Honeywell HFD-130 Germicidal Tower HEPA Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter

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Product Description

Unlike purifiers that trap particles in dense filters using loud motors, the IFD filter traps particles without interrupting the air flow. Quiet, efficient performance with no expensive filters to replace. IFD is an Intense Field Dielectric process that revolutionizes indoor air cleaning to provide you and your family with quiet and permanent air filtration. Since the filter never needs to be replaced, there are no expensive filters to buy, saving you hundreds of dollars in possible filter replacement costs. If you want to freshen and clean the room air, or suffer from seasonal allergies, then an IFD Air Purifier is right for you. Like HEPA filters, IFD uses ionization and filtration methods to quietly and effectively help reduce airborne particles such as mold spores, dust, pollen, cat dander and tobacco smoke from the air that passes through it, with a maximum air purification percentage of 99.97%. The time for cleaner air at home is now. The HFD130 makes the most sense for an average size room (of about 200 square feet). Low Maintenance - Just water rinse filter 4 times per year, No expensive UV bulbs to replace, Energy efficient - uses half the power of comparable HEPA products For Medium-Large Rooms 15 feet x 15 feet (figure 150 to 225 square feet) Energy Star Certified Dimensions - Height 19.37 x Width 15.39 x Depth 14.21 inches Weight - 12.9 pounds

To rid a room of unhealthy or irritating airborne particles such as dust, smoke, and mold, an air purifier can be indispensable. Manufacturer of a wide assortment of air treatment products, Honeywell combines HEPA and IFD (intense field dielectric) filtration methods in this germicidal electronic tower for effective cleansing. Energy-Star certified, the 60-watt purifier removes up to 99.97 percent of a room's air impurities for better breathing.

The air purifier best suits rooms 200 square feet in size. The user selects from the three operation speeds for purification or takes advantage of the 12-hour programmable timer. Air circulates silently through the machine up to four times an hour without any disruption to the room's natural air flow. The purifier traps impurities via filtration and ionization, releasing clean air into the room. While the IFD filter never need be replaced, the purifier illuminates an indicator light when cleaning is necessary. Users clean the filter by rinsing half a dozen times a year or they might choose to vacuum the IFD filter to clear debris. As with all electric appliances, read all information prior to using the purifier. The air purifier measures 19.37 by 15.39 by 14.21 inches and weighs 12.9 pounds. --Jessica Reuling

  • Electronic air purifier for stripping indoor environments of pollen, dander, tobacco smoke and dust from Honeywell
  • Purifier quietly employs HEPA and IFD filtration to trap particles and ionize the air
  • 60-watt purifier requires no UV-bulbs and is Energy-Star certified; 12-hour program timer
  • Low, medium, and high power levels available; covers rooms up to 200 square feet
  • The air purifier measures 19.37 by 15.39 by 14.21 inches and weighs 12.9 pounds
Customer Reviews:
  • Home Depot & HFD-130
    I bought this unit at Home Depot after looking at many reviews.
    I wanted to buy locally so I could returd it if the unit did not work for my purposes.
    When I went to open the unit at home I noticed triple taping on the box.
    Upon opening the box, I noticed the packaging didn't seem to be from the factory.
    I inspected everything carefully. Seemed OK.
    I plugged the unit in after reading the manual. I immediately noticed the unit indicated a dirty filter. The filter looked OK so I tried to reset the indicator to show "clean". No Go. I called the Honeywell #. They finally advised me to return the unit.
    I did return it within 2 days to Home Depot.
    I did let the unit run for 2 days but still could not reset the indicator.
    Some observations: Fairly quiet even on Med. speed. Lots of ozone smell everytime I came close to the bedroom.
    I asked to see a manager at the Knoxville Home Depot (9361 Kingston Pike).
    I told him I suspected I bought a defective returned unit that had simply been repackaged. He told me there was a possibility it had been returned by someone and that it was just placed back for sale. "There is no way we can test to see if the unit is OK". He open up a new box in front of me. There was sigificant difference in packaging. He offered to knock off 10% for my time (close to 2 hours) and gas (52 miles).
    I told him to take a hike.
    Home Depot - CLEAN UP YOUR ACT !! ...more info
  • Effective and for the most part Quiet
    I bought this air purifier because we were getting this musty moldy smell from our basement. We were also having breathing issues at night with always having stuffy noses. When I first got it I set it on high and kept it out in the hallway for about 3 days because there was a weird smell at first but that does go away. I usually run it on high out in the hallway during the day then I move it into the bedroom and set it on low at night. It's a bit noisy on high but not too bad and on the low setting it doesn't bother our sleep at all. As for our breathing issues we no longer have any as for when we wake up in the morning now we no longer have a stuffy nose and we're no longer waking up in the middle of the night to blow our noses. The musty moldy smell has also diminished greatly as well. I would highly recommend this Air Purifier....more info
  • Its Huge
    this is an excellent air purifier, a little bit noisy on low setting. This air purifier its huge, i thought it was gonna be smaller, but its really nice, 100% recommended...more info
  • Honeywell HFD-130 Air Purifier
    I was pleasantly surprised to find that this air purifier actually works well. I had always been skeptical as to the efficiency of air purifiers, but after using this one for a month or so, I am sure that they work as advertised...or at least this one does, which is surprising considering the relatively low price. I used to often wake up in the morning with a headache or bad nasal congestion, but since running this air purifier, I have been waking up with no headache and a clear nose. I am also satisfied with the low noise level of the purifier. Even when on the highest setting it makes less noise than my year old air conditioner (which doesn't make that much noise). I cannot really imagine this air purifier being any better, not that I have any other air purifiers to compare it to, but this one does everything it says it will, everything I wanted it to do....more info
  • Works well, but needed to "outgas" before using
    I bought this to use at work, in an old and very dusty 14 story building. It has worked well and reduced asthma and allergy symptoms there for me. I've cleaned lots of nasty dust out of the filter three times now since I've had it. You do have to let the filter dry overnight if you wash it with water, but I just wash it at the end of the day, set it on paper towels to dry, and put it back in the next morning. I love that I don't have to shell out 125 dollars for a full set of replacement filters like I did for my round HEPA filter.

