying around before letting Roomba loose. I expect I'll have to do a little manual sweeping now and then to cover the few areas Roomba can't reach, but on the whole, it's a little miracle.

    It's a stupidly charming little thing - cute, even - and I love the way it beeps like a dump truck while backing out of its docking station. Even more than that, I love the way it returns to its base for charging when it's done. It plays different little tunes to announce its mood (start cleaning, finished cleaning, battery low, etc.). I've heard that a lot of people name them, and I can see why.

    If my Roomba continues to perform as well as it has so far, I'll undoubtedly buy the Scooba. Hooray for robot slaves!...more info
  • What did I do without it?? I love it!
    I was skeptical to purchase the Roomba Scheduler. I didn't think it could work, but faced with a very upset fiance who was not happy with all the hair my Beagle was shedding around the house I decided to give Roomba a try and I am so glad I did! It is simply amazing, we programmed it to start at 5:30 a.m. each morning. It cleans the hardwood floor in our kitchen and the carpet in our family room. Takes about one hour and you would not believe the amount of hair and dust this little thing picks up every day! We do not have to sweep and vacuum ourselves nearly as much as we used to. No more beagle hairballs blowing around. Roomba is a hard-working little guy. My beagle has even warmed up to it a little bit.

    Some other points - we purchased the pet hair accessory kit for it and that helps alot. Before we bought the kit the standard brushes would get full of hair, but now they do not at all and it picks up more hair than before. Also, we once had it set off our motion sensor on our security system when we were not home, so be aware that is possible.

    All in all we are very pleased with this and even thinking about purchasing a second one to keep upstairs....more info
  • roomba love
    I love my roomba, with the ease of walking out to work and coming back to a vacuum floor is great. Plus the added feature of preprogramming the time to have it done is awesome....more info
  • After two units, I gave up
    I have the original Roomba, and thought this would be a great update to a product I loved. The idea of the Scheduler sounded great so that it would automatically clean every day.

    The first unit I purchased worked for about a month. Disappointed, I returned it and brought home another unit. It died within a month, too. All the usual troubleshooting did not work.

    I returned the Scheduler and am back to my original (manual) Roomba. ...more info
  • it sucks that it does not suck
    The IRobot is really fun to watch zoom around the room, but it does not really clean any type of floor. I tried it on carpet and hard floors and it did not perform well on either. I have returned this item....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I bought the Roomba about a month ago and am very pleased with the purchase. I just schedule it or turn it on and let it clean the carpet and floors. This is one less thing I have to worry about with my busy work schedule. Next, I will get the Scooba, which mops the floors. :-)

    ...more info
  • Love it!
    I received this around Christmas 2006 and now it's June 2007 and I still love it. I have it set up to vacuum twice a week. I do need to block low tables so it doesn't get stuck, but other than that it's a great iRobot. I loved it so much I purchased a Scooba a month later!...more info
  • Nice product
    I was a little worried on this purchase. I know some models are not so good. I was very pleased. The only thing bad I can say is it does not like throw rugs especially if the have frilly edges. It will not work on thick carpet either. If you have throw rugs that are not too thick or have the frills on the edge invest in some carpet tape or Velcro and attach them to the floor. Otherwise the rumba tends to pull up the rug and get stuck. Battery life is not very good on carpet also. I invested in an extra battery which helps. Word of caution you really do need to dump the dust bin and clean the filter after ever use. Does a really good job cleaning. Not very noisy. It does get confused by the kitchen table sometimes. Cleans under the bed!!! Wohoo. Overall I was very pleased.
    I'm Jack and I give this little robot a thumbs up.
    ...more info
  • Great AI, decent cleaning
    I give it a high rating for the way it works. Its really very cool ! Effective cleaning as well, tough not good as a hand vacuum cleaner.

    One minor issues
    Not suitable when the carpet is very dirty. It soon runs out of garbage space and noticed that collected garbage is spewed out once in a while. ...more info
  • iRobot Roomba 4230 review
    I've had this robot for several weeks now, and now I don't know how I could live without it (unless I ever get a daily maid). Very efficient time/effort saver. All my living areas are incredibly clean.

    My house is mostly hardwood/ceramic tile. I have some small rugs. The Roomba handles everything fine. The only small issue is that it can't fit into a few small nooks, but I just use a broom to quickly move the dust out so it can pick it up.

    I also have the Scooba to mop up my floors. but the Roomba is by far the more widely used of the two.

    My original concerns with robotic cleaning devices were :
    1) Usability and practicality. I can firmly say that 2nd generation iRobots are very practical. The minor effort I need to clean and periodically maintain my robots is negligible to me.
    2) Ability to get into corners. The Roomba has a small sweeping arm that comes out the side and can clean the sides and corners of your room. Also, consider that the robots can get under furniture and a lot of places that you yourself will miss or that requires a lot of effort to get to.
    3) Cleaning power. While they don't have the power of a large commercial vacuum, consider this : these things will sweep across the floor 4x per cycle, EVERY day (if you wish). The sheer repetitiveness of these machines will keep your living area cleaner than it ever was (and will save you a lot of time) Unless you regularly need to suck up 1/2 lb metallic balls, I highly recommend the Roomba.

    (btw, I researched a lot of other robotic vacuums before picking this up, and I believe iRobot to be the best manufacturer. They also make commercial and military grade equipment.)
    ...more info
  • Scheduler Robotic Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum because I needed help with all the hair from our two dobermans but I find that I'm often trying to manipulate the Roomba to go over a certain section again because I can still see hair even after it passes over the area. I find that it picks up some of the hair but not as much as I would like. I struggled with whether I should get this unit and knowing what I know now I would just buy another upright vacuum and vacuum myself. I realize this means more work for me but at least it will be done right the first time. I would not recommend spending money on any Roomba if you are picky about cleaning. Like the saying goes..."If you want it done right do it yourself"....more info
  • Roomba
    I have just purchased the Roomba and I say enough good things about it. I keep wondering where it finds all the dirt. My wife loves it. She can do something else while it cleans the room. Now can someone created a roomba for cutting the grass!!...more info
  • Comes With Excellent Customer Service
    There are plenty of reviews here that accurately describe the pros and cons of the Roomba (or Scooter, as we call him!). Simply put, we love the product.

    Even better, however, is the excellent customer service I received from iRobot. My Roomba scheduler developed a problem a few months after the warranty expired - it just went in circles, cried for help, and shut off. Every product has problems once in a while, so don't take this as a negative. Instead, this is a WOW about the customer service. I sent them an email at 12:30 AM. When I got into work at 8:00 AM the next day, I already had a reply telling me they thought they knew what the problem was, that they were sending me a piece of equipment that would automatically fix the problem for me (plug it in for 90 seconds and it would fix it), and there would be NO CHARGE, even though the warranty was expired. If I would please send the equipment back (they even provided a pre-paid envelope) when I was done, they would appreciate it. There was never a mention of any credit card numbers to guarantee return of their property.

    Their number one priority was to get my problem fixed. When was the last time you could say that about any company you have dealt with? They now have a life-long loyal customer....more info
  • wonderful-fantastic-amazing
    This is the greatest household product since the dishwasher. I have always hated vacumming and sweeping floors. I love that I don't have to do anything encept clean out the bin. It's much easier than changing the bag on the vacuum. My floors are so much cleaner now.

    there are a few negatives- It can be a bit loud, about the same as a regular vacuum on wood floors. We just run ours when we aren't home. And it does get stuck once in awhile. I haven't found any other problems so far.

    ...more info
  • Roomba Scheduler
    Used both QQ2 and Roomba. Finds the Roomba much faster and intelligent although both are effective. The virtual wall comes in handy too...more info
  • I Heart My Roomba
    To be said first, Roomba is AMAZING. I love my little guy. The scheduler is great at cleaning every speck of dust, and he's very reliable and on time. Cleaning the brushes can be a hassle, but anyone buying Roomba shouldn't assume that he can run and run and you never have to clean it. My complaints are with the same things others had written below. BE VERY CAREFUL with cords, backpack strings, tassels, etc. he doesn't like stringy objects. It's my hope that in the next model they will figure out a way that if Roomba can't eat something (like a cord) that he'll let it go/spit it back out. But currently, if he eats something he will try to suck it up until finally he overheats and shuts himself off, or he dies in the middle of the room from struggling to eat the thing. That's my biggest complaint. My second complaint and this could deter you from buying it, is that he is very loud. He's not as loud as your average vacuum cleaner, but he's loud enough that if you were taking a nap he'd wake you easily. However, if you're someone like me who doesn't have time to vacuum and needs something that for the most part takes care of himself, Roomba is a great buy. The staff at Roomba are also really great at answering your questions if you have any. I love my little guy, and even though on occasion he gets into a little trouble, I wouldn't trade him for the world....more info
  • Rommba Scheduler
    The Roomba is super for low carpet and tile floors. It even returns to its base to recharge! It isn't tolerant of fringes, dragging drapes and electric cords, or shoelaces flopped on the floor. I have an inside weimaraner (they shed year-round) and an active outdoor country life style (all the dirt and hay follows us inside). I bought the Scheduler, and I haven't touched a vacuum cleaner since I set up the Roomba two weeks ago. I set mine up to clean daily, and the floors have never looked so good, especially the huge white tiles in the kitchen. I clean out the bin every time it runs, this just takes two seconds. The rubber insert in the bin serves as an intake area and must be pulled and cleaned also. This is an awesome product, and actually entertaining for simple minded folks like me....more info
  • AWESOME- for 14 months :-(
    Ease of use: 5 stars
    Durability: 1 star
    I LOVE my Roomba. It is so easy to use and takes the burden off me trying to keep the floors swept despite the presence of two small boys and a dog and lots of dirt tracked in on shoes. I do use it a few times a week and it takes a beating, getting stuck under the chair legs occasionally and on our vent cover in the floor.
    So, after 14 months the brushes stopped turning. A call to customer service rendered a "good news/bad news" answer. The bad news is that they can't fix the brush problem. The so-called "good news" is that I can buy a new Roomba at a discounted price through their out-of-warranty exchange program. ($99 for Roomba Sage, no accessories except brushes included.) I paid so much for my FIRST Roomba and would expect it to last for at least three years. I feel somewhat [...] that now I have to buy a new one (although I love having the first one so much that I didn't hesitate to get the Sage.) I also have to send back the broken one, at my expense.

    Customer service- It takes approximately five minutes to get through the automated answer system before you actually can talk to someone. Very annoying. Then you have to repeat and confirm all your information- name, address, telephone number, email address before you can even tell the service person your problem. Also very annoying, especially if you have to call numerous times, as I did. (They over-charged me on my replacement order and it took TWENTY minutes on the phone to get the charge fixed!)So don't think that you can make a quick call because it won't happen.

    About 6 months into the year-long warranty, my Roomba started just turning in a circle and wouldn't go for more than six inches. I called customer service and they mailed me a digital stick that I put into the USB port on the Roomba. It fixed the problem instantly and the only hitch was that I had to send the stick back... but much better than sending my Roomba in for service and being without for two weeks!

    To summarize, I wouldn't want to be without the Roomba, but for the price, would expect it to last longer than 14 months. ...more info
  • Puts the fun back in vacuum
    I'll share that I agree with many of the comments made here. We have a dog and a cat, and it does a great job at keeping the pet hair and dirt picked up. It's much better on hard surfaces than on carpets. So why write a review? Well we've experienced a problem that apparently others have had with it. It recently lost a fight with a small area carpet. A small piece of that carpet was pulled into the brushes and it broke the brush guard. So no biggie right...just order a new brush guard. They have replacements on the iRobot web site for $4.99. However, they don't seem to have any in stock. We've been waiting over 2 weeks for one to ship, and there's no ship date as yet. Their latest response was.. "Unfortunately, customer demand for this product has far exceeded our expectations." A huge demand for a brush guard?? Hmmmm, that says something. No wonder the brush guards sell on that large auction site for over $30. ...more info
    just throw the rugs over the bathtub until the vac is finished. However, no vac will do well with fringe. It is worth every penny and if it dies today I'll order another tomorrow. I am a Happy Camper,no more pushing my guts out, YEAH! ...more info
  • Great but not perfect
    Mine lasted one year with heavy pet hair use. At a certain point it became impossible to clean. I am trying Dirt Dog this time. Hopefully can withstand abuse a little better....more info
  • I am satisfied!
    I got the refurbished model about three months ago for about $150. Initially it did not have enough steam to last for more than 20-30 minutes but a little bit cleaning of the pet hair received with the vac made the wheels free and now it works for about an hour which is enough to clean one level of my home 4 bedroom colonial single family hardwood home. If you leave it to do the job and stop expecting it to work like a conventional vacuum you will be satisfied. A willingness to embrace new technology and allowing plenty of time for cleaning it will do a thorough job. So far it has matched my expectations....more info
  • Perfect for those who hate vacuuming
    As I type 'Rex the Roomba' is cleaning the spare bedroom with no effort from me! We've had Rex for a few weeks now and my wife and I are converts. For those thinking of making the plunge to a Roomba:
    - It probably does not replace a vacuum ... but you'll only get out the old vacuum under duress.
    - Beware of using the scheduling feature for those with house alarm motion detectors.
    - The Roomba will get stuck in fancy registers (floor air vents) .. I put a piece of board over when Rex is in that room.
    - Carpets with tassles are a slight nuisance ... it normally handles them fine, but ours are short tassles.
    - NOTE: The docking station comes with the product - you do not need to order one separately.
    - Be warned that it's so fun to let it roam around that you'll find yourself wanting to clean a room just for the sake of it!...more info
  • No dogs, just a hubby...
    Lots of people wrote how useful the Roomba is in a house with dogs and cats. No pets in my place, so I write from a fur-less environment occupied by a retired couple. (Never believe that there is less cleaning with only 2 people in the house!) Hubby doesn't shed, but he's a bit of a Mountain Man who tends to bring the outdoors inside with him after working in the yard or hiking in the woods. I figure this qualifies me to write a credible review of the Roomba.

    We recently renovated three rooms in our house, including kitchen. All have stone-like porcelain tile floors now, and it was the daily sweeping/vacuuming that led me to ponder purchasing a Roomba. Thanks to all of the reviewers for your helpful descriptions that convinced me to buy. I now add my voice to theirs: ponder no more if you have been hesitating. This little robot is a gem, and I figure it will save me a lot of time once I move on from the fascination stage of watching it work! It does a terrific job of vacuuming the tile, leaving the surface grit-free. Carpeted floors respond well to Roomba, too. Even heavy, fringe-free throw rugs by the door can be tackled by Roomba...but I wouldn't try using it with lightweight scatter rugs. When the robot is finished, all I have to do is the simple follow-up of emptying the Roomba's dust bin, wiping residue off the filter, and--if needed--defuzzing the vacuum brush. Easy task. (Note: For the scheduler model you need 2 D batteries for each virtual wall and 2 AA batteries for the remote. Batteries do not come with the unit, so you might want to have those on hand when yours arrives.)

    I might buy the Scooba eventually, too, but there were numerous negative reviews about problems with that one. When/if the new improved Scooba comes out, I'll probably give it a try, but meanwhile the Roomba gets a solid two thumbs up from me. So does the simple (really simple) user manual with its diagrams and to-the-point instructions. For a high-tech product, Roomba is not the least bit intimidating to operate. ...more info
  • Muy buena la recomiendo
    Me ha trabajado fenomenal de verdad que si limpia, es muy facil de poner a funcionar y es maravilloso como la programas y te olvidas de la limpieza, sobre todo porque esa limpieza diaria que da, ayuda a eliminar todas las pequenas particulas de polvo que respiramos a diario de verdad uno no se imagina la cantidad de polvo que contaminan la casa diariamente. Lo unico por lo que no le doy 5 stars es porque seria mejor si tuviese mas fuerza de aspirado pero por lo demas es perfecta....more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!
    I was extremely skeptical at first. After reading numerous reviews on the performance of the Roomba, I decided to take a chance and purchase one.
    I have two cats and one indoor dog, resulting in a constant pet hair problem. I currently own a Dyson upright and vacuum at least once a week. The Dyson works beautifully for an excellent "deep" cleaning of all my carpets. My expectations were that the Roomba could run daily and fill the gap between my regular cleanings. Well, my expectations have been confirmed!
    I have a 2-story home and decided to let the Roomba go crazy on the entire first floor (all carpet except the kitchen). The Roomba (we've since named him Roger) virtually covers every nook and cranny. Granted, the limited suction and capacity of the Roomba does not make it a replacement to my Dyson, but it comes darn close.
    For the first few days I found myself just watching it navigate it's way around my house ... sometimes getting stuck, but easily freeing itself. It does have a difficult time when it comes to throw rugs, but for the most part either overcomes the obstacle or navigates around them.
    I'm now considering the purchase of a second unit for the top floor of my house! Talk about a fantastic product that brings us one step closer to home of The Jetsons! I highly recommend the Roomba!...more info
  • changes the way you clean... but is the scheduler needed?
    Everything I've read about the Roomba is true. It's a wonderful tool and I'm very glad to have purchased one. But there's one thing I wish I'd known:

    Roomba has a limited range.

    Imagine a robot vacuum that will clean all your floors, unaided, at a time you choose and return to its charger when it's batteries get low. Sounds wonderful. But with the random pattern it uses to clean a space and the reality that its batteries have a limited life this just isn't practical. If you've got a one room apartment, you're going to be in heaven. Otherwise plan on needing to "set it up" in one or two rooms at a time (with a virtual wall if needed) and move it around your house in stages. I clean my 3 bedroom house in about two days with minimal effort.

    But this all means that the scheduler feature will really only help to keep the room that you keep the charger base in effortlessly clean. (Don't forget to empty the bin!) My vote? Give the Scheduler a second thought and maybe save yourself some money on the 4210 Discovery or 4220.

    And a note on customer service. I dropped my Roomba a couple months after buying it and the front wheel snapped off. I was disappointed that it broke though I did drop it from two or three feet. I was hoping to order a replacement part, but iRobot support told me to mail it in and they would send out a replacement. That easy! Best part was the new Roomba arrived less than a week later and only the day after I put mine in the mail! Go figure....more info
  • THIS IS THE BEST THING YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I work full time and I find myself cleaning all weekend long. I'd rather be playing not cleaning on the weekend. My husband bought me a Roomba for Christmas and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I have it programmed to run 1-2 hour every day while I'm at work. It is so nice to come home to a clean floor. Now on the weekend, I just run the swifter around the corner and in hard to reach places. It goes under the furniture and around the dining room chairs. It does get stuck from time to time, but does seem to get itself unstuck most of the time. The Roomba has made a difference in my life and I don't complain about the dirty floors anymore! I can't wait to get a Scuba! ...more info
  • iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum
    The Roomba is a great product. My floor tiles are white, as such hair on the floor is very visible and is very irritating. Normally I will need a handheld vacuum to clean them up when I reach home. But with Roomba Scheduler,I schedule it to start after I leave home for work, the Roomba will clean up my floor, even those under the bed. Now I come home feeling great as the floor will be hair free and even dust free. ...more info
  • My allergies LOVE this.
    I have two sheading dogs and I'm allergic to dust. Roomba has changes my life. The dog hair doesn't bother me, but the dust that accumulates in the dog hair kills me. Now, I run Roomba everyday in the rooms I'm in most and my allegeries are under control. There are lots of Roomba models and I don't know if I got the best model for dog hair. I do have to clean out the hair pretty regularly (a dust mask makes this a very do-able thing). If you are contemplating a purchase, check out RoombaReview. (That's how I found that Amazon had the best deal on this Roomba). You'll see a very active user community that regularly shares feedback / input. Also, I haven't used the scheduling feature yet. ...more info
  • Didn't last long
    My Roomba Scheduler arrived on Tuesday. After its mandatory 16 hour initial charge, I took it for a spin in our master bedroom and bathroom. It cleaned an hour or so and was fun to watch. Then it went back to its charging station and caught a fatal disease. After resting/charging until Friday night, it operated less than 5 minutes and expired. So young! How tragic that its little life ended before it could experience the other floors in my home.

