Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

"BISSELL" PRO HEAT 2X SELECT UPRIGHT DEEP CARPET CLEANER 12 amp cleaning system Tank-in-Tank technology 12" cleaning path Built in heater heats hot tap water up to 25 degrees hotter Dirtlifter PowerBrush lifts out deep down dirt TurboBrush powered hand held tool cleans upholstery and stairs Scotchgard protector with applicator tool for extra protection against dirt and stains Includes 33' power cord, quick-release cord wrap, crevice tool, tough stain brush

  • Upright vacuum/carpet cleaner; 12 amps
  • 12 rows of brushes rotating for deep cleaning/grooming
  • Heats water and cleaning formula to remove tough stains
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning and suction power
  • Choose between light clean, normal, rinse, or heavy traffic settings
Customer Reviews:
  • Needs some tweaks
    In general I like the design. I like that all the attachments fit on the unit so they don't get lost. I like how compact the unit is. It's a little heavy, but that's okay.

    I don't like the way it dispenses the cleaning fluid. It should be sprayed on with a more fine mist instead of a thick stream. It means that it's hard to get good even coverage of the fluid.

    I had to stop and empty it a lot. I guess this is okay, but it would be neat if it could make a little better use of it's space to store more fluid.

    It was hard to tell when the clean water was empty. There needs to be some sort of indicator to tell you when you are out of water.

    It took a long time to clean it afterwards. I don't know how this good be improved as there are lots of parts and if you don't clean it well, it will get nasty.

    I didn't like how the turbo stair brush could either suck or scrub. Not both at the same time. The scrubber was weak. I guess the only way to improve this would be to run electricity to the head and put a motor in it. That would be expensive and make it big and heavy. I guess the compromise made was good, but I wish there was a better way to get more power in the turbo stair brush scrubber....more info
  • Love it!
    This is a great product. I researched a lot before I decided to purchase it. I am very happy with it, it cleans great, my carpets finally look fresh, and smell good. I got great tips from the reviews on Amazon about proper maintenance of this cleaner, indeed it is very easy to do it, and in general very easy to operate. I highly recommend Bissell 9400 ProHeat. ...more info
  • Works great, could be built better
    I bought this cleaner over a year ago after moving into a rental house with off-white carpet about the color of cream of wheat. Like other reviewers, I also have a dog and I had no delusions that this carpet would stay clean with just a vacuum.
    After multiple uses the carpet is actually cleaner than the day the professionals came to do it.
    Plenty of others have pointed out the positives, so I'll focus on useage tips and my only complaint.
    X Complaint: It's not made extremely sturdy. Especially for such a heavy machine. My carpet is on one level and the traffic area relatively small. I can imagine users with large areas or a need to move this machine to separate rooms or floors might experience durability issues.

    X Vacuum THOROUGHLY before using ths machine, otherwise you may end up with yucky hair balls (pets) or dust bunnies/fuzzies and a dirty machine. Thoroughly means 2-3 passes and vacuum slowly so the brushes dislodge all the hair and lint they can. What you don't get now, the Bissell will ball up. It isn't designed to pick that stuff up so you'll be doing that by hand.
    X Use the wand for spot cleaning the carpet - I was lazy and used the floor cleaning head and that just uses too much soap, water, and time.
    X Always finish with a rinse. For no other reason than to clear the soap from the machine to prevent clogging. Especially with the wand. I suck up a cup of warm water after using the wand and then hold the hose vertically until all the water has been sucked into the machine. That will prevent drips and leaks.
    X I rarely use any setting besides Light Cleaning and Rinse. Too much soap requires a lot of rinsing which equals wet carpet and potential staining as the carpet dries and dirt from the pad wicks up the carpet fibers.
    X Have a large rag/towel handy to park the machine on. Mine will leak dirty water on the floor if left parked for even a few moments, even when left running.
    X I've had no clogging problems, but I do put a cup or so of warm water in the soap tank and run it through the machine before I refill it every 2nd time.
    X I also clean the machines removable parts every other use so it looks good (dog hair!) and doesn't get full of clog causing junk. I've even removed the clear parts over the brushes, but that can be cleaned in place with patience and some ingenuity with a scewer or piece of thin wire to pluck out the buildup.

    This machine has been great and I've used it at a friends to clean their carpet free of dog and food/juice stains.

    Finally, a non-Bissell recommendation for Pet Owners. Simple Solution Stain and Odor remover has worked fabulously for me. I mix in the recommended amount in with the fresh water and use the machine on rinse setting. Urine stains may remain once the job is done, but are always gone by the next day. Note: On light carpet I avoid using the solution full strength as described on the bottle due to the wicking effect during the drying period that stains my light carpet. That requires another cleaning with water only.

    Thanks Bissell and Amazon!

    ...more info
  • Easy to use and works well
    I bought this after getting a dog. If you have pets you gotta get one of these. I use mine all the time because it's so easy to use.
    It won't get every spot clean, but then again noting will. Even with the best machines, spot treating and a little elbow grease is required. I would recommend this to anyone looking a very good unit a good price.

    ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I had a good 3-4 uses from this steam cleaner before it started to cause problems. My ecru colored carpet which was dirty from usual wear and tear from my family and dogs cleaned up pretty good the first few times I bought this cleaner in November of 2007. I was very happy with it initially. Then it began to leak cleaning solution and the water would not come out to rinse the soap from the carpet. Here I am almost a year later, and the thing turns on, heats water, and does nothing else. no water,no soap,no suction. The cost of repair exceed the cost of the machine ( in money and hassle) and I am very disappointed in this cleaner.I expected at least 3 years of use from it. I only used it once every 2-3 months. and certainly did nothing to cause it's demise.
    Bissell should be ashamed of themselves to allowing such a piece of junk on the market...more info
  • Works very well.
    This machine works very well, and gets our carpets very clean. I have to go over the carpets a few times, but then they really are like new. The reservoir is a pretty good size.

    The minuses? The unit is pretty heavy. After a couple of rooms, your arm has had a workout. On the other hand this means the brushes are actually getting into the carpet.

    Another problem is that the soap reservoir is not easy to fill since the opening is small, and you can't set it down to pour cleaner into as it has a weird shape. Also, on the "heavy traffic" setting the cleaner comes out way too fast. Just stick to the normal and light settings.

    Still, the positives outweigh the negatives so far. A common complaint seems to be cleaner drying and clogging the lines. I haven't had that problem yet, but I usually use all the soap and then rinse with the plain water setting. In any event, it beats renting a cleaner from the grocery store every few weeks....more info
  • Read the Instuctions
    This is my second Bissel... the first one ended up with a frozen pump because I left it sit all winter with cleaning fluid in the pump...
    (1) after using, you are supposed to turn it to "rinse and run straight water through it so that the cleaner doesn't gunk up the pump... according to the directions. I had the pump repaired but it didn't work very long.
    (2) The Bissel is not meant to pick up what your vacuum cleaner was supposed to pick up before the steam clean. VACUUM THE FLOORS THOROUGHLY. Especially if you have pets.
    (3) Take it slow if you don't do it right the first time.. u have to do it again so no time saved on doing it quickly... I love this steam vac it's the best!!!...more info
  • Not a long-lasting machine
    I have had this product for around 3 years now and use it regularly. I have 3 dogs who love to track in dirt and with my husband's severe allergies and asthma, I have to keep the carpets clean all the time. Unfortunately, this steam-cleaning machine doesn't last! Seems everything is made of cheap plastic these days... incuding this one.

    About 10 months after I bought it, I had to have it replaced because a seal broke and it leaked water and solution all over the place. Now, about 2 years later, the handle is breaking off completely into pieces and the plastic spray button is sticking inside the broken handle. Every time I've used it, I've gone through an unbelievable amount of soap and you have to rinse the carpet multiple times with clear water to get the residue cleaned up. Otherwise, the carpet gets stiff from soap buildup and gets dirty faster. It always leaves nasty dirty wet dust bunnies everywhere and a dirty puddle below the brushes when I'm done. You have to dump the reservoirs and then suck up the remainder of the dirty water, and then dump the reservoirs again. It's done this since the day I bought the first one... and even when the replacement was brand new... so clogging is not the problem.

    When you use the wand to clean sofas or stairs, you have to be really careful because dirty water will pour all over you when you wrap it back up after you're finished. It cleans okay... but a hassle cleaning up the dirty mess when you're done cleaning up a dirty mess. Not to mention it takes at least 24 hours for carpets to dry... and I habitually go over the damp areas again and again super slowly to extract everything the machine is capable of extracting. It gets really monotonous! Am definitely looking at other machines now that this one is falling completely apart.

    ...more info
  • Paid for itself after the first use.
    I purchased this steam cleaner on sale at a membership warehouse. I have two dogs and we clean our carpet every 3 months. We previously used an Oreck steam cleaner, but the results were less than satisfactory and the cleaning solution is expensive.

    I understand that some people claim that this machine malfunctions. This didn't happen to me. I cleaned my entire house, including two sets of steps over a few days and I'm extremely pleased with the results. The house smells fresh, the carpet looks 90% better, and the floors dried within 12-18 hours. We cleaned the whole house on the "heavy traffic" setting and still didn't use more than $25 worth of carpet cleaning solution. The machine is simple to use.

    If this steam cleaner never works again, it's already paid for itself. Professional companies want $250+ to clean our entire house, and we did it ourselves for less. Plus, since I purchased it at a store with a liberal return policy, I can return it if it breaks down....more info
  • Great carpet cleaner
    This carpet cleaner cleans as well as any carpet cleaner I have ever rented. I believe it is as good as any professional carpet cleaning I have had too. This machine will pay for itself in a couple of cleanings and is always on hand for those unexpected messes!...more info
  • Worked for awhile
    The machine did a great job for the first 1 1/2 years. I would clean the carpets every 3-4 months. Then it stopped dispensing the soap. After tinkering with it I was able to get it to work again....for one area rug. Once it ran out of solution I was back to the same problem. I have ordered new parts, talked to customer service, nothing works. I'm back to renting a Rug Doctor....more info
  • Waste of $
    Used this machine only 10 times on my upstairs hallway carpet. It completely stopped suctioning leaving me with a dirty, smelly, wet carpet. Called customer service & was told that there was only 1 service center in the entire city of San Antonio. Chances are I won't even bother making the drive. ...more info
  • Bissell 9400 carpet cleaner
    I was very pleased at the amount of dirt it got out of my old carpet. I have owned other carpet cleaners, and this one put them to shame....more info
  • Faulty water spray mechanism
    First the good stuff - it worked pretty well when I used it first. Then it went into storage for about an year.

    When I got it out this summer to use it, water will not spray! I called the Bissell service center, and the first thing they asked me was,"Is it an issue with the the sprayer"? Seems like it is a chronic issue with the heater section. Soap water dries up inside, and blocks water from spraying. The heater is nothing much to wrote home either.

    So after being a $100 lighter, I learnt that after using this cleaner, I should spray out all the water (without soap), and store it in a perfectly clean condition. The dealer asked me to buy a Hoover. The design is too complicated and prone to failure, according to him.

    BTW, I have a vacuum cleaner by Bissell that has been going on well for a long time....more info
  • My old nasty carpets are like new!
    We bought our house with the understanding that we'd need to replace the carpets soon. I tried renting a Rug Doctor to try and add some life for awhile but all that did was give us wet dirty carpets that took forever to dry out. I could have just poured a few gallons of water all over the place with the same results. We have a baby on the way and I didn't feel comfortable bringing him home to the kind of allergens and pet dirt (we have 2 big dogs) hidden in the carpets until we can afford new carpets. We were planning on hiring a professional company to come out and clean the carpets, but after thinking about the money we were going to spend on professionals vs. buying our own machine to clean whenever we needed, we researched a few machines and ended up buying this one. I couldn't be happier. Our carpets don't even look like they need replaced anymore. The Bissell does a really good job of sucking up most of the water resulting in shorter drying time. I vacuumed very thoroughly before using the carpet cleaner, and was so surprised by the amount of lint and dog hair the machine picked up that was caught deep down. I was also surprised by how efficient the little tool to clean the stairs was! I couldn't believe the kind of dirt I was getting out of the carpet on the stairs and how even that carpet was restored.

    The only con I'm going to mention is the small water bladder. I had to make multiple trips to the sink to pour out the dirty water and refill with clean. However, I still gave it 5 stars because I know how filthy my carpets were and in the future it won't take near as much effort to clean. I love that I can pull out my machine just like a vacuum, add water and clean whenever I want. ...more info
  • This is fantastic!!
    We bought a rustic house in the country from a total slob last year. The rugs are decent quality, but filthy! I borrowed this carpet cleaner from my cousin, and was amazed at how well it worked!! The carpets I thought were a grey Berber were actually a beige/oatmeal color. I own 2 different carpet cleaners at home (a Hoover handheld and a Koblenz)this machine put them to shame! I can't wait to get this home and use it on my living room rug and sofa that my 2 dogs and 2 cats have festooned with hair, body oils, and mucus....more info
  • This has saved me so much $$$$$$$$$$
    Like others, I have dogs that haven't quite caught on to the "let's go outside" speech. I live in a rental and was spending a fortune on professional cleaning. THIS MACHINE IS GREAT! I use it for both spot cleaning and full carpets. Once you learn the particularities of the machine it is much better than the "guys in the black van". If you have pets and carpets, this is the BEST! I had a Hoover in the past and it never worked this well. BUY IT!...more info
  • excellent results
    Last October we purchased the carpet cleaner after we read about good results people had with this product.
    I would like to report the same. Our carpet cleaner is just outstanding.
    Thank you all and in particular the gentleman who warned us about careful positioning of the assembled parts to avoid the leaks.

    ...more info
  • This cleaner pays for itself!
    I am quite amazed at the results that this cleaner provided. We had high - traffic areas that were, I thought, here to stay! They are history! A minimal downside was that there was a fuzz residue that the cleaner picked up out of the carpet and left at time to time. I only went around and scooped these up after the drying pass. I only believe it to be the same stuff my vacuum missed. This thing really goes to work! This thing will pay for itself after one more run. It also was easy on cleaning solution too. If you are looking for a great carpet cleaner for the money, this is the way to go!...more info
  • Like it so far.
    I Have used the carpet cleaner and the upholstery cleaner twice so far. Easy to fill with clean water and discard dirty water. I like having the clean water resevior seperate from the dirty water. So far, so good. ...more info
  • When it works, it's good.
    I bought this thing because of the over all good ratings. Sadly, it was nothing but a tease.

    I'm on my second one in less than a year and it's currently broke. The first one broke after a month of lite use. I used it for spot cleaning after an aging cat. The first time the thing stopped spraing, so I sent it back. Now with my second one, guess what has happened. No water comes out the hose or the bottom. It sometimes will spray for about 4 seconds. I've tried priming the pump, unplugging it, everything.

    I rarely take the time to warn people away from a product. I'm usually the sort that is very forgiving about a products flaws, but this is my SECOND one that has broke in the exact same way. Coincidence? Or a shoddy product? ...more info
  • The Best Steam Cleaner We've Owned
    First, if you've never steam cleaned your carpets and think that vacuuming is enough - think again!! I have been using steam cleaners on my carpets for many years - in many different locations. It is AMAZING how much dirt, grime and filty a steam cleaner will get up from a carpet that you have just vacuumed. Vacuuming only brings up loose dirt. All of the remaining odor-causing, allergen-triggering gunk that is even remotely "stuck" to the carpet fibers is still down there. You could vacuum diligently every day and a steam clean will bring up water that is as black as pitch. If you haven't steam cleaned yet, you definitely need to.

    Now, that being said, should you go with the Bissell 9400? We've used many different steam cleaners in the past, so we have a fair amount of experience with the pros and cons of different unit types. First, the size. Many steam cleaning units are VERY bulky and unwieldy and hard to move from location to location. Yes, the Bissell is heavier than your average vacuum cleaner - but it is still liftable. I can get it up and down stairs without needing help. If you're on the less strong side, you'll probably want to move it without its tanks, and then bring up the water separately. That's fine - you should see what some of the "bulky" steam cleaners are like. This is about as good as you're going to get, and it's well worth the effort.

    On the features side, this is great. You have both the main unit which you use like a push vacuum cleaner, as well as a tools connector for doing stairs and sofas and such. I highly recommend doing floors every 3 months or so. You will be amazed how much household debris the average floor will collect in those 3 months, just from feet and pets and general dust in the air. Just look at the color of the water that comes up after the cleaning.

    A great feature of this unit is that you can select the level of cleaning you want. If you have lots of pets you can go for the heavy detergent. If you have just a few humans, you can go with the light level. This helps you optimize your detergent usage for what you need.

    You definitely need to move SLOWLY with this unit. It is squirting water down into your carpet fibers, and then on the next pass it is sucking that water back up again. The more slowly you go, the more thoroughly it does its job well. Don't race through this. I recommend putting on some music (fairly loud) and looking at this as a relaxation time for you. If you have noise cancelling headphones and an ipod, that works well too. If you have "books on tape" to listen to on your ipod, you might find yourself doing some extra passes with the steam cleaner because you are having fun listening to the story :) So you get a workout for you (in the sense of walking around), a clean house, fewer allergies, and you enjoy a story. What else could you ask for?

    The unit has a built in heater. This won't heat up ice cold water, but it does ensure your hot water stays hot while you slowly walk around. So it is definitely a great feature.

    Now, the downside. Unlike many units, this has a "combined" water container which has both the fresh water and used water in next-to-each-other bladders. This means you can put in far less water than in most units, meaning frequent refills. I'm not sure at all why they did this. It makes it hard to fill, a pain to empty and clean out, and means you have to keep going back to the sink to get more water. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

    Plus, the way the system is set up, the flap to "end suction" is very sensitive. If you fill up the fresh water bladder to the fill line, it cause the flap to close!! Ironically I saw a review where someone thought the closed flap was necessary for increased suction. No!! The closed flap means it is NOT having suction any more. It is only supposed to close when the used waste water gets high enough to trigger it to close. If it prematurely closes it means you have lost suction and all you are doing is filling your carpets with water. You need that flap OPEN for the unit to work properly. This is a royal pain. Make sure you only partially fill the fresh water bladder so that the flap does not trigger to close. Since the bladders are so small to begin with, this causes you to take even more time than you should in returning to the sink for refills.

