K&N 33-2288 Replacement Air Filter

List Price: $57.20

Our Price: $34.50

You Save: $22.70 (40%)


Product Description

These reusable K&N Filtercharger air filters outflow any other filter--up to 900 cfm--for power gains of up to 15 HP. They use a surgical cotton fabric soaked in oil as their tack barrier. Sandwiched between an aluminum screen wire, the holes in the cotton catch tumbling air and straighten it out. Since air moving in a straight line flows faster, the filter actually improves airflow. They can be covered by up to 1/4 in. of debris before air restriction makes cleaning necessary. The filters come pre-oiled, and many are available as a direct fit for your application.

  • A high-flow, washable filter that delivers the maximum amount of air possible into your engine while providing superior filtering
  • Multiple layers of cotton fabric sandwiched between pleated aluminum screen capture airborne dirt particles
  • Improves horsepower and torque
  • Emission legal in all 50 states, will not void manufacturer's warranty
  • Filters can be cleaned over and over, and are backed by a million mile limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great as always
    For the price you can't beat it. Even if you only get a marginal increase in your MPG it ends up paying for itself in no time. I haven't actually measured the difference in MPG at this point but I can tell you that the RPM's are slightly lower at 65mph that they were with my old filter.

    At todays gas prices 10% added to your MPG at the $4/gallon price will have this filter paid off before a year. Not counting the price of a standard filter replacement added into it.

    Now thats a great thing if you ask me!...more info
  • Great Gas Mileage
    This is the second K&N Air filter I have purchased for a stock vehicle and we went from 13.2mpg to 15.5 in our new Dodge Durango (15% INCREASE)...more info