Bissell 1200B SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

SpotBot Handsfree Compact Deep Cleaner

  • HANDSFREE CLEANING - Set SpotBot on the spot or stain, hit start and walk away
  • MANUAL CLEANING - Convenient hose and toos are stored on board for versatile cleaning of stairs, auto, and upholstery
  • UNIQUE SPIRAL BRUSHING - Safely and effectively brushes, sprays, and permenetly removes stains such as red wine, cola, fruit juice and coffee
  • AUTOMATIC SMART SYSTEM - Pre-programmed cycles for surface or set-in stains
  • Features:
    • Compact deep cleaner with hose and brush attachment
    • Effectively brushes, sprays, and permanently removes stains such as red wine, cola, fruit juice, and coffee
    • Pre-programmed cycles for surfaces and set-in stains
    • Switches to manual setting to clean up quick spots and spills
    • Large 24-inch-circumference brush head; limited 1-year warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Works Great!
      This is a great machine! I'm not sure what those who wrote a negative review expected, but the machine's name states exactly what the machine does: it cleans spots on carpets that you can't get out otherwise, unless you rent a steam cleaner. I really can't write anything more about the positive aspects of this machine that hasn't already been thoroughly described by others, and I have no negative comments. So, I'll just add my 5 Star Vote to the tally and end by stating that we are VERY happy with this little cleaning machine. Chances are that you will be as well....more info
    • For Small Spots Only!
      The name says it all--it's a SPOT bot. The fact that it has a hand attachment is deceiving. It makes you think you can clean larger areas too. But the hand attachment is pretty much worthless. I bought this SpotBot to clean some smaller high traffic areas of carpet that were grey and dingy. I started with the hand attachment and scrubbed with it for about 15 minutes in one 12" square to see if I could see a clean spot emerge. No such luck. I couldn't see any difference at all, even after it dried. I then tried the self-scrubbing function. After 3 minutes of the machine working, there was a nice, circular space about 6" in diameter that was startlingly clean. So that part certainly works. But it would be nearly impossible--taking hours and hours and gallons of cleaner--to clean a high traffic area of only 2x4 feet. So unless your only use for this machine is to clean up small spots smaller than a grapefruit, I wouldn't recommend it. (I also tried it on my microfiber couch, and the solution left water marks on the edges of where it was applied, also making it worthless for spot cleaning. ...more info
    • Great
      I love this little machine. I works great for small spills and pet mistakes (of which there are a lot in my house.)

      I wish it was a little lighter but other than that, I love it....more info
    • You need this if you have pets and kids!
      I have had a large carpet cleaner for some time, but seldom got it out when there was a small stain or spill. I got this machine and keep it ready to go and there is no more hassle when the kids or pets have some kid of accident. Grab the machine and it goes to work. If you get it done at the time of the accident, it is pretty miraculous in making it disappear. For older stains you might have to go over it more than once, but I still got good results. I agree with another poster that it seems to have a slow leak if you leave the tank full, but I just stick it in the garage where it doesn't matter if a little liquid drools out. It does leave the carpet a little damp so I usually "blot" to dry afterward and fluff the carpet back into position....more info
    • Works great!!
      I just purchased this carpet cleaner yesterday from Lowes for $129. I would have gotten the one from Amazon but I didn't have time to wait and if I paid for faster delivery it would have cost more than Lowes price.

      This machine is very easy to use and works well. I had a printer ink spot on my light beige carpet that has been there for about 2 plus months and after 2 treatments with the Oxy 2 solution it was dramatically lighter. I was going to do another run on it but wanted to do some other spots to test the machine out. We moved in about 2 months ago and even though the carpet had been professionally cleaned prior to moving day by the folks moving out the rigors of moving in have left the carpet a mess. The spotbot has had no problem with the many stains on the carpet and the steps. The carpet was no more wet after the Spotbot than with any other carpet cleaner. It does use alot of the solution and I will definately buy the solution from Amazon as the price is far better than in the store. I didn't experience any "crop circles" post cleaning although I would imagine that would depend on how dirty your carpet is. I haven't experienced any leaking but then again I have had it less than 24 hours. So far so good....more info
    • Easy and it works!
      What an improvement over other Bissell items (Little Green machine, etc.). I vowed I'd never get another Bissell but after reading the reviews, I risked it and I;m glad I did! I followed the "put your cleaner in a spray bottle with some water and spray the area, then clean with the machine and plain water" and it worked very well. For an old, stubborn "I've tried everything including the big machine" stain, I squirted the OxyGen straight on it, rubbed it into the carpet fibers with my fingertips a little, waited for 5 minutes and then cleaned it with the machine and plain water. GONE!!...more info
    • The best machine ever!
      I bought this item at sears to clean up my couch before Thanksgiving. I was going to spend $150 for a professional cleaning service but started running out of time. I saw it in the store and picked it up. I have 4 cats and 2 dogs so the couch sees a lot of traffic and messes. Not to mention the red wine I spilled 1 year ago.
      I have washed the cushion cover multiple times with no luck, the stain was always left behind.
      I brought the spot bot home, set the cushion on the floor with the spot bot on top and set it to the set in stain procedure. after 10 minutes the stain was gone. I'm seriously thinking this machine is magic! The best investment ever. I wish I hadn't thrown out my stained area rug 4 months ago!...more info
    • Cleaned up my dogs favorite "MISHAP" area in a breeze!
      After reading the reviews about the circular spot area left behind, I was a bit gun shy to use the product but the results are so impressive that I have to share my experience with others. I call the carpet cleaning service every six months, at least, to clean our stairs and one "choice" spot in particular. I purchased the spot bot to treat this area and it worked like a charm. It was amazing how quickly it removed something which seemed to be permanent within a short 6 minutes. I used the hand held wand with equal success. I quickly recommend this product to others with similar maladies....its just plain great....more info
    • DO NOT BUY!!!

      Used this machine on a few pet stains with the enclosed liquids. All it did was make a mess!...more info
    • tsquared72
      Love Love Love this product! We have 3 cats and one of then loves to eat plants and barf all over the carpet all the time!!!!

      I had a Little Green previously which I also adored until I saw the Spot Bot. Seriously you just set it down and turn it on!!!

      My only complaint is that you have to sort of take a towel and rub out the freshly cleaned area so that you don't see the "swirl" area in the carpet. Otherwise this item works perfectly!!

      I'd read the other reviews where they said that the brushes left color on the carpet. This never happened to me! I would buy this product again and again and again!!! I can't wait to see what they come up with next!...more info
      For the negative comments about no spray, I may be able to help. My spot bot did begin to no spray but for me the cap was to tight. Just snug up the cap not to tight. As for the remaining water left behind just use the wand and suck up the left over water. When the clean water was all used up I dumped the dirty water back into the clean tank to check the water level and water left behind into the carpet and and it was close to the fill line so it did good. Always keep your spot bot CLEAN !! PARTS, AND INSIDE HOSE. Treat it good and It will last. Does a perfect job!! A ++...more info
    • Ten stars, at least!
      I read many reviews before purchasing this product. Yes, it leaves a slightly damp spot, you can blot that up while re-fluffing the carpet. Or not. It dries quickly. With an old dog and old cat at home, we find this is nothing short of a wonder. Position the Spot Bot, push a button, done. Carpet clean and fresh smelling. Easy to clean an refill. Go for it!...more info
    • Nice little machine to have handy...
      I don't buy a lot of appliances or gadgets, as I've learned the hard way that most of them end up covered in dust in a closet. My light colored carpeting forced me to start looking for something stronger when the vacuum won't cut it. I was attracted to the SpotBot mainly because of its size. Its very compact and makes efficient use of its body -- with the hose and attachments wrapped around its sides.

      I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this item performs as promised. It cleans up stains both in automatic mode and with the hose. As others have mentioned, it cleans up so well in automatic mode that it leaves a big clean circle where the brushes rotated. My solution has been to just use the hose and clean stains manually. This eats up a lot of cleaning solution though. I'm already on my 3rd bottle and I've had the SpotBot only about 6 weeks.

      I would have given this another star except for one problem. When you fill the tank with solution, you have to use the entire tank in that session. Whatever is unused has to be dumped. I don't see anyway around it. If you leave the cleaning solution in the tank, it leaks (at least mine did.)

      When I got the machine, I went around and spot-cleaned a number of little stains, and used several full tanks of solution. Now that I'm caught-up, so to speak, for every small new stain, I don't need a full tank. I have to try and fill the tank accordingly or else dump whatever is left. I wouldn't normally care but the solution isn't easy to find and it's expensive to ship. If you get irked over waste, this may annoy you.

      Other than that, I would recommend this machine and would buy it again.

      ...more info
    • Spot Bot Review
      Product not exactly what I thought it would be. I was disappointed to find it for $60 at BJ's the week following my purchase. Ease of use is not what it should be and I think if it had better suction that would be an improvement.m Also disappointed that I had to purchase the attachment. For the price it should have been included....more info
    • Comments as it ages
      My spotbot just died, after 2 years of service. I'm not going to repeat other things people have said, just that:

      1) I believe that it was worth the money.
      2) It have kids. Stuff gets spilled on couches and chairs. The handheld attachment did a good job of getting that stuff out.
      3) I have 2 cars. Kids spill stuff in cars. Both the main unit and the heldheld attachment did a great job of shampooing the carpet in the car.
      4) I have had 3 dogs. The spotbot successfully removed vomit and excrement without any problems, with the exception that it could never completely remove the urine smell that one of the dogs left when it was very young.
      5) It was able to get up many accidents that my kids had when they were potty training.

      In short, if you have kids and dogs, this is a great little device. One warning I would give, is that some people recommend that you use vinegar as a substitute for the shampoo. I think if you do this, you will reduce the life of your spotbot. The seals start to leak. But the vinegar does an awesome job and costs a lot less. ...more info
    • Stopped spraying
      I would've given 5 stars when I bought it 2 months ago, but now, like some reviewers said, the spray stopped working. We checked for clog and turns out problem with the spray pump, now will have to take it to a service center to have it fixed. For those of you who are interested in getting one, I'd say wait for a bit to see if they'll have a newer model with the problem resolved.

      I also have had issues with the stained spot getting bigger after cleaning it, so what i did was use some spot shots (carpet cleaner), spray it on the smeared stain, and restart another cycle of "stain-in", the whole area gets cleaned after the second cycle....more info
    • Great little product!
      I've used the SpotBot quite a bit since getting it, primarily on dog-related spots, and I'm very satisfied with it. I recommend using OxyGen along with whatever other product you're using -- it seems to be a bit more effective, especially on older stains. SpotBot does leave a circular mark on the carpet, but using the hand-held hose afterward removes it and lets you extract a bit more moisture, as well. The beep that sounds at the end of the cycle is a bit annoying, but it is effective in keeping me on-task. I definitely am glad I made the purchase....more info
    • a must for party clean-up
      The other reviews are pretty accurate. This thing is great at cleaning random stains on carpet and upholstery. I was worried that it would leave "clean" spots on older carpet as some of the other reviewers mentioned, but so far it has been perfect - the carpet looks just like it did before the spill(s).

      If you get this, you can pick up the cleaning solution easily (and cheaply) at Walmart. ...more info
    • Great for toddler spills and pet stains
      Cleans great, but does require a lot of the cleaning solution. If you can find a good deal on the solutions then you are all set. We have used the hose on our microfiber couch and it works well. The spot treatment gets stains out well, but it seems to use a lot of solution in the process. Definitely worth the money if you have young children and/or pets....more info
    • Bissell SpotBot Hands Free Deep Carpet Cleaner
      Excellent Product! It worked perfectly on all the spots on my family room carpet. I have 2 dogs, and some of the spots had remained on the carpet for years, in spite of frequent cleanings. This machine removed them. I Love It!!...more info
    • Great little machine
      I just love this little machine. I bought the spotbot a month ago due to the fact that I am having trouble potty training my dog. I have a small dog and I get tired of dragging out the big carpet cleaning for little spots. This cleaner works well and is so easy to grab and hit spots as they happen. I have brand new carpet so I don't have any set in stains to try it out on but I've loaned it to a friend and she just raves about it. It's quick and easy to use and I would recomend it to anyone....more info
    • SpotBot
      Providing all you want to do is clean spots, this is an excellent spot cleaner for stains and there is a hose attachment for manual cleaning. ...more info
    • I'm in love with this machine!
      After spending years lugging a large upright cleaner, we got two new puppies. The large unit was SUCH a hassle and the messes were often. I was fed up! I ordered this and am so very happy I did! I wish I had bought this as soon as they came out for the two kids' messes and traffic areas! I took advice of other reviewers and put only water inside the unit and spray my own carpet cleaner directly on the spot. Also, I prefer using the handheld attachment for fear of the crop circles mentioned in other reviews. Who knows, I may venture toward the hands-free eventually but for right now, I'm very happy doing the attachment myself. I'm a small gal and this compact unit is so much easier on me! Very happy! I've recommended it to many already!...more info
    • Love this Bissell SpotBot
      I bought this product so I could get my carpeted steps clean without using the regular heavy carpet cleaner I use to clean entire rooms. This product was very easy to use and the hand held tool worked great on cleaning my steps and various other stains. Even though the cord was fairly long, I still needed a three-pronged extension cord to do my stairs. I used the hands-free feature on two sets of set-in stains. The first set-in stain came out well; the second was more stubborn and didn't come out using the SpotBot and the Little Green formula sample that comes with the SpotBot. I am going to try a different cleaning solution on the stubborn stains. I am very glad I bought this product, though. It makes carpet cleaning much easier when you don't have to lug out the big, huge cleaner for small jobs. I paid $117 and got free shipping. It was worth it to me....more info
    • Great product.
      Like it described. Cleaned really well on stained carpet. However, I wish it was a little lighter. ...more info
    • So Far, So Good
      After my 2nd Bissell steam cleaner caught my carpet on fire due to a defective motor, I swore I'd stay away from this company. But I have a pet, and I needed something for the stairs, and the wands just don't do the job. It is a bit pricey, but it works better than my Hoover steam cleaner. Plus there is virtually no effort involved. It cleaned deep stains in my thick carpet without marring the texture or leaving any type of smell whatsoever. Bissell products certainly aren't the most reliable, so if it's anything like my steam cleaner it won't last. I'll just have to cross my fingers....more info
    • SpotBot failed (no spray)
      Used 2 or 3 times in first month , then stopped spraying. Unit now in for service. Either clogged somehow or pump malfunctioned. Had a previous SpotBot for two years on which large plastic gear gear stripped teeth so brushes did not rotate. Liked unit so much got this new one. Bissell very helpful by phone to try to get it going and then said to take to service site....more info
    • Worthless if you have at least one hand
      I usually rely on Amazon customers for intelligent insight into great products. This time, I was really disapointed when I followed their advice. The unit is a silly piece of junk designed to do nothing more than consume Bissel cleaning products. The brushes are so weak that you would have to be the most lethargic person on the face of the Earth to provide less effort. Plus, going back to consumables, I used an entire tank on just two stains. TO make matters worse, the stain was still there after the 6 minute cycle on each!

