Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Upright Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

Lugging the vacuum cleaner up a flight of stairs becomes a virtually painless chore with Bissell's lightweight Quicksteamer Powerbrush II model. The upright 4-amp vacuum weighs just 12 pounds while still providing up deep-down carpet cleaning, eradicating pet hair, dirt and small objects with power. Using steam heat and Bissell's own DirtLifting brush technology, this cleaner is ideal for individuals looking for painless, yet thorough cleaning.

To use the carpet cleaner, users fill the 1/2-gallon tank with clean water and cleaning formula. At the push of the power button, the cleaner's brush uproots dirt from the carpet, lifting it up into the residue collection tank. The vacuum covers an 8-1/2-inch cleaning path. A removable nozzle enables flexibility while cleaning. Users maneuver the vacuum about the house with an ergonomically correct grip form minimal stress to wrists and hands. The vacuum cord spans a distance of 20 feet. Users assemble the cleaner by an easy two-step process. For the best success, read all enclosed material prior to use. The cleaner is covered by a one-year limited warranty. The vacuum measures 15-3/4 by 9 by 44-1/4 inches and weighs 18 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Quicksteamer Powerbrush, Lightweight Deep Cleaner With Power Brush, Rotating Brush Lifts Out Dirt & Gently Grooms Carpet, New Re-Design Easy Empty Tank, Edge Cleaning, Volcanic Red Satin Finish.

  • Powerful upright steam deep cleaner from industry leader Bissell
  • Dual tank system holds 1/2-gallon of cleaning solution and water in one and collects residue in the other; easy to refill and empty
  • 4-amp motor; powerful brush agitates soiled spots while cleaner simultaneously sucks debris away
  • With an 8-1/2-inch clearing path and removable nozzle; power cord spans 20 feet
  • Cleaner measures 15-3/4 by 9 by 44-1/4 inches and weighs 18 pounds upon shipping; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Cleans well for the price
    Used it on an area rug & landing at the top of the stairs. Contains just the right amount of water for these smaller spaces. Cleaned well & was easy to use. For the landing, I will still use a rental machine or have someone professionally clean in a year, but this tides me over between cleanings - especially since I have two long-hair cats.

    Good value....more info
  • Carpet Cleaner
    The Bissell cleaner did an excellent job. I had dirt left on my carpet from a commercial cleaner that I had rented previously. This little cleaner removed it. It also is light enough to manuever easily. A great product....more info
  • Bissell
    I used this product as soon as I received it. Works as promised. Have also Bissell's Little Green Machine for over 10 years...more info
  • The Best!
    I am really thrilled with this purchase. Things others might see as a problem are actually a bonus for me. It is small, lightweight, and easy to use. My arthritic hands have no problem whatsoever filling the cleaning solution tank or emptying the dirty water reservoir. I was amazed at its cleaning ability. Yes it will take more than one go to restore my carpets to anything resembling "pristine" condition, but with 2 dogs,and a husband who works washing food oil tankers, even just one pass resulted in a remarkable difference. Going slow does indeed improve performance and again a plus for me. And now something I would have never thought I would have to write, it does a superb job of removing possum blood! (Remember the 2 dogs)...more info
  • satisfying carpet cleaner
    The good: (1) Lightweight and easy to use. (2) Cleans high traffic areas better than expected. (3) Rotating brushes scrubs carpet. (4) vacuum water very well so carpet needs only a few hours to dry (5) Clean-up is a snap since disassembling the unit is easy and you simply rinse off with a garden hose.
    The Bad: (1) Will not remove stains. You must use a carpet stain remover with this product. (2) fragile with breakable plastic. You must be careful using this product. (3) Waste reservoir is too small and since it vacuums so well, the waste reservoir may overflow.
    Overall: I have been using rented rug doctors for years and when I re-carpeted my entire house, I wanted a rug doctor but alas they wanted $700. I shopped around for a more affordable unit and based on good reviews, I got the Bissell 2080 for $89 at amazon,com. I am satisfied with the performance and the value. I have a light beige carpet which soils easily. I highly recommend this product since the performance is 90% of a rug doctor but only about 15% of the cost. My only disappointment is that you must use a stain remover with this product. Not a deal killer since it takes only a few more minutes to apply the stain remover and then you can use this product with outstanding results. ...more info
  • Feels so clean!!!
    Before I used this product along with "Bissell 715A Fiber Cleansing Formula" for the first time, I thought my carpet was quite clean as I often vacuumed. I was WRONG!!! I was shocked when I first used this, to see how dirty the water got!!! After a couple of cleanings, the water did not get that dirty and I felt my carpet was almost brand new - even better than professional cleaning - cleaner & fluffier. LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • Stopped spraying water
    Bissell seems to have a common problem among most, if not all of its steam cleaners in that they stop spraying water. My 2070 unit started having problems last year. I'm not sure what I did to get it restarted but I managed to get it to work for another year. It once again stopped spraying water and will now make its way to the dump....more info
  • Convenient, Lightweight, easy to use
    I am extremely pleased with this little cleaner. It's lightweight, easy to use and cleans up easily afterward. We have several pets and, as instructed, I vacuumed the carpets before I used the steam cleaner. Even though I vacuumed, the cleaner pulled lots of pet hair from the carpet. I had to stop and clean the pet hair from the bristles a few times. It was easy to do. Overall, I am thrilled to have this cleaner as I find it a waste of money to pay a professional service to clean "per room" when each room really only needs the high traffic area cleaned. This unit is as small as my vacuum cleaner but it's pretty powerful. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Rug Cleaner Review
    I have found this cleaner to be very easy to operate. It does a good job considering its size and power. Very easy for me to handle (I am a senior citizen). Given that it is little, I have to refill it many times in order to complete my task, but that is OK as the ease of operation I don't mind that at all. I like it a lot....more info
  • Great product for entire house.
    I have a baby, a husband who doesn't take his shoes off in the house, 3 cats, & a dog. All of this in a house with light carpet. I wasn't expecting anything fantastic, I just wanted something at home instead of having to go & rent a machine, but this product really fantasic. It was easy to put together, it comes with 16ozs of cleaner as well. I used this product to clean every room in my house in about 4 hours, including the stairs (about 1300sq feet of carpet). Yes, the tank is small but it's really easy to dump the dirty & replace the clean tank. Takes about 3 minutes, if that. I've had no issues with leaking at all. It's not very heavy & glides along the carpet with ease. We have fluffy carpet, so I was concerned about drying time, but the longest anything took to dry was about 2 hours the couple bedrooms without fans & the hallway. Our living room was dry in an hour with the aid of the ceiling fan. I've also used it for spot cleaning when spills or pet stains have happened. Since I've had this machine, there have been 2 stains I doubt I would have gotten out if it weren't for this machine. The only issue I had was the first time I went to dump the dirty water, I didn't realize there was an open filter at the top. So if you aren't careful, you'll get spills from that, but as long as you pay attention it's not a problem. Deep cleaning that made me realize that my Bissell vaccuum needed replaced because of pet hair it even managed to pull up. It gave new life to our carpets. I would have paid more for this product, so at this price I think I got a great deal. I'm very happy we bought this instead of using a rental....more info
  • Great value
    I love this product. It's inexpensive and does a great job of cleaning my carpet! Simple and easy to use....more info
  • great and easy to use
    This item is a great little tool to clean up those troublesome spots that happen because of spills, dirty shoes, ect. Just pull it out of the closet and in minutes you've got the mess cleaned up. Great buy and great service from Amazon!...more info
  • Lightweight and easy to use
    We have only area rugs and live in a 1250 square foot condo, so this is the perfect machine for us. I suspect that if you have a larger house, or lots of wall-to-wall carpet, you'll want to get a larger and more powerful machine, which is the reason I gave it only four stars.

