Hoover U5725-960 TurboPower 6500 WindTunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

12 Amp Motor Twin Chamber Bagless System Exclusive Teflon Coated Hepa Filter Bonus Extra Stretch Hose Powered Hand Tool Free Lifetime Replacement Belts On Board Tools Headlight 15" Cleaning Width 2 Year Warranty

  • Bagless upright vacuum cleaner with 12 amp motor and WindTunnel technology
  • 15-inch-wide cleaning path; dual-edge groomers; multi-level height settings
  • HEPA filter; on-board tools including a turbo hand tool and bonus 14-foot stretch hose
  • Headlight; 31-foot power cord; free replacement belts for the life of the cleaner
  • Measures approximately 13 by 15 by 43 inches; 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • great vacuum!!!
    I was looking for a long time a vacuum cleaner and I finally found it, works great and I have two cats and the vacuum cleans perfectly every corner of the house, I fully recommend this product....more info
  • So Far So Good
    We've only had the product for a short time, so durability remains to be seen. Just my impression is that the construction might be a little lightweight, but we'll see. The performance so far is great! This thing sucked up things we didn't know existed in our carpet! We love the little power attachment, and it is very light so pushing is easy. Cleaning the filter is not a problem as we have seen some people complain about, we really don't know what their problems were, quite simple actually. We have recommended to friends already....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price!
    We recently purchased this Hoover and are really impressed with it. I have two cats and have been really pleased with how well it gets the hair up. It is really powerful- I was shocked at how poorly my old vacuum cleaner had obviously been performing. First, the front of the vacuum is quite flat and slides under furniture and tables well. This means less furniture moving for me for those "in between" vacuums. I also like that dust is separated from the larger debris in the dust bin portion. Cat hair clogged up my old filter and made it hard to shake out. No, it isn't uber quiet but I don't expect a vacuum to be quiet- I am not vacuuming when anyone is sleeping. But the noise level isn't excessive. And no, it isn't a Dyson but it doesn't cost $350 - $400 either. My home is wood floors and tile with carpet in the bedrooms with a few area rugs in the wood areas. This vacuum really suits our needs in that respect. But to be honest, if I lived in an all carpet home, I would still be really happy with this vacuum. It is slightly heavier than my old one but isn't a problem for me- I haven't noticed it being hard to pull. The suction is GREAT and the pile on my carpet is standing up more than it has in months. I am really pleased and couldn't recommend it more highly....more info
  • good to use
    It works well.I can vacumn my car now.It is very powerful.The dust bin is not that difficult to empty.But it is sure very dusty when I empty it.I wonder if I can rinse it with water.So far I have used it for 4 times.Hope it keeps on performing well,at least for 2 years?...more info
  • its okay
    I must say that I was expecting a little more out of this highly rated vacuum! It is nowhere near quiet like I had hoped...very noisy. It does pick up everything, but to clean out the container is kind of a chore. It will work for now until Im ready to spend more money on a dirt sucker.....more info
  • Forget the Dyson!
    I am in love with this vacuum. I wanted a Dyson but couldn't afford one so I searched on Consumer Reports and found this little gem. It works better than any Dyson I have ever used. It is so powerful, not too heavy, and works great on my wood floors! And I have pets too! ...more info
  • Ambivalence in vacuming
    This vacume is my 4th in 36 years. It seems to have plenty of suction. Time will tell. Dumping the canister is rather messy; easier than the cloth bag on the old Kirby not as neat as the paper diposable on the last Hoover, but at least I don't have to buy bags anymore or try to find in the remote area we live in. Don't like the added weight of the auto drive or its action in small areas, tend to bang into stuff going forward and going backward is like when the power steering has gone out on a vehicle. The extra long hose is nice for our stairs but it's another part to find storage for.... Have 2 dogs, one a heavy shedder and it picks up that fine. Vacume came with a 2 year warrranty and filter is messy but easy to access and clean. Vacuming is a neccessary evil in my world hence the mixed review. If buying another I would look for one without the power drive. The assist in sterring doesn't make up for the added weight.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Turbo Power
    This is by far the best vaccuum that I've ever owned. With two rough collies, I needed something that would work well with dog hair and this product does it. Great power and suction. The attachment with the brush does tend to get a bit clogged with hair though, but its easy enough to clean out....more info
  • Never thought I'd be writing a review for a vacuum cleaner!
    This vacuum cleaner is amazing! I had the same hoover convertible (a cheap $50 vacuum) for almost a decade. I would've kept on vacuuming with the same old vacuum for another 10 years, but I lost all the attachments and really wanted to be able to clean in the nook and crannies. I bought this vacuum and it sat in its box for a few weeks - I was lazy and thought my old one was surviving. Then one day, half way through vacuuming the living room, I decided to swap them out and see if I could tell a difference - I was blown away!