      Honestly, the best results I have had is using a carpet cleaner in a spray can (that I bought at Sams), and a cloth. This machine is nothing more than a gimmick. If you are interested in wasting money and creating more landfill-destined junk, than buy this unit. Otherwise, save your money.

      Amazon shoppers, you really got this one wrong. I forgive you though -- your record is still pretty good. :-)...more info
    • Normally I don't like 'gadgets' that supposedly make tasks easier, but it does!
      I have two toddlers, two cats, and a whole lot of stains in my carpet each week. The machine is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to clean up and store. The biggest benefit is that I get to do other chores while the machine works on each spot. It is great for multi-tasking. It has saved me a lot of time, and it does a better job than I could do with my hands. It has two cleaning modes (3 min and 6 min) and it beeps when done. I just move the machine to my next problem, and start it again. Normally, I despise 'time-saving' gadgets that are a pain to set up and clean, but the designers really got it right on this one. My only gripe so far? The cord on the machine is fairly short. Occasionally I have to pull out an industrial extension cord to reach parts on my stairs, etc. Also, it does go through a healthy amount of cleaning solution. Do yourself a favor, and go to Costco and buy the Bissell carpet cleaning solution in bulk. Buying small bottles in the grocery store will put a serious dent in your wallet....more info
    • Great
      Just the thing for those unexpected spills and messes. Does a good job in a hurry. ...more info
    • Awesome Cleaner
      I love this cleaner so much I'm considering a bigger unit to clean my entire house. I bought this to clean up small areas but it works so great I'm amazed. I used the product on some really old dining room chairs that had been sitting in a basement for years. The fabric that covers the seat showed water damage stains and after using this product/cleaners they look awesome. They may not look brand new but they do look a lot better and save me from having to recover the chairs.
      I would recommend buying the optional tray to set the cleaner on before and after use....more info
    • Made spots worse!
      Contrary to the majority of the highly rated reviews on the SpotBot, I have had nothing but bad luck with it. I have several pet stains on my carpet that have been an eyesore for quite a while now, in fact, those spots were the main reason I broke down and purchased the SpotBot.
      Thanks to this device, these 3 and 4 inch spots have been increased to perfectly circular 6 inch spots. All the SpotBot did was spread the stain around in a circle and increase it's size. I keep my carpets in my house immaculate ... they are not dirty. So this new spot is NOT a large "clean" spot, it is most definitely a dirtier spot than what it began as.
      I have gone over each of the spots twice now with the SpotBot, trying each of the included cleaning solutions. No luck.
      This just goes to prove that if a device seems too good to be true, it most definitely is....more info
    • Pretty darn good
      So glad I bought this. I really thought about getting the Pet Spot Bot since I have animals, but this really took care of all the stains in my home. Even the stain I have had for YEARS. It worked great on the chair I had to clean as well although I was a little nervous. Also, it didn't completely scare off the cats - which is a great thing for me.

      Recommended for anyone that doesn't want to haul how the heavy duty cleaner.

      Kinda wish it came in a different color, but that's just my color senses talking. =D...more info
    • Love at first spot!
      This was love at first spot! I love this little machine. Having two kids under 3, this little green gem is a must! I cleaned a spot within an hour of it arriving at my door. I wish I had bought it long ago. I only wish it cleaned a bigger spot since throw up, spit up and spills aren't usually confined to a 4" circle. ...more info
    • good purchase
      I have had the spot bot for a couple months and with one year old twins, I seem to using quite often these days. It is simple to use and virtually does all the work for you. You may need to turn the manual suction on after a cleaning as it doesnt soak up ALL of the water from carpets. I used the manual use for cleaning up my cloth rocking chair from when my twins were very new and it had spit up all over it due to reflux. It did a great job cleaning it up even though it had been there for months and months. It is quite loud, I wish it was a little quieter. Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase. I hope that this will last throughout the years. Sidenote: buy extra formula, it goes through a lot during one cleaning. 4 stars!...more info
    • Spot bot cleaner review
      I just used the spot bot cleaner - it was GREAT! However, I did not use it for spot removal. Instead, I cleaned the entire stairs and landing with it using the manual mode. It did a really good job, I am so impressed with it. The dirt that was extracted was black. I think it was well worth the money and highly recommend it....more info
    • Just what I was needing!!
      I was a bit reluctant to purchase this item because of some of the less than good reviews I'd read. I am glad that I did! I had some carpet stains that were caused by a water leak. We fixed the leak but the stains were still there and pretty unsightly.
      Vacuumed the floor well, and followed the directions for filling the machine with solution. Set it down over the spot and hit the button. And went on about my work!! When it finished, I moved it to the next stain. My only gripe is that I had to refill the solution tank a few times to get the entire area, but it IS after all, a "compact" machine and it does say it's a "Spot Bot"! Yes, it did leave the carpet rather too damp, so I simply used the brush and manually went back over the spots and suctioned up most of the moisture.
      I also didn't receive the storage tray for the machine, but when I contacted the company, they immediately sent me the tray, free of charge.
      I am totally pleased with my Spot Bot AND with the service I received from Bissell. My carpet is clean in record time and blends right in with the rest of the worries!...more info
    • SpotBot
      The SpotBot works pretty good. The only problem with the machine is that is does not seem to have enough suction to remove all the water leaving the carpet or fabric damp when using the manual setting....more info
    • I love it!
      This is one of the best products I've ever owned. With 3 kids and cats, we are constantly using the Spot bot. It is so much more convenient than pulling out our big carpet cleaner. I would highly recommend it....more info
    • We love it.
      We haven't had it terribly long yet but have used it several times. We were surprised that some marks on our carpet came out simply by using water! That saves a lot of moulah, so we always try that now, b/f using the expensive stuff on it next. The neverending beep IS annoying, I admit. (who let that pass?) But, other than that, we love that everything is right there that you need, and stores well on the machine, and emptying the containers is sooo easy and mess-less. Love it. It's so great to just set the thing to work and come back 4-8 minutes later (when it beeps at you and won't stop) to either move it to the next spot or turn the thing off for crying out-(happy-clean-carpet)-loud....more info
    • semi false advertising
      The specs for the SpotBot claim a 24 inch circumference which some people would take as 24 inches wide. The actual diameter is 24 inches divided by Pi which is really 7.6 inches. A clever deception indeed!...more info
    • Saved me from replacing my living room carpet!
      I spilled a full glass of red wine on my light beige living room carpet. I tried several products to clean it, and although the red was gone, a dark greyish stain was left behind. A friend with an elderly incontinent dog told me of her success with the Spot Bot. I was ready to replace my carpet as the wine stain was right in the middle of the room and impossible to hide. I purchased the Spot Bot thru Amazon. It completely cleaned the stain! I was amazed! Yes, the problem exists that it left circles of cleaner lighter carpet where the stain used to be. I have since discovered that using a carpet cleaning product other than an oxygen product solves that dilemma. I used Folex, mixed with water in the machine on other smaller and much older spots and stains on my carpets throughout the house. They came out beautifully without leaving the lighter circles on the carpet. Once it was dry and vacuumed, you couldn't tell where the stains had been. I love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone!...more info
    • Nice to have, would definately buy again.
      This is great choice for a cleaner. I can't tell you how nice it is to push a button and leave it to clean. There are 2 things that make me rate it as a 4 and not 5: 1. It uses a lot of cleaner solution!!! Do yourself a favor and buy it in bulk. 2. The annoying beep when finished. It will just keep beeping every 10-20 seconds until you return to push the stop button. Otherwise fabulous product!...more info
      Before I purchased the SpotBot, I did a lot of research over the Internet, reading reviews of a number of diffeerent machines. The SpotBot got very good reviews, and I found them helpful. The machine is easy to use, and the instructions are generally easy to understand. Yes, it does make noise, but so does any vacuum. I also liked the fact that it signals you when the cycle is over. I used it on some very old stains, and the cleaner did a good job. I haven't used it on a fresh stain. I do agree with the person who mentioned that the SpotBot leaves a large circle where it has cleaned. I used the hand tool on smaller spots, and that worked just fine. You can use it after the hands-free cycle finishes to prevent the large circle. I'd actually prefer to use the hand tool, unless I have a very large or very dirty spot. Yes, you do have to use a lot of fluid. The one instruction that could have been clearer was the one for cleaning the hose. It's actually very easy amd quick when you fill a bucket with several inches of water and press the hand tool on the inside of the bucket. The water vacuums right up. All in all, I'd recommend the SpotBot hands-free cleaner. ...more info
    • Wish I could rank it higher than 5 stars
      So many of the complaints are true-it does use a lot of cleaner, and it does leave a wet spot, and if your carpet overall is dirty it will leave a clean spot, but in my mind these are prices well worth paying. Why? Because 2 days after we got this my 4 year old spilled an entire cup of red fruit punch on our new off white carpet. We rushed for the Spot Bot, and within a few minutes the stain was gone. I mean gone. No hint of red anywhere. We've also used it on some older stains-coffee spills, cat throw up, etc, and all of these came up. Sometimes it took more than one cycle, but again, who cares? The bottom line is that the stains are gone. This product works as advertised. We love it!...more info
    • 2 dogs, 1 baby, clumsy adults, spotbot, clean carpets
      I received my spotbot as a gift last Christmas and it is April now. After months of us, I stoked to have it. I also have a upright carpet steamer, which works great too, but for small spills, I use the wand to vacuum up the liquid. Then use the wand to spray the area with the cleaner, then without scrubbing, I vacuum again, and repeat until the spill is gone. For set in stains, I use the automatic deal, but for a quick spill I prefer the wand.
      ...more info
    • Seriously Impressed
      We got this little gem a few days back. Seeing as our two cats didn't vomit as soon as we got home, we found a couple of stains that were of unknown origin.

      These two stains were in the carpets when we moved in over two and a half years ago. They stayed after we cleaned the carpet with a rental machine. They stayed after the professional cleaner went through the house. They survived repeated stares with the Evil Eye. With hot water only (no soap in the tank), the spotbot removed the stains on the first try.

      It's a strong buy recommendation as far as I am concerned....more info
    • love the spot bot
      THis little guy eats the spots up. It erases pet spots. I was very happy that I recierved it in despite not paying for fast delivery turns out I only live 30 miles from Amazons Northren Nevada distribution warehouse, makes me more likely to buy thru Amazon tho. I was Skeptical of this little machines performance, but I am very happy with this purchase, also works great for car seats, and carpeting....more info
    • Great Cleaner
      I used this product on cat vomit stains I had on an oldish berber carpet we have. It did a great job cleaning the stain and the circled area the cleaner was sitting on. There are now two nice clean circles where the machine cleaned which makes the carpet look dirty overall now, but if this was used on a clean carpet to begin with I wouldn't have had this problem. The area was pretty wet after the cleaner finished, so I used the wand to suck up some more of the moisture and the rest dried in 24 hours or so.
      I followed the instructions that some of the other reviewers used. Instead of filling the solution/water mix tank with solution and water, I filled it with hot water only. I then sprinkled Resolve carpet cleaner on the stain and selected the set in stain button. It worked great!...more info
    • Buy it!
      I love, love, love this thing!

      I have a cat with irritable bowel syndrome who vomits all over my rug at least two to three times a month. The SpotBot has answered all of my prayers. It cleans up the mess with no evidence left behind and it does it with absolutely no effort on my part. Just press the button and let it do it's thing.

      I can't say it strongly enough....this is a GREAT product!

      The down side...I can't think of one!

      Bottom line, if you want a product that performs as advertised you can't do better than the Bissell SpotBot!...more info
    • Worth Its Weight In Gold
      The SpotBot is a godsend.

      We have three cats, all of them long-haired suckers who seem to LIVE for the opportunity to puke up hairballs on the floor. GACK! So when the first SpotBot hit the market, we picked one up.

      Our SOP up until there was to pick up the hairball with a paper towel, spray the area with water, soak that up, spray again with cleaner, soak that up, spray with clean water at least twice and soak that up. Bring in the pros once a year.

      The SpotBot probably pays for itself with the paper towel cost savings over the year! And I don't get carpal tunnel syndrome from the darned spray bottles, either. Our first SpotBot died after a year or so of very heavy use and unconscionable abuse...first of all, my toddler was convinced it was a small horse, and she took every opportunity to straddle the thing and sit on it. This is when it started making horrible grinding noises, and a few months later the brush quit rotating. So don't let your kids try to ride the SpotBot. I also got really, really super lazy about cleaning it out, and I'd let the nasty water sit in it for days...the tank understandably clouded up and eventually probably molded. So don't let yourself be lazy.

      After the poor thing was in such bad shape, we picked up another. I still love it!

      Let me address some of the issues I've seen others write about:

      Leaves Little Crop Circles In Your Carpet:
      Um...yes and no. We've got a cheap, contractor-grade carpet & a pad with a single upgrade. No berber. If you run the SpotBot and lift it up, YES, it leaves an area which has been disturbed by the brushes and which is still a tad wet.
      SOLUTION: Stack up three paper towels, press them into the "crop circle" to wick away as much water as you can (stand on `em, works well) and take an extra 30 seconds to rub away the "crop circle" while the carpet is still drying. They completely disappear, gone by morning. I have done this literally hundreds of times and will vouch for it.