    I have one wool braided rug that was...well...filthy. I've gone over it several times, and each time it gets cleaner. Since I was on the verge of replacing it, I'm thrilled with the results and don't mind doing it more than once. The wool tended to soak up the water, but as has been mentioned in previous reviews, if you go slowly and don't overwet, it dries in a few hours. Using a fan helps, too.

    The large area rug in our living room is synthetic. I just cleaned it two hours ago and it's bone dry already, and beautifully clean. Since it's a light color and had some grungy stains on it, I am very happy with the results.

    It occurs to me that this would make a good second machine, if you already have a big, powerful, full-featured deep cleaner. You can store it with solution in the tank, so it could sit in a closet and be handy for spot cleaning and dealing with spills.

    Over all, a great value....more info
  • Does a good job, but it's cheaply made
    I just got mine today in the mail and assembled it to give a try. We had some stains scattered on our living room carpet from our child dropping things over the previous year. So the stains we had were kind of old. This Bissell cleaner got up most of the stains with just using the fiber cleaner sample that came with the cleaner. I ordered some more heavy duty cleaner, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I was surprised the basic cleaner did this well.

    As for the quality of the cleaner, it is kind of cheap in the quality of worksmanship. I wouldn't count on this thing lasting more than a couple of years unless replacement parts are cheap. The parts that may be problematic are the waste water tank and the small plastic container that holds the fresh water/soap.

    One more thing, it doesn't appear that this thing heats up the water at all. The instructions say to put hot tapwater (not boiling water) into the chamber, but the water felt cold when I felt it as it sprayed onto the carpet a few minutes later. But this carpet cleaner gets the job done, so I am not sure that using hot water is really necessary.