    It is amazing how much hair the unit will pull up from a "freshly vacuumed carpet". That being said, the Bissell just randomly drops hairballs all around as it goes, which means you have to then stop and pick them up lest you get them back into the innards of the Bissell. It would be much better if it had some sort of a lint trap which collected them for you to easily deal with later on.

    Still, I love this unit. I don't think those negatives are enough to knock the review down from 5 stars. You deal with the lesser sized bladders. You pick up the hairballs. This unit does an *awesome* job at cleaning carpets. Again, anybody who doesn't steam clean, take the challenge. Give it a try on your "clean" carpets. See just how much dirt a steam cleaner will suck out of them - and notice how much better your allergies and health feels once you are breathing clean air again.

    Highly recommended.

    UPDATE: I've heard from people who had the flap "stuck shut" and realized it was their own fault. If you do not securely connect the waste water top to the bottom with the gray latch, it causes the flap to pop shut immediately. Make sure the waste water top is well connected and latched shut. That being said, there is a known flaw with those flaps and Bissell has it listed on their FAQ page. So if despite everything you try the flap keeps shutting, contact Bissell....more info
  • Awesome Cleaning Machine!!!
    WOW! I've had my new Bissell 9400 for a month now. In that time, I have cleaned two rooms. Both of the rooms I cleaned, had been cleaned professionally a year ago. Neither room is a high traffic area. One of the rooms is a spare bedroom that we rarely go into. So, that carpet should be clean, right?! I took the Bissell 9400 over it, just to see how good the professional did. I should have saved myself the $$$ and bought the Bissell last year! The water was filthy and a stain that the "pro" couldn't get out, came out with the Bissell. In what it would have cost me to have the two rooms cleaned, the Bissell has already paid for itself. I am impressed! For a home carpet cleaner, this performs wonderfully! I used the Bissell soap that is intended with this unit, and it really worked great! The carpet fibers sprang back up, and the rooms really smelled so much more fresh. Honestly, it took the carpet back to the look when they were new. I've got two more rooms I want to do, and I know I won't be dissappointed with the results I expect to see.
    My husband put it together for me and told me it was a breeze. It's also VERY simple to use. Let the machine heat up for the one minute it needs to heat the water, because that did make a big difference. I would recommend this carpet cleaner to anybody! The results are worth it!

    ~Nebraska...more info
  • A Good Carpet Cleaner
    We entertain a lot and need a carpet cleaner to use between visits from a profession cleaner. We have used several products (both rented and purchased), but this unit is clearly the best.

    The GOOD is that the unit lifts almost all spots and they stay gone. It is easy to use and gives a good deep cleaning (based on the color of the returned "used water"). It cleans up and stores easily.

    The NOT-SO-GOOD is that it is a heavy bulky unit and I have to press my husband into service. The new/used water tank is too small and requires 2-3 refills for an average room. It uses a lot of detergent (I suggest you use the "light setting" for cleaning). It is not as fast as a pofessional cleaner, it requires a number of cycles to get the carpet clean and free of detergent(spot, clean-clean, rinse-rinse-rinse). However, you do know when the carpet is clean, which is something you can't be sure of with a professional cleaner. It does drip water and drops clumps of hair-rug fiber-whatever on the carpet - a design fault, but made managableby using a towel under the unit when stopped and cleaning the bottom of the unit during water changes.

    All in all the unit does a good job and can pay for itself by avoiding one visit of the professional cleaner.

    Sandra ...more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Deep Carpet Cleaner
    I have 2 big dogs and they are constantly bringing in dirt from a very dry landscape, as well as shedding spring and fall. My carpets were very dirty with just grit and brown dirt. I used this machine on them and brought out an extraordinary amount of brown dirty water. I went over the carpets again just to try and get them clean. The second time brought the water out almost clean. I also got a large amount of dog hair out the first time and the machine was not capable of picking up the clumps of hair, but it did isolate them so that I could pick them up and get rid of them. I am just truly amazed that the carpets virtually came out clean after the first going over. I would recommend this machine for people who want to shampoo their own carpets. It is heavy to pick up with water in it, but moves very well and not heavy when you are shampooing. ...more info
  • missing parts
    Just recieved this product and it was missing the product guide at the assembly parts. I called Bissell and they said 7 to 10 days. Wow what customer service!!!!! I will write another review once I am able to use the product. ...more info
  • AWESOME carpet cleaner!!
    We have a lot of pet messes on our carpets thanks to our 4 cats (and their hairballs) and our 2 dogs (missing the puppy pads) so our carpets were very very dirty. After using the Bissell Proheat 2x 1 time, our carpets were exceptionally clean AND best of all, the smell was gone! This machine is super easy to use and comes with detailed instructions. It performs great, provided you keep the brushes free of fuzz/pet hair. It is also VERY important to vacuum your carpets good before cleaning them - this cuts back on the amount of hair/fuzz picked up by the ProHeat 2x. I also love the different solutions available for this. We used the Pet Stain one, but the ProHeat 2x came with several different other samples, which is handy. I highly recommend this machine to anyone with dirty carpets!...more info
  • Great product!
    In my dining room I have light beige carpet and after my kitchen flooded twice I was pricing new flooring because I thought the carpet was stained beyond redemption. I purchased the Bissell Pro-heat 2 and used it just because the rest of my carpet needed cleaned. I ended up shampooing the affected area 3 times, but EUREKA! my carpet is beautiful again. And being able to rinse with water only is a great feature that allows me to make sure all the soap has been removed and my carpet is soft and clean. Thanks so much....more info
  • A steal!
    This machine was worth the $200.00 I spent on it. My carpets were not cleaned for a year and they were filthy. I could not afford to get a professional base cleaning so I crossed my fingers and bought this machine. I am so glad I did. The machine cleaned my carpets 10x better than I thought it would. I only had to do one cleaning and it took a little over 1 hour to do both floors and I am very pleased. The carpets look like new! The machine was very easy to assemble and clean up is a cinch! Bonus it is not heavy at all I could easily carry it to the second floor. ...more info
  • Three defective/broken pieces on new machine, refused warranty service
    I bought a BISSELL power carpet cleaner, the so-called "top of the line" (over $200) Pro-heat 2. Right out of the box, three critical plastic pieces broke rendering the machine useless before it even touched the carpet! It never cleaned a square foot of carpet before it broke! I contacted BISSELL customer service and they said the parts were considered "wearable parts" and are not covered under warranty. This piece of junk is labeled "Made in China" and suffers from numerous manufacturing defects which cause failure in the cleaning system which can actually damage carpet more than clean it.
    Do yourself a favor and stay away from BISSELL power carpet products as the company uses cheap materials and foreign labor, then says they can't replace even brand new, defective products because they're considered "Wearable" even if they're unused....more info
  • Outstanding Machine great for its Price
    Well I suppose I should start by saying that I live in a four bedroom house and for a while now my roommates and I have been meaning to get a professional to come over and clean our carpets. I just got a puppy around a year ago and she made so much of a mess because it took her a few tries to understand that she needed to go outside and not in the carpet. Anyways, besides that there were so many bad black stains. A while back we rented the rug doctor machine from Wal-Mart boy did that machine suck. I mean it cleaned somewhat, but we still thought that eventually we would have to call in a professional. I went online saw the reviews for the ProHeat 2x and decided to purchase it. At first I thought that this was not going to do anything and that I was going to end up spending more money. I set up the machine which by the way really does not take long all you need is a star screw driver and started to clean the first carpet by the front door. I passed it like 3 times in that area and let me tell you the machine cleaned the carpet so well that it looks just like when we first bought the house. Really if you are looking for something that works and you have pets I really would recommend this machine to you. Good Luck and I hope this helped you out....more info
  • Love this thing!
    This is a serious cleaning machine. I am so excited to be able to clean my carpets without having to hire or rent anything. It definitely works and I have no complaints!!...more info
  • finally... something that works!
    I purchased this carpet cleaner because I have cats who are professional pukers! Our carpet is light and was becoming a yellow polka dot pattern. Not pleasant... BUT, this cleaner has completely removed EVERY single spot. The machine is self-propelled which is nice, cleans and virtually dries carpeted areas when used as recommended. I have saved more than enough in carpet cleaning fees to pay for the machine two times over... we used to have our carpets cleaned twice annually. Now I can do them myself and KNOW that they will be clean! AND it's available for all little accidents, coffee spills, wine debacles... you get the picture! Wonderful machine!!! ...more info
  • does the job but??????
    I have this machine and love that it is there all the time because I have pets and if you have pets there can be messes. Now about the machine. It does a good job cleaning. It is easy to push and see what is happening. Now the down side. The spray nozzels get clogged easy from carpet delinting. When soaping even using just the medium clean level it is unable to suck up the soap withhout bubbling so much that the machine feels the blatter is to full and acts like it needs emptied. I just with it had a bigger return bladder to stop this problem. Would I buy it again I am unsure. If I found one that I would have to stop less to fill and unfill I would like that better....more info
  • Pump broke 2nd time I used it
    Loved this cleaner the first time that I used it. The second time that I pulled it out of the closet was thirteen months later and the pump quit working. The pump is what sprays the water out the nozzels under the machine to wet the carpet. It started off working fine and then it just quit spraying. I tried everything that I knew to fix it, to no avail. I called Bissell and they walked me through everything again, to no avail. They then told me that the pump must have quit working but that since I'd had the machine for 13 months it was no longer covererd under the 1 year warranty. I contacted a repair center and they told me that the pump plus labor is pretty expensive and that I would be better off just buying a new cleaner. I GOT ONE USE OUT OF THIS MACHINE. A one year warranty isn't very useful for a machine that you only use about once a year. It simply guarantees that the machine will work the first time that you use it. Well that's useless because if it doesn't work the first time then I'm carrying it back to the store - not filing a warranty claim. I'm now researching Hoover carpet cleaners....more info
  • I'm changing my name to Mrs. Bissell
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this carpet shampooer.
    Made my carpets look almost brand new again.
    With 2 kids, a dog rescue with multiple dogs having left 'souveniers' throughout the years on carpets, this is saying alot.
    I would recommend purchase to anyone with high traffic volume carpets. :)...more info
    I have owned several Bissell - This is really the best I have ever had. Works great, does a wonderful job & the mess from cleaning the tank etc, is a lot easier than the older ones. I researched quite a few before buying this & I am very happy I did! ...more info
  • Great cleaner!
    After years of using a Hoover SteamVac, and messing with the tangles of cord and hose (which never stays in the holder anyway), I got the Bissell Proheat 2X - great machine! Got to be light with the trigger, as it puts down a lot of water, but it gets it up very well. I don't think my carpets have ever looked this nice or felt so soft. The Fiber Cleaning Solution is great as well. Of course when I bought my original carpet cleaner, they came out with the on-board heating models the next day. That feature alone is worth the price. I can't believe how much crud this thing will pick up. Only very minor drawback is when it was shipped, the left-hand belt was off the track (brushes wouldn't turn), but was able to get it back on in a manner of minutes with a minimum amount of work. The user's guide is very helpful and good for even the most mechanically disinclined. ...more info
  • Terrible
    I bought this model after having a Hoover for years. This thing was a nightmare from day one. Unlike my Hoover this cleaner left my rugs soaked even though I would go over them several times. After a year the only way I could get the sprayer to work was to prime it then I would get a few seconds worth of spraying. I am going back to the Hoover....more info
  • Worth the money - your carpet is dirtier than you think!
    I purchased this steam cleaner from Sam's Club. The Sam's Club specific model number is 8960, but don't be fooled - it's this item.

    The first time I used the product, I was disappointed to find that I spent two hours cleaning two rooms only to realize that NO formula was missing from the container! After I figured out how it worked, I realized that I must not have pushed the formula container in all the way. Sure enough, pressed it down harder and the next pass used a LOT of formula, but it sure did get my carpet clean.

    I was amazed by how much this picked up. Not only the dirty water, but even BUGS that were in my carpet! I had a few little beetles and a handful of ants all deeply embedded that my Hoover vacuum missed. These suckers must have been deep in there because I didn't see them with the naked eye, but there they were floating around in the water when done.

    If you are purchasing this, please be aware of two "areas of concern." One, a bottle of cleaner will only work for 2 - 3 rooms, depending on size. If you are doing more, you will need to pick up more cleaning formulat. Two, be prepared to make frequent refilling trips for the water resevoir. It's convenient to have the clean and dirty water all in one container (separated, of course), but that limits it's capacity to one gallon of water at a time. In an average size room (200 sq ft), you'll probably end up using about 3 gallons of water.

    That being said, this is a great product that does all that it should very well. It's a little heavy, so keep that in mind if you are physically small and/or weak.

    One complaint I do have with this model is with one of the attachments. It is stored on the side of the handle while attached to the tool hose. This attachment sticks out farther than the rest of the unit, and twice I banged it against the wall. This causes the attachment and hose to turn slightly, forcing the tool trigger to depress, squirting water everywhere. Luckily, it's just water so no harm done, but it would really suck if you accidently sprayed something and damaged it!...more info
  • nice lookin' rugs
    I've used this Bissell on three rugs and it really does the job. People have commented about how much cleaner the rugs look. This is an amazing buy for it's price. The only down side is that the cleaner leaves behind these fuzz balls (which are easy to pick up or vac).

    ...more info
  • Disappointed to say the least!!!
    I have read the reviews of others who have just purchased this carpet cleaner. I raved about mine and recommended it to everyone after using it the first time. However, now that I have owned it for a year, used it a few times, I would not recommend it to a soul. Here's why: 1) the water dispensing mechanism is in the handle and is controlled by a weak little spring and a cheaply crafted plasic bar. After using the machine a few times, the mechanism becomes weak and stops working. 2) Though it does have a "Proheat" title, it is a "No-Heat" system. The water never gets any hotter than the tap water you used to fill the tank. Without water and heat, it's pretty hard to clean anything! 3)The whole thing is put together with screws, so cleaning hair and dirt out of it is impossible. I would recommend a Hoover. One model has a two year warranty and is $100 cheaper. I am not happy with this purchase and I paid $250 for mine.
    ...more info
  • Pretty good, almost perfect
    I have owned several lighter weight Bissell carpet cleaners and the others were not right. This model is a big improvement. This model is clearly superior to the previous models. This model has been engineered well. It does a very good job of cleaning carpets, even very dirty carpets. The attachments work well. I am very satisfied with this model carpet cleaner.

    The only drawbacks are that one does have to empty the dirty water tank often, but if the tank was bigger the unit would be heavier, so this is a fair design feature. The unit still has a lot of plastic parts, and plastic has a way of breaking over time, but the plastic is light and attractive and I am hopeful that with careful use, none of the plastic will break.

    Some last thoughts: the attachment hose is clear so you can see the dirty water going into the tank. One of the hand attachments has a rotating brush with helps greatly in scubbling by hand. The hoses which spray water onto the carpet are now stainless steel, a huge improvement over the old thin plastic hoses which can become bent or leak.

    I would recommend this unit. The price is fair at $213 which is the price I paid on the web (with free shipping). At my local home store the price was $249....more info
    I have been researching carpet cleaners for awhile now and this one came up the best reviews... so I ordered it.. The day it came my husband put it together and started doing carpets... he couldn't believe it. We have 2 dogs and a cat.. and he said he vacuumed the carpet so good before shampooing with our Dyson..and this thing sucked enough dog and cat hair out of our carpet to build your own dog!! He never believed they shed so bad and now the proof was there.. We love this machine... I love having my own carpet cleaner... its easy to use.. its simple to operate.. I do wish, however, that it had something to tell you when the water is empty.. and maybe a little easier to get all apart to give it a thorough cleaning when you are finished.. but I won't complain cuz it did the most awesome job.. thank you BISSELL!!!!!...more info
  • Flawless design, quality construction, works wonders.
    I bought this unit a couple years ago, despite some negative reviews. I've used it mostly in high traffic areas - living room, dining room & halls. The machine has removed so much dirt I had no idea was even there, as well as several stains I thought were permanent, including coffee & various pet stains. It leaves the carpet looking refreshed & new every time I use it. The brushes/agitation & suction are very strong on this model. A single dry pass on each path after dispensing the soap leaves the carpet almost dry to the touch. Of course I always put fans on for about 8-16 hours before moving the furniture back just to be sure. I have a few extra-high traffic areas like the 2 main entries in the sunken living room that I really work over going in a side to side & circular motion while dispensing extra soap. I've never encountered a stain (even smashed in chocolate) that this machine could not remove given the right motion & a slight bit of extra time/effort. If you use this method just be sure to make a few extra rinse only passes, then make several dry passes untill you no longer see any soap/water being pulled up through the nozzle.

    Not to invalidate anyone's particular experiences, but I've read through these reviews, & I've personally never been able to reproduce any of the problems that some people have encountered. Often times these things can be a simple matter of user error and/or not reading the manual, providing the actual unit is not truly broken or defective in some way....more info
    These bissill units break without fail. I have owned three in three years, and each and everyone is broken. Every year they have a new model and now I know why, we are the Guina pigs for bissell. It will work fairly well at first, then it will be unrepairable. Thier pro heat is a joke, your tap water gets hotter. I have four dogs- I bought a hoover steam vac 1 month ago, you would not believe the dirt and grime that is coming up after three years of these horrible bissell units. Just spot cleaning and one unit lasted long enough to clean my entire carpet, ha but I just did the carpet with a HOOVER and it is unbelievable. Do yourself a favor if you are serious and need a unit to last, DO NOT BUY THIS. All those who rave on this , talk to you in about 6 months!!...more info
  • Problems since day 1
    I bought one of these a few years ago, and have had problems with it nonstop. At first they were small problems, and were easily fixable... (one of the sides of the handle that holds the tank broke off, so I put a bolt thru it to hold it in place ... The Hose/Floor dial got screwed up ... and a few other small plastic-related problems like that... And It's not like I manhandled the unit, either..)...

    The unit never properly dispersed the Water-cleaning solution mix to the floor (unless I used the hose attachment)... it seemed to sort-of just drip out the bottom, even after the system was 'primed' as mentioned in the manual.

    Then, we conclude with the final 2 problems ... first - all of the cleaning solution leaked onto the floor (which was extra fun to clean up.) ... I've just about had it at this point -- was not about to try to go hunt down the expensive bissell-specific cleaning solution replacement. The final straw was the tank/collection unit not fitting snugly onto the platform where the clean water valve mates with it's counterpart.