    My living room could have been a vacuum television commercial, it was night and day the difference that it made. Plus, the 6500 is so much easier to push and adjust, I couldn't believe I had been slaving away with that cheap vacuum cleaner for so long! And after it was all done, you could see in the canister just how much had been picked up. Absolutely happy with this cleaner and would buy it again in a heart beat.

    On a side note, all the attachments are a joy to use too. My old collapsible hose was so stiff, made out of cheap plastic, it was a pain to use. The 6500's hose was noticeably of better quality, very flexible, that alone was surprising. All in all, I'm happy in every respect.

    Do yourself a favor and buy this cleaner, don't suffer with a cheaper model!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum!
    I don't buy into the notion that a good vacuum should cost $400. This is an excellent vacuum. The first time I cleaned the house with it, I had to dump out the dirt chamber 4 times. It picks up a lot more than my old Hoover did. Sure, the bagless concept is a little less convenient than bagged, but the series of filters do a good job. Just keep them clean. As far as people complaining about the belts breaking, they need to read their manuals. The manual tells you that the brush bar will keep spinning when you are using the external tools, so you should be able to figure out that if you are using them, you need to change the height of the brush bar to the tallest setting to reduce the friction. Do this and you will save the belt. Bagless models need more maintenance than bagged, also. So, buy one Dyson or three or four of these and some belts? No comparison, the Dyson is a marketing success, not a better vacuum....more info
  • Wonderful on carpets and hardwood floors.
    Purchased this as a gift for a couple of friends who own a very large log home that's mostly hardwood floors. Dogs and cats rule and this vacuum has done a wonderful job picking up all the animal hair. Would highly recomend. ...more info
  • It's good
    I like this vacuum. It cleans well and has good "sucking" power. It is a bit difficult to clean the hepa filter but I use a shopvac to clean the filter and that works great. A great vacuum for a decent price. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a parrot so I have gone through lots of vacuums and I'm tired of paying over 200.00 dollars and they don't last any longer. The price is right and performance is good....more info
  • Best Vacuum I have owned!
    This vacuum cleaner picked up rug dirt and cat hair that my canister vacuum left behind. It's easy to empty and the "turbo" head for the hose pulls up the mat of the carpet on our steps. This is the first air powered cleaning brush head that has worked and it works well....more info
  • Belt broke after 5 uses
    I can't believe the stupid $*%!@?! belt broke after 5 uses. We bought it, marveled at its cleaning power, and happily cleaned our house several times. We took it over to my father in law's house and cleaned his too. We used it again at our house. But then the next time I use it I notice that it's not picking up the dog hair. So I turn it over and have a look and discover that the brushes aren't moving. I think "Hmmm... the belt can't be broken. It's brand new, so perhaps I'm missing something, like a 'brush on' switch or some such thing."

    Nope. No such switch. Further disassembly of the brush mechanism reveals the culprit; a cheaply made (broken) belt.

    Prior to the belt breaking, the vacuum cleaner performed beautifully. This is the reason why I didn't give the machine one star in this review.

    But c'mon, Hoover. This is an inexcusable problem for a vacuum cleaner to have, especially a new one. Vacuum cleaner technology has been through thousands of design cycles. After 50+ years of vacuum cleaner evolution, I would expect that engineers would have mastered the simplest and most critical part of a brush vacuum: the belt. When I purchased this vacuum cleaner, I bought a vacuum cleaner that I thought would last, and I just *assumed* that belt problems were a thing of the past. I guess I assumed incorrectly.

    And what really makes me angry and annoyed is the *fact* that there is someone at Hoover who is fully aware of this problem. I consult companies for materials, so I know how it works. These days, an engineer not only tests materials and matches up design specs, but he or she is also responsible for building "risk profiles". In this case, "risk" means financial risk, i.e., Risk = probability of failure * cost of failure. I know somebody did the R = P*$ calculation, realized that a finite number of belts would break, and let it slide. How can they consciously do that? Those failures mean that they know for a fact that substandard products are coming off the assembly line, but it's below a risk threshold that they can tolerate. Does it really secure profit margins enough to risk the Hoover name? Where is the pride?