    I gave it 4 stars because it accomplished the job. But they lose a star for the poor quality parts that look like they could easily break....more info
  • Excellent Cleaner!
    After reading many reviews I decided this was the best choice for price and quality. I am amazed at how fast it arrived considering it was free shipping! It also came with free cleaning sample which smells very good! This steam vac was very easy to use and it only took about 2 hours to clean our whole house (2000 sq feet). I am very happy to report that it cleaned our carpets very well!! It only took about 1-2 hours to dry and our carpet looks new! I am very pleased and so thankful I gave this product a try! ...more info
    I bought it because I have an indoor dog that occasionally makes messes. I can trust this to pickup any stain, even one that is weeks old. You will see the stain get sucked up and it is good about sucking up all the water it puts out. I was so confident in it that I left my dog at home for a week saving me $180 in boarding fees. I knew this Bissell would bail me out and it would be like paying me $180 to do a quick cleanup when I got back. My dog could be more comfortable at home anyway and no hassel of drop off and pick up. I recently got a puppy as well. She makes messes constantly. I use this Bissell many times a day. I keep it plugged in and ready to go. Just the other day the puppy hurt her paw and walked all around on my white carpet making blood paw prints. I had to use about 5 tanks of hot water in the Bissell but all of the blood stains came up. It is great for small stains or a small apartment, but if you want to shampoo your whole house or something, you should get one that is wider. This only has a 9" cleaning path which is good and bad. The good of it is that it can concentrate it's suction power more. Don't put boiling hot water in it. I did that the first time. Water out of a teapot and it warped the plastic but it is ok. I just use hot water now. About every other time I use shampoo in it. It is so good that hot water is enough most of the time. The tank where you add the hot water and solution is an odd shape. You can't rest it flat in your sink. Clean the bottom brush every 4-5 times of use. It will collect hairs...well that is because I don't vacuum first. I used this so often. The only other one I have used was a Sears canister with big tank unit and hose. It was always breaking. I'd give this one 10 stars if I could....more info
  • Groovy for small stuff
    Works good for small stuff..FYI if you use simple green in it as opposed to bissle carpet solution you will not only get better results but it smells better. The simple green was suggested to me from a pro that cleans carpets everyday....more info
  • Great machine.
    I am very pleased with this product. It has performed better than I ever expected. I love it because it is handy. I have many health problems and I can still use this machine very nicely. I have pets and you won't find spots on my carpets. It is light weight but still very easy to use. I like it because it is an upright, and the price was very good. I recommend this product. It won't replace a professional cleaning, but it makes it possible to have fewer done....more info
  • Bissell 2080 Powerbrush Steam Cleaner
    I love this machine. I have even cleaned large rooms with it. It cleans beautifully. The only negative is the size of the container that holds the shampoo and water. Even though it is necessary to refill and empty many times, the results make it worth the it.
    ...more info
  • Awesome Product!
    I spent about three weeks researching the various home carpet cleaners before settling on this model, and I've been very happy with my purchase. As has been noted, there is not a steamer on board to heat the water and cleaning solution, but I use boiled water that has cooled for about 30 minutes and got fantastic results since using hot water from the tap didn't really get my carpets cleaned. Just understand that since this is not a commercial product that it might take a bit longer to clean all of the carpets in your house (depending on the sq. footage). For my townhouse, it was an all weekend job since I had to allow some time for the carpets to dry. But I easily saved several hundred dollars by not having a professional company come out or having to go the grocery store and lug one of those bulky units home....more info
  • Tiny tornado
    I have 4 dogs and two cats.'Nuff said.I needed an inexpensive steam cleaner to take care of occasional pet stains.I chose this one after reading reviews.
    So how did it work???WOW!! Cleans even the grungiest carpets like new.Seriously.I really expected to be disappointed,but I am anything but.
    This model is lightweight,easily transported from level to level;very easy to load up with water and cleaning solution.Easy to clean.Easy everything.
    I couldn't be happier.
    ...more info
  • Affortable cleaner but must be VERY patient.
    It's my first cleaner. You have to be really patient, go slowly, and sometimes more than a number of times to get all the dirt out of the carpet. When the collection tank doesn't have black dirty water then you've gotten all the dirt out if you are that patient. There are two fill lines on the 1/2 gallon clean/solution tank - one for the cleaning fluid (16oz Bissell Fiber Cleansing Formula included) which uses very little cleaning fluid (maybe 3oz) and the other line for the hot water. There are two snap-on clips on each side of the collection tank you release then lift the tank up from a handle and empty the dirty water out through a hole on the back. There is also a black filter on the tank you can remove held by a plastic clip that's the same color as the tank. When you remove it, use that hole to clean out the tank after you dump the dirty water. You just need a Phillips "x" head screwdriver to assemble the cleaner and to also remove the brush roller and plastic cover to clean when you are completely done since hair may bunch up there. [...]...more info
  • Better than I expected!
    I first looked at carpet cleaners at Linen&Things. This cleaner was sold out, but they had a smaller one in stock, and at first I considered buying that one. I came home to look at Amazon reviews, and no one really liked the smaller one anyway,but this Bissel got the most favorable reviews (thank you all!). Well, I decided to just order from Amazon (free shipping!), and I just last weekend used it for the 1st time. I was so impressed with how this little 13lb. carpet cleaner worked! My 9yr old son and I live in a small 2 bedroom co-op that was in rough shape when I bought it - the carpets are ok, but needed cleaning. It made a tremendous difference, and will be an easy part of my housework routine!
    For everyone's info - when I owned a house way back when, I had a Bissel cleaner also - much bigger and more powerful - and I still had to work slowly to extract as much water as possible. I think that you just have to do it this way, and like everyone says, if you go fast, the carpet will remain wetter....more info
  • easy and convinence to use
    I used very often ever since I bought it. It made the carpet cleaning job an easy and effortless thing to do. ...more info
  • Great steam cleaner for my carpet!
    I love this machine! I had it for some months now, & the several times I have used it, I have not been disappointed at the results. I have a 10 year old and a one year old ("stain masters"), trust me they put both my vacuum cleaners to the test! I read the reviews previous to purchasing my Bissell Quick Steamer, and it took me some time before finally buying it. But I always tell myself that, "what works for some folks,doesn't work half as well for others". I purchased it and it works just fine. You have to see for yourself. I gave the product 4 stars instead of 5 because the only thing that is a bit bothersome is having to empty the dirty water tank when cleaning larger areas of my apartment. Other than that, its cleaning is great on my low pile carpeting. You have to take it SLOW with a steam vacuum cleaner (so you will need some free time). The filth, grit, hair and dirt this machine pulls up from the carpet is amazing. The dirty water tank tells the full story when you empty it out. Before purchasing this product I think folks should take into account the type of carpeting they have, and how large the flooring is. They may need a professional cleaning or a more powerful (more $$$) model. Also maybe their product was defected or returned prior (possibly). In any case this is a great vacuum and I am glad I made the purchase. ...more info
  • great carpet cleaner for the price~
    This is a great carpet cleaner for the price. We received it back in the end of May and just used it over the weekend and the carpet turned out cleaned and had that just carpet fresh smell. Very light to used considering the other carpet cleaners are big and bulky to use. I didn't need the attatchments since I have the bissell green machine for that so we looked at all the carpet cleaners and their reviews and this one had a great review. Some people had some negative comments on this but I believe all products have negative things about them. If you are going to buy a carpet steam cleaner, then I do recommend this one, The bissell quicksteamer powerbrush~ You will not be disappointed. It took us about almost 2 hours to do. It comes with a little starter cleaner solution but I already 1 1/2 bottle of solution. Since I have animals, it did fabulous on that too.... You will be amazed~ ...more info
  • Save Your Money
    I wish that I had never bought this steamer. It was a total waste of money. It does an awful job - does not clean well, rugs still look dirty and streaky. I hate this machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Easy to use and good results
    I have 3 dogs and this cleaner is perfect for freshening up my carpet or cleaning tracked-in dirt. I was amazed that a cheap and small machine could do such a good job and the carpet dries within an hour....more info
  • bissel carpet cleaner
    product works great. you will need to go very slowly over the carpet to get the water up a few times but the carpet dries quickly and it looks new!...more info
  • Very pleased with its performance
    While I have a large expensive Hoover rug shampooer, it no longer retrieves cleaning solution from the carpet. I opted not to have it repaired as frankly the machine is a back breaker and complicated to use. I purchased the small Bissell to attack some "puppy accidents" and was very pleased at how well it did the job. Also it is easy to set up for cleaning ... both before and after. I used the special pet solution to clean which eliminated the odor I had noticed. Am very satisfied with this product....more info
  • A handy little appliance.
    Works well as advertised. Small profile - easy to store. We use it to clean our entrance mats. Especially handy during the winter....more info
  • Did well
    The cleaner did well, not great. I really had to work at spots to get them out. My carpet felt a lot cleaner even though it didn't look a lot cleaner. It was easy to use and clean. Overall I think it is a good product, just make sure you put in the effort to vacuum really really well before you use. ...more info
  • The things it pulled up . . .
    My husband and I just bought this today and, as soon as I used it, I knew I had to write a review. Backround info: We live in a rather old and very small apartment building. Supposedly, the carpets were steam-cleaned before we moved in in August 2007. My landlords must think people are pretty stupid because the carpets are horrible and disgusting and have been since the day we moved in. To top that off, I have a dog that sheds like mad, which made the carpets even worse.

    We purchased a canister vacuum the week we moved in and it really doesn't work well on our matted-down, apartment grade carpets. I suffer from allergies and they've really gotten worse since living here.

    Anyway . . . this steamer is just awesome. I was initially only going to sweep a small patch of carpet to see how it worked, but it did such an amazing job that I had to do other parts of the apartment as well. My carpet looks like actual, clean carpet now instead of, well, gross. I couldn't believe I had been walking on the carpet barefoot all of these months!

    It's great for people with pets because it got up so much hair! It leaves a fresh odour (and came with a small bottle of soap, thankfully) and just transformed my carpet. this was one of the best purchases my husband and I have made together and I'm so happy we bought this.

    It seems quite powerful, but there are a few negatives. It was kind of hard to clean all the icky gunk out of the dirty water basin, but about ten minutes of washing (make sure to wear rubber gloves) did the trick. Another negative is that the spin brush doesn't come out of its casing, so it was hard to get off all the hair and muckiness wound around it. Again, about 10-15 minutes of cleaning took care of it. Lastly, when I took the dirty water basin out to empty it, water kept dripping out of the front and onto the carpet (luckily, it was not the newly cleaned carpet). I think this can be resolved if you bring the whole vacuum to the bathroom and empty in there so you drip on non-carpeted floors.

    None of those issues, however, detract from my overall score and opinion of this steam cleaner. A plus is that all of the replacement parts (like the brush, handle, and hard-floor cleaner)and soap refills are fairly inexpensive.

    The cleaner was relatively inexpensive, sucks up an incredible amount of ickiness, and is, overall, a great sweeper.

    Update: I discovered that the spin brush does come out of the casing, although the instructions for putting it all back together is pitiful. I also just bought the bare floor cleaner and I have to say it does absolutely nothing - quite a disappointment. I was surprised because the actual sweeper is really good. Another thing I want to add is to make sure you vacuum the carpet before using this. If you don't, it ends up just pushing around the gunk. I mentioned above that I have a terrible sweeper, so I do need to get a new one in order for the bissell to truly work and get up everything.