    I am so disgusted with this unit, it went straight out to the dumpster.
    Terrible design. Terrible Plastics. Terrible functionality... I've never seen anything designed this poorly before. They couldn't even seperate the tank into 2 seperate portions (dirty water/clean water ... it's seperated by a BAG ... Clean water is inside the bag, the dirty - disgusting water is collected right outside the bag...)..

    I got maybe 1 good carpet cleaning out of this unit, and that's when I waited for the mixture to slowly drip out onto my carpet.

    Think twice before buying this thing... make sure you can RETURN IT if you get one that is as screwed up as mine was....more info
    We almost purchased a Hoover Steamvac because we are so happy with the Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum cleaner we own. Hoover has provided us good products over the years. After some additional investigation I learned the newest carpet cleaners had pre-heaters for the solution before applying the solution to the carpet. This made a lot of sense to me. The Hoover did not offer this. The Bissell did. The Bissell also is made with an Anti-microbial material. Cleaning any machine after use and allowing it to dry before storage is important. There will always be a little moisture left in the machine so I figure the Anti-microbial feature is an extra benefit. The Hoover did not offer this feature. Using the Bissell is easy. I love that the cleaning solution has it's own tank and the machine pre-mixs it before application. There are four cleaning strength choices for you to choose. Heavy, medium, light, and rinse. Very nice and easy to pick on the fly. Having the rinse selection is great especially for those areas where you may have put to much cleaning solution. We have always put off cleaning our carpet due to the trouble of doing it ourselves and the cost of hiring some company to do it for us. The Bissell really is easy to use and does a great job of cleaning the carpet. The results are every bit as good as a commercial carpet cleaner companies. During clean up there are three screws that need to be removed to do the clean up properly. It would be an aggravation to loose one of those screws droppng it in the machine or any where else so I am very careful how I handle those screws.
    Amazon's price is right and the free shipping got it to us ahead of schedule.
    The Bissell 9400 ProHeat Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner was the right choice for us. ...more info
  • rug steamer
    This product is very effective at cleaning rugs. A little heavy to push and a little difficult to refil...more info
  • Big waste of time and money
    I spent a lot of time researching products that could clean my carpet and thought I'd found a really good one. But it's been nothing but problems for me. It's pretty good at getting out the old stains, but it leaves new ones! I now have more stains than when I started because all this dirty soapy water comes out the back and stains the carpet. So when I go over it again, new dirty soapy water comes out the back and I can never "catch up." It's really heavy and it's a pain to use.

    We have given up on trying to keep our carpets clean on our own and are just hiring people to do it for us. Save your money. This product does not work well....more info
  • Good machine!!!!
    After reading some of the reviews, I was skeptical about one of these machines. I have a cat who has a problem with hairballs...I'm sure you can figure out the rest. I was at the point of replacing my carpets with laminate flooring because I thought they were too stained to be cleaned. I decided to give this unit a try. I was very surprised at how good it cleaned my carpet. It made them look almost as good as new. It got out stains that I had scrubbed and scrubbed with spot cleaners with no luck. I really like how it heats the water even hotter than the hottest you can get out of your tap. I can't understand the people who are complaining about their carpet being wet are using water and soap!!! My hair doesn't dry the second I stop washing it!! It took about 4-5 hours for my carpet to dry. My only complaints are mostly the same as others...the clean water tank and solution tank could be a little bigger, but I like how they are separate so you don't have to worry about mixing the proper amount. Of course, if they made the tanks bigger, then we would be complaining about them being too heavy!!! Since this was the first time my carpets had been steam cleaned, there were lots of carpet balls that came up that the unit couldn't pick up. I had to pick them up by hand, but it wasn't a problem. It showed just how strong the brushes were turning. All in all I think it is a excellent machine especially considering the price (I paid about $200 on sale). You might could find a better cleaner, but at what price? For $200 and considering how good it works, I'm sticking with my Bissell....more info
  • Cleans our carpets
    Have used this carpet cleaner for a few months now and i am extremely satisfied. I have a regular Bissell vaccum cleaner as well and were happy with its performance and customer service, so decided to buy another bissell.
    I have not used any other carpet cleaner so may not have a comparative view, but the carpets come out clean and dry.
    With a 3 year old at home in a all carpet house this is certainly a must have!...more info
  • Finally
    I waited too long for this product. It was easy to put together and even easier to use. I can prolong the life of my very expensive (and dirty)light beige carpet! What was I thinking? ...more info
  • Great Product
    I purchaed the product to keep the rugs clean since we have an inside dog as well as a lot of foot traffic. The Cleaner did a great job even on stains that were difficult to get out. The extra heat setting as well as the ease of use made me a happy customer....more info
  • Soapy carpets and an unhappy customer
    Since we purchased this cleaner, we've had no end of trouble with it. Within the first 90 days of purchase, we had to twice replace the unit. The current one is rarely used and when I pulled it out to use it today, I ended up with it dispensing all of the soap in a very little area. Now my carpets are soapy and I will have to rent a professional cleaner to extract the many ounces of soap that are now in a less than 3 foot area of carpet.

    Had this machine been heavily used, I would be more forgiving but the fact of the matter is that I've never used to for extensive or heavy cleaning. I have cleaned at most 5 rooms with it before this incident. I will be buying another brand in the future. Bissell has disappointed me with the lack of quality this cleaner has shown. ...more info
  • carpets yes, hard floors no
    I bought this for the versatility to use on carpet and tile floors. I like the job on my carpets. I'm not so impressed with the hard floor aspects. It's a little large to be very maneuverable in a bathroom and doesn't fit between the toilet and wall/tub. It cleans moderately well, but the edges are always missed. Great for carpet, not to much hard floors....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I've had this item for awhile and used it in my truck & car and also in the dogs room several times in my house . It does a pretty good job. I like the heater option, really keeps the water heated compared to other rug cleaners I have used that didn't have this feature. I do take it all apart every time I use it to keep it clean, wish it didn't have to be unscrewed to get the brushes out, you know sooner or later in plastic, it'll wear out or break but it's the only way to do a good job cleaning out the lint, hair, etc. I had researched all brands and decided on this one, it came with all kinds of accessories. I really like it and would recommend to anyone to buy it. I use the Rug Doctor (the one you can rent)at work when I detail RV's and I like this Bissell better....more info
  • Unbelievable performance which more than exceeds my expectations! Thank you, Bissell!
    First of all, for the record, I do NOT work for Bissell, nor do I know anybody who does! That said, let me continue:

    I also wish to thank all who have reviewed this product. I read each and every one of them, from 1-Star to 5-Stars. I'm the type of person who has to do heavy-duty research before I make a major purchase. For almost 15 years, I owned a Hoover Steam Vac, which worked well for me. I went through 2 of them. The first one broke (user related). The second one broke after my husband dropped the holding tank, which cracked it. That was over a year ago. I used the Steam Vac every 3 months. I have 6 cats who are indoor/outdoor cats. That means that 24 little feet traipse indoors and outdoors and when they come indoors, they live tiny little footprints! They also occasionally will have a 'barfing' episode (sorry for the gross description), and also, from time to time, will pee in places where they shouldn't. That is why I would run the Steam Vac once every 3 months.

    I purchased my 9400 Pro Heat last night and assembled it - the entire process took roughly 15 minutes at best. This morning, I followed the directions and vacuumed thoroughly before doing the actual steam-cleaning. I wish to add that I vacuum every single day - with 6 cats, it's a must! I own a Hoover Wind Tunnel which is the next best thing to a Dyson, at a more affordable budget. Because of the thorough vacuuming, and perhaps the quality of the vacuum I used, I had almost no clumps of fur or other debris that I read from some other reviewers. The only area where I had alot of debris was when I went over a favorite sleeping area of one of my cats. I wish to add that except for a couple of larger clumps, I didn't need to do any pickup of the debris. This was because I overlap every thing I go over, which eliminated the need to do any clump pickups. The Bissell just vacuumed them right up. I am planning on doing a go-over by using the crevice tool, as I did have fur which dislodged itself from the edges of carpeting along the baseboards. Again, no big deal. A second sweep of the Bissell took the furry debris right up.

    The issues some reviewers mentioned on not being able to tell when the tank runs out of cleaner. This was no problem for me at all. The tank is clearly visible from the back, towards the bottom. The other issues some reviewers mentioned on not knowing when the tank runs out of water is easily resolved. When you go to refill the tank with solution, empty the water tank. In my case, I always had fresh water left over, which I simply emptied out, and replaced it with more hot water. As some other reviewers mentioned, I had absolutely no problem with water leakage as a result of leaving my cleaner stationary, while I went to refill the tank and empty/refill the water tank.

    To make sure you pick up all the water, it's important to go slow! I suggest doing a 6 foot length at a time. I also suggest that you overlap when you clean. Use the marks left by the edges of the steam cleaner as your guideline, and align the mark up with the middle of the steam cleaner. A good point of reference would be the tools/floor cleaning dial. Now, mind you, I am a clean freak, so this is a method I always used with the Steam Vac, and I think it's a good one worth mentioning. Not only for cleaning purposes, but to remove all the water as well.

    As for how well it picks up the solution and water. I have cleaned my hallway and half of the major areas of my living room. I steamed and then rinsed - suggested in the instructions and by some of the reviewers. I then did a thorough water pickup by running the cleaner as if I were vacuuming. Well, an hour later, my carpet is nearly dry to the touch. Enough so that I feel comfortable about moving tables and other objects back into place.

    The quality of the cleaning is truly amazing. I wish Amazon gave us the capability to post pictures. The before and after shots would be a good selling point for this cleaner. Given the fact that I haven't cleaned my carpet in over a year, I used the Heavy Traffic setting. When I emptied the water tank, the water was almost black! I thought my Steam Vac did a good job - but this steam cleaner does an even better job! I do see some traffic pathways which I touch up by using Bissell Tough Stain and doing another go over with the steamer. Another feature I love about this machine is the super long cord! I can plug it in, and do the entire room and all the way down the hall. With the Steam Vac, I was always unplugging it when I would go too far with it.

    I know this review might be 'over the top', but I wanted to be sure that I covered everything that has been previously mentioned here, as well as how impressed I am with the results I've obtained so far. I will update with further feedback later on down the line. I'm sold on this product and think that anyone who buys this will feel the same way.

    Thanks again, Bissell, and to all Amazon reviewers.

    Update as of 11/23/07: I just completed steamcleaning my computer room. It looks wonderful and I had the same experience as I did with my living room. This time, however, I did hear the 'pop' of the orange tab, letting me know that the tank was full and/or that I had run out of water. The orange tab is very similar to the Hoover Steam Vac, which had an orange plug that would pop up, letting you know that the water tank is full. Once you hear the 'pop' and/or hear the cleaner making a higher pitched noise, you will lose suction unless you empty the water. Now for me, the carpet in my computer room had been previously treated with various cleaning products to quickly clean pet stains, etc. Due to all of the suds from the residue of these products, my water tank became full rather quickly, due to all the suds being sucked up. Each time I emptied the tank, there was plenty of fresh water left over. Anyways, again, I had no problem changing the water or adding new cleaner - there was absolutely no leakage at all. The carpet looks great! ...more info
  • disappointed
    Despite the fact that this cleaner got one of the highest reviews at Consumer Reports, I am disappointed. I have now had this product for 2 years, so I have plenty of experience with it.

    First the good:
    1) It does a good job of getting the floors wet
    2) It does a good job of spreading the shampoo
    3) It does a reasonable job of getting stains out if you are persistent and use the attachments
    4) It does an excellent job of rounding up pet hair
    5) The attachments do a good job

    Now the bad:
    1) It is very bad at picking up the water. I can use an entire gallon of water and it will only suck up about 10% of that. So mostly, it is just getting my carpets wet.
    2) Although it does a good job of rounding up pet hair, it does not suck them in, it leaves it all in messy wet clumps on the carpet that you have to go running around picking up
    3) It uses a LOT of soap. If you use it the way the instructions say, you will be out of shampoo within 10 minutes at the normal (not high traffic) setting. You have to use that trigger button very sparingly.
    4) It breaks. I have had to have mine repaired twice in 2 years for a total cost of $125. Six months of that was just sitting in the basement because it was broken, and once I got it fixed it broke again in a couple of months.
    5) It is hard to tell when you are out of water. Supposedly the sound of the cleaner is supposed to change when it is out of water, but I think the sound changes all the time, so that's a bad indicator.
    6) When you stop the machine, it dumps whatever water is in the brushes onto the carpet, so you have a wet filthy dirty line as wide as the machine on your carpet. If you turn the machine back on to suck that up, it will just do it again whenever you stop the machine. I am now in the habit of stopping the machine on the hardwood so that I can mop up the mess afterwards....more info
  • Works Like a Champ
    I've been looking at a number of rug cleaners and associated comments with them. The overall comments for the Bissell PROheat 2X was positive so I bought one. I have a carpet that is four years old and shows what appeared to be a wear path in certain areas. I had previously used a Rug Doctor to clean the carpet but the "wear paths" still were there after cleaning. When I cleaned the carpet with the Bissell PROheat 2X, I was amazed to notice that the carpet now looked brand new again! The apparent "wear" area was just dirtier than the rest of the carpet and a good cleaning restored it to its original condition.

    The main difference between the Rug Doctor and the Bissell is that the Bissell has a good set of rotating brushes that really get down into the carpet for thorough, deep cleaning. That is readily obvious when one empties the container of dirty water. It is important to use the rinse function to get out ALL of the dirt and to clean our the system after final cleaning. Of course, using the rinse function means that more trips to refill the water bladder, but I don't find that a problems given the excellent cleaning that results. The unit is easy to empty and refill and has a handy handle to carry it to the sink or outdoors. Make sure to go over the rug after using rinse mode to remove as much water as possible. You can readily see the water coming off since the top of the reservoir is clear plastic. Just repeat until the water film is essentially gone. The rotating indicator works well to let you know if you are out of water or cleaning solution. That way, you don't waste time moving the cleaner back and forth when it's empty.

    The only problem that I ran into was periodically the internal circuit breaker would kick off for no apparent reason. This only happened about four times during the entire 4 - 5 hour cleaning process. However, switching off the unit quickly reset it.

    All in all, I am very impressed with the cleaning ability of the Bissell PROheat 2X and recommend it highly. I find it to be a well engineered and designed cleaning machine. Having the built-in heater greatly facilitates the cleaning process. Make sure to vacuum the carpet after it dries. That will take out any leftover lint, etc. and restore the nap of the carpet to as good as new. ...more info
  • A unit you can't live without
    I was waiting to review this one, because thanks to many reviews before me, I was able to pick this steam cleaner for myself. I thank you for your help. Now that I used it (and have a very clean carpet I might add) I loved it!! I do remember some did not like the fact you could not tell when it ran out of solution and water, for me this was not the case. You can clearly see if the solution is low. If it is out of water, it simply stops making the carpet wet, and stops sucking. I would not agree about not being able to tell. I also remember reading someone say it was not sturdy. So not true. It is very sturdy, maybe they thought they were buying a tank truck...last the brushes are not so bad. Just be sure you know how it came apart, and you can't go wrong. It's a steam cleaner, it too needs to be cleaned after a use. Quite normal for what it does. So to sum it up, it's worth a clean room, and a great cleaner!!...more info
  • Get the extended warranty if available
    I am currently the new owner of a Royal Procision 7910 due to my Bissell not working when I needed it. This review will be biased towards the fact that it only lasted about 18 months (6 house cleanings and a few spot cleanings). When it did work, it did a nice job.

    Pros: Cleaned well. Gives you flexibility on how long to wait to spot clean pet puke stains. Is almost a miracle worker in a non-commercial machine.
    Cons: Breaking parts. Lack of good suction - leaves too much water behind thus carpet is damp.

    This is an extractor, not a "steam" cleaner for any of you newbie owners. OK? I needed something to clean the 1300 sq. feet of contractor-grade carpet in the house we're renting. We had two dogs and two cats at the time. I like clean carpets and some stain removers don't effectively remove stains. I researched Hoover and Bissell since they are competitive and available everywhere. Bissell won since Hoover had too many quality complaints. After assembling the Bissell and cleaning the carpet the first time, I figured it was a good decision and I was very happy. Until the next time I used it.

    Quality: I'm going to address quality since it has to work as designed or none of the features count. It has quality issues. The turbo tool was fun to use for about 5 minutes. After that, it went into the trash. A brush belt lasted me about a year. Not bad for 4 house cleanings and a few spot jobs. The "O-Ring" that seals the dirty water area ripped the second time I used it. I'm guessing that even though I rinsed the water area out well, there must have been some residue and it became sticky and the two sides bonded with the O-Ring. That said, use petrolatum or Vaseline the first time you use it. Silicon may even help. The brush motor dying is why this is now in the trash after 18 months (6 house cleanings and a few spot cleanings). The motor needed help to spin the brush. Even taking the brushes and belt off, thus only exposing the shaft, there was problems. Repair shop said this is common. 'nuff said. Get extended warranty or buy something else.

    How well does it work? Good enough. I had some stains that I though would not come out unless I went to a janitorial supply store to get the heavy guns. This will not be a miracle worker, but it is close. It cleans very well. However, it doesn't suck the extracted water very well. Translation: they heat the water well, but they don't suck it very well so your carpets are damp for two days unless you live in the desert or have a dehumidifier in that room. I've used this in periods of high humidity and low humidity and I've always needed the humidifier. This makes it a multi-day journey to do the whole house. I do rinse the carpet after using the soap, but I go very slow when sucking and not applying any water and it doesn't matter. Wasted a lot of time hoping to suck up more water. One comment to drill holes to open up more exhaust air seems ok, but I didn't want to void the warranty. Guess I should have tried that after the year was up. Didn't know how limited my time was :(

    Controls: I mostly cleaned carpet on regular floor and stairs. No needs for upholstery cleaning. Knob for using tools/floor was easy to find and use. Same with the soap dispensor (water only, light, regular, heavy). Dumping water was easy enough. Latch never broke on me. Clean water bladder in the water collection area was good idea.

    This is not to be a scientific review. Just the basics. It cleans well when it works. If you can get an extended warranty, then get one. Or buy something else. A one-year warranty should tell you something - Buy something else.

    My new Royal Procision 7910 works well and I'll review it after I use it more. In a nutshell, it only had 4 screws to assemble, separate switches on the handle for brush on/off soap on/off and no more bladder (easy to remove tanks for dirty water and clean water). Soap dispenser points up so it can't leak. Looks to last, except for the motor. This thing is heavy and I'm wondering how long the motor will last. 2 year warranty, so will see if it will last that long....more info
  • Great product
    Carpet cleaner did an excellent job. Dried within a few hours. Tackled stains and heavy traffic areas....more info
  • My first carpet cleaner
    After reading the reviews here, I went out and used my 20% coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond (which I used at Linnen's n' Things because BB&B doesn't cary it) and bought this cleaner.

