Sid Meier's Pirates!

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Sid Meier is an authoritative designer of some of the leading Role-Play games. What does it take to become one of the most feared, successful, and revered pirates of history? Here's an all new version of the classic Pirate role-play scenario that'll shiver your timbers as you yell ahoy! Confront enemies on board ships, in seedy taverns, on the ramparts and even at the Governor's mansion. Wield weapons - or anything within your reach - as you fence against foes. Engage in fierce naval battles fighting single enemies or multiple ships. ESRB = E Everyone

  • Experience the dangerous life of a pirate in this action-adventure game
  • Play a Pirate Captain in the 17th century Caribbean, amassing fortune and fame
  • Engage in fierce naval battles; battle, overtake, and command 27 ship types
  • Explore the high seas and exotic ports in a richly detailed 3-D world
  • Multiple quests through non-linear, open life timeline; enhanced sound effects

Customer Reviews:

  • I don't really understand all the negativity
    I will not say that this game does not have its problems the most annoying aspect of which is dancing with the governor's daughter 500 times (that's not an exaggeration I counted) there is also the issue of the repetition of the vast majority of the cut scenes. However I will say for all of its faults the game is fun to play. A couple of hours spent blasting Dutch or Spanish shipping is never a waste of time. Some battles require a battlewagon with 45 guns others require a lighter faster ship, your choice

    Overall-I don't think people need to lower their expectations about a game or anything but they do need to quite acting like every game they play is going to be the "best game ever" you're just setting yourself up for disappointment when you go into a situation like that.
    ...more info
  • Brilliant on its merits

    Pros: Open-ended, with a story lets you choose questing or mindless destruction, sacking, etc. Straight forward controls are easy to learn across the board. Lets you do all the "piratety" things you love from books and movies, from ship battles, to buried treasure, wenching, armada building, rescues, dueling, and more. Age, mutinies, money, food, land, power, reputation, and health provide realistic capping rules to "gamers rule breaking loop-hole power-up" syndrome. Absolutely essential software to laptops for those "waiting times" and traveling, which makes the low system requirements the greatest blessing.
    Cons: Admittedly, any given single task can become grinding if you need to repeat it for the sake of gaining one resource or advancing a stat, however, I find that mostly happens when hyper-focusing on a task, which actually wastes time, and is counter productive for advancement. There is a Vista patch available, but without it major frustration might occur after install when trying to run. Gamers may prefer 1701, and hyper-focused task orientated people may wish to look at the Monkey Island series, but understand these are not marks against this game.
    Other Thoughts: While the sound and graphics are certainly not top-notch, consider how long this game has been around is multiple incarnations. Fundamentally, the gameplay is some of the most brilliant ever, which has only limited reproduction, and it has evolved from text only through catridges to the graphic gui control now. As to repeated play, there are multiple skill levels which can be changed mid-campaign, differing nations to choose for allies, agendas, and quests, meaning you can choose how to play the game. Even after you map these into your head, you can change time periods, which changes nations and settlements to scramble new sets of challenges. While this may not be a "gamers" game, it is often completely overlooked as the classic it is. For everyday people to load up and play in stints, it is quite possibly the perfect game and certainly better than all the preloaded, and "discount bin" games. ...more info
  • Yargh!
    I've wanted to get this game when it came out but kept forgetting about it. I finally ordered it and I'm glad I did! You have a great deal of freedom in the game and can sail around fighting or befriending whomever you'd like. The dancing mini game is also suprisingly fun. It's quircky and campy and deffinitly fun....more info
  • Still a blast after years
    Sids Pirates is probably the best application of Sim behavior that he managed to produce. Pirates follows your character, a nameless family member who's entire extended family is captured by a quitessential evil baron, and sent to the Americas. You follow as a member of a various faction (British, Spanish, French, Dutch) in order to resuce them, becoming a privateer in the meantime. As you work for various governments capturing ships and cargo, you garner lands and titles, discover hidden Incan cities, plunder buried prate treasure, and confront famous pirates past. You can also woe and dance your spare hours aware with the governers daughter.