      Only one caveat: If you've gone too long without a real carpet cleaning, you'll end up with lighter "crop circles" in your carpet where the Bot was. But how is THAT the Bot's problem? And we've NEVER had the "darker shampoo circles" problem...perhaps they have that problem because they don't wick the leftover water out?

      The only time I have ever had the Bot leak is when I've managed to overflow the intake tank by sucking up a lake of water so fast that the automatic shut-off didn't have time to react. It's an effort to get it to do this. Never had a problem otherwise.

      And really, that's it. Don't like the cleaning solution that comes with it? We've done that...just spray the area with your favorite carpet cleaner (Stanley Steemer has a good one), let it sit for a few minutes (really, you should let all cleaners sit for a few minutes. They need this time to do their up with some of Don Aslett's books for more on that), and then use just plain water in the Bot to act like a rinsing and agitating mechanism. Works great.

      Cat threw up behind the couch six months ago and you never knew it? Now the stain is completely set in, dry, crusty, and horrible. No problem. Grab what you can get with a paper towel, then spray it directly, gently and carefully with plain water. Let sit for 5're trying to soften and rehydrate this stuff. (Yuck!) Wick with a paper towel, you'll be surprised how much you get up this way. Spray again HARD (now you're using water pressure to loosen it) and sic the Bot on the area. I've only had one stain that didn't come out this way, and it was bad enough that I used a bleach pen (yeah, I know, WHAT carpet warranty?) to get it out. Rinse REALLY well after that! I suspect it was the dye in the cat food that caused that.

      I love the SpotBot, it works great! I recommended it to one of the local vet techs and SHE now swears by it, too.

      Worth. Its weight. In Gold....more info
    • Does the job.
      If you own cat(s), this is great. Set it and forget it. Cleans like new....more info
      i can't stop playing with this thing!! I could not wait to order this thing. Well it instantly became my new toy! It is wonderful! I nearly spent half the day running around the house finding spots to clean! it sounds like a vacuum cleaner and takes about 5 minutes and then makes a little dinging sound when it is done. I did find that it does not take much soap at all and can leave soap residue as one person mentioned. Here is how i remedied this situation I found a carpet spray at the dollar store. I spray the carpet and then just clean that I don't add the soap to the water in the unit. I honestly believe that using just water would also be beneficial and is a good thing to do as you learn how to use it...It comes all ready to go which is fantastic! I have nearly cleaned the whole carpet with no effort at is my new toy and i just love it...more info
    • All But Perfect!
      I purchased the Bissel SpotBot from Amazon using a gift certificate that I received for a wedding gift. I'm extremely pleased with it. We live in an apartment with very pale-beige carpets and have a cat and dog who always seem to make messes! I've had great success cleaning up mud and pet stains with this machine, using both the automatic mode and the hand-held wand attachment. The only thing that I didn't have much luck with was getting freshly-spilled coffee cleaned up; it did a fairly good job but still left a bit of a "shadow" on the carpet. Overall though, this little machine is a savior for apartment life!...more info
    • Out, out, damned spot!
      My knees just won't take the "get down, spray, scrub, rinse, repeat bunches of times" routine anymore. Thanks to the mostly positive reviews here I decided to take a chance on SpotBot. See, I have this little dog. She had an injury some time back that makes her a bit incontinent. She's tiny so she makes tiny spots, but boy howdy can she make a lot of them. This machine is wonderful! On SpotBot day I just move the machine to the next spot, push the button, and go do other things. (Pausing occasionally to refill the tank.) One of the most vigorous negs that I have seen here seems to be that it leaves circles of clean in the carpet. My carpet overall is not terribly dirty. I hire carpet cleaners for that. So I haven't really had the clean circles syndrome, just no more stain. Of course, I sometimes get stains other than pet stains, too. Old, new, big or Pomeranian-sized - no problem, just push the button. My experience has been that this little machine is downright terrific!...more info
    • Worked great, for only a few months
      I was very pleased with this product when I first bought it. I own an older cat who has his share of messy hairballs among other pet accidents. I would use the automatic mode to get stains out initially, and then the manual mode to finish the clean up. It took several rounds of the automatic setting, but pet messes would eventually come out.

      Around the third or fourth time I took it out for these accidents, about 6 months after I bought it, the automatic mode would not turn the brushes and the engine started smoking. I immediately unplugged it and called their support line. They were pleasant, but told me I would have to take it to a local repair center. I did that, but that was 3 months ago and they have yet to return my machine. There has been a part on order for this entire time. I have yet to get my machine back and they cannot tell me when it will be ready. In the meantime, I have rugs that I would like to clean.

      I don't have much hope for getting my machine back in working order and I'm currently researching other brands. I just wanted others to be aware of the short lifespan on my machine. ...more info
    • A must have for parents
      Works great if you have messy children or pets. Easy to use. You do have to buy the special Bissell cleaning solutions....more info
    • Love my Spotbot
      I purchased my Spotbot from Target on a clearance endcap. They were clearing out the original Spotbots as they were getting in the new "pet" Spotbot. I couldn't be happier. While it does use a fair amount of solution, it cleans really well. I have several cats plus fosters and kitties barf up hairballs and sometimes food. It cleans new and old stains. I had an old stain where the neighborhood kids had spilled milk and cola nothing I used removed the stain - after a while it was just a dark gray stain on an off white berber. Spotbot cleaned the stain! It took about 4 uses, overlapping, but the stain is totally gone! I love my Spotbot! Spotbot cleans my berber and my other carpets - you'll probably want a different type of carpet shampooer for larger areas (I like my Bissell Quicksteamer) but for small areas the Spotbot is the best! (although the beep is annoying)...more info
    • Stops working
      Aside from the previously mentioned circles and wet spots mine started leaking from the tube during each use. I put up with it just so I could pick up (hair ball) spots while getting ready in the morning and worry about cleaning up better later - 12.5 months into a 12 month warranty it is dead with no response when it is plugged in. The repair facility said it is the circuit board which was not an available replacement and they had seen it before. The customer service is not helpful or courteous. If you are not under warranty you are out of luck....more info
    • SPOT remover
      I was pretty disappointed with this item and returned it. It seemed to only clean like half a circle and the spot size is very small. About 6 ".
      It would be fine for immediate spot removal....more info
    • Got Chihuahuas? Got Carpet? THEN YOU NEED THIS!
      OK, I was skeptical about this little ditty. But I have two chihuahuas and one who pees when she is angry, when nature calls, when she feels like it, when she is bored - you get the picture. Most of the time I can get her to go outside and "do her thing" but every once in awhile she doesn't make it outside. So I bought this spot bot to get out old pee stains and also to have it on hand for future accidents.
      AND IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! The old stains are gone and the new ones don't even get a chance to set it.
      It is as easy to use as it appears - just fill it up, put it on the spot and turn it on. If you want to use the wand to "agitate" the stain or do direct suction, you can, but you don't have to. Just let the spot bot do it's thing and you will truly be amazed.
      By the way, I also accidently tracked in some tree berries on my shoes and there were a few stains around the house in the carpet. The spot bot got those out too and a few had been sitting for weeks.
      If you want to clean your entire carpet - move on, this is a SPOT bot. If you want to clean a spot that is bigger in diameter than 6", you can, you will just have to do it in sections.

      I highly recommend this little ditty - it is easy to use, works great and super convenient to have around....more info
    • crap
      we bought this right after replacing carpets in our house to help keep them clean. well after using the machine on our brand new carpet, we now have 3 mis colored rings in our living room floor. we are going to either have to buy a better hard core steamer or replace carpets again. i was surprised to see so many great reviews on this....more info
    • Not my favorite cleaner! Leaves a circle!
      I bought this item thinking I was going to love it-and I did for about 10 minutes! It is easy to use and works fast at spot cleaning HOWEVER, unless the rest of your rug is really clean (and most of them are not lets be honest!)you will see a large difference in the color of the circle left by the spot bot.I have a large area rug(8x11) in my kitchen with a cream base and rooster pattern around the edge. I keep it clean and vacuum at least twice a week and the circle was very prominent. I would bet on a light colored carpet it would be very noticeable where you had done the cleaning. I returned the item and bought the Bissell Power steamer-and love it! It looks like an upright vacuum and washes the whole rug easily! Never rent a cleaner again! I did the large area rug to new condition in an hour.Looked great!...more info
    • 100% Satified
      I have had this cleaner for over a year now and I can say that it is a lifesaver. My wife has an idiot cat that pukes hairballs all the time and the spot bot takes care of it every time. I have seen some people complaining about the circle it leaves on the the vacuum after it's done to smooth the carpet back out. I don't see it working well for really set in stains but for a quick cleanup after a pet it's the best thing ever. Highly recommended. ...more info
    • Bissell Spot-Bot is ESSENTIAL in my home!
      My first Spot-Bot got a LOT of use, as we have a very old kitty who has trouble keeping food down. It ONLY had to be replaced (@ about 2 1/2 yrs)because the tubes and hoses clogged with pet hair & carpet fibers. All the motors and timer still worked fine!.. The second one was defective- (had a short somewhere) and Bissell folks were prompt and cheerful in replacing it. They sent a postpaid label for the return, sent the replacement quickly, and were VERY concerned that I wasn't harmed by the shock. Good customer service!...more info
    • Consumer Advocate Telling the Story
      I am a Bissell veterean and am yet to be satisfied with their products. You ask.."Well why then do you continue to buy their products? I am human and just like the rest of the victims on this site have fallen prey to yet another piece of Bissell junk!
      My professional carpet cleaner advised me to purchase the Little Green Machine for spots in between professional cleaning.
      And so I did, and after the second time using it- it refused to suck up the water and soap.

      So along came the SpotBot. Ahh! I thought. Bissell has finally got their act together. Finally a machine that will do the trick of taking out stains. Oh-forget taking out the stains..a machine that will just work. But, Ms. Consumer Advocate that I am fell prey to this pretty little machine that had so many promises.Oh, how wrong could I have been. Well I received this little green beauty and pulling it out of the box began to try it out on a few spots. It worked nicely. Second time I needed it-it failed the test once again and stopped suction of the soap and water. I called Amazon and because it had been 30 days since my transaction I was given a link to Bissell. What a pain! I am through with Bissell. I spend a ton of money with Amazon and am a Prime Member but purchases that turn out like this makes one leary. Amazon might want to take a long hard look at a company they are "holding hands with."If you the reader buys this machine and then it stops working-don't say you have not been warned....more info
    • Left rings and spots
      Unfortunately, I found this product lacking. When I clean with it, there are rings left where each spot had been. I have tried having a professional cleaner come and reclean and the rings came back. I had high hopes for this product, but cannot recommend it....more info
    • Yes, it's Worth the Price
      Maybe this SpotBot will prod other vendors to make what 90% of the world uses shampooers for... to remove pet stains. How can you be in the shampoo business so long and overlook this? Yeah, there are the ketchup, mustard and wine stains, but those are so few and far between.

      I can't add much more (It's great) than the rest of the people but address what concerns I had before I bought, and some surprises. It is nice and heavy enough to hold it in place while it is working. It is expensive to use, since you add very little water and more cleaning solution - much more than any other shampooer I've owned.

      With fresh pet stains, I simply use water and nothing else. I put a few drops of Tide Laundry Detergent right on the stain first. I might cycle it twice. Using it manually with the wand is every bit as good as my full size shampooer. It does spray solution a little wider than the wand.

      It doesn't seem to leak and the two containers are made smart. IOW, the sealing is well done and the rubber seal for the delivery tank is part of the cap so it will be a easily replaceable item when needed and should be cheap. I wish the two tanks, out of the machine, would sit flat on a counter. I think the engineering put into this machine was phenomenal.

      The circles it makes, once dried takes a little effort to get them to blend back in using a vacuum. A carpet rake (you can buy at carpet stores) is best for this.

      Tip: If after cleaning you have a yellowish brown stain circle that is worse than the original stain, then the stain is in the pad. There is only one thing you can do for that. Cut a long slit right along the weave/pile in the carpet, then remove and replace that small section of the pad underneath. Since this machine is so efficient, it continues to suck the stain all the way down out of the pad. So this is easier to believe and understand, imagine when you put dish soap on a sponge and then rinse it out until it completely squeezes out clear water. Now imagine that same sponge being under thick fabric and you don't have the luxury of squeezing it under a few gallons of water. The stain will keep being sucked from the pad up through the carpet... you have to cut the pad out underneath and try your best to replace it with the same thickness pad. It's a slow process, but very easy to do. You don't "pull" your carpet up, you slice it right along the stitches, so it will match well and then use special carpet tape to iron it back in place.
      ...more info
    • A Household Time- and Money-saving Wonder!
      I purchased a SpotBot for my wife and I am a hero! We have carpeting throughout our home, 2 large dogs that track in mud and who knows what, plus grandkids who spill things. Now instead of paying $75-100 for a professional carpet cleaner to come in every other month, my wife whips out the SpotBot and does the spill or stain or whatever, and it really works!! It's easy to use, cycles automatically, and when it is done the carpet spot looks like new. A real money saver and time saver!...more info
    • Best Thing Ever for Pet Owners with Carpet
      I LOVE this product! I received it as a gift for Christmas, and it was one of my favorite gifts. I had the opportunity to use it almost immediately and it worked like a dream. It is easy to use and maintain, and there is none of the mess of hand-scrubbing stains or dragging out a full-size steam cleaner. I primarily use this on pet stains, and it has worked on every stain I've tried it on. For more set-in stains or more stubborn stains, you may need to use it twice or three times, but the stains do come out. The only slight problem is that it leaves very clean circles in the middle of a carpet that may be less than clean!

