Honeywell HFD-100 Tower HEPA Air Purifier With Permanent IFD Filter

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Product Description

HONEYWELL HFD100 -- Most of the best health spas are situated in or near mountains, and apart from picturesque surroundings the air must be a big part of the beneficial effects reported by those who visit such resorts. Also, most of us live in or near major cities, and our air quality is far from pristine. Winter weather traps in bad air, compounding the problem. That's where a good air cleaner comes into play! Most effective in rooms up to 150 square feet

  • HEPA air purifier with cleanable pre-filter for rooms up to 150 square feet
  • Up to 60 percent quieter than traditional air cleaners
  • Captures dust, pollen, cat dander and tobacco smoke
  • Built-in, independently-controlled ionizer grounds dust for vacuum cleanup
  • 2 fan-speed settings; recommended for small rooms
Customer Reviews:
  • Cleans well but kind of cheapy
    This air purifier cleans the air well, and it's easy to clean the permanent filter. One drawback, though, is that it seems cheapy. After a few days, it makes an annoying rubbing noise. I returned it for a replacement, which still had the same problem. So I put some sewing machine oil at the top and the bottom of the spinning electrostatic cylinder, and that fixed the noise! It makes a typical fan noise when running, though, but that can be expected....more info
  • Not quiet at all
    We've had this purifier for a little over 12 months now. We clean it as recommended. About 4 months after we purchased it the fan developed a buzz when it is on. It has just got worse as time has passed. So much, in fact, that we have to place the unit on its side in order for the buzz to go away. Not sure how effective the unit is on it's side, but it is in a small room so we are not asking it to purify a large area. It seems to be cleaning the air alright, but the durablity of the machine is its downfall. Look for something else....more info
  • Not quite "whisper quiet"
    Like the previous reviewer, I found the sound produced by this purifier to be unnacceptable. I should preface this by saying that I've been sleeping next to a very loud fan all summer and actually enjoy the white noise. The problem is, the noise that this purifier makes can only be described as a loud arhythmical plastic grinding. After running it for about a week and the noise actually getting worse I've decided to return it....more info
  • Inexpensive and stylish, but... badly designed.
    This air purifier looks stylish, but a little too big comparing to other similar air purifiers. They use cheap plastic for the unit's cover and carrying handle. That is still acceptable considering its low price. But, it is so badly designed that when I carry the unit, it seems that the handle would come off anytime.

    The first time I turned it on, it sounded a little loud. I thought it was normal, so I gave it sometime to try out. It got even louder a few days later. Then, it was as if the fan was falling apart. So, I returned it. All I want is a decent air purifier, but it is so sad that it is defective. :(...more info
  • This thing is amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Let me first say that I was very skeptic about these air purifiers in the first place... I only got one because my cat yes cat, had been sick for about a year with a running nose and eyes, weezing, and just plain sick. The vet bills were getting crazy! I had gotten x-rays and kitty drugs and I felt so bad as she was getting sicker. One day a nice lady at work asked me if anyone smoked in our building (we live in a two-flat). The couple downstairs did. So I bought the Honeywell with the filter that does not need to be replaced and holly cow! I leave it on day and night and in a matter of days kitty is all better! I really am so impressed and the hepa fillter is a must.
    The smell in our place is fresh smelling as soon as you walk into the stairwell it smells of smoke. So if your pets are in the house all day spend the $100 bucks and give them some nice fresh air and more comfortable living enviroment.
    ...more info
  • Mixed emotions, It works well- but it is VERY LOUD
    This does a good job of cleaning the air. I breath better with it. That is the most important thing, right?

    I bought two, *but my wife turns the one in the living room off when she gets up before dawn*. I have to remember to turn it back on. Low or high speed this thing can be heard. Low is not really any quieter, but probably less effective.

    This is basically Honeywell's souped up answer to Ionic Breeze. Its noisy because the ionic cleaner is built around a tower fan and a new type of cleanable IFR filter is added. Its a much better value than the Ionic Breeze, Oreck and similar models. I just wish that it was quieter!!!!!

    After one month, I saw some dust in the filter and cleaned it. These put out plenty of negative ions, which are great for chasing the blues away and making dust particles fall to the floor for you to vacuum them up. You will see the dust on the flour, rather than breath it into your lungs!

    As long as you don't mind WHITE NOISE, this is better deal that oreck or ionic breeze in my opinion. Its half the price and tested to do a better job.

    This one has a built in tower fan. A verticle squireel cage, if you will. If they could just make the darn thing less noisy it would be perfect!!!...more info