Hoover F5912900 TurboPower 5200 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge

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Product Description

Hoover SteamVac Turbo Power Upright Vacuum - F5912. SpinScrub Multiple Brush System. 5 Rotating Brushes. 12 Amp Motor. Heated Cleaning System. 3 Brush Speed Selections. 2 Brush Air Powered Hand Tool. Solution Tank With Built-In Measuring Cup And Quick Release Latch. Recovery Tank With Easy-Remove Handle. 27? Power Cord. Toe Operated On.Off Switch

  • 12 amp carpet cleaner with 5 rotating brushes to clean and groom carpets
  • Direct heat; fingertip Clean Surge function for spot and heavy-traffic areas
  • SpinScrub powered hand tool attachment for upholstery and stair cleaning
  • Built-in measuring cup; 2 separate tanks; quick-release tank latch
  • Measures 20 by 11-1/4 by 44 inches; 2-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Just so clean!
    Got this for my daughter and son-in-law, three kids and an at home DAY CARE. Her carpets have never looked better, it even lifted the spots out. She is so happy to have something she can use so easy twice a year! The steam really seems to make it better....more info
  • Can't beat the price!
    Love this carpet cleaner! I was a little skeptical at first purchasing another carpet cleaner. I previously owned a Bissell...what a waste of money! This cleaner does an awesome job and is reasonably priced! Just remember to take it slowly and make sure you get the lid seated correctly on the emptying tank (you'll catch on after the first time you use it) and you'll do just fine!!! I received this cleaner within 3 days of ordering it. Amazon, you are awesome!...more info
  • awesome
    I have searched locally for this item and was unable to find it. I did a broad search using MSN and found it here. I was so pleased with the items and with the speed at which they came. I would definitely recomend this retailer and their items for sale :) excellent value...more info
  • Hoover Carpet Steamer/Cleaner
    REALLY love this carpet cleaner. Had one of the originals that had essentially the same shape but after 12 months of continual use, it developed the leak from the canister. I took it to a repair shop who fixed it as well as my mom's which had started leaking, also. Used it about 3 months & it started leaking again. My mother received a major shock from her's. Not a good thing when your 70 y/o. When I called Hoover to report the potential danger of the leak, they totally denied being aware of any problems with leaking. Also, Consumer Reports didn't acknowledge my complaint. Go figure! Wonder how many others received "shocking" warnings!!

    I'm glad the cleaner went through a few design changes because it certainly does the job. Plus, this model has a 2 yr. warranty as opposed to the standard 1 yr. warranty. It may be risky but it's the best on the market at this time. ...more info
  • Hoover steam vac -WORKS GREAT!
    This is our second Hoover Steam Vac, the last one we had for about 10 Years and was GREAT!
    This model is much quieter then our last , and I feel it even cleans better.
    I have light carpet in our home and we raise and show Pekingese. Let me tell you this cleaner keeps our rugs sparkling
    I hope this one last another ten years....more info
  • More than worth the money
    One of the best purchases I have made in a while! We have cleaned the carpet through out the whole house. THis works great. Very easy to use and clean up. ...more info
  • Good Value, Does the job well
    Hoover F5912900 TurboPower 5200 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge
    is well worth the initial price tag as it pays for itself each time you use it on carpet and cleaning upholstery and carpeted stairs.

    The suction power is adequate to get the task completed, sure, it takes couple of more passes than normal on high traffic areas of the carpet but in the end when all is said and done the Hoover F5912900 SteamVac does its job well.


    [*] Easy to assemble, Easy to use
    [*] Adequate suction power for most carpeted areas
    [*] Gear or direct driven mechanism and no belts to replace in the long run
    [*] Add-on suction powered upholstery tool is good to have for those tight spots
    [*] Two Year Warranty!


    [*] Mostly plastic construction!
    [*] The dirty water collection tank could have been designed better for easy cleaning
    [*] The power cord gets pretty warm after usage
    [*] The Spin brush heads will eventually become like used toothbrush as they are very soft type.

    General notes:

    [#] Please vacuum the carpeted floor thoroughly before using this carpet cleaner for optimum results.
    [#] After using the carpet cleaner, please clean all the tanks and powered upholstery thoroughly and dry them before storing it for future use.

    Hoover F5912900 TurboPower 5200 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge is a good product.

    Amazon is Amazing when it comes to shipping and returns why think twice? Buy it with confidence!
    ...more info
  • Does good job but
    I think it does a good job, but I seem to have trouble once in a while with the sucking up of the water on the rug. It scrubs and the soap dispenser works, but I have had trouble with the tank in the bottom sucking up the water. All and all it is a good scrubber. ...more info
  • unbelievable
    I did not believe the amount of dirt that came from our carpet. A little slow as several passes were necessary to get really clean. AMAZING...more info
  • Works for me!!!!
    This machine does a great job. I used it on an area rug- was awesome. I bought it to clean my couch. It does a good job there also....more info
  • A very satisfied customer!
    After reading the reviews, I decided to go with with Hoover TurboPower carpet shampooer and am so glad I did! It does pay to read the directions first which makes assembly a snap and the first time carpet cleaning a breeze. I did not, as some reviewers suggested, use boiling water rather than hot tap water and it cleaned the heavily soiled areas just fine.

    I had no problems with assembly, leaks, or operating it. And the best feature of all...it does a fantastic job of cleaning carpets whether heavily soiled or quick high-traffic/spot cleaning. I am looking forward to using the upholstery attachments on a few chairs and a sofa.

    In my opinion, the Hoover TurboPower outshines The Rug Doctor or any of the other rental cleaners. The Hoover is easier to use,there is less emptying and refilling the recovery tank, and the drying time is cut almost in half of both commercial cleaning and rental shampooers.

    If you are tired of paying commercial carpet cleaners or renting and lugging back and forth home shampooers, then for heavens sake buy your own and this is a gem at a great price too! ...more info
  • This machine will save you money!!!
    First, I want to "rebut" the "most helpful critical review".