    Three hundred dollars for an hour of cleaning. Really expected more than that....more info
  • Not ready for prime time!
    This robot is okay for floors with no variation. For instance, wall-to-wall carpet with no rugs, or hardwood floors with no rugs.

    But if you have any rugs, this robot will have big problems. I've got only a few rugs on hardwood floors, but the Roomba gets stuck a lot. Even when it's not stuck, the rugs act like barriers most of the time, so the Roomba rarely covers all the floor space. It usually sticks to corners of the room where it bounces around a lot.

    The scheduling features may be useful for people with completely flat floors. But I've found that with just a few rugs, the Roomba gets stuck so often that I don't trust it to run on a schedule.

    This had to be obvious to iRobot when they were testing (they must have a test room with hardwood floors and rugs, right?), so I'm disappointed that they released it. I'd give up all of the cheesy scheduling features if the Roomba was able to navigate rug transitions a little better. Oh well.

    A cute toy, and when it's not stuck the vacuum does a pretty good job. I still use this instead of my regular vacuum, because I'd rather have the Roomba run for 3 hours on its own, rather than me spend 30 minutes vacuuming. But iRobot is still far away from a competent robot....more info
  • Miserable Customer Service: Return Impossible
    My Roomba Scheduler broke after its first use: the bottom cage door fell apart and it got stuck going on and off a rug. I wrote many e-mails and waited many a time on the telephone line to get an exchange from the company iRobot. Time after time iRobot repeated the same stalling technique: turn it off, turn it on, clean the sensor with a q-tip, with an air compressor, turn it off, turn it on...Eventually iRobot declared that it will not replace the Roomba because the color of the rug (green) was not bright enough for Roomba to see. So change the rug, replace the floor, just don't blame the robot. I was told to buy a new one. It is understandable that iRobot is a young company and therefore cannot afford to be too generous in its return policy. But to be shady and dishonest toward costumers is an utterly stupid business model that will not last long. I see many are happy with their Roomba, but if iRobot cannot even honor a simple contract, why should anyone expect it and its products to remain competitive in the marketplace? Buy a new one? I don't think so. ...more info
  • An amazing product
    When we were first married 35 years ago I swore I'd never purchase a "practical" present for my bride. I kept that promise until this last year. I began investigating the iRobot after a friend at work began telling me about how much she loved hers. I finally decided to order one, because our lifestyle leaves little time for vacuuming between housekeeper visits (every two weeks) and with two dogs and cats, there was definitely room for improvement.
    When we tried the iRobot for the first time we were mesmerized. It was as entertaining as it was effective. My wife loved it, so I stayed out of the dog house!
    We use it at least twice a week for the master bedroom and the living room and it allows us to come home to a freshly vaccumed carpet. I'm amazed with the technology and engineering.
    Last week we were at a department store and we noticed a couple considering a iRobot. I quickly spoke up and told them how much we loved ours. About ten minutes later we were retracing our steps and they were still there, however, this time there were six or seven other people around them. Out of curiousity I paused to listen to the chatter. The couple were listening to all the testimonies about this amazing machine. Everyone had stopped when they noticed the couple considering the iRobot because they simply couldn't resist telling them about their positive experiences.

    UPDATE: Updated reviews on products after they've been owned for a while helps me to better evaluate a product, so here's my update. After using our iRobot for five months, my review remains unchanged. It's still a wonderful product that I would highly recommend to our friends. After five months, however, I need to add the following considerations:
    1) It's not a whole house vacuum. Use it on one room at a time.
    2) It's not designed to be used on hard floors with rugs. When you think about it, this makes sense.
    3) Like any vacuum, the underside needs to be cleaned regularly. With pets, I spend the time to clean the brush, roller and sensors after every two uses. It makes a huge difference. Again, makes sense and it's no different than any vacuum that needs regular maintenance.
    4) No issues at this point with battery life.
    5) Per the directions, make sure the room is picked up. Cords, pet toys, etc. are obstacles to be avoided. Again, like any vacuum.
    ...more info
  • True modern timesaver! Surprisingly practical
    My wife wanted this because we really haven't been keeping up with regular vacuuming and are very busy, have a dog, I work 60 hours a week and she is a full time student plus doing clinical hours in a medical program. I say this because it is a schedule problem many people have. I was skeptical that a battery powered vacuum that is about the size of a bathroom scale could possibly work on carpets, smooth floors and navigate obstacles and hazards and actually make me feel the floors are clean. Well, the truth is it works, and works quite well! I really believe it is the design of the brush and rubbery beater/lifter that probably does most of the work as the vacuum motor is very small. Roomba really does clean all of our floors very well, I really like that Roomba fits under areas like beds and furniture that offers about 4 1/2" floor clearance. Roomba is not perfect, on occasion it will get hung up on an oddly shaped chair or table leg, also when a drive wheel loses contact with floor surface due to a deeply set heat register in a carpeted area. These instances are rare and it escapes extremely tight spaces easily. Although Roomba seems to navigate semi-randomly, the area I assign it is well cleaned and its ability to clean to the edge of a baseboard molding is impressive! The Roomba does require cleaning often but it is not hard to do. After every mission when you empty the dust bin and gently clean the filter you get to appreciate how much dirt this little machine picks up in a short time! Roomba will vacuum pretty much anything you would ordinarily vacuum and will get tangled in what would ordinarily tangle in a conventional machine, therefore pick up drapes, extension cords and tassels at the ends of throw rugs. If Roomba does get stuck or tangled it will abort its mission and await rescue. It is designed for easy routine cleaning/maintenance and after two month's use I'd have to say it's a real winner. I will probably buy a second one for the upstairs for convenience. All in all it works far better than I expected and I would recommend it for busy homes, homes with pets; however, our dog, a corgi, really views the Roomba with contempt and has learned to co-exist with it but I imagine this would vary depending on your pet. The Roomba really does an excellent job on the dog hair. I will probably not get the scheduler as I really only use Roomba manually, but my view on this may change later on. A decent value and kind of entertaining....more info
  • Roomba4230
    We've had our Roomba 4230 for around a month, and we haven't had any problems. It does a great job!...more info
  • WOW! This thing really works
    I was very sceptical, and was going to return it if it didn't work, but this is one of the greatest inventions! I feel like the maid comes every day. I have an 800 sq foot one bedroom appartment and it runs while I'm at work. It's the best!!!!...more info
  • Cool Tool to Save Time!
    Best purchase I have made in years!

    I researched the Roomba for months prior to my purchase. The website Roomba Review has lots of great info on them and any issues, or praise or lack thereof, of the product. I had purchased an earlier model for my father, but it didn't return to base nor was it a scheduler - and those two features are so cool!

    You just pick your timetable with the remote, send the schedule, and you're done. The virtual walls know to kick on at the same time, so you can trust he won't run into a pile of laundry or somewhere I don't want him to go. I have him set up to vacuum the same area every day, and he runs, and recharges himself, while I am at work - I come home and it's time to empty the bin, and check to see if the brushes/assembly need cleaning. The first few times he ran, I was devastated to see how much it picked up - AFTER running my regular vacuum! No, it doesn't replace a regular vacuum - but it sure does keep things to a minimum. He still picks up dirt dust and hair every time, but with daily use, it's much cleaner around here.

    My cats think he's a hoot - they don't quite play with him, but they do follow it around. Yes, he picks up cat hair - and how! I have him set to do the tile in the kitchen and dining room, and the berber in the living room every day. I can run him in the rest of the house when I get home, he's recharged and ready to go. We named him Bumpy, since he bumps into things before he turns around. He does occasionally get stuck under things that are too close to his height, but it's rare, and you learn to Roomba-proof the house. He is strong enough to vacuum up a rabbit fur cat toy about 4 inches long, what a scare to open the bin and find that in there!

    I will definitely buy a Scooba next - and one of those robot lawn mowers is not far behind on my quest for laziness!...more info
  • very nice~~~
    trust me , when you buy this product, you never unsatisfy
    everything you see will clean...more info
  • Like a 1950s promis of the future come true
    At first I thought the thing was crazy and had the most random cleaning possible anyone could think up, then I realized it was reading the black stripes on my carpet as a change in level of the floor surface and didnt want to fall into the abyss. Since my floor is completely flat, I put masking tape over the sensors for floor dropoffs, and WOW, it now works like majic. I remember how in the 1950's Popular Mechanics Magazine promised alll of these labor saving devices, along with an arplane that could take off from your driveway and everyone could afford, well, the IRobot Roomba is everything a labor saving device could ever be...every promis ever made in the 50's for same. I love it. I leave it and when I come home the livingroom is completely clean ( the floor anyway) and it is safely parked in its recharger with little effort of mine being expended. Buy one....more info
  • Well worth the money.
    I've used the Scheduler version for a month and I am sold on it. It may not pick up everything on the first go, but with repeated cleanings will pick up everything that it can reach, and about the only place it can't is under some types of chairs and within 3" of inside corners. We started out using it once a day for about a week, then tapered off to 2 times per week and our carpets look great. It's not really a fire-and-forget system because the small dirt bin needs to be cleaned out after every use and the rollers need cleaning after every 2-3 uses (we have a dog and two cats, so hair is a problem). The blue knife/pick that ships with it comes in handy for cleaning the rollers (which detach easily, unlike most of the hoovers I have owned). I've found that using a shop vac on the rollers, the filter and the nooks and crannies of the underside helps keep it in good shape.

    It works best for us on the wall-to-wall carpeting in our basement, although it will run longer on bare floors. Our upstairs has hardwood floors with area rugs, and the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because we've found that when it moves from the wood onto the rugs (and vice versa), it invariably leaves furballs of doghair right at the edge of the rug and we have to hoover these areas after it's done.

    I'm impressed with its ability to make it back to the charger when the battery gets low, even if the Roomba is several rooms away when it starts running out - the only time it failed to do this was when it shut the door behind itself in a bedroom and became trapped. I'm going to buy another one so that I don't have to shlep the one we have up and down stairs....more info
  • Receiver of Roomba 4230 estatic
    The Roomba 4230 was a gift form us and the receiver was thrilled with the technical capability as well as performance. It worked and was a joy to watch....more info
  • Better Than my kids cleaning
    This thing rocks. It works for sure. I need to empty the holding compartment
    after each cleaning. It's Full of dog hair and so on. Did not have much hope, just wanted to cut down on the real vacuum cleaning. We have not pull the real vacuum cleaner out yet. :-)
    ...more info
  • roomba rocks
    This is of course the top of the line Roomba, but they're all great nonetheless. Don't make the mistake my gf did and not plug the battery completely in. We let it sit there pseudo-charging for days before realizing it what the problem was. It does an adequate job vacuuming the place, some spots more than others, but all in all it covers most of the room if you give it enough time. It can get snagged on power cords and other things lying around so make sure you tidy up first. And if you figure out how to use the scheduler feature, please show my gf how....more info
  • Roomba solved my vacuuming problem
    I have a 96 year old mother who still wants to help - but gets sick when vacuuming. The Roomba solved my problem. I had to learn to remove small cat toys and block a register under a chair, but otherwise it runs on schedule with no input required. My rugs are much cleaner than I expected....more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread!!!
    I was not sure if this thing would work, but I have to wonder how I lived without it! I have 3 kids and 3 inside dogs, and this is a life saver. It cleans 100% better than my central vaccuum. My husband accidentally dropped it and broke off the front wheel. One call later they said send it in and they will replace and clean it. I was back like new within 2 weeks- faster than I ever expected. I love it, was thinking about getting another one, putting eyes on it and name it spot.
    ...more info
  • Roomba's Short Life
    We purchased one of the first Roombas--a "ProElite"--in 2003. While it was working, it was great, but it has now quit working and all that the service techs at iRobot would offer in the way of a fix is for us to send it in and for another $99, they will send a different model. In short, we had a working vacuum for three years--at a operating cost of $100 per year. A colossal overexpenditure!

    ...more info
  • Mother's newest little helper!
    Yes, I am "mom" to two dogs (one a lab, sheds profusely!) and 6, yes 6, birds. Okay, so now you know that I am slightly nuts, that's the disclaimer, but I'll still tell you what I think of this product. I love it! I honestly feel like I finally have a helper in the constant battle to keep my tile floors clean of dog hair and bird dust and debris (birds are the messiest creatures on earth and if I was writing a bird review, I'd say one word: don't!) That said, it is a constant battle to keep my house looking clean, even if I spend hours doing housework, because the first thing you notice is the animal mess. Wait - USED to notice. Now that I let Bubba Roomba run free for a couple of hours every morning, and sometimes again in the afternoon - my floors always look good! I have several vacuums, including the Dyson Animal which I love, but this is the only one that works on its own. Cleaning it is easy - only a couple of minutes, and I use a box cutter, rather than the tool provided, so it's a breeze. The ONLY problem I've had is with getting the programmer to work. Bubba has a mind of his own, and totally ignores the "beacons" and goes where he wants, but that is minor compared to the workhorse he is (bless his little heart that he wants to strike out on his own and clean more of the house!) I wish the manual were a bit more detailed in how to make this aspect actually work (I am a techy nerd and have no problem understanding and making most gadgets work) but it's still such a minor complaint I couldn't even take a star off for it. $250 bucks? A deal for this charming hardworking little buddy! (Second disclaimer is that I've only had it for one month, so can't say much about it's durability over the course of time, but I do use mine on average more than once a day.)...more info
  • Very cool
    The robot is pretty good I must say. It missed a pile I had swept into a spot by the wall earlier in the day, but it was because there was a shelf next to it and it kept running into that. On the flip side, it got all the cat food up off the floor that was under the shelf. And it got that spot the next time I ran it so it seems to depend somewhat on where you start it out. It needs to be emptied after every use, no big deal. You're supposed to wash the brushes after every 5 uses which wasn't a big deal either. Since almost all the hair in my house is short pet hair (two cats and a big dog), it's easy to clean out. The only down side is you have to have everything up off the floor for it to run... and we usually have stuff on the floor. I haven't tried it in the family room yet where the rug and most of the pet hair is. There are so many obstacles it's just easier for me to do it manually. But it did great in my son's room, the kitchen, and the living room. I'll run it in our bedroom if I ever get all the crap up off the floor.

    One time it bumped into my cat's leg from behind and stopped and changed direction. So it seems little chance it will run the cats over should they be stupid enough to stay in the way, like SOME cats are. It's about as loud as a regular vacuum so don't get it because you think it will be stealthy. It doesn't move so fast that you can't be in the same room with it at the same time and worry about getting hit or stepping on it. Mine charges pretty fast too.

    I haven't used the scheduler feature yet. I just put it in the room I want it to clean and turn it on. My son likes to play with the buttons and has set it on himself a few times but it did not hurt him....more info
  • Robot Roomba
    Way toooooo much money spend for this product. More time spend in cleaning the product than the work performed by the vacuum...more info
  • Good Service
    I love my Roomba and ordered one for my daughter in another state. The service was excellent. She received it promptly and there were no problems with delivery. She loves hers too. Its like having a maid in the house. It does a good job picking up dog hair and seems to know how to get all around the house. It's an amazing sweeper....more info
  • Love my Roomba!
    We purchased the Roomba Scheduler a month and a half ago. It can be loud, but I was aware of that thanks to other user reviews, and since I can schedule it to run when I'm gone, or just start it as I'm leaving the house, that was not a big issue. The benefit of Roomba keeping my hardwood floors clean without getting my "big" vacuum out several times a week definitely overcomes any negatives.

    Note: I did not realize that there are some "consumable" parts that will need to be replaced periodically (filter, roller brush and such). It came with a spare of each consumable, but you may want to research the cost and frequency of replacing these if that is an issue for you....more info
  • Scheduler
    It works great! Picks up everything and is very tough rolling over things you might leave on the ground but you must really pick up for it just as you would before you vacume yourself. So, unless you remember to pickup everytime, just buy the basic model. With the basic model, you'll pick-up then hit the button for it to go. You can do the same witht he Scheduler but it cost more. If you use the scheduling feature and forget you've scheduled a cleaning that day while you're at work, it's going to bump around all the stuff you may have forgotten to pickup. Why worry about it!?...more info
  • Exceeds all Expectations!!!
    With a preschooler and a toddler, not to mention a husband that constantly brings in red clay dirt from baseball cleats (despite the sign I put on the door reminding him to take them off) and a very large dog, I was never able to keep up with cleaning them. I purchased the Roomba Scheduler hoping that it would do half of what it actually does!

    I chose to purchase it on a day that our floors were particularly dirty. There were Zwieback toast crumbs piled under the high chair, dirt of all sorts on the tile, rice and shredded toilet paper on the carpet and who knows what else... Having two long-haired females in the house doesn't help. When I got home and unpackaged the Roomba, I was pleased that there were plenty of replacement parts included as well as an extra filter (iRobot could have made a killing by not including these). It was very simple to set up the base and charge the Roomba. The indicator let me know charging was complete after less than two hours. Due to the state of our floors, I set up a virtual wall to block the Roomba into the 3 dirtiest and most lived-in areas of our house (family room, kitchen and nook) and set it on Max (which will lets it run until the battery is almost depleted). We watched it for about 10 minutes and had a great time (the kids love it, but our toddler was chasing it and trying to press the buttons on top so thankfully with the scheduler feature he's asleep when it usually runs during the night). After that, we decided to leave the house to run some errands and see if the floor was in better shape when we returned home.

    When we came home, I was amazed at the job the Roomba had done. The carpet looked cleaner than when I vacuum myself with our upright (and I am pretty thorough). It was amazing to walk on the tile without shoes and not have cookie or cracker crumbs stick to my feet. I checked the dirt bin on the Roomba, and amazingly it was only filled to about 1/3 of it's capacity. From reviews I had read before purchasing it I expected a tiny bin and that I'd have to empty it after every cleaning. It seems I may instead have to empty it three times a week with twice-daily cleanings.

    The scheduler feature is well worth the extra cost. I can program the Roomba to clean our floors when we're sleeping, and it's far quieter than our upright vacuum so I'm never worried about the kids waking up (though I do the bedrooms during the day). Two vitual walls are definitely a necessity especially with today's more open floorplans. You may find yourself needing more if you have a particularly large house, but it's nothing just to move them. There's nothing involved with the virtual walls aside from just pressing the power button and placing them where you want them. They're also small enough that they're not at all in the way.