    I remember every stupid vacuum cleaner we had in my house as a kid fell to the same stupid problem. The dumb, cheap, belt always breaks. And my father would have to call a dozen places in the phone book to find a new belt.

    If a better belt costs $15 instead of $3, why not put it in the machine? It means people will buy the machine that is dead nuts reliable. Isn't that worth something? Isn't it worth more to have a customer that has a 15 year old vacuum cleaner that will attest to its value and reliability?

    Five frickin' uses. C'mon. I'm totally disappointed, irritated, and annoyed, because I bought this stupid thing because I wanted a trouble free machine that wouldn't take up any of my time with quirks and fixes and parts replacement. If I wanted a POS, I would have bought a vacuum cleaner at a garage sale for $5, but at least then if it broke I could only point the finger at myself because I knew I bought a piece of junk. But this is ridiculous. I don't understand the standards of manufacturing any more. Six sigma my a**.

    And yeah, I'm sure somebody reading this is thinking that I should have bought a Dyson. I'm not sold on it... yet. Just 'cause some guy with a British accent can read a script doesn't mean the vacuum is any better than this one. Dyson has risk profiles, too.

    ...more info
  • A little heavy but well worth it!
    This vacuum works great! It makes the carpet fluffy and soft and picks up alot of dog hair that my old vacuum could not get. It works great on hard floors, too. It is a little heavy when you are using it on carpet but the efficiency makes up for it. ...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    I am very pleased with my Hoover Vacuum... and it arrived much sooner than I thought....more info
  • Engine burned out within the first year.
    If you do purchase any Hoover KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!!!!! This vacuums motor just died on me with a little under a years worth of use. I have no pets and a very small house, so it is not like I used it that much. I do not have my receipt anymore, so unfortunately I will not be able to get it fixed under warranty. For what I paid I was expecting a lot more out of this vacuum. It does an okay job but I was definitely not impressed with the vacuum hose and the mini attachment that came with it. They were virtually useless. I thought maybe I just got a lemon of a vacuum, but when I spoke to a repair man, he said the majority of vacuums they get in are Hoovers because 6 years ago they started manufacturing them in Mexico and their quality went way down. He also quoted me $150.00 to replace the motor, almost as much as I paid for the vacuum! I might as well of bought a Dyson. Save yourself the hassle and don't buy this vacuum or any Hoovers for that matter....more info
  • Excellent for dog hair and fine dust!
    I purchased this at Walmart when it first came out many years ago and it is still going strong!!!! I work at an elevator and it gets pretty dusty there and this picks it all up and some!!! We have a huge dog at home that sheds all the time and this doesnt struggle picking the hair up at all! It is unbelievable how much can come up from a carpet, all in all, I absolutely love this vacuum and I am buying another to keep on hand just in case mine decides to kick the bucket or they decide to discontinue this model.... You will be amazed at what it can do!...more info
  • Very nice vacuum
    I love bagless! Have you ever tried to get an earring out of one of those bags? I have an older bag windtunnel and it did ok, except for the bags. This one was much easier to assemble, but there's 4 things I'd like to see different. 1) It would be nice if it had a green light to show you when it's clean. 2) The length to wind up the cord isn't long enough 3) The hose likes to pop out of position alot 4) My arms are getting a workout when I pull the machine back.
    Otherwise, it's a bagless and it picks up the dirt.
    ...more info
  • Very pleased.
    We have had this vacuum for two months and are very plaesed with it. It's not perfect, but definately worth the money paid. This is our first bagless vacuum and is a huge leap forward from our previous vacuum. It sucks up everything, cat hair, dust, pines needles from our Christmas tree (with no clogging problems) and even sucked a sock all the way to the canister. I'm continually amazed at the amount of fine particles that end up in the canister. It has multiple filters on it that work VERY well. It works so well, that you need to pay attention to the first stage filter while your vacuuming through the house. The suction will start to decrease (though not bad)as the dust piles up on it. We just turn the vacuum off, knock the canister a few times, the dust and everything on the filter fall off to the bottom of the canister, and your back with full suction. Dumping the canister can be a little dusty when you dump it outside, but I think that is a quirck of most if not all bagless type vacuums. 4 stars to Hoover....more info
  • Very upset with this model
    I bought this product because our friends swear by it. She checks all the reports about it and says it is great. However, I ordered it and within a few days the agitator stopped working. Amazon customer service was great and replaced before I had a chance to say anything. We received the replacement and the same thing happened. Although this time, not only does the agitator work when it wants to, we now have a really bad burning smell in the house. My wife is so angry about this that she wants it sent back and nothing to do with Hoover. I'm very disgusted by this product. ...more info
  • wonderful!
    I received my vacuum very quickly and am enjoying it very much. It was everything it should have been and once again Amazon has done it's job!
    Thank you! Arleen Liotta...more info
  • This Vacuum Cleaner is simply AMAZING!!
    I have never wrote a review on any product I have ever purchased, but I am so thrilled with my vacuum cleaner, I felt the need to share my opinion.