    Combat is this game is pathetically easy. Ram ship, dispatch enemy captain, hooray. However, if you're feelnig malicious, you can blast away sails, grapeshot the crew overboard, or sink her with roundshot, even after they run up the white. You also aren't belabored with crippled ships (Your ship, the flagship, sets the pace) This doesn't make it any less fun. Sacking cities is a bit trickier, and can require some significant strategy in order to prevail against greater numbers.

    Travel is sometimes annoying. The windlass is a bit misleading, and different ships run into or in front of the wind in ways that sometimes don't make sense, but a through explanation of wind and ship types helps with this. Morale also plummets at odd times, unless theres a steady stream of treasure incoming, which there usually is. Side quests, while repetitive, don't lose their charm for being integral to the progression of the various settlements. Probably my only real infuriating complaint is Simese, which I've hated since the release of the Sims. As they added enough voices that they're rarely repeated, I'd have thought a halfway decent voice acting cast would've been just as easy to run.

    Overall, this game is fanstastic. Fun, engaging, relatively frustrating at times, and it actually manages to convey a sense of adventure. Only a few annoyances with the system and setup prevent it from being perfect. Its also safe for all ages, though younger kids probably won't get some of the theme. And despite its age, its graphics and sound still are good enough to get a thumbs up. Considering its now in bargain bins across the land, go pick it up....more info
  • Lot's of fun...
    This is a fascinating game, it has a lot of hidden historical treasures behind it. I believe the designers based this game on the journal notes from "The Illustrated Pirate Diares, A Remarkable Eyewitness Account of Captain Morgan and the Buccaneers", by Alexander Exquemelin. From the story of Fran?ois L'Olonnais, the Career of Captain Henry Morgan, Rock the Brazilian, to Morgan's capture of Maracaibo, Riohacha, Santa Catalina and the city of Panama.

    You can choose from 4 colonial powers , Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

    Enjoy it!...more info
    This is my favorite game. There are so many cities it's almost impossible to remember everything so it feels much like a new game each time you play. Sometimes the sea travel seems slow but they did speed up the ship battles in the last patch. There is no lewd behavior or language, no blood and guts, and no death so I think that this game is pretty family-friendly....more info
  • Game for the whole Family
    Dad, mom, and three kids all enjoy this game. It can be played on many levels and does not contain the sort of graphic images that would preclude the children in our household. The kids enjoy the adventurous nature of the game, while the adults like the strategic aspects. Plenty of fun, easy to learn, and the difficulty level accomodates a range of players. A game everyone can enjoy....more info
  • Fun For 10 Hours
    The game is amazingly addictive for a short while, until the mini games get repetitive. Since the mini-games are 70 % of the game, there's no real point in playing this game more than once. Also, at the game-age of 32, it's SUPER DUPER hard to beat the boss on swashbuckler difficulty, for me at least....more info
  • Not just for kids!
    Though it would be family friendly, I'm proof that it's highly addictive to adults too!
    The different eras and levels of difficulty mean that the game can be played many times over. Various piratical activities offer the chance to use different skills - dancing needs some coordination, whereas for land battles you'll need to strategise.
    It's great fun seeing your pirate become more and more famous and rise through the dastardly ranks as you defeat other notorious characters.
    Highly recommended....more info
    VERY IMPORTANT. I love this game, but I must warn you there are 2 versions. The Atari and the 2K one. I have the Atari, and love it. I don't no how good the 2K is. Thanks...more info
  • For once, I'm better then my dad!
    I love this game. My dad, brother and I got it for X-mas and we loved making up different names. We always choose different skills and levels. And when you do ballroom dances, I can go to the end. But my dad can't. The most fun though, is when you fight the villans and get gold. The cut scenes are great (like when you a relative). This is my favorite computer game....more info
  • The Bad Side
    This game, produced by the creator of Civilization, Alpha Centauri, SimGolf, Gettysburg, and Antietam, has a few big bad sides to it! For example, some dances at the governor's mansion can get real confusing. I suggest that when you divide the plunder at the end of your voyage, you revert down levels as soon as you can, or you will suffer terrible difficulty conquering or sneaking in or out of cities. Other than that, this game is the best!
    ...more info
  • Great Game for Everyone
    This game is alot of fun to play again and again. Every time it is different. We all had fun helping each other find treasures and lost relatives and laughed at each other doing the dancing. From the best gamer in the house to the novice gamer, we all enjoyed it....more info
  • Ahoy Matey! Get ready for a fun game.
    The game is different each time you play it and it's fun. I have Pirate Hunter also which is similar but this game is easier to control than Pirate Hunter....more info
  • Great game with hours of entertainment.
    The new installment of the old classic (I remember playing Pirates Gold on the Sega Genesis) is a great update. The different difficult levels force players to hone their pirating skills on land, sea, and with the ladies.