    The only way I can see things hardening in the bottom of the chamber is if you use the vacuum, dump the water from the collection chamber and put it away without rinsing it out. (Which is gross, in my opinion.) You might do that if you dump the collection chamber outside your house. But it takes 2 seconds to wash it in a sink and everything - even the disgusting stuff I had to clean - rinsed right out. Also, the cap does have a GASKET, which on my machine seems to be held on securely. Any gasket can fail over time, but can also be easily replaced at any hardware store. The hand tool did an AMAZING job of completely cleaning several 2 year old stains from my ivory dining room chairs. Although if your chairs are curved, water WILL squirt out of the sides of the tool - there's just no way around it. Put some towels on your floor to protect it.

    Secondly, please don't continue reading if you've never cared for an aging pet or have a squeamish stomach.

    I bought this vacuum in an "emergency" situation after our old dog became sick and had an episode of explosive diarrhea ALL OVER our nicest area rug. There was absolutely no way this could have been cleaned by hand. She also vomited all over a huge sectional - including into the creases - and 2 other rugs.

    The hand tool allowed us to get into the creases of the couch and do a thorough cleaning. This product literally saved a $2700 couch and several hundred dollars worth of area rugs.

    One minor criticism is that the Hoover cleaning solution took out the stain very well, but did not attack the odor as well as I hoped it would(although in Hoover's defense, this was an absolutely horrifying odor). We re-did the rugs using Nature's Miracle (a pet specific product) and the smell is now completely gone (and I am extremely sensitive to odors!).

    A second minor criticism is that the directions are kind of "all over the place". They're not undecipherable, but you'll be a lot better off if you have a few minutes to leisurely read through them while looking over the machine (and are not frantically trying to put the machine together and start cleaning immediately, as I was, because time was of the essence).

    A quirk might be that the "vacuum tilt" foot button is on the RIGHT side -every vacuum I've ever had has this on the left side (and a power button on the handle). On this vacuum, the left foot button turns the machine on & off. You'll get used to it quickly.

    Yes, use very hot water and add the soap second. Also, put the collection tank in first and THEN the soap tank...if you tilt the machine with the soap tank (the top tank) already filled, it will leak a bit. Before you start cleaning, put a small hand towel on the floor and when you're done doing your area, just "park it" on that. My machine leaked a tiny bit, but nothing more than I expected!

    Overall, this machine exceeded my expectations. ...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    I was tired of paying $100 every time I had my bedroom carpet cleaned. This machine does a better job of cleaning then the service I paid for and will have paid for itself the next time I use it. When it arrived, I was intimidated by it's look and size - I don't like to read directions. It was a snap to get started. I added additional water from the kettle, which I had read others had done. I also did a final pass with just water. The big, big plus is that it really vacuums up a lot of water so that the carpet is left feeling damp, unlike other carpet cleaners that leave the carpet feeling saturated. When the carpet was completely dry, it felt soft and clean underfoot, no feeling of residue like other cleaners leave. I haven't used the upholstery attachment yet, so can't review...more info
  • So Far So Good
    After my Bissell repairman told me that I must have dropped my unit and broke some inner 'whatevers' (can't remember dropping it) I didn't know if I would buy another like what I had or something else, so came to this page and read the reviews. I ordered the Hoover 5200. Price was good at Amazon. Opened the box and found a loose nut at the bottom of the box, the bag of screws was open. The other nut ended up falling out of the unit. Thank goodness. 8-) It was easy to put together. One thing I had read in these reviews was the importance of listening for the loud snap when attaching the handle unit to the base. I never heard that sound. So I called Hoover for instruction and all I got was if I didn't hear the loud snap, send it back!! Customer service rated -1!!
    I figured I would at least try it first before sending it back (I hate returning items.). It worked wonderfully! I heated water just under boiling as suggested in these reviews. It worked as well as the Bissell. I love seeing that dirty water getting sucked up into the tank! This Hoover is smaller than the Bissell,which is not a big deal for me, and I got the room done with one tankful of water.
    Between these two brands, it is not how well it cleans or ease of use (both the same), it is how long will the machine last and how sturdy is the unit. This Hoover looks cheap but so far, so good. As mentioned before, I don't care how it looks, but does it work. I will update as I finish up the house. There is a two year warranty. If it lasts two years, and I use it often (4 cats) then it will be worth the cost. I bought the Hoover instead of another Bissell because the Amazon reviews rated the Hoover 4 1/2 stars vs Bissell, (which was less stars) and the warranty. These reviews are the way to go. We help each other out! We all just are looking for value, aren't we?? 8-)...more info
  • No more commercial carpet cleaners.
    We used a commercial carpet cleaner for several years and he did a good job. I bought this a few months ago and to quote my wife, "this machine works great". Easy to use too, although it looks complicated at first sight....more info
  • You will not be dissapointed
    I searched for months and read some pretty terrible reviews on just about every steam/wet vac out there. It was scary making a decision because of them but I am seriously happy that I bought this product. It is very easy to use and does a terrific job.
    Don't be fooled by bad reviews for this product, just keep in mind that some people are never happy with anything.
    The carpets were not saturated with water after I was finished and I poured water over the stains like there was no tomorrow because of a solution I used to help eliminate the odor of my puppy's urin. It picked up all the water with ease and even cleaned stains in my carpet that the rug doctor rental couldn't. Cleanser used: Hoover SteamVac Deep Cleansing Carpet and Upholstrery Detergent.
    ...more info
  • works great, great price!
    We are very happy w/this vac. as it does all promised. I did follow the advice of another reviewer and use boiling water, I think that really did maximize results.

    We didn't want to spend $300 for one of these machines, and based on our experience with this one, there really isn't a need to. We would buy this all over again, but hopefully not needing to anytime soon!...more info
  • Thrilled.... Thrilled..... Thrilled....... Great Purchase !!!
    This is the first carpet cleaner we've owned and I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the Hoover SteamVac!!!

    Before I made this purchase, I had the opportunity to talk with the long-time owner of an approved Dyson vacuum cleaner service store and he said that he recommends the Hoover SteamVac over all other carpet cleaners. It is what he personally owns....