    I run it on medium, and that is quiet enough not to disturb the people in the next cubes. They did object to having it on high, saying that was too loud. It creates static in my phone if I get too close to it; so it's in the part of my cube away from my chair.

    It has helped tremendously with getting irritating particles out of the air at work, but I don't find it can filter out any solvents or VOCs like perfumes, cleaning sprays, etc. It only clears particles. But then the filters that do clear solvents and airbone chemicals cost more in the range of 1,000 dollars.

    The only problem I had with it was the strong "black plastic" smell when I first bought it. I ran it for about five weeks in an unused area of my house before that chemical-ish smell went away. After that smell wore off it was great. Just be aware that if you are chemically sensitive, along with sensitive to particles, that you might have to let it air out for a few weeks before using it in your living or working space....more info
  • Defective product
    I am on deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan and needed an air purifier. There is a lot of smog here and many of us have been sick. Since you wouldn't send to an APO address, it had to be shipped to my husband, who, in turn, shipped it straight to me. I just received it last night, March 5th, and it would not even turn on.

    I have already put it in the mail according to your directions, but I feel you should ship it directly to me - at the APO address I have provided. If I hadn't needed this, I would not have ordered it. I might change my rating if it is shipped straight to me and it WORKS!...more info
  • Works Great
    This air filtration system works great but the ABS surface gets dirty easily... Don't expect it to look pretty... Buy the unit in black.....more info
  • WOW
    i've been having asthma for the past few weeks coz of allergies, dust mites and cat dander, so i purchased this as an emergency. I bought it, got out of my apartment for the day, and when i come back. I don't have allergies anymore, i don't need to put on my medical face mask to filter dust anymore.
    great product! even tho it's a little loud on high settings, i think it is just a miracle that it is working so fine.
    ...more info
  • bad choice I've made
    I needed an air filter to suck up some dust in the house and refresh the air in the room. I thought this would do it and boy was I wrong. It's noise which I didn't really mind if it does the job. I have turned it on for over a month straight. The filter sensor bar tells me that the filter is about 70% dirty. I checked the filter and it is as new as I bought it. I find practively no dust in it but outside it. I still have dust problem and the air quality is hmm... about the same. It's big and taking up a lot of my room space too....more info
  • Great Productf!!!
    I started getting headaches to the point I had one 24 hours a day. I went to see an alergist a few times & of course the prescribed me a few different allergy medications. I got tired of taking pills everyday, using a kit to wash my nasal passages, & using nasal spray. I bought 2 of these units after reading some reviews & they work great. I have 1 in my bedroom & sleep with it on every night. My headaches are gone & no more Allegra D pills & nasal sprays!!! Im not stuffy when I wake up in the morning either! It amazed me how much cleaner the air smelled after running it for the first few days! It is slightly noisy when its on high, but I actually like the white noise while I'm sleeping. ...more info
  • Seems to work well, but...
    Easy to use, easy to clean and relatively quiet even on the high setting.