      If you want to purchase this product or own this product, I highly recommend looking at the review by "That's Me "anengineerguy"." It was extremely helpful to me, and if you follow all of his recommendations, your SpotBot should work perfectly!...more info
    • Spot Bot
      After some intial difficulty setting up the machine it performed well.
      The capacity of the machine for the cleaning fluid is small if you are going to do more than one spot.
      But the results were good....more info
    • Set It and Walk Away
      This thing is really cool! I have a stubborn little dachshund who insists that going potty outside is optional so it seems like I have to clean up after her more times than I'd like to mention. Cleaning up after her before meant standing on towels on the spot until it was soaked up, spraying spot stuff all over the carpet and then trying to soak that up. The result was usually a discolored spot on the carpet by the cleaner and then the stain and odor would return in a few days and I'd eventually get the carpet cleaner out and just clean the entire room. Now I just put this thing on the spot, leave it for a few minutes and then empty the tank. This pulls everything out (which is evident when I look at the dirty water tank) and the stain doesn't return. It's amazing! Highly recommended if you have pets. The only downside is that it's a little big for just a spot cleaner so storing it takes a little more room than I'd like. But otherwise, it's definitely worth the $$....more info
    • excellent cleaner for small spills
      Clean up is fast and easy with this cleaner. With two dogs, it is really a great thing to have....more info
    • Very pleased!
      After trying to remove spots (mostly made by 'Peewee'!)by hand again and again, I set the Bissell SpotBot on top of those marks, pushed a button, sat back and - wha-la!! --spots gone. I have used it a lot in its first few days out of the package and know that I have a great investment. Thank you, Bissell!...more info
    • Absolutelty Wonderful Machine! Highly Recommend!
      I got this machine as a christmas gift and it is wonderful. I love to use it as self cleaning but it also does wonderful on manual. One thing I did learn was that if I mixed the slotuion with hot water it was alot more successful and removed stains quicker in manual. B4 I knew it I cleaned my entire living room floor with the handheld hose!! I am loving it! I think the hot water really helped though!...more info
    • Does what it says!
      Got one to clean up some pee-pee pet stains. Also had a few older food stains on a cream colored rug.

      Does the job great. Fast 6 min scrub leaves only a slightly damp carpet behind. Does a really nice job. I had another hand type scrubber that did an "ok" job, but this cleaner does a really nice job. Fill the tank, plug it in, press "start" and walk away. Unit beeps letting you know its done its job.

      Seems to get 3 solid 6 min cleanings out of a full tank of cleaner.

      Don't leave fluid in the tanks when done. Clean them out. Allow the tanks to dry before storing.

      Well worth the money! ...more info
    • Should have got one years ago!
      This is an excellent product. I gave this as a gift to my mother because she has new puppies in the house but I ended up borrowing it so much I had to buy her a new one. I have 5 cats and an inside dog. Between the hairballs and my dogs weak stomach (she's a puke machine) I put this machine to use almost every day. It works terrific! I have dark carpet and after using it to remove a stain it looks back to new. My mom has very light carpet and it did leave clean circles after use at her house. She perfers the manual mode to clean by hand - you don't get the spots that way. The cleaner is very easy to find at almost every store. The only thing I would say that could be improved on is ease of cleaning the machine. Dirt and grime gets stuck in the hose and the water container and you can't get it all out. However that does not effect the performance of the machine. ...more info
    • Great product
      I gave my dad a spot bot for Christmas and we tried it out right away. It really cleared away one set in stain and another it just helped with. I'm sure it will do great with fresh stains. It's fast, not too noisy, and it's so nice to let a machine do all the scrubbing for you. Worth it!...more info
    • Worth its weight in gold!!
      My fiance and I bought a Spot Bot last year shortly after moving into our new house. We had two Beagle puppies who were tough to get potty trained. Determined not to let them ruin our carpet before they were trained we shopped around and read tons of reviews. We opted for the Spot Bot. Its paid for itself several times over. This has been a wonderful little tool! We've used it for over a year with great success. Whether the stain was old set-in or fresh, it was no match for our Spot Bot. Our Beagles have long since been house trained, but the Spot Bot still finds things to clean. Its cleans the doggie footprints when they track in dirt from outside. It cleans up wine if we spill a drop here or there. It even cleaned an entire glass of red wine when one of our beagles knocked the glass off the coffee table. We have had no trouble with left over water/detergent. Yes, there are the little brush circles, but they quickly fade back into the carpet with a good vacuuming or a good round of play fighting by the beagles. I highly recommend this product and when/if this one fails, I'll be buying another one!...more info
    • AWESOME!! Early Christmas Gift
      This little unit is just great! I bought this for my wife for Christmas. However, 2 weeks before Christmas, our dog got very sick. Let's just say.....I would not want to be that carpet. Due to the emergency, my wife opened her gift early.

      Within a few minutes I had the entire mess cleaned up with NO ODER LEFT BEHIND! I then turned to the carpet mats in my minivan, which i thought were stained for life. When I was finished, they were like new!!

      I highly recommend the SPOTBOT to anyone with kids or pets!

      ...more info
    • discolors light carpets
      In theory, this is the best thing since sliced bread. With two dogs, I needed something I could use with ease if one had an accident. We have a normal sized carpet steam cleaner (*which I love*) but it's so big, and so heavy, and so... you see where I'm going with this.

      I used this on ten spots all over the house the first day I had it. On my light carpet I noticed discoloring, but chalked it up to being still damp. (Even though I used the manual hose like another reviewer suggested). There is an area of green carpet in my upstairs hallway, which the spotbot worked well on. And the stains on the green were old, set in stains.

      However, the next day my beige carpet still looked discolored, bleached out even. I'm highly disappointed, because not only does it look like I used bleach on it, you can still see the pee spot! It just doesn't "get into" the carpet like a steam cleaner does.

      I ended up taking this machine back.

      And in my opinion, if you're looking to spend this money on a small machine, just go ahead and get the real thing....more info
    • Amazing!
      This product is wonderful. I have three cats and baby sit my parents dog occasionally. This past week she made piddle on the carpet, I picked up the spot bot and placed it right on the piddle. I didn't have to blot the stain, apply cleaner, wait, soak up cleaner. Just put it down, pushed a button and the piddle was gone. Just this morning one of my kitties threw up on the steps and I just picked up the solids and placed the Spot Bot down and now its clean! I love this machine, its amazing.

      Highly recommend....more info
    • Simply clean!
      Do you have a pet? Then you should get the SpotBot! Any mess left by your pet gets pulled right out of the carpet. The SpotBot sprays a mixture of water and carpet cleaner while it scrubs. It has scrubbing brushes and vacuum "combs" that oscillate in an offset circle, then it reverses direction. It doesn't just swirl everything into the carpet, but scrubs semi-randomly just like you would. After a minute or so, it stops spraying and just scrubs. Then it begins vacuuming while scrubbing and after a couple minutes, voila! it stops and you just need to let it dry. That's it! Plus, there's a wand so you can clean small messes or odd areas like the steps. Every 5 or 6 cleanings, you empty the used liquid and refill with carpet cleaner and water. Both containers have drip proof connections, so it couldn't be easier. They really thought through this product. It's the best cleaning product I ever spent money on. Period....more info
    • For the right situation, a very handly little item!
      I have a upright carpet cleaner but it is so cumbersome to set up beforehand and clean up afterward that I tend to let things go a little. The SpotBot makes it a lot easier to deal with little problems the instant they happen. Example: one of my dogs hurled on the bedroom carpet just as the alarm clock went off one morning (thanks sweetie pie!). No way I would have hauled out the big upright before going to work. As it was, I did a little paper towel blotting which I would have done anyway, and then sprayed some Resolve onto the stain. Then I put the SpotBot on top of the stain, put some hot water into the removable reservoir, and hit the GO button. Bang - I'm doing breakfast and catching up on the news while this thing is in my bedroom running automatically. When I went back in my bedroom, the machine was done and the spot was gone. Very easy/quick cleanup.

      Also, the hand tool has really strong suction that I know is going to come in handy if (when) there's ever another "accident" in the pricey upright has a hand tool but it's a wimp compared to this thing. If you have pets, get one. I don't have kids but I suspect that if you do, you will find a use for this guy from time to time as well.

      This won't replace an upright for big jobs just as an upright won't replace a professional cleaning service from time to time, but it's more than worthwhile just because it makes dealing with small problems so incredibly easy....more info
    • Fix for SpotBot leaves carpet too wet
      This product takes awesome to a new level.

      See 7/8/07 review by "anengineerguy" for superb list of usage pointers.

      I particularly like and follow his suggestion to spray soap (every kind tried so far works great) on the carpet first, and just put water in SpotBot.

      One thing he overlooked: If spotbot leaves carpet "VERY WET" instead of quite damp, you forgot to flip down the thingie that covers the top of the dirty water tank - leaving it up allows the suction to escape and thus prevents SpotBot from sucking up water from the carpet.
      ...more info
      AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I've had my SpotBot for a few years now and it works wonders. I have lived in 3 different houses with 3 different types/color carpets and it worked perfectly on all of them. It's cleaned all sorts of messes. We've had parties where drinks were spilled, we've had dinners where food was dropped, and we have cats that ocassionally leave hairball presents for us. Set in stains, fresh stains, old stains, new stains. It gets them all. Now, the machine is a little loud, but that's my only complaint...and with how well it cleans, and how little work I actually have to do...I wouldn't call that much of a complaint. It's a little pricey, but as per my previous statement, that's not much of a complaint either. I love this. I wouldn't give it up. I would buy another if I had to. AND I would recommend it to anyone who has pets and hates to scrub spots out of their carpet....more info
    • Spotbot savior
      Like most others, I read the reviews on this carefully prior to purchasingi it. We, like others also, have a dog who has infrequent accidents. There are pros and cons (clearly outlined in other's posts), but the Spotbot is well worth every cent.

      Before Spotbot:
      Dog has accident (or yours truly - but different kind of accident). I (or my wife) spend 20-30 minutes cleaning. That includes getting all the stuff out, getting on hands and knees to scrub the floor, putting everything away, and washing any towels or utensils. Not something I enjoy coming home to...

      After Spotbot:
      Dog has accident. Spend 2-3 minutes filling tank with solution and water. Put Spotbot on problem area. Walk away. Come back when it beeps, empty container, put away. Total time roughly 10 minutes and it does a better job than I ever did.

      Is it noisy? Yes. So is my vacuum and frankly I think the vacuum is louder.

      Is the solution expensive? We picked up the bottles for roughly $4 each at Target. Yeah, it is more than what we'd like to pay, but money well spent because I don't have to do it any more.

      Does it leave carpet (crop) circles? Yes just as one would expect looking at the design. This does show one when they need to do the entire carpet too because it does that good of a job cleaning the spot.

      This is money very well spent and something I am glad I'll not have to do again....more info
      I Bought The 1200-2 Pet Spot Bot..After A 60 Mile Journey..I Hooked The Unit Up..NO Spray..It Would Not Inject The Cleaner Either Through The AUTO Process Or The 4 Ft Hose..Thinking I Bought A "Bad" Unit..I Carry It Back To Target, Get A "NEW" Unit!! Another 60 Mile Round Trip & Guess What!? The EXACT Same Problem..NO Spray!! I Call 1-800 (Philipine's) Tech Support Could Not Walk Me Through The "Fix"..Suggested I Carry It To A Service Center 30 Miles Accross Town..I Thanked Them For Their Time & Promptly Carried It Back To Target For A Full Refund!! NO More Bissel For Me..Bought The Dirt Devil For Less Money..Must Be A Bad "Batch" In The Stores Now! Good LUCK!...more info
    • I hate this product
      I have to disagree with the majority on this one. It's a waist of time. While it does work to remove some stains it just doubles the amount of time it takes me to clean my carpet. I end up have a clean circle so i have to go over my carpet with a full size rug cleaner. For me it is easier just to use my full size hose attachment.Plus it's hard to keep the hose on the manual attachment clean. I have a very messy two year old and ws hoping this product would save me time. I wish I hadn't wasted my money......more info
    • okay
      This product does an okay job of cleaning the stains but like the other reviews said it leaves a ring. I bought it anyway thinking it wouldn't happen to me but it did. Also it leaves "clean circles" thought the carpet. I have a white carpets in my house and you can clearly see where I've used the SpotBot. I would only recommend to homes with dark carpets so you can avoid this phenomenon ...more info
    • Best steam cleaner ever
      I have owned several steam cleaners over the years and this is by far the best. I've owned mine for about a year and love it! I have let family and friends borrow it and they are all quite impressed by it. It's small yet more powerful then the upright I own. The only con is having to buy the cleaner all the time. I highly recommend it!...more info
    • A Product that actually does what it is suppose to do! It's WONDERFUL!
      I have 2 old cats that seem to puke up hairballs every 15 minutes. (They have long black fur which is brushed several times a week) In the past I would "OKY-Clean" the stains, but this was quite a process, took a long time to do and often didn't get the stains out. Finally my partner went out and bought us a spot bot which has worked correctly since day one! We use it everyday mostly on pet stains, but also when my better half spills something, which is almost as frequently as the cats! I can't say enough positive things about this machine, it has been a godsend, helping us keep up after our crazy pukey kitty cats. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR ANYONE WITH PETS. You will LOVE It!...more info
    • This product sucks - and that's a good thing!
      I literally just bought my Spotbot today. It is expensive - no getting around that - but like a previous reviewer, I used a 20% off coupon at Linens -n- Things so that helped a little.

      Like a lot of people who've bought this product, my main reason was because I have a pet. My dog is completely housebroken, but he has a sensitive stomach, so every once in awhile he throws up a little. His area of choice is usually our living room, which we rarely use, so sometimes it takes us awhile to find out.

      A couple days ago, he threw up twice in the living room, and my wife spent about half an hour on her hands and knees trying to get the stains out, using Resolve, to no avail. She was ready to call Stanley Steemer.

      I was out running errands today and on a whim decided to pick up a Spotbot. I brought it home and within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box, it was hard at work on the first stain. I used the "set-in stain" setting for the stains, both of which were about 5 inches in diameter. There was enough cleaning solution in the tank to do both spots, and I was very happy with the results. The stains were completely gone. I didn't think that the carpet was left overly wet, like some reviewers have reported. By the way, I used a combination of Oxy Gen2 and Bissell Pet Odor and Stain Removal Formula (samples came with the Spotbot). Clean-up was a breeze - I just rinsed out the "dirty water" tank and that was it.