    We have pets... one a new puppy.... Never a worry now that I can use the SteamVac.

    It's very easy to put together.... Extremely easy to use..... And the results are incredible !!!

    Best price found right here on amazon.com..... AND - I have an amazon Prime account so the shipping was FREE!!!

    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!
    This is a wonderful machine. Easy to use, cleans well, and if you go slowly over the wet areas it dries within an hour. one thing to be careful of--the tank that holds the soap needs to be "wiggeled" while pushing down on the handle to snap it into place. Other than that-buy it-you won't be sorry. Good cleaning machine for the buck!!...more info
    I decided to purchase this particular carpet cleaner for several reasons. First, the price was great. Additionally, free shipping did not hurt either. From what I have been able to learn about home models of carpet cleaners, they do not come any more powerful than this one. I am also satisfied with the job this machine has done on my carpet and upholstery. I also like the idea of not having to rent a machine or pay someone else to do it for me. I highly recommend this machine to everyone....more info
  • Great for carpet
    This Hoover SteamVac did a great job getting my really dirty carpet clean! It takes some elbow grease to haul around, and must be refilled with soapy water pretty frequently. But the payoff is worth it! My only complaint is that I tried the upholstery attachment on my cotton sofa and it seemed almost impossible to use. However, my husband used the attachment to clean our van (which is fuzzier - more carpet-like - fabric), and he thought it did a really good job. ...more info
  • Hoover 5914-900 Carpet Cleaner
    This hoover steam vac does a beautiful job cleaning the carpets. Have not tried it on upholstery but I expect it to work well there also. You do have to be careful when inserting the water containers. If they are not sealed, no water will be available to the cleaner. I especially like that the containers are small enough to easily lift.

    I would recommend this product. The value is good for the job it does....more info
  • works okay
    we have used it a few times now. it does a good job. i would recommend it to people looking for a carpet cleaner in this price range....more info
  • Cleans and Brightens your carpet
    I have been using this hoover for 3 months now and it has been functioning very well. I am satisfied with this product.
    It was fairly easy to assemble and start using immediately.
    Although the name has Steamvac in it, it actually does not use steam to clean your carpet, its water that is used. Ideally you will get good results when you use hot water.
    It picks up small debris but will not pick up bigger debris.
    You are supposed to dry vaccum your carpet prior to using this cleaner, which is a negative in my book, I would have loved it if this cleaner would pick up everthing and would not have me dry vaccum.
    Aside from the above this hoover does a good job of cleaning your carpet. I see a real difference after I have run this over my carpet.
    Its not a miracle machine but does clean up stains and mess pretty well, more stubborn stains will need multiple cycles of cleaning for good results. When I observe the dirt that I collected by this cleaner, I am very satisfied. Overall a good sturdy cleaner.

    ...more info
  • This Is One Fine Product!
    I had a previous Hoover Carpet Cleaner, which worked pretty well. This one has a bigger motor and really does a great job of cleaning. Forget their cleaning solution that comes with the machine. I didn't work too well. I used "Resolve Steam Carpet Cleaner" and it worked like a Champ to get out coffee stains, and ground-in dirt. Use the "Resolve Spot Cleaner" for Stains first. My carpet is a Pearl Color, and it is now "Sparkling Clean!" Great Product for a Very Reasonable Price. ...more info
  • Wow! Great machine!
    I've had this for about a month now. I am impressed!!! I have two small kids and 4 cats. Needless to say, I needed this very badly! =) My carpets are normally blue, but I'm embarrassed to say, I haven't cleaned them in a long, long time, so they are kinda greyish brown. Yuck! This machine cleaned them up good! I did have to use double the amount of cleaning solution suggested by the manufacturer, and that worked out well. I also cleaned the carpet twice. That really made the difference.

    It works great on cat upchuck stains, vomit stains, shoes stains, urine, and misc. stains. But like I said, I had to go over these stains a few times, and I also went really, really slow over them too. I know next time my carpet won't be so hard to clean, now that it is clean, but it sure does make a difference!

    This is a great investment. Well worth the money. And it's great for quick spills on the carpet, such as juice or milk, so it's definately handy to have around. ...more info
  • Solid Carpet Cleaner
    I've been researching a carpet cleaner for over a month now and the one I actually decided to buy has recently been discontinued (Hoover Agility). My research was done to find the best, most reliable carpet cleaner one can reasonably buy, regardless of price. Although I do want to point out that I was buying a cleaner using my Discover Card points and was willing to "spend" upwards of $300. My research yielded no good cleaners at that price point based on mostly customer reviews here on Amazon as well as other online review websites. My silver medalist was the Hoover SteamVac 5912-900, purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond using their 20% coupon bringing the total just around $150. The 5914-900 was not available locally.

    First Impressions:
    I have to admit I was a little taken aback at how cheap the unit looked. I actually passed it over when doing hands on research at stores in my area because I was certain it couldn't be one of the better rated cleaners. I'm glad I did the extra research though and came back to this unit. When I got it home, it was fairly easy to assemble, taking less than 15 minutes. Many users have commented on the plastic look and feel of the 5914-900 - and I have to say when you get it put together and roll it around your room, you may feel as if you made a bad purchase. It's definitely not a sexy machine. I've borrowed one of the higher end Bissell carpet cleaners from my sister-in-law about 6 months ago and the initial difference is night and day. The high end units are much nicer looking, and have much wider cleaning paths. They "feel" more significant. The long term reviews on those more expensive units, however, are poor, so I guess looks and price can be deceiving.

    Carpet Cleaning:
    Surprisingly, it cleans very well. I would put it right up there with the more expensive units, or maybe slighty below, but it does the job. Again, the reviews on longevity for those other units steered me away. If it were a one time cleaning project, I'd go with the $300 units but, of course, we are all buying these to last - and do a great job.