    It seems to work well and collects a good deal of dust, dirt, etc. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing how effective this air purifier really is.
    ...more info
  • The Nose Knows
    As I near 40, I've owned a total of 4 Honeywell air purifyers over 20 years. My first,"Bessy" just died after a long and healthy life and it is possible there was foul play involved, so it was time, time to lay her to rest and step up and this unit "Frita" is blowing me away! First, the price puts just about every other product to shame, for the level of features you'll find. It has a perfect mellow hum that I can easily leave on Med throughout the night and the lowest setting is so, so quiet. I am also a sound purist and this unit sounds perfect.

    Before I forget, the timer makes remembering to turn off the system a thing of the past, saving a little money on the power bills. My bedroom has a cleaner, fresher smell than other rooms in my very clean home and I've slept better than I have in a year. Also, someone at Honeywell couldn't believe the Amazon price so...!!!

    Honeywell knows what they're doing and were doing this for companies long before they were doing it for homes. All of my units are sturdy and work like they did the day I bought them, well except for Bessy but as I said she lived long and hard and took great care of me and my nose that knows.

    This year was one of the worst allergy seasons to date and I'll bet we're in for more so get off the fence and "breathe again, breathe again".

    This review is in memory of "Bessy" the perfect filter 1987-2007 R.I.P....more info
  • initially satisfied, but now am not
    I have owned this unit for a little over a year now, using every night on low speed. It produces a nice noise that helps me get to sleep. However, i got it for removing dirt, mold, oder, etc. The other day i went to vacuum out the unit and the filter and noticed a ton of built up dust on the area before it reaches the filter. This area is impossible to clean thourghly because of the way the unit is put together. I used some compressed air to clean up what i could, but there was still much built up dust/dirt that i could not get to. I called "KAZ" and they told me to use compressed air to clean this area and i told them i had and they said there was nothing that could be done. They said the dirt cannot be removed. Being a clean freak, i was disappointed in there customer service answer and was told i had to live with the remaining built up dirt in the area before the air gets to the filter. So buyer beware, check the area below the air filter that you can plainly see up through the air openings at the bottom of the unit. The dirt will build up there after a few months....more info
  • Too Loud
    While most people call it white noise, the actual term for the soothing sound is "Brownian noise". (Wikipedia has a good explanation of the concept.) It is the sound of wind breaking against the gratings of a fan or filter, and it is soothing for those who can't fall asleep in complete silence. It's how I expected this purifier to sound, but I was mistaken.

    In addition to the Brownian noise, the purifier generates two more sounds. The first is the humming of the motor, coupled with the resonance of the unit. It's impossible to sleep in the same room as the purifier, unless it's run on the "Low" setting - the humming of the fan just gets too loud otherwise. And while recently I've become a sound purist, I have and sometimes still do fall asleep with the computer turned on or with music playing.

    The second additional sound is the buzzing. Due to either a defective unit or faulty design, this purifier generates a buzzing akin to a loose piece of paper stuck in the device. (Though there is none - I checked.) The most probable cause of this is also the motor, which is not perfectly balanced. This is the sound that I catch myself focusing on when I'm trying to sleep, since it stands out over the Brownian noise and the humming. In fact, I would probably keep the unit if it weren't for this buzzing: it is faint during the day, but I have to concentrate at night in order to tune it out.

    Filtering-wise? I couldn't tell you, since I haven't run it for long enough. I want a product that I can keep on all the time, and this Honeywell tower isn't it....more info
  • worthless
    i bought this item a while ago, used it for 2 weeks and returned it. it did not work at all at removing particles from the air. i'm sticking to true HEPA filters from now on....more info
  • An Ok Purifier. A Good Ionizer Purifier
    I owned this unit for about 3 months before returning it.

    Despite it is called a HEPA air purifier, it is not. HEPA is strictly defined as a filter which has a >99.97% capture rate of 0.3 micrometer particle. This model has an advertised capture rate of 98 or 99%. Although I have also seen a few websites quoting it has a 99.97% capture rate, I doubt it. That being said, a 99% capture rate is not much different than 99.97% for most households. The poor air seal is a much bigger concern. The holder for the IFD filter does not seal tightly with the IFD fitler, and therefore air will pass around the filter. This purifier actually belong to the ionizing purifier family, not the tradition HEPA filter purifier family.