    The tactical battle setup is a vast improvement. Crushing the enemy, drawing them into an ambush, or sneaking troops by to storm the city all come with their own risks and rewards. The only drawback is the inability to choose the type of troop you will have (i.e. pirates, officers, or buccaneers). Additionally, it would be nice to have comparable troops to those of the enemy (mounted units perhaps?)

    The sea battles are great. New ship types, difficult winds, and great graphics combine to make the battles both engaging and entertaining. Again, customization of the ships in your fleet could be more in-depth. You have the ability to change the type of cannons, the sails, and add extra troops, but actual full customization might be enjoyable.

    Finally, capturing the booty and the booty make for extra entertainment, as you attempt to not only conquer the New World, but also the heart of a beautiful governor's daughter. Including side quests and the dancing portion are great improvements over the original, and bring finding a wife into a brighter spotlight.

    Overall, Sid Meier has done it again. Another great game for sim/strategy enthusiasts. The graphics, sounds, and game play are all top-notch. The only room for improvement would be through customization through means other than mods.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding game play!
    Sid Meirs is genius. This game will give you many hours of intense game play. I wish there were more games of this quality to enjoy, instead of the mindless shoot-em-up stuff that makes up 90% of the games sold. I love the open endness of the game which allows the player to enter the game as not only a pirate but a trader or Spanish raider. It's also educational for younger players; teaching them the geography of the tropics and the location of many current cities. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Awesome!!!!!!
    I loved this game. The graphics are good and it shows all the aspects of the life from a pirates eyes. ...more info
  • Captain Blood.
    This is a game is which the player is in charge of a ship and sets about the seas in search of his kidnapped family. You can become a privateer, a pirate, a trader, or anything in between. You can plunder ships or cities. You can also court Governor's daughters. There is a separate type of play for ballroom dancing, dueling, naval combat, land combat, navigating, treasure hunting, and more. The game is entirely open-ended. It has beautiful graphics, a wonderful story-line, and is much fun. So what is not to like? Well....

    My main complaint is its lack of realism. It is not just the fact that when you stick a rapier into someone he only staggers back as if the blade is not sharp; the main problem is that nobody duels properly: Yourself and your opponents pull back blades before thrusting, and make absurdly large swings. There are lots of minor problems aside from that, but as a fencer who studies the history of dueling, that type of cartoon fighting will always irk me....more info
  • Great game
    I'm told this is a great update of an old Sid Meier's Classic. It's apparently gotten a lot easier in the new edition (as video games tend to do), but there's plenty of challenge if you play in Swashbuckler mode.

    Good game with above-average (think B to B+) replay value....more info
  • good time killer
    If you are looking to kill 3 hours during the day it is very easy to get wrapped up in plundering the seas. Not overly difficult, but fun....more info
  • I own the game, but haven't played it for over a year.
    I was initially enthused by the elements of this game, and the fact that it's a Caribbean Pirates scenario. Several factors have positive merit, the sea battles being one, the other the ability to roam everywhere on the map. Navigation is fairly easy, and the printed map very useful. But one major facet of the game bugs me to no end, the dancing. Ugh! Why, oh why, is your character forced to dance with every single governor's daughter in order to gain additional items? Not only does it subtract from the gameplay, but it's deliberately prissy and a huge waste of time. I tried several games not even bothering with daughters, simply walking away from them. That felt great.

