Bissell 1719B SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

Everyone has their own system when it comes to mopping up a spilled mug of hot chocolate on the impractical, but beautiful ecru carpeting. Maybe they begin by dispensing half a roll of paper towels to absorb the excess liquid, then apply the carpet cleaner of choice, dab ferociously, and so on. Problem solved perhaps, but often the manual scrubbing actually pushes filth deeper into the carpet, further embedding it. Even if the chocolate color has been eradicated, the unpleasant aroma of spoiled milk may still arise. To fully eliminate stains, Bissell created their clever SpotLifter 2X carpet cleaner. The 9.6v cleaner uses a combination of aggressive brush agitation and powerful suction to actually lift spots up and out of the carpet. Ideal for attacking fresh spills or unsightly pet accidents, the handheld vacuum leaves the carpet looking as if Coco never left her owners a stinky present there.

To use the SpotLifter 2X, users fill the cleaner's back tank with cleaning formula and clean water. After spraying the soiled area, apply the deluxe brush to the area and switch the power button on. The brush begins to scrub at the carpet while the suction lifts debris and dirty water up into the front collection tank. The cleaner covers a 7-inch path. After the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, a release button enables easy collection tank removal for disposal and a quick rinse out. The SpotLifter 2X is a cordless cleaning tool for convenient transportation. The batteries must be charged for 24 hours before the cleaner's first use. After use, the cleaner will best operate after fully recharging over 12 hours. The cleaner runs at full power for approximately 15 minutes per use. This item is covered by a one-year limited warranty. The cleaner measures 17-3/4 by 7 by 10 inches and weighs 6 pounds. --Jessica Reuling

Spotlifter 2X Cordless Handheld Extractor, Double The Run Time, Deluxe Brush For Double Cleaning Action, Powerful Spray & Suction Clean & Help Dry In One Step, Quick & Easy To Use, Use #0499, True Value #361-623 Little Green Cleaning Formula.

  • Hand-held deep carpet cleaner for emergency spills and stains from Bissell
  • Cleaner brush agitates soiled spots while simultaneously sucking debris up and through the 7-inch nozzle; adept at odor-removal
  • Cordless, the 9.6v cleaner runs at full power for 15 minutes; charge for 24 hours before first use and 12 hours following subsequent uses
  • With a dual tank system, users easily fill one with clean water and solution while dirty water collects in the other for appropriate disposal
  • Cleaner measures 17-3/4 by 7 by 10 inches and weighs 6 pounds; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • SpotLifter
    Good product! Came with somewhat poor instructions, but you get the idea on how to use it. I really like that you can leave solution in it and just have it ready for the next accident - takes a lot of the work out....more info
  • Bissell 17198 Spotlifter 2X
    This has been a great little product! I have a new puppy in the house and two cats so I have used the cleaner a lot and it does a fine job. However, I do have difficulty removing the dirty water canister. Thank goodness for strong husbands! Overall, I rate the Bissell Spotlifer 2X with 4 stars. It would get a 5 star rating if I the dirty water canister was easier to remove....more info
  • spot remover
    with a grandchild in the house i knew i would get alot of use out of this product .And it works great she spilt red fruit punch on light colored carpet and it came out with ease....more info
  • Bissell 1719B Review
    Any home with inside pets needs to have this cleaner! It's cordless, so you can take it anywhere. It cleans up any spot left in carpet or upholstery easily, especially when carpet spray cleaner is used. I have and will continue to recommend this product. As far as ordering from Amazon, you can find no better. I've ordered from a bunch of online companies and individuals and Amazon ranks at the top in my experiences....more info
  • Not very good
    The dogs had an accident today so I pulled out my new Spot Lifter to tackle a few spots of the ole number 2 on my BRAND NEW Carpet. I used the 8 ounce Bissell cleaning fluid that came with the spot lifter. The spray mechanism worked well and I saturated the dodo spots and scrubbed away with the scrub brush.

    It worked OK from a cleaning standpoint still leaving a trace of poo but my major problem is the almost complete lack of any suction. I admit I over sprayed and used about 1/3 of the bottle of spray during this small but stinky cleanup. I noticed that maybe an ounce of nasty fluid was sucked back off of my carpet and into the machine. Basically no suction. The rest of the cleaning fluid is still on my new carpet.