    Mind you, it works fine and it is fairly easy to use and clean. It is also relatively quiet. My reason for returning it is that it produces ozone and other oxidants as by-products, which is true for all ionizing purifiers. The emission ozone level is under the 50 ppb voluntary guideline, but I simply did not enjoy the idea of a purifier that purifies and pollutes at the same time. This is especially true for me because I had asthma and currently I have an abnormal heartbeat pattern. It is not a threating health situation nor serious, but I rather want to be on the safe side.

    Nevertheless, Kaz support team was nice and advised me to return it where I bought it, and I was able to return it back to Home Depot without any trouble. Consequently I was really grateful and bought another Kaz made purifier from HomeDepot. It is the Honeywell 50250 Honeywell 50250N 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier. I researched a lot before getting the 50250N.

    I am convinced that Honeywell 50250N is a better purifier than Honeywell HFD-130. First, 50250N is a true HEPA with higher particle capture rate. Second, 50250N has a greater purification speed at 250 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rating), whereas the HFD-130 has only 140 CADR. The real CADR for this unit is confusing as well. Many commercial websites claim it has a 130-140 CADR, but according to the AHAM website and Kaz's website, it only has ~110 CADR. Given that the CADR measurement is certified by AHAM. I am leaning toward believing the lower number. Third, 50250N produces no by-product gas. Fourth, 50250N is sold at lower price than HFD-130. On the other hand, HFD-130 has one major advantage over 50250. It is much quieter. The noise level of HFD-130 at its highest fan speed is similar to the noise level of 50250N at its lowest fan speed. HFD-130 is also more stylish than 50250N. The permanent IFD filter on HFD-130 seems more robust than the Lifetime HEPA filter on 50250. HFD-130 uses much less electricity than 50250N (60W versus 170W at full speed), but I do not consider that as a 3 fold advantage since HFD-130 has half the purification power of 50250N.

    HFD-130 is still a good unit and it certainly works. I have seen dust particles collected on the pre-filter and the discharged collector plate. Smaller particles are collected inside the IFD filter. When I dipped the IFD filter into water to clean, the water changed its color to light grey. It is not difficult to clean the filter. It is more difficult to wait for it to dry out before putting it back to the purifier. It takes at least 4 hours to air dry it. Some complain that they see dust collected around the exhaust of this purifier, and I have too, which means these dust particles are not trapped inside the filter, but that does not mean the purifier is not working. It is just working differently than you may expected. This purifier is not designed to capture large visible particles, rather the small invisible ones. For this units, ions are generated by electrical discharge and the ions attach to nearby airborne particles. For the larger particles, they will aggregate and fall due to their weight, and that is why dusts are collected at the collector plate. Some however will fall around the purifier including the exhaust. These large particles are still removed from the air, they are simply not trapped inside the filter. This, however, is not the main purification mechanism. The main purification is that ions attach to small airborne particles and these charged particles drift to the charged IFD filter. The larger particles cannot be trapped by IFD because of their momentum. Keep in mind that allergy is caused by the smaller invisible particles. If you want a purifier which can trap large visible particles efficiently, then you will have to get a real HEPA purifier.

    As mentioned, particles are also collected at the discharged plate, but there is no easy way to clean it and the instruction manual does not state it need to be cleaned. I believe it is probably a safety decision since this is the high voltage part and Kaz probably does not want people getting shocked. However, the air purifying ability will decreases when the dust grow thicker on the discharge plate. You CAN actually clean it. Here is my advice if you want to clean it. Of course, unplug the unit and wait for a moment. Then get a cotton Q-tip and tie/tape it to a small wood or plastic rod, something like chopstick maybe even thinner. Now, you should able to reach in the clean the plate. An insulator handler like a wood or plastic rod is preferred. For those who I have just scared regarding the ozone comment, I have some advices short of returning the product. Ozone is reactive which means it can irritate your throat and respiratory system at high concentration. On the other hand, it does not stay in the air for long because it is reactive. As long as you do not place the HFD-130 next to you head while sleeping the ozone should not be a concern. If you suffer from asthma or serious allergy, then an ionizer purifier should not be your first choice. An ionizer does not always irritates people who suffers from asthma and allergy. It is a possibility. Thus, even if you have asthma, as long as you do not feel anything unusual, then you probably do not have to return it.