    Then I went out, and as my pirate aged, attempted to sink and capture as much Spanish shipping as possible before I grew too old, ignoring the main objective of searching for missing relatives. Attacking the abundance of Spanish ships was fun and thoroughly satifying, unlike the awful dance scenarios. I wish there were an option to delete those sequences. That's why I haven't played in over a year. I can't get those sugar-coated dance scenarios out of my head. Good Gawd, Sid, what were you thinking?...more info
  • Good game for family
    I purchased this game to play with my kids. I admit that the repeat graphics and perdictability of the game tend to make it less exciting then other games I have played. But I contiue to play the game long after my kids have grown tired of playing. No gore or over the top violence. Not crazy about the overly busty bar wenches, for the kids. But beyond that I most enjoy raising an army of pirates and attacking the cities. FUN!...more info
  • Pirates Dissapointing
    I purchased Pirates after reading a few reviews and expected it to be an entertaining game. While the concept of the game is solid I found it to be very disappointing as a whole.
    First of all, there is little possible customization within the game, as you can only choose from a set of ships and buy generic upgrades.
    The character interaction is frustrating and quite boring as the voices can only say "blah" and "meh".
    The controls are very hard without a number pad and I could not find any way to change them. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU SO NOT HAVE A NUMPAD. Dueling is nearly impossible on my laptop without a numpad.
    I like the civilization series, but was disappointed byt Pirates. I would recommend saving your money to buy CIV 4 if you don't have it, and don't waste it on Pirates....more info
  • Pirates review
    This is not the typical smash and blast 'em game. Pirates requires some planning, coniving and deception... in other words, much like life. If only more of the women in real life were as lovely as the women in Pirates....more info
  • One of the best games I've played in a long time
    I've only had this game for two weeks and I was a little worried that some of the bad reviewers would be right and that the game would get boring. That didn't happen with me.

    This game is a lot of fun and a bit addictive, in ways alot of other games are not.

    The premise of the game is simple. You play as a young man who's family was ruined by a Spanish nobleman but you escape. You take to sea under either the British, French, Dutch or Spanish but quickly mutiny against your cruel Captain. At this point, the game is completely up to you.
    Unlike many games, where there is a progression you must follow in order to move the game along, you are not bound to any storyline. You can accept a letter of marque from any or all of the powers in the Caribbean and wage war on their behalf; attacking the shipping, capturing ships, raiding cities or you can simply attack any ships that happen to be in your area

    You can devote your time to reuniting your long-lost family and avenging those responsible. You can go after the other pirates and attempt to locate their lost treasure. You can explore for lost cities of the Incas and Aztecs.

    you can do anything you like; stay loyal to one or more nations and target only their enemies or play the game of shifting alliances, serving one power and then another. Court the daughters of the governors, fight enemies, track down criminals, recruit men to serve on your ships, build up a fleet....anything you want to do, you can.

    One of the most unique aspects of the game is the aging. I cannot think of any other game real-time or not that includes this. Basically, you will have between 20-30 years to do your best (or worst) and then age catches up to you. You're not long as quick with the sword as you were and soon you find yourself unable to take down the Captain of the Guards in the city or to best the Captain of an enemy vessel. You'll notice when this happens and you must just find yourself in prison if you're not careful. This of course is when you divide up the plunder for the last time and go into retirement. Here you will get to see how well you did and what becomes of you.

    Another aspect is the wind. While some reviewers found this frustrating, I found it fun. Instead of just mindlessly attacking ships from any direction, you have to set yourself up to be upwind from your prey and sometimes, this isn't possible and you'll be forced to give up the chase. It may get annoying when you need to travel from west to east on the big map, say from the Gulf of Mexico to the Bahamas but that's life.

    There are a few criticisms...

    You possibly could go your whole game experience without ever engaging in combat with other ships. Only you can initiate combat, even if you are near enemy ships much more powerful than your own. You may get a cannonball from them on the big map which will do some minor damage but that's it. Maybe on the harder difficulties this isn't true, but it would have been nice if your enemies could engage you and force you to fight or run for your life.