    I found the spot-cleaning feature to be particularly helpful for areas such as under my kids' chairs at the dinner table or under the high chair for quick clean-ups. However, during a regular room cleaning the Roomba will sense a dirty area and go over it several times until it's completely clean.

    The Roomba was unexpectedly good at circumventing obstacles I thought would certainly cause problems, for instance our dining table, chairs and high chair. Proving me wrong, the Roomba wove its way underneath the table, between each leg of our 8 chairs and directly under all chairs and high chair. It picked up every crumb. It fit under our couches (I didn't think there would be enough clearance) and amazingly went in little crevices such as between our couch and side table. The Roomba looks too big to fit in many of these places, but somehow it gets in there and gets the area clean.

    The Roomba is the best and most practical purchase I have ever made to date. That's a hard claim to make (because I do have lots of gadgets) but it really does take the cake. I plan to purchase the Scooba as well and hope it does as great a cleaning job as our Roomba!...more info
  • A great little helper!
    I have two indoor cats and hardwood floors throughout the house. This little Roomba does a fantastic job of taking care of all that cat hair and even gets into the corners. It occasionally has some difficulty getting over the throw rugs so I pick them up before I schedule it to run. It's a bit noisy so I schedule it during the day while I'm at work. The cats don't seem to mind though. The schedule feature is nice, however you have to program it each day you want it to run. I'd really like to be able to schedule it once - setting up a run schedule for everyday of the week would work better for my busy schedule....more info
  • Customer Service
    I have decided not to buy this product based on what I have been told about Customer Service. But since I have to find out things for myself I called and found out for myself that what people are saying is true. It's possible once you reach a human at Roomba that they will try and solve your problem or make things right with you. I really wanted one of these as most reviews are positive with the exception of a few that break down. With my luck I'd be one of those people and have had that in my life and don't need it anymore. I believe this product is just what I was looking for and only wish Roomba would improve their service. But companys all over are cutting back and I don't think cutting back on their tech support was the way to go.. Thanks

    PS: I bought this product at my Local Sears Store for the same price but purchased a two year replacement contract. In other words if it doesn't work I travel 10 miles and they will give me a new one. It says that in the contract. Now I have used it for several days and it's does what it says it will do. I have a cat/litter box etc and it takes care of that and found change I've lost under the bed or wherever I have no idea but it pick it up. I have a braded rug in the entry way and it climbs on that and does a great job. I can't say enough about it. It was the negative comments on service is why I didn't buy it here....more info
  • it works
    I was skeptical but the product works fine. I am having a little trouble with the scheduler.
    Do not bother to buy the Home Base. It is included in the base package. I might a second one for a different floor of the house...more info
  • Fantastic
    I love my roomba. It saves me so much time. My carpet is always clean now!...more info
  • great product, clean thoroughly, charge automatically
    I schedule it when I am not home. It cleans the floor automatically for you.

    After it is done, it just know how to go back to the home base to recharge.

    Sometime, it might be stuck somewhere, but after 1-2 times try out and rearrange stuff. It works perfectly.

    Highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • roomba scheduler
    After reading all the good and bad reviews. I
    decided to give it a try. So I bought it.
    I was very surprised how good it works. My wife was
    impressed too!.
    We have a dog and two small kids so our house
    does need to be vacuumed everyday.
    I haven't had time to set up the base yet, all I
    do is turn it on in the morning, I leave for work
    and I let it run till it runs out.
    You do have to clean it everyday, if you want it
    to work well.
    I think the roomba was well worth it and I would
    buy it again! ...more info
  • Scheduler or Bust
    Unless you are like my mother and are willing to vacuum every day, you need a Roomba. I thought my hardwood floors were clean, but after just one day with the Roomba I found there was room for improvement. On hardwood, the Roomba is not particularly quiet so I recommend the Scheduler so it doesn't interfere with sleeping schedules. Thankfully, you can set a different schedule for every day so it really works on your schedule. Now I need a Roomba for all the floors in my house. ...more info
  • Don't buy the HomeBase
    The website indicates 'Better Together' the Roomba 4230 + the Roomba 4900 Drive-On Home Base... you do not need to add this item to your order, a Home Base is included in the box with your Roomba 4230. Other than that it is a great invention... it has given us back time to spend with our 2 dogs!! ...more info
  • Roomba is Awesome!!
    We bought our Roomba Scheduler four weeks ago and it has been vacuuming everyday since. It has done a wonderful job. My wife was very skeptical when we go it and thought there is no way that this little thing could be worth the money we paid. Her mind was changed after the first hour. We were astonished to see how much it picked up! We also own a Kirby G3 (heavy-duty vecuum) and the Roomba does a better job! It gets under the beds and furniture that most vacs can't (at least not without breaking your back). We live in a 1800' home, family of four and one cat. Roomba keeps up. Not only are the floors cleaner, but we feel better (you'll know why when you clean the filter - that's what you've been breathing). Now, for the drawbacks, Roomba will get caught on long fringe of throw rugs, power cords, and papers left lying around. But, Roomba gets along the baseboards better than most vacs and it will clean everyday at a time that you set. Some will ask how it covers all the floors in one cleaning. Well, it doesn't, but over the course of a few days, it will and the floors will look great. Roomba Rocks!...more info
  • I love it!
    I love it. It certainly gives me the opportunity to engagae in other chores or simply rest while the roomba cleans. It takes more time time that if you would do it yourself, but the fact that I don't have to make the effort is PRICELESS to me.

    So if you want more time to play and less to work, the roomba might be for you. Just make sure to read all instructions carefully so that the unit works at best....more info
  • It's the vacuum with the brain of a cockroach
    As promised, this is my update. Everything still holds true but I have to say, the Scheduler has held up much better than I had originally expected. It has malfunctioned a couple of times but the fixes were simple and well documented on the iRobot website - dirty sensors.

    We are still remodelling and the little guy has had to deal with a lot more dirt than most Roomba are likely to have to, including sheetrock dust - nasty stuff, coats everything. I'll let you know when/if we finally kill the poor little guy.

    -original review follows
    This is a first weeks impression of the "Scheduler". I will ammend this review in 6 months with any new insights.

    The Roomba is a mixed bag and, as you can tell from the other reviews here, you are likely to either love it or hate it without much middle ground. Which way you go will depend greatly on your personality and lifestyle.

    First the P&Ks....

    - It is very cute and techno-attractive.
    - It will keep a room or two respectably clean with certain caveates (see below).
    - It handles pet hair as well as can be expected.
    - It handles fixed carpets ok. Throw rugs can be done if they are not too small (pushes small ones around), are short napped, and have a stiff stiched edge.
    - Navigates well in tight quarters. The Roomba's navigation algorythms seem pretty stupid until it gets into a tight closet or the like - then it can display moves worthy of a Mars Rover.
    - Self charges (if it can successfully dock, see below).
    - Scheduled cleaning - a nice new addition. The "virtual wall" boundaries also schedule - saves on D cell batteries.
    - Hardware appears to be as well implemented and as sturdy as one could expect for a product of this size and price.

    - Light duty device. This really shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone. You are not going to do serious cleaning with a dust bin hardly bigger than a hotel ashtray.
    - It bumps into things as a matter of design - hard enough to relocate light furnishings (like that delicate curio stand by the entrance with your grandmothers priceless hand-blown glass vase on it..) It has an array of infrared detectors for avoiding falls down stairs and for tracking along walls but it's primary navigational correction mechanism is "THUD"! They should have given it ultrasonic sensors for collision avoidance.
    - Stair avoidance is not reliable. It sees them, it just doesn't react fast enough some times to prevent it's enertia from carrying it to a nasty fall. Don't let it do balconies.
    - Recharging Dock is badly designed: Power brick should have been the kind that you plug the block into the wall outlet so the cable could be kept off the ground and out of the Roombas way. Station itself is so light the Roomba pushes it around and never docks. They should have supplied some method of anchoring it. The results is the Roomba attacks and toys with the dock like a cat playing with a mortally wounded mouse-prize until it snags the power cable and devours it. If you replace the power brick and immobilize the base somehow (preferably in the center of a long, centrally located wall) it works fine.
    - High maintenance: The Roomba needs to be cleaned often (manufacturer says every 3 cleanings) and it has a brush, a roller, and a filter that need to be changed frequently.
    - It gets stuck on throw rugs and under low clearance ( < 4 inches ) furnishings. If your throw rug is fairly stiff with a stiched edge, you might get away with it - I didn't on about half of mine. It seems to navigate hard floor to fixed rug transitions without too much difficulty.
    - It is not very bright. To say it has the brain of a cockroach is probably an insult to most Blattella Wutteva But it's behavior mimics the bugs pretty well (except the part about skittering away when you turn the lights on). However, being a computer/electronics engineer and system programmer myself, I was hoping for a lot more Artificial Intelligence here. But there doesn't seem to be any AI here at all. It's actions are completely reactionary to immediate stimulus - no memory, no adaptive algorithms. It does have some good tracking and obstacle avoidance algorithms but its designers also gave it "attention deficit disorder": it quickly loses interest in tracking on anything and darts off in a seemingly random direction every 15 seconds or so.

    Caveates / Rating adjustments:

    If you are looking for something to make your life a little bit easier or simpler, this product is not it. You will easily put as much work into getting this product to work for you as you will get out of it. Subtract 2 stars.

    If you think this product will eliminate your regular vacuum, you are very much mistaken - unless you live in a modestly sized, round, and completely unfurnished single room ... alone. Subtract 2 stars.

    If you have a very messy house ( 3 daughters and a wife with long hair, two Pursian cats, and a dog with a skin disorder ) you better buy six of these. Otherwise subtract 3 stars.

    If you live in a small apartement with hardwood floors or wall to wall carpet, a single cat, and furnishings that the roomba can mostly get under and around, this could be a boon for you. It will have your floors nice and clean for you when you come home to play with your cat. Add two stars.

    If you don't mind adjusting your furnishings, appointments, and lifestyle to a degree to make this product work better, add two stars.

    If you are a techno-geek and the following sentence excites you: The Roomba has an undocumented communications port and iRobot recently released its AWARE 2.0 API and software developers kit... add 3 stars.

    "Would you buy it again?":

    The answer for me is yes. In fact, I will be purchasing at least one more. I am planning to get the Scooba for our kitchen as well. But my wife and I are in the unique position of completely remodeling our home. We can afford to buy a couple of them. We are planning hardwood floors with the occasional Persian rug (affixed firmly to the floor). And we are getting new furnishings so we can furnish to maximize the Roomba's effectiveness. Combine that with my obvious technical inclinations and I think it makes, uhh, well a lot of stars.


    So as I stated in the intro, your satisfaction with this product will greatly depend on your personality and lifestyle. Also to the degree you are willing to adjust that lifestyle to make this product fit into it. The Roomba CAN competently clean a room but only if it can navigate it. It's algorythm, though stupid, is effective (it's just no fun for a software engineer to watch).

    I would now like to appologize to any cockroach I may have earlier offended....more info
  • Wow! It really does work!
    I was pretty skeptical about buying (and spending so much!) for what I consider a luxury item like this, but I have been very happy with it and am very glad that I took the plunge and bought it. We were redoing our downstairs with hardwood and I was worried about all the dog hair (2 labs!) but it works very well. I'm amazed every time at the amount of hair and dirt that it picks up. When I empty it there's even that fine 'silt' in there - it picks up everything. I can feel the difference under my bare feet when I walk on the floor. The previous reviewer is right that it doesn't work AS well on carpet as it does on wood or tile but it still does a really good job. (The Dyson pet hair vacuum is AWESOME for pet hair on carpet..that's what I use upstairs!) The Roomba can't get all the way in corners but that doesn't bother me at gets along walls and underneath tables just fine. If there's one criticism that I have it's this: long hairs get twisted around the spinning brush and are hard to get off but it came with a little tool that has a razor blade to cut through hair so it's not THAT hard to clean. I'm glad I spent the money to buy this - it's so easy to set up and schedule. It's louder than I would like but I don't run it overnight so that doesn't matter much. I'd recommend this to anyone who hates to vacuum and wants their floors really clean!...more info
  • Exceeded expectations
    I just got the Roomba today and have been really impressed. I thought surely it would miss the various nooks and crannies around the coffee table, the kitchen table, between the sofas, etc. But through a combination of both random movements and purposeful probing, it made its way into, then out of, every nook and cranny.

    When it squeezed its way between my bike and the kitchen table, I thought surely it wouldn't be able to find the single robot-sized exit from the enclosure it had entered. But after 30 seconds of probing its surroundings it found its way out again . . .

    It's not the most intelligent thing, and in an apartment with complex configurations of rooms, furniture, and junk, it will take a while to bumble its way around. Nevertheless, I was impressed to see it eventually get all the accessible floor areas.

    At the end the (admittedly small) dust compartment was completely full. Not bad for no human intervention (except for picking the floor up first, and cleaning the robot out after)....more info
  • Unreliable and always breaking down
    Of the two I own, I had problems with both malfunctioning in less than a year. One malfunctioned within a couple of weeks and I ended up exchanging it for another. Both these have malfunctioned, and right now I have one that hasn't worked for over a month. IRobot has made suggestions on what is wrong, but the bottom line is that my roomba is STILL malfunctioning. $329 (plus tax) sitting idle. That's a lot of money to waste. While it was working, it was nice - kept white fuzzballs off my dark carpet....more info
  • my friends call him "Fred"
    4 stars because of one negative...I've had to put felt bumper guards on my unit as it has started to mar the doors and trim...the paint seems to be coming off.
    I've had this unit since June and it is doing an excellent job. like the other reviews, I run "Fred" at least twice a week. it runs for about 1 hour; docks itself and is ready again in less than 2 hours.
    The one thing I really like about Roomba is that it keeps my carpets from getting flat...I found that even with regular vacuuming certain traffic areas get flattened - whereas - using Fred doesn't seem to do this.
    I agree that regular cleaning is a must for the rollers, especially as I have long hair. I find that the roomba is much easier to clean than conventional vacuums; I've had several over the years including Kirby, Hoover, Sears, Eureka, Oreck (did not like Oreck). With the conventional vacuums I had to turn them over so I could access the rollers...and trying to comb and pick thru without shedding skin is a task - never mind the fact that some of them weigh several pounds and is cumbersome to turn over. "Fred" is so much easier to groom and I don't have to get on my hands and knees to do so...I simply lay him on my Kitchen counter and the task is done.
    My husband and I still get a kick out of Fred's antics and sometimes watch for several minutes to see what he gets up's more entertaining than the tv shows. ...more info
  • Amazing little machine!
    I was skeptical about this product, but I decided to give it a try after reading the reviews. I have to say that it really does an amazing job. In my very large kitchen (with travertine floors), Roomba's challenges include a 10-foot farmhouse table with eight chairs, a large padded throw rug with one-inch fringe on the ends, two large parrot cages with five birds, a golden retriever dog, two kids and two adults. Roomba vacuums meticulously around everything, including all eight chairs(!), the bird cages, the table, the baseboards, the dog and it does a fantastic job cleaning my throw rug, too. My rug has never been so clean! Roomba has only gotten stuck once, in one of the cords to my roman shades. Of course, no vacuum can deal with that, so I have to be sure those are pulled up. And once it strayed outside the kitchen and I found it cleaning my family room carpeting (and it did a great job at that, too!) I have it set on a schedule to vacuum every other day. It comes out of its docking station on its own, works for about 45 minutes, and then it returns to its docking station to recharge. My kitchen floor is beautifully vacuumed and shiny again. Roomba picks up everything in its path. I have been surprised by what I have found in the dirt compartment, most notably a large leaf that I would have never thought it could pick up. And, I am especially thrilled about how it picks up all the dog hair and bird feathers. I check the dirt compartment once or twice a week and its large compartment is always filled. Roomba is also not as loud as what I expected. I can talk on the phone with Roomba in the room. Roomba has relieved me of the dreaded chore of vacuuming my very large kitchen every other day. I have only had it one month, though, so I cannot attest to how it will hold up long-term. Also, my wish is that the beams for the virtual walls could block more than eight feet in length. That isn't enough for my kitchen entryways. I will have to buy more virtual walls, but I would prefer not having those little units lying all over the room. I would prefer to have fewer units with further-reaching beams.

    Now, if we can only get over the wasted time watching it. My husband and I watched it for 45 minutes one day. It even meticulously vacuumed around the outline of the dog as he laid on the floor. It didn't bother the dog and we had a good laugh over it. It is really amazing to watch this robot do its job. I rarely write online reviews, but this product really does a great job for us!...more info
    On 8/15/06, I purchased and Irobot Roomba Scheduler. Within one month of purchase, it failed completely and would not work at all. On the Irobot website, it claims that their customer service department is open 24/7, and they guarantee a reply to an email within 24 hours. I sent an email, and I never heard anything back from them at all. After a week, I called their technical support line, and I waited on hold for 38 minutes before being able to speak to a technician, who swiftly determined that my unit was defective and needed to be replaced. I was told to mail in my defective unit and that another one would be shipped to me. It is now 11/9/2006 and I have received nothing and heard nothing from Irobot. DO NOT PURCHASE ONE OF THESE UNITS UNLESS THIS KIND OF PRODUCT UNRELIABILITY AND ABYSMAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS APPEALING TO YOU.

    11/30/2006: UPDATE: The saga with iRobot's truly horrific customer service continues. I contacted the company and asked for a refund. They refused, and instead offered to send me the model one step down from the Scheduler, which retails on their website for $50 less than the Scheduler. The iRobot rep told me that this is a fair offer on their part, because the two robots are "essentially the same machine." If they are essentially the same, why are they selling the Scheduler $50 more? No answer. I told the rep that if iRobot wants to replace my unit with one that is more expensive than the one I bought, fine; otherwise, no deal. I want the item I paid for in decent working order, or I want my money back. Radio sillence back from iRobot. They refuse to give me either one.

    Then I got an email from somebody who read this review, saying they had done exactly the same thing to her!

  • Greatest thing EVER!
    Does this sound like you: You and your spouse both work, 3 kids, 2 dogs, cat, all of the above constantly in and out of your house?

    Well that is our house and this is the absolute best thing to help keeping on top of the dirt!

    We set Roomba (that is what we call him ... as in ... Where is Roomba at? or Pick up your bedroom floor, Roomba is coming!) to vacuum while we are at work and come home to a vacuumed house - it is SO awesome! Gets all the dirt, pet hair, crumbs, everything! Goes easily from carpet, to tile, to lineoleum without any problems.

    We had a party and everyone wanted to see Roomba in action - one of my friends has now bought one, my mother-in-law is getting one, and all the others want one!

    The only problems we have seem with it are that we have new carpet, and because there is so much fuzz coming off the carpet, we have to clean Roomba's bristles after each use - but he is part of the family now, so it's okay with us! Plus, he saves me from vacuuming!

    He will occasionally also get stuck on the bathroom rugs, but he can usually do okay on them.