    I'll have to do a bit of manual work here.

    Avoid this one people. ...more info
  • Works great - no wall mount?
    Had the first version of this Bissell for 4-5 years before the dirty water tank came apart at the seams. That was fine for $40, it did its job, mainly on cat mistakes, well.
    I bought the Bissell 1719B SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner as a replacement and it is better than the first, more suction power and longer battery life. It is missing one important feature - no wall mount! I'm supposed to leave this machine that I use to clean cat throw up charging on the counter? I think not! I probably voided my warrenty by rigging a hook & eye mount.
    ...more info
  • Right product, right price
    Serves its purpose very well. Reasonably priced, and very handy for small jobs -- food & drink spills, etc.

    Putting it into operation for the first time presented no major hassles.

    Cleaning it up after use was also not difficult.

    I keep it handy -- plugged-in in an out-of-the-way place. For a typical little accident -- from discovery to recovery is about 10 minutes:
    Discover the spill, get the SpotLifter, mix the solution, clean the spot, empty and rinse the reservoirs, and put the SpotLifter back.

    Great results -- leaves a fresh scent....more info
  • LOVE THIS CORDLESS STAIN LIFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO EASY TO USE. I LOVE IT....more info
  • How can anything this cheap suck so good?
    The Bissell SpotLifter/Deep Cleaner is a powerful little machine that can keep your carpets (and rugs and ceramic tile floors) looking brand-new and immaculate for years and years.

    I especially like this machine because it is cordless. I can't tell you how annoying it is to have to worry about all those cords when I'm trying to clean or vacuum my carpet. It comes with an internal battery that has a life of about 4 to 5 years. There isn't a charging base or any bulky pieces (like those old-fashion "dust busters" that everyone's grannies had). Instead it simply has a plug with a charging element and a tiny little outlet on the back of it.

    The unit comes with an 8 ounce trail size of Bissell little green cleaning formula. This will last you roughly 4 full loads (each load is about 4 ounces, half water and half of the cleaning formula). However, this unit can also use your favorite carpet cleaner, so don't get stuck buying Bissell's if you're used to something different. (I prefer SpotShot because IMHO nothing has ever gotten out carpet stains as quickly as this.)

    This unit is really so versatile. You can scrub your floors, pre-treat your carpets and even clean your drapes and upholstery with it. In fact, it works excellent on any surface thats colors won't run. The pre-treating really helps for nasty spills that otherwise would take a lot of elbow grease to come out (if they even do).

    One of the reasons why I got this was because I have wall-to-wall white/beige carpeting and cannot stand lugging out that bulky and obnoxious carpet cleaner all the time. And if you're like me you don't have the time (or the money) to waste on some glorified maid to come into your home and clean your carpets (I've tried that nonsense and found that I can get it much cleaner myself because I take much more pride in my home and in my carpets than an outside stranger). Of course you'll still need to shampoo your carpets, but you won't have to do it as much once you start using the Bissell SpotLifter/Deep Cleaner on a regular basis.

    Once it's fully charged it runs for about 10 minutes. It's kinda short, but for someone like me that's never happy when it comes to cleaning the carpet I'm glad there's a time-frame, otherwise I'd be down scrubbing my carpets all day. It takes about 12 hours to get a full charge. Once it's fully charged, the booklet recommends that you not continue charging it (as this may shorten the battery life). Once it's fully charged I simply keep it in central closet (filled with the solution) so that it's reading and rearing to go. By the way, it arrives partially charged, so feel free to use it as soon as you get it home.

    My only brief complaint is that although it's sleek and easy to use, the Bissell SpotLifter/Deeper Cleaner is not very pretty to look at. This is not something that you're going to want to leave out on display like your Dirt Devil Kurv. But it's functional and that's really the most important thing to remember.