    When it comes time to divide the plunder (something you must do every now and then as your pirate crew will go restless), several months go by and then you can resume your adventure. However, you only have your flagship, even if you had several other ships when you went into port. Any supplies you had are also gone. This is somewhat annoying as you might capture a couple of good ships but you know you'll have to get rid of them at some point. It would have been nice if they had allowed you keep what you wanted.

    Another is the lack of diversity in the characters and cutscenes. Every tavern looks the same except for the barmaiden. Ditto for the daughters though some are a bit more...well endowed than others. The governors are all the same for each power. And the fights are the same over and over...oh you may start on the forecastle at one time and the main deck on another but aside from that, there is no real difference.

    Aside from that, the game isn't lacking much. There are so many aspects of the game to explore that you'll end up playing it several times. Ultimately, the goal of the game is to retire successfully; marry an attractive daughter, amass a fortune in gold and land, be famous for defeating the other pirates, etc.

    So if you're looking for a fun game, one that allows you alot of freedom of movement and one that you'll play more than once, this is it....more info
  • Fun & addictive
    I loved this game. It's pretty simple as games go, but it's still lots of fun & very addictive. It's hard to quit because there's always one more thing left to do. ...more info
  • Pirates still fun after all these years.
    I had recently purchased a poor substitute from Atari a few months back, thinking it was the updated version of Sid Meier's classic game I used to play on the Sega or Commodore 64 as a kid. It soon became obvious that I had been saddled with a plastic paper weight. But it drove me to look a little harder for an updated version of Pirates!

    Much to my surprise and delight Sid had indeed upgraded the game to a more modern version compatiable on the latest computers and operating systems. Like the original version which captivated my friends and I for hours at a time, this game delivers all the fun and excitement as the original with all the expected aspects of multiple game play from trader to diplomat to plunderer. The graphics are great, and the ease of play is fantastic. I would give this game a perfect rating but have only two misgivings, the dancing and swordplay interaction seem difficult and cumbersome on a numeric keypad.

    However, if you are a better sailor and don't care for Governor's daughters anyway, than you may not have any problems at all, just a treasure chest of fun!! Live the Life!!!...more info
  • Great Game
    Fun, Fun, Fun, What a game !!!
    Hours of entertainment, a few improvements could be added, but overall, the best PC game I have played in years !!
    The game loads fast, plays well, great graphics, and the best part the game is always provides the player a different outcome.
    I have also kept scores such as $$$ plundered per game, (= $816,878.00). Highest Ransom paid to me,($14,000.00)which was the city of Panama.
    It is a game you and yours will enjoy individually or together.
    ...more info
  • Swashbuckling fun
    As a diehard Civ fan, I picked up this game not sure what to expect--and was blown away. It is fun, addictive, and much more lighthearted than some of the Civ-class games. One of my favorite things about this game is the way it combines multiple activities within the gameplay: Sailing, dancing, sword fighting, treasure-hunting, and capturing cities all in one game! The graphics are cartoonish but quite pretty. Some of the details of the world (treasure locations, plot timing) vary from one playing of the game to the next, which improves replay value, as does the ability to focus on those parts of the game that you find most enjoyable. However, even with these benefits, I found the game much less fun after a few thorough playings, and now return to it only sporadically. The ability to adjust the difficulty level was also a nice feature, though I found myself wishing to adjust difficulty for the different activities separately--at higher levels, I found most of the game quite reasonable but the dancing very challenging. Overall, this is a very good game, though not, in my opinion, a great game on the order of Civilization IV. Pirates is a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend it as a light adventure for anyone in a swashbuckling mood....more info
  • Yo ho ho and a bundle of joy
    This game is absolutely charming. Simple to get into, great graphics, bug-free play -- colorful, funny, at times touching. Obviously, I love it, and if you're a fan of, say, The Count of Monte Cristo, I think you will too. Easy for kids but you can ratchet up the difficulty if you like -- I don't. So far. A++++++++++++++++...more info
  • A Great Game for Kids and Adults
    Recently I bought Pirates for my son who is now at the age where he can enjoy computer games more and who has shown great interest in anything pertaining to pirates. Originally, I was going to play the game myself without high expectations of enjoying the game and then show him how to play. However, I've enjoyed the game a great deal!