      I can't wait until my wife comes home tonight - I think she's going to be very happy.

      Now - I'm staring at a coffee stain on the carpet in my office. I'm going to let the Spotbot attack it and see who wins!

      Oh - by the way - the actual model I bought was the "Spotbot Pet". I compared it side-by-side with the original and I think the only difference is in the packaging....more info
    • $3.00 per spot!
      Bissell has produced good products for decades. Now they have a dog on the market. I used my Spotbot about 40 times, the gears came out of mesh and the machine stopped working. I wrote Bissell several times and met with no success or satisfaction.
      I took the Spotbot to the Bissell repair center. The repair man took the machine apart and called to say that the part that was bum was not available as a repair part! My only option? Toss the little-used super-expensive machine in the garbage. Today I picked up the machine and found that it had been disassembled by the repairman and in a box. It had actually been disassembled way more than required to diagnose the problem. In fact the problem was clearly visible from outside the machine. I commented that it would be nice to have assembly drawings to know how to reassemble the machine and was met with stony silence, and no interest on his part in reassembling the machine. I am reassembling it and will attempt to make a field repair with modifications to parts so they are adjustable. Anything to save an investment of $120.00.
      Even poorly designed machines have adjustments to make up for manufacturing tolerances. NOT the Spotbot! If the gears dont mesh properly there is no fallback adjustment. And no repair parts!
      And to really show incompetence and a Scrooge-like corporate attitude the parts are not available to repair the machine!
      This machine is a black eye for Bissell. Poorly designed, and poor service too.
      If you can afford the possibility of paying $4.00 to remove one spot as I have then maybe you can justify buying the Spotbot. I cannot....more info
    • handy gadget but not as easy as you think
      The spotbot works pretty much as advertized, although you may find that over time you get dirty circles where you've previously cleaned. I'm told that the cleaning agents used aren't completely cleaned off, and that over time they attact dirt.

      After I run the spotbot I take some plain water in a sprayer and soak the area, then run the manual attachment to clean up the water. In this way it takes a lot longer before the cleaned areas get noticeable circles....more info
    • This Is A Great Item
      I bought this item about a month ago, and I couldn't be more happy with it. When I was contemplating buying it, some of the reviews scared me.

      What scared me most were the comments about the Spot Bot leaving discs of clean area on the carpet. I was afraid that perhaps the cleaning fluid bleached the carpet in some way, cleaning but also ruining the carpet one circular area at a time. My concerns were entirely unwarranted. Here's the deal: This item is to clean a stain from an otherwise clean carpet. If your carpet is basically clean, the Spot Bot will clean the stain and leave the circular area looking like all the rest of the carpet, which is exactly what you want to happen. If the entire carpet is very dirty, then yes, the Spot Bot will leave a circle of clean. But if your entire carpet is dirty, you shouldn't try to clean it with the Spot Bot. You need to first clean everything with a full-size steam cleaner and then go back over any problem areas with the Spot Bot.

      Some reviewers have also expressed concern about how wet the Spot Bot leaves the cleaned area. Although I wouldn't mind if it left the area a bit dryer, the area's definitely not sopping wet. It's damp, and it dries in a few hours. No big deal.

      So anyway, I have a cat who vomits about twice a week for some reason. The Spot Bot has been great in cleaning up these stains. Infinitely better than me on my hands and knees scrubbing. ...more info
    • Carpet spots removed easily
      I love this unit, although do find the round "clean" areas are fairly obvious, however as other reviewers have suggested, these can be reduced or eliminated by using the hand tool to smooth edges. The obvious difference to this unit over other "spotters" is that I can walk away and still get the job done with little to no effort! I bought this for pet clean up but find I use it for lots of spills.
      Chemical wise, I have used old fashioned remedies like diluted white vinegar and salt water as well as Prochem professional carpet cleaning chemicals which all seem to work wonderfully well applied to the area using a seperate spray bottle rather than through the actual unit. I fill the solution tank with purified water. All in all, I have had no issues and have found this to be a great value purchase that is easy to use....more info
    • Great on pet and beverage stains
      This machine has been great for us as dog breeders. We use it all the time and our carpet stays nice. If I designed the machine I would add a separate container for fresh rinse water. I found that ours was actually leaving spots where it had cleaned and I think there was too much solution left in the carpet. Now that I have had it for a while we have been running the machine with a tank of just warm water after cleaning it with the solution. I also always put a fan on the spot so it dries faster....more info
    • Good in automatic, not in manual mode-
      Ive had this since June 2007. Used it several times in the automatic mode. Works great, cleans well. Make sure to allow plenty of time to dry, otherwise you end up with 10 inch round stains which are worse than the original. My mistake to walk on it too early.
      The manual mode, however, is very poor, in my opinion. I have tried using it twice, on different occassions, and both times it is more of a hassle than it is worth. This last time I emptied about half the clean water solution and got about 1 teaspoon to 1 tablesoon of liquid up. Thats means about a cup of water was left in the carpet. Had to use a towel to get up the rest. Called Bissell customer service and ran through diagnostics and the machine and suction is running fine, it is just the way it works. In the automatic mode, all the dirty water comes back up.
      So my suggestion, if you want something to use manually, this is not the best product. I havent tried any other products though, so my experience is limited....more info
    • Bissell SpotBot
      This is an awesome little machine. I bought it after I brought four puppies into my home. It works great on all the little messes they leave behind - even if they dry - even if left for several days. I just recently started adding the OxyGen - makes the machine work even better. I couldn't live without it....more info
    • Not for upholstery
      This product may be great for carpets, but I bought it to use on upholstery, (in particular, the fronts of sofas and chairs where my dog rubs against and soils them) and it isn't satisfactory for that purpose (even though it is listed as one of its uses). To work on small areas, I couldn't narrowly direct the spray of the cleaning solution and ended up drenching areas I didn't want to wet. It was a mess. Easier to do small jobs by hand. I ended up returning it....more info
    • Cleans too good
      This carpet cleaner is so good I had to shampoo my entire carpet and it's not that old. I still have spots after shampooing the entire carpet and will have to get the spotbot out again. It sure uses a lot of cleaner, so if you have several spots, buy a lot of cleaner, you don't want to run out in the middle of your job....more info
    • Working great until two months later...
      I always loved Bissell products so when the spotbot came out i had to have it... I used the wand/ hose side to clean my stairs and it looked great.. Tried it a month later and noticed that the wand was leaking and found a crack in it... okay so now i am left with the self cleaning side.. That worked great until after you clean up your spot the machine leaves a ring mark on your carpet... I had to get the ring mark off by hand... not the best machine.. IT dies on yah before you get the job done......more info
    • Awesome little machine
      This is a great little machine for cleaning up small stains. The no-hands feature is nice, although I've had to use the hand tool for sucking up the extra solution that was left after using the no-hands feature. The hand tool works really well.

      On the bad side - the solutions are a bit pricey, and seemed to require a lot for such a little machine. It didn't do very well getting out old stains, though it did brighten the carpet up. If nothing else worked on your stain, this probably won't either. It's best for fresher stains that haven't been ground in and worked on with other products. Even with that, it's still better than hauling around a big carpet cleaner. Plus, it's great for car interiors....more info
    • cleaning
      Big problem with machine. It leaves a clean circle on the carpet and rest of carpet looks shabby....more info
    • Paid for itself in a week!
      Recently we dogsat for my brothers three dogs and we have two of our own. Needless to say "marking" was their favorite game. We had the dogs for six weeks and if it hadn't been for our Spot Bot our dining room carpet would have been ruined. It removed all of the pet stains and left no odor behind. I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    • bissell 1200 spotbot cleaner
      I would definitely recommend this product. I was a bit aprehensive, but happily very satisfied with the product. I did deduct one star as it was a bit difficult to prime the first time I used it, and actually thought something was defective with it. But I was persistant and eventually it began to spray the cleaner. I was very happy with it's performance, it even removed some stains that several months prior, Stanley Steamer said they were unable to remove from the carpet. Yahoo. It is great for spot cleaning areas the cat has left a furball. ...more info
    • The SpotBot has paid for itself over and over!
      My husband and I have 4 cats, including 1 who refuses to use any of the litter boxes available, and one who throws-up on a regular basis; we've tried every product on the market to keep our carpets clean, but were fighting a losing battle. We were reluctant to spend so much money on a little spot cleaner, but we were feeling pretty desperate, so after reading all of the reviews on Amazon, we decided to try it. We now wonder how we ever lived without it! This product has paid for itself over and over and over! We love ours so much that we're going to give SpotBots as Christmas gifts to our families this year! We've found that using OxyClean mixed with water and a little lemon juice (a recipe my husband found on the OxyClean website) works beautifully...even on CAT URINE!! It takes the smell right out! We no longer feel like we're living in a giant litter box thanks to SpotBot!...more info
    • Spotbot comparison
      I recently replaced an older discountinued Bissell cleaning machine called "The Little Green Cleaning Machine" with the upgraded "Spotbot". "Spotbot" offers 2 automatic cycles which will clean small areas. I have used the automatic cycles on berber, plush, and commercial carpet surfaces and find that the automatic cycles laydown too much liquid. I find it necessary to use the manual cycle to remove the remaining liquid. The older machine's manual cycle is the same technology as "Spotbot" and combined with a little elbow grease is sufficient for most stains. For stubborn stains I suggest using the automatic cycle and follow up with the manual cycle to completely clean the area. Overall this machine has been a life extender for my 17 year old cat who vomits on my carpets on a regular basis. It also cleans auto interiors and upholstery stains efficiently. It's a great cleaning aid. ...more info
    • Noisy, but it works GREAT!
      I bought this for my girlfriend (romantic, huh?) but she had misgivings about the rubbing action pilling the nap of the carpet. We first tried it on a trhow rug that had a set-in stain from one of the cats' "presents". Used it on the highest setting and it got that stain right out. I had to use the manual wand to get up some of the excess cleaning solution it left, but it got the stain. We next moved to a set-in stain on the good carpet (same source) and let the cleaner do its stuff. As I said before, it's noisy, but it got the stain up without doing a lick of damage to the carpet.

      Bueno!...more info
    • This cleaner bites!
      But not in a good way. After reading the countless great reviews here on Amazon and getting testimonials from other pet owners who own this vacuum, I finally splurged...excited that my cleaning duties were about to get easier.

      Was I ever wrong!

      This cleaner sounds great from the "stand back and watch it do it's thing" standpoint, but that's really about it. Simple stains took two cycles to wipe out adequately- but worst of all, was the amount of cleaning solution left in the carpeting afterwards. It was saturated!

      Similarly, the handheld upholstery wand was equally as useless. And while the spray feature seemed to worked well, there simply wasn't enough suction power to pull the fluid back into the machine.

      By the time I was done cleaning a few different areas in my living room, I found myself on the floor on hands and knees with a towel trying to soak up all the wet solution left behind. What's the point?

      They need to re-invent this machine. Too bad. I had higher hopes for it!...more info
    • Would you like some CD-shaped stains?
      I own this product, and it is utterly useless. You remove any solids (in my case, cat diarrhea). Then you fill the container with the Bissell mixture. Watch as your small stain will become lighter in color but larger in size. It will eventually become a CD-shaped stain, and the Bissell will beep in happiness when it finishes what it thinks is a great cleaning job.

      My carpet is the typical cream-colored cheap synthetic found in most new construction homes. Don't buy this hunk of junk....more info
    • Bisssell Spot Bot A MUST HAVE
      This is one item I will not be without! Its the bomb! I have used it non stop, and never a problem!! One suggestion, after you use any automatic clean cycle, I use the manual to go over one more time to pull up excess water. It helps the carpet dry quicker. ...more info
    • Bissell 1200B SpotBot Great
      This little machine is a powerhouse. It cleans without any fuss and does a wonderful job. It is light and easy to store. What is really amazing is that even cleaning one spot the fragrance from the one cleaning makes the whole house fresh. What a great household machine to have on hand. A must for apartment dwellers and pet owners!...more info
    • Bissell Spot Bot is great!
      Great product for use on those tough pet stains. for some of my set in stains, I had to use the spot bot twice on the soiled area, but it removed the stain after the second try. I did have some trouble trying to get the product to work, but after doing some research on the net, I found that holding the hose spray button for about five minutes, got the spot bot running with water. great little product!...more info
    • Awesome Life Saver!!
      This thing is everything it the other reviews for good tips, this item is super for pet owners, highly recommended.......more info
    • Messy
      Used the product for a couple of days and it leaked. It leaves circle marks which can be fixed by using the brush which you have out anyways to clean up the water that dripps when you are done....more info
    • Best home cleaning product I've ever purchased - worth every penny!
      The other night my dog got into the cat's litter box (I use Fresh Steps crystal - those crystals don't sit well in a dogs stomach) and she must have had a really fancy feast. I awoke to her vomiting all over my freshly dry cleaned comforter, and when I got up saw piles of diarrhea and more vomit in two bedrooms and two bathrooms. I'm thinking to myself, "This girl planned this," because just three days ago I had my carpeting professionally cleaned.

      I didn't have time to do anything more than wipe up as much of the diarrhea and vomit as I could (and to tend to Joon's stomach, of course), as I was running late for an appointment. While I was out, I remembered seeing a commercial for this product, so on the way home, I picked it up.

      When I had finished collecting any of the refuse that had dried while I was out, I approached this with skepticism. After all, it is a little difficult to believe that all you have to do is set the unit down over the stain, press a button, and then walk away.

      But that's all you have to do. I was amazed at the simplicity of the design, and how easy it is to disconnect the collection and solution tanks. On the solution tank, Bissell has two sets of markings: one for use with their OxyGen2 product (which I haven't used yet), water, and formula; and another for water and formula alone. Those markings are very clear, and are a welcome design. There are three buttons to press: one for regular surface stains; another for set-in stains, and another to allow for manual use with the hose. When I pressed the surface stain button, I watched for a while as the unit switched between spray, suction, and brush functions. I have to say that watching the product work through the "Hands Free Cleaning Window" was pretty, er, cool. (Yeah, so I'm a dork. )

      I walked away for a moment, and then heard the unit beep, indicating that it was done. I'm hearing impaired, and have a difficult time with high tones. I wasn't expecting to hear this, but I did - as clear as a bell - and I was at the opposite end of the apartment. I approached the unit with skepticism, but when I lifted it off the spot, the stains were gone. I proceeded to set the unit down on all of the spots throughout the apartment, coming back to it every time it beeped. It cleaned every spot.