    We have light beige carpets that are at least 15 years old. We have two kids and a dog. Carpets aren't in that good of a shape. Our first cleaning - following the directions - yielded a very dark brown water in our living room. We did another cleaning later that night which produced a lighter shade of brown which made me think one of three things:

    1) our carpets were disgusting
    2) lucky we are doing more than one pass with the cleaner
    3) why didn't the cleaner do a better job of cleaning the first time around?

    The third point about doing a better job the first time around - I probably can't answer that. Especially since I can't compare it to other machines. I'm assuming there is only so much these consumer grade cleaners can do. I can't imagine, though, even the $300 versions would have done that much better.

    We followed up shortly afterward with just a hot water rinse (just didn't add soap) and the carpets felt a little more natural. The water was still a light shade of brown, but I was confident that the carpet was getting clean (or was clean enough for us).

    Pushing/pulling the unit was easy. Yes the tanks are small and you have to change them a lot, but that is almost the fun of it really. You WANT to see that brown water pour down your drain. Bottom collection bin is easy to take out and pour...the top is a little difficult to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will be fine. Also, I know some reviews here have said to use boiling water. I don't know if I want to be trying to pour scalding hot water into a little container, although the extra temperature probably does help. At your own risk!

    The upholstery attachment works ok. It does spray the cleaner all over the place but I was surprised at how well it did suck up the water from the attachment. The water pulled from the couch and chairs was a light brown, so it did work...but I wish it wasn't so messy.

    Bottom Line:
    I wish the only feature it had was a hot water heater, but then again it's probably why the unit is under $200. The built in heater it claims that applies heat directly to the floor...worthless. Other than style and better plastic, it is a solid unit. Time will tell on longevity. I'd consider it a success if it lasts 3 years plus. I would also keep an eye out for any Amazon deals on the cleaner as they just so happened to have a deal where you buy 3, get the 4th free on their 128 oz bottles. Much bigger than what you get locally at stores and priced the same or cheaper per ounce - and that's without getting that 4th bottle free. We used up 3/4 of the 16 oz bottle it came with in our living room.

    A solid buy for a solid price!
    ...more info
  • Research pays off
    I needed to replace by Bissel and orginally was planning on buying a Rug Doctor. But after a lot of research I choose the Hoover and have not been disappointed. Overall it does a very good job, but does require a few extra passes on the high traffic areas. You have to refill and empty the tanks often, but the machine is easy to manuever. ...more info
  • Nice little machine
    At first I had a problem with suction, then I realized I didn't have the tank lid on right! Just follow the instruction manual and you're all good. After I got that right, the suction was great! It's pretty lightweight compared to some other machines. I just did my son's room last night and it dried very quickly. When I first got the machine, I tried out my stairs, but I remember not being too happy with it, I don't remember what it was exactly. That's the only reason I'm giving it 4 stars. I'll update this once I tackle the stairs again. Great little machine overall though!...more info
  • Very Good for Price
    I was surprised at how dry the carpet was when finished! Cord could be a little longer but worth the money....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I just received my Hoover TurboPower 5200 SteamVac. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and the machine was up and running in no time. I was happily surprise with the maneuverability of the machine around and under furniture that could not be moved. The hot water tank was easy to fill and install. I was able to clean an entire room before I had to empty the dirty water tank. And like most people, I was surprised by how much dirt was removed from our carpet. In the past, I had rented heavy, difficult to use rental machines. Now that we have our own, we can clean our carpets more often, easier, and with less cost. I would highly recommend the purchase of this machine. ...more info
  • Great deal for the $$$
    I was a little scared at first to try this product after reading all the negative reviews. But I really did my homework and it paid off!

    I use the steamer on all my carpets in my house. My carpet is the typical household carpet thickness and slightly off-white in color.

    Step 1. Buying

    I would buy from [...] because if you get one of the defective models that I have read about you won't have any problems returning it through [...].

    Step 2. Assembling

    Each time the UPS truck drives by you will look out the window... until it arrives! Make sure you have plenty of light so you can see what you are doing! They give you an extra screw, which despite me being careful I lost anyway! DO NOT force any of the parts, they are plastic and I am sure would break easily.

    Step 3. Vacuuming

    Being an electrical engineering student I love to figure out how things work and maximize the efficiency of the product. I have found that it is EXTREMELY important to vacuum your floors THOROUGHLY first. I know it is hard because right when your new Hoover arrives, you can't wait to try it out! Remember, lint and dust in the Hoover steamer lowers its performance, as dust and water don't mix and causes the lint to clog the Hoover's suction and put more strain on the motor. It isn't too hard to clean but you might as well just vacuum first. I also recommend vacuuming the floorboards with an attachment but it is not necessary. I have an old 12A Fantom vacuum and it does the job perfectly. I just want to emphasize vacuuming first because if you are buying this Hoover your house is probably filthy anyway :) .

    Step 4. Steaming

    You can use pretty much any carpet chemical in the Hoover. I would spot treat any really tough stains, but it isn't necessary. The key to getting your carpets really clean is to go through a lot of hot steamy water on your carpets not chemical solution! This is the worst and yet most gratifying part of your Hoover experience, emptying the dirty water. Yuck! Your carpets are filthy! Often you will have to empty and refill your dirty water and refill your hot steamy water respectively. Keep doing this until you get black water... then brown water... then milky water...

    Step 5. Cleaning your Hoover

    After you are exhausted you MUST make sure to wash out all your buckets and accessories, otherwise that grime will stick in your vacuum.


    Not good for tile, not that great for upholstery, doesn't heat the water, requires constant water changing.