    There are five levels of difficulty, ranging from Apprentice to Swashbuckler and certain skills (fencing, medicine, romance, etc.) your pirate can possess.

    Your pirate is able to earn "fame" scores through: promotions, wealth attained, pirates defeated, enemies avenged, pirate treasures recovered, and perhaps other means too.

    The graphics are great and another good thing about the game is that your strategy is open-ended based on what you want to be (a romantic, plunderer, wealth accumulator, etc.).

    Highly recommeded for both kids and adults (sometimes as in my case it may be hard to differentiate which one I may be when it comes to fun games!). The game manual is extremely well-written and very helpful!!!

    Play and enjoy yet another great title by Sid Meier.

    By the way Sid, when will you make some other Civil War real time games and make your Gettysburg game compatible with Windows Vista?...more info
  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is so much fun! Whether it's cappturing ships with a frigate, or trading with a merchant, Sid has it all. It has a few bugs thow...
    The Havana Curse-you can't leave the town of Havana
    Warp Pool-You sometimes just get moved some where else
    Fun-Throw all your other games away, you'll have no need for them anymore....more info
  • Might be nice, but I wouldn't know...
    Someone at Firaxis apparently decided to release this game while it was still in beta. It wouldn't run at all on my computer. I installed it on a friend's PC, and it runs for about 2-3 minutes before crashing. Gameplay looks intriguing, but it's way too unstable to play. After spending over an hour installing the latest patch and doing some basic troubleshooting, I'm giving up. It's hard to believe this comes from the same people as the venerable Civilization franchise. I feel ripped off....more info
  • A comparison. Where Pirates! went wrong
    I've been playing this game for a while now and think it's just wonderful. and why shouldn't it be? it's open ended, never crashes or has any problems, you can get nice swords or pistols, search for buried treasure, conquer towns, and even flirt with the governers daughter BUT!!!! it doesnt live up to all it's expectations. first of all realism is at a shameful low, like when you fire a broadside you're litterally lobbing cannonballs at enemy ships and you just ram the enemy with you're ship and instantly board. in another game called Age of Pirates Caribbean Tales(which has so many problems it isn't funny but hey you can fix em with a patch)realism is at an awesome high, cannonsballs fly fast, holes are made in sails and the hull. get to the enemy ship close and then throw a grappling hook to board. once boarded in Pirates! the enemy captain will surrender or fight. if he chooses to fight you will battle him in an unreal game of real-time rock paper scissors. you can slash, chop, or thrust to get your enemy to the end of the ship were he falls off the edge. in age of pirates you run around on deck in first person and help your crew cut the opposition's crew to pieces and then duel the captain(until he dies not fall off the edge of a ship!) fire yor pistol even and let it reload and then fire again! in pirates! you don't fire your pistol the computer does in a short movie and then you can't use it again. when you aproach a port on the world map of pirates! you sail into it and it brings up a menu of where you can go(the tavern, governer's mansion, etc. etc.) in age of pirates when you come up to a port in the world map you sail near to it then go to sea mode and then press a button to moor. once moored you may walk around chat to people minding they're everday business even accept missions from the governer or other people. Pirates! is a great game for people you enjoy fast, easy gameplay age of pirates is a great game for those who like to be in a more complex universe. buy either one and you mon't be disapointed(except for age of pirates, be sure to get as many patches as possible and save frequently)....more info
  • very fast game
    great,interplay is great.we have the Primus strategy guide which has helped a lot.the only drawback we saw is you can't adjust the plays save at least a couple of times thru the game in case you want to go back and try a different strategy,use this especially in the higher difficulty levels....more info
  • Okay, fun, but not a really great game
    This game is kind of strange. Its essential activities can be summarized: capturing treasure, swordfighting, gaining quests, etc, but as a whole, there is no real plan, no overall strategy or mission. however, i keep playing it, which probably says more about me than the game.
    ...more info
  • One of the Best pirate Games ever!!!!!
    This game has a few dificult parts like sneeking out of the towns. But it contains all the pirate activities I could wish for, enough to keep you busy but not to many to get frustrated. After you get the hang of it It's very fun with very easy controls.