    Also, make sure you wash the bin out every time you use it. I have to stress this. My husband, feeling the urge to contribute to the household chores, felt the urge to steam clean the carpets. Fine. I went to work and came home to a lovely, clean apartment. Two weeks later, it smelled as if something had crawled into our closet and died. He had failed to clean out the dirty water bin. Yeah, that' all i'll say about that....more info
  • Bissell
    You get what you pay for. This cleaner is lightweight and should be used only on light carpet stains. It leaves streaks when you use it, so you have to move it very slowly. I would have preferred buying a better one.Bissell 3910 Momentum Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Very pleased
    My husband and I were very happy with our recent purchase of this cleaner. We've used Bissell products for years (Green machine etc.)but wanted an upright spot cleaner- we have a small dog (15lbs) and occasionally have "piddle" accidents. This cleaner has been great! We learned to remove the "piddle" first with the cleaner and then follow the directions to spray and clean. Took no time to dry when you're careful how much spraying you do. We would highly recommend this for what we're using it for. ...more info
  • Great Machine
    If your looking for a carpet cleaner for apartments or small jobs this is the one to get.Forget about renting one its too costly.My son has a Bissell but it's too big and bulky.This is just the right size for small jobs.Take it out of the box put the three screws in and go.The tanks are only half gallon but i knew that before i bought it.My rugs were a mess and it did a great job.Don't go too fast nice and easly.One caution don't buy the cleaner unless it's Amazon Prime shipping.The shipping was almost as much as the cleaner....more info
  • Good Carpet Cleaner, Great Value...
    This shampooer was priced right and does what it says it will do. Assembly was very basic and only required tightening 3 screws. It has handy onboard cord storage hooks, a removable chemical tank, and a dirty water reservoir, both of which are very simple to remove and reinstall. It's pretty simple and intuitive to use too. Just add hot water and cleaning agent to the tank in the recommended ratio and follow the instructions. Clean-up was straight forward too. The final results are largely dependent on the carpet, how badly stained it is, the chemicals that you use, and technique...the machine itself sprays the chemical, agitates the fibers, and sucks the dirty fluid back up into it's reservoir just like it's supposed to. It's not too loud and not overly cumbersome. This first-timer found the whole process to be pretty easy and effective. It took 2 or 3 tries with the 8 years of build up in the high traffic areas, and it won't regenerate cut or worn fibers in those areas, but the rest of the carpet looked new after one try. Very pleased so far....more info
  • Great Product!
    I love this carpet shampooer! It does a great job! It is very light weight and easy to use! We have a 3 year old and light colored carpet so there are a juice spots everywhere and it takes them right out! I highly recommend this cleaner!...more info
  • Rug Shampooer
    It arrived quickly, was very easy to assembly, and did not have unnecessary packaging. It did a terric job on my carpets....more info
  • Great Product
    A great product for cleaning your carpets. It is lightweight so you don't dread having to get it out....more info
  • great until it the brush stops rotating
    The concept of the machine is brilliant: fairly powerful yet lightweight which makes cleaning stairs easier. Downside, this is my 3rd machine as they do stop working after 1 year--but the cost (cheap) makes up for it. What doesn't break after a year? Hopefully they will improve the brush--but if not I will just replace it. Again.
    ...more info
  • great carpet cleaner as well as a great product!!!! would recomend ad price is fantastic.
    this is price wonderfully. i have a spot bot but paid double for it and it involves more work. if you want something lite and quick get this bissell!!!!...more info
  • Good cleaner for the price and smaller carpets
    The cleaner works well considering its price. It sucks fairly well and the power brush really penetrates the carpet. The only drawback is that it has a 1/2 gallen water tank where most cleaners have a 1 + gallon tank which will allow you to clean for a longer amount of time before you have to refill. However, the small tank and small unit is very light and it meant to be used as a lightweight smaller area cleanings, therefore, it is a more convenient model compared to most others....more info
  • Great for small areas
    Just follow the directions and it works fine. Sometimes the cleaning solution trigger is "hard to handle" until you get used to the machine; you may want to use a spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution to avoid over wetting the carpet. ...more info
  • Works well
    Small, lightweight, and easy to use.

    I used this to clean my white wool area rug and bedroom carpets. It works well and removed everything but one old tomato sauce stain (nothing I've used so far has done the trick)....more info
  • Not exactly a "deep cleaner"
    This product is good for light carpet cleaning. It doesn't really have enough power to deep clean anything. It is lightweight and easy to cart around the house. The water tank is very small so you will have to refill it constantly if you are doing the whole house, or even just the living room for that matter. The brushes spin from you pushing the cleaner, and are not removable for easy cleaning. Cleaner occasionally leaks from the dirty water tank when you are at the end of your half gallon in the clean tank. Recommend this for small easy clean ups and spot cleaning. If you need more than that, buy something better because this won't do it for you....more info
  • Great for small jobs
    I previously owned an 8 yr old Dirt Devil Steam cleaner that stopped dispensing soap solution so I went looking on Amazon for something to replace it. After reading the reviews I decided to purchase this model. This did a pretty good job at some major stains I had at the townhouse I am renting. I do miss some features that were on the Dirt Devil I had such as the soap and water being in a seperate container. You could dispense soap/water then rinse with just water where as this one the solution and water are mixed in the container. The size also is great for lugging up and down the stairs and you can actually use this on stairs although it is somewhat awkward I was able to do it. I couldnt afford the more expensive models that had some of the features that my Dirt Devil had so this one served the quite well. Like the others have said this is for small areas that need to be cleaned and not whole rooms.

    I give this 5 stars because it does what it claims to and nothing it doesn't. A great little cleaner and very happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Great for me!
    After having 2 Bissell "Little Green" machines (don't waste your money) and not being particularly impressed with the functionality or convenience, especially considering the hefty price tag for such a small unit, I decided to try this machine. I received it a few days ago and decided to unpack and try it out today. It was extremely easy to put together, it does come with a nice size sample solution and the enclosed instructions are very easy to read and understand.

    I live in a 3 level townhouse and keep my carpets very clean (no shoes allowed). However, I have an older cat, who at times, forgets where his litter box is located. Although, I have always been able to clean-up his stains well, I have never felt as though I got a good deep down clean. So, today I went over the areas that needed a good cleaning and attacked an older stain that I had missed before. Well, the quick steamer did the job, the included cleaner smells fresh and the old stain came right up...I am thrilled!