    This product has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend to any other smart person who wants to save money by not paying for a professional carpet cleaning crew. After 1 use it has already paid for itself! Just give yourself plenty of time to use it and to let your carpet dry.
    ...more info
  • hoover carpet steam cleaner
    Set up was very easy. Unit works well but gets tiring to use after a while. Only critisism is the small size of liquids containers means you are constantly stopping to empty or refill. Overall the machine works as advertised....more info
  • great little machine! does an excellent job
    After letting this sit in the box for several weeks (because of being intimidated by what I perceived as its complexity), I finally got so tired of the doggy pee smell in my house that I enlisted the aid of my 14-yr-old son to do all the technical stuff. Turns out he wasn't really needed. This is, as other reviewers have said and whose advice I should have heeded, a pretty straightforward machine. It's pretty hefty but assembles easily and works wonderfully. After painstakingly putting plastic under all my area rugs before shampooing, I discovered that it was really unnecessary because the wetting/suction process was so rapid that, although the rugs got amazingly clean, the water didn't have a chance to soak through, plus the drying process was surprisingly fast as well. Know in advance, though, that you will go through a LOT of tankfuls of water and a fair amount of cleaner in order to do a thorough job. If you have pets and/or lots of people tracking across your rugs, this is a highly recommended and worthwhile product to have, and likely will pay for itself after just a couple of uses....more info
  • Great SteamVac for the money. Already clean the entire house once. Everything came out great except for the red Kool-Aid my s
    Great SteamVac for the money. Already cleaned the entire house once. Everything came out great except for the red Kool-Aid my son spilled and let dry without telling anyone. I tried, to no avail, scrubbing the Kool-Aid with carpet cleaner and a sponge before I received my cleaner. Although, the SteamVac did make it a little lighter shade of red. Even took out what appeared to be cola stains. One more time using this in the house and it will be paid for; as far as renting or hiring someone to clean the carpet for me. Oh, and I only used about two ounces of the cleaner in the cleaning water which made the carpet not so stiff when it dried and kept me from having to rinse the carpet with just clean water. I sprayed the tougher areas before I started....more info
  • Perfect
    My wife loves this thing. We have used it numerous times, never had a problem....more info
  • excellent
    This is after a one time use, 3 rooms that were never cleaned in 15 years. Easy to put together. I think the secret is to vacuum the carpet real good before cleaning it. I didn't know what to expect but was totally happy. The carpet looked nearly new when I was finished. It was easy to handle, didn't leak all over, simple to use. I considered renting a cleaner, but for what this one costs you can't go wrong. Dried real fast. Was able to do living room bed room and hallway with the solution provided with the machine. After a lot of research I am real happy I made this purchase. Amazon shipped it real fast, with in three days. Great product....more info
  • Easy floor care
    I love my new Hoover Steamvac. It is important to me that I can use it on bare floors as well as the carpet. Also, it takes up little space, so is easy to store. Also like the fact that everything is on board; nothing has to be stored separately. I haven't had it long enough to know how it will hold up, but right now, it is perfect....more info
    I usually use very reputable cleaning companies and spend a fortune for them to clean the carpets, but the cost is rising...Time for a new plan! After reading many reviews I commited. I like the results for ordinary dirt. I should have bought the spot treatment though since you don't want to over saturate. I tried one on hand and it didn't get anything up. So consider getting a larger bottle of regular solution(the included bottle is 16 oz., enough for small 3 rooms) and a bottle of spot treatment.
    Drying was surprisingly quick!
    Rinse cleaner thoroughly when you're done so debris doesn't clog the tube as it dries. I ran it through with clean water in the tub.
    It's really not too heavy or a struggle to run. Go slowly, like the directions say. I tended to rush like I was vacuuming.
    A good investment!The only Hoover with 2 year warranty too, I believe....more info
  • Awesome scrubber
    This scrubber exceeds the manufactures description. I have 2 dogs and sometimes "baby sit" for 3 more and they can make a mess after they have been outside plus I have an elderly Mom who lives with us who can't see very well so she is always spilling something. This scrubber is easy to handle, easy to take it and do small jobs quickly and it does the job.

    If I had to have the carpet scrubbed by a professional everytime it got dirty from the "family" I would go broke....more info
  • Great Machine
    We read many reviews before purchasing this product. We are very pleased with the outcome of this unit. If you follow the advise given by others the machine will be a great asset to your family- This is what I found in a nut shell- remember its made of plastic, clean after every use, fill with boiling hot water, take the time to assemble it correctly- going through the manual!, remember this is not a commerical grade so it may take 1 or 2 times longer to get the results but well worth having it available to you at all times. We would recommend this product to friends. ...more info
  • not a mickey mouse steam cleaner
    I have had a hoover and a bissell. The $150 hoover sucks up the competition. Bissel has 12 apms of power but half of it is wasted on heating the water. Hoover knows this and devotes all the 12 amps to suction which is a must with a steam cleaner. Who wants hot wet rugs? If you do then buy the bissell. If you want clean dry rugs in less than 10 minutes go with the hoover. Some of the older or more expensive models have the attachment built in. This particular model you have to manually switch back and forth and disconnect and connect the hose & tools. a little bit of a hassle, but a good value none the less....more info
  • Hoover cleaner very easy to use
    The Hoover carpet cleaner was easy to use and did a very good job on some indoor-outdoor carpet in our sunroom. I have not tried it on upholdstery yet but plan on doing so. If it does as well as on carpet, then I am sure it will be a breeze. I have not had any problems but only used it twice. The suction is so good that drying time was minimal....more info
  • Quick dry to the rescue!
    This purchase was an upgrade from my old Hoover steam cleaner, and it is definitely an upgrade. The quick-dry hot airflow following the cleaning allows the carpet to dry very quickly. This particular feature makes using the cleaner an easy choice, even under short notice from arriving guests....more info
  • Gets carpets cleaner
    This SteamVac is amazing. I paid professional carpet cleaners to steam clean my carpet and was disappointed. I decided to invest in this carpet cleaner instead of paying to have the carpets done again. The carpet looked much better after I cleaned it with the Hoover F5912-900 TurboPower 5200. I used extra hot water (almost boiling) which I think gives better results. After doing the house one time, the machine has already paid for itself and I'm sure will do so over and over again in the future. I highly recommend this
    steam cleaner....more info
  • Awesome cleaning power
    We got this one when the minor leaking problem with our Hoover Agility SteamVac suddenly became a major leak. The Hoover5914-900 is so superior that I am stunned! We have off-white carpet that gets horrible stains from my going barefoot all the time (I'm working on breaking this habit). Those stains almost magically came out. But another really HUGE difference between this steamvac and the Hoover Agility is how much drier it got the carpet. Within 1 hour on a very humid day here our carpet was dry. And as others have said, I was simply amazed at how dirty the water was. I am so glad that I chose this model....more info
  • Great Value for the Money
    I picked this steam vac based upon other reviews I had read, and the price. I had just gotten a quote from a local carpet cleaning company and knew I could do better. This machine is great whether you have wall to wall carpet or area rugs like me. I also like the fact that if you are paranoid about carpet chemicals (like me), you can just use plain water or white vinegar with this machine and (so far) there seem to be no problems doing that. I have seen this rug pull lots of disgusting things out of my rugs, including those which had been recently sent out for cleaning. I even used this on my grandmother's oriental rug, with no problems. Of course the best part is, per Murphy's law, the minute you paid that company to clean your carpets, your dog would pee on your rug, so at least this way, you don't have to pay extra to clean the carpet again. Overall I am very satisfied with this vac.
    Oh and I wanted to update that I have now used the motorized attachment and that is awesome, too!! I used it on an upholstered chair with no problems and it looks great! So pleased with this machine. I have had it for over a year now & no problems. Just read the directions and you will be fine....more info
  • great for about 1.5 years
    This is great for about a year and a half, then it needs a lot of TLC.