    I've used the Rug Doctor befor and it worked really well too and I was really happy with the results. I just thought it was a hassle to go to Ralphs, schlep it back to my house in my little car, clean the carpets and schlep it back the next day. I wasn't looking forward to that, so I decided to invest in my own.

    We have that rediculously cheap berber apartment carpet and two dogs. Of course this carpet is this weird off white/beige color. It stained fast and held in dirt and odor.

    Putting it together wasn't too difficult, but I did manage to hit myself in the face with it. Ha! I jammed the tool caddy in wrong and was pulling and pulling to get the thing out so I could re-adjust it and it came off and I hit myself in the face with it. OUCH. Funny story for ya.

    So a fat lip and a few hours later, my carpets were BRIGHT! I was seriously disgusted at the filth it extracted. I'm just so glad that I own it and I can clean the carpets anytime I want/need.

    Best cleaning investment by far.

    GET IT!!...more info
  • deep carpet cleaning machine
    very easy to operate; but bare floor attachment broke at first time use. Otherwise it cleans excellent, just water container is very small and has to be exchanged frequently....more info
  • This thing ROCKS...
    Wow. I have four kids and I was just about ready to rip up the carpet and spend a fortune on wood floors when I decided to give cleaning another try. I'm glad I did. I could not believe the stuff that came out.

    Pros: Love the single tank design with the internal clean-water bladder. Very clever and convenient. Relatively quiet, and picks up the water very well. The double row of bristles really seems to work a lot better than the horizontally-rotating ones on my last unit. But the best thing is it simply cleans great. It's absolutely amazing to watch as the line that you just cleaned appears next to the still dirty carpet, and you remember what color your carpet was supposed to be. It's really eye-popping.

    Cons: Very few, but I don't want to sound like I work for the company or something. Seems to use a lot of detergent at the heavy traffic setting, but the good news is that it seems to clean just as well at the light setting. So just use that setting and save some detergent.

    All in all, I'm asking myself after using this if it's actually possible to have fun cleaning the carpet, or maybe that's an indication that I've become far too domesticated. Of course, my wife loves it because now I clean the carpets....more info
  • Broken part - hassle to replace
    I recently purchased this machine because I like the optional attachments. I have only used it three times and while overall it cleans really well, I discovered the plastic at the end of the hose was broken when I was cleaning the stairs, causing the tube to detach from the attachment wand, rendering the hose useless. I called Bissell who said that I could take it to the nearest location to have it looked at (2 hour drive from my home) or find a box to package the whole machine in to send it back to them to look at. I explained that it was a small piece of plastic that if they could send the part, I could fix myself. They said the part is not available and repeated the previous options. The experience was frustrating for such a small, but integral part of the machine. I'll either try to duct tape the thing or return the whole machine and get another. What a hassle for such a small part!...more info
  • Very Good Carpet Cleaner
    I would have given it 5 stars except for - there is this little deflector/ L shaped joint that helps the water that is sucked back from the carpet to be poured back into the dirty water container - and it doesnt always sit properly if you are not careful, the water doesnt get sucked back well from the carpet. So you could pour a gallon of water in the clean water tank and when you are done, find out that there is very little, if any, water in the dirty water side!!! All the water is left behind in the carpet. But if you are careful and conscious to make sure it is sitting well, then there is no problem.

    Other than that, it is a great cleaner for the price. I bought it for $199 from Amazon in June 07. It says its $249 now. Maybe I bought it when it was on sale or something

    My 2 cents...more info
  • good
    it's great, it's also light so it's good for moms to be able to carry around, the only bad thing is that the water tank is kind of small, it doesn't hold much water.
    I love it, my carpet looks awesome!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    My 9400 ProHeat 2X seemed to be doing a nice enough job till after about a year of occasional(once per month)use when it stopped dispensing cleaning solution. Took it in for repair and Bissell flatly refused to honor the warranty claiming there were numerous problems with the unit caused by abuse ("Did you drop it down the stairs?"). 1.)I know I didn't abuse it. 2.)I live in a ranch home - no stairs. Nothing doing, however. When I pleaded with them to investigate they called me two days later to repeat that they would not repair it. All in all a very unpleasant, ugly experience. I will never purchase another Bissell product again. ...more info
  • Oh my gosh....the filth it removed!
    I am a self-professed clean-freak. My fiance bought this cleaner for me. I have a new Kirby vaccum, which costs well over $1,000 and is supposed to get EVERYTHING. I vaccumed the area thoroughly with my Kirby, then cleaned it with the Bissell...I was appalled at the mucky, dark grey water that was pulled out, along with CAT HAIR, which the Kirby was supposed to remove by vaccuming. Easy to use machine, DOES A GREAT JOB! Our carpets have new life in them!! ...more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    We looked at a number of machines before buying this one, it seemed to have good reviews, and all the features we wanted. It turned to be a complete waste of money! It won't even take out tiny, brand new stains! My Mom spent $120.00 on a cleaner, and has better results. It does a terrible job of sucking the water out. Keep looking, this is not the one you want!...more info
  • Something instructions didn't tell me about
    My prior experience with home carpet cleaners were the canister style, supplemented with a older floor polisher, using carpet brushes. This system works better, gets filthy carpets squeaky clean, and is obviously half as much work.

    It does use a lot of soap. While cleaning living room, I ran out of soap and wasn't able to see exactly when. But I could see this after the carpet dried (4-5 hr) as there was a clean stripe of carpet next to dirty carpeting where I ran out of soap.

    The biggest problem was not covered by instructions. I don't may apply to all upright cleaners. When you stop cleaning for any reason, e.g. move something or just because you need a quick break, you MUST rest the cleaner on something able to absorb the dirty water already removed from your carpet, or this water will drain back down through the removal mechanism, giving your carpet a terrible stain. Of course, going back will easily remove this water, but if you always take momentary stops after putting the machine on an absorbent towel or waterproof (rubber backing) area rug, you will save double re-cleaning in the long run. If it weren't for this "defect," which may not be a defect at all, but a design deficiency, this machine would get a 5-star rating from me. It really cleans up a dirty carpet, and I was surprised by the ease of pushing/pulling it around. Cleaning the unit after use was actually easier than you might anticipate, after reading instructions.

    If there were two power switches, one for vacuum, another for the scrub brushes and pumps, you could take momentary rests without staining your cleaned carpet with dirty water. (I'm handicapped and must take short rests when doing this type work.) You could also plan a cleaning pattern that provides for uncleaned carpet for momentary stops....more info
  • A Match for a Toddler!
    I bought this cleaner after researching it and reading the reviews and let me say it's great! Very easy to use, and it's a match for my potty-training toddler!...more info
  • Bissell 9400 Deep Cleaner - As good as its claims
    This unit, 9400 seems to be the next logical step to the older (black) 7900. It has double the brushes, the power and heater switches are placed where you can find them - and use them - easily, and the "custom clean" control can be manipulated without bending over - Wow! what a concept. The lift handle is welcome as well. In my brief experience with the 9400 it seems to clean as well as the 7900 or better. It seems to be a little heavier - maybe. Everything seems to be a little "beefier". The 9400(PLUM colored) is not to be confused with the 9200 (BLUE). The 9400 comes with a 3" Tough Stain Tool, a 6" Stair Tool, a Powered Turbo Brush Hand Tool, a Spraying Crevice Tool,and a Bare Floor Tool. At the same price the 9200 Comes with the 3" Tough Stain Tool only. My wife and I are both very happy with the cleaning job of the 9400 which opinion is based on the cleaness of high traffic areas especially doorways. To be honest we do not have children at home and our one dog does not shed or make messes in the house. Our carpet is a light colored inexpensive berber . Speaking as an engineer, I think you will probably not be able to find a better cleaning machine that is intended for home use....more info
  • I'm busy with my Bissell
    Having two small dogs who have accidents from time to time, our family needs a good carpet cleaner. I had borrowed my son's Bissell to try the cleaning power. It did a good job and was easy to fill and empty. I am glad that I chose the more expensive model since I have already used the tools for upholstery and bare floors. It did a good job on my no-wax kitchen floor and the seat of a chair which suffered a spill. In the month since I purchased the machine, I have used it six times and loaned it to a friend who shampooed three rooms. I am happy with this purchase....more info
  • Excellent Machine!
    This cleaner is GREAT. It cleaned my bright tourquoise LR dirty carpeting so well, it sparkles like new.
    Although it is only 2 yrs. old, it gets the most traffic, because that is where you enter my home. It took me quite awhile to get it clean because I did it 2X with shampoo & 1X with hot water get out all shampoo & residue. (I took many breaks) I did mix the pet & orange shampoo together, in equal parts....great results.
    It's amazing how it pulls the dirt out of the rug.
    It's easy to use & it pulls back easy. I did that alot.

    On the downside, if you want to call it that, is that you must keep refilling the bladder with clean HOT water & solution. I did it alot..I have a large LR. Thats not a big deal to me because I already knew that when reading reviews before purchasing it.
    I'd rather have clean HOT water in it than dirty water & it's so easy to carry. You must keep looking at the water reserve to see when the water & shampoo is out. No big deal. Take your time...pull back real slow & go over it again. Don't listen to the complaints about refilling it, just know what you have to do before you buy it.
    It's not as heavy as people say, well, maybe to them it is. It's workable.
    It is as big as a Upright & so now I have to deal with where to keep it. Probably in the front of a closet. I want it at easy access for touch ups...not in my basement.

    I got this machine for $169.00 from Amazon with FREE shipping. Amazing deal. Price..$199.00 minus $30.00 if you apply for Amazon credit card...which I did just to get the discount. (I didn't need it) I can now cancel it..if I want to.

    With this Bissell 9400, you get a professional cleaning job for a fraction of the cost..if I had to call a professional carpet cleaner, like I did in the past.
    No I own it.

    Can anyone tell me where I cam buy the extended warranty?
    Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Cleaner...more info
  • Love that Bissell
    I recently bought the "Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner" and I LOVE it!! I was going to just clean the heavy traffic areas of my carpet, but when I got started, it was so easy that I cleaned my entire house. Then I took it to my office and cleaned that carpet. This carpet cleaner is easy to use and very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is well worth the price....more info
  • Amazing!
    I have to say we beat our carpets to death. Really, so I was a bit skeptical that this little machine would help. Wow it sure did! The one thing it didn't get out was bright red vomit (sorry for graphic nature) but it lightened it significantly. Everything else it took out. When we moved in our carpet had "freckles" now it doesn't. No pro could take them out. I did learn that rinsing makes a big difference. The Power brush tool that is included is WONDERFUL! We actually fight over who gets to do the next room. It's that fun!...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    This machine is fantastic. I don't think I have ever written a product review, but this one warrants it!! I just got a puppy and she has had several urine accidents on my light grey rug!! While I was setting up the machine to do the carpet, my daughter spilled a huge glas of grape juice on the rug!!! I thought - now there's a stain! I set the machine up and went over the stain. The first few passes much of it came up, but not all. I was a bit dissappointed. After doing a bit more of the rug, I notice it really didn't have any cleaner smell. I check the cleaner compartment and I didn't have it set in all the way. So this machine got most of that stain out without even using any cleaner!!! Once I went over it once more with the cleaner solution mixing in and it cleaned everything completely - smelled great too!! I'm not big on these types of cleaners, but the dog breeder recommened it to me because I noticed in her house - with eight puppies - her rugs didn't smell. Anyway - great purchase - have only used this once, but was not dissapointed. Quality was great and very easy to use!! ...more info
  • All Steamed Up
    This carpet cleaner does a very good job of cleaning the carpets. You have to go over the clean areas quite a few times to remove all of the moisture, but when you're done, it is clean. It was easy to assemble and the directions are simple. I have a dog and there was a lot of fur that got deposited underneath the machine which took some time to clean, but nothing unreasonable. I'd recommend it. ...more info
  • Buy from Amazon
    I'll let everybody else tell you how well this machine removed the deep dirt from my carpets. I want to point out that Amazon had the best price by far. That becomes extra clear when you realize that they ship for free. Happy cleaning....more info
  • Cheaper at Sam's Club
    I bought mine at Sam's for $195.00. It came with a plethora of attachments as well as cleaning solutions for upholstery, hard flooring and a spot pretreater.

    After comparing several models, I chose this one because of the attachments that allow you to use it on hard flooring, as well as inside the car. Many of the others I looked at, you can only use it on carpeting or are strictly for hard surfaces....more info
  • Good until it does not work anymore
    If you are going to buy this steam cleaner I suggest that you also buy a replacement warranty. I have purchased two of these. My first one lasted a year and my second a year and a half. This is an excellent steam cleaner- gets the carpets really clean. Whem my first one broke I opted to buy a second one because of the results I achieved from it. Now that my second one has gone out- not sure if I will buy another one again- but if I do I will definitely buy an extanded warranty....more info
  • Nice with only 1 downside
    The size and weight of this cleaner are ideal for the house with limited room. It is roughly the same size as a stand-up vacuum.
    The only downside is emptying the dirty water reservoir. It is a bit cumbersome but workable....more info
  • I love it
    I really love my Bissell Shampooer. It is so easy to use and easy to clean. Very convenient to use. I use mine about every 2 weeks, as I have 4 dogs, and it makes my life so much easier to keep my carpets looking great....more info
  • Works great!
    This is the first steamer I have purchased and think it works great! It gets out all the little stains that have accoumulated over time with kids and pets. Very easy to use. Very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Bissell is the Best
    This Carpet Shampooer is really good, cleans well, easy to handle, the only drawback is the attached hose for doing furniture is knocked of easy from it's holder. ...more info
  • Bissell 9400 Review
    I just finished cleaning my carpet with the Bissell 9400, and I am very pleased with the result. My carpet looks great. Its an old carpet and with us humans tracking dirt and various doggie accidents, it was getting pretty gross.

    I was amazed at the dog hair the brushes picked up (even after intensive vacuuming). I like the water heater feature and also the rinse cycle.

    Now I can clean my carpet at my convenience and not worry about scheduling the pros....more info
  • On our list of favorite contraptions!
    This is on our top 10 list of coolest contraptions we've purchased since we got married (2004)! We were very impressed with how much crud this thing pulled out of our carpet!

    Our cats have yacked furballs that have left slight discolorations on the carpet that the Bissell 9400 eradicated with ease. Our boy cat had a urinary tract infection ealier this spring that (short story) resulted in bloody, urine-stained footprints on my light beige carpet, and I am happy to report that these easily came up as well! We were VERY impressed!

    It was especially important to us to get our carpet thoroughly cleaned since our baby has become mobile. She has been contributing to the "crud issue" at mealtimes by dropping food over the edge of her high chair tray (our dining room is carpeted). The Bissell tackled these issues with no problem.

    I like how nicely the machine's brushes fluff the carpet pile. I love that the machine automatically mixes the appropriate amount of shampoo and water for different situations (high traffic vs. light traffic). I think the machine is significantly quieter than Rug Doctors we have rented in the past. In fact, I was able to use the device while my little one napped upstairs. I look forward to trying out the hard floor and hand attachments soon.

    You can't go wrong with his cleaner!...more info
  • This is the best one I have had
    I love this cleaner I purchased it from Walmart. It even got really tough stains out. The price was very reasonable considering how much it cost 1x for professional cleaning. This machine really pulled the dirt up and I like the hot water design. ...more info
  • Great Customer Service
    I bought this, used it once and was letting the water tank dry (mold is a serious problem here), but while it was drying my two year old walked off with the cap to the water tank. Well I turned the house upside down, but couldn't find it. Tried to order it online, (its only $7 shipped), but the website was having difficulties so I called. Good thing I did too, because they are shipping it to me for absolutely free. Who else gives that kind of service?

    I am also pleased with the performance, although I wish it could heat the water hotter as I keep our water heater quite cool due to above 2 year old. It does a good job of removing her "accidents" so my days of hand scrubbing are over. Before potty training get rid of your carpet or buy this. I do think professionals do a better job, but in between their yearly visits this is the way to go.

    ...more info
  • Updated review (after 3 months)
    UPDATE 9/23/07: I found a GREAT combination for removing all kinds of stains from our carpet...pretreat stains with Oxy Magic spray stain remover, let the stain sit for 5 minutes, and then use the Bissell machine (with whatever shampoo). It's gotten out EVERY stain I've encountered, including some highly resistant pet vomit stains. It does seem to do a nice job of general cleaning as well. If I could rerate, I'd give it 4 stars, with the frequent refilling being the only concern.

