Bona Kemi WM710013273 Hardwood Floor Clean Kit (FREE DUST PAD)

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Product Description

  • Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Care System! This advanced Technology cleaning system made just for hardwood floors!
  • Electrostatic action attracts and traps dirt and allergens
  • Absorbs spills and removes tough stains
  • Reduces and controls most household allergens
  • Mop head lasts longer than terry cloth, up to 200 washes!
  • Cleans better than standard mop systems
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Comes complete with 24 ounce spray bottle cleaner, 1 Mop, pole and Microplus fiber mop cover!
  • Model #WM710013168

    We also carry all necessary supplies for this system!

  • Features:
    • Bona Kemi WM710013273 Hardwood Floor Clean Kit (FREE DUST PAD)
    Customer Reviews:
    • Pretty Good Product
      This is a great product. I was struggling to keep my bamboo floors clean - no matter what I used seemed to leave a film. The Bona floor cleaner does a great job - takes off a lot of things that I was unable to remove before. The mop is great too. The instructions say to rinse frequently while using, and that is true. I found that if I went too long without rinsing the mop head, the floor wouldn't be as shiny, and there would be slight film. I also love the fact that it is non-toxic and water based....more info
    • My floors are shiny again
      I'm very satisfied with this product. We had been using swiffer mops and solution and started noticing a dull film on our hard wood floors. Bona made the floors look great after just one use. I love that the pad is reusable. ...more info
    • Don't waste your $
      Tried to use the day of a big party and the mop handle broke. I cleaned my hardwood floors with an old microfiber towel and a few drops of "Jet Dry" in a bucket of water. They looked great!...more info
    • Bona X Hardwood Floor Cleaner Kit
      The Bona X Floor Cleaner Kit with cleaner pad does a wonderful job on our hardwood floors. We were introduced to this product by the girls who clean for us....more info
    • Floor Clean Kit
      I love the cleaner, it works great. The pole will stay together fine if you assemble it correctly. Very happy!...more info
    • Worth the Money
      We purchased the Bona Kemi after making the mistake of cleaning our floor with a household cleaner that said it was good for hardwoods. That "other" cleaner left a hazy film on our floors. The Bona Kemi floor cleaning kit arrived quickly and as soon as I opened the box I gave it a go. I was very pleased with how easy the product is to use. After you dust mop or vacuum the floor. You simply wet the applicator pad and wring it out, then spray the cleaner on the floor and mop. The kit came with a free dust mop pad and it is awesome. I'd gladly purchase it separately and am planning on buying another. It's super for dust mopping prior to using the Bona Kemi cleaner and I use it regularly each week to pick up the pet hair, dust, etc. It's amazing how much dust, etc. it picks up and hangs on to. It's MUCH MUCH better than the swiffer dusters we used to swear by. Both the dust mop pad and the cleaning pad can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer (don't use a fabric softener sheet) and they come out good as new. I'm not kidding. I've thrown other things like this in the washer and dryer and they're never the same again. But both came out soft and clean and ready for use again. Now our hardwoods are on the road back to the way they were before I used the other product. The Bona Kemi didn't fix my problem after the first use, but it did make a marked improvement and I'm sure after one more cleaning, the floors will be as shiny as they were before.

      I'm one very satisfied customer....more info
    • Great price & product
      I am very happy with my Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Clean Kit. The mop and spray is easy to use.I am pleased with Amazon's quick service. Thank you....more info
    • Poor Quality Mop
      The key to this product's effectiveness is the microfiber mop. Nearly any solution will produce similar results.

      The problem with this product is that the mop is shipped in sections that you have to put together, and in our case, within about 30 seconds of its first use, the sections split apart and the mop broke.

      I contacted the company who sells them on Amazon, and their response was -- to do nothing.

      So what I would do is to buy a microfiber mop that is one piece, and then buy just about any solution. Cheaper solutions can be found at Home depot etc, and Microfiber mops can be found at Wal Mart.

      This product works very well, but you can put together a much cheaper kit, and one that will last longer, on your own. To purchase from a company that doesn't stand behind their products is probably sending the wrong message. Maybe this one was defective and the others would have worked for a long time, but if you can't trust the company, it's probably not worth taking a chance....more info
    • The Best Product for Hardwood Floors ever
      This is the very best product very made for hardwood floors. It cleans, doesn't leave any streaks and makes the floors look new. ...more info
    • Perfect Seller
      Just what I expected and speedy delivery.Bona X WM710013168 Swedish Formula MicroPlus Hardwood Floor Care System...more info
    • Great prduct - no hazing or streaking!
      I bought this after being disappointed with my Wet Jet for my pre-finished hardwood floors- they were very hazy and dull. Bona Kemi has a wonderful cleaner and mop. I am so much happier. The mop and cleaning pad are very easy to use, and I like that you aren't throwing a pad away every time you mop! Just rinse and reuse, so simple. The cleaner doesn't leave any residue. I highly recommend this product....more info
    • My favorite mop so far!
      This kit has been a wonderful invest for me. The cloth picks up a tremendous amount of dirt! I never realized how much my mops were missing until I tried this one! It is much easier to maneuver than the Sh-Mop which has always been my fave til now. I like that it can get behind furniture too!...more info