    We do still use the regular vacuum, but not as often since Roomba gets the majority of the dirt on a daily basis....more info
  • Good for tidying up, don't get rid of your vacuum cleaner
    We have 2 dogs, hardwood,tile,carpet and rugs. The roomba is no Dyson believe me but it keeps us from having to vacuum every 2 days. It does a better job on carpet than wood, although we have very dark wood and everything shows up. It has a problem with leaving doghair on the edges of rugs sometimes and cannot clean our downstairs completely. We have about 2400 sq feet and the battery just doesn't last that long. (About an hour) So pick the room with the highest traffic and use the virtual walls.
    This product is definitely worth it if you want a helping hand around the house. That is why I say it is good for tidying up. If you want a dirtless, spotless floor sorry this in not for you. If on the other hand, you want a "once-over" everyday, then this is perfect. ...more info
  • Bait and Switch
    I've had my Romba Discovery for about a year, and its worked pretty well. Now the battery is dead, and Irobot won't replace it. They say the batteries are on back order, but offer a discount for a trade in. It's been 2 months since I ordered the battery and Irobot can't tell me when I can get this replacement part, but they can offer a good deal on a new unit. THIS IS CLEARLY A BAIT AND SWITCH AS WELL AS A DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE. THIS UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR MEANS I WILL NEVER DO BUSISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND I ADVISE EVERYONE TO AVOID I-ROBOT.

    DO NOT BUT THIS PRODUCT. ...more info
  • Life with roomba
    I've got a roomba scheduler. Very handy to be able to tell it what time to automatically vaccuum. I have one unit that vaccums the bedroom at 1pm and another that does the livingroom at 7am.

    the process when you start is similar to having a small child in the house. Cords, socks, random things that are under your bed all can stop the robot. Once you've spent a half hour removing all of the obstacles, you pretty much don't notice that it's been there. You do notice that the floor is clean, and you have to remind yourself to empty the bin, but overall much less work than dragging out the vaccuum.

    This may also mean that you'll be repositioning items so that it can get behind them or around them. So the cat litter box came out from the wall a roomba-width, so that the unit could clean all the way around it -- no more cat littler tracked out by the cats.

    You'll have to work to position the charger unit so that it can find it again. It's not that big a deal if it can't find its charger, but having it automatically return is cool. If your rooms are rectangular, a placement where the charger is visible along the longest axis is best.

    It doesn't do corners well. for me, that meant that I had to use a broom and sweep the corners manually, and to do that from time to time. Strings, cords or bits of cloth that are long and thin tend to get stuck in the rollers. For the first weeks of operation I was removing items wound around the brushes each time I emptied it. I think it's got them all now, so the overall maintenance is less.

    It can't really figure out multiple rooms. It'll find its way into the room and then give up after a while. Sometimes it stops under furniture and you have to use a broom to fish it out. that's annoying. My solution is to close the doors to the rooms it's in. I haven't had much luck with the "virtual walls" - they won't accept scheduler input. easier to just close the door.
    ...more info
  • great product
    I love having the Roomba. We have a bird and a dog and this robot can get all their junk. It works well on carpet and floor. I have a Miele vacuum cleaner and the Roomba is just as good. I'm amazed each time I empty the dirt bin at the amount of stuff that is picked up by the Roomba. I won't get rid of my Miele but I sure don't use it as much as I used to. I really love the scheduler feature because we use it as a morning time alarm clock ... once the Roomba starts it is time for us to get out the door. We prefer to use the Roomba when we are not home. We have mostly wood floors. It is a bit noisy on the floor, quieter on the carpet. It transitions well from floor to carpet. The instructions say not to leave anything on the ground that you normally wouldn't vacuum over and by following this we haven't had any mishaps. It is fantastic for under the beds and under furniture. I'm hoping to get the Scooba next. ...more info
  • Great machine lousy batteries
    I bought our machine for Christmas 2005, by August after much use the battery had died. I tried several sources to purchase a new battery and none of them have one in stock, not even IRobot. I think that is absolutely pathetic.

    The fact that they are willing to take your old Roomba in on trade in, makes me think they are not very honest in how they do business. Too bad, I liked the machine!...more info
  • It's all good!
    With 2 kids and a cat, its near impossible to have a clean floor. Mixed with 2 working parents and it gets even harder. We scheduled our Roomba to clean the floors 3 times a week when we were not home and our floors have never been cleaner. Its nice to be able to walk on the floor barefoot again without crumbs or dirt sticking to my feet. We have not had any problems at all. We've used it on hardwood, carpet and tile....more info
  • The roomba is worth it- but know what you're getting.
    OK. First let me say that this product is amazing and well worth the money. As an engineer, this thing has amazing obstacle avoidance software, and it navigates rooms extremely well. I put a good deal of research into this vac before I bought it - so let me tell you what you can expect, and more importantly- what not to expect. The majority of reviews that are negative are from people with defective units or people who expected something completly unrealistic. On a side note - all of the units have the same capabilities. So I would recommend that you buy a slightly cheaper unit to test it out. If you really like it, then buy the schduler seperately. The high-end vacuum is no different than the low end one. The only exception is the red - which doesn't have "max" clean mode. I personally recommend the sage unit that comes with the home base. It has everything you really need to fully test out the unit - the home base is particularly useful, but the black basic remote (not the white scheduler remote that comes with this unit) is not very useful.

    My wife and I have about a 1500 square foot house. To really get the most out of the unit, we divide our house into 3 areas, and we move the roomba each day into whatever area we want to clean (one large bedroom, the living room, and two smaller rooms joining a bathroom). We then run it in there 2-3 times that day and move it into the next area the following day. I was suprised at how well it will navigate between rooms if you leave the doors open. Anyway, the floors are very clean - much cleaner than they ever were with an upright. The roomba really does a great job on the baseboards and under furniture. The suction is NOT as strong as an upright, but the unit will cover most areas several times - and after several times, it will pick up as much or more than most uprights. It has to hit larger pieces of debris head on to be picked up. There are some cases where the roomba may hit a small spot only once or miss a spot completely after a full 1-2 hour cylcle. However, if you run it multiple times in a day in the same place - you will have very clean floors.

    If you think you will buy this vacuum, set it in the middle of your house, punch a few buttons, walk away - and your floors will forever be clean - do not buy this vacuum. This vacuum does requre that you empty the bin at least once a day. It does requre that you find out what type of items it may get stuck on the first few times you run it. It does reqire that you make sure you don't have cords or tassels in its way. It does requre that you clean the brushes every few uses. The roomba cannot do anything a normal vacuum does not. It cannot clean over tassels, it cannot magically hop over 1/2" thick area rugs, it cannot run over wires and ignore them. If you are willing to do these few things, such as "roomba-proof" the room, and clean the brushes - it is MUCH EASIER than a traditional vacuum. It will keep your floors very clean, and you will be very happy.

    Let me tell you a story about why the robot is still a robot... My wife and I were watching TV and the roomba was cleaning (it's not really louder than a dust buster). We have a puppy... Well... the puppy pooped on the tile entryway while we were watching. The roomba... ran over the puppy poop and drug it all over the carpeted floor next to the entryway while smearing the poop all over itself (brushes, small places, dust bin). Needless to say - it was not pretty - and we had caught it after about 5 minutes. One and a half hours, and 150 Q-tips later - the roomba was clean, the carpet was clean - and the puppy was outside. Lesson learned - watch what the Roomba may run into. It's not completely fool-proof. It did it's job... and if I had watched the puppy - things would have gone well.

    This is a great product if you don't have unrealistic expectations. It's a great product if you don't get a dud. The jetsons are not here yet - but I can honestly say my carpet and hard floors are much cleaner than they have ever been, and the unit is very easy to use. It is well worth the money.

    Ok - So I wanted to edit my review. The roomba has honestly done such a good job - that we no longer run it two or three times a day in the same room. We run it once a day in the heaviest travelled areas (living room & kitchen), and on the weekends in the guest bedrooms. It really is fantastic. In fact, when we whipe off the counters or the table - we just whipe dust and crumbs onto the floors - because we know the roomba will pick it up pretty soon! ...more info
  • iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum
    One of my sons bought an iRobot Roomba 4230. He highly recommended it. Thus we bought one. It works fine, except the following. (1) It seems to repeat the same area too many times. (2) The remote does not work as well as the manual says. I tried to guide Roomba to its charger but the "forward" command buttom stops working after I push it more than three times. (3) I have not tried the Roomba long enough at one cleaning to see if it returns itself to the charger. We have a three-bedroom house. Perhaps we have to try cleaning only one bedroom to see if it will returns to the charger. (4) My son came to our house one time and showed me how to clean the surface of the sensors. He found out that my Roomba has only one sensor while his Roomba has two. I am not sure it it has anything to do with the problems I mentioned above....more info
  • Roomba Rocks
    Great experience buying through Amazon and at a great price. Now on to the Roomba. It's a good addition to the household and cuts down on time and effort of always pushing the standard vac around. Our house has all white ceramic tile floors and two large spoiled black labs. We never knew they shed so much in our old house because it was mainly carpeted. Wow, what a difference. But our "little geek" just purrs around minding it's own business sucking up all the hair and sand tracked into the home by our "kids".
    My wife usually sets it up in a room or an area of the house to do it's thing while we go out for a walk and normally has to empty it upon returning but we've never had to do any maintenance or excessive cleaning to the unit. It doesn't like to transition from the tile to throw rugs (gets stuck) and doesn't like fringe (eats) so we just pick these up ahead of time.
    The bad news is it is terribly noisy on the tile floors (that's why we run it while we're out). It is almost impossible to carry on a conversation while it's running. However, I would highly recommend a unit like this, if for no other reason than the convenience. It does a great job on hair and fine sand so it would probably do well on other dirt.
    Although our dogs don't like the standard vacumn their not really fazed by the Roomba. They don't care for it much when it bumps into them but they don't go run and hide. So if you have the extra money and don't know what to do with it, send it to me, no just kidding, buy a Roomba. They'll cut your household chore time down....more info
  • I never realized vacuuming was such hard work.
    I work full time and go to collage full time. My wife also goes to collage full time. We have 2 kids and 3 indoor cats. Needless to say vacuuming was low on the available schedule but high on the things needed to be done (it just never got done). I purchased the Roomba Scheduler and now spend much more time vacuuming.

    I have tracks criss-crossing the floor, little wheel track circles in the corners of the carpeted rooms, and a small end table drawer stuffed full of a couple of extra filters and brushes. I tend to send the Roomba out every day before going to school so I have the time to clean the brushes and empty the canister. I spend 5 minutes daily vacuuming and the Roomba spends 90 minutes after I go chasing down cat fur all over the house. I had wrongly thought that I could use the Roomba weekly to vacuum - maybe twice a week. This little robot has other plans. I don't know where it finds all the dirt and dust that it picks up, but it never returns to its charger without a full dust bin, even on its daily vacuuming schedule.

    I enjoy coming back to the house with the typically tell-tale signs that the Roomba has been out vacuuming. The carpet looks better then it has in a long time and the Roomba tracks on the carpet easily could be brushed out if you had a problem with this. However, a regular vacuum would leave the same tracks just in more of an orderly direction if you had the time to do that sort of thing. The main point is that the cat hair and dust is gone. Every 3 days of vacuuming the Roomba vacuums 99 percent of the house just wandering about no matter what obstacles, boxes, and toys it has to get around.

    If you want a vacuum to leave perfectly brushed carpet in one particular direction, hire someone. If you can't wait 3 days to have the house vacuumed ever, do it yourself. If you want your house vacuumed every 3 days and can't or won't do it yourself, buy this one. Just make sure to empty it, clean the brushes, and blow of the filter regularly. After about 3 months of constant vacuuming, be ready to change the brush and you will be shocked again at how much more the little robot finds to pick up.

    I don't know how we got along without it and enjoy going around the house barefoot again....more info
  • Good cleaning performance, quite loud.
    The Roomba does a good job cleaning, handles the hair from our two dogs with ease. But the overall noise is a bit annoying, and the fact that it constantly bumps into things in order to find it's way around becomes quite tiresome, and is less than elegant. Look forward to the Roomba with "eyes" that doesn't need to slam into the object to realize it's there....more info
  • doesn't work after a few months
    The wheel sensors get dirty and send the device dancing in circles. To clean the sensors you need to void the warranty and remove six screws and carefully clean the delicate light sensors on each wheel.Then it works fine for another couple of outings before you need to repeat the process....more info
  • Roomba the Silent Maid
    My wife had to use the vacuum cleaner to do the rugs and floors as I keep telling her that vacuuming gives me a back ache. Now Roomba does it all, a great "Silent Maid". No more asking me to do the floors. Roomba! I don't know how I survived without you all these years. We are telling all our friends about Roomba, and we named Roomba "BOB". Now it is "let BOB do it"

    Ralph...more info
  • Scheduler Roomba
    This is better than expected. It cleans more than it states and is better the our push vacuum. I would recomend it to anyone who doesn't want to waste time cleaning during the day. When you wake up in the morning, the rooms are clean....more info
  • Pretty Great...except
    I love having the Roomba. We have two pets and a dark concrete floor. There was always pet hair, but now it is gone. It is amazing how much better the floor feels now that it is always clean. It is suprising how well this thing works. I would recommend it...

    Things were great until it stopped working. The company has not been very helpful about getting it fixed or replaced. I will keep you posted.

    I emailed company support nearly a week ago with no response. I emailed them again late last week with no response. I bought a new battery hoping that it would fix the problem, but it did not. I am beginning to feel like the company is going to stick me with a bum unit. I am going to call and see if I get better service.

    I finally called the company and they agreed to replace the unit. Unfortunately, it will take about a month. Hopefully, there will not be problems with the new one. The problem I have seems to be common. Hopefully, iRobot will get the issue fixed.
    Still no replacement. I tried calling the company, but gave up after being on hold for 20-mins. I emailed the company, but unfortunately that seems like a blackhole. I finally was able to chat online with someone from the company. It is a pretty good option for contacting them, but the hours are very limited. I found out that the Scheduler is back ordered. If they were a better company they would have a least notified me. It is frustrating... I don't mind that it is back ordered, but they could have replied to my email and let me know. ...more info
  • Functional technology
    We had a Roomba for about six months before it took a "long walk" off the stairs (so keep those sensors clean). Best Buy did the right thing and refunded all of the money I had paid for it (and the extended warranty) since they no longer carried iRobot products. Anyway, my wife told me the day that it broke that we needed to get it replaced. Bottom line is that if your typical American wife is telling you to go out and spend money for a piece of technology, it is safe to assume that that technology really serves a useful purpose. In this case, a robot that reliably vacuums the floor five days a week (we give her the weekends off)....more info
  • fantastic
    My daughter has had the Roomba for about a year, all the while telling me I needed one of my own. I must admit, she was absolutely correct! This is wonderful. I just schledule the Roomba and let it go. I love the way it goes under the furniture and long the baseboards. I would have to use 2 different vacuums to do the same jobs. I feel my floors are cleaner than they have been in a long time, even the nap of the carpet is raised more than my upright vacuum can do. I have added my Roomba to my list of "Must Haves"....more info
  • Needed too much supervision
    While the iRobot Roomba did a good job of vacuuming our tile floors, it needed too much supervision. We have a small house with not a lot of open floor space, and the Roomba had trouble getting around things such as chairs, tables, desks and area rugs. For all the time we spent watching it to make sure it wasn't stuck somewhere, we decided it was easier and faster just to sweep the floor, so we returned it. I think it would work better in a more open floor plan....more info
  • Could not be happier
    I could not be happier with this product. I was hesitant to try it until my brother told me he had one and loved it. If it works better than advertised. ...more info
  • I highly recommend the Roomba 4230 Scheduler
    My wife called our (as yet un-named Roomba) a bot-sucker when it arrived. I have a feeling she was also referring to me for purchasing another "gadget" as there was a smile and a knowing look on her face.

    It didn't take long for her "bot-sucker" comment to change to one of pleasant amazement at the little fellow after we watched it's first performance cleaning our upstairs.

    For starters, Amazon shipped the unit free and it arrived 3 days earlier than the estimated time it was supposed to take for a free delivery. Kudos to Amazon. I unboxed the unit and checked to make sure everything was in the package with no shipping damage. Everything was in place and packaged perfectly.

    Because I'd researched a number of reviews - both professional and consumer and showing a 90% positive rating I might add -- I knew that I'd have to give the unit an initial 16 hour charge and provide 4 "D" size batteries for the Virtual Wall units and 2 "AA" sized batteries for the remote scheduler which I had in the ready.

    While the unit was charging, I went ahead and performed the initial setup of the remote and scheduled the unit to clean at 9:00 AM every morning. I sent the schedule to the Roomba unit while it was charging in its base and to the 2 Virtual wall units and waited until the next morning to see if it would "wake up" and start cleaning.

    Well, I'm here to tell you, it did wake up and start as scheduled. I was intrigued with its operation so I watched it to make sure it wouldn't get stuck, fall down the steps, or get "hung up" on some cords or throw rugs. Of course, I wanted to see if it picked up the lint and dirt at least as good as a regular vacuum (no $500.00 Dyson's in this house). Also by watching its progress it would allow me to have our upstairs "Roomba ready" when it started unsupervised each morning.

    The poor little thing wore itself out cleaning our not so clean carpet and vinyl bathroom floors - 6 rooms so far -- so it had to return to its base and re-charge itself. I'd heard that if it was on a cleaing cycle and ran out of power, it would re-charge automatically and continue. This doesn't appear to be the case. If you want it to clean more, it's easy enough to hit the clean or Max Clean button but you do have to manually start the virtual walls when you are not using the scheduler. Or you can wait to let it start up the next day automatically.

    It did an excellent job of cleaning all of the rooms. At first, you'll probably want to run it every day for a week to make sure you didn't miss any locations where it can get stuck and make sure all dirt, hair and lint is picked up. After that you can probably change it to only 2 or 3 times a week unless of course you have cats or dogs that shed.

    I was amazed when it went under our bed and cleaned for awhile. At times I thought it had died because I couldn't hear any noise for short periods of time. When I'd look under the bed, there it was, cleaning away. That area only gets cleaned when we buy a new bed - which isn't often.

    Most of the time, when Roomba looked like it was going to get stuck, it worked itself loose. I did find one place in our upstairs where the Roomba did get stuck. We have a dresser that has an opening carved out and it's about a 1/16" of an inch higher than the Roomba. The unit would squeeze in and get stuck and I had to manually remove it. I made a mental note to either block the opening or place a virtual wall there.

    Also, it does not like cords, throw or bath rugs, and tassels on the ends of a rug -- it seems to have a problem with the edges lifting up on the rugs but hey, guess what, so does a regular vacuum or an electric broom.

    I allowed it to go into my office which is an obstacle course in and of itself. No problems. It maneuvered around boxes, files, and chair and table legs effortlessly. It cleaned all cleanable space and moved on. By the way, it will return a number of times to the same room and cover the areas again while finding new areas it missed the first or second go around.

    So far, I'm very pleased with the Roomba Scheduler. Did I mention the noise level. I found I could work in my office and would not find it distracting.

    Would I recommend it to a person that is a cleaning "perfectionist"? No. It would never do everything to their satisfaction.