    **Update: I read a bit more careful on several websites which claims HFD-130 has a 99.97% purification ability. They actually states it has up to 99.97% removal rate. That means it can remove 99.97% at its best. The real definition of HEPA is at least 99.97% removal rate for particle of size 0.3 micrometer. This is a world of difference between "at least" and "at most".
    **Update: Also I looked into AHAM more carefully. I believe here is the source of confusion for the CADR value. HFD-130 has a 140 dust CADR on Apr 2006, but its has been downrated to a 100 dust CADR on Jan 2007....more info
  • Works well but.....
    I bought this unit because I have neighbors who are heavy smokers and the smoke comes into my apartment, while this unit seems to freshen the air I believe it only works in a smaller room with the door closed. I think it is a great unit for the bedroom. Keep the door closed and leave it on for a while. The air in the room will feel like the window is open on a spring day, for that I think it is worth it. This unit in an open living room will not work as well. I would still highly recommend this unit when used under these conditions....more info
  • HFD-130 Air Purifier
    Not as good at removing dust particles as a HEPA filter with a paper element. Would not buy this product again....more info
  • Great for allergies
    I'm allergic to almost anything, particularly dust and grass/weed pollens, perfumes, and a few trees. It lays me out for days at a time, several times per season. I saw the reviews on this and figured that it couldn't hurt, and though the price was a tiny bit high for my budget, the money it would save me in not missing work would easily make it worth it. Plus it has no replaceable filter, keeping cost down. I've now owned this for two months, and have slept well every night. It does make a bit of noise, but I've always liked white noise at night anyway. I wake up feeling much more refreshed, my room always smells clean, and it has even kept dust from collecting on things (there is still dust, just noticeably less).

    I have gotten sick only once since I bought this, and it only lasted two days! Before, it would literally lay me out for several days and I would have congestion and such for the next two weeks. This time, it was noticeably shorter, benadryl was enough to combat it, and it was over with no congestion.

    It's probably not a complete miracle worker, because you still have to go outside where pollen lives, and it doesn't span a large area. But for the price, it was easily worth the purchase, and I'm now considering getting one for the living room and other areas. Normally early spring is like a death wish for me, but thus far it's been great! If you suffer from bad allergies, you'll definitely want to give this one a shot....more info
  • love Honeywell
    I had two honeywells before this, that still worked great but I gave them to my neighbor because I wanted one that didn't require you to change the filters. Washing the filter is so easy, you just vacuum it with the hose attachment. The medium and high speeds are a little noisy but leaving it on low works perfectly and you can't hardly hear it. It also works great as a white noise machine when my baby boy is taking his nap, and I know the air in his room is clean. I'm thinking about buying another one so I don't have to keep switching it from room to room. I was cooking with onions and peppers and turned on the filter, within 15 minutes you couldn't smell it....more info
  • Roger,CA
    I have done the research before I purchse this unit.It realy works.My son's allegy is gone.This is my first purifier.There is no cpmparison with other brand.So far,I am happy with this machine. ...more info
  • gets the job done
    It works well. We havent had to clean it yet. It isn't as quite as I thought it would be. I like it on low, but my husband loves white noise to sleep to and sets it on medium.