    I purchased this vacuum when Amazon dropped the price to $99.99 during a one day sale. I would gladly pay $200 for this vacuum if I had to do it over again. I own a $1,500 Rainbow Vacuum and I honestly can say it cannot compare to the Hoover Windtunnel. I am a clean freak and vacuum my home every single day. I would use my Rainbow once a week and a Dirt Devil the other days. I pulled out so much pet hair, dust, dirt, etc that I was disgusted with my first use of this vacuum. I even had to take a picture to show some of my family members. I pulled out Sand from my carpet that must have been from my beach trip over the summer. I cannot praise this vacuum enough. It has a pet hair attachment that is wonderful. It will take every single cat hair off my couch with ease. This is an absolute must have for any pet owner.

    There is not one thing I would change. I know a couple reviews mentioned that the vacuum is too heavy. I don't think it is heavy at all. I think the suction is so great that when you pull the vacuum toward you it makes it feel like it is heavy. It is actually not any heavier than your average vacuum.

    You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    I didn't realize this vacuum would be so heavy, but the worse part is that it is soooo HOT. You work up a sweat vacuuming just pushing this thing around, but having the heat coming out of it just makes it worse. Vacuuming in the summertime is the pits, even with the airconditioning on.
    I have to say though, that it does a very good job at cleaning the carpet and lifting the pile. The carpet looks great when I'm done, I just look like heck.Hoover U5725-960 TurboPower 6500 Windtunnel Bagless Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    Could not belive how great this vacuum is, until I saw everything it picked up. Did not even see the cat hair it picked up....more info
  • Clean Sweep!
    I'm very happy with this sweeper. I read a lot of reviews on several sweepers before purchasing. It has great suction, really cleans, and is not all that hard to clean out, being bagless. I wanted a serious cleaning machine and got it for a reasonable price....more info
  • Hoover TurboPower 6500 Windtunnel Bagless Upright
    I absolutely love this vacuum. I had new carpeting installed and my old vacuum (an Oreck XL) wouldn't pick up the carpet fiber balls that kept collecting on the carpet. Also, I have a long haired cat. The Oreck wouldn't pick up all the cat hair either. The first time I used the Hoover, I had to empty it three times because of all the carpet fiber it picked up. It also gets all of the cat hair. You can actually see where I have vacuumed. It is amazing. I no longer have a problem with carpet balls or cat hair. I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • A Great Product
    This vacuum is powerful & easy to clean. I love the attached tools. It is heavier than I thought it would be & doesn't roll real easy. However, this machine really cleans....more info
  • superior cleaning
    Although a bit heavy, vacuum does great job. Grooms carpet very well, better than any vacuum I have had. Not to good if you must carry it up and down stairs....more info
  • Excellent
    I have never enjoyed watching my gal vacuum as much as I have since we've gotten this fantastic Hoover. It's quiet, easy to guide, and cleans like a champ.

    We have a cat and a dog and there is not a bit of hair or fir to be found now. In fact, I haven't seen the cat in two days!

    Got to go check the machine's innards...