    Would I recommend it to a family that has a lot of children that tend to leave toys and other items laying around? Not unless you do a sweep of the area and pick up first which you have to do with a regular vacuum anyway.

    If this unit lasts three, four or more years, I'll be extremely satisfied and would probably purchase another unit -- especially since they seem to improve the units with each new model release.

    ...more info
  • Every Home Should Have One!
    When my husband mentioned purchasing an IRobot vacuum, I figured it was just because he thought it was 'cool'. I would have to say though, I would never regret this purchase at all. Now that I work full-time, I don't feel like cleaning floors on a daily basis. I have our IRobot (Jen) to clean our floors at 3 pm Monday-Friday, and I come home to clean floors every day! Some Saturday mornings I will close her up in the Master Bedroom and you wouldn't believe how well she does the carpet. Amazing,, try one you will surely love it too! ...more info
  • Great for Bachelor
    My problem was that I didn't always keep up with vaccuuming. Now I have the Roomba scheduled to go twice a week, while I'm at work. I don't have to think about it, or do it, it's just done, no problem. Now if they would invent an automatic duster.......more info
  • Ladies Beware!
    Robots have greatly improved the quality of my life.

    There's only 1 thing I hate more than having a dirty floor; having to clean the floor. With my roomba, neither of those have to happen anymore.

    This product is amazing. After the Roomba (jeeves) finished cleaning my house the first time, I was shocked at how much dirt he picked up! Not to mention the endless entertainment it provides! One morning I was actually late to work because I just couldn't stop watching it!

    I'm really glad I spent the little extra and got the scheduler too. Now, every morning at 7:05 am, I wake up to the sound of jeeves bustling around the house, cleaning. You'll find yourself quickly getting attached to the little guy, and even find yourself talking to it sometimes.

    Yeah, it's a little more spendy than some crappy manual vacuum. But take it from me, make an investment in a Roomba, and be happy for the rest of your life :)
    I'm telling ya', if this thing could do the dishes and make sandwiches, ladies, you'd be out of a job.... :)...more info
  • I love it!
    My husband and I think our Roomba is the greatest vacuum! It is so very cool! If you have the cash it is worth every penny. Our floors have never been so clean. We are far too busy to vacuum ourselves more than once a week. With Roomba we have our floor vacuumed every other day when we are out of the house. Our house cat doesn't even mind the roomba and she hated our normal vacuum....more info
  • the best invention ever!
    I have to admit that i was sceptical at first when my husband announced that he'd ordered a roomba. My immediate reaction was, "it costs HOW MUCH?!?" Now that we've had it and been using it for awhile i think it's worth 5 times what we paid for it!

    We have 3 great danes, a golden retriever, and 2 indoor cats. The amount of hair shed and dirt tracked in by those massive paws is simply unimaginable to the average person. And all that doesn't even include what the kids track in. I used to vacuum every day to keep the debris at manageable levels (and, frankly, it was still a mess in here). Then- HALLELUJAH- we got the roomba and said good-bye to regular vacuuming.

    It is completely fool-proof to operate, you just press "power" and "clean" and off it goes. When it starts to run low on battery power it automatically senses it and returns itself to its charging dock. I was amazed at how powerful it is- this little guy picks up everything from dog hair to cereal on the first pass. If you have an especially dirty area you can even tell roomba to focus on cleaning only that particular spot. Best of all, the scheduler function allows us to set the timer, go to work, and come home after a long hard day to an entirely spotless house. Have I mentioned yet how much i love this sweeper?

    The roomba picks up EVERYTHING, is quieter then a regular vacuum, and requires absolutely ZERO effort. I think it actually does a better job sweeping then I do because it gets underneath all of the furniture every time! When we first got it i was afraid that the dogs would attack it or be afraid of it (like they are of the regular vacuum). But roomba is so unobtrusive that they don't even notice it's there.

    I can only see 2 (very minor) potential drawbacks to roomba. If you have an especially messy house (like mine) and don't run it every day then the dust bin is only large enough to hold about one room's worth of dirt. If you have a house of average dirtiness or run it frequently though, then it isn't a problem. Plus, the way i see it, having to empty the dust bin once a room is WAY better then having to actually vacuum the room myself! The other potential issue is that it doesn't do as great a job in corners as it does everywhere else (but it does do a stellar job around baseboards). Basically, if your regular vacuum wouldn't pick it up and you would have to use an attachment then roomba won't pick it up either.

    All in all though- this is one of the best couple hundred bucks we have ever spent and i would HIGHLY reccommend it to anyone who doesn't like spending all their free time doing chores....more info
  • Cleaning the Roomba
    I will start my review be saying, I have an Australian Shepherd dog. (Long hair) I feel the vacuum does a pretty good job. It finds its charging base and parks by itself. The preprogramming of the unit and its virtual walls work well. I am using the unit mainly on solid floors, not carpet. It seems to be laboring more on carpet. I find, being that I have the dog, I have to clean this unit after every use.

    Dirt does get into the electronics area and I clean this carefully. You will need more tools then is supplied with the unit. I found using these additional tools helps a lot. A toothbrush to clean the different areas of the vacuum. A tool similiar to a dentists pick to get the hair out of the various places. And a small pair of long needle nose pliers to get the hair removed from the axle of the front wheel. The brush and rubber scraper bar have to be removed each time to remove the dog hair wrapped around them. I also take the bearing apart on both of these pieces, because I find dog hair wrapped around the shaft inside and use the pick tool to remove it. I have gotten quite proficient at cleaning the unit. It takes me less then 10 minutes to do all this.

    Overall, I feel the unit does a good job and saves us a lot of work. I felt I needed to be fair in the evaluation and stated up front about the dog. So, people with pets can expect to be cleaning the unit more often then what is recommended in the book....more info
  • Roomba Magic
    Awesome! Who would believe it! It goes everywhere, under couches, hardwoods to rugs without a hitch. Had no idea that my house was that dirty until I emptied the bin. Even have new carpet with all that terrible new fuzz which Roomba has been kind enough to pick up. Roomba is the newest addition to the 'family' and I don't even have to take it for a walk. It beats having a dog or cat anyday. All that entertainment and it cleans up after itself....more info
  • This is the coolest thing ever!
    My husband gave me a Roomba for my birthday and we've been vacuuming everything in sight ever since. We are AMAZED at how powerful this little vacuum is and everything it picks up. In the last three days, we have run the Roomba 6 times in the same room just for entertainment (and to show off our new toy) and every time it is full of dirt. I'm completely grossed out by how dirty our floors were before now that I know how clean they can really get!

    We have a dog that sheds like crazy and this little Roomba picks up more pet hair than any vacuum I have ever had. We ran it in our basement this morning and if you looked at the amount of dirt and fur it picked up off a CLEAN FLOOR, you would have thought we'd never vacuumed before.

    One down side - the virtual wall has quite a large pattern, so it takes some testing to figure out exactly where to put the device so that Roomba doesn't turn away too soon. That is literally the only concern I have with it.

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I'm already asking for the Scooba for Christmas.

    **Here's an update to my review. After about 6 weeks of heavy use, my Roomba started spinning in circles instead of cleaning, so my husband called the 800 # for help. They told him to turn it off, then count how many beeps it makes when you turn it back on. He did that and based on the number of beeps, they were able to tell him how to fix it. He had to blow out a specific part with compressed air. He did that and it's back to cleaning like a champ. We are both even more impressed now than we were originally. I can't wait to get my Scooba!!...more info
  • Roomba Gone Crazy
    Machine worked well the first couple of weeks. Using it on a tile floor and does a fairly good job picking up dog hair and dirt. Then it started to go crazy and start and stop. Have not figured out the problem yet, but the manual that comes with the machine is not very detailed. Have not tried customer service yet either. Have done the basics of cleaning the machine and the dirt sensors....more info
    I purchased this after reading the rave reviews from fellow users. it was excellent. it went about cleaning while i was me plenty of time n energy. did not regret purchasing the roomba scheduler at all....more info
  • Works better than I ever expected
    I received the 4230 a week ago, and it is working beyond my wildest expectations. I live in a one bedroom apartment, and the roomba can easily handle the whole place. It picks up cat hair extremely well (the number one reason I bought it).

    I have yet to use the scheduling features as we leave a lot of stuff out on our floors that I prefer to pick up before letting roomba do its thing. It is nice to have the option though, especially considering the price that amazon offers on this top-of-the-line model.

    Now I want more little robots to do other chores around the house!...more info
  • i advice to buy one
    first time i turn it on and it starts to clean, i didn't believe what it did, it leaves my room really clean in 20 minutes, i also like the scheduelar, i wake up every morning and my house is clean.
    some times it stucks under furniture but its ok.

    i advice to buy one its funny and clean.

    Regards......more info
  • Great Product
    Before I recieved the iRobot Roomba 4230 I wasn't quite sure if it would work the way it was advertised? But it is a great product. Goes from bare floors to carpet without any problem, and we have a dog and right now she is shedding and the iRobot picks up the dog fur without a problem. So all's I can say is that it is GREAT and am glad that I purchased it....more info
  • After Four Months - I STILL Love This Roomba!
    We are just SO so happy with our Roomba Scheduler model. It is set to run every morning at about 11am. We are both web people and work very late into the night (morning) so we are still asleep at 11am. This means that every morning we wake up, go downstairs, and the downstairs is CLEAN. It is very amazing.

    We have 2 cats, and I never imagined that they were heavy shedders - but every single day the Roomba is pretty much full of hair and dirt. I rarely go out, so the dirt isn't really being "tracked in" from the outside. In the house, we tend to go barefoot to try to keep dirt to a minimum too. It is almost scary how much junk Roomba can pick up for us on a daily basis. I can only imagine if a house had more pets or kids or whatever, that Roomba would make an incredible difference in daily cleanliness.

    We have a futon, and the Roomba goes RIGHT under the futon, cleaning it far better than we ever did with our vacuum. Roomba is fine at negotiating around the island in the kitchen and in and out of the different rooms. His built in brain has done a good job of learning the room pattern over time.

    Yes, I do still use the carpet cleaner every 3 months or so, to get out the ground in dirt. However, since Roomba is doing such a great job of picking up dirt "as it happens", dirt really doesn't have a chance any more to settle down into the deeper fibers. Roomba is doing preventative maintenance, keeping the carpets much cleaner. The air is much fresher to breathe, too.

    Maybe once a week we sprinkle down the Arm & Hammer pet deodorizer, very lightly. Roomba will pick that right up, and it helps to get rid of any lingering pet smells.

    As far as cleaning the Roomba itself, every day we empty its dirt tray, which as I said, it just amazingly full each time. We shake out the tray and also the little lint catcher that is with the tray. Maybe every 2-3 weeks we turn over the entire Roomba and check its brushes, but that hasn't really been a problem for us.

    The Roomba is handling the main living room, the office area, and then the kitchen / dining room which has a linoleum floor. So it goes back and forth between low carpet and linoleom without any problems at all. There was only one area with wires that Roomba would get caught in, and we simply put a 'wall' across the wires so that he avoided them. It was super easy.

    I have to tell you - at this point I am seriously looking at getting a second Roomba for upstairs, to do the bedrooms. If Roomba is finding this much dirt on a daily basis - and able to keep our carpets fresh and clean - I imagine that another Roomba upstairs would make sure that our sleeping areas were fresh and comfortable. I really considered not getting a scheduler - and just getting a basic Roomba. However, having the Roomba just "go" on its own while you're not there, and coming back to a clean room without worrying about it or forgetting to push buttons or so on is such a *huge* help. It really is a wonderful feeling.

    Just so you know that I don't work for Roomba, we were very skeptical at first. My boyfriend was rather angry at me for 'wasting' my money on this 'toy'. Now he is just as fond of our Roomba as I am. Yes, it would be cool if the Roomba could "empty itself" into the trash can. However, considering that it already charges itself, goes around cleaning the first floor by itself, returns to its charger base again and waits patiently for us, is it really THAT much trouble for me to go and shake out its dust bin? I don't think so! That is really my only complaint with it, if you can even call it a complaint.

    As a summary, I love my Roomba Scheduler. It makes a huge difference in so many ways. First, it just gives me a lift to come down to a CLEAN house, instead of when I used to wake up and come down to a carpet full of dark fur spots. I really didn't have time to vacuum every day - and even if I had, the cats would of course make more fur spots while I slept. Next, all of that fur being around on the floor meant I was breathing it in. While I'm not "allergic" to cats, I do react to the fur slightly, and pretty much every human I know does. Your nose isn't designed to breathe in hair bits. So having the fur all gone every day really helps me to breathe more easily. Finally, of course, it is good for the carpet not to have dirt getting pressed into it over time!...more info
  • Great Product that is very helpful around the house
    Awesome product that helps out around the house. It does a great job on carpet and linoleum. It doesn't do a "perfect" job but it is a lot better then nothing. Doesn't get into corners well and has some trouble with kitchen cupboards. It doesn't quite fit under the ones in our house and gets stuck. But it always finds a way to get unstuck. Very cool.

    Does a much better job sucking up dirt then our regular vacuum. Had to let it run 4 times in our bedroom and every time it filled it's dust bin almost full. And I vacuumed that room every week before we got the iRobot.

    Seriously considering the other iRobot. Once again, this product isn't perfect at cleaning every nook and cranny of the house but what does? This really help free up time to do other things around the house while it vacuums.

    One of the biggest things I would recommend iRobot improve is the Virtual Walls. The robot does detect the wall about a foot from where you put it which leaves that foot uncleaned. You have to play with it a bit to find an angle that allows it to get really close to where you want it to stop....more info
  • Love It!!
    Have had our Roomba for a couple of weeks and we love it. We have two dogs and this keeps the dog hair on the tile and hardwood floors in check. We ran it upstairs where it is carpeted last weekend, and it did a great job. We have a large downstairs so we are using the scheduling and electronic walls to section off the house so that we can keep up. We named her Lupe (in honor of the maid in the Greater Tuna plays) and because she loops around the floors to keep them clean....more info
  • The best present EVER!
    I absolutely hate to vacuum. However, I can't stand a dirty, dusty house. So, I have been eyeing the Roomba for quite sometime. However, I was skeptical of its abilities and therefore was afraid of wasting $300+. Nonetheless, my husband got me the Scheduler for Christmas. I have been using it for about 6 months now and it is the best present that I have ever gotten!

    Is it perfect? NO. So why does it get 5 stars? This robot not only saves time, it has made it possible to keep my house cleaner than ever. While the Roomba is vacuuming, I have more time to do the other dreadful household chores like dust, clean the refrigerator, tub, cobwebs, etc. I usually block off a room or two with the virtual walls so the Roomba can vacuum a room while I clean in others. Then we (the Roomba and I) switch.

    I still use my old vacuum with attachments on occasion to clean the tops of baseboards, stairs, and underneath the furniture that the Roomba can't get under. However, the Roomba is able to vacuum under more furniture than a traditional upright and I love that I don't have to bend over and sometimes crawl under my bed to vacuum anymore.

    I suggest that first time users hang around the first few times the Roomba vacuums for you. This way you will be able to deal with the unforeseen things that might hang your Roomba up. For instance, I found that if you put a virtual wall near lots of other obstacles like furniture the Roomba may get stuck in a small 2ft x 2ft "virtual" room. Additionally, some electrical cords may need to be moved before vacuuming.

    It covers about 700 ft^2 in my home on a single charge. But, you will get more or less coverage depending on how many obstacles your Roomba has to maneuver. If you leave the chairs under your dining room table, for example, the Roomba spends an exorbitant amount of time bumping through them.

    I have hard floors throughout my house (never has it scuffed my floors) so I can't tell you how well it will work if you have carpet. But, if you have hard floors the Roomba is well worth the money.

    ...more info
  • I love it!
    The set up was so easy! I just had to wait for the battery to charge up. I plan on running it once a day for the first week since I didn't have a vacuum before this one and my dog has been shedding on the carpet for 2 months! His hair sticks better than velcro. I have used it 3 times since I got it and almost all of the hair is picked up. (there was alot!) I love the virtual walls too. It gets under my big comfy chair and really works it's little butt off. I thought I wouldn't use the scheduler because it would be a pain to set up, but it was easy and I have it set to clean twice a week (because of the shedding) while I am at school and the dog is in the kennel.
    I wasn't sure if the outside brush would get all the dog hair against the wall, the carpet looked white, but it got that cleaned up right away. The only bad part is the fact that I will have to clean the brushes alot because the hair gets trapped in there. Oh yeah and it even goes right to the kitchen floor and sweeps that perfectly.
    I am worried about the poor customer service comments I have seen, but hopefully they have gotten the message and will improve.
    I have a neat freak for a roommate and since I am not one, this will hopefully make him happy. Plus since the kitchen is his area to clean and it helps him out too. ...more info
  • what I like and dislike about the Roomba
    I wanted to get a Roomba for a while, so finally my siblings got together and got me a Roomba for Christmas.

    I have 2 cats and a dog. Our house is mostly hardwood, with carpet allong the long hallway. We get plenty of hair on all sufaces.

    The first time I used the Roomba, I was amazed at how much dirt/dust/hair it found in a room that I thought was relatively clean. I fell in love with it right away.

    It still continues to amaze me every time I use it on the wood floors. But after the first few times, I started noticing some flaws:
    1. The edge cleaning brush is too small. Hence, it cleans edges, but cannot reach corners. Also, it is not rigid enough, so the edges may not get cleaned depending on how solidly the dust has settled there.
    2. The brushes are a pain to clean, specially to get the hair off. In my situation, I find that I need to clean the brushes after every room (sometimes even after half the room), versus the recommended once in 3 times
    3. The Roomba sometimes "throws up" on the carpet for no obvious reason. It will leave behind a streak of hair/dust as it goes along. No such issue on the hardwood floors. Works like magic on hardwood floors.
    4. It doesnt clean hair off the carpet as well as a regular vacuum cleaner (I have a darkish carpet, so you can really tell)... not powerful enough for carpet/rugs...

    All said and done, I love the Roomba for the hardwood floors. I use it on the carpet for 'basic' cleaning every 4-5 days (meaning that carpet doesnt look CLEAN but it doesnt look DIRTY either), and then follow up with a regular vacuum cleaner every other week.

    I wouldnt pay so much myself to buy it if I knew about the "dark side" of it, but now that I have it, I make full use of it... If I didnt need to clean the carpet/rugs, I would give it 5 stars. If iRobot can fix the above flaws in the next model, I would definitely LOVE the Roomba!...more info
  • what I like and dislike about the Roomba
    I wanted to get a Roomba for a while, so finally my siblings got together and got me a Roomba for Christmas.

    I have 2 cats and a dog. Our house is mostly hardwood, with carpet allong the long hallway. We get plenty of hair on all sufaces.

    The first time I used the Roomba, I was amazed at how much dirt/dust/hair it found in a room that I thought was relatively clean. I fell in love with it right away.

    It still continues to amaze me every time I use it on the wood floors. But after the first few times, I started noticing some flaws:

    1. The edge cleaning brush is too small. Hence, it cleans edges, but cannot reach corners. Also, it is not rigid enough, so the edges may not get cleaned depending on how solidly the dust has settled there.