    Thinking of getting another for the kids room....more info
  • Great so far but we haven't experienced cleaning it yet
    This is a very quiet purifier. We use it along with a white noise machine at night in our room and have also used it in our baby's room, especially when she was a bit congested. We have noticed a difference in the morning with the ease of breathing and it just has a 'clean smell' in the room. We have used it mainly on the low setting. We have used it every night for nearly 3 months and the screen shows that we have only gone 1/4 of the way toward when it is labeled 'dirty'. We had dinner at some friend's house last weekend and they had the same model in their kitchen to help with mold and have had great results. ...more info
  • Something you should know before buying.
    This unit works great and unless you are trying to sleep with it crammed in your ear it is pretty quiet. Now the part you need to know...Your Walls Will Collect The Dirt This Unit Ionizes. I noticed the difference at my parents house after 3 weeks of use they removed items from the walls after Christmas and the shadows of their outline remained. My parents both smoke alot...if 1 cigarette isn't burning then 2 are...and this was a way for me to be able to tolerate them for Christmas dinner. Believe me I was amazed at when I walked in the door I didn't immediately notice the abscence of smoke smell. They asked how the unit worked first and that was when I noticed that I smelled dinner cooking and not any whiff of cigarettes. I'm buying another when I can afford it for my house so I can actually invite them over...yes I'm one of those intolerant dare I? :)...more info
  • A little louder than I expected
    I bought this before the holidays. It does a good job of filtering the air but the unit is a little louder than I expected, even on the low setting. I use it in my bedroom at night when I sleep and it took a bit to get used to the noise....more info
  • I'm a Family Physician and own 6 of these
    We originally purchased 4 of these when we bought a house where the previous resident smoked. Despite steaming the carpet, cleaning the walls, replacing the blinds, etc, the smoke lingered. We rotated the 4 Honeywell HFD-130s through the house and over the course of 1 month, all the smoke was gone.
    I'm a family doctor and I noticed that hand-washing did not provide protection against air-borne infections when treating my patients. During every cold/flu season, I'd get sick myself and then whenever a patient had smoke on his/her clothes, I'd be coughing and wheezing in the exam room, which led to me missing work and not being able to care for my patients at least 2 days per month during outbreaks. This fall I put the 4 Honeywell HFD-130s in my exam rooms and office, and have not been sick at all and my patients who smoke no longer make me have fits of coughing and sneezing and wheezing. I've recently purchased 2 more to have back at home for allergy season. I would never be without these. I make sure the office filters are vacuumed once every month, and enjoy not paying for HEPA filters... 5 stars....more info
  • Quite And Working Great !!
    I bought this by reading reviews on here. It is a good product, quite and doing what it supposed to do. ...more info
  • It's quiet
    Based on the other Amazon reviews, I bought the HFD-130. On its lowest setting, it is fairly quiet, like white noise. I am a noise nut and find the lowest setting fine. Overall, I'm happy with it....more info
  • Wow
    I've never written a review on before, but after using the Honeywell HFD-130, I decided that one is due. This is, for lack of a better word, amazing. I have asthma and am allergic to everything under the sun. After using this for just a couple of months, there is such a drastic difference. I sleep so much better at night; I'm not as congested in the morning and can actually breathe through my nose. Also, my room smells like... nothing! It simply smells fresh. The meter on the air purifier told me that the filter needed to be cleaned after I had used it for a few months straight. It wasn't too difficult to clean. What I cleaned out of the filter was disgusting. I couldn't believe that I had been breathing that stuff! It made me want to buy one for every room in the house. Needless to say, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • perfect machine and good white noise too!!!
    the hepa is the perfect size and works exactly as advertised, it is a wonderful addition to our life of appliances.......
    Highly recommend this item. ...more info
  • Power Consumption
    Just thought this information would be useful to others. I run mine 24/7, so I measured the power consumption and calculated how much it costs to run a month. My electricity cost is 11 cents per kWh

    Running on High 24/7 - 44kWh a month. $4.84 a month
    Running on Med 24/7 - 27kWh a month. $2.97 a month
    Running on Low 24/7 - 21kWh a month. $2.31 a month...more info
  • Awesome
    I have bought one for myself and felt very comfortable with it. Infact, it helped me a little to sleep well on the nights. I have gifted one to my friend and no complaints from him so far. ...more info
  • I highly recommend this product!!
    We have had this purifier for about 4 months, and I just cleaned the filter today. It was not that dirty, but I wanted to see how easy it was to clean before writing this review. It was a pain free process. The only drawback that I see so far is that dust collects in the vents, and there seems to be no easy way to clean them. We have 2 dogs in the house, and sometimes when we got up in the morning we could hardly breathe. This product has solved that problem, and I am so impressed that we are planning on buying one for my mother for Christmas. ...more info
  • Excellent product and excellent product support
    We now have two of these units. They are quieter than other HEPA air filtration units we have had, do a better job of cleaning the air, and have excellent product support. ...more info
  • what can I say here
    I don't really believe reviews people put on website, cause i always thought they might be posted by the company. I bought this without looking at reviews, but focused on brand image. It was a great machince at great price. Ones sold at sharper image are not as good as this.