    When I'm done treating my carpet (or my tile flooring) I simply clean out the inside and the outside of the unit. It's so surprising how much dirt/dirty water it picks up. You really will be amazed. It's very easy to clean it out; simply pull the little inside plug out (that keeps it closed) and run some cool water inside it. Then you simply dry everything with a paper towel (I prefer a tea towel because it picks up more of the wetness). And then you may want to give the brushes a once-over with a sponge or I use Mr. Clean cleaning wipes. And, to make sure it's nice and fresh and clean, once it's fully dry, I give it a slight spray of Lysol green apple.

    As I touched upon it does come with a user's booklet that explains how to use it. But basically it's all very self-explanatory (don't you hate it when you get a new item for your home and it doesn't make your life easier?) You will not have that problem with this little machine. ...more info
  • Great for Spot Cleaning
    Cleaned some older stains on the carpet quite nicely. It's cordless but holds a charge over several days and has enough suction power to pick up the moisture from the carpet. You can't go wrong with this for the $40 price....more info
  • Good little machine
    We had a Spot Bot but was tired of having to haul it around and it left a CLean circle that was very obvious. To use the hose, you have to remove it all and clean it inside.. so clean up was a pain.

    This one is simple and it cleaned off the sofa and removed the stains well - you can see the dirty water when you are done as proof.

    We even used it on the vinyl flooring.

    The only drawback is you have to do the "scrubbing" but doing that on small areas it easier than hauling out a big machine or even the larger Spot Bot. It is also easy to clean up and put up. The portability of being cordless is a nice plus for us as there is no bending over to plug something in.

    I would recommend this for fast and easy spot lifting, stain lifting etc of small areas - we have the actual carpet cleaning machine if we have a bigger one and it is as convenient as the old spot bot was.

    For my money, this is a better solution for us....more info
  • Great for Spills & Spots
    If you have kids or dogs, this appliance is a great time saver. No need to drag out the pail and sponge, which most of the time doesn't completely eliminate the spot, with the Spotlifter 2X. The Spotlifter 2X has powerful suction and enough run time to do a thorough job of eratacating the "accident" without a trace. And being cordless, it is no hassel to use....more info
  • short battery life
    I used this spot cleaner nearly every day for about 2 months, because i tend to a cat that has pooping issues and will only poop on the carpet, no matter how many times i discipline it. Anyways, the battery is dead now, and its now going to make its way to the trash. It worked well while it lasted, but its short battery life makes it uneconomical. I feel bad for being wasteful and trashing it, and Bissell should feel worse for selling a product that goes strait to a landfill. Come on, think green people! This is the last time a purchase a product from Bissell, since i cannot trust them to be responsible in this global warming time we live in....more info
  • OK for surface stains
    This is very easy to use and a great little spot cleaner. Not for big areas. I have 1 dog and it does a pretty fair job with the surface area but not the carpet pad....more info
  • Works as advertised
    With 3 cats and a dog, messes are inevitable. I bought this to clean up the accidents that happen (why do cats and dogs immediately run to the nearest carpeting to upchuck?). I've used it 6 times or so and it works great, still on the first charge. Haven't had any problems with getting any of the tanks off and on, maybe just lucky. Would definitely buy again!...more info
    This does not get up stains as you would expect. It is also very diffcult to get the front part off. A waste of money....more info
  • exellent
    Great product. It's my second of these little powerhouses. W/ 4 dogs it's a God send...more info
  • great if you have a puppy!
    This product is great for quick carpet cleaning for small jobs ... purchased to use as I have a puppy and there will be the occasional "accident". Convenient and easy to use....more info
  • Great for pets
    I bought this in order to clean up after my new puppy. Works great. After he goes pee, I just grab the vac and you can see it suck all the liquid out of the carpet. Better then wasting paper towels and having a stinky carpet. ...more info
  • Handy Helper
    I purchased this item when I moved my adult Boston Terrier into an apartment for the first time. It was replacing one of the earliest model SpotLifters that I had been using for years. I thought we might have "adjustment" problems, and we did.
    This little cleaner does a better job of cleaning than my big machine! Lifts spots quickly and easily.
    My dog has adjusted and now I just use it for human "accidents" around the house. With a 17 yr old and all his friends, we have plenty. It has picked up everything: potting soil, ice cream and even pizza!
    At this price I wouldn't live without one in the house!...more info
  • Great Product!
    Product is essential for anyone who has a pet. It even spot lifts stains that have been there for a few days. Its definitely made my life a whole lot easier....more info
  • Very nice toddler accessory
    This little cleaner is easy to use, and so far works very well. I got some old juice stains and a cat barf stain out of the carpet right away. The detergent tank is eay to load and the dirty water tank is easy to empty.