    Received this model on 6/26/07. Tried it out on a sitting area with light tan medium pile carpet near the front entrance to our house. The whole house was professionally cleaned March 30. This area quickly became dirty from foot traffic since then, so it looked like a good test area. I vacuumed the area per directions with a new bag installed. Set up of the Bissell cleaner was easy, the instructions were good, and the unit seems well made and designed. I filled the clean water tank with HOT water, used Bissell's included carpet shampoo, and did half the room, careful to go slowly. I did a 4'x8' rectangle (roughly half the room), passing over the area three times. I ended up completely refilling the water reservoir three times and used 1 1/2 tanks of cleaning solution for this very small area. The results were disappointing...while the area did look cleaner, there was still a very noticeable amount of dirt-shaded carpet. The used water I emptied was only a medium tan color...confirming that it didn't get up much dirt. I'm attaching the half-and-half photo above to show the final results. The right side was deep cleaned...the left side was only vacuumed. It's still drying so I'll photograph it in 24 hours and see if it lightens up as the water evaporates. It's hard to tell in the photo, but trust's dirty on both sides of the photo. Basically, it's a nice machine, but it takes too many water and solution refills and it doesn't do a great job of cleaning...certainly not in the same league as a pro or rental unit. Seems like it might work well on lightly used areas or if you clean frequently (monthly?) to keep soil from grinding in. Overall two stars...lost two for mediocre results and one for frequent refillings....more info
  • Addressing concerns of reviews
    I am a 52 year old widow with 4 grown children, and I've always had at least one dog; now with the kids gone I have 3 small dogs. This is the third carpet cleaner I've purchased over 15 years. The first was a Hoover, and though I thought it worked fine, advances over the years have made big improvements both in the machines' ability to clean, and their design.
    My second machine was the old version of this machine, which was 5 years old, and still working, but one of the kids borrowed it, and when I stressed the importance of cleaning after use, she went nuts and disassembled the thing to clean it (totally unnesessary), and it came back not working well. Obvious user problem, not the machine's fault.
    So, I ordered the 9400 Select, which arrived promptly from Amazon, quickly assembled it, and went to work in the bedroom. With 3 dogs, I clean the carpet every 3 months. My dogs are potty trained, but they are dogs, after all, and unlike me they can't remove dirty shoes when they enter the house. Amazing what 12 little feet can track in to a carpet! So, between my normal use, and the dogs, I am always looking for the best machine.
    I am going to post some pictures of the things mentioned, if this site allows... By the way, the room I did first and will base these comments on is a 12x15 foot bedroom, with very light colored carpeting. Some reviewers expressed frustration with the fuzzballs that can get left behind. Yes, this machine does that. It is old carpet, dog fur, and dirt. It is confined, slightly damp, and picks up easily. In this room there were maybe 12 chunks of this stuff, which were picked up as I went along. Not slimy, didn't require toweling or gloves.
    Next, one reviewer said the machine leaks dirty water spots all over. Again, the machine at the end of a pull does leave some water spots. As soon as you go over the pull again, they are sucked up, leaving no spots in the wake. When I am changing the dirty water tank and refilling the bladder, I always throw a towel under the machine for the few minutes I am away. This is a water/detergent based machine; of course some excess might drip out when it is stationary. All of my machines did this, so I don't even think of it as unusual.
    As for not knowing when the bladder is empty and needs refilling, I did not hear the "pop" some reviewers did, but I didn't need to stop and check the level, either. I just paid attention when pulling the trigger for the cleaning mode, and if nothing was being sucked up when trigger is released and it is in suction mode, which one can easily see through the clear design, I know there is nothing going out, and it's time to throw out the old water and refill the bladder. In this room, I take an hour or so to clean it properly. People who want a 10 minute clean are going to get exactly that. It takes months, sometimes years for carpeting to get dirty, but some folks want it to be cleaned in 10 minutes. I just don't get that. The trick is that though this is a very easy machine to use, the key is in going SLOWLY, and allowing the machine to do what it was designed to do. Get the fibers wet/soapy; then let the brushes get down deep, suck up the slop the machine cleaned, then turn the dial to rinse only (I always do this, though many don't, because in my opinion detergent residue left behind becomes a magnet of sorts for dirt once the carpet is dry). In any case, to do the job right, this room took me about an hour. Time well spent, with excellent results. Cleanup is a breeze. Take the bladder/ takeup container, empty it, then pour water through the take up holder to get any remaining dirty water out. This takes all of about 1 minute.
    If my trend of getting a new cleaner about every 5 years continues, and in that time I use the machine 20 times, this is a bargain.
    I am thrilled with the results this machine gives, and highly recommend it. I guess the only other issue I could address is the storage, and I do understand that it is slightly bulkier than a traditioner vaccuum cleaner, and if one doesn't have a spare closet it could be a problem. In this house, it just rests under the basement staircase, ready and waiting to be called into action again....more info
  • A great carpet deep cleaner...
    I bought this carpet deep cleaner after babysitting for 4 dogs at our house. We ended up with lots of pee stains and even a few vomit stains on our white and grey berber carpet in the family room. I did some research and it came down to either the hoover or this bissell. The bissell won because I really liked the idea of continous hot water.

    So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly on this machine:

    The good:

    1. Works great. The carpets are smelling fresh, looking better, and the amount of dirt that comes out in the dirty tank is scary. Talk about muddy water!

    2. Did a pretty great job in extracting water. The carpet was left damp, not wet, and it dried in a few hours.

    3. The double row of brushes with the hot water really does seem to get the stains out. Not even one stain is left visible on the carpet.

    4. Just as easy to use as a normal vaccuum. Not complicated.

    The Bad:

    1. With the tank design - the clean water tank is inside where the dirty water is stored (seperated). However, this makes it impossible to see when you run out of clean water! The dirty water full line is not always reached before you run out of clean water. I found this out the hard way - when suddenly I was using up cleaning solution 10x faster and realized that was because I had run out of clean water to mix it with! The only real solution I found was to frequently remove the tank and go fill it up with clean water just "incase" it is going empty. Very frustrating.

    2. The clean water tank runs out very fast... making point number 1 even more frustrating.

    3. The cleaner attachments that come with the Bissell fall out of their "holders" on deep cleaner very easily. I swear I'm always picking them up because they popout of the holder too easily.

    The ugly:

    1. I had the chance to try the hard floor attachment on my tile and wood floors. How frustrating! First let me say - cleaning wise it worked great... I was amazed at the dirty water after cleaning the kitchen tile in our home. The brushes got into the grout and I guess regular mopping really does just push around dirty water!

    But here is the kicker - the "squeegee" part of the hardfloor tool kept coming out (you attach this tool easily to the bottom of the bissell). Once that falls off, the vacuum can't pick up the water from a hard floor. So I had to keep stopping, turning off the vacuum, sliding the squeegee blade back into the hardfloor tool, and reattaching. This was happening so often that I finally gave up trying to clean our kitchen floor. Why was it happening? I'm not positive, but I wonder if it just has to do with the deep grooves in our tile or something. Maybe on perfectly even flooring it would be fine. But, anyway - my husband ended up drilling three screws into the hardfloor tool to keep the squeegee blade on. Now it works great!

    Overall - I'm very happy with the purchase. It does it's job very well. Seeing all that muddy water come out of your carpet is enough to convince you it was a good purchase. My only real complaint with the machine is the clean water tank - too small and too hard to see when it has gone empty. Also they should have designed the hardfloor tool better! Otherwise - very nice!...more info
  • heavy, and hard to see into tank, but leaves carpet just slightly damp
    I tried this for the first time today. After reading some of the other reviews, and not having used a carpet cleaner before, I was concerned that it would leave the carpet soaking wet, but it just left it barely damp.

    I will have to wait until it dries to see how well it cleaned.

    There were some problems with it. As a senior, I found this a very heavy machine to drag around. The directions say to clean an area until the water is clear, but since the tank is not clear, it is impossible to tell this. Maybe if I had gotten down on my hands and knees after each pass and peered into the tank. It is also impossible to tell from looking when you have run out of water.

    However, I assume that except for the heaviness, those are surmountable problems.

    I don't use Scotchguard because of the questions that have been raised about its safety. So since pet accidents are the main problem with the rug, I used one part of Nature's Miracle enzyme cleaner to three parts water in the cleaning solution tank.

    Just as I've been typing here, I can tell the rug looks better and smells better. I suspect it will take maybe three hours to dry.

    I will add to my review that the accessories and accessory caddy that are attached to the machine are really quite a nuisance and get in the way. I am going to see if I can remove that stuff permanently....more info
  • Terrific!
    (For the record, I have extensively used the Dirt Devil Platinum Force and have owned the Eureka Atlantis, which I reviewed rather scathingly just recently. I also own a Bissell Quick Steamer Plus for small clean-ups.)
    This is a great machine, in my humble opinion, and by far the best I've used. The suction, cleaning power, ease of operation and ease of clean-up are all that I'd hoped for and more. In addition, it's fairly quiet (as these things go) and not at all messy to use. In particular, it doesn't leak all over the floor if you leave it sitting for a while.
    I was really impressed with the 2-in-1 tank set-up which is unique and actually quite clever. You simply lift the complete tank assembly off the machine with the carrying handle (no clips or locks there) and carry it to your sink or wherever. The tank assembly contains both the clean water and the dirty water reservoirs so you dump one, fill the other, clip the top back on it and away you go. Only one trip as compared to two in other machines and the Bissell assembly doesn't drip all over the place as in other machines I could mention.
    I did try it briefly on hard floors (it comes with a hard floor attachment), but wasn't overly impressed. However, that's not what I bought this thing for at all. I have a Hoover Floormate 800 for that (and what a neat machine that is!).
    The only things about it that seem a bit flimsy are the accessory storage clips. In fairness, I haven't broken one yet. It just seems like something I'm likely to do.
    (None of the literature states this, but the clean water bladder has a capacity of roughly 1 cup less than a gallon. About par for the course in this size machine, I think.)...more info
  • 9400 Proheat
    This a very powerful machine versus retail machines I have used. It did bother me that it was beating the carpet so hard, in getting the dirt out. I would still recommend this machine to others....more info
  • Great Machine
    Love this carpet cleaner. I have bought alot of brands and this is the ultimate!!! I especially like the heater on it, keeps the water hot!!! Great product.....more info
  • Stop paying for professional cleaning
    Worth the money. I got out stains that the professional cleaner told me specifically would not come out. The only negative is the small amount of water it holds so you are often chaning and adding new water. However for price and performance well worth the hassle. ...more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner
    This is a great carpet cleaner. I used it this weekend and was very surprised at how well it works. Easy to put together and pretty easy cleanup. A little disappointed that the front panel which lifts off when you add water to the tank was not easier to clean out. There is a tiny slit and trying to get pet hair out of that took quite some time. Otherwise, completely satisfied with my first time carpet cleaner. Glad I chose Bissell!...more info
  • Good value
    Does a great job with everything except indoor/outdoor carpeting. You'll be amazed at the dirt this cleaner picks up....more info
  • LOVE my Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X Select
    Very easy to use. Easy clean-up also. My carpet looks like new even in the very high traffic areas. Easy to find cleaning solution in stores and is reasonably priced too. ...more info
  • Bissell 9400
    This machine works extremely well. It picked up a lot of cat hair from our carpet, which we thought was thoroughly vacuumed before we used the machine.

    The water has to be replaced quite often, but I did not see this as a problem. I viewed this as a positive knowing that the dirty water was not being "recycled". One bit of advice on how to know you need to empty the dirty water and add clean water - you will hear a soft "pop". This will be a tip off that the clean water is empty.

    The carpet ws only damp when finished, not wet. The key is to go over the area you cleaned without presing the button that releases the water/cleaner into the carpet. You simply go over the carpet a few times to extract the water from the carpet.

    The instructions suggest to go over the carpet a second time to clean it better, but using just water without any cleaner. This seems to make for an even more effective job by extracting more of the carpet cleaner and dirt.

    The attachments worked well on the stairs.

    We used the Bissell on a linoleum floor and could see an improvement.

    Overall, I would buy it again....more info
  • Excellent choice
    After reviewing a lot of carpet cleaners, I decided to get this one, and I can say that I made the right choice. Cleans really well, the water reservoir is compact to handle, but it uses the water nicely....more info
  • Easy to use!
    I really like my new Bissell 9400 ProHeat deep carpet cleaner. It was very easy to use, the carpet looked great when I finished and best of all, I didn't have to pay Stanley Steamer or worse, rent one of those Rug Doctors!!. ...more info
  • Works Well
    Last did the carpets in the house when we bought it over ten years ago. Now, a few kids later, I thought it was time. Over the course of a week, I did three bedrooms, a long hall, and a large living room. Carpets look fine. I adjusted the soap up or down to match the apparent dirt in the carpet. And then rinsed the soap out with the rinse only setting. Cleans it up and dries it out.

    Just used it the other day with the attachment to clean the patio furniture cushions. Excellent results.

    No complaints for a cleaner I can easily move around. ...more info
  • Mommy & Multiple Dog Owner
    I've never owned an full on carpet cleaner. The ones that offered heated water were just too expensive. I've always used spot cleaners to clean up after my dogs and my son. Once we put our house on the market we priced having a cleaner come in and screw up our day. We decided that we would rather clean it at our convince. I've used store rentals before. Which is fine if you live in a small town and everybody owns up to something they broke! We live in an area where the people are way less than honest! So on to the store we went. We examined every product at several stores and we kept coming back to the Bissell! We bought it and took it home. It was a breeze to put together even with a 17 month old helping. The information book was easy to use and the products were awesome! I laid my son down for a nap and put it to work in the room right next to his! He went to sleep immediately and never woke once! The room is the where I keep my dogs in their crates and the load of dirt and hair that was in there was just grose! But it was great at getting all of the dirt out. It was easy to see that the vacuum that we owned was [...] which I knew. The carpet cleaner did a great job but it is not a vacuum and should not be used like one. So the next month we bought the Bissell Healthy Home. Together they are great in the house. Both are so easy to use and clean up on the cleaner is so quick and easy. The products work like plug-in-plays on your computer. I put down a dish towel under the brushes and let it dry. The clean and dirty water containers come apart which can be a challenge to get the plastic liner back in but it beats smelling funky and it isn't too hard after you've done it once. The cleaner works so well I tossed out the spot cleaner and prefer to use the bigger cleaner! Also the carpet dries in a couple hours but you have to run over the area more than once or twice if you want it faster than that. I can clean the upstairs carpet in the morning in less than 30 minutes with clean up and they will be dry by supper time that same evening. Another great product by Bissell!...more info
  • Best buy ever!
    I am exceptionally pleased with this purchase! It is probably the smartest money we have spent. The cleaner does a truly fabulous job. We live in the desert, on a dirt road. That, combined with two dogs and two cats make for some very dirty carpets! After just one use, the carpet looks like new again. It even got up some pet stains that were months and months old, AND an ink stain! It's inexpensive to use, so we plan on using it once a month.

    The attachments are FABULOUS. One of them has a spinning brush that makes it super easy to do furniture and the inside of cars. And, the whole thing picks up things the vaccuum cleaner left behind.

    The only part that could use improvement is the directions. It took a little perserverance to figure out how to load all the accessories and parts, then use them properly. We found success, though. The only thing we still can't quite see is how to put away all the extra tools that come with it.

    Overall, a great purchase. I would definitely recommend this to others!
    ...more info
  • Might be okay if you live in the desert...
    This is my second Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner. My previous model was made more poorly (cheap plastic parts, especially the water tank) and gave up the ghost after about two years of occasional use. I bought a new one expecting comparable performance. This machine has been re-engineered in some positive ways (sturdier water tank, easier to clean the intake area) but it totally lacks the suction necessary to get the water & soap out of the carpet. It seems like a waste of time and energy to scrub the carpet just to leave it soaking wet with dirty, soapy water. Plus, mold can easily grow within in the 2-3 days it takes to dry completely. I've talked to Bissell customer service about the inadequate suction; they told me the gaskets need a while to "settle in," but I've had it for several months and multiple uses now with no improvement. Needs major improvement!!...more info
  • Great machine, very few issues
    I haven't had this carpet cleaner very long but I have used it quite a bit in that time on carpets that had not been steam cleaned in about 10 years. The cleaner did a great job and I am very pleased with the price and performance.

    My opinions on a few issues mentioned in other reviews:
    1. Exhaust on the bottom of the machine: I bought THIS unit and the one I received has an exhaust on both the bottom and on the back of the machine. They may have just recently added the back one but either way that's not an issue.

    2. Leaving carpet too wet: Yes, the carpet is damp. If I kept going over it "dry" to suck up more water then I'm sure eventually it would be practically dry. I do NOT want to spend that much time, sorry. Mine can just air dry for a day.

    3. Water reservoir too small: Honestly, I totally disagree with this. Doing a 12x12 room I only have to empty it twice - to me that's not too shabby and certainly nothing to complain about.

    4. Little fuzzballs left on the carpet: Yeah, it's annoying. It's also easy to take care of - just pick them up with a paper towel and toss them in the garbage. Or you could just leave them till after it's dry and vacuum it up (though that seems VERY lazy even by my standards). Not an issue in my opinion.

    5. Bottom of the machine getting very dirty while using: Yeah, this happens - again, clean it with a paper towel. It's NOT a big deal.

    6. Water leaking onto carpet: Meh, didn't notice this at all. Maybe my eyesight is too bad for me to notice??

    All in all it's a very good machine and since I got it for $190 with free shipping from Amazon I was pleased with the price. Also, I like the allergen cleaning fluid from Bissell - seems to work and smells pretty good. ...more info
  • love my bissell 9400
    we have been extremely pleased with our bissell 2X select #9400 -- with a dog, a cat, grandchildren, and living in the rural north, we have a lot of dirt that we bring in to our house on a daily basis. it is so handy to get our bissell shampooer out any time there's a need for it to clean up carpet, furniture, automobiles, etc. the one time investment has paid for itself already, since i used to rent a "rug dr." steam shampooer 2 to 3 times a year for aabout 25.00 plus shampoo products each time. my bissell cleans just as well, and is much more convenient to use, with the shampoo stored in the machine at all times. having it available at all times is such a plus also. ...more info
  • Don't Buy It!
    I had one of these that I thought was ok, but after a year and a half it fell apart while I was cleaning with it. I decide to look around and decided to spend more money and buy the Oreck Steam cleaner. What a difference! I went over the areas I had cleaned with the Bissell and couldn't believe how dirt it left behind. It is worth the money to get the Oreck....more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X
    This is my second bissell carpet cleaner. The first one worked well for 3 years and then just stopped working. The 9400 ProHeat is o.k.. I had to fill and refill the water bladder with fresh water 6 times with this unit vs. only 2 times with my first bissell unit. Also the design of the carpet soap dispenser and the little hose inside of the container is a bad design and I had to make sure the soap container was on the full side otherwise the soap would not dispense.