    To sum it up, if you are an ex Bissell Little Green customer or thinking of buying one, try this machine, it's so much better! If you just need to do some spot cleaning or have patience enough to do a larger room, try this machine. It is plenty powerful for what I needed it for and sucked-up the excess water just fine. There is a clear viewing spot on the front of the machine and if you watch it when you are removing the excess solution, you can see when no more water being sucked in...then move on. However, I didn't have to go over and over an area like some others said in their reviews. It seems to me, they were just using way too much solution and expected it to be sucked-up in one pass. It is labeled "lightweight" and that's just what it's not meant to be a deep, heavy duty, clean your old nasty carpets kind of cleaner. If you need that kind of cleaner, you won't find one for $90.00. I hope this helps you and happy cleaning! ...more info
  • Wonderful service
    I ordered this item one night and within 48 hours it was in my home, and shipping was free. The product works well and we are perfectly happy with this deal all around. Thanks for the good service....more info
  • Great cleaner for what it is....
    Which is a simpler cleaner - I'm not expecting miracles on my carpets here, but more cleaning than my vaccuum can do and that's what this little guy does! And it's lightweight which is a plus since one of my problem areas is the upstairs landing. I can easily deep clean the carpets once a month or so and feel good about my efforts! Since I have cats I DO take the couple of minutes it takes to really clean off the brushes and reservior of the machine once I'm done with it - it picks up hair that my vaccuum doesn't so I don't want the brushes to get hair built up in them.....I hope this machine lasts me a long time!...more info
  • Great Shampooer
    I love this little shampooer. I wouldn't call it a deep carpet cleaner, but it does a good job for the price and power. I shampoo my carpet 3 to 4 times a year and it is just what I needed.

    BevyK...more info
  • Great little cleaner
    I borrowed my daughter's rug cleaner like this one and was so impressed that I had to buy one for my other daughter and my grand-daughter for Christmas. They are very pleased with the results and ease of use!...more info
  • Very Lightweight and Convenient
    I've read the reviews before purchasing this and it has met our expectations. My husband really likes it which is very uncommon. It doesn't seem to get the stains out completely but that's probably because the stains were already pretty much set in and I didn't really pre-treat it. We didn't think our carpet was that dirty considering we are pretty clean and the carpets are only about 6 months old---boy, were we wrong! You do have to go really slow and I would not recommend it for a big house--we live in a 1361 sq ft condo so it's not too bad. In order to get a really good clean, I think it will take about 2-21/2 hrs and about 4 hrs of dry time. We were really impressed with the fact that it didn't leave your carpet soaking wet---only slightly damp (which all depends on how thorough you are). The only downside about it is the cleaning which is a bit annoying--hard to get it completely cleaned and my husband hates cleaning out the powerbrush---that's why you need to vaccuum before using the deep cleaner. Otherwise, we highly recommend this product especially for the price---it's a really good deal and very easy to use. I am 6 months pregnant and have no problems using it since it is so lightweight. In fact, it is lighter than our vaccuum cleaner! ...more info
  • Good deal for the price
    I'll echo what most other reviewers have written - a great, lightweight machine if you maintain your carpeting on a regular basis, or need to do a fast cleaning of fresh spills or stains. Astonishing how black the water is coming back out! It's crucial to work in small sections and move the machine slowly to suction the water back up. I go over small sections several times from different directions with just the suction on, then make a final run over the entire carpet going in one direction. It not only gets more water up, but it lifts the pile better as well. If you have pets, make certain to vacuum thoroughly before using the cleaner so you're not sucking up a lot of wet hair which is difficult to clean out. Be aware that the name is misleading - there is no steam (you use hot tap water) and the powerbrush does not rotate independently. For the price, this is a good machine if you want to keep on top of routine cleaning needs....more info
  • Great Carpet Cleaner For Small Spaces
    After living in my studio apartment for six years, with my cat, the carpet needed a really GOOD cleaning. I'd had a few cocktail parties, so there had been plenty of spillage and stains. I used the machine once, following the instructions exactly, and I was very, very pleased. Granted, this is not a heavy duty machine that you would purchase to clean many carpeted rooms in a larger home, but for my purposes, this machine is an excellent choice. I have approximately 300 square feet of carpeted area, and this carpet cleaner did an excellent job. I got the water pretty hot (NOT boiling - that could hurt the machine) before adding it to the tank. With the right amount of shampoo (came with the cleaner), I was able to get out the stains and all the dark, ground-in dirt just inside my front door. Granted, you have to take your time and run the machine slowly over each area (the directions recommend doing it in 4' x 4' sections), but if you take your time, it will do a fantastic job. This machine pulled up cat hair that my vacuum cleaner couldn't. The packaging says it is designed for area rugs, so again, this is a machine for cleaning smaller spaces. But if that's what you are looking for, I highly recommend the Bissell 2080. It's a great value for the price....more info
  • No need for extra backage with expensive bulk
    Before I make purchases, I research...and research...and research until I indulge in the final decision. With the purchase of my first house, the carpet was in bad need of care. It was so neglected, we almost came to the decision to replace the whole thing. However, with toddlers in the picture, the best solution was to keep it for what it's worth, and replace it in the future when the kids are older.
    I've seen so many purchases being made on the bulkier deep cleaners. The machines take too much space and lugging it up the stairs didn't seem worth the buy. So, after a long debate we chose this model because for $20 more this machine offered a rotating brush. Brought the machine home, assembled it in less than 10 minutes, and had a 10x9 room cleaned in less than 45 minutes. I've used bulkier machines in the past and by far this machine does the same work but is 85% lighter to use.

    UPDATE 5/23/08

    My daughter had an "accident" in our bedroom. I failed to clean it properly, leaving a horrible smell after time. FINALLY, I whipped out the Bissell, went over the spot many times, and voila! The stench is no longer apparent. This is a really great product. ...more info
  • Great little cleaner
    This product was purchased to clean our RV carpet. It has also been used for carpet in our home with good results. I would highly recommend this cleaner for small rooms and for spot cleaning....more info
  • Fantabulous!
    I've only used it twice, but both times my rugs looked new! It even pulled up clumps of stuff that evidentally my vacuum cleaner missed and I vacuumed with my Electrolux right before I used the cleaner. I have bunnies that quite often make little mistakes and wee wee on the rug (oops). I usually use my Bissell Little Green Mean Machine to get this us, but this cleaner got it up and left a most pleasant aroma afterwards. I couldn't be more pleased with this machine so far. THANKS! ...more info
  • Great little carpet cleaner
    I love this thing. It's perfect for what I need it for - which is an apartment with two dogs. The price was right, it's light and portable, and easy to use.

    However, it is not for big jobs. If you are looking for the classic "steam cleaner" - or even like the one you can rent at the grocery store - this is not it. This is a lightweight scaled down version for small spaces and smaller jobs.

    It was easy to put together - a few screws and some connections and off you go. I found out early it is important to get that water as hot as you can get it - because there is no built in heater with this model.

    The cleaning process is simple - on the first pass you press the trigger and spray the cleaning solution. On the second pass you travel over the carpet like a normal vacuum, only in slo-mo. And then you do it again. The slower you go the more solution gets sucked up - so your carpet dries much faster.