    First, you need to COMPLETELY clean out the collection chamber or it gets smelly. There are a lot of small corners, nooks and cranies that hold sediment in the collection chamber. They can't be reached with a toothbrush; you need a coat hanger with a rag wound around it. Also, if you have any pet hair or fluffy lint associated with your carpets, you'll need to disassemble the front part to get rid of the accumulation.

    Suction is great until there is a year's worth of wear and tear. After about a year, the hose inside tore away from the fitting because there is insufficient 'slack' in the hose. THank goodness for duct tape. I'm now tired of retaping and am looking to purchase a new machine. (Not this one). Also, the accumulation as mentioned before seriously affects suction and its a nasty wet mess to take it all apart mid-cleaning.

    The cap on the tank too is likely to lose its little rubber plug and you cannot use it any more to measure soap without dribbling all over the place.

    The hand tool is only fair. You're better off squirting your steps and scrubbing them with a brush. It's good for sucking up the water.

    I do like the brush configuration. THe round rotary brushes are much better than a single bar brush. These require a belt to drive them and the belts break easily. ...more info
  • Excellent and Easy
    We found this to be easy to setup and use, and provided excellent cleaning results. Despite reading several reviews about leaking or leaving too much water in the carpet, we had no such problems. Bottom line was that the product was easy to use and produced excellent results. ...more info
  • not good for upholstery
    While in general I agree with others that the vacuum works great for cleaning carpets, we had some difficulty with the upholstery brushes. The suction was not good, and after spending 15 minutes trying to figure out how to attach the hose and brushes for cleaning the couch it was frustrating to find that it had hardly been worth it....more info
  • Great rug scrubber
    The scrubber is very effective. It sucks the water back out very effectively. I wish the front plastic cover came off easily so that you could rinse the collected debris out....more info
    This hoover steam vac does great. Had borrowed newer model from niece and it was made a little more flimsly. This one has a better tank construction and the cleaning of the carpets is great. Didn't know they were that dirty since we had just cleaned them about a month before. 3 kids and 3 dogs and a cat it gets pretty dirty at times....more info
  • Does the job, but problems with leaking
    I found that this product does a good job cleaning the carpet. It doesn't soak it through, and I couldn't believe the amount of dirt that it removed from the carpet. However, it has a serious leaking problem, so bad that I am considering calling the manufacturer for a new product. When using the hand tool the device still leaks from the base. Also unless you use the entire cleaning solution or remove the compartment completely after you turn it off it will leak all over the floor. Overall, it's aggravating but still effective at cleaning....more info
  • So simple to use!
    This Hoover SteamVac was so simple to assemble and learn how to use even for someone not even remotely mechanically inclined. It made a huge difference on my carpets the first time, but I do think that if your carpets are extremely stained and dirty that you should definaltely pre-treat them in advance. This is a great product, and so far I'm thrilled with my purchase. ...more info
  • barefoot and in love
    yeah, it leaks a little. yeah, the tanks are kinda small and you have to refill and empty a lot, and YES! this machine is a MARVEL!. i can't stop cleaning my carpeting. i just moved into a house that had the most amazingly filthy rugs. i'm accustomed to being able to walk around on bare feet when i have carpeting but i could NOT do that here. i read a lot of reviews on this cleaner and they were, as far as i'm concerned, 100% positive because the problems cited - leaks and tiny tanks - meant nothing when balanced against ease of assembly and excellent cleaning power. not to me, anyway. the steamvac does exactly what i need it to do and it does it well. my carpeting is a creamy beige, something i wasn't sure about until i used the steamvac. the rug is now beautiful and fluffy. and i'm not wearing my shoes. knowing how companies like to "new and improve" things, i have a really strong urge to buy another as a backup in case i work this one to death over the next few years. there is one little thing i think they're using as a hook: mine came without the bare floor attachment. naturally, since this is doing such a wonderful job on my carpeting, i'm ordering the attachment for my ceramic tile floors. sly dogs, those hoover people. i'm telling everyone i know about this machine. ...more info
  • Excellent
    We owned the first Hoover SteamVac for 15 years and it was great. This one (after doing my research) is almost identical and works really well. Hopefully it will also last a long time!...more info
  • My new best toy!
    I found this carpet cleaner to be easy to use and a "work horse". I immediately started in our master bedroom, intending to do a room a day, but just kept going through the house! I even continued on over to an elderly neighbor's home! It removed an amazing amount of dirt. My only complaint is the frequent filling and emptying due to the size of the containers....more info
  • Absurdly fast shipping!
    This is not a review of the Hoover cleaner. I did my homework in shopping for it and fully expect it will be as good a unit as the people who own one have said here in Amazon.