    On the plus side it did do a good job of lifting dirt from the carpet. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I must say I was more than a little surprised at how good a job this carpet cleaner has done. It is very easy to use and has done a great job on all my carpets. I have not tried it on bare floor yet, but that is next....more info
  • Love It
    I've always used Bissell Products. When they came out with the PrpHeat 9400 2X Carpet Cleaner I upgraded. I thought my old Bissell cleaned good, What a difference. This machine is easier to use, and because it heats the water the dirt and spots come right out. Buy it, You won't be sorry. 5 Stars. ...more info
  • Bissell 9400 is top of the line
    The Bissell ProHeat is great. Does a great job on cleaning my carpets and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a carpet shampooer. It does a professional job of cleaning and if easy to use....more info
  • So far, so good!
    I have cleaned almost all my carpets and vinyl flooring since receiving the Bissell. We have older carpet and I wasn't expecting perfect results. I used the Bissell cleaning solution and the living room carpet came very clean. The stains that have been there for a long time have some remnants. But, this cleaner did as good or better than the rentals and the pros. I do have to change the water frequently but it's made to be lightweight. I can live with that. It cleaned our vinly flooring very well but I don't like "mopping" with a cord. Unless it really needs it; I don't plan to use the hardfloor attachment again. Came with a lot of attachments (haven't used yet) and a very long power cord (very handy). It's very easy to clean after use. I really love it and so far, would recommend it to others. Oh and it made the carpet very soft-a nice thing when you have a toddler. ...more info
  • Two strikes and you are out
    After returning my second unit, I am giving up on Bissell.
    When I first received this product, I was very impressed with the cleaning power. I took out old stubborn stains like nobody else.
    However, as soon as I started using the hand-held accessories brush to clean the carpet edge, the spray stopped working on the handheld as well as the floor. I figured it was a defective unit and ordered a replacement (thanks to Amazon's superb customer service).
    The second unit had the exact same problem. After taking it to the local service center, I was told that the detergent crystalizes over the heating unit and blocks the spray. According to them, this specific issue it is not covered under warranty.
    After two failed attempts, I have given up and ordered a Hoover instead. ...more info
  • Great Carpet Cleaner
    Works exceptionally easy and very well. Used on Carpets, Mats and upholstery - great job. Had one before that we really liked this one is even better....more info
  • Highly recommended!
    We have used the rental carpet cleaners before, and they work well. But you can't beat the convenience of having this at home to use whenever you wish. Additionally, I believe this actually works *better* than the rental units. The extra heating provided by the ProHeat 2X really does work. I always had to lean over the small rental units, but the Bissell 9400 is as easy to operate as an vacuum cleaner.

    We've cleaned two different carpeted rooms so far and this does a tremendous job picking up the dirt. The rooms are very noticeably cleaner and fresher, and all you have to do is look at the dirty water to see what you've been living on all this time.

    I used the attachment for carpeted stairs and it really helped to pickup all of the dirt.

    The unit is constructed very well, and the instructions included are very easy to understand....more info
  • Worlds Best bissle Steam cleaner.
    My husband and I were about ready to replace our carpet due to too many pet stains and odors and I can honestly say that not only did the bissel clean all our carpets and eleinmated the odors but our carpets look new again.
    I think anyone who has pets and kids need to own there own steam cleaner.
    Buy one and you'll never regret it.
    The Curatola Family
    from PA...more info
  • Very happy with results
    I did my comparisons and decided on the Bissell 9400 Proheat.I have had a Bissell canister style carpet shampooer for years and it still works fine but is not nearly as easy to use as this one.The 9400 does all the work for you because of the rotating brushes and heated solution.I have only used it once but am anxious to do the rest of the rooms.Nice product....more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X <Works Great>
    Easy set-up and assembly & the water heater works.
    The flapper valve shuts with a very audible 'pop': this is the signal to empty the dirty water and add clean hot water.
    Approximately 10 x 10 ft area can be cleaned on one water filling.
    The hand device was very effective on my car carpet.
    I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat 2X
    This has worked very well for me. The handle on the water container broke first thing but took ten minutes to drill a whole and put a bolt in and it works great. We have used the cleaner on hard floors, caerpet, and furniture and it has done well on all....more info
  • Best carpet Cleaner I have used
    I expected good things from this Bissell carpet cleaner, but I was still surprised at the results. My dog sleeps in my office, and the carpet was disgusting as a result of her muddy paws from playing outside. I mean the carpet was dark grey from all the dirt. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures because no one would believe the carpet was ever that dirty or that this cleaner worked that well. After I cleaned the carpet, it looks like it did the day it was installed. I tried cleaning it several months ago with my old carpet cleaner, and all I ended up with was a wet, dirty carpet. Not this time. It truly is the best carpet cleaner I have ever used. My only complaint is that the dirty water tank fills quickly and requires several trips to empty it, but I can live with that if it means results this good....more info
  • I've done the research and the 9400 Bissell is the best!
    I recently purchased the Bissell 9400 ProHeat system and I cannot say enough good about this model! I opted to do my own carpet because "I know where my spots are, where the heaviest traffic areas are, etc. so I wanted to be the one to clean them. That way I could place extra emphasis where I wanted to."

    I spent about an hour (online) comparing all the Bissell models. I read about one hundred reviews on various models. My daughter has a cheaper Bissell model and although it cleaned well, her's was a cheaper made machine with lighter plastic. I wanted the heaviest plastic model on the market, so it hold-up the longest. Take it from me, the 9400 model had the best ratings of all other models and after using it, I could see why.

    This product beats rental units hands down! It's VERY light in weight. I love that it's so user friendly, but most of all I like that 100% of my carpet looked great, smelled great and now a couple weeks later - it still looks great!! (Unlike when the so called "pros" come in and run over each path once and it looks good for a day or two - only for old spots to later resurface...)

    I've used two different Bissel models and this one is bar far higher in quality and design and the good far outweighs the down-side, which is that the tank must emptied more frequently. I didn't expect a machine under $250 to do this good of a job. In two cleanings it will have paid for itself and made me money in my pocket. I'm a picky, but happy customer in sunny Florida. Buy the 9400 ... you won't be sorry....more info
  • I am (forgive me) floored!
    We have a new puppy as well.. and have been renting a cleaner from the supermarket frequently. I just got the bissell 9300 (one step down from this one - I can't see much difference except the color) and it is incredible how much junk and dirt is is picking up. (We have been vaccuuming first with our Miele HEPA filter vaccuum, and then using the Bissell.) This is easy to use, easier to maneuver than the supermarket rental, easy to fill and clean up. I am totally impressed!...more info
  • Would reccomend...
    I was sceptical going into the purchase after reading a few bad reviews and seeing the price, but in my opinion, it's a pretty great machine. With four kids under 7, you can imagine the messes. The cleaner did a fine job. Not as good as a professional truck mount machine, but a decent job for an at home machine. I was surprised. It pulled a lot of dirt out, and made a noticable difference. My husband WILL NOT spring for new carpet with the kids so little, so this was my only option, and I am very happy.

    It is easy to get started right out of the box(I hate reading the manual, I just want to get started!) Easy clean-up when done.

    The only down-side to me is that it only holds a gallon of water, so you have to empty and refil pretty often, but what can you expect for an at home machine. I sometimes wonder about renting a machine, like what sort of things/messes are other people using the rentals for.

    I would defiantly reccomend this for occasional cleanings/accidents/messes, but still think a good professional cleaning every so often would get even more dirt out and you could use this for maintenance....more info
  • If you have pets, you need this item
    I love it. It was a lifesaver when our German Shepherd Dog was just a puppy and potty training....more info
  • Value, performance and convenience
    I purchased my Bissell ProHeat 2x from Amazon recently and so far am really happy with it. I chose it partly due to positive reviews, but mostly due to its reasonable price. Now that I have used it a couple of times, I am confident that I made the right decision.

    My home has beige wall-to-wall carpet. I have used rental steamers in the past and I find the Bissell gets the carpet just as clean as those units have. It does take more than one pass to pull up all the water, but I just watch the nozzle and go over the area slowly until I can see most of the water is gone. The Bissell does seem to pull up more water when you're pulling it backwards, which is the same as the heavy-duty rental units I've used.

    However, the Bissell has some real benefits over the rental units, not the least of which is ease of use. The Bissell is just as maneuverable as a regular vacuum cleaner, and although it is a little heavy, it's still easy on my back. Although some other reviewers didn't like it, I like the tank-in-tank design - it's easy to fill AND empty (the hardest part with some cleaners!) as well as clean out when you're finished. Overall I find the unit very easy to use. I just go slowly and am always satisfied with the results.

    I have two indoor cats, and I have experienced the same issue with clumps of hair coming out on the carpet as I'm using the Bissell. They get pulled out of the carpet by the brushes, just not sucked up with the water. I think that if you have pets, you're probably going to experience this - let's face it, there is pet hair in your carpet! I always vacuum (I have a Dyson) really thoroughly before steaming, and that helps minimize the furballs. Also, it's probably good they don't get pulled up into the Bissell because then it might get clogged.

    So far the Bissell has helped me get rid of pet stains like hairballs and urine, as well as everyday carpet soils like ground in dirt and spills. I'm really glad I decided to buy a steamer of my own - more convenient than renting one, and about the price of one professional cleaning. For my purposes the Bissell was a great purchase, and I recommend it....more info
  • Better than others
    The machine works great. At least better than HomeDepot rentals. It takes day to day stains and dirt but does not remove very old and deep stains. The least deeper the carpet is, the better it cleans. Overral I like the produt. ...more info
  • Again.....totally amazed
    I wanted to respond to the guy who said the bissell died after 20 uses. 20 uses x $200.00 = $10 per use. I cant think of any cleaning company or even the supermarket rentals that are as inexpensive as that. I hope my bissell doesn't die...I just cleaned my wood floors using the bare floor tool and the Bissel sucked them almost completely dry (cleaning wood is not mentioned as a recommendation, but I did it anyway and I will do it again, the floors are fine). Furthermore, the water in the tank was dark coffee brown, as was the water after cleaning my seemingly white carpet. I cleaned my kitchen and bathroom floors which are white linoleum and they stayed clean for a week with 2 kids and a dog in the house (no sticky cleaner residue left behind). They were shining. The crevice tool is great for cleaning around corners among other things. I still recommend this product whole-heartedly....more info
    This is hands down the worst carpet cleaner on the market if not the worst of all household appliances I've ever purchased. I've owned two Bissell cleaners. Both did a decent job of cleaning at first, but they stopped taking up water at about 20 uses. Bissell was not helpful, and getting it fixed would've been about as much as a new cleaner (which I foolishly did after the first one). I'm suprised by all the high ratings here ... must be new owners. I don't know a single person who's been happy with their Bissell....more info
  • Roll you sleeves up - you'll get your carpets clean!
    +Cleans well - has removed all except one "stubborn" stains that I've tried to clean wtih all kinds of carpet cleaning products.
    +Easy to use - don't take a lot of figuring out
    +Really heats water (unlike Hoover - which blows warm air over the water)
    +Stair cleaning accessories are effective
    +Two in one water tank means easier trips to empty and refill
    +Easy to take apart and clean all the componenets

    -Two in one water tank has limited capacity. I have to empty/refill it once while cleaning my bedroom and 3-4 times when cleaning the living/dining space.
    -Wads of Fibers/Cat hair get left on the carpet. They're easy to lift off - and you feel better about how much dirt is coming off :)
    -No indicators when you've run out of cleaning solution/water

    I like my Bissell Proheat. The primary purpose of my purchase was to clean my carpets, remove stains and renew the look. The Bissell exceeded my expectations with this - and got out all kinds of stains ranging from pet byproducts to cola spills and detergent concentrate. One, year old tea stain proved stubborn - though it did get much lighter. I have not given up on it though :).

    I don't think Bissell should do much about my peeve on water capacity. If they did, I'd complain about having to carry two tanks - or one very heavy tank :).

    It'd be nice if there was a light that told you that you were out of cleaning solution or water - right now I figure so when I realise the carpet isn't being wet any more.

    Leaving wadded balls of fiber/cat hair might be something that's specific to my home. It'd be nice to not have to pick them manually - but I'm happy enough to see that much gunk leave the carpets.

    Lastly - we've been using Bissel's Allergen control cleaning formula. It's worked well enough for us (for cleaning) - so we haven't had to try the others (Citrus, Lavender etc) to see if they're any better.

    Recommend it? Yes!...more info
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
    I just tried it. OH MY GOD!! All stain and dirty spot went away!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Nice Cleaner
    I got the Bissell Cleaner to clean the carpet on a new home we moved into and I am pleased. This is my first cleaner and I was a little nervous because the home had some rough spots. But I got most of the big stains out and the carpet smells really clean.

    Now our home is about 2000 square foot and I must have refilled the water tank about 20 times and the formula tank about three times. You can clean a room about 12x12 with one full tank of hot water. I went slow and used about two tanks.

    This cleaner has a very solid feel to it, very heavy and the rotating scrub brushes seem pretty strong. I did notice that when you go forward, this cleaner will leave "purplish" wet lint balls, so I was constantly picking them up... ((this is on cream colored carpet)) We did rooms that looked clean to our eyes but were suprised when we emptied the dirty water tank to get this thick black, I mean coffee black water. I am glad we got this and is a very good investment in a clean home. ...more info
  • Well Worth The Money
    I liked all of the reviews on this machine so I ordered one and the next day was cleaning carpets. It does a really wonderful job getting out any stains (we had a new puppy) and was eash to use. No more than a very large carpet sweeper and it actually did all of the work with the brushes. It is simple to fill and empty and it has a separate bottle for the cleaner so when you throw the rest of the water away you are not throwing away good product. It has a really long power cord so you can plug it in once and do the whole room. You get what you pay for and this is well worth the price....more info
  • Great cleaner definitely worth every penny!
    Just received the 9400 and used it immediately on my landing, stairs and hallway. These areas have not been cleaned in a long time (except for Resolve on stains). I have 2 siberian huskies and 3 kids under 8 so you can imagine what my carpets look like. I did use my new Bissell Spotbot (which I also love) first on the stains which of course left all these nice clean circles all over my rug (looked like alien crop circles all over). I then went to work using the 9400. Easy to use and cleaned like a dream. Since the rugs were so dirty I did clean rinses after the shampooing and then took my time suctioning up the water. Rugs were back to new looking and dry enough to walk on almost immediately after. Some people have complained about carpets being too wet. You just have to suction up the water slowly and continue to do this until you see no more water coming up. This can be time consuming but worth it if you need to walk on rugs right away. I was left with an inch wide area of dirty rug by the baseboards so I used the attachments and cleaned up this area and they also did a great job. I was surprised at the suction power on the attachments. Of course as it would happen one of the kids walked on the clean rugs with dirty sneakers the next day instead of going too crazy I just got out the Spotbot and cleaned the marks and this time I was left with no "crop circles" since the rug was so clean it just blended right in.

    Bottom line is this Carpet Cleaner is worth every penny and will pay for itself very quickly....more info
  • stockwis
    great machine..easy easy easy clean up like nothing rinse and your done.had a hover before this..the Bissell does the job. nothing else to say thank you Bissell..for your advancement on the brushes.PS i am a man and did the rugs so you woman should really love it ...more info
  • Great Vacuum and Great Customer Service
    After trying a number of different deep carpet cleaners, I bought this Bissell and it works quite well and is relatively easy to clean. It has a lot of features and attachments. Overall I am quite satisfied with it and would recommend it over any other similar type vacuums.
    I had a couple problems though and Bissell customer service was as good as I've ever encountered. The fill tank would not stay in place so they sent me a new one and it worked just fine. The Brushes activation switch (turns on when you release the main unit) was intermittent and I was able to take it to a local Vacuum shop and it was fixed quickly and with no hassles. I don't mind having problems when there is good customer service and Bissell's is outstanding!...more info
  • Best carpet cleaner out there!
    Recently purchased after my old carpet cleaner bit the dust. This product is awesome. It got up dirt & stains my old carpet cleaner never could and my rugs look great again. Worth the money!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I've had this unit for more than 6 months now and LOVE it. When I first purchased it, it managed to clean some stains in our carpet that I was certain were permanent. I saved me having to replace a room of carpet thus paying for itself. If you have pets, it does tend to accumulate the hair on the bottom, but this is not really a big hassle, you just have to wipe it off every so often.
    [EDIT] I've had this unit over a year now and used it on average, about once a month or so. I would still buy this unit if I had it to do over again. I am very pleased with this product....more info
  • Cleaned what others missed!
    The 9400 ProHeat 2X managed to get out an oil stain that 2 other cleaners had left behind. When the oil spilled out of the frig and managed to get into the living room from the kitchen, we were horrified. Cleaned it up right up with the Bissell Little Green. Cleaned it again later that year with a different shampooer. You could still see the stain and it returned fully afterward each time. This time - - - it is really gone, completely, and did not come back. I have a dog, and a cat. We used the pet odor cleaner and the odor is also gone from my home. Hooray for this steam cleaner. I highly recommend it. The lightness and ease of use are excellent. But the proof is in the carpet itself.
    ...more info
  • Bissell Rug Cleaner
    This product does a wonderful job. If used properly the rug is not soaked, and it will dry in 15 to 20 minutes. The bottom must be cleaned out after every use. It is so easy to use, and it pays for itself after 2 uses....more info
  • the best out in the market for the price
    Okay here is the real deal on this cleaner. It works great. It is heavy duty. The equipment is light yet durable.
    I cleaned several carpet's with it. It came in real handy when there was some water damage to the house.
    On main negative. When you are done or if you stop the machine do not leave it on the carpet. It will drip drip drip dirty water on the carpet and may leave permanent marks depending on what you cleaned up previously. For example I cleaned a red carpet and then a brown. When the dye was picked up from the red it dripped a little on the brown. otherwise great, very professional....more info
  • Well worth the $
    I was pleasently surprised at how easy it was to use this deep cleaner.
    Easy as pushing the vaccum around.
    It did take some time and effort to do all my carpeting; 2000 sq.ft.+/-
    I didn't mind having to empty the bucket as others did. That was probably the worst of the whole task. I considered renting a Rug Dr., but thought otherwise when someone brought to my attention what other people may have to clean from their carpenting. Not everyone brings the machine back clean...
    The Bissell 9400 has a few gadgets that I probably will never use. The turbo attachment seemed "over the top", found the regular scrub attachment more useful. The crevice tool is not needed.
    Liked that microban is used within the bladder.
    You will need to be thorough when cleaning the machine for storage as instructed. It was not difficult.
    I would recommend this deep cleaner for it's ease in use and you won't find it for less $$ anywhere else but [...]; I researched for days, and kept finding myself back at [...]. ...more info
  • Great
    The only complaint I may have on this item is that it is heavy to maneuver. My carpet is very thick tough and that could be part of the reason why. This machine cleaned my carpet deep and I think better than when I paid to have it down by a proffessional. It dried quickly also. Love that I can get heated water to clean with and a big plus that it has a rinse option....more info
  • The Best Carpet Cleaner I have Ever Used
    I wanted to say that this is the Best Cleaner out there as far as Im concerned.
    Very Easy to Assemble, and Use. Our carpet came out looking like new, all the stains that I have been trying to get out came out with no problem at all.
    We bought a model home for custom built homes and there was alot of heavy traffic (foot) in the house not to mention we have pets in the house.
    I used the cleaner all through the house (2200 sq ft). It was amaing how this cleaner got everything thing clean.