    I only have one minor gripe- I'm not sure it makes sense for this product to be cordless. I was worried at first that its 15 minute runtime with a 12 hour charge would be annoying. It really isn't, it doesn't take but a minute to remove a spot, and you aren't going to use this to clean a whole carpet. However, the manual recommends running the battery completely down before recharging, which means that either it's going to conk out on you when you're using it or that you have to just leave it on to run down when the battery is low. Not a big deal, but is that really more convenient than just using a cord? ...more info
  • Ewwwww -- the smell
    I guess you get what you pay for with this cheap little piece of junk. I think I paid about $40, so it's no great loss to toss it out. The GOOD: the solution that comes with it does a decent job of removing a spot and the suction gets up the liquid pretty good. The BAD: The solution squirter gets in the way when you are trying to dismantle it for cleaning. Not much battery life. The UGLY: It's very difficult to remove the waste tank for cleaning. And if you let it sit for a few hours, you'll regret it mightily -- depending upon what kind of "spot" you were cleaning. I can tell you if you are cleaning up after a CAT, get the tank emptied ASAP. That is, if you can get the darn thing off. I finally threw the whole thing in the trash after it sat too long. Not worth dealing with the smell if I was able to get it off....more info
  • have owned both - Prefer the corded model
    Although I can't speak for this new model, we have had both the cordless and the corded model spotlifter over the years. I would choose the corded model every time. While having a cordless that you can just freely tote around the house is a nice option, as the power of the battery runs down, so does your power to suck! We bought the corded one when we had a red wine accident that splattered across the creme colored carpet of our house (that we had up for sale) We immediately knew that it was a bigger job than the cordless could handle and ran out to buy the corded model that minute. The cord on the corded model is very generous so you still have enough freedom to move around. Otherwise, it is a great product - a must for pets and kids (and red wine)! ...more info
  • A simple solution
    I was underwhelmed by this product. I had researched other Bissell models, and this had the best rating on removing stains, mechanical function, and clean up after use. When I got it, I realized that its essentially a scrub brush and a solution sprayer. Very low tech. It sucks up water, but I can get the same result with a towel. So its an expensive and bulky solution that doesn't do enough....more info
  • works pretty well with some minor flaws
    I did a lot of research before buying this little cleaner, so I was prepared for some of the bad that I had read. I have to say I do not have any problems with the dirty water canister being too difficult to remove or get back on. I do, however, have the problem of the dirty water spitting out of the vents on the sides. I use mine to mostly clean up pet accidents, so this is something I definitely do not want spraying back out due to oder (even though it may be diluted). It even does it when the dirty tank is not filled to the full line. The product pictured is also deceiving. The fill line on mine is MUCH lower than the one shown in this picture, or the picture on the box. The full line is about a 1/2 inch shallower! A little disappointing for spending $40. Other than these two complaints, it does an amazing job at picking up pills, dirt, and pet messes!! Very impressed as far as the main feature of it goes....more info
  • Portable and powerful
    This little guy has enough umph to do the job well. Although its run time is short before needing a recharge, clearly it is intended to do a spot now and then, and not for a massive area clean up job....more info
  • Perfect cordless carpet cleaner for pets
    I bought the Bissell SpotLifter 2X to replace an older Bissell model that finally wore out after 5 years. We have 3 indoor cats that frequently soil our rugs and carpeting, so a quick and easy carpet cleaner is a must. The old version worked well, but this model works even better.

    The suction is much improved, and this model cleans our rugs and carpet much better than its previous version. Battery life is excellent -- we have used this cleaner several times over the past few weeks and still have yet to recharge the battery (the instructions recommend recharging only after the battery runs down to maximize battery life). The cleaning solution is readily available at places like Target and inexpensive. It is easy to empty the collection chamber after cleaning.