    2. The brushes are a pain to clean, specially to get the hair off. In my situation, I find that I need to clean the brushes after every room (sometimes even after half the room), versus the recommended once in 3 times

    3. The Roomba sometimes "throws up" on the carpet for no obvious reason. It will leave behind a streak of hair/dust as it goes along. No such issue on the hardwood floors. Works like magic on hardwood floors.

    4. It doesnt clean hair off the carpet as well as a regular vacuum cleaner (I have a darkish carpet, so you can really tell)... not powerful enough for carpet/rugs...

    All said and done, I love the Roomba for the hardwood floors. I use it on the carpet for 'basic' cleaning every 4-5 days (read - the carpet doesnt look CLEAN but it doesnt look DIRTY either), and then follow up with a regular vacuum cleaner every other week.

    I wouldnt pay so much myself to buy it if I knew about the "dark side" of it, but now that I have it, I make full use of it... If I didnt need to clean the carpet/rugs, I would give it 5 stars. If iRobot can fix the above flaws in the next model, I would definitely LOVE the Roomba!...more info
  • Awesome little machine
    I bought this to clean our new, very dark, hardwoods. It works great (although can't let it near the rug because it couldn't power on to it and got caught on the corner. It will save me tons of time each week keeping up with the dust....more info
  • Great idea, good helper
    I've owned the roomba for roughly a 1/2 year. It is a very good vacuum. It is a very fun toy. It will pick up very fine dirt, and comes close to actually replacing your vacuum. It obviously, cannot climb your walls to vacuum window sills or steps, and it can't vacuum your furniture. It will get stuck on rugs with long fringe, like those on an oriental. It will get stuck on power cords, and occasionally under furniture that it tries to creep under to vacuum beneath.
    That's really about the only drawbacks - and they make sense when you consider it's a little round thing that wanders around your floor.
    If you have a relatively clear floor, and furniture with some clearance, roomba is ideal. For us it's mostly ideal, we had to make some adjustments, like, actually clean up and put the chairs up on the table, roll up the rug, etc. Then we'd leave the house ( go to the gym, shopping, whatever) and most of the time little roomba would be docked at the charging station, and the entire downstairs would be clean by the time we got home.
    It picks up superfine particles and dust, so it's a really good vacuum. It fits under our sofa and cleans there without having to move the furniture. It goesn't get corners all that well.
    It does, without complaining, vacuum where ever you plant it down and tell it. The schedule part works very well, if you are so regular that you can automate the vacuuming.
    It is - like ALL vacuums, a little noisy, so you probably don't want to run it at night. It also has then tendency to gently bump into objects when orienting. Which brings up another point - it does learn the geometry of your room over time. After a while, if you start it from the same place each time, will navigate around corners and doors like magic, and without bumping into anything. It will also avoid descending steps. You can leave a door open or plant it next to a set of steps going down, and roomba will not fall down the stairs.
    It's really a very good product. It's a good vacuum. It's smarter than you think, and it learns the geometry of your rooms.
    It does a fine job of vacuuming roughly 95% of the rooms (minus the corners and tight spots). It charges itself and can be programmed.
    Personally I've spent, and wasted alot more money on things much more stupid, so I'm happy with it.
    For us, it works as a supplement to vacuuming, not as a replacement. It did cost a few nickels. If you are not comfortable spending the money on a roomba, don't. It won't replace a good thorough vacuuming, and, yes, you still have to clear the floor and empty the dirt when done, just like a 'regular' vacuum.
    I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could, 4 stars instead....more info
  • Not Happy
    I own the discovery and love it, so I ordered the scheduler. Big mistake. It will not work properly. Sits and spins in one spot.Tried all the troubleshooting tips, nothing works. Called the customer service number which is a joke. An answering machine telling you how important your call is to hold, and hold and hold. Called more than twenty times, different days and times just to hear my call is important please hold.....Still holding, feel very ripped off....more info
  • Better than I though It Would Be
    I did the reverse of most people, I bought the Scooba first and it worked so well I picked up a Roomba Scheduler.

    When I first started the Roomba and watched it for a few minutes I thought it was cute but figured it wasn't really going to pick up much. I was wrong. It filled it's bin in about 20 minutes in a small bedroom with a queen size bed (it can't go under the bed because of boxes I have under there). I had just vacuumed the room a week before getting the Roomba. I emptied the bin, charged the Roomba and then set it for a 1 hour clean in the same room. It vacuumed for the hour, found it's base and it had another full bin. I had to look at the dirt to make sure it wasn't ripping up the carpet instead of cleaning it, but it was all lint, dust and sand. Same results in another room. I was so impressed I saved the dirt in a ziplock bag to show my wife, she couldn't believe it either.

    In summary, it's fun to watch, covers 99% of the floor 3-5 times while cleaning and is so easy to use I will use it 4-5 times a month instead of the once a month I used to vacuum with my bulky 20+ pound Eureka upright....more info
  • Just OK
    Poor customer service at Roomba, No instruction book came with it, when I called I was on hold for 20 mins, I finally gave up & emailed them they said they would respond within 24 ohurs, they never did. About a year ago I was thinking of buying one & emailed Roomba a question, they never answered me then either. I have to give this item 1*, because while it works ok, it seems delicate & could easily break & I think the chances of Roomba actually honoring your warranty is very slim since you can't get in touch with them....more info
  • What a disappointment!
    *** Likes ***

    (1) Easy to use.

    (2) Vacuums under furniture where traditional vacuums can't.


    (1) Poor vacuuming performance -- How much power can you expect from a battery which has to drive the vacuum, agitator, wheels, and electronics?

    (2) Doesn't work on thick carpets -- Works best on solid surfaces. I have a particular section of carpet which is no problem for a cannister vacuum but too much for Roomba.

    (3) Marks hardwood floors -- I can't say it scratches the floors, but the wheels do leave smudges.

    (4) Random vacuuming patterns without memory -- I believe this is my biggest complaint. I was expecting the vacuum to "investigate" the room to create a map in its memory and then vacuum in some reasonably disciplined fashion, say work back and forth in an area and then move to another area. Instead, the vacuum appears to have little memory beyond its last few bumps into walls and chair legs. It is somewhat create in those situations, knowing when to circle around a let or hug a baseboard. But, without a map of the room, it vacuums in an almost completely random pattern, creating, in a carpet a mess of criss-crossing indentations unlike the regular lines from a traditional vacuum used properly. It also seems to miss some areas if the room isn't perfectly rectangular and without obstacles.

    (5) Easily hangs up on objects -- Even on hardwood floors, the Roomba would hang up on very low pile area rugs.

    *** Bottom Line ***

    Buy a traditional vacuum and get some exercise using it. I recommend a Miele cannister. The irony is that if you have a small home with a couple of rectangular rooms, then the Roomba will probably be OK (not great, just OK). But, if your space is small, how hard is it to vacuum by hand? For me, the Roomba is more toy than useful appliance and will remain so until it acquires a few more smarts....more info
  • Works for me
    First let me say that no vacuum cleaner I have ever used can be considered the Holy Grail of vacuum cleaners. I love my Oreck XL and its companion shoulder hose vac, which Oreck smartly bundles together. The Oreck upright is useful for large areas while the hose vac gets into corners or sucks up major dry spills (like cereal). Roomba has pretty much eliminated the need for the upright. My Oreck upright is very light weight, but I still find it a chore to push it against the grain of a thick area rug I have i the living room. Roomba cleans this carpet with little effort. The scheduler works perfectly and was very easy to set-up. Although my house looks clean, Roomba seems to find at least a half bin full of dirt every day. You do have to prep your room for Roomba, just as you would for an any power brush vacuum. I replaced the shaggy bathroom rug I had with a low-pile type that Roomba would like better -- and, I also like better as it turns out. Roomba is quite fun to watch, but it works best when you're out of the house -- just like a maid service. In fact, it's worth mentioning that I was on the verge of hiring a cleaning service but at $50 an hour, Roomba is a bargain. It paid for itself the first two weeks. For those that can only deal with vacuuming in a rigid, left to right, top to bottom pattern, you'll have to look at a far more expensive product like the Electrolux Trilobite at $1,500. For my money, I don't really care how the room gets clean and if I'm out of the house all day, I don't care if it takes Roomba an hour to do its job. The virtual walls do take 2 D batteries each, not included in the box. I think they use D batteries because they last longer than smaller AA batteries (there is a correlation between capacity and physical size). The remote needs 2 AA batteries not included in the kit. A handy accessory is a can of compressed air. Like any vacuum, Roomba works best with a clean filter and empty dust bag. I change my Oreck bags early and often for better performance as well. Against the advice given in the manual, I chose to place my Roomba's dock in an out of the way location. I continue to be amazed that Roomba finds its way home each day, given the tortorus path it has to take to get there. Maybe it doesn't compare to a 20 Amp Shop Vac, but that would be overkill for my needs. I'd have no place to store one of those monsters and certainly wouldn't drag it out more than once a month. Oh, and did I mention I don't miss having to unwind 3 miles of electric cord each time I used my Oreck upright? And still it wasn't long enough to reach without being plugged and unplugged 30 times. On the other hand, despite being battery powered, Roomba is not one of those gutless Dustbuster-type vacs. It cleans about as well as my $300 Oreck upright. ...more info
  • If you can't afford a maid.......
    If you are like me and can't afford a maid or spare the time to keep the floors spotless, you might want to consider the Roomba. I just bought this and it was simple to set up and fun to watch. (I'm sure the fun to watch part will wear off quickly.) It seems to find its way around the rooms well and avoided getting trapped. It even vacuumed under our TV stand somehow. One drawback is that it is a little noisy on our tile floors. Only time will tell how durable it will be. ...more info
  • cleans good; includes other side effects
    I returned my Roomba Discovery and bought Roobma Schedular for the scheduling capabilities. By the manual, Roomba is supposed to play a song when it receives schedules. Mine does not. I called their help desk at 877-855-8593 to discuss the problem. One of the menu choices is 'Press 6 for others'. 6 simply plays back the main menu. I tried '0' and it played back main menu. Pressed 3 and it said 'This mailbox is under construction'. Pressed '2' and it said 'We are currently closed'. Good luck with your roomba....more info
  • A gift to the busy people.
    I am busy working 68 hours a week. When I get home the last thing I want to do is sweep. My floors started to look horible due to the lack of attention. The first day I had roomba I emptied the tray five times. It had my floors looking good. I put the home base in a hidden location so visitors don't see it.

    One day I had my parents over and my mom asked how I kept the floor so clean working all these hours. I told here I just like having a tidy home.

    My carpet is swept every day at 4:00PM while I am gone. It does have trouble sometimes with rugs but other than that it saves me from working outside of work.

    I plan on getting the scooba to mop my hardwood floor....more info
  • Works great
    I have a dog that loves to shed on my wooden and tile floors. I set up the room (move bulky items and lift cords off the floor), let it go and I'm off to the store. When I return, I have a nicely cleaned room(s). I bring out the damp mop and go over the floor and I'm done for the day....more info
  • Not as bad as I thought at first.
    The first time I tried to use this, I was extremely disappointed. It seemed to have a hard time dealing with table and chair legs, and it was constantly getting hung up on the fringe on my living room rug. It didn't even do half of one room before it ran out of power. I wrote a rather uncomplimentary 1 star review and described it as totally useless.

    After trying it in other rooms, I decidd that I may have been a bit hard on the little guy. On bare wood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting, it worked pretty well. The rooms without area rugs are staying a lot cleaner than they were before....more info
  • iRobot Roomba 4230 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum
    I love this product it does all my vacuuming for me. It is the best product I have purchased in a long time....more info
  • Bye, Robot
    We recently tried Roomba, but returned it: too much overhead. Roomba seemed to perform as advertised, and it's certainly fun to watch. However, in our particular situation, we couldn't justify its cost. Its limitations prevent any savings in time or effort. Under the right circumstances, however, Roomba is probably worth having.

    Overall, there's just too much pre-Roomba prep work (setting virtual walls, picking up small rugs, taping down electrical cords, shutting doors) that has to happen each and every time Roomba runs. We also have too many nooks and crannies and carpeted rooms that will have to be cleaned by traditional vacuum anyway that Roomba's price and demands just don't justify themselves.

    Theoretically, it might be possible to set up virtual walls permanently, but maybe not. If you place them on the floor, they're another thing to trip over and collect dust. If you can somehow mount them off the floor so they're still effective, they'll still have to be dusted. If you don't leave them set up permanently, then you have to set them up each time Roomba runs, which is counter to Roomba's convenience factor.

    In our experience Roomba could not handle a very flat rug, toilet carpet, and bath mat. The latter two are probably too thick for it, but the flat one should have been no problem at all. It had very low pile, and even small rubber tapered edging that should have helped Roomba, but Roomba kept catching an edge and having difficulties with it.

    Pre-Roomba house preparation includes securing electrical cords along baseboards, which is fine if it's a one-time need, but we have a couple lamps we move around the room to vary lighting, and so the need to ready them for Roomba's efforts each time work against the convenience factor. Plus there's Roomba's own cord and docking station to deal with, securing and dusting, and finding an unobtrusive place on the floor where it's simultaneously out of the way but accessible.

    Finally, we have too many rooms with carpet that Roomba cannot handle, so we have to go around closing doors to keep Roomba out (and remembering to do so before it's schedule to run). Add this perhaps trivial chore to all the other overhead, and it's just easier to lug out the traditional upright vacuum cleaner to sweep the house. With a traditional vacuum cleaner it's easy to just do one room after another, sweeping around cords, rugs, etc.

    As for Roomba overhead, you also have to empty its dust bin and clean the rollers periodically. None of my criticisms should be taken as complaints. I merely want to stress that Roomba may not really be as convenient as one might hope or expect. If you have accommodations that work well with Roomba's limitations, it may serve perfectly well. If you're like us, however, sticking with the tried and true will see you through.

    We would buy and keep a Roomba, perhaps two, if it could handle deep-pile carpeting and had less obtrusive virtual walls. (One of the reasons the virtual walls units appear to be so big is that they use D batteries; can't these units be made to run on a smaller power source, perhaps one small enough to stick to a door jamb with a piece of Velcro?) Best of all would be a way to create a map of our house and upload that into Roomba, and specify cleaning limits and times for different areas. If we had that functionality, there wouldn't be as much need for it to handle the carpets in our house....more info
  • Scheduler not as good as roomba red
    Let me start by saying that I am an avid roomba fan.. I owned the roomba red first and then decided to upgrade to the scheduler. the sceduler only found it's base about half of the time and the biggest problem I had was that the scheduler fell down my stairs multiple times.. The roomba red never fell down my stairs.. so for the money I would go with the roomba red.. you do have to start it yourself but it is worth the money difference. ...more info
  • Good Gadget, Subpar Vacuum
    The DARPA Grand Challenge was finally won in October, 2005 by a team from Stanford with a computer controlled, autonomous SUV named Stanley that was able to complete a course in the Mojave Desert in under 7 hours. They won $2 million for their efforts.

    What does this have to do with a vacuum cleaner? Well, the challenge in making an autonomous robot that can vacuum your living room isn't that different. In both cases, from the robot's point of view, it's an obstacle course. In both cases, the robots have to navigate an area relying on preprogrammed logic and its available sensors. Now, considering that it took dozens of brilliant teams several years to develop a robot that can drive through the desert, the fact that you can own a small-scale version for much less than $2 million is impressive.

    The Review

    I should first point out that I am a gadget guy, and that's what first caught my attention about this product. I'm also single, live in a medium-sized apartment and, like most guys, don't like vacuuming. I figured this would be a fun toy to play around with.


    The instructions on setup were limited, to say the least. Since I like this sort of stuff, it required little effort to figure it out. If, however, you're the kind of person that cannot program a VCR, then this might be a little difficult. The hardest part to decipher was this particular unit's namesake, the scheduling. Other models without the scheduler would be significantly simpler to set up, and this unit will operate without being on a schedule just fine.

    Charging required only a few hours initially, though they recommend 16 hours for the initial charge. The hardest part was positioning it correctly on the charging base. Alternately, you can plug the power cord directly into the unit.


    There are basically 3 modes of cleaning. "Spot" cleans a small area only (nice for small messes). "Clean" will do a normal cleaning for about 60 minutes. "Max" will do a longer cleaning of about 120 minutes using the full charge of the battery. It's important to note that the robot has one speed, and the real difference between the modes is essentially how long it runs in each mode. The longer it runs, the more passes over the same area it will make.

    The unit is not very powerful. It may require 3-4 passes or more over an area to get the equivalent to a single pass by a regular vacuum. That, however, shouldn't be an issue since it is automated and can be allowed to run unsupervised while you're away from home. Another issue is the fact that the canister for the debris the vacuum collects is quite small. Depending on how much it picks up, it may be able to handle only a few hundred square feet before getting full. It definately needs to be emptied after each run.

    The unit can be physically carried to the desired cleaning area, "driven" there by a handheld wireless remote control, or simply allowed to wander around on its own. In addition, the unit comes with two "virtual walls" that are small electronic devices that send an infrared beam out that the robot will not traverse. These can be placed in doorways or other areas that you do not wish the robot to enter. They run off of batteries and can be scheduled to turn on when the Roomba is scheduled to run.


    Make no mistake, this unit has been well programmed. Though it lacks the GPS, RADAR, LIDAR, and inertial guidance systems of Stanley, the Stanford team's robot SUV, it does a respectable job with the bump sensors and edge sensors it does have.

    That said, it does have some issues that surprised me. First, it doesn't actually bother making any sort of internal "map" of the room. It seems to have a very limited "memory" and no actual ability to place itself on any kind of navigation grid with known obstacles. As a result, it simply runs around the room bumping into things again and again rather than learning to avoid them in the first place. It also means that it covers the floor very inefficiently and some areas get vacuumed repeatedly while others may get vacuumed once or never. The simpler the shape of the room, and the fewer the obstacles, the better. It would do well in a house without any furniture.

    The instructions explicitly state, essentially, that if you wouldn't vacuum over it, don't expect the Roomba to go over it. That's all well and good, but considering that this is supposed to be autonomous, it is odd that you have to "set up" every room before it runs (i.e., avoid cords, shoe laces, etc.). In addition, it has some difficulty navigating carpet-tile transitions, and transitions onto rugs (without tassels). As a result, it requires a lot of planning and at least one or two sessions where you monitor its progress around the room to determine where it will hang up. It also, surprisingly, has a lot of trouble docking with its charging station.

    For the most part, I am very impressed with how well it does manage to navigate around the room and go about its business. It does a decent job cleaning, and the scheduling aspect allows one to set and forget.


    Relatively easy to setup/use (if you don't use the scheduler)
    Decent cleaning ability
    Can operate on a schedule to vacuum while you're away
    Wins high marks on the gadget scale


    Small container volume requires frequent emptying
    Some difficulty navigating in a cluttered room
    Requires a lot of monitoring for a supposedly autonomous robot
    Same amount of vacuuming could be done in a fifth the time with a regular vacuum.