    Soon all the fair maidens will faint at the sound of your name and sailors will tremble, your home country will stand proud when they hear you sunk another ship.

    Capturing towns, wooing fair maidens, finding buried treasure, defeating pirates, and transporting imigrants are only some of the things you do. In all it deserves 100 stars! ...more info
  • Pirates, great game!
    One of the best games I have played in a long time. The only thing I would like better is a bit more control over things, but its fun, and keeps you occupied for a long time. ...more info
  • Great Fun
    I was afraid this remake wouldn't live up to the classic, but it does. I love it....more info
  • Favorite Game for 7-9 year old Boys
    I was introduced to this game while shopping for a b-day gift for 9 year old in Target. A stranger saw me looking at all the computer games, asked what I was looking for and strongly recommended the game. I took a chance and later heard that the recipient LOVED the game. A few months later, my 8 year old son bought it himself. He and his 7 year old brother love it too. This game is one of the games they play the most....more info
  • for kids and adults!
    I was pleasantly surprised to hear how much my husband liked this game. He knows a lot about boats and excitedly told me that they got all the boats right on the game. So not only does he have a great time playing it with the kids, but they also get to learn about the different ships, sizes, weapons that were used and more!...more info
  • Overly ambitious, doesn't quite deliver
    Sid Meier has gotten to the point in the gaming industry where all he has to do is attach his name to a game and it will sell. Pirates! is a game that offers so much promise, but it never really quite gets there.

    Yes, the game did provide me with several hours of enjoyment. The basic premise of the game is a blast. However, each goal in the game is accompanined by a mini-game. At first, the mini-games are nice Easter eggs, but they get very boring very fast.

    Overall, the game needs a lot of improvement. With a little tweaking, I believe Pirates! had the ability to become one of those games that define a genre. As it is, the game seems incomplete. The main quest never stops being enjoyable. The mini-games that must be accomplished in order to complete the main quest get unbearably tedious....more info
  • Very addictive, consuming fun!
    This is truly a fun game. My husband and I have played for hours at a time. I've had no trouble with crashes, bugs, etc. Just lack of sleep! If you want a game for pure enjoyment, strategy, and adventure, this is definitely it!...more info
  • Just Not That Good (Honest Review)
    After reading all the positive comments on both gamespot and amazon about this game, I ordered it through amazon with the highest expectations. The result: a very mediocre game that is very disconnected and frustrating.

    I have a fascination with pirates, I've read several books on the "real" life pirates of the 16th and 17th centuries. While it's true that all the stuff you would want in a pirate game is present: buried tresure, swordfights, ship battles, land battles, etc. etc, each of these events are represented in their very own boring and most of the time, corny mini-game.

    Actually navigating your ship is really frustrating. I still haven't figured it out. The wind blows in a certain direction, and if you are not headed in that direction your ship moves at a snails pace. It takes forever to get from one end of the map to the other. The rest of the minigames are either really boring or just plain corny. For example, one minigame involves dancing to impress the Governor's daughter. Dancing around like a fancy boy is not what being a pirate is all about, let's get real. Ship battles are cool, but if your ship is somewhat far apart from your enemy it's VERY difficult to get close to them. For some reason in the ship battle mode your ship doesn't really move at all.

    The swordfighting is ok, but is pretty cheesy and gets boring very quickly while the land battles are excruciatingly slow. It's like moving chess pieces. Buried treasure I haven't even tried yet because the map they give you to find is very difficult to read.

    All in all, I really don't understand the high reviews for this game. The game is VERY disconnected and just really not that fun. I do not recommend this game to anyone. ...more info