    I've used this with great success maintaining clean carpets within my apartment. Before my first pass, I pretreated the existing pet stains (I have two dogs) and vacuumed up everything. The machine works great, but I get the sense it's not for heavy duty jobs. It's a great maintenance machine and will get out dirt from high traffic areas, etc. ...more info
  • I love my Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Carpet Cleaner
    I had been using the rechargable handheld spot cleaner for the "small" messes my older dog was leaving for me, but it kept running out of juice before the job was finished. So I decided I needed the power cord type but wanted something light and easy. This cleaner is very light and as easy as the handheld to fill with water and cleaning solution. It is large enough to clean the carpet of a whole room and does a very good job. On heavily soiled areas, you may have to go over it again. It does not saturate the carpet with the cleaning solution and is dry enough to walk on again in about 5 hours. Very simple to use and does a great job!...more info
  • Handy little money saver
    Recently purchased to save my carpets from one large dog and a furry little cat and I am impressed with this little machine. I have been able to do my wall to wall carpets and do spot touch ups as needed. I expect to save the money I spent on carpet cleaning last year alone which was more than $200 so this was a good buy for me. Plus there's the convenience of doing this when you want instead of scheduled appts....more info
  • Good for the price
    The cleaner does its job nicely. Although mine leaked the formula a little bit, the carpet was a lot cleaner than before. One shortcoming is, the water tanks (both supplier tank and the one to hold dirty water) are too small so I had to refill it several times before I'm finished with my small room. (the room is around 3m*4m)...more info
  • Good for small areas and minimal stains
    I am happy to finally own some type of steam cleaner, but honestly I can only use it to clean up pet or drink stains. I will rent the heavy duty kind next time I need to do a full deep cleaning of my house. Basically, you get what you pay for....more info
  • Easy to use, does its job well
    I purchased this carpet cleaner to replace one that was old and leaky. I've owned several carpet cleaners over the years--we've got two dogs and a light colored carpet... Definitely the easiest one to use of all I've owned. I liked its size --easy to manipulate and not too heavy. I clean a small area at a time and go over it several times to get the rug as dry as possible. Got old stains out of an area rug and made my wall-to-wall carpets look new again. I'd recommend this carpet cleaner to anyone....more info
  • Happy with product
    A small light weight carpet cleaner that works well in small cleaning jobs as well as cleaning up after a dog....more info
  • Piece of Junk twice in a row
    I bought this machine the first time in 2003 on the recommendation of a salesperson. It worked very well for three years and then just quit putting out solution. We sent for a replacement part but the shampooer never worked again. So, I figured maybe 3 years was its lifespan. I ordered the same but slightly updated model again in December, 2006. This time the solution dispenser switch failed in only 8 months. I might add that I had not used this 2nd machine very much at all. One failure I could chalk up to a lemon--a 2nd failure in such a short time I can only conclude that the product is defective. Not only will I never purchase anything from Bissell again I will try and leave feedback about my bad experience everyplace I can. BTW, I bought this through Amazon. I give the shampooer an F....more info
  • Bissell Lightweight Carpet Cleaner
    This cleaner is effective enough for small, problem areas. The light weight is a definite plus as it's easily carried up stairs. For complete
    carpet coverage, one would certainly need a larger piece of equipment....more info
  • Good little machine.
    I live in an apartment with beige carpet, and just bought this cleaner. It did a fine job of getting out the ground-in trails left from my son's wheelchair. It's compact enough for easy storage, but does JUST as good a job as the full-sized unit....more info
  • Great machine for its value
    I recently bought a Bissell 2080 with the hope that it would clean some light carpet stain. I have a two and a half year-old daughter so the house can be very messy. I did not expect much from an $80 machine but it exceeded my expectation. The carpet looked new again after it dried. The food stain that I wouldn't expect to come out did came out. Great machine for its value....more info
  • stairs?
    does anyone have experience using this cleaner on carpeted stairs? i would greatly appreciate any comments. thank you!...more info
  • Just What I Needed!
    I was looking for an inexpensive, yet efficient and powerful rug machine for my area rugs and this is perfect!! It is light, very easy to use, and gets the job done. I didn't want to have to buy a big, bulky expensive cleaner and I was afraid a smaller one wouldn't be as good, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely recommend this product!...more info
  • wonderful little carpet cleaner
    My carpet cleaner arrived today and I had to use it immediately. It's fairly simple to put together. I used it on my beige bedroom carpet and it did a very good job. The water was somewhat dirty because I had my carpets cleaned professionally in April. It's great for cleaning carpets that aren't filthy. You need a professional for that. What I like about it is that it will keep your carpets looking fresh and smelling good. A very nice cleaner for a great price. ...more info
  • Excellent maching
    I am very happy with thisw little rug cleaner. I ordered it so that I could clean my motor home carpets. It is light weight, easy to fill and empty, and does a really great cleaning job. You won't go wrong with this product. I will also use it for rug cleaning in the house. ...more info
  • I love this steamer
    This carpet cleaner is light so I can carry it up and down the stairs. I saved my daughters carpet. The free cleaner that comes with it leaves a wonderful scent in the house. I would definalty recommend this steam vac....more info
  • Nice sized cleaner for spot clean up
    We have pets and this small upright cleaner is great for cleanign up the spots. Compared to the spot cleaners this also has the ability to clean the entire room. Works, great, no leaks with great suction to get the carpet as dry as possible....more info
  • Good lite machine
    A lot better than expected. It cleaned pretty well for amount of money spent. The only shortfall may be the water container appears to be too small therefore, you would have to fillup water more frequent....more info
  • OK, I'm officially surprised
    This machine cost $89 on Amazon. A professional cleaning job for one room around here costs over $100 and they require furniture removal. As others have mentioned, it's not really a "steamer," since you fill it with the Bissell solution and hot tap water. I was prepared to be disappointed, but I had some spots that hadn't come out with spot cleaners that this machine sucked right out in one session. The suggestions to go slowly both for application and for sucking the moisture back out are spot on (well... spot out). It dried overnight. I don't know if it would remove difficult stains, but it removed dirt, food, juice, and grease stains I tried it out on, so I'm very satisfied. An 8-foot-square area took about 2/3 of a tank of solution, so it's probably not optimal for quick, large-area cleaning, but, for spot-cleaning, it does the job well. ...more info
  • Unbelievable!
    For the size of this product you will be amazed at the way it cleans. I love this product. It's light, easy to you and cleans GREAT! I'm glad I got it. ...more info
  • Works great for a small machine
    I've been very happy with how this machine has worked. It makes my carpets look much fresher and nicer. I've got 3 kids working full-time on getting them dirty but this can keep up with them! I wouldn't want to have to clean the whole house at once with it but for one or two rooms at a time, it's great....more info
  • Bissel 2080 Carpet Cleaner
    cleans better than last bissell but fresh water reservior is hard to fill and handle. Poor grip for transporting and must fill thru discharge port.
  • Better Than Expected
    I had this machine loaded and up and running in 15 minutes and I cleaned 7 various size rugs in one hour. Result , almost like they were new. I once paid $500.00 to clean a valuable antique 10 X 14 oriental rug Had to send it out. I tested a 4ft square area with the new machine and the colors jumped out just like they did with the professional job. Nice to have this tool sitting in my closet where I can pull it out anytime I feel like it. Just go slow and easy and you'll be very satisfied with the investment and you will NOT need a pro machine unless you have large wall to wall carpeting....more info
  • unbeatable for the price
    I bought this to use on short pile commercial carpet in my storefront. The carpet was dry enough to walk on in a couple of hours. It's not heavy duty, but I am quite pleased with the results. After the first cleaning the carpet was noticeable "brighter" (it's dark gray to begin with). The water was expectedly nasty. Costs less than a single visit from a pro cleaner and you can do it as often as you want....more info
  • Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush II - A Great Deal *****
    I bought this Lightweight Carpet Cleaner with the hope of cleaning room by room of my home over time so that I wouldn't have to pay Professional Carpet Cleaners to come in once a year to clean my carpets. We recently added an "indoor" puppy to our family too, so our carpets were really taking a beating. Both my husband and I are thoroughly impressed with the Bissell 2080. We knew buying a Bissell was a good decision, but we were a little skeptical that we might should have bought a more heavy duty cleaner, but every penny counts in our household. Using the 2080 to clean a room at a time per weekend is working GREAT! We did find that the sprayer didn't meet our needs (puppy spots) - but we took the Bissell cleaning fluid, put it in a spray bottle, then sprayed everything! By the time we were finished spraying, we were ready to use the Powerbrush to run over the stains, scrub the solution and vacuum it up! The carpet looks like new -- which is an accomplishment because we're a family of 5 and that doesn't include our 2 mature dogs and our puppy! I would definitely recommend this cleaner to anyone that needs to watch their budget but also wants a really good cleaning job!
    Oh, one last thing, I read this in reviews before I purchased the 2080 and it is SO true -- when you are vacuuming the cleaner out of the rug, GO SLOW!! If you go slow, you'll vacuum up the maximum amount of liquid and your carpet will dry super quick! Good luck!...more info
  • Excellent for apartments
    This unit is lightweight but powerful. I live in an apartment and can get the managent to clean the carpet but they want you to move your furniture and have to do the whole place in one day. With this unit I can clean one area at a time, when I have the time. It was easy to assemble out of the box(3 phillips screws)and was up and running within 30 minutes of receiving it....more info
  • Bissel 2080 Carpet Cleaner
    This product did a great job for me on regular carpet. I used a carpet pre-treatment prior to using the Bissell cleaning solution which was helpful. I did however have some problems on burber carpet. It didnt penetrate the surface far enough to pull the dirt out. It looked good until it completely dried and there were still some stains. All in all an excellent value that I would recommend to anyone who is not planning on doing their entire home....more info
  • Wonderful little carpet cleaner!!
    I use the Quicksteamer powerbrush to clean up after our new puppy. It does it's job right the first time every time!!!!...more info
  • Works like a charm!!!!!!
    I purchased the Bissell carpet cleaner after reading several reviews on this website. I am so glad I bought the 2080 with the Powerbrush. This machine might be small compared to what the professionals used to bring in to clean our carpet but I swear it does a much better job. It is nice and light and easy to operate. I have a new Black Lab puppy, so we had a few accidents and you can't tell where any of them happened. It works great on getting up coffee spots, mud, I even used it to get up spilt grape juice and my carpet is a light grey (shows everything). The Bissell 2080 keeps my carpets nice a clean. I would recommend this product to everyone who wants to clean carpet.
    Denise in Maryland...more info
  • Quick, PowerBrush, LightWeight, DeepClean, the name says it ALL!
    I've had Bissell quicksteamer the older model(white/blue) for couple of years and it worked good. After reading the reviews, I bought this 2080. It was delivered right to my door within 3 days!
    Okay here's what I know about this machine. It works as good as expected. I've seen people complain about the water tank being too small, but it worked good for me coz it assures water to stay hot. I have 2 kittens who peed on the carpet when I tried a different brand cat litter. So I just poured half gallon hot water right on the spot(i didn't use their water tank coz it only sprays) and then use this steamer to suck it up. After I repeated 3 times, the carpet doesn't smell anymore! If I steam clean the whole room it'd take less than 2 hours to be completely dried which is not bad at all. I believe that the time also depends on the room temperature. The only thing I dont like is the noise level. Mine suddenly got louder for some reason but it didn't lessen the function. ...more info
  • Quality + Price = Value
    I have used many carpet cleaners and I have owned 2 before this one...This is hands down the best cleaner for the money! Yes, you must take your time, because it is small, but size is also a big plus for carrying ease and storage. Having to empty the waste tank and refill the shampoo tank more often didn't pose a problem because it was so easy and I knew the water was always nice and hot. ...more info
  • Everyone should have one in their home.....
    It does just what the ad says about it....."Lightweight Upright Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner". The results on my high traffic areas were amazing. This has been a good investment and I don't know why I waited so long to get one. Thanks Bissell!!...more info
  • Great cleaner, but go slow.
    Going slow is the key. You have to let the machine do the work. My only complaint is that it did leave tiny stripes on an oriental light-colored rug but I think that's more a matter of the extremly low and tight pile than the machine. I love the size and am able to get between furniture that I wouldn't be able to do with any of the larger machines. It even got under my coffee table. My only regret is that I wished I'd gotten the 2090, which has a hard-floor attachment (but since I could order the attachment directly from Bissell for the same $10 difference, I'm okay with it). I did a large bedroom and hall in a couple hours and was pleased with the results. It's amazing what it got out of areas I thought were already pretty clean. Next time I'll use their pretreatment formula for the hard-to-clean heavy-traffic areas. There is also a formula booster they sell, but I haven't tried it yet....more info
  • Little machine, big clean
    We were truly surprised just how well this carpet cleaner worked. On our very first use the ground-in dirt and odor we cleaned up (we have two small dogs) was simply amazing. Emtpying the dirty water and refilling was a breeze. That being said if you have very large carpet areas to be cleaned this is not the machine for you. But for us in our small townhouse it is a-okay!...more info
  • Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush II Lightweight Cleaner
    This carpet cleaner is lightweight and easy to use. It does a terrific job. Anyone could use this. Easy assembly....more info
  • Very effective product
    The Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush II Lightweight Upright Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner sucks dog pee out of the carpet very, very well. I haven't yet thought to try it on the dog, but come to think of it, maybe I will. It's also easy to clean and store, and the carpet dries very quickly after cleaning....more info
  • Great for homes with pets....
    This is a wonderful product. I had the Bissell Powerbrush I Lightweight for over 2 years. It was used on a daily basis in a home with two doxie puppies that were being house trained. It worked great! The Bissell II has some wonderful improvements, a longer cord, larger capacity for waste water and to me the best improvement is the on/off switch being made into a pedal start not a switch on the side of the machine. ...more info
    I rented a machine to do 6 rooms and my arm ached for days. With this one, I did the dining room with one tank, before I went to bed and in the AM it was dry. It could not have been easier. I was shocked. The water came out BLACK! Well worth the money and I can do room whenever I want....more info
  • works fine, just a little hard to clean
    The cleaner works great, and it did good work. The only drawback is that some part of the cleaner is hard to clean since the whole cleaner is almost just two pieces....more info
  • love it
    Super easy steam cleaner to use. Lightweight and just easy as all can be. i'm very happy with mine....more info
  • Bissell 2080 Carpet Cleaner
    Lightweight, compact in size, cleans very well (much better than I expected it would) exceptionally easy to use and clean after useage. I have owned a number of different types and name brands of carpet cleaners and I am amazed every time I use this Bissell at not only how well it cleans but how inexpensive it was. I wont buy another one of those higher priced cleaners again! This Bissell 2080 works like a dream....more info
  • Great little cleaner!
    Great little cleaner for the price. Yes the tank is small, it needs changed after a hallway size area is completed. But it's also light and compact which means it doesn't take up much space and is good for doing stairs. I was very happy with the results and the cleaning solution that comes with it has a nice fresh scent, great for pet odor....more info
  • better than expected
    for traffic areas, or less than 1500 sq ft home, this is just great. cleans extremely well. made my 10 plus year old carpet look clean and fresh. if you do a large room or entire home, you will need to fill the solution chamber and empty the collection chamber often. but, this is very easy. the machine is very light, efficient and easy to use....more info
  • Bissell 2008Quicksteamer Carpet Cleaner
    This an unbelievable cleaner for the size and weight. I used my daughters and loved it and ordered one for myself. Wonderful product....more info
  • Meets my needs for pet stains
    I bought this to take care of pet-related issues. I have 3 dogs. As any pet owner knows, sometimes they get sick, or they have an accident. This cleaner works great to remove the mess and the stain. I use it with Bissell or Hoover cleaning products. It really works great. Yes, it takes a little while to dry the carpet out, but I would say that it dries out in about 2 to 3 hours. I am not using the cleaner for large areas, just small stained areas.