    All in all, a well made little gadget that is reasonably functional as is but has some major flaws that will likely be addressed over the next few years....more info
  • Roomba - Great Idea but Wouldn't Go
    The Roomba was a great idea but this unit did not work. The remote had very poor response - would take several attempts pressing the buttons before programming accepted. The Roomba itself would only run a few seconds and then just stop. No lights, no messages, no blockages - no known reason. We were using on hardwood floors in open areas but the response was poor and the unit really didn't run long enough at one time to see any results. We returned the unit and Amazon's return policy on this sale was excellent. ...more info
  • Not worth the price
    I bought this vacuum to save me some time but it is actually taking more time out of my day because I have to go over the areas again with our upright vacuum. The Roomba does not pick up what it should for the price, however my biggest complaint is that its "random" movement is not so random. It basically picks an area and goes around in circles until it runs out of batteries. I have a pretty small apartment and it can't even manage a whole room. In addition, it is not very quiet, especially for an apartment. My recommendation is that you same money and time and buy a regular vacuum!!!...more info
  • 5 stars for entertainment value
    Our 4 1/2 year old has jumped in front of the roomba, but it doesn't matter, as it just goes on its way . . . . He loves it, and knows how to turn it on / off, work the buttons even, and even press the right 2 buttons to get it to self-dock; this robot-pet takes quite a workout from him, and is sturdy enough to come back for more.

    4 stars = really a 4 + . . . if the price were lower, and it didn't get hung-up sometimes under our kitchen cabinets. Othewise, the Schduler is awesome; we also started out with the cheper Red Roomba . . . while both have the same basic function, this one (2.1 sceduler) seems, well, a bit more revised and up-to-date.

    The daily scheduler just makes sense; programming is simple . . . also, we have lots of crumbs around. We got one for our Mom's 60th birthday -- esp. good w/ scheduler as a gift . . . then the person doen'sn't have to feel bad about not turning it on, because it does it by itself!...more info
  • Ok, this thing is pretty cool
    I've read all the reviews, even Consumer Reports. Yes, they are right. This thing is really a mediocre vacuum cleaner. However, we really like this thing. We schedule it to turn on right after we go to bed, it's quiet enough to where you don't notice it. Our dogs hate it because it seems to track them down to bump into them but otherwise it's cool.

    Our house has two medium size dogs and a ton of hair. We really should vacuum the house every day to keep ahead of them. With this thing we do, but it requires no work on our part. Our main floor is about 50% hardwood and the rest carpet and this thing probably gets more stuff off the hardwood than the carpet. It runs daily and I have to empty it almost every day (it's easy). It keeps ahead of the hair and we actually look like we have a dog free existence.

    Yes, it's a low end vacuum. But it does your work for you and does a really good job.

    The scheduler thing is cool, but the price difference is enough to make me wonder if I should have saved the money and just hit the start button before we went to bed. ...more info
  • Can we stand another review on Roomba??
    I am a gadget freak.....I confess I started nagging my husband about our need for a new vacuum a month ago when I saw a demonstration of this little wizard at a local mall. For all my nagging, though, I truly do hate the actual chore of vacuuming. I've had my eye on the iRobot Roomba 4210 Bagless Robotic Vacuum for awhile, but was scared off by the high price and my skepticism about how well a robotic vacuum would actually work at my house.. Nevertheless, this past Christmas, I curiously found myself with some extra cash. I found my Roomba Scheduler from a local electronics store at the amazing price of $229 as they had a surplus in stock.

    The first thing I noticed when I got my Roomba was its petite size. Compared to my usual backbreaker of a vacuum cleaner, the Roomba is practically a midget, weighing in at just over 12 pounds and measuring at just 3.5 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. I pulled my new blue machine out of its box, immediately noticing it's cute little round shape and the two heavily treaded wheels on its base. The wheels remind me a little of monster truck tires, designed to roll over things. Next, I found the two "virtual walls". I didn't understand what they were for at first, but as soon as I started using the Roomba their purpose became clear. Also included was a remote control, an APS (advanced power system) battery, an extra filter, an integrated rapid charger, instructions, and a wall mount with a holster.

    I found the instructions that came with the Roomba easy to follow. Basically, all I had to do to get things started was plug in the charger and insert batteries into the virtual wall units, the remote control, and the Roomba. It's important to note that while the Roomba comes with it's own rechargeable battery for the vacuum itself, it does not come with batteries for the remote control or the virtual wall units, which call for two AAs and four D cells (two for each unit) respectively. As I was inserting all these batteries into my new unit, it occurred to me that I could probably vacuum my house during a power outage if I wanted to! Once it's charged up, the Roomba works entirely on battery power. It's easy to charge the Roomba. Just plug the rapid charger into a wall socket and place the Roomba at its dock.

    I have to admit that I was very eager to try out my new machine, so I only let it charge for a couple of hours before the first time I used it. I've read from other people that new Roombas are supposed to charge for at least 16 hours before the first time they are used. . In any case, I noticed that the my Roomba was giving me a "green light" after only three hours on its charger. It displays a "red light" when it's low on power. I figured it was ready to go.

    I took the Roomba to the middle of my living room and pressed the "clean" button. With a flourish of musical sound that reminds me of electronic games from the 1980s, my little robot came to life immediately. It ran across my wood floor with relative ease, but struggled a bit when it ran into the fringe on my fake Persian rugs. To be honest, I was afraid that the Roomba would have trouble with the fringe, however, I was surprised to see that the Roomba didn't always get stuck and even if it did it would wriggle it's way out of it.

    It wasn't long before I realized why I needed to use the virtual walls. Unhindered, the Roomba will go in a random direction until it hits something; then, it will spin until it finds itself able to move onward again, continuing until it runs into another barrier. The virtual walls serve to make the Roomba run more efficiently, keeping it from escaping a room before it's finished its job. You turn on the virtual wall and set it behind a doorway; the instructions show you the best way to do this. Once the Roomba is finished vacuuming the room, you can set the virtual walls up in the next room. Be sure to turn them off when you're finished, since they do run on batteries.

    I haven't used the remote control much, mainly because I don't yet trust the Roomba to run on its own. I watch my robot compulsively to make sure it doesn't get stuck somewhere. When it does get stuck, the Roomba will emit another 1980s era electronic sound. I've never found it hard to free the Roomba when it gets stuck, nor do I get the nasty burnt rubber smell I usually get with my big vacuum when it gets stuck on something. Our house doesn't have stairs, but I understand that the Roomba has built in technology that tells it to avoid stairs. I've noticed that the Roomba is also much quieter compared to my conventional vacuum cleaner. My toddler was a little afraid of it initially but now he thinks it is a toy and runs with it!

    One thing that I really like about the Roomba is that it goes under my furniture. I have asthma and am allergic to dust and mold (among other things). The first time I ran the Roomba under my bed, I was absolutely disgusted out by how much dust it dug up. Since the Roomba will supposedly run until the job is done, I probably could have kept my robot going for as long as the battery lasted and still not gotten up all the dust. My regular vacuum won't go under the beds or my other furniture, so I count this as a definite plus. I'm sure my lungs will be thanking me soon.

    The Roomba Scheduler offers some features that earlier models don't. There's the Max mode, which, when selected, tells the robot to clean until it's completely out of battery power. And there's also the Spot mode, which tells the robot to intensively clean one area of a room three feet in diameter. When the Roomba comes across a particularly dirty spot in its normal mode, it automatically puts a little more effort into cleaning the area. You'll know it's found a dirty spot when a blue light comes on and the Roomba spins around in circles. The Roomba is also able to guide itself back to its dock when the battery runs low or it finishes its job. I've seen my Roomba do this a couple of times (when it doesn't get hung up on fringe). It's very cool.
    Another very convenient featuer is the ability to be sheduled so when i go to work I can scedule it to clean the house before I return! Although the cleaning is not perfect (it tends to mysteriously ignore the Kitchen) but stil is very good and I havne't had to use the heavy Vacuum since I got this!

    According to the manufacturer, the Roomba Discovery charges 60% faster than earlier Roomba models. It's capable of cleaning three 14 by 16 foot rooms before the battery needs to be charged and it holds more dirt than earlier models do. This is one area where I think the Roomba falls a little bit short of conventional vacuum cleaners. Since I have two dogs, my house gets pretty dirty. I like to get my vacuuming done as soon as possible. The Roomba moves slowly and it's filter and dustbin need to be cleaned frequently. Since it runs on batteries, I often find that I can't do the whole house in one sitting. I have to give the Roomba a break so that it can recharge. The recharging process takes about three hours. I stay at home most of the time, so this isn't a big problem for me, but I don't think it's a terribly efficient way to get my housecleaning done. The last time I vacuumed, I used the Roomba in a couple of rooms and, while it was running, used the big vacuum in the other rooms. That made the process of vacuuming a bit faster.

    As it stands now, I think the Roomba Sceduler vacuum cleaner is a handy gadget to own. It entertains my toddler and does a great job cleaning under my furniture. I'm not so sure if I'm ready to give up my conventional corded vacuum cleaner yet. In fact, I've told DH that we will probably need to get another conventional vacuum cleaner sometime this year-- something with more power and storage capacity than the Roomba . I do think it will lighten the load for my other vacuum cleaner and make it easier for me to keep the house clean. Some folks might think that it would have been a lot more practical for me to have just bought a regular vacuum in the first place, but I've kind of got my heart set on a new Dyson and I can't quite afford it yet. As it stands now, I think the Roomba has something to offer that other vacuums don't have, although I am glad I bought it for a great price a discount of about $100 !! However, I'm hoping that as time goes on, the technology for robotic vacuums will only get better. I think iRobot is definitely on to something big.
    I am now waiting for the Scooba (the floor washing robot)due for delivery in April.Can't wait to see how it works in washing my kitchen and bathroom floors.Much cheaper than a maid anyway.........more info
  • Expensive and imperfect, but still handy
    I am thoroughly impressed by this little guy's ability to navigate around our cramped little apartment. It does a great job of getting all the tracked cat litter and tumbleweeds of cat hair we have blowing around. Recharging itself is a plus too. But on to the negatives...

    First of all, why can't they put a trash can on the docking station and make it empty itself? That would be the simplest part of the whole equation and this feature is silently missing from all Roomba models.

    Secondly and most importantly, this thing eats wires. Make sure you have no wires anywhere. This is extremely important because it could cause a fire. We went away and the Roomba was scheduled to clean during that time. We came home to find it had pulled its charging station away from the wall, run over the power cable and *shredded the live power cable*! I'm talking exposed metal wire plugged into the wall! Customer service is sending us another one, but they are on back order (I guess this is a common problem!?).

    The charging station is extremely light and if the Roomba doesn't line up right it can start dragging it around trying to dock. So secure it to the ground some how to avoid a potential fire hazard. I would say some sort of wire detection should be the next major upgrade to these things.

    It also couldn't get up onto some loose rugs we had, it would just shove them around. But having clean floors meant we didn't really need the rugs anyway.

    Over all I'm glad we got it as it does the maintenance we don't have time for. But seeing as it's out of order right now, my opinion is a bit low....more info
  • Roomba Scheduler
    I like this product. It works good, as advertised, but needs a little keeping after, like most vacuums. You need to keep the bin and brushes clean, and look for it once in a while because it'll get lost, but it cleans really well. ...more info
  • Can't live without my roomba
    We just got our roomba 4320.

    It is just awesome.

    FYI - Best buy has a $100 instant rebate, so I bought one for 229.
    I also bought a #30 extended warranty (recommended by other roomba owners)

    I have used it on carpet, wood floor.

    The key is to run it twice a week (wood floors), and it can cover a 40 feet by 80 feet approx area. Else depending on the dust you might have to empty it.

    I have run it on carpet. It picks up hairs (a huge plus). I haven't had to clean the brush so I don't know how much hastle, but I found of alot of hair in the bin.

    For the Techies: It is not perfect. It most of the times covers the same area over and over.

    My wife thinks it cute.

    This was an asked for present. So now I get credit for all the cleaning roomba does, as this was one of my chores.

    A few more toys like this, and I will be in heaven !!!!!...more info
  • the age of robots
    First off I would like to congratulate iRobot on this new concept, but it's hardly the idle cleaner. This thing is extremely loud and unbearable while I'm working. I had to get out of the room to escape the noise, minutes later, the roomba just chases after me. Sure it cleans, but doesn't clean that tight corner, and it's too stupid to climb the stairs, and clean my other rooms. Don't expect it to pickup everything, it may pick up a few grain of dust, but I throw some bolts on the floor just to see what this $300 vacuum can accomplish, apparently not much. This thing is also hazardous for old people; it tripped my grandma nearly a dozen times. Another thing, it can't avoid traps, got home one day and found it all tangled up and struggling in back of my computer desk, not to mention that all my mouse traps were set off by roomba!, meaning free lunch for those furry freaks. Forget about your carpet, roomba can dance around a hundred times in the same area, and that old soda stain still looks good as new. The battery life is just another cry for help. I went on a vacation and put my trust into roomba, then came home a month later to a jungle of spider webs, and dunes of dust, seems like roomba also took its sweet vacation. On the other hand, I really like the remote -- It makes me look tough, shows roomba who's the boss around here. The charger is nice too, it's a shame that roomba can't find it. I bought roomba to save me some time, money, and a reason to fire my maid, but I guess it's time to reinstate my broom....more info
  • question about roomba
    I would liek to buy the best one, and specially the one works on carpet? Which one is the best for carpets?

    Thanks, Pilar...more info
  • Roomba, how do I love thee....
    Let me count the ways:

    1. Anything that gives me extra time with my daughter (6 months) is priceless. Bonus: If I need time to do something else, Roomba is appealing enough to get her attention for at least 15 minutes :-)

    2. Two (very hairy) cats, two (less hairy)adults and one (not so hairy) baby learning to crawl on almost all wall-to-wall rugs in a small apartment. Any questions?

    3. People come over and say "Did you get rid of the cats"? due to no cat hair anywhere (well on the floor anyway).

    4. Does my carpets and tile floor without missing a beat.

    5. Goes under ALL my furniture.

    6. The only time we had it abort the mission was when it sucked up one of my necklaces that dropped behind my dresser. Didn't break the machine though.

    7. One less thing for a VERY busy mom to do.

    I have not vacumed since I got it. Once a week I'll move things around so it gets spots that are typically filled with obstacles and that's it. I would never be able to move my couch, dressers, and VERY heavy bed (impossible) to get under them EVERY time I cleaned so as far as I am concerned, Roomba does a much better job than I would be able to. Hopefully, it will last (I've only had it for one month). ...more info
  • Not perfect, but A LOT better than me having to vacuum...
    First of all, this product will not eliminate the need to ever have your house vacuumed again. We will still need our cleaning service to come every two weeks. However, it should keep us from having to do those "maintenance vacuums" between cleanings. Our house is not an easy one. We have a dog who sheds constantly. We also have a baby who likes to crawl around the floor. As you know, that is not a great combination. So we run the Roomba about once a day to clean up the dog hair and anything else so the little man does not get a mouth full of fur.

    The Roomba isn't perfect. There are places it can't get to and it doesn't handle the transition area from hardwoods to carpet well (however, contrary to other reviewers, it does work on carpet). Its a bit noisy, so we just run it when we leave the house or when the noise doesn't matter. You also need to empty it often. Not ideal, but the alternative would be a device that is too large to be practical....

    Our main floor has multiple rooms, with a considerable amount of furniture, so it is not an ideal situation for the Roomba. However, I have been impressed by how well it handles the obstacles. I have also been quite surprised that with all these obstacles, it still manages to find its way back to the base (most of the time at least).

    In summary, the Roomba is not cheap and it is not a replacement for the thorough cleaning your house will still need. However, it is not a toy, and it does save us quite a bit of time. Besides, it is a great conversation piece.......more info
  • The best time saver ever
    If you are looking to save time, this device is what you need. It does everything that it says it does. We use to vacuum twice a week (when we could), but now we only have to break out the other vaccuum once a month (the Roomba does a great job, but we feel like the room needs a good cleaning once in awhile.)

    Now we don't feel pressured because the house is not vacuumed. It is all done when we get home. Only problem with the Roomba is it doesn't cook. But now we have time to do the cooking, spend time with our child, and have more time doing other things.

    If Roomba is improving their design, we wish that the vaccum had a paging system, just in case it gets lost (this rarely happens). Our house is small, so it does a great job with the charge (plus it only needs three hours to charge.) The vaccum finds it's home and charges automatically. If you are a two income family, the scheduling works great. The house is all vaccumed by the time we get home. And it picks up a lot of dog hair.

    Also, we cleaned out under our bed and let Roomba clean under it. It took several days to get all of the dust and hair out from the bed (this hasn't happened for 5 years) but now it is very clean.

    Have fun with your Roomba, we highly recommend it. Only complaint is the paging system and the filters need to be replaced too much. We would buy another!...more info
  • iRobot Roomba 4230 Scheduler Robotic Vacuum
    Bought as a gift for Family Member. Overall good product. Mom loves how clean the room is.
    3 major issues.
    1. Had minor trouble with trash basket falling off. Called customer service, sent an e-mail no response at all. Customer Service is rated bad.
    2. Unit often cannot find charging station and has to be hand lifted back into the charging station after is dies (low batteries) a few few from charging base.
    3. Trash basket can fall off unit and does not clip on well.
    Again overall current user of product loves its results, but the above issues are real.
    Bay Area...more info
  • Converted Skeptics
    You could not have found a more critical pair, a perfectionist housewife and an electrical engineer. We thought our Discovery would be going back within the week! We first set it loose on a rambling space with hardwood floors & oriental rugs, some with lots of fringe - basically a nightmare scenario for the Rumba. We were fascinated as it worked its way over floor & rug, even probing the maze of dining room chairs - and always getting out! When it got hung up on long fringes, the brushes would stop and, we presume, went slack because the Rumba would back away untangling itself and, after a few seconds, the brushes would resume as it headed off in a new direction. If it worked in this first area, we felt it could handle our other rooms (mostly plush carpet). Another real test came when we took out the Christmas tree leaving a mess of pine needles. It went to work on the carpet doing spot cleaning sprials as it detected heavy needle concentration (blue light comes on) and ended up impressing us all. It's now routine to drop the Rumba into the bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., and let it handle weekly cleanup. The key is to keep your expectations realistic. We still have our manual vacuum and use it for more thorough cleaning from time to time. And yes, it doesn't dust or do steps or windows but what it does, it does well. I'm always surprised when I empty the dirt bin, it seems as thorough as power hog plug-in sweepers. As we get older it's nice to get some help with the housework. I'd like to say it saves a lot of time but we still watch the damn thing :-) ...more info
  • THINK~!!!
    This is one of the GREATEST Invention of mankind!!! It automatically clean the floor, and get back to "station" when its done, or when it needs to be Charged. OK, NOW......THINK ABOUT THIS. "BEST idea does not mean BEST PRODUCT". It does NOT clean the area where conventional Vacuum Machine can, such as Window Frames, Stairs and OFF FLOOR Location. ALSO BREAKS EASY~!!! Why do you think there are SO MANY Factory Re-Conditioned ones out there~!?? I would WAIT until they perfect the IDEA much later on. They are making TONS of money while they use consumer as Ginny Pigs mean while. I would say, Please offer PROVEN product that is money worth. This kind of GADGET are CHEAPLY MADE. TEST IT yourself if you can before Spend it~!! Also, do not work on Carpet. ...more info
    This is one of the GREATEST Invention of mankind!!! It automatically clean the floor, and get back to "station" when its done, or when it needs to be Charged. OK, NOW......THINK ABOUT THIS. "BEST idea does not mean BEST PRODUCT". It does NOT clean the area where conventional Vacuum Machine can, such as Window Frames, Stairs and OFF FLOOR Location. ALSO BREAKS EASY~!!! Why do you think there are SO MANY Factory Re-Conditioned ones out there~!?? I would WAIT until they perfect the IDEA much later on. They are making TONS of money while they use consumer as Ginny Pigs mean while. I would say, Please offer PROVEN product that is money worth. This kind of GADGET are CHEAPLY MADE. TEST IT yourself if you can before Spend it~!! Also, do not work on Carpet. ...more info
  • Clean Floors for Baby
    As a working Mother of a preschooler and an infant, I must say that I LOVE my roomba that I received for Christmas. We have 3 shedding pets, and I hated to see my baby crawling around on dirty floors...although finding time to vacuum was difficult with everything else I have to do at home. Now I have my roomba programed to come on every afternoon, and I come home to clean floors. I use the infrared walls to keep it contained, and we have also discovered that household objects like a golf umbrella strategically placed in a doorway will also contain it quite well while allowing us/pets to come and go as needed. After it is recharged in the evening, I often put it to work in other areas of the house (bedrooms, bonus room, etc). It is wonderful to be able to clean up after dinner AND vacuum at the same time! My husband was quite skeptical of it before we got it, but he is a convert now. Thanks roomba...if only they had a robot to fold my laundry!...more info
  • Roomba The Robot !
    I bought a couple of Discovery's for my mother and brother, and a Scheduler for myself. "Played" with both of them. Roomba is a real robot (developed by iRobot, a robotics company) and Roomba is a real vacuum cleaner, a smart one too.