    What is really impressive is that I ordered one from Amazon yesterday afternoon, with the free shipping offer that is supposed to take 3-5 days...and the thing was delivered today...to a small town in mid Michigan. One day for a big box that weighs over 30 lb. Free shipping. And Amazon's price was still the lowest of anyone except a storefront on eBay that was $5 less.

    Amazon is completely unbelievable.

    I am flabbergasted.

    ...more info
  • great machine
    I am really happy with this purchase. It came in about 4 days.

    I used it yesterday for my really dirty and stained hallway carpet (pet stains) and it left it clean and fluffy - really was a pleasure to see it this morning all clean and new looking.

    The clean and dirty water tanks were easy to take out and put in - I am not mechanical and I have hand/arm problems, so it was important to be able to manage the tanks without needing alot of strenght nor difficult manuveuring - it was definitely easy, no problems.

    I had tried another steam vac from a different manufacture and that was a waste of money. It didn't even spray, yet it leaked water, lots, when just left standing.

    This vac does also leak, some, when standing - I found that the best thing is just to plan to use the whole tank before stopping - or use only half a tank at a time if for time or health reasons, so that you don't leave the clean water tank still with water when you are finished for the day. ...more info
  • Worth the investment !
    I ordered this cleaner 2-12-07. Unfortunately, the box and cleaner had been damaged during shipping by the time I got it. I contacted Amazon and I had a new cleaner within 3 days! I used it 2 times allready. I can't believe the dirt that came out of my carpet. Yuck! I heated some water on the stove to almost boiling and filled the container 1/2 full of hot tap water and 1/2 full of almost boiling water with 3 or 5 oz of cleaning solution. My carpet looks and feels great once dried and swept. The carpet cleaner was very easy to assemble from the box(took about 15 min.). Very easy to use. The carpet cleaner picks up most of the water so the carpet drys fast and is not oversaturated. Only downfall would be that the clean and dirty water tanks don't hold more than a gallon so I had frequent refills and emptying. I'm sure most home cleaners are that way. I would definitely recommend this carpet cleaner to anyone. ........... 6/08/2007 Well, it has now been 4 months since I purchased my shampooer and I still LOVE it! I have cleaned almost every room in the house now and do spot cleaning on the previous rooms. I would definitely recommend this shampooer. Worth the money!!...more info
  • Hoover F5912-900 TurboPower 5200 SteamVac
    I am very pleased with the performance of this steam vac. The scrubbing spinning brushes seem to do a better job than a rotary types or stationary brushes. It has been easy to use and the carpets do dry faster than the older Hoover I used without the heated air feature.
    The only problem I have had was that twice it has dumped a lot of its water out on one spot. I had a real mess to clean up and it left stains in the carpet. I am not sure what I did wrong, maybe I had not seated the water tank in correctly. Since the first time I have been very careful, but the probelm did occur again. ...more info
  • Buy it NOW!
    Wow..its amazing, almost as good if not just as good a professional cleaners! I rinsed it with hotwater after using the shampoo and everything's nice and fluffy. Dog stains came out easy!...more info
  • Hoover F5912-900
    Highly recommend. Easy to assemble and worth the money. Did a great cleaning job on my carpets. I am very impressed with this machine....more info
  • Works Better than the Rug Doctor...
    We have 3 dogs and a back yard that seems to be constantly muddy. So, we were renting a Rug Doctor just about every month. So, I decided just to buy a carpet cleaner. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and decided that this was the model that I wanted taking into account quality and price.

    So far I've used this twice and I can honestly say that it works significantly better than the Rug Doctor did. I did make a couple of changes on how I cleaned the carpet after reading some reviews, so perhaps that made a difference. First, I did pre-treat. Second, I kept a huge pot of near boiling water on the stove at all times and used that to fill the container with. Also, I only used carpet shampoo some of the time with it. Most of the time, I used vinegar. I found that the vinegar deodorized the carpet better and left no residue.

    You do have to go very, very slowly, but that's true with any cleaner that you're using. Our cream colored rugs usually need two pass overs with the Rug Doctor, but with this- we only needed one and it did a FANTASTIC job. I didn't experience the leaking that some of the other reviewers mentioned even though I did accidentally leave water in the receptacles once.