    reused hepa filter, and ion technology (this is advertised on machines sold at sharper image). Honeywell equips with two technology and sells it for cheapter. oh...yeah...go for it. ...more info
  • It really works!
    We've been very pleased with this air purifier. I feel it really has made a big difference in the quality of the air in our apartment. I'd definitely recommend it to others....more info
  • Works great. Great Price.
    Our basement smells much better after putting this in. I've had it for several months and just now I have to clean the filter. We have two Ionic Breezes and this one stands up to them easily. Save your money and get this one instead. It's a little less streamlined, but who cares?...more info
  • Good Buy
    So far I like this unit. I have not had to clean the filter yet and I am submitting this review 3 months after I bought it. It is not too loud, at least don't think so.
    I use it in my bedroom and have noticed that my nagging cough has disappeared and the air in the room appears to be actually cleaner to breathe in.
    This is my first air purifier/cleaner but I am very happy with my purchase. I did research long and hard before buying one and the need to not replace expensive filters was very high on my list. ...more info
  • OK but not great
    I ordered this purifier based on some of the other reviews, but I was not impressed. I got it to help ease my allergies, but I did not notice much of an improvement. It is also quite noisy on its highest setting. I think I will try a purifier with a replaceable filter next time....more info
  • Great filter-- noticably reduces dust.
    Even on its highest setting, it isn't very loud. Handy electronic screen shows how much longer it is until the filter needs to be washed or vacuumed. I used to wake up in the mornings because I had a stuffy nose due to all the dust where I live, and now that's gone. I would say this is a worthy investment to anyone who is looking into buying a HEPA filter, but doesn't want to go broke from the filter costs.

    Its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is
    Tobacco smoke: 145
    Dust: 140
    Pollen: 130

    This air cleaner is suggested for use in a single closed room up to 227 square feet. I'm using it in a room that's barely 200 square feet. I can sleep with it on its high setting, but I like white noise, so some may get annoyed with it. On high, the sound is akin to a normal fan that someone would run on their desk.


    After owning this for some time, there is one single downside that I have experienced. And that downside is that this is not a completely ozone-free device. I ran the filter on high with my room door closed (no ventilation) for a couple of days and when I came back, I could smell the ozone in my room. I don't anticipate this to be a problem at all as long as there is adequate airflow, or it isn't run on high 24/7, but just a small downside to an otherwise excellent filter. (p.s. ozone smells like bleach)...more info
  • Works great!
    I purchased this about a month ago and it has made a big improvement in my breathing. I have allergies and when I used to wake up in the morning I would be all congested, not any more. This has (3) variable settings High, Medium, Low which is nice because on the high setting it can be difficult to fall asleep, however on the low setting it helps me fall asleep. I have yet to clean it's reusable filter, as the digital read out shows that it is not yet dirty and I have ran it almost everyday for at least (4) hours at a time? It has a timer that will shut it off (1-10 hours). It would be nice if the timer could automatically turn the unit on? Overall I am very happy with this unit and do recommend it. Hope this helped, thanks for reading it....more info
  • We Bought Two
    We bought two Honeywells, after checking out several sites trying to figure out which air purifier would be the best and most economical for our home. We chose this model for its price, its durability and no filters to buy. We have had them running for a couple of months and they are very efficient. We have not had to clean the filters yet, but it appears to be a simple task. They do have a powerful fan, but it has 3 speeds. This model tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned, very clearly, right on the top. We have a small dog and we love to cook, and we have had great results with these air purifiers. Thanks-Catherine...more info
  • Atlanta guys house review
    As previous reviews said the sound on high setting is similar to a humidifier, but the air quality in our rooms is noticably fresher. I was looking for a good dog dander, dust, and pollen air cleaner without replacable filters and it needed to circulate the air. This one has fit the mark and I have noticed considerable less dust on the hardwood floors and furniture in our home and thank god it smells a lot fresher in here. In a house with 3 adult guys and a Great Dane who all have allergies this air purifier for under $200 gets 5 stars. ...more info
  • Works Great for Us
    Have used on low speed for two months (some noise) and we feel better and the dust is not on the furniture now. Regular house filters only stop five to ten percent of dust. Putting in a better house filter could damage your AC from loss of air flow. My reserch showed this unit to be the best buy overall....more info
  • Works as advertised
    I got this filter because my wife is allergic to our cat. We've tried the top of the line Sharper Image filter costing more than twice as much for 2 years that did just about nothing but did it quietly. This filter is noisy except on the low setting but even at the low setting, it keeps the air clean, a fresher smell than the rest of the house. Both my wife and I noticed the results immediately. We wake up with our sinuses clear, something we haven't felt in a long time. Because of this I order 2 of the smaller ones for other parts of the house, can't wait to put those in use.

    ...more info