    It has got a "brain", and with its sensors it can prevent itself from falling off steps and locate and to dock itself back onto its home base charger. It has dirt sensors to help decide where it should clean a dirty spot a few more times. It even has sensors to help identify a wall so it can clean alongside, or a piece of furniture for which it will attempt to clean literaly around it. The Scheduler adds a programmable timer so it can work at any time you specified (so you can program it to clean when you are away and avoid any of its remote-controlled toy car-like noise).

    Although it has relatively small cleaning path compared to a regular upright vacuum cleaner, it takes its time wondering around doing its job even in those tough-to-reach spaces. The best part is that you can just walk away and come back later for a clean floor. Despite having a tiny motor, it actually sucks quite a bit of stuffs out of our carpet. I think this is impressive and disagree with people who say Roomba can do well only on wood and tiled floors.

    However, it has some drawbacks:
    As a robotics toy, it can only do vacuuming. Luckily iRobot supports hacking their product so geeks can now actually control and modify the behavior of Roomba ( ).

    As a vacuum cleaner, it is too small for a big house, I think. With a maximum running time of up to 3 hours I don't believe it can cover my entire 1400sq-ft first floor at one time. Because it is not human, it may eat and choke on shoelace, necklace, and other similar junks lay in its path. Its dustbin for larger debris is space limited so you need to empty it quite often. Its filter compartment for fine particles is even smaller. So iRobot recommends cleaning both after each use. It may take significantly longer time to finish its job if it needs to negotiate with many furniture legs in a dinning room.

    So I think it is for people who have a smaller space to clean and who have less clutters and furniture in the room. I see it a fantastic smart device for maintaining a clean floor automatically (as it might be too small for major heavy duty vacuuming - in this case get a Shop-Vac)

    It might not be so great for people who basically cannot trust a robot. If you cannot wait for an hour or two for a room to be cleaned, then grab a conventional vacuum cleaner. I also believe some people might find vacuuming by themselves is easier than moving clutters and furniture every time before starting up Roomba.

    Anyhow, I recommend getting one unless vacuuming your house with the heavy upright vacuum is your only needed and beloved exercise....more info
  • Excellent Item
    My wife and I work outrages hours and we are hardly ever home and hardly ever have any time to clean. This robot has been a big help and I am very please with it. It cleans up very well and then parks itself. I was so happy with this that I bought the Scooba which is the mopping version of this robot. That one will come in any day now. If you buy this item you are also contributing to a good cause. IROBOT the maker of this machine also makes robots for the military that are saving our soldiers lives out in Iraq. So hey, you get a great vacuum and help protect our troops....more info
  • Better than we expected
    We just purchased the Roomba as a Christmas gift. We were amazed at how simple everything was. You take it out of the box and let it charge until the light turns green. Then you walk it into the middle of the room and press the button 'CLEAN' from there, the Roomba starts its pattern cleaning. In about 45 minutes the entire room was clean. The roomba was also much quieter than we expected, being that its a vacuum we thought it must have been much louder.

    My wife has already named our Roomba ' Rosie ', and she informed me that she will never be without Rosie. I get the hint that if it breaks one day, we will have to order another one immediately.

    In our room configuration I was almost sure it was going to get stuck under one of the chair legs, or completely miss a narrow pathway behind our bar, and another narrow pathway behind our coffee table. Boy was I wrong, the roomba literally covered every inch of the room. It also got underneath a hutch that may have gone years without being touched. It seemed to spend some extra time under there and got out all the dust.

    What we couldn't believe was how deeply it cleaned. Our area Persian dark rugs, show every piece of lint. In one occasion the Roomba's blue light came on indicating it found an especially dirty area and spent an extra few minutes on it.

    All in all I think we will wind up buying 2 more and keep one Roomba on each level. We haven't toyed with the scheduler yet and we might not. I mean how lazy can we be, all you have to do is press one button and it cleans the entire room! The coolest thing about it, is that when its done, it goes around and finds the charger so you cannot even forget to charge it!

    Clearly the Roomba is one of the greatest inventions of our time and will change the way we clean our house permanently. All I can say is that we are very happy with it and think it is an excellent buy....more info
  • Roomba
    After seeing good reviews and thinking of how easy it would be to just set a program and having my cleaning done I decided to buy a Roomba. Big Mistake. When I got it out of the package There were huge scratches all over the place. Since these were just cosmetic I went ahead and charged it. It took forever! I was about to put it back in the box and ship it back when it FINALLY was done. I set in the program and started before I went to work. When I got back I looked over at the dock and was not surprised to see it wasn't there. Unlike other reviews where it got stuch under furniture, mine was just sitting there. I immediatley sent it back to amazon. The cleaning it did wasn't very good either. The only fun I got ws seeing it move before I went to work.I would not recommend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • Serious vacuum that's as fun as a toy!
    You might think this adorable, solid little beeping platter of a vacuum is a toy, but it cleans with amazing enthusiasm. I've run it every day, and it STILL keeps picking up cat hair and dust. My house looks clean, but UGH, there's a lot of invisible dirt on the floors and in the carpet.

    I decided to purchase the Roomba because dusty, linty floors drive me nuts, and I don't want to spend my few hours off work cleaning floors. Many disabled users have raved about the Roomba - it will do the heavy work for you, but you do need to have good fine motor control to clean hair and lint from the rollers and brushes.

    The noise is about equivalent to a small vacuum or small blow-dryer - not unpleasant, but you might want to let it clean rooms you aren't using.

    The Scheduler Walls use D batteries (a set of 4 costs $7 here), so I've just used a rolled towel to block off doorways - cheap, efficient, and they never run out of power.

    You'll really notice the Roomba difference when you wake allergy-free, walk barefoot, or come home to fluffy clean carpets....more info
  • pretty cool so far
    I just got the scheduler out of the box and so far I'm amazed. I was skeptical but it has initially at least passed my expectations. First try, it cleaned my entire carpet well without getting stuck or having any problems. Even managed to weave through a narrow opening onto my sunroom, vaccum that and then find its way back out. Only problem so far is it didn't go back automatically to the charger as promised even though it was on clean mode. It went back close to it many times but just kept vaccuming until it ran out of power (maybe 1 hour, which is less than the 120 est minutes but I do have a large room and carpet so it seems reasonable). Overall, I like I just hope it holds up well over time and continues to operate at this level. ...more info
  • Just like a TIVO...
    The roomba products are just like tivos - anyone who has ever used and seen them in action absolutly must have them, whereas everyone else isnt sure what the fuss is about. There is no way I could keep my large house with old carpet and multiple young kids clean w/o the roomba. The kids love to help clean the rooms so they can watch the roomba. And, it is amazing how well the unit cleans. Just clear a room for it to work and let it do its thing for 30 minutes - 2hours and you have spotless carpet. It even gets all the dirt along wall edges and goes under beds and other furniture to clear where other vacuums cant....more info
  • Good Idea, but not durable
    While the Roomba is a great concept, they are not durable. We had our Roomba for less than a month and it died. Although the company is working with us to get the unit replaced, the fact that our unit died so quickly and we are having to spend money shipping the unit back and waiting on parts due to a backorder is unacceptable. ...more info
  • WOW!
    12-3-2005 I have to say, I was skeptical at first... but, if you let it run it's course uninterrupted it picks up a lot of dirt/pet hair/etc! I am really surprised at how well this little guy cleans! It is amazing to see it in action... you think at first it has missed a spot/didn't pick something up, and then comes back and gets it on another round. It even got my edges pretty good. Obviously, you have to make sure everything is picked up. I babysat it for the first while to get to know it, and see if it would stop on anything (had no problems at all). I make sure there are not any obstacles (cords, large trash, string, etc) in the way; and let it do it's job! It is easy to clean out, and set up... make sure you charge it before you use it, as the instructions state. Works great on both tile and carpeted areas! WHAT A DREAM!
    (mom of 3; 2 dogs; and a construction husband - who actually likes it too!)

    12-23-05 Still love the thing... It's almost like when microwaves or cell phones came out...once you have one, there is no going without. I have been using the roomba on a daily basis in the high traffic areas of the house (kitchen/Living room/hallway). The bedrooms every other day... So, it has been working hard; and has not let me down. I purchased an extra battery and charger through "Irobot", the manufacturer. It makes it possible for this little guy to work all day! It is amazing at what it manages to pick up on a daily basis. I have been using the "scheduled" option in my living room daily w/ the virtual walls; and it is amazing to see the roomba back out of his dock (sounds like a tractor with the back-up beeping!)and clean the living room; when scheduled... My kids have made a game of making sure the living room is picked up before the little guy gets going. I am also able to get more things done during the day; and I don't have to skimp or put off the vacuuming. I LOVE having my carpet vacuumed daily; and it has been better for my husbands allergies...

    You do need to clean/wipe it out once in awhile; but Irobot made it easy to do. It was meant for you to clean/change the brushes; and wipe the sensors off. I figure it is vacuuming my house constantly and it only takes 5 minutes or less to clean it up once in awhile (no big deal). I do dump the chamber on a room by room (or use by use) basis. The directions are simple and even can find information on the Irobot site about how to take care of it.
    ...more info
  • Hard to beat on hard surfaces
    We have owned the little guy for almost a year now. Having lived in two homes in that time, one with tile floors throughout and the other with hardwood floors, my experience is only with the Roombas perfomance on hard surfaces, and whole room rugs. Having said that I have never seen a vaccum that performs this well. It picks up more from the hard floors than I could ever get with a broom or another hard surface type vaccum. While having to empty the bin after each run is a bit of an inconvenience, it is nothing compared to the time and effort I save. I just added the scheduler package and now can come home and have my heavily trafficked rooms nice and clean, with lil Roomba waiting in the charger preparing for the next day. Before Roomba I was vaccuming at most 2-3 times a week, now Roomba runs nearly every day. My floors have never been this dust free, and my allergies are minimal. Thanks Roomba...more info
  • 3 dogs and an RV
    Simply put, it exceeds my expectations. I'm traveling in a 26ft class C Rv with 3 dogs and a husband, all of which shed copious amounts of fur. My partner was very critical of this vac before we got it, and to be honest, I bought it for our cabin, not the RV. However it arrived while we were on the road so I took a risk at an "told you so" and used it in the RV. To my delight, we are hair free for a month now without having to lift a finger (except cleaning the bin and brushes on a regular basis) and the skeptic even praises it and named it Hazel. For a techno-phobe, this is saying something. It does a good job avoiding problem areas like steps and squeaky toys. The dogs watch it from the sofa and have accepted it as a family member. I find we watch it a lot too. It's mesmerizing. We run it once a day, often as we walk the dogs, and return to a very clean floor. I disagree with those who say it is a toy. It is not a toy; it does a good job maintaining a floor on a daily basis. I wouldn't expect it to replace my regular vacuum but rather replace daily vacuuming. We use a shop vac once every two weeks for those hard to reach areas that dog fur always seems to find (door pockets, top of dressers, etc), and use Hazel for daily maintenance to keep our travel quarters shedding fur free.
    Two things you need to be aware of about this device. It doesn't like rugs with tassels, or shoe laces, or anything else a normal vacuum doesn't like. Roomba doesn't always see these things as obstacles. It does a great job of getting un-stuck (it uses what I call the dung beetle approach by rearing up and turning to watch).
    You also need to keep it clean. I clean mine every other day. Emptying the bin is one thing, but I use the included cleaning tool to keep the brushes hair free on a regular basis. Since we have so many dogs in a confined space, it can build up hair on the brushes quickly. At first I thought this was going to be a bother, but its something I enjoy doing. Its like grooming a friend (in a monkey at the zoo kind of way).
    ...more info
  • Toy, not tool.
    This robot is awfully cute, but a bit unreliable. We have had one for about four weeks now. It is able to do its job about half the time. It has a weak vacuum cleaner (which is what you would expect considering its size) that collects maybe 25% of what I get when sweeping. If used carefully, it will vacuum part of your house fairly well if supervised.

    Here is our experience:

    Roomba arrives. We read the manual and put it on its charger. We let it charge overnight. The next day, we clear away all of the wires and other light items that could snag a vacuum cleaner. We pick up the light rugs and leave the heavy rugs (we have hardwood floors). We turn Roomba loose. It does okay for about ten minutes, but then it gets stuck on a rug and aborts. We pick it up and put it back on its charger.

    The red "no power" light blinks for the next nine days. We consider returning it as defective, but it finally manages to charge and give us the green "thumbs-up" light.

    I set it running while I am doing chores around the place. I keep an eye on it, and it runs around vacuuming. Eventually, I send it back to its charger when its power light turns yellow. It gets some dust and all is well.

    I do the same the next night. The robot gets caught under a radiator and aborts. It somehow manages to wedge itself between the bottom of the radiator and the floor. I rescue it, and it completes its mission.

    We set it up to run while we are at work. We get home, only to find roomba stuck under a dinner chair. It managed to get between the legs to get under the chair, but was unable to find its way out.

    Next day, we set it up to run while we are at work. We get home, and roomba is not on its charger. After a little searching, we find the robot inside of a laundry bag. The bag is semi-rigid, and was sitting upright when we left it. Roomba must have knocked it over, then gone inside to clean.

    It runs okay for the next week. One day we left the door open to the bathroom (accidentally), and it got caught on the bathmat. The thing is damn quirky, though. Yesterday, we got home to find that the dust-tray had somehow fallen off the robot near its base. It was sitting in the living room missing its butt, having aborted for related reasons I suspect. So, while it ran, it sucked up dust and spit it out the back.

    Overall, I would say this robot is more for entertainment purposes than for cleaning. If you never, ever clean, then Roomba might be an improvement. With the roomba running every day, it keeps the place less dusty than if I sweep once per week. However, the thing is very prone to get confused or stuck and abort. Plus, we have had some problems with charging....more info
  • Independence from the floor stuff
    I spend a lot of time away from my house and don't always have any time to clean when I am home. I also like to have a fairly clean house with minimal work when I do get home. I got this vacumn about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to give it a fair chance before I reviewed it. Setup was incredibly easy and only took about 5 minutes. Everything was already in the machine except for the battery. I had the vacumn charged and ready to go 2 hours after I got home. The first couple of runs it picked up more dirt than I expected. I had it run once a day every day for the first week. Since then I only use it 1-2 times a week. It does such a good job that there is no need to run it more often in my place. The main area I use it is the front room and kitchen areas. They are connected at one end and the machine has no problem cleaning both without getting lost. The scheduler function of the walls and the vacumn work as they are supposed to. One of the few drawbacks is the fact that it is quiet due to a fairly low power suction motor. This necessitates the repeats of areas that iRobot talks about. The machine is sturdy and hasn't marked up any of my furniture or floorboards. It is small enough to fit under the overhang of my floor level kitchen cabinets. It runs much slower on deep carpet and although it can clean that type of area it isn't recommended. Clean up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. I recommend cleaning out the dust bin area with a damp cloth at least twice a month. The kit comes with extra brushes and filters so that you don't have to worry about that when you first buy the vacumn. The whole kit comes with the scheduler vacumn, 2 scheduler walls, the scheduler remote, the floor base station with portable charger, and brushes and filter in place plus the extras mentioned above. You need 4 AA batteries for the remote and 4 C cell batteries (2 each) for the virtual walls. Be sure to thoroughly read the owners manual before using the vacumn the first time to make sure you know what it is going to do. Check the website to find out what the sounds mean. I definitely recommend this kit and will be buying the Scooba (their mop version) as soon as it comes out also....more info
  • A Godsend for disabled or busy people and GermanShedder owners
    Strengths: Does exactly what my DysonAnimal does...without me!
    Weaknesses: Doesn't brush my German Shepherd or prepare meals or do laundry
    Summary: The Roomba is a Godsend for me. I am disabled and own a German Shepherd who sheds tremendous amounts of hair and my 1,000 square feet of Pergo shows every blessed one! (Grrrrrrr) It does a perfect job. It is amusing to watch as it unsticks itself from tight spots. It transistions itself very well from rugs to pergo to ceramic tile and the battery life is very long. (I usually set mine to clean at 2:00 am and it cleans EVERYWHERE. No dustbunnies and I have CLEAN WHITE SOCKS because it's so thorough! It returns to its homebase with a belly full of doghair, dust and sand.)During the day, (if company is coming) I have to turn mine off after about an hour and a will keep on going cleaning up after my dog otherwise. Watching my dog and the Roomba interact is worth the money alone. Whenever it bumps into one of her bones, my dog frantically hides every single one of her bones EACH time this happens! Other than that she considers it an affible family member! It's very gentle. It gently rides over her tail or gently bumps her nose while she sleeps. It goes gently along the edges of my stained glass fireplace cover, my drapes and cleans perfectly around the legs of chairs, everything for that matter. And unlike my Dyson, it doesn't leave dust on itself. It takes 1 to 2 minutes tops to empty the bin, shake the filter and clean the brushes.....I feel totally spoiled! My disabled friend recommended it to me. She still has the ORIGINAL Roomba model as well as six Basset Hounds and 2 teenagers! Rush to get one if you prefer doing things other than vacuuming!
    ...more info