    My ONLY gripe about this cleaner is that the clean water receptacle is bigger (by about 1/4th) than the dirty water receptacle, so you find yourself running back and forth between the cleaner and the sink often. Also... the receptacles are small, so again, you're running back and forth to the sink a lot. Overall though, I think that the quality is excellent and such a great price! ...more info
  • SteamVac Carpet Cleaner
    I am very pleased with the SteamVac and the service I received....more info
    I came home from work & my dog had wet all over my carpet. I was so glad I had ordered this Hoover Steamvac. The carpet looked wonderful when I was done. The price was great! I just can't say enough. No need to spend lots of money and why rent? Money well spent!! I just LUV this machine!!! Wonderful!! ...more info
  • Works great! Professional results!
    Very impressive results -- looks as if my carpets were cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. I wish the hard floor attachment had been included, but I found out it can't be used on wood floors anyway; a disappointment. All in all, a GREAT price for a GREAT cleaner. I highly recommend this item....more info
  • vavoom!
    This machine is worth the money, especially when you think about renting one at $45 a shot, and the machines are always dirty and you don't know what they were cleaning. The machine does what it is supposed to do with ease. It is easy to assemble, easy to use and works!...more info
  • Delivers performance, rugged, and reliable...
    Got this model from Amazon Outlet. The product was easy to assemble requiring only a screw driver. Comes with trial size shampoo that will last through 2 cleaning sessions. You apply 5 oz of solution for a gallon of water. The tank is easily removable and the waste tank can easily be emptied. The proper technique as shown in the manual is applying solution as you push and solution as you pull the machine towards you. Then repeat the process without applying any more solution to dry the carpet. The carpet dried in about 45 minutes after cleaning with a fluffy feel to it. It wasn't a perfect clean but since I haven't cleaned the carpet in years, it should improve after repeated use. Very happy with the purchase. Gave item 4 stars for late delivery by DHL, the outlet's carrier. Poor service, delivering the item in it's own box, shampoo solution uncapped. If not for the tamper foil it would have ruined the machine. The box arrived opened and DHL did not take responsibility for non delivery that should have been Express overnight. The machine arrived in good conditon despite this. ...more info
  • great product WORKS GREAT
    this is the best steam cleaner it really gets your carpets looking like new again and I was very surprised that it worked great on old stains as well. I love the attachments for the furniture as a pet owner the attachments and the cleaner work wonders. I especially like the turbo surge button this works for the high traffic areas and I have 2 dogs that like to roll around the carpet to itch there backs and these spots get dirter,so this feature works GREAT for cleaning the deep down areas, makes my carpet's look new again!This is also easy to use to fill the water and empty it too, I am VERY mechianically not smart but this is soooo easy to figure and and use it is a breeze! I LOVE MY cleaner. ...more info
  • Made in USA
    Can you believe it - made in Canton, Ohio instead of China. I owned one of the $300 top of the line Hoovers purchased from a department store. Twice the upper clear acrylic tank had to be replaced - $55 a piece and then the bottom clear tank would not seal and the motor was going out according to the vacum shop mechanic. After reading many reviews of the top of the line models, I concluded that they are prone to break down and basically cheaply constructed. I asked the vacum store guy about it and he said that the expensive models in the department stores are made in China out of Chinese parts and he considered them junk. He recommended this basic model by Hoover which he claimed is rock solid, made of heavy duty parts in Canton, Ohio. The tanks are an opaque polymer which he said you can bounce on the floor and they won't leak. When I got it, the first thing I did was look at the label. Sure enough - "Made in the USA". Amazing. Cleans great. As far as the rinse feature on higher models, it means another tank and fittings and one more thing to go wrong. You control the exact amount of detergent being used - low tech but accurate and dependable. Since the directions said to let it dry before running a rinse I don't rinse anymore anyway. ...more info
  • A Great Deal
    I read many reviews online and decided to go with Hoover instead of Bissell or other brands, and I am glad I did. My carpets looked like new after using the steamvac. Like everyone else says, it is amazing how much dirt and grime you actually have in your carpets. I haven't tried the clean surge yet, but I highly recommend this machine for basic cleaning of carpets. It sucks up an amazing amount of water, which means that your carpets will be dry in no time. Well worth the money!...more info
    I was hesitant that this would be a worthwile purchase because hoover makes some pretty junky vacuums, however, after reading reviews decided to buy it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I have had this cleaner for approximately 8 months and have used it several times already, and it is truly amazing for a few reasons.

    1) It doesn't truly "steam" carpet - BUT if you put some boiling water in reservoir with detergent it does improve cleaning, but I have cleaned with regular hot tap water with good results too.
    2) You will be disgusted, amazed, and pleased at how much dirt this thing gets out of your carpets. Secondly, it really fluffs it up with the 5 rotating brushes.
    3) Works great on removing stains quickly (I have an almost 2 year old) so, juice, milk, throwup, you name it! etc. It cleans it out completely. Clean surge also helps.
    4) In a couple of hours (or less) the carpet is really DRY!!!
    5) Finished carpet "feels" clean. You can get down on it and you just know it is clean like a line dried towel.
    I haven't tried it on upholstery or car but will eventually. I am sure that it will do an equally fantastic job!
    It is really addicting to use. I have used it probably 4 or 5 times already, no problems. It is true that it will leak a little after you are done with it, but it can easily be wiped up. Can't really complain that much about it. Results are amazing! I hope it lasts a long time. It is definitely worth the money considering what it costs to have it professionally done and also cost of renting a machine (which doesn't do half the job). ...more info
  • Does the Job at a Nice Price
    My decision to purchase this was mostly on price and gauging its ease of use.

    Since renting one from the market is around $50 including shampoo, my thinking was this was an appropriate price to pay for this since after three cleanings, it's yours plus you don't have to return anything.

    The other factor is ease of use. This is pretty straightforward. The top container holds the clean water and shampoo. After using, the "sucked up" dirty water is in the container at the bottom.

    The Hoover here is nice in that both snap in and out pretty easily.

    There are some things to keep in mind.

    Try to use near boiling hot water (or a mixture of near boiling water and hot water from the faucet) - you will get a more efficent clean. Pour in the shampoo AFTER you put the water in the container - otherwise you'll get a slew of foam instead of being able to fill it with water to its highest level.

    Afterwards, the things always leak some (maybe if you pay $400, it's not a problem) so as soon as you finish, take it outside and start to disassemble the thing. Then dump out the dirty water and hose off the dirty water container. If you can leave it outside for a while to let it dry as it will still drip a little.

    This model will do about a 50' by 40' room or so before you need to refill with clean water and empty out the dirty water so if you have many huge rooms, this might not be for you ... or your help will grumble as you have to repeat :-)

    If there are specific spots, you still need to spray it with one of those carpet cleaner sprays.

    The hose attachment is nice for carpeted stairs but the main unit is pretty bulky so plan carefully so it doesn't tip over (water).

    The only real con is that it be nice if the power cord was retractable but other than that, it does what it says it does and the two containers are easy to fill & remove.

    Recommended....more info
  • Excellent SteamVac
    I have three dogs and have had a lot of traffic on my carpets. This steamvac cleaned the carpet areas very well. I was very impressed with the amount of dirt that it pulled up versus other steamvacs that I have used on the carpets in the past. It definatley works much better than the kind you can rent from the grocery store. The only issues that I had with it was that it took a long time to clean the carpets (had to go really slowly for it to clean well), but that could have been because the carpets were so dirty. The handheld cleaner for upholstery was a little bulky for small jobs.
    Overall I am very happy with my purchase. Hoover offers an excellent warranty also....more info
  • Hoover is the best !
    I love this carpet machine because it does what I needed it to do. It cleaned my carpet's really good and it also cleaned the carpet and car seat's in my van they look like brand new....more info