    Get this; you will be pleased.
    ...more info
  • Love to vacuum now
    I am so pleased with this vacuum that I actually enjoy vacuuming. It's so quiet that I can have a conversation while I'm cleaning if I want to. I would recomend this vacuum to everyone....more info
  • great vaccum
    my old bissel died after 3 years of use. I liked the looks and features of the Hoover, and it met my price point. I used it after immediately after a run with my bissel, and it continued to pick up pet hair and debri that the bissel just wouldn't get. It is absolutely amazing at getting dog hair out of berber carpet. I am very pleased with the results still after 6 months of use....more info
  • Love that vacuum cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner is easy to use. It is quiet and efficient. I use it whenever I need some cleaning done. The attachments are very good and easy to use, no need to run after the book to find out how to operate. The cord is long and this is a plus. It would be nice if it was retractable. ...more info
  • HORRIBLE vaccuum!
    Yes, when we first bought it, it worked great!! Loved it! And I loved the "clean/dirty" lights. But after 3 weeks of use and replacing the filters it no longer was picking up pet hair or lifting up matted carpet, and it began to smell like the a belt was burning. My husband (very handy) tried his best to fix the problem and no luck. We returned it to Costco thinkig it was just a defective model. We got another one, AND IT DID THE SAME EXACT THING. We even read all the paper work to make sure we were doing it right! I then looked up reviews all over the web, and Amazon is actually the only place that gives this vacuum a good review.

    Finally, we returned the vacuum and we're now trying the Eureka Altima, which I've yet to hear any bad reviews online (and not just from the Amazon site). And on the first pass, we found way more embedded dirt and hair then the Hoover ever did....more info
  • It's ok
    So I had two of these vacuums and they work great for a while and then slowly but surely, they stop picking up the pet hair. I have a cat and now two long haired dogs. The dogs don't shed that much and I attempt to keep up with the machine but no matter the tender love and care I put in it. The machines just gradually go down hill and I have only had my current one about 2 years if that. I want to buy a Dyson but some say it's not worth the price...I am waiting for the off brand :)...more info
  • Finally!!!
    I have used a LOT of vacuum cleaners... and this one is so nice! The hand tool has GREAT suction, which is important to me because I have partial hard wood floors. It's nice to be able to get behind the furniture with the hand tool so I don't have to completely move the furniture. It is a little heavy, but is so sturdy and powerful that it's worth it. It worked great on hardwoods and carpet alike. The canister is easy to empty (messy, but bagless always is). I was a little nervous, but am VERY satisfied with the purchase. It arrived in 2 days via free shipping. My house is clean and knowing that it was working so well made it kind of fun :) ...more info
  • One Mean Machine
    Excellent cleaning power. Moves easily. Lots of accesssories. No problems so far....more info
  • Love it!
    I have had many vaccuum cleaners...from the cheapest to Dyson and Oreck.

    This one I love the most. It is simple to use and does the job well. It's easy to clean furniture, lamp shades with the attachment.It's easy to empty.

    What more can I say? I highly reccomend it.
    ...more info
  • finally a great vacuum
    I would definitely buy this vacuum again!! Only minor drawbacks are that this vaccum is a bit heavy and I find emptying the canister to be a little messy (almost all bagless are). The suction power is the best I've ever seen. My carpet looks new again after using this vacuum. Also, others I've had kicked around dirt on hard floors, but this one does very well on my tile. A very good buy! ...more info
  • Very pleased
    I have purchased 4 vacuums in the last two years. I have pets and none of them seemed to get the carpet looking clean and fresh until I purchased this product. Great suction. A little messy to empty and clean, but what do I want from a bagless vacuum. Also, a little heavy. Well worth the money. I really like it....more info
  • Good suction, but Horrible Design
    The vacuum works very well... the first few times I used it, I was amazed at how much dust & cat hair it picked up. HOWEVER, the vacuum has an incredibly bad design. To clean up, you have to remove the hepa filter and "tap" it clean. Yeah rite -- the dust gets all over the place when you do that. And since you have to gently "tap", you never get the thing clean, and if you accidentally tap something against it, once again, all of the dirt is all over the place. I wonder what this company was thinking. ...more info
  • Oh My...
    Who knew I had so much stuff in my carpet? This vacuum is amazing! I went with the Hoover brand because my old Hoover vacuum was almost 11 years old when it finally gave up last week. I read the reviews and decided that this was the one I wanted. I couldn't be happier. I had to empty the canister twice the first time I vacuumed. It is so powerful it could almost suck the carpet off the floor. I love the extra long hose attachment that comes with it too. That makes doing stairs so easy. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. The only drawback that I can find is that there is no place on the vacuum to store the extra hose attachment. I recommend this to anyone. You definately get your money's worth especially with the free shipping from Amazon. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!
    You want power, you got it. I was extremely satisfied with the ability of this machine. I would buy it again....more info
  • This vacuum really sucks
    It will suck an old rug right of the hardwood floor if it is not nailed
    down!!! It is a heavy vac so it might not be good for a little old
    lady or a weak man! The price is right and it comes with life time belts
    Hope I will not have to use them!!!...more info
  • Joseph
    This is a very good unit but I would have prefered to have the regular
    hose a bit longer. Although the extention hose is long enough, you will
    have to detach the regular hose to attach the extention hose, just for
    another 2 feet of reach.