    If you want a simple, affordable, rechargeable, cordless spot carpet cleaner, this is the one to buy. If the SpotLifter 2X lasts even half as long as the one it replaces it will have been a very good investment. I would not hesitate to buy it again....more info
  • Brissell spotlifter 2X Portable Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
    I have 2 new puppy's in my house
    I think this is Cleaner is Wonderful.
    Pick's up the little puppy piddles
    it's working. My carpet is saved!
    I love this handy cleaner. I even used
    it on my bed when a puppy made an oops.

    ...more info
  • Spot carpet cleaner meets my expectations
    Now that my children are grown and gone, I no longer have the large carpet-cleaning needs that, in the past, required me to haul in a bulky machine the size and weight of a small car! My needs now are to respond immediately to small spills and stains before they become permanent . . . . . and the Bissell Spotlifter does that job. The 15 minutes of power is more than enough for quickly taking care of any new problems, and refilling/emptying the machine is easy. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I have Three and two years gils and one big dog. They always spill everywhere. It is easy to clean....more info
  • bissell spotlifter
    Having two dogs, particularly in the winter, there is a need to do spot cleaning of rugs from time to time. I've only used the bissell spotlifter a few times but have found it to be very successful and helpful. It's easy to use, and by filling the cleaner and spending a few minutes, I can run around the house and take care of all spots throughout the house. ...more info
  • Must Have for Pet Owners
    This is my second SpotLifter. I don't know what I did without it when my first dog was small. Now I have the second and there are still random accidents around the house . Truly has saved my carpet....more info
  • Works great!
    I was very pleased with this product. I had several pet accident stains on my rug that nothing else could get out. This got rid of them entirely. I did have to go over the worst one twice, but the unit is very light and compact and easy to use. It's fairly easy to clean out afterward as well. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that it doesn't hold much solution. One or two small stains and you find yourself having to refill the tank. Still, for the price, I was very pleased with it....more info
  • Great Product
    Great cleaner. Lots of power and easy to use. Better than any small cleaner I've ever had....more info
  • Little Engine That Does!
    I was leary of buying anything portable that only ran for a few minutes at a time. I had multiple stains in my auto upholstery and figured I would need to make two jobs over two days to get the seats clean. However the Bissell made short work of the stains! It is very easy to manuever and fill. It lifted and cleaned the stains immediately. The Little Green cleaner solution works very efficiently in the Spotlifter. I wish I had bought one of these years ago. It also cleans up a pet stains very well. The Bissell Pet Stain and Odor Remover is the best solution on the market. I would definitely recommend this machine for small jobs and stains. I totally cleaned 4 car seats in less than 15 minutes. I love it!...more info
  • great product
    This is a great little cleaning machine. We use it to clean up after two little dogs and grandkids....more info
  • Worked well
    The Bissell Spot lifter worked well for me. I tried it on carpet spots and some places on a chair and sofa. Generally, it removed the problem. My only slight complaint is the difficulty in undoing the front piece from the main machine after using it. I had a hard time getting it to unlatch....more info
  • Great product, just don't use too much water!
    I love this and it works beautifully! Just don't use too much of the solution or you will have to pour water over the spot to reduce the suds. But, hey... the spot I had was huge and it is clean now!!!

    The suds can cause it to sputter out of the sides it you use too much. But mine kept going and ignored my abuse and worked beautifully... it just took me a minute... or 30 minutes. ...more info
  • Perfect.
    Exactly what it says... clean up stains when they happen. My dog is still having accidents on the carpet and I needed a better way to clean them. I used the Spot Bot machine that my mom has and that thing works great, but I needed something a little more in my price range. I saw this machine and it was at a good price. I used it today and I have to say that I'm really impressed. Good job!...more info
  • OK performance but not nearly as good as a full size cleaner
    We bought the Spotlifter to tend to a new puppy in our house. The Spotlifter does a fair job of quickly extracting spills but afterwards the carpet is still fairly damp compared to a full sized corded rug cleaner. As far as the battery power goes, a single charge is enough for about two to three spills before it loses suction and needs to be re-charged - not bad peformance for a portable in my mind. All in all the Spotlifter was a good choice for a portable but keep in mind that the big cleaner needs to come out periodically to get the deep down stuff out....more info
  • Good Machine while it lasted
    I loved this machine until the motor burned out. I used it to clean pet stains in between shampooing the entire carpet. It had good suction and did a great job cleaning the spots. It was light to hold and very convenient. It held it charge for long periods of time too. The only problems were that if it accidentally turned over on its side, the dirty water would leak out on my newly cleaned carpet and it was kind of hard to take the top off to clean out the dirty water. I was really disappointed that after only two months of owning it, the motor burned out! It gave no notice that it was going to break, it just stopped working. I have a big Bissell Steam Machine that I think is great so I think it's a good brand generally. Maybe it's a fluke thing to have the motor burn out but I was pretty disappointed. ...more info
  • Spotlifter 2X portable Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
    This little cleaner is super if you have a new puppy you are trying to housebreak. The bad things about it are as follows: In order to get the dirty water tank off you have to have a case knife to pry the tank as you push the button. The dirty water tank is a trick....if you are not careful the dirty water will pour out of the tank where you dont think about it coming will pour out and not from the place you are supposed to empty you better be careful when you dump it. Otherwise it is very handy to clean up pee messes, you can suck up the pee and spray the cleaner and suck it up for a cleanup. It is very compact and very handy even with its faults. I would buy again....more info
    Some of the reviews of this product were not so great, but I can help but wonder if the people who wrote them were trying to shampoo their entire house. I got a new puppy and we all know what happens. This machine was to replace the old one. The hard plastic broke. The machine still worked fine otherwise. This one was even better and more powerful. It has not run out of juice once when I have been using it. (It stays plugged in between uses.) Great for small clean ups!...more info
  • Great Cleaner
    I have used The Bissell Spotlifter for several years and wouldn't be without it.
    I lve in the country and have three dogs and a cat and that calls for lots of clean up....more info
  • Bissell could have learned from previous model.
    This was supposed to be an improvement to Bissell's previous portable carpet cleaner. Yes, this model appears to be more powerful, but it also has several deficiencies. First, the mounting bracket for the previous model does not work. In fact, there is no wall mounting bracket. Second, the brush on the bottom conflicts with getting the nozzle of the suction canister flush to the carpet, thereby limiting the units sucking action. Last, but not least, there is no signal light to indicate whether the unit is being charged or not. The older model had such an indicator. Big omission. Wish I had bought the older model....more info
  • Worst purchase ever.
    My husband and I bought this to take care of pet stains (we have 2 mini dachshunds who think it's funny to pee in the one room of the house where there is carpet). This product sprays out the formula, and then sucks up some of it, but does nothing for the stain or the smell. Don't waste your $40 on this, spend the extra money on a good quality upright cleaner....more info
  • Fantastic
    I tried the first Spotlifter. Now you wanna talk about a horrible machine? That was it. You couldn't clean all the parts.


    YOU CAN CLEAN ALL THE PARTS FROM IT. Get the special pet carpet shampoo stuff for it, and this lasts a lot longer (from being charged up) than the original Spotlifter (which I dumped, that was a good experiment but a horrible machine).

    The brush at the bottom is EASY to clean.

    This is EASY TO CLEAN, and does a great job for SPOTS. You can't clean the whole rug with it, but spots? YES YOU CAN!

    LOVE IT!

  • Don't waste your money
    Unfortunately this is the only brand name steam cleaner available at my local Target in this price range. I'm on my third one (I should've just bought an upright steam cleaner to begin with.) After a few uses the first one started emitting a foul odor when I used it. I thought maybe it had absorbed odor from some of the stains (pet stains) and cleaned it thoroughly after each use, but it kept getting worse, even if I was just cleaning up a spilled beverage. Then the cheap plastic that holds the cleaning fluid cracked. I threw it out and bought another, and had the same issue.

    I stopped using the suggested cleaner, and instead used a heavy duty spray cleaner and the odor problem desisted, and the stains were actually removed more easily. However, the cheap plastic broke yet again. I wouldn't have bothered with another but like I said, it's the only thing under $50 at my local Target. Between this and the disaster I had with a Bissell vacuum, I'll never buy anything Bissell again.