    There was a large bad stain area due to a plate of hot food was dropped and all the oils from the cooking and butter was dumped on the carpet. I tried everything to remove it, nothing would get the stains out. When I used this Steam Cleaner on it, Guess What all the stains had been removed.

    I really do think it has something to do with the brush action and the fact that it heats up the water, plus it also gives out equal amount of soap and water.

    I would also add that I have used this on our furniture and it worked just as good as it did one the carpet
    I have recommended this machine to all my friends, it is worth the money Plus.

    I also have a small Steam Cleaner from the same company it is perfect for the Rec Room and pet accidents on the carpet....more info
  • Good cleaner with a couple of flaws...
    I've had this for about a year and a half, after finally giving up on the Hoover steam cleaners and their chincy design. This is a very sturdy steam cleaner and I love the heating feature, I feel like it really gets down and cleans my carpets well. I also really like the brushes, it lifts the nap of my carpets and makes them look fresh and new, even though they are far from it! I didn't give it five stars for the following reasons:

    1. If you hit a wall or a table or anything, even slightly, when vacuuming, the base unit loses suction and you have to turn the vacuum off and realign the base unit.

    2. It doesn't hold enough water, I have to refill with clean water constantly.

    3. It really doesn't suction very well. I may be spoiled by my old Hoover's excellent suction ability but I don't feel like I'm getting as much dirty water as I should be. Plus my carpets still feel pretty wet after I'm done, with my Hoover they'd be virtually dry. And I go over them 3 or 4 times "dry" and it still doesn't like to pick it up. And what's the point in cleaning the carpets if a lot of the dirty water is still remaining? If I'm really feeling ambitious, I'll take my old Hoover and go over the area again "dry" to get the water up (the Hoover doesn't work for "washing" just the vacuum feature still works so I kept it). It's amazing how much is left over!!

    But all in all it's a pretty good machine, well built and isn't breaking on me every other time I use it like the Hoover did! I would buy it again....more info
  • This is the answer
    This is the answer to living in a desert with two dogs. I owned a Bissell before, that I bought on the cheap, that no longer worked with the Berber carpets. The old cleaner would catch the carpets fabric and hangup or pull apart the suction nozzle opening. I carefully inspected this new Bissel machine before purchasing to make sure that the vacuum/suction nozzle was a single piece, to work in my situation.

    I've had my carpets professionally cleaned and the quality is very good, but about the same as this machine is capable. Professionally at $45 per room I only need to clean 4 rooms and I'm fully compensated. 5+ and I'm cash in the pocket. I no longer need to make appointments in advance, be home to open the door and to watch over a stranger doing the carpets.

    This is an excellant purchase for anybody that needs to clean carpets on a regular basis. Purchased at Walmart for $199....more info
  • Dirty Water Drips Back Onto Carpet
    Even though I cleaned the machine between each empty and fill, if I did not have white carpet I would not have known this machine leaks the dirty water back onto the carpet. I had to shampoo the carpet two more times to remove the extra spots left in the carpet. A second time with detergent to remove the spots and then immediately with a rinse only cycle. My second gripe is the clean and dirty water reservoirs are in the same small space. I had to change it out about every 10 minutes. The machine gets one star for the dual brushes which I think are a positive for this machine. Unfortunately, that was not enough for me to keep it. It would have been cheaper for me to hire someone to come in and steam clean my carpet considering the fact I had to clean it three times and this carpet is in a low traffic area. I've had a Hoover for 8-10 years and will look to see what new machines Hoover has on the market. ...more info
  • Great if you have pets, easy to use
    Set up was a little complicated, but read the instructions and you won't have a hard time. Does a fantastic job, easy and somewhat quiet. Dries in 3-5 hours leaves a fresh scent.

    Clean it after each use seems to keep it working better.

    I would suggest this product to anyone with pets....more info
  • This cleaner is the best.
    I bought this cleaner with hopes it will get some existing stains out. As a test, I decided to use it on a $30.00 rug we bought to cover our wood floors under the table. We have 3 kids and they have destroyed this carpet with more spills then I care to count. Everything from Coolaid to red sauces were in the carpet.

    This carpet has many many stains. I first vaccumed which did nothing. My hopes diminished. I figired if it cleaned a few of the bigger peices of food pieces embedded in the carpet, it would be better then nothing.

    30 minutes later, the carpet looked new!!!! It cleaned everything. I cannot tell you how impressed I was. BUY THIS CLEANER!!!

    ...more info
  • Excellent machine
    This is a great machine, who's few flaws are easily overcome by the positive.

    We have two elder pets - a cat who routinely empties her stomach whereever she feels like it; and a dog who seems to equate carpeting with grass. So we have a tendency to use this fairly often.

    For the quick and dirty jobs like these, you simply cannot beat this machine. A quick fill, and in five or 10 minutes, you're done. A little cleaning of the machine itself, and packed away until next time.

    For larger jobs, like doing an entire 10x13 room, you still can't beat it. We have to routinely empty and refill the reservoir, but even that chore is made easy. Just lift it out, carry it to your slop-sink, and rinse/refill. It might be tedious to carry that heavy container up two flights of stairs, but that's easy to over look.

    There are a couple of things I'd like changed/fixed, but nothing which will cause me to heave it out the door:

    - as others have noticed, the underside can get nasty dirty. It's easy enough to tip the machine back, and wipe it down, during a refill cycle. I think if the machine had adjustable height, then even this wouldn't be much of an issue.

    Edit - I finally found out that if I am dripping solution or water back on to the carpet, it means I am using too much. If you have the same problem, try backing off on the trigger.

    - The reservoir is a little smallish, and it would be great if there were a bigger one, even if it were available as an accessory.

    - The biggest pain is when it comes down to serious cleaning, such as disassembling the scrubber assembly. It's not easy to take the scrubbers out, and give it a full inside-out cleaning. The removal of several screws, and some head scratching is required. The innards can often get quickly gummed up with hair, or other not-nice particles.

    You'll probably learn the rhythm of this machine, you squeeze the trigger in one direction, and release it going in the other direction....more info
  • Another Excellent Bissell Product
    I am not sure what the engineer was talking about but my new cleaner is vented in the back and if the turbo brush works any better it will rip up your carpeting. This is the best deep cleaning machine I have ever owned and I have had four or five over the years. I can't find anything wrong with it. The engineer does need to learn how to spell however. Being an engineer doesn't mean that you know it all, even if you think you do. I cleaned half my carpet with my Hoover Ultra and then the other half when my new Bissell arived and now I have to redo what I did with the Hoover, with the Bissell, so it will look clean like the area I did with the Bissell. Once again I think this is a really great machine! ...more info
  • I am impressed!
    I didn't think a cheap, inexpensive, household extractor would do a good job, but I was wrong. It does a great job. The spinning brissles do the trick, they really spin fast. It scrubs stains out better than a washing machine can get stains out from clothing. My friend uses this thing for house cleaning and she has been told many times that she does a better job than the carpet cleaning companies around our area. Reviewers mentioned the exhause being a design flaw because it breathes into the carpet. It is not a flaw, the warm air assists in drying the carpet. The turbo paw is fairly well built, it doesn't spin as quickly as the main brissles but it does much better than just a regular scrubber. I think peoples' expectations of the turbo paw are set high after seeing the floor extractor in action. I thinks it's great esspecially for $225. Can't top it.
    ONE TIP: After shampooing, you may want to go over the carpet one final time to get any excess water from the carpet, turn your heater OFF. The heater draws from the 12 amp motor which steals power from the sucking mechanism....more info
  • One of the best investments we've made!!
    I don't normally write reviews but I was compelled to say something about this one! We purchased the 9400 off of Ebay and I must say, it is absolutely amazing! I've used a few differant kinds of carpet shampooers (including a rug doctor and a few differant Hoover models) and this one just blows them all out of the water! It's bought new life to our carpets, it even got out old koolaide and grease stains out of our dining room. Our carpets look and feel brand new, and with two young kids and a dog, it's a great thing to have around. Honestly, even if you think your going to have to replace your carpets, try this out first, you might be surprized at what it can do! I'm not normally about dropping so much money on any one thing, but it's alot better than having to buy new carpeting in a few years! It's really easy to use, I LOVE the tank in tank thing b/c there's only one thing you have to take to the sink. The two rows of brushes leave your carpets freshly groomed, and can really bring all of the dog hair up and out of the floor. It does spit it out in hair balls, but it's supposed to do that so it doesn't clog up the machine. All of the tools work great except for the turbo brush, which is just kinda a joke. If you want to save some $$ though, try looking for the 9200 on Ebay and buy any extra tools you really need off of the bissell website. I was lucky enough to find the 9400 for $70, just check it out first, you never know!
    As for some of the problems other people have had... on ours the brushes do stop moving when it is upright so we can use the tools, but because on some other ones the brushes don't stop, be sure to check that when you get it. Also, I recomend following the directions on the review from the engineer and drill a couple of holes in the back for the exaust. We noticed that it was getting pretty hot after use, so we decided to do this and it helped increase the suction and it doesn't get hot anymore. Maybe this is why some people's machines poop out after only a few years, I imagine the motor would eventually burn out from overheating. It really is stupid that they put the exaust on the bottom of the machine, air can't really escape because it's right against the carpet. Just be carefull not to drill into something you're not supposed to!!!!! We only needed to carve out a couple holes about an inch above the existing exaust vents. I know some people have had a problem with suction, for us it exstracts about 70-80% of the dirty water, which is what is expected according to the bissell website. Also, if you have any problems, check out their troubleshooting page, there's some good suggestions on there that could really help you out or at least narrow down the problem.
    Everything said here, it's worth it's weight in gold!! Even if you have some of the problems that some others have had, they are repairable and it's worth the effort to fix because it works soooo great!!! Hope this helps!...more info
  • Dirty water collects on underside and drips into carpet
    After cleaning my front room with the 9300 model from Costco, I immediately returned it. About half way through cleaning I lifted up the cleaner on it's nose to look underneath and the underside was coated in big drops of dirty water. When pulling backward, most of those drips can be sucked up, but when pushing forward they will drip off the vaccuum, into your carpet, then you have more drips to get out. I certainly wasn't happy to see all the dirty drips that I had to work to get out, so now I'm back in the market for a home carpet cleaner....more info
  • Best Steam Cleaner
    Out of all the steam cleaners I have tried in the past 5 years, this one is the best. I had a really hard time finding a steam cleaner that actually cleaned up the red clay mud that my family and pets were dragging into the house. You'd be surprised at the amount of dirt it actually takes out of your rugs. To just think that your family was walking on all that filth and your children were playing on it with their toys. Yuck! With all it's bells and whistles, the Bissell 2x ProHeat Steam cleaner is the best!...more info
  • Wow!!!! Incredible!!!!!!
    I purchased the Proheat 2x a couple weeks ago and was incredibly surprised by how clean my carpets looked after cleaning them. They look brand new. I found no flaws with this product.

    I love all the detachment tools for stairs etc. I even cleaned one of my sofas. The suction within is incredible and my carpets seemed to dry within 2-4 hours . I had to refill and empty the tank often, but it was worth it. I highly recommend this product as its worth the money...more info
  • Same results as professional cleaning
    This is the first carpet cleaner I have owned and it works great. We had always used professional cleaners, but the costs added up and sometimes the people they sent were a bit dodgey. With two toddlers and full wall-to-wall carpet, certain areas of our carpets need cleaning every few months. I did tons of research, both online and asking friends. Seems like the Hoover and the Bissel are the best. Not sure how the hoover works but I was hearing about quality problems. I've used the Bissel a few times now and it's performed well. I was surprised, actually, at how clean it go the carpets. You'll get great satisfaction pouring the dark brown water down the sink, knowing you just took all that dirt out of your carpet!...more info
  • Love this thing!
    I am so glad I found this on Amazon! I borrowed a friend's and fell in 'love' with it! ...Didn't want to return it, but I did. So, I purchased this one from Amazon. It arrived in less than a week, and works beautifully. This will make cleaning up after my bad, bad dogs MUCH easier!...more info
    wow...i must admit, i did not think this cleaner would work as well as a commercial grade cleaner, but this is awesome! easy to use, and my carpets look brand new!

    i highly recommend this to everyone...especially those w/ pets or children (or messy room mates!)....more info
  • Far better than the Hoover model
    I am a floor freak. I love clean floors. This Bissell steam cleaner has a few flaws, but hardly anything is perfect the first time. And with the value you recieve for the price, it pays for itself in a just a couple of cleanings.

    I use the big orange all purpose cleaner (more than 1/2 the price less of the Bissell cleaner) and it works great! Better actually the the steam cleaner truck guy who use to do my carpet. I rarely write these reviews but felt the urge to promote a really well designed product that actually works. I used the attachment to clean some spots in my van and it worked OK. But as a floor steam cleaner it is the best I have ever had....more info
  • Best I've owned
    This machine is incredible. I've owned 3 other steam cleaners and this surpasses all by a mile. ...more info
  • Engineer reviews this cleaner
    As an engineer, I feel I'm qualified to not only review, but point out its design weekness. I cleaned the entire house with this unit before submitting a review. First and foremost, there is another model of this brand that is about $50 cheaper. Buy that one becuase this unit has an a rotating brush in it's Wand that is absolutely a joke. The brush on the wand rotates about about the same speed as you could turn a screwdriver (very slow). And, the brush is recesseed back into the head so you can't get a lot of action into the carpet. This was probably done because as soon as you touch the brush, it stops spinning. I find it insulting that bissell pawns this off as a functional item. I'd like to see them use it in an ad (hint: never used in any video because it just DOESNT WORK).
    Also, they need to redesign the water fill port so you can fill it with water from places other than just at the kitchen sink. The water needs refilling very often. if you use it like me (or as the instruction book tells you), a small hallway perhaps 20 feet long, you'll replace the water 3 times. Now the big design flaw. The 'exhuast' of the unit (opposite of what sucks the water back into the unit, is on the bottom side of the unit and with average carpets, the exhuast gets plugged by the carpet. If you slightly raise the rear of the unit when turned on, you can hear the motor sound changes pitch as if it were being un-plugged by something (just as you would from a regular vacuum). They should have designed it so the exhuast exited the side, or top of unit. Fortunitly, the exhuast holes are near the back, so a handyman with a drill and a small set of files can make a new 'vent' on the back side. This helped with sucking up more water. One thing to note, it's very important that you vacuum the rug first before using this unit. Real dirt will plug the unit up, and cause all kinds new stains/streaks in your carpet.
    Overall, the unit changed my very dirty carpet into a clean carpet again. You cannot do stairs with this unit as I have already said, the wand attachment is an insult, by bissell, to the the consumer (honestly Bissell, did you really think we wouldn't notice?).
    Would I buy again, yes, but the unit without the Wand to save $50.
    Couple of more things to note. You have to watch the color of the carpet to see if it's wet or not, very carefully because there's no indicator to tell you when your tank is empty. Also, there's been reports of heads that didn't stop rotating when the unit was upright and turned on. Mine functions properly so perhaps it's an early serial number thing.
    For stairs, I ordered a simple shampooer. The kind that dispenses water and has rotary brushes (but doesn't remove the water). When you want to remove the water, you'll need a shop vac. I also have a pump-up sprayer to use for rinsing the soap out after shampooing. In other words, this bissell unit has nothing to do with stairs.
    I haven't used it on non-carpeted floors yet....more info
  • Met expectations and then some.
    I have been using a shopvac carpet cleaner set up for a number of years now and while the results have always been satisfactory the amount of physical effort made cleaning carpets a chore to be avoided as long as possible. Finally, after cleaning the family room I realized I needed something that was a bit less labor intensive if for no other reason than time is a short commodity.

    After some research I settled on the 9400 because I liked the idea of the heated water and the extra brushes which I believed would decrease the number of passes necessary. Whether this was truely the case I can't say for sure, I can however say that it was such a breeze to use that in the first week I cleaned most of the carpets in the house and the kitchen floor to boot. The unit holds enough chemical to do a large room although I did change out the water several times. This however is a very easy and uncomplicated procedure as the canister just lifts off and the wastewater and cleanwater are both held in the tank. The cleanwater is in a bladder that compacts as it empties and becomes surrounded by the picked up water and detergent. Detergent is added in an easy to get to container in back.

    The unit is a bit heavy in total which made it a little cumbersome when doing my steps but the hose was long enough that from the landing and lower floor the attached power brush could reach them all. It also has a convenient handle located at the centerpoint of its handle that makes carrying pretty easy. I was a bit disappointed with the speed the portable powerbrush rotated as I think it would have been more effective a bit faster. The rest of the tools worked as expected. Using the main unit on carpet was hardly more effort than using an upright vacume. And while it probably took as long to use in the kitchen as a mop, using a clear rinse seemed much more effective at eliminating any residue and the result was outstanding. This unit takes so little effort to use cleaning the carpets is now only a minor chore, far less effort than the rental cannister types. The cost of the unit is not bad when compared to renting or hiring a service and since the unit is always around, cleaning can be divided into easy tasks. I was able to knock out a 10x12 room in about 15 minutes. As with all my Amazon purchases this one arrived much faster than expected.

    ...more info
  • Bissell 9400 Pro-Heat 2X Select Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner
    Very, very impressive cleaner. NOTHING bad to say about this carpet cleaner. It is easy to use, move, & change out water. It clearly removes plenty of dirt. One very questionable stain was completely removed with no traces. Easy transition from carpet to floor, to stairs. Rolls easy, no back pain!!!! And best of doesn't all....more info
  • I can't believe how clean our carpets are now. . .
    I've been wanting to steam clean our carpets in our house for a number of years now. We had them professionally cleaned before moving in (8 1/2 years ago!!). Three kids, a dog, and a cat later have reduced our carpets to what I thought, was their last legs. The carpets are probably 12 years old (they were not new when we moved in, I am guessing here).

    We have carpeting in our kitchen, our kitchen table rests on the carpet. You can imagine how dirty they look(ed) after years of spilled milk, cereal, wine, ketchup, etc... We had planned on ripping them up and putting in tile or Pergo in the next few years.

    So this past week our dog gets sick and really puts me over the edge here. I decide to rent one of those "Rug Doctors" at the grocery store. However, I realize that it will take days for me to clean all the carpets and I really don't want to have to shuttle the Rug Doctor back and forth to the grocery store (about 15 - 20 mins away). On a whim, I check out the reviews on Amazon and find that the Bissell 9400 is the real deal. There is even a reviewer mentioning his sick dog.

    So I decide to go with the Bissell.

    It was very well packaged, little boxes for all the accessories (there are a ton of them). There is even a mesh bag full of various cleaners (wish I knew that before I bought $60 worth of cleaners!!). The Bissell goes together in about 10 minutes (including the time it took to locate my screwdriver).

    I used the Bissell "Pet Strength" cleaner, taking two bottles to do two rooms (wayyy more than is required, but these were dirty carpets!!).

    It is a slow process, you have to push the cleaner forward, depressing the trigger. Move slowly, then pull back with the trigger depressed. A few passes more will remove the moisture.

    I didn't count the number of times I had to empty the resovoir and fill the water & cleaner. It certainly was a breeze to do.

    This first pass took me some 3 hours to do, but was well worth it. I am willing to bet that this will go faster now that they have been recently cleaned!

    I noticed a huge difference before they even dried!! The carpets were no longer soiled, almost all the food stains had been removed, the nap was much fluffier. I pulled out about a large handfull of cat/dog/human hair that the brushes spit up( This is normal and nothing to worry about, its much better in the trash than ground back into the carpet).

    Once they dried (overnight) and after a pass with our Kirby, they looked incredible!!

    My daughter walked barefoot on the cleaned carpet and on one in our family room (that is scheduled for next week). She said the clean one was a lot more cushier.

    When I walk in the house now, I am greeted by a nice scent (there is a scent in the pet-strength cleaner) and a very clean-looking carpet!

    I intend to clean our furniture as well as the rest of all the carpets. I'm beginning to believe that this will help with our allergies too....

    If you are on the fence about this, go for it! You will not be sorry.

    Oh, I mentioned above and will restate it. Do NOT use this like a vacuum cleaner, pushing and pulling at a fast clip. Go slow!! You will reap the benefits..

    Update: 8 Apr 2006

    Still very happy that we got this. Last weekend I completed the cleaning of all the original carpets in our home. I had to do all of our Master Bedroom in 3 passes (moved furniture around) because the pets loved to sleep under the bed, beside the dresser, etc). Before last weekend, the only "Original Carpet" uncleaned was the Master BR. The difference in smell when walking into the Bedroom was noticeable. (Before cleaning). We never noticed the pet odor because we were 'used' to it throughout the house. Once I cleaned the rest of the house, the odor in the remaining room stood out.

    After cleaning the Bedroom, I've noticed a very signifigant impact (for the better) on my allergies. Cleaning the carpets under the bed where we sleep made a huge difference.

    On another note, I cleaned a pet stain (from where our dog was sick) in my daughter's room. The carpet in there is only 6 months old. I couldn't believe the hair it picked up! I originally thought I could bypass all the new carpeting, but am in the process of cleaning all the new carpeting too!

    OK, in case you haven't guessed it... This was by far the best $250 I've ever spent!

    ...more info
  • Great steam cleaner!
    This is my first steam cleaner that I have purchased and I really didn't know which one to buy, but after reading the reviews I decided to purchase this one. I used the turbo brush on my microsuede reclining chair and it works really good and has good suction. There was a dried pee stain from my cat not from me that I didn't even know was under my chair and it got it out. I also just used the bare floor attatchement on my tile floor and was amazed at the amount of dirt that it picked up that regular mopping doesn't. In my opinion if you want to purchase a new steam cleaner this is the one....more info
  • Great Steam Cleaner!
    This is a really good steam cleaner - it has great suction and cleaning power and it is extremely easy to use....more info
  • pretty good
    It is a little bigger and heavier than I wanted but does work well on stains. My only other complaint is that it does not do any better on a hard floor than you can do with a regular mop and makes a mess with the water. ...more info
  • Great
    We purchased the Bissell 9400 to replace the Bissell that we had. It is fantastic. With the 12 rows or brushes, it fluffs the carpet up and makes it look almost new again. Our old Bissell only had 2 rows of brushes and I thought it did a good job until we used the 9400. We are very pleased with this purchase. We had to work on the turbo brush to get it to work after the first use, but we were able to get it working again. That is why I only rated it 4 stars. Overall, it is a great product....more info
  • Good for carpet but not for hard floors
    I purchased this thinking the scrubbing brushes worked for both carpet and hard floors. Turns out that when you put the hard floor attachment on the unit to suck up water on hard floors it raises up the unit so the scrubbing brushes no longer touch the floor. The hard floor attachment has a fixed brush on it (not mechanical) that you are supposed to brush across a hard floor in order to remove the dirt. It does not touch the grout between the tile.
    ...more info
  • carpet looks good BUT...
    I bought the 9400 to replace an old proheat clearview that up and died after about 9 years of close to monthly use in my family room (15x28). I was prepared for this to be awesome. The first tank of water I went to empty seemed less than full... so I started measuring. For the next 3 tanks of water, I never collected as much as 50% of the clean water. Something was wrong!

    I called Bissell customer support, these people were great. Their specs say the machine should collect about 80% of the clean water. I did some testing with them, the machine failed, and they sent me out a prepaid FedEx label to return the machine to them. As soon as my box was in the FedEx tracking system, they shipped me a new machine.

    So, now I was ready to start again... and fell flat... This time, the machine picked up about 1/3 of the clean water! I didn't bother to call Bissell again, I just took it back to the store where I orginally purchased it and got a full refund.

    My carpet does, however, look great... but I know I left behind way too much water in my carpet and padding... yuck! I'm disappointed. My previous Bissel was a wonderful machine. I was fully expecting this machine to be wonderful too. I guesss I'm going out to get a Hoover, and see how that goes....more info
  • Excellent Carpet Cleaner
    When we did the research to find out which steamer to buy, we read the great reviews on the Bissell 9400 Proheat 2X. We decided to buy it & were amazed at how well it got rid of 3 years of dirt, soil & food stains on our carpet. We were so ready to change the carpet in our family room, but we saved a bundle with the 9400. It looked brand new after it was steamed. We have a 22 month old, so investing in the 9400 was totally worth it. ...more info
  • WOW---the best--the greatest
    All I can say is this is the best scrubber on the market. Convenient--easy to use--great scrubbing action.

    Bissell has thought of every convenience there is. From where the knobs are placed to the turbo brush to the double scrubber bars.

    I recommend this to anyone.

    And Amazon has the best price I have ever seen. No tax---free shipping and quick delivery.

    THANK YOU Amazon and Bissell....more info
  • Reliablity is not good; Poor value
    I have had a ProHeat cleaner for about 6 years. It gets used 3 times a year to clean carpets and 6 times a year to clean tile floors. During this time the motor stopped working about 6 months after I purchased it. Bissell returned it with a refurb unit which had a broken cleaning fluid dispenser trigger. Since the repair I have repaired it twice due to a leaking hose and crimped hose that prevented the cleaning fluid dispenser from working. Repairing this unit is a nightmare. Anyhow the cleaning fluid pump stopped working permanently (today) and appears not to draw a suction anymore. I question the value of a these types of carpet cleaners when a rental is $20 a day. ...more info
  • Less than OK
    Very poor design. Not only do the bushes continue to move in the upright position which could easily damage your carpet, but they move in the wrong direction causing all the dirt to go the wrong way. All the dirt gets kicked to the back of the machine, while the suction is at the front of the machine. After about 10-15 passes, you'll get a dirtball all over your clean carpet. The side brushes are completely worthless, they were put there for looks. If they do anything, they push the dirt further down into the carpet. I gave it 2 stars because it did pick up some dirt in the vaccuum....more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat
    I was hoping for something better than what I had and this machine is ten times better than any carpet cleaning machine on the market, it works great. The only bad part is the double tank, but at how it cleans, I can live with it....more info
  • Great ! ! !
    This cleaner did an incredible job on my carpets. My carpets looked so bad that I was sure I would have to completely replace with new carpet. After researching different products and reading the good reviews on this cleaner, I decided to order it and give it a try, I'm so glad I did!!! It worked great and my carpets look fantastic. Old stubborn stains are gone, and heavy traffic areas look great. The carpets look new again. I Highly recommend this cleaner....more info
  • Quality Product
    I researched different deep cleaners before getting this. I have a new Great Dane puppy and needed something to help with the messes.

    This cleaner does everything it claims to. I have also used it to clean my garage floor to remove all the winter road grime. I used the included bare floor attachment and it worked excellently. Take note here that I used a fine push broom and a big shop vac to thoroughly get all loose material up first. Then I used the 9400 to *scrub* the whole garage floor. Before the cleaning I could leave a black foot print on paper after walking in the garage (even after sweeping). After the 9400 I was wrestling with the new puppy on the garage floor and didn't even get my shirt dirty.

    I've used it 20+ times in 3 weeks to clean up carpet accidents and general area cleaning and it has worked well. It is still operating perfectly. I have done a lot of carpet cleaning with the rented rug doctors and can safely say that this cleaner works much, much better. The heater works really well and will scald you when properly heated ( 1 minute run time). Unlike the rentals that spray cold even when the water is hot.

    I've also borrowed a friends Hoover (I forget the model) and the Bissel is much sturdier and works better. The Hoover was older but used the same concept.

    There are some negatives.

    I would have gotten the cheaper model had I understood the attachment system. The ?9200? works the same but has less attachments included.

    The rotating brush attachment is a joke.

    The other negative is small tank size. I barely get a full room before it is full/empty....more info
  • Poorly designed carpet cleaner
    I purchased a Bissell 9400 carpet cleaner from a local dept store. When I got it home, I put it together and tried it out first using the hand brush attachment to clean my couch. The suction power for getting the water back out of the fabric was pretty poor, and after a few minutes I noticed that the brushes on the carpet scrubber were still turning, even though the unit was in the upright locked position. This would wear a hole in your carpet if left this way for more than a few minutes. I finished cleaning the couch (you can't stop cleaning once half the couch is wet/clean or it will look bad). I figured the unit was defective and looked the next day at the online user manual. It stated in the online manual that "Once the product is in the upright position, the brushes automatically stop spinning. The Detent Pedal will activate the brushes." I exchanged the unit the next day for a new one, telling the return people that the unit was defective and the carpet brushes would not stop spinning even though it was in the upright locked position, and I was using the hand cleaning attachments. Taking the new unit home and putting it together I noticed that carpet brushes on the new unit would also not stop spinning, even though the unit was in the upright locked position. I looked in the hard copy of the manual that came in the box with the unit (the same manual that I had looked at online that same day), and they had placed a sticker over the section that said that the brushes would stop when the unit was in the upright locked position with text that read "The ProHeat 2X PowerBrushes will remain in motion even when the unit is in the locked and upright position. It is recommended that you do not leave your unit running in the upright position for more than 5 minutes at a time in order to prevent wear to your carpet or other floor surface".

    Now I ask you, how retarded is that???? You spend 10 or 15 minutes trying to clean your apholstery, while the carpet scrubber eats a hole in your carpet. There is an obvious (to me), screw-up in the design here. Rather than fix the problem with the permanent carpet eating floor brushes, they fix the manual to state that that's the way it is supposed to be. How are you supposed to be able to spend any time cleaning upholstery when the carpet scrubber is eating your carpet??? It wears out your carpet, as well as the brushes on the scrubber. TOTALLY STUPID DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • highly recommended
    i had a very bad experience with the rental machine before, they are heavy and hard to push. after reading all the positive reviews from the users. i picked the proheat 2x. i was so happy with the result. my carpet looks like 95% new now. oh... i forgot to mention i have 3 dogs and they had been abusing my berber carpet. with proheat 2x.. i dun have to worry about letting my friends see my dirty carpet. the only drawback is the tank is too small, in my opinion. because i have to keep changing the water quite frequently. may be i sprayed too much? :)...more info
  • End results were very impressive . . .
    We had no idea that our carpets were so dirty! The unit was simple to use and did an outstanding job removing deep deposits of dirt. It also did a great job getting rid of the visible stains. Overall it left the 6-year old carpets looking new....more info
  • Finally!
    I have been through the ringer with carpet cleaners and stain removers. We have a dog that vomits about once a week. Unfortunatley, he does not do this on our wood floor, which comprises most of our house, but rather he prefers to stain our carpet. I think it is the law with him.
    Anyways, I had no luck with the SpotBot I purchased so I was a little reluctant to try another Bissell Product. I saw the good ratings for the 9400 and figured I would give it a shot.
    It seems to have everything one could need on a steam cleaner and it even includes Scotchgard Protection. I tried the Bissell on a tough stain that had set in for a couple of months. Nothing could get it out not even the Rug Doctor from the supermarket.
    At first the Bissell did not totally get it out. So I tried it again with the hottest water I could get and heated the water with the built-in heater. Sure enough it got it out like a charm. I think Chem-Dry will have to find another customer now!
    Steam cleaners are kind of a pain to use with all the filling of tanks and solutions and they usually soak your carpet. But I finally found something that can get up just about any stain and leave my carpet clean as a whistle. We have a winner!...more info
    I do have to say that this cleaner is awesome! I live alone and work full time but also own a puppy who, over the months, has managed to create quite a stench in the apartment as he embedded his messes into my carpets. I cleaned them regularly using sprays and what not but it built up over time. I decided to get a carpet cleaner. I did my research and found this one to be the most highly rated. I also liked it's ease of use. I LOVE this machine. It truly is easy to use. It's also easy to assemble and it cleans beautifully. I used to walk into a doggy smell apartment and now it smells normal again! Thanks Bissell! I've gone on and on to my colleagues about this machine! It's awesome, highly recommended!...more info
  • Left new stains after removing the old
    After starting to slowly run the Bissell Carpet Cleaner up and down the carpet, I instantly noticed large clumps of wet carpet lint mixed with pet hair that the vacuum was leaving behind. When I inspected the underside of the vacuum, I noticed that the carpet scrubbers were kicking up so much lint that the entire underside of the vacuum was covered in it. That was from running the vaccuum over only 12 square feet of carpet! Even though I kept manually removing the lint every time that I changed out the water in the vaccuum, I ran into another problem. The collecting lint was getting saturated with the dirty carpet water, which would then drip back onto the carpet, making it dirty once again. No matter how frequently I cleaned the bottom of the Bissell, the carpets just could not get clean. Unless you own carpets that amazingly don't produce lint, I would not recommend this carpet cleaner. ...more info
  • I was amazed!!
    I was not expecting this to clean this good. I have owned a Hoover before and had bad luck with it. But that did not discourage me to buy another Hoover and I almost did. After reading the reviews about the new Hoovers it seem to me that the new ones was having the same problems as the one I had for two years. The Bissell 9400 is simple to put together and it rocks!! It might not have all the features that the Hoover does but boy does it clean carpets... and that is the main goal. I had stains that are over two years old that this thing took them right up. It has paid for itself on its first use by not having to buy new carpet. I recommend this to all.


    I have had this for over a year now and have done much cleaning. The machine is a deep cleaning carpet wonder. It will remove just about any stain and you will empty black sludge out of the tank that is has picked up. There was a huge difference in my carpets. I love the separate soap tank on the back of the unit. Some say it uses more soap than others but with the type that you have to mix the soap and water if you don't use all the mixture they say do not leave in the tank and to dispose of it. With this model you can leave the soap that you don't use in the tank for next time that you need it.

    The reason I am writing this review is this weekend (3/4/07) I used the attachments to scrub 3 couches. The attachments and cleaner did a phenomenal job. Again I was emptying black water out of the tank. My couches never looked better. The problem was that the floor brushes never stop spinning when using the attachments. The whole bottom part of the unit was red hot. I could smell rubber (belt) burning. I easily removed the brushes and continued cleaning. While cleaning I thought of a better solution. I installed a toggle switch it the upper housing to turn off the brushes. If you are going to do this it is the grey wire under the mid section of the housing of the upright part. I drilled a small hole in the housing to accommodate the switch and hard wired the grey wire to it. It was easy to do and now I can turn the brushes on and off.
    ...more info
  • Leaked heavily on first use
    I researched these cleaners quite a bit, and felt the 9400 was the most useful-feature packed. It went together easily and seemed to be of solid (albeit plastic) construction. We were excited to clean our pet-abused carpet, filled formula tank and filled the combined clean/dirty water bladder/tank. We turned it on to let it preheat water and as soon as it went on it FLOODED water on the floor. I mean a two foot puddle in less than 20 seconds!

    Promptly shut her down and inspected all connections. Called Bissel 800#, followed their very basic troubleshooting (are you sure tank is seated properly?, etc). Finally Bissel concluded the unit needs to be sent back. DEAD ON ITS VERY FIRST ATTEMPTED USE! Sure, Bissel is picking up the postage (to pick up old unit AND to ship me a new unit), but c'mon, how did this unit get out of the Bissel factory in the first place??!! In 14-20 days MINIMUM I was told I will get the new cleaner (7-10 for paperwork to get to me, mail time to Bissel, and ANOTHER 7-10 days for them to mail one back to me. I REALLY want to like this unit but right now I am very disappointed in Bissel Quality Assurance. I would have been much more impressed in Bissel had they "trusted" their customer enough to offer to send a unit out in parallel rather than making me wait 7-10 days for paperwork/instructions to arrive and mail time to send the dead unit back.) (If Amazon allows me to update review, I will add more when I get and use the new unit.)

    UPDATE: THey replaced my unit promptly and without hassle.

    Now that it works my review is two stars. It cleans OK, but as at least a couple others have said, it leaves soap and dirt residue as you back up. It does not pick up all the soap/faom and I often had to stop and wipe off excess foam from near the brush area.

    This thing is just OK....more info
  • Bissell 9400 ProHeat Rocks
    Got this the first day it came out, and it truely is the best cleaning machine i have ever used, hands down.

    ...more info
  • Love this thing
    I bought my ProHeat a few years ago and it is by far one of the best home purchases I have made. I use it all the time and it really does keep the carpets looking clean and new. We have pets and a toddler and there hasn't been a single stain it could not get out.

    Very easy to use...just like vacuuming. It cleans so much better than the rental cleaners. With what I paid to have my carpets professionally cleaned twice a year, I paid for it in six months....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    This machine is really worth every penny! I was hesistant to buy a deep cleaner but am very pleased with my purchase. I had an older deep cleaner and this machine out performed that by far! I love all of the new features on this machine such as the Turbobrush and edge to edge cleaning. The added features on this machine are great and I am so happy with the performance! Not having to tilt back the handle when I empty or fill the water tank is also very convenient. I really love the ease and convenience of this machine as well as how it makes my carpets look! Before using this deep cleaner my carpet had stains everywhere and now it almost looks new!...more info