    It really works great. It's also very lightweight and easy to carry up and down the stairs....more info
  • Perfect for me!
    I think this product is perfect for what I needed it for. Just what the box said, it's for area rugs, or high travel spots. It got our carpet looking 100% better and dried VERY quickly with the overhead ceiling fan on. The direction do say that it will dry quicker with a fan.
    The 1/2 gallon tank is enough for he areas we needed. It's lightweight so considering I'm 8 month pregnant it works wonders. I would recommend it for someone who doens't have to clean their whole house, and just needs a little cleaning done. It's a great product so far!...more info
  • Dynamite machine
    I have a large Bissell steamer but was tired of lugging it around, bending to turn the dial to wash or rinse and trying to clean the debris out with a long stick. Chose this machine because of it's size and ease of operation. Is my cleaner of choice now. Quick fill and empty. No automatic rinse but doesn't appear to build up soap. Brush and cover is easy to take apart, clean and put back. Foot pedals for on and off and handle release. Works well....more info
  • Light weight and not especially powerful..
    but,for the price, it rated 4 stars for me. So far, no leaking issues and the brush bar does rotate, as long as the front piece that holds the sucked up dirty liquid is replaced properly. If it is not, it leaks like a sieve and there is next to no suction. Regarding the time it takes for the carpet to dry, it really is not bad, if you just move slowly and give the machine a chance to suck up the liquid. If you move fast, much is left behind and it takes extra long to dry. Expect dissapointment if you want to get your whole house done in a day. The brush head is small and the machine is not very powerful, so for the cleaning to be effective you will need to take your time and make sure you get everything up. This machine is best for those without big stain problems and is best suited for those that clean their carpets with some regularity. If your carpet is trashed and really dirty, you need something bigger and more powerful (or professionals)....more info
  • Don't buy this one . . .
    The picture and description is deceiving. I thought that I was buying the Bissell that was on display at Wallmart. The picture and description fit. Wallmart did not restock their shelves fast enough, so I thought I was buying the same Bissell Cleaner and saving $10 in the meantime. This on-line version is a much smaller version of the cleaner, with half the power, and the tank capactity does not hold 1/2 gallon as advertised. If you want to continously fill and empty tanks, then buy this one. Otherwise, go to Wallmart and get a much better deal on a larger capacity, Larger rollers, and more powerful amp machine for $10 more....more info
  • Quick Usage for Light Maintenance vs. Other Options
    Very easy to use carpet cleaner for regular light maintenance. However, I was looking for a carpet cleaner to get out some traffic and light stain spots - some deep cleaning with a powerbrush - and this didn't do the trick.
    The "powerbrush" on this is a misnomer, as the brush rolls back + forth! no motor on it. not enough bristles on it to call it a brush. also misleading is "steamer" and "deep cleaner".
    The definite positives were that it's extremely easy and even fun to use, seems very well-designed, and it's terrific for light maintenance. 5 stars for all of that. Wish Bissell had advertised it as that so I wouldn't be stuck having to return it.