      This was by far the most pleasant, and the least physically exhausting experience I've ever had with a so-called steam cleaner - and that "least physically exhausting" part is a big one for me.

      Still skeptical, though, I thought to myself: Just see when it dries; the stains won't really be gone. This morning, however, every single spot had dried, and there wasn't an issue with the carpet feeling stiff due to soapiness.

      This thing works! It's easily the best unit I've ever owned....more info
    • It's okay
      It's okay. It cleans about 40% of the carpet stains we get. It doesn't clean the orange, red or yellow stains left from cat vomit. (Sorry!) It lightens them a little, but a more intensive cleaning is needed for them. (And with 2 ancient cats, this kind of staining is my life.) There's also a dark residue from the elliptical trainer and treadmill that the bot doesn't do more than swish around. Actually, many stains are merely swished around, rather than cleaned. On the 40% of simple dirt type of messes, it's great and a lot less work. ...more info
    • Do not buy this product
      I bought Bissell spotbot after reading many reviews. I used it on my very expensive platinum grey carpet. It leaves a large (the size of the mouth of spotbot)wet spot which doesnot go away even if the carpet is dry. I got professional carpet cleaners to help me get rid of the spot which did not help. I called Bissell and they would not stand behind their product. It is a no no. ...more info
    • Got a cat? You need this product. Must prime before first use.
      This little carpet cleaner is a wonderful device. It cleans a circle of carpet approximately 5 inches across with cleaning solution and suctions the moisture out very effectively. As is often the case, one of my cats tends to eat his cat food and then deposit it on the carpet. This device removes all sign of his deposits, whether they are discovered soon or late after the crime. I simply remove any loose matter, make sure the repositary of fluid is populated, and push a button. There are two settings, basically short and long wash. It does a great job. If you wish, you can press a towel to the carpet to extract what little liquid remains. Then rinse the extraction container and all is well.

      Two things: You MUST prime the SpotBot before first use by filling the cleaning fluid container and then holding down the button on the manual clean wand until the tubes are full of liquid and it is being sprayed out the wand. This same tube is then wrapped and snapped back in place and is used for both depositing and extracting the liquid.
      Second thing: if your carpet is dirty and you use this product to clean a spot, the circle being cleaned will probably look a lot cleaner than the surrounding carpet. This is not a flaw, but be warned that the cirles will show because they are cleaner than the remainder of your carpet. If you use the "short wash" setting, it helps this. ...more info
    • Creates Even More Work -- Save Your Money!
      If I could give this '0' stars I would... what a waste of money and time! This does a good job of cleaning one tiny spot, then you are left with an area in your carpet noticably lighter than the other areas. So when you try to even it out by moving the Spotbot to the surrounding areas, you are left with a polka dot effect that I spent two days on my hands and knees trying to even out... this thing is headed straight for the dumpster, after I get over all the money I wasted!...more info
    • A Massive Time (and Carpet) Saver
      I'll keep it brief as most of what I going to say has been said many times already.

      I bought this after getting a new kitten and it's saved a lot of hard work on numerous occasions. This should also translate in to a reduction in loss of deposit after we move out of this apartment.

      I would highly recommend this product.

      Suggestions for (minor) improvements:

      1) Should have a retractable power cord.
      2) The cleaning fluid tank should have a flat top, so when you're filling it you can just stand it in the sink.
      3) The beeping after the cleaning cycle has finished should stop a short time....more info
    • SpotBot Rocks
      We bought this because we have a new puppy in the house and when I asked around about it, I got mixed reviews so I was skeptical. Well let me tell you when you have a new puppy that has accidents while being house trained this is the best thing since post-it notes!!!! Just turn it on, walk away (usually to take the puppy outside) and you are done! It's easy to clean (dump two containers) and very portable (even fits on a carpeted stair should you be unfortunate enough to have someone make a mess there)....more info
    • Great for carpets that wick stains back to surface
      We have light-colored, indoor-outdoor carpet in our sun room that is difficult to keep clean with a cat and dog in the house. When I would remove a stain, it would reappear in a few days. A professional carpet cleaner told me that the fibers bring the dirt, which I couldn't totally remove with carpet spray cleaners, back to the surface (like a wick brings up kerosene in a lamp). The SpotBot removes all of the stains so that nothing remains to pop back up. It works great on my other carpets too. The only problem I see is if the whole carpet needs cleaning then the clean spot will show up. This is a great alternative to paying to have the entire carpet cleaned frequently - and it's much easier than cleaning entire carpets by yourself too. I love it....more info
    • Annoying, Aggravating, and Bissell Only
      This does do what it is supposed to do, cleaning a small circle of carpet after a spill (or a dog accident). But when it's done it sits there and beeps - forever. You have to unplug it or hit a button to make it stop beeping. They designed a pretty great product, but then made it as annoying as possible. Take away two stars for the beeps.

      Then Bissell is very insistent that you only use their cleaners. And the way they have them measured wastes huge amounts of product - following their measurement you have approximately 1 part water, 2 parts oxy cleaner, and 1 part detergent. I use about a quarter cup of Woolite for carpets instead, and it works even better than with all their stuff. So for unabashedly trying to sell you more product than you could possibly need, knock off the other two stars.

      The vacuum on this is also handy, BTW. Spray the spot cleaner (I like Woolite for this, too), let it sit for five minutes, then vacuum with this gadget instead of blotting. But Bissell made it hard to switch between the vacuum and built in cleaner, you inevitably get your hands wet - yech......more info
    • Here's a Summary of All the Reviews Below This One
      Hundreds and hundreds of reviews below this one, so here's a summary of all of the three hundred or so reviews below this one:

      1. Almost everyone is a fanatical lover of this product. Sometimes it takes two or even three applications, but it seems to work except on some red stains, which any carpet cleaner will tell you are difficult. Otherwise, pet stains, and even very old stains are gone without a trace (we've tried this on a couple of *ten year old stains* and it pulled them right out), even after trying other devices and solutions that did not work. (My note for vomit or other stains of similar consistency, first clean as much as possible using the back of a knife, held at a 45 degree angle and scrape towards the center of the stain, cleaning the knife frequently or you'll just push the vomit into the carpet, though most report not doing this and it being completely clean anyway). People really like that you just start it and walk away, you don't have to monitor it.

      2. The product cleans so well, used on a dirty carpet, you'll see circles that are cleaner than the rest of the carpet. Using the manual wand to soak up the solution when it is done will help, by spreading the cleaning solution into the non-cleaned area as you soak it up. Otherwise, you may have to use a regular machine to clean the entire carpet after you use this on a very dirty carpet.

      3. People also report that it leaves the carpet VERY wet. But again, the manual wand used afterwards will take up the excess water. Tilt the wand so that the hose is up at about a 45 degree angle and run it slowly with medium pressure downward and most of the water will be sucked up. You can see the water getting sucked up from the side of the wand.

      4. The best technique is to use a spray bottle of cleaning solution, diluted as directed for the machine, spraying the affected area, and using only water in this machine. It will use less of the expensive solutions, is just about as effective, and will not leave an excess of soap on the carpet. If you don't use the spray bottle technique, and instead you put the soap in the tank, 6 months later, the soap residue that is left on the carpet will attract its own dirt and so you'll have to reclean, but the spray bottle technique doesn't have this problem. So spray, turn the machine on, and wand up the excess water.

      5. Some people report that the two included solutions work the best, others say that with the spray bottle technique it doesn't matter and others say using Costco carpet cleaning solution in the gallon jug works as well but is cheaper. One reported that vinegar and water worked and didn't smell when dry, but I don't think I'm gutsy enough to try that. Citrus based solutions and probably vinegar will damage the inside of it.

      6. Some have reported that it may take some effort to get it to work at first. Check to make sure the containers are pushed all the way in. If that doesn't fix it, look at the FAQs on the Bissell web site in the support section for more detailed instructions. And note, don't do what we did at first, which is to put the water in the wrong tank. You put the water in the tank at the BACK of the unit. The other tank is where the dirty solution goes. You fill the tank that has a screw cap on the bottom of it. No screw cap? You've got the wrong tank.

      7. Don't leave the tanks full, they leak. Run the unit on manual with *no* water in the tank for a few seconds to suck the solution out of the hose between uses or it may get moldy.

      The product is every bit as good as what is written here. We've used it a couple of times. Don't put soap in it, the soap only goes in a your own separately purchased spray bottle used before you use the machine: nothing but water in the machine, and empty both tanks between uses. I just saved you hours of reading the remaining 300 reviews.

      We bought the remanufactured version and haven't had any problems. Thumbs up.

      Finally, when you have put your toe in the carpet cleaning waters, look at the Hoover F5914-900 SteamVac with Clean Surge for a full room carpet cleaner. It doesn't spot clean as well as this one, but you can do a whole room in under an hour, and it sucks the water back out of the carpet so thoroughly, the carpet dries in about an hour - faster if you blow it with a fan. Worth every penny. That one needs to be cleaned between uses (about 15 mins), so it takes a little more time to use. The Bissell is just a load and go product. The Hoover is more of an event....more info
    • Amazing spot cleaner
      My dog had diarrhea on my light beige carpet..yuck and not to mention the smell. I was amazed how well the SpotBot removed the stain and the smell from the carpet without any trace or smell. I would recommend this to any pet lover!...more info
    • Excellent little machine
      I don't know how I survived before getting the SpotBot. I have a dog who is very nervous and will urinate in the house at the first sound of a thunderstorm or firecracker. Last night was a perfect example - kids were setting off loud firecrackers and my dog urinated all over the carpet. So I got out the SpotBot and it completely removed the stains. I have a black light I use to check for stains because my carpet is beige, and after cleaning the areas with the SpotBot, the black light didn't pick up any other marks in the carpet.

      Previously I had to use the typical carpet products that PetSmart sells, and none of them did a great job. The stains remained, the carpet didn't smell fresh and the products left a residue. I don't have to deal with any of this with the SpotBot. Even my Bissell steamer vac doesn't do as well as this.

      Yes, it goes through cleaner quickly, but it's fine with me. It's a small price to pay to keep my home clean and not having to get down on hands and knees scrubbing my carpet....more info
    • Works better than expected
      I have slightly off-white carpet with stains that I've been staring at for months. My Hoover SteamVac works for large areas, but not great on cat puke. This SpotBot cleaned every stain I had. I was amazed, actually. Worked on my stairs also. People complain that it leaves a ring of water around the outer edge of it's cleaning area, which it does. Just rub it with a dry cloth and it's gone. Simple....more info
    • Press a button and five minutes later the stain is gone!
      I kept this item on my wish list for a while. I finally got tired of walking into a room and having my eyes zero in on the one or two pet and/or toddler stains on the carpet! I bought the spotbot and left it in the box for a couple of weeks. I don't know why I waited so long. This is one of the easiest products I've ever used. I filled the tank, set the unit on one of those stains that had been driving me crazy, pressed the button and walked away. Five minutes later, the stain looked like it was gone...once the carpet dried I was able to see that the stain was really gone. I keep looking for the stain but it really is gone! I had spent more time rubbing and scrubbing that stain with every stain cleaner on the market! Getting rid of that one annoying stain was worth the purchase price of this item! Now I've used the spotbot on other set in stains with the same success. I've very happy with this purchase....more info
    • Works excellent on pet stains.
      I had some set in stains created by an old pet. I bought this product for future stains, not expecting it to really get rid of the ones I could not take care of manually. I was suprised to see that it got rid of the set in stains with one application. I don't review many products, but kind of feel a little grateful for finding something that works this well.

      One complaint is that it will beep when it is done, and keep on beeping until you turn it off. I does leave a wet spot, but it goes away after a day (this really doesn't bother me).

      I love how small it is, easy to store and move.
      Alrighty... I've now had a chance to use product quite a bit. In fact, I just had to use the attachment to clean up a cat urine accident (old sick kitty). Wow, this is really well designed, powerful and portable. I am so impressed with the value you get for the money. The clean up was easy and there is absolutely no smell now, no easy task for those of you who aren't familar with cat cleanup. Should be great for car detailing, going to give this a go soon....more info
    • The best cleaning product ever
      We have dogs and a toddler, and this little machine gets rid of even the oldest, most stubborn stain. It has cleaned red wine stains, ground in dirt, and all pet stains. It is amazing--and makes the carpet look brand new. We have the Kirby carpet shampooer and the Bissell upright steam cleaner, but this is by far the best at stains....more info
    • Must have machine
      Does a great job. Easy to use and does a quick job....more info
    • The little spotbot that did
      I am very happy. Got this the other day. My five cats must have thought --- errrr - let give mom something to test it on. The were three hairballs and some misplaced pee moments within a day or two of its arrival. It does an amazing job. I used the fluids the first time accoding to Manufacturers guidelines and can see why poeple recommend filling the tank with water and or plus vinegar and or then pretreating the stain ot spot because you could litterally have to sell your home to keep the fluids they want you to buy and use on hand. So I use plan old water and I pretreat the area with whatever carpet cleaning product works and voila!And when all is said and done clean up of the unit is relatively nice and easy. I absolutely recommend this product....more info
    • Great product, but be careful when you remove the dirty tank!!
      I'll echo what a lot of the other 5 star ratings have said - an amazing little tool that sucked my old stains right out of my carpets (even stains that had been there for a year & had not been removable with other cleaners). Love the automatic feature, just set it down, hit start, & go. Easy to get going right out of the box, fill the clean tank & get going.

      My only warning is to be careful when you remove the dirty tank to dump it! I assumed that it had a similar stopper as the clean tank so I didn't take great care in keeping it upright on the way to the sink... and consequently dumped out all that dirty water on my floor. Doh! Used the manual brush/hose to suck it right up, just 5 minutes.

      Another reviewer made an excellent recommendation that I use: put the cleaning liquid in another bottle (dilute it as directed) and fill the "clean" tank with water-only. Then spray the stain with your bottle and start the auto-mode. Otherwise you're left with too much soap still in the carpet after the auto mode shuts off.

      I'll be using this on my sofa next! ...more info
    • Met and surpassed expectations!
      This machine did exactly as advertised. It deeply cleans small areas or spots with minimal effort on your part. As has been mentioned, it is a dynamite product to own if you have pets! I've also cleaned small, high traffic areas very successfully. I've read a few comments that seem to fault the machine because it leaves a CLEAN circle of carpet--as if that's a problem. Unless you keep your carpets scrupulously clean at all times, that's bound to be the case. Just clean the rest of the carpet with a larger machine. It's not reasonble or fair to state that the Spotbot is flawed because its results emphasize the fact that the rest of the carpet needs cleaning! It's does use the cleaning liquid rather quickly, but quite frankly that's not an issue for me. If I have really clean carpets it's worth the money. Plus it will always be less than routinely hiring professional carpet cleaners. I also HIGHLY recommend Bissell "Little Green" solution. I've tried numerous brands and it is far, far superior to any other. By the way, it can be used with Hoover carpet cleaners too (at least it works beautifully with the Hoover Agility machine.)...more info
    • The Best Cleaning Tool I Have Bought In Years!
      I am totally satisfied with this machine. It works exactly as stated, only better in person. The noise is no more than a vacuum cleaner running, and the ease of use is incredible. I did take the advice of others and am using a spray bottle of my own cleaner along with clear water in the unit itself to remove stains. Before I got the SpotBot, I could not keep up with the pet stains as half the time I never even saw them until they dried, and then was shocked and horrified to see a round discoloration spot.

      It actually does the same job as you going and getting some rags, a bucket, some cleaner and a scrubby tool, and then, getting on your hands and knees and working your circular motions until you are tired. Then, as a bonus, you get to totally remove all the wet sudsy leftovers after you finish.

      If you dont mind doing this aforementioned dirty exercise, then you dont need a SpotBot. You obviously ENJOY manual labor.

      For what its made for it works PERFECTLY, easily, and you can turn it on, walk away and do a chore, and before you know it, your spot is GONE. I am ready to buy another and have them work tamdem. I love this machine!

      I only wish they would make the heads of this machine in different sizes, small, as this one is, medium and large, but keep the body the same size, and the water compartments the same size. There. Thats my honest statement on this item!...more info
    • Tip on how to overcome noise of machine and watch TV
      A suggestion as to how to outfox the noise quotient of the SpotBot, and still be able to watch and hear your TV in the same room. Use wireless headphones with your TV. Works like a charm. Turn volume on headphones up high (however not ear splitting, for your own sake). You are still able to hear the TV while the SpotBot works its will. Also, I haven't tried this, however, I would think that after cleaning a spot, if you would take the brush tool and clean around the perimeter of the circle left by the SpotBot, it might minimize the "circle" effect left by cleaning the spot with just the machine. Just stroke the brush attachment vertically out from the cleaned spot, going over it a couple of times, and perhaps this will minimize the crop circle effect. Whoever tries it first, report in as to success or failure of attempt....more info
    • A Lifesaver if you have pets..
      Like my pets.. they like to puke and poop in all the wrong places.. last night I cleaned our mattress, but the carpet and sofa get it too.

      When you're really in no mood to clean up stuff, it just takes a minute to add some hot water and solution (we use Simple Solution enzymatic cleaner, inexpensive and takes care of 'natural' type stains). Then just sit it on the stain an hit a button. 2 minutes later, voila'! The hand tool is also pretty useful....more info
    • Outstanding. And Easy.
      Excellent design, materials, and construction. Functions perfectly. The cleaning solution tank holds enough for 3 deep stain sessions and the unit can be stored with cleaning solution remaining in the tank. The used solution tank is very easy to empty and clean.

      The solutions work fine and smell great. The unit fits well on stairs and does an outstanding job of removing stains. I've been using it with overlapping circles on high-traffic areas. It's so easy to use and so effective, I'll only use my larger unit on very large areas.

      If they made a larger one, I'd buy it too....more info
    • Generally Does A Good Job
      I'm reasonably pleased with this product. I've used it mostly on pet accidents and it did a pretty good job cleaning the spots my dear pooch occasionally leaves. It didn't always succeed in one pass, but two usually got the job done. The SpotBot is very convenient to use. The design is practical not allowing any dangling pieces and cords. Cleaning the waste tank is a breeze. My biggest complaint is the high cost of Bissell cleaning solutions. Like printer cartridges this is where Bissell makes all their profit. ...more info
    • Its Good, NOT GREAT!
      The Bissell SpotBot comes ready to use which is AWESOME. Nothing too put together at all. The directions are very easy to follow. The cleaning of the product after use is very easy.

      This product works very well for new stains, but old stains are not always cleaned perfectly on the first attempt. One other small downfall is, You can only do 2 spots per tank fill-up. In a pinch, I would highly suggest this product. It makes cleaning up pet messes very easy. As a Single guy, I love it but wish it would deep clean a little more. ...more info
    • This product really works!!
      I have 2 cats who have a bad habit of throwing up on my light blue carpet. I've tried every stain & spot remover out there & none of them would completely remove the stains. The SpotBot does. Does it leave "crop circles" like others have complained about?? Yes, it does, but these circles are actually a good thing because it is a clean spot & NOT a stain. It makes you see how dirty your carpet really is. I'd much rather see a clean "crop circle" than an ugly stain. My Hoover SteamVac wouldn't even remove these stains, but I think I'm going to try to use the Bissell cleaner plus the OgyGen2 in the Hoover & see if I can get better results. And yes, you do have to use the hose manually to suck up the excess cleaner left behind, but again, who cares, at least the stains are gone!! This product is worth every penny of the $130 price tag. ...more info
    • A Lifesaver
      I really cannot say enough about this little miracle worker and its maker, Bissell. The SpotBot saved my sanity when I turned my livingroom into a hospital room for months to take care of my elderly, arthritic, 85-pound dog. The machine was used often -- which after a while meant there were circles in the carpeting that were more noticeably clean than other areas of the carpet, but I wasn't only using the SpotBot to make the carpet look clean, I also needed and wanted to eliminate odors. The SpotBot allowed me to go for longer periods between professional carpet cleanings, and my home smelled fresh -- at least that's what my friends, family, and the wonderful vet who made housecalls told me. When my first year of ownership of the SpotBot was nearly up, the pump quit working. I was disappointed, but by then did not need it like I once had, and I was grateful for the months of service it gave me when I really needed it. I didn't want to give up on it though, so I took it to a repair shop. When I returned to the shop to pick up my SpotBot, I was told that I didn't owe a dime -- and rather than repair it, I think Bissell replaced the whole machine -- either that or it was marvelously refurbished. I used it today for the first time since the repair/replacement and it worked great. This is a terrific machine -- especially for homes that welcome kids and pets....more info
    • Works as stated.
      It performs extremely well it has removed every stain I had. This includes cat and dog vomit, old food stains and grease....more info
    • Wonderful
      We just love the SpotBot. I works like a charm. It scares the cat, but gets the carpet clean. We would recommend using a spray bottle with cleaner in it rather than the tank to use less of the cleaner since the price can add up. Another reviewer suggested this, so we tried it and it is still efficient. Thanks!...more info
    • great for the small area of carpets needing to be cleaned
      This works great on the small carpet area to be cleaned
      push a button walk away and it beeps to tell you it done
      Having a puppy that is still being house broken it is heaven sent that I don't have pull out the big carpet cleaner which I could not run becuase I had open heart surgery and it was to heavy for me to use so this little unit has come in handy while I was recovering from the surgery....more info
    • The Spot Eliminator!
      My wife and I bought the Bissell SpotBot over a year ago and has it ever lived up to its name! If you have ever wondered whether or not it's worth the money, then read this review and judge for yourselves. However, I'm certain that you won't go wrong.

      We have a little boy who likes to make messes. However, most of the time, his messes are in a small area and doesn't require the use of the SteamVac. It would be like using a backhoe to dig a hole for a tree. Not the right tool for the job.

      We use the SpotBot at least 2-3 times per month. Not only do we have a small child, but we also have a small dog who likes to dig in the dirt and then run across the carpet immediately upon entering the house. Also, I admit that I can be messy at times as well. Can I help it that I like a lot of ketchup on my hot dogs?

      When I was first researching the SpotBot I read reviews that it worked great, but left rings in your carpet. I agree with that statement. The SpotBot is meant to clean a circular area. So if you have many spots that are in differing places on your carpet, then when all have been cleaned, it will look like some alien has just made "crop circles" in your front room. There is an easy solution, and that is to clean your carpets regularly. That way, the only circles you will see won't be because one spot is cleaner than the rest of the carpet, but because the brushes have made a circular pattern in your carpet. These circles can be easily taken out by either rubbing them out with your hand, or using a vacuum once that area has dried.

      There are 3 main settings on the SpotBot. They are rather self explanatory, Surface Stain, Set-In Stain, and Manual (Hose).

      The Surface Stain option doesn't use as much cleaning solution and only runs for about 5 minutes or so. You can watch the brushes move in a circular pattern, and hear the suction as it engages. This option should be used for recent stains, like when my son ate too much candy and it came back up... Well you get the idea.

      The Set-In Stain option uses much more cleaning solution and runs for about 7 minutes. This should be used on spots that have been there for a while, like when the dog went number one in the corner of our closet, and we didn't find it until much later.

      The Manual Hose option is probably my favorite for a few reasons. First of all, you can control how much solution is used on a particular spot. The spray covers a good sized area and saturates the spot quickly. The hose extends about 5 feet and is very flexible. The attachment is fairly small which is good for cleaning hard to get at areas, like under the passenger's seat in my car. I found a year old baby bottle under there recently, which had leaked and made the car smell like "pus and feet" as my wife put it. The smell started just recently as the weather has begun to warm up. After a few passes with the SpotBot and its hose, the smell is gone and so is the stain. The attachment also has brushes so you can scrub the spot out. The suction strength is great, and leaves the spot damp, but not wet.

      From what I've seen and experienced over the past year, I am sold on the effectiveness of the SpotBot. It does what it is designed to do, and that is get out spots. It has taken out spots from makeup (which my son thought would be fun to draw on the carpet), to candle wax (don't ask), to fruit drinks and much more.

      The solution tank is rather small, and you will have to refill it a number of times depending on the amount and size of spots you are attacking. Also, the SpotBot is not quiet by any means. You will not be able to hear the TV if it is running anywhere nearby.

      The SpotBot is a miracle worker. So long to the days of getting on your hands and knees scrubbing out spots. This is one of the best cleaning tools to have come about for quite some time. In the end, I must state that every home should have one of these, because as the saying goes, "Spots Happen!"...more info
    • Great product
      I love this machine. I can set it and walk away, or use the hose for bigger areas. I'm glad I got this machine. My carpets got as clean as new....more info
    • Worth every cent!
      I really doubted that this product could work as well as it was claimed, but it does. It does a much better job than cleaning pet stains by hand, with much less work.

      I agree with the advice of a previous reviewer, that the machine works well with just water, using the cleaning solution in a spray bottle before running the spot bot over the carpet. This rinses the carpet and makes it feel cleaner of soap when the job is done. Also makes the cleaning solution stretch much further, and works just as well at removing spots from carpet.

      The spot bot is also great on upholstered furniture (using the water only method with the hose attachment and a spray bottle of cleaner.) Saves my elbow grease from scrubbing, saves my skin on my hands from chemicals, and saves my dog from my husband's wrath. A must have for everyone with a pet or child....more info
    • SpotBot Review
      Awesome machine! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and this cleaner is the perfect solution for quick cleaning of accidents. Set on the spot, push a button and walk away. Very easy clean up, too....more info
    • Busy mom's dream come true
      I have two boys and addition to that I run my own daycare from my home. As you can imagine, my poor carpets have seen their fair share of stains. Some stains have been with us for years; like the pink stain under our kitchen table, affectionately nicknamed Pinky, that was birthed the day my oldest son accidentally spilled strawberry milk all over the floor. I received the SpotBot as a Christmas gift from my grandmother, and Pinky was no more. I love this thing because being the busy mom that I am, I have no time to deal with stains. I just put this over the spill, turn it on, and go about my business until the little beeper tells me it's done. Then voila! The spot is gone!

      If you have kids, get this. In fact, this would make a perfect baby shower gift.
      ...more info
      Let's talk dirt. My husband stepped on off-white Berber carpet with his dirt encrusted work boots, well over 3 years ago, while we were moving in. It was ground into the carpet and became black in minutes. It has been mocking me this entire time. Only one cycle with this little dream come true machine and there is not a trace. I used the cleaners that were in the box and am glad my little girl talked me into getting it. ...more info
    • It's slightly more promise than delivery
      This is a super deep cleaner, for certain, but its price simply doesn't justify its functionality. It is too difficult to use, setup, and clean AFTER you've cleaned your carpets....more info
    • Great for what it is.
      I've had my Spot Bot for a little more than a year. (We have a dog that just refuses to be 100% trained). It is not a substitute for a big steam cleaner but for cleaning small, fresh pet stains, it is perfect. I probably use it 3x/week and don't even bother putting it away. It works because it wets the stains, scrubs, then extracts the moisture. I found that it worked pretty well on set-in stains but did not remove them 100%. As any pet owners knows, it's not the appearance of stains but the smell that you're so desperate to get rid of. I only wish I had had this when we first got the dog and was able to keep up with her messes.

      One thing I've learned: you do NOT need carpet cleaning solution, Oxy-whatever, Resolve, etc. The best thing I've used is a combination of vinegar and warm water. It works absolutely perfectly and is astronomically cheaper. The cleaned area will smell like vinegar for just a few minutes (until it dries). I've also heard that these cleaners do more harm than good to your rugs over time anyway. Before this I had tried Nature's Miracle, Urine-B-Gone, everything -- nothing was any better (or often, as good) as vinegar+water....more info
    • Bissell Spotbot 1200B
      The first comment out of my mouth was WOW. It really did take up those stains. I have a puppy that was being trained and she had a couple of accidents. The spotbot took up her little mistakes and the traffic dirt as well. I would highly recomment this item to anyone.

      When I first looked at the bristles and felt how soft they were I really didn't expect them to be able to get this stains off the carpet but they did over and over again. I even laid on the floor and watch the machine take up the first stain; I was simply amazed.

      As a housekeeper I'm sure I will be using this in my daily cleaning duties. Have confindence in this product; it won't let you down.
      ...more info
    • A life-saver!!
      The SpotBot is so awesome! I had 2 aging dogs and it was a constant battle to clean up their accidents, which took forever and never came clean all the way. Now I just set the SpotBot to work and go about my business. The carpet looks better than it did before the accident and takes almost no effort on my part. I don't mind the cost of the cleaners as I figure it sure beats calling out the carpet guys!...more info
    • How to prime
      If you are having problems getting the solution to come out, try this sure fire way:
      Set to Manual/hose,remove clean solution/water tank, put your thumb over the little black nozzle on the bottom of the machine, with the brush off of the hand held, pump the trigger for 2 minutes while you are moving your thumb up and down onthe nozzle of the machine. Helps to have 2 people :)
      I called Bissell and they had us do several things, but this worked right at the end of the 2 minutes. Now that it's working properly, all my stains are gone. ...more info
    • Husband is happy ... so I am happy :)
      We bought the SpotBot a couple of days ago, because our last furniture/floor cleaner died and my one-year-old son got sick all over the sofa. Well this machine did a great job on the sofa (which we were expecting), so my husband decided to see how it would do in his truck. He cleaned the seats with the detachable hand cleaner and it pulled more grime, sweat, and dirt that the seats look almost new (pretty good for a 10 year old work truck). He then decided to clean my car, he removed the two car seats and was surprised to find melted red crayon under one of them, the SpotBot got it up. The last test was a small children's chair we got my daughter almost 4 years ago, it was pink at one time, but with two kids and their drinks and food you can only imagine what color it was. I was just going to throw it way. Well my husband went to work at it and it is pink again. My husband is so happy with the SpotBot that he wants to buy another just incase they ever discontinue it....more info
    • Great Machine
      Great machine after I got it assembled which involved a trip clear across town. Somehow it was sentto me with the brushes not instslled. The company they sent me to was very unprofessional, seemed to me run by an idiot. After two trips and a week later, works great, so far....more info
    • Easiest spot cleaner ever
      I have had other Bissell Green Machine models in the past and was in the market for a new one. I relied upon the user reviews here on Amazon to help select the best model and must say I was not disappointed in my decision to go with the Spot Bot! It is SO easy to use and cleaning/storage is a complete breeze. There is one solution tank/bottle that has a screw top. You simply put in a few ounces of cleaner and fill the rest with water (make it warm or hot if you like), screw the cap back on and place it on the machine. There are 2 self cleaning settings, one for fresh stains and one for set in stains. The set in stain setting will net you 2 cycles out of one cleaning solution fill. I did not find the spots to be left too wet on my carpet, which is more of a premium pad and nap. But the directions do say you can use the manual setting and brush to suction up additional liquid if you think it is too damp. The tank that holds the dirty water is just as easy to clean. Simply lift it out of the machine and dump it out, rinsing it out if necessary. Could not be easier. It too will hold about 2 cycles of the set in stain residual. The machine is very lightweight and the ability to set it on a stain an walk away is great. I am using it on fresh and set in pet stains and it is working great!...more info
    • This machine has probably saved our dogs life a time or two...
      Got Puke? Pee? Messes? Spills?
      Have Kids? Pets? Are you a bit of a klutz?

      Then you NEED this machine. It works well for cleaning up any of the messes life brings you. I don't doubt we use this for something at least 5-6 times each week. I also use the manual mode to clean up larger messes or the carpets in my van. Before I had this one, I had the Bissell Litte Green Machine. I loved that one too. We used it so much over the course of a couple years that it finally just tuckered out. We replaced that with this one. My husband even commented he loved it and that it was worth the money. That says alot! You can't go wrong with Bissell's Compact Deep Cleaners. ...more info
    • Trouble getting started, and not as self-sufficient as it claims
      After I moved into my new house, my pomeranian seemed to forget all of his potty training. I'd come home from work only to find "accidents" that had been soaking into the carpet all day long. Even after I scrubbed these spots myself w/pet stain remover, they never looked totally clean. I thought I'd found the perfect solution when I came across the Bissell Spot Bot. I called around to several stores which were sold out ('Wow, it must be popular' I thought), finally found it in stock, and then made a special trip to go buy the machine and the cleaner made for pet stains.

      Once I got it home, I immediately took it out of the box, read the instructions (yes, I actually read them before I got started), got everything prepared, and started the machine. 6 minutes later, it started beeping to tell me it was done. I ran over to the machine, picked it up... and the spot was still there. It didn't look any different from 6 minutes ago. Then I noticed the cleaning solution tank and dirty water tank hadn't changed. I felt the carpet, and it was totally dry. No solution was coming out. I tried the manual brush... nothing.

      I was determined to get at least 1 spot up. So I put a little cleaner on the spot and turned the machine back on. When the cycle ended, I could see a little difference, but solution still wasn't coming out of the machine. I played w/the manual brush for at least 5 miutes trying to get solution to come out. Then I picked a new spot, poured much more cleaner on it, and set the machine again. This time, the machine finally started pumping and removing solution on its own, and the spot appears to be completely gone. It left the carpet rather wet (which has been mentioned before), so I used the manual brush to suck up the extra solultion.

      I looked thru older reviews and found many where people couldn't get the solution to come out of the machine. Mine seems to be working now, but it took 3 tries. Also, it uses a ridiculous amount of cleaner. I filled the solution tank before getting started, and it's only run (w/solution coming out) twice, and the tank is almost empty. I think I'll take another reviewer's advise to spray cleaner on the spot, let it soak a little, and then run the machine w/just water. This should also help prevent the "clean" spot from becoming a "dirty" spot since dirt will stick to the left over cleaning solution in the carpet.

      My trouble getting the machine to work along w/the fact that the carpet needs more work after the machine is "done" (which isn't what the ads claim) made me give it fewer stars even though it seems to be removing the spots now. I like that I don't actually have to do the scrubbing even if I do have to suck up the solution afterwards. It's a bit louder than I expected, but it's not unbearable....more info
    • very good product
      This vaccum is the best.It really works well and cleans very good for the price. Its non sensical not to buy it rather then scrubbing on your hands and knees and not getting the same results...more info
    • Not such a hot botspot
      I wish I could tell you this worked terrific like the other reviews, but it did not. I had more luck on the pet stains using peroxide and vinegar. Very disappointed....more info
    • Good little Machine!
      This has been an excellent machine for us. Does exactly what it says it does. I highly recommend it....more info
    • A little pricey, but a great value...
      We are presently in a small apartment while my husband is working on his PhD, but this is a great product for cleaning up after spills from my sons. We had created a path just inside the door where the beige carpet had turned grey. This cleaned the area quickly and easily using the hand held attachment.

      I have also used this to clean the car upholstery and it was FABULOUS. It pulled out drinks spilled years ago. It also cleaned up the line of dirt that had matted the carpet, right along the edge of the floor mats. The outline of the floor mat is no longer visible when I pull the floor mats up.

      My biggest challenge has been some red Gatorade Fruit Punch powder that was spilled and mixed with water by my little helpers... it has not come right out, but more is pulled out with each batch of water & formula. I will continue trying until the Spot Bot stops pulling the "pink" from the carpet.

      I have found that the "fiber cleaning formula" for the full size Bissell cleaners seems to be more effective, and can be diluted much more than the formulas that are designated for the smaller machines. Please know that Bissell does not suggest this, however, the Spot Bot goes through the suggested cleaners FAR TOO FAST....more info
    • User Friendly Device
      I love my Spot Bot. I have used it both for manual & automatic cleaning. My only complaint is that I would like to have a hard hose, so I can stand up straight when I clean....more info
    • A MUST for new puppy owners~
      The set-it and leave-it function of the SpotBot realy helps when your new puppy has an accident on your livingroom carpet. I LOVE MY SPOT BOT!...more info
    • A Very Handy Tool
      Whats not to love. It's light weight, user friendly. Clean up is a snap. It's even very quiet when in use. I have yet to judge it for longevity but am pleased with it....more info
    • Don't know what I did without it!
      Having three cats and an active child, there is always someone making a mess on a carpet. Numerous times a week I was scrubbing the carpets, usually unable to completely remove the stains anyway. My husband found the SpotBot and suggested that we get it. I have had it about a month and have already used it a dozen or so times. It does an amazing job on newly made surface stains (even cat vomit), and a really good job on set in stains as well. It does only a small area at a time, so for bigger stains, you need to move the unit and run the SpotBot again. I find that it goes through the cleaning solution fairly quickly (one tank seems to last about 5 clean-ups). But, the solution isn't too expensive (we've found it at Target for $3.99).

      I've never taken the time to rate a product before, that's how much I think about the SpotBot....more info
    • The best, easiest, small carpet cleaner there is!
      I have pets, lots of pets, and I have kids, little kids. And so , I have spots. Or rather, I HAD spots before I purchased the Spot Bot. It has never failed to remove a spot, whether it was a pet urine stain that has been there for years hidden behind the chair, or an orange baby spit-up stain, the spot bot gets them OUT. And it's so easy, put in the fluid, push the button, and walk away. I have tried other cleaners. This is the best, hands down....more info
    • A must have for Pets!
      This works great for those just fresh accidents. Cleaner mixed with Oxy clean will make the spot disappear. Alas those set in stains, even cleaning them twice with the Oxy additive still remained. Lighter, yes, but still there. ...more info
    • I wish there was a full size...
      After reading all the reviews for the SpotBot, I decided to take my chances on this small machine to clean up Labrador messes ranging from blueberry muffin mix that seemed to be forever mixed into my carpet to the normal dog puddles. I have an older Bissel QuickSteamer, but it never could handle these kinds of messes.

      This turned out to be one of my best carpet cleaning investments of all time! The muffin mix was removed after just one attempt. The day it arrived, my husband spilled Nyquil on our used-to-be-white carpet. One automatic cycle later, the stain had almost disappeared. I went over it again with the attachment and the Nyquil was gone!

      I go through the solution quickly. The OxyKic Boost seems to be one of the ingredients that works on the toughest stains, but is pricey.

      I joke that we have "crop circles" on our used-to-be-white carpet, so definitely do test on a small, out-of-sight section of carpet.

      Overall, I would say that anyone who tried to take away my SpotBot would be crazy as their well-being could be in danger!!
      ...more info
    • Simply the Best
      I have 4 dogs and they have accidents. This machine is so fantastic it even got out OLD stains from a year or so ago. I used the heavy soil cycle and the included Oyy-GEN stuff and was amazed to see the stain disappear! Nothing could be easier than this; it's easy on your back because it does all the work. It's compact, stores easily and it sort of reminds me of R2D2 which adds a smile to my face. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend this cleaner to anyone whose carpet is stained and is thinking of buying new...try this, you may save some money. It also goes without saying that this is a MUST for pet owners, especially those with "senior citizens."...more info
    • Love it!
      The Bissell SpotBot is great! SUPER easy to use as others have said. Fill the cleaning tank with solution and water, place it on the spot that needs to be cleaned, set it and walk away! It even beeps to let you know when it's done. GREAT for pet stains. A fantastic purchase and a great product; I very glad that I got it. ...more info
    • a MUST for anybody with pets or clutsy people!
      WOW! I just got the SpotBot yesterday and already it's amazing me.
      1. Its very easy to use! Not only were all the components easy to remove, replace and wash up but the machine itself was pretty self explanitory!
      2. It cleaned up a urine stain from my dogs that I've tried to get out with 2 different machines (one a regular carpet cleaner and the other a heavy duty carpet cleaner that did absolutly nothing!)...and it did it in just 6 minutes! I couldn't believe it! After that amazing feat we even wrote a poem about the spotbot! "Holy Moly, Diddley Dee I put my face to the carpet and I didn't smell pee!"
      3. It cleaned up heavy tread areas on my carpeting (near the front door) so well that I can see the clean places vs the dirty ones now (there are little white circle areas where it was scrubbing)...I guess I'll have to use this maching more often to clean up that area that I never realized was that dirty.

      I adore this machine! With two big dogs that tend to make a mess on my white carpeting this machine will be a life saver! I would give it more stars if I could!...more info
    • Makes my life easier and happier!
      I have a light carpet and I hate a dirty carpet. I felt I was shampooing at least once a month. I own a Hoover shampooer, I really like but it is not reasonable to pull out everytime a pet vomits or coffee is spilled. But those spots drive me nuts and the spray cleaners do not really work well enough. The Spotbot is simple, easy and quick to use. Best of all it cleans a small area as well as the big Hoover. Now I only use the big machine when I need to clean an entire hall or room....more info
    • Simply a MUST HAVE!
      I purchased mine over a year ago, right after they came out, I can't imagine life without it! I have cream colored carpet, it's great for stairs, kids rooms, pet stains, clean up after parties. The cleaner is expensive, but I have found on most spots plain water works great. I also use the manual hose to go over the spots after cleaning to get excess water out, works very well. If mine broke today, I would order another one ASAP!!!! ...more info
    • Bissell Spotbot rocks!!
      What a fantastic product! Removed pet throwup stains in 3 minutes and other minor stains in the same amount of time. Super easy to use and just as easy to clean. I didn't see the "crop circles" some have talked about but my carpet is lighter so that may have something to do with it. A little pricey but after reading other reviews for $80 products I took a chance with the Spotbot and haven't regretted it. You do get what you pay for by all means. Thanks Bissell for making my messes a snap to clean up! ...more info
    • SpotBot
      The SpotBot was purchased to use on pet stains. It works very well, in both the automatic and hose mode. Every stain it has been used on, has been cleaned very well. I can't wait until spring to use it on the carpets in cars....more info
    • My new best friend
      I was finally pushed to the edge to purchase a spotbot cