Hoover U8183-900 Savvy TurboPower 7400 Bagged-and-Bagless-Combo Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

  • Complete set of onboard tools which also include the pet hair cleaning tool. Also comes with a bonus hose
  • Powerful 12 Amp Motor combined with Windtunnel Technology
  • SurPass Cleaning System - a combination of patented Windtunnel Technology and two air paths work as one for deep cleaning every time
  • Twin System Bagless Chamber system combined with HEPA Allergen Filtration. The Bagged option uses Filtrete HEPA Filter Bags which is part of the highly efficient Filtrete Filtration System from 3M.
  • Custom Control Switch is right at your fingertips so you can move from bare floors to carpets with just a flick of a switch
  • Features:
    • 12 amp upright vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel technology
    • Bagged or Twin Chamber bagless option, both with HEPA allergen filtration
    • 15-inch cleaning path; low-profile hood for reaching under furniture; permanent belt
    • On-board tools include pet-hair cleaning tool and bonus hose
    • Measures approximately 14 by 15 by 43 inches; 2-year parts-and-labor warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • A waste of money
      My wife and I made the mistake of purchasing this jalopy over the top rated Kenmore because the brush head fit under our kitchen cabinets. The turbo feature stopped working after 3 months. The cleanliness indicator lights stopped working at 4 months. The suction dropped off precipitously after 5 months. We took it into the franchised hoover store for repair, and let me just say that these people have no business repairing a hot water bottle, much less a vacuum cleaner. It was never right again. The customer service at the company that purchased Hoover is absolutely horrendous. They have no regard for anything but their bottom line. The vacuum died completely at 53 weeks-1 week after the warranty expired. Do you think the folks at Hoover would bend the rules to help a customer? Think again. We paid for two more repairs and then cut our losses and bought the Kenmore. We invested roughly $350 in the hoover, and it lasted less than 18 months. I wouldn't recommend a Hoover product to my worst enemy....more info
    • Decent, but there are better choices.
      Here's all you need to know when buying a new vacuum cleaner:

      Once you get away from the top 4 brands (Kenmore, Electrolux, Hoover and Eureka), you're in uncharted waters. Even getting a name brand won't guarantee satisfaction, but at least you'll have a better chance of getting a machine you can live with.

      I purchased my Hoover Savvy to replace an older Wind Tunnel upright. This older Hoover, 10+ years, still does a fine job on carpet, but its hose and attachments have deteriorated over the years. I'd looked at Dyson, but they're just riduclously overpriced. Plus, Dyson consistently rates low when tested by Consumer Reports (two other big brands, Dirt Devil and Bissell, rate even lower).

      The Savvy does fine on carpet....the beater brush really 'bites' into the carpet, so much so that the vacuum almost propels itself. But bare floor cleaning is only fair. Tends to blow trash around as much as it picks up. The best thing about this Hoover is the flexible hose and attachments, a major improvement over the older models. On the negative side, this model can use bags or go bagless, BUT...using the vacuum without a bag seems to mean less suction, and putting a new bag in the cramped plastic bin is a real hassle.

      Overall, this is a good vacuum cleaner. But the fact that I have an older Hoover that does just as well as the new one on carpet, tells me they don't build 'em like they used to. I've had 3 Hoover uprights in 20 years, and this is first one I haven't been completely thrilled with. My next one will be a Eureka or a Kenmore. If all you have is a small condo or apartment to keep clean...and NO pets...as opposed to a whole house, then this Savvy would do nicely. Just be prepared for a few shortcomings....more info
    • Dang Good Vacuum
      Horrible, amazon wont let me drop my 5 star rating to 0 because this thing was a waste!!!

      After spending two weeks researching vacuums (I was trying to talk myself out of the Dyson DC17) this was the vacuum I chose. It came down to this model and another Hoover model. I picked this model because of two things: the baggless or bagged option and it was the more powerful and fast of the two. I vacuumed my two month old carpet with my old Dirt Devil then again with my new Hoover. Wow, I was impressed. There was a lot my old vacuum missed. It was a sinch to put together and the hand tool rocks, I love using it on my couch and chair. The only con was that the lower hook that the cord wraps around on broke it was my mistake but a more durable plastic or light weight metal would have prevented it. Seems to be a common thing among all brands of vacuum cleaners though.

      After 6 months a pulley that the belt runs on bent, melted and it then took Hoover over 6 months to fix it. I replaced it with a Bissell Healthy Home vacuum. Hoover never again, the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Save your time and your money stay away!!!!...more info
    • Seems to do the job!
      Wow, I feel bad for the previous reviewer. I haven't had any problems with this vacuum and it's been at least a year if not two. I thought I'd use the bagless option a lot more than I do. In fact, I haven't used it yet. I guess old habits die hard. I love that the attachments are so handy and easy to use. I've never used them before now. The mini vacuum head is the best, it gets into smaller spots, but has rollers just like the regular vacuum. Can't think of anything wrong with it....more info
    • Look Elsewhere For Quality
      The pedal broke on the first 7400 that I purchased.
      It was exchanged for a new one.
      Shortly after, the switch on the new one malfunctioned.
      I took the $60 trade in allowance offered to me at the vacuum repair store and used it to buy a new Simplicity model.
      So far the new one is working fine.

      In the past, when I thought of vacuums I thought of Hoover.
      Now, I think - stay away from Hoover. Times change....more info