    I am pleased with this unit and otherwise satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Best vacuum I ever used.
    This vacuum is powerful, easy to use as it glides across the surface to be cleaned. Because it does not require the use of bags, and because of its filters, there is not a "vacuum" odor. As an aside,my sister had recommended this vacuum to me and I in turn have told my friends about it....more info
  • Ode to a Vacuum Cleaner
    The other night, I did not get to the writing I had planned--the first night in 3 that I had some time. I was vacuuming. For some time (over a year), I had been thinking my 10-year-old vacuum must no longer be up to snuff, and the day before, when I cleaned the office/catfood-intake/outgo room, it was making noises as if one of them had gotten caught in it and was flapping about giving yowls of protest--as well as spewing burnt-rubber smells. I had been casually checking machines for some time, so knew what was available, and went all over the internet gathering reviews and prices of the things. Then I bought this one. I discovered it is as good as the reviews, which is to say that the $170 Hoover "Windtunnel" beats many of the much more expensive trophy-vacs. It picked up all the visible cat hair on the first pass--as well as thread bits, difficult little lint balls, etc., and has a light indicator that shows when it is still picking up dirt that can be set to 2 different sensitivities. Using this, it took 6-8 passes, and sometimes more to finish its job (I would never have known without the indicator that it was still sucking dirt after 2 passes). It groomed all the carpet's nap so it was all upright (something my old machine could not dream of accomplishing in a few high-traffic areas). When I finished, it looked as good as right after I had steam-cleaned everything several months ago. My old machine had only been pretending to be a vacuum--even when it was new.

    I had seen the exclamations in customer reviews over how the family of similar Hoover models effortlessly remove cat and dog hair, but I had not expected it to be as good as claimed. One thing many faulted, is that being bagless, you have to empty the container and knock the dust off the HEPA filter--and that is messy. In vacuuming the living/dining room, my bedroom, and the stairs and landing, I filled the container twice. Thank God I bought bagless--I'd go broke with bags. At its most thorough, my old cleaner could vacuum the whole house 15 times before I had to change bags--maybe more. It is messy to empty, but awe inspiring to see what and how much comes out. I did it outside and didn't mind that a bit. I simply took its small, fixed-brush attachment outside too to brush the HEPA filter down, and that worked perfectly.

    Knowing how my occasional roommate is--he hasn't mastered emptying the dryer lint trap yet--I didn't want to risk his over-filling the dirt cup and clogging or damaging the machine. I decided I had better vacuum the bulk of the dirt out of his room. Fortunately, he had recently straightened things, so I had easy access to the floor. I did not move anything but his office chair and filled the dirt container full again. After this first use, I expect vacuuming will not yield such dramatic volumes of dirt.

    On one of the hand tools for stairs and upholstery, there is a rotating brush (cleverly powered by a wind turbine built into its handle). It is surprisingly powerful. Reviewers had oo-ed over it for its ability to remove cat hair. Of late, my cats prefer to sit on leather, but I did use it on the stairs and found it worked great.

    So much for my ode. I wonder which neighbors would like their carpets vacuumed...
    ...more info
  • super hoover bagless!
    I just got my new hoover bagless today and WOW.. the value and performance for the price is GREAT! i had a hoover windtunnel with the bag and decided to go bagless, although hoover makes a great product, this bagless model really has the suction and so many attachments included. the upholstery attachment is so cool, and you will be amazed the amount of stuff you can suck up!i highly recommend! **** ...more info
  • Fabulous price!
    Great product that does the job. My only issue is with the bagless system. A lot of large debris like cat hair gets through the screen filter between the intake side and the HEPA side. Cleaning the HEPA requires a lot of tapping to get fine particles out of the folds. I now use my old canister (also HEPA) to vacuum it out. I also wouldn't empty the bagless cup inside the house at all. Take it outside and use a small trash bag held as close to the unit as possible to prevent dust flying, then vacuum it.
    ...more info