    Other, better options, which bring my rating from 3 down to 1 or 2:
    I bought from amazon the McCulloch Steam Cleaner (mc1275, $100) and it ROCKS. zapped spots out with steam. obviously also great for hard floors and furniture, bathrooms, etc. carpets dried within 2 hours - this from a steamer without any suction.
    Also sold here is the Hoover SteamVac JR which seems to have great suction....more info
  • Homeowner
    Item is smaller, lightweight and more versatile than the full size models. It is very easy to use on a small areas for quick clean up, and works well on large areas too. Very easy to clean when finished. I owned the larger model before, and I like this much better. It cleans just as well, except it has no hand tools....more info
  • Good Product
    This small, compact carpet cleaner does a good job and is easier to use in smaller, tight spaces....more info
  • cleans well but doesn't suck up the water.
    the cleaning process was great, however, after washing the machine did not have enough suction power to take all of the water off the rug. ...more info
  • Clean, fresh carpet is just a few hours away!
    I ordered this item from, and have used it once so far. It cleaned my carpet pretty well - no more hair and gunk left and it even smells better! Some really stubborn stains didn't come out, but it did help remove most of them. You can actually see the dirt come out when you empty the dirty water tank. In fact, this machine worked so well that all the gunk and dirt it took out of my carpet effectively clogged my drain as I tried to clean it out in my sink - So, word of caution, you may want to empty the dirty water in a toilet bowl and flush it down. Also, when cleaning out the hair that caughts in the rotating brush, you may want to first remove the dirty water tank, b/c when you tip the cleaner to get to the brush, the dirty water may leak all over your freshly cleaned carpet.

    Overall, great machine - just follow my above instructions. :)...more info
  • Lite Carpet Cleaner
    I decided to buy this carpet cleaner after reading the reveiws.
    The rotating brush doesn't move. The water leaks after you use the trigger to spray the stain your trying to clean. It takes about 4-5 hours for the carpet to dry after you clean. It also takes 2-3 treatment to clean old stains...
    ...more info
  • What an Amazing Cleaner!
    After buying this machine, I was very excited to take it home and give it a try. I was so impressed! I live in an appartment so it was great for my small living spaces and really worked well at cleaning new and old stains! I also really like the color and how easy it was to use! I was amazed by how light this machine was too! I was able to easily maneuver it around my apartment and had no difficulties with it being to bulky or hard to move around. It did the job perfectly and my carpets now look so clean and new!...more info