    Do yourself a favor, break down and get a small upright instead. You'll save yourself money and frustration. ...more info
  • Spot lifter review
    This product replaces one that I wore out using. It is very useful for quick pickups from our pet messes....more info
  • I like this machine
    I have two parrots, who are not very kind to the carpet (which, unfortunately, is a very light brown). This little machine makes quick work of the bird's stains and dirt tracked in from outside. One thing I learned the first time I used the machine is not to exert too much downward pressure on the carpet. The front compartment with the brush attached is hinged at the bottom. I tilted the machine forward to use the brush more effectively and pushed down hard on the machine. This made the plastic hinge at the bottom pop loose, causing major leakage. I just popped it back in place and used the machine with less aggression and it works great....more info
  • Bissell:the quicker, picker-upper
    First off, I bought this at Target for $40 before I read these reviews. So I am going to comment on the previous reviews.
    1. This is not a whole room cleaner like Hoover Steamvac, so don't expect the same thing (but I will make comparisons).
    2. Water does spit out of the motor vents WHEN the dirty water container is full (which is less than an inch in this thing). Remember this is for spots!
    3. No, there isn't alot of water that comes up from the carpet because there's not alot of soap being sprayed out of the sprayer. And most of it is in bubble form.
    4. Yes, the dirty water container does need to be pulled off (and on) at an angle. I have a dustbuster, so I'm used to the "angle" thing.
    5. Don't expect suction like a Hoover Steamvac (which is plugged into the wall) from this machine (which is battery operated).
    6. I haven't had any problems with the rubber seals on my machine.
    7. Sometimes this thing may not pull up ALL the spots. How many products have we all tried to get the most stubborn stain out? My husband and I found $40 is worth trying to get the stains out. And if that doesn't do it, there's always elbow-grease. :)...more info
  • Not worth the money
    This does a poor job of cleaning and dosent get the shampoo back up. The fabric stays soaked....more info
  • Bissell 1719B SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
    I think this product is a huge waste of money. I plan to send it back. I bought it to clean up cat regurgitation. After reading the directions I tried it on a spot and spent about 10 minutes running it back and forth in the manner recommended in the directions. It had no effect whatsoever on the spot, which was fresh. I then cleaned up the spot with a cloth and some Resolve spray.
    If you need something that actually works don't buy this product....more info
  • A great tool with some unfortunate issues
    This one replaced our original spot lifter bought in 2002. The old model was a little smaller and had a little less suction. The new one now is bigger, heavier and has more suction, but it is not better.

    First, the unit spits sucked up fluid from the motor air vents apparently sucking cleaning solution through the liquid trap in the canister and into the engine. This does not damage anything, but if you clean up house pet messes, you don't want some of that stuff come shooting out of the air vents, right?

    Further, the canister is difficult to attach and you have to get it angled just right to snap into position. Oterhwise it will not go in.

    It surprises me that Bissel has gone backwards in functionality of this great tool. The original unit we had was great, functioned great and none of the problems this new unit has. They are also clearly engineering or design flaws that were not present in the older model.

    ...more info
  • Great in a pinch!
    This little fella is very easy to use and a great little spot cleaner. I have 1 dog and 2 cats and am in the process of selling my house, so it has been a life saver for cleaning up little erp ups or other minor accidents quickly without being noticed. Love it!...more info
  • Works for me
    I like this item, I bought this, after moving in an apartment ment for collage students, the rug was in shambles, this carpet cleaner picked up some grime that i couldnt see with an glance, now the carpet looks far more clean than i antipicated. thanks for the gadget....more info
  • So so job
    I bought this a couple of years ago and it's impossible to keep it from leaking from the cup where you put the cleaning solution. I've tried everything. If this is a newer model, hopefully it does a better job....more info
  • Doggie clean ups are easy to do.
    We are in the process of housebreaking our Jack Russel terrier. And boy is that a job. When our dog has an accident I get the spotlifter by Bissel and clean up spots and stains right away. ...more info
  • Excellent product for spots and spills!
    This spotlifter is a great product! It worked so well at removing stains in my car and on my stairs! It was not only easy to use buy required no assembly and I didn't even have to read the directions! This is a great product to have around the house becuase spills happen all the time at my house with kids and pets! I am really glad I bought this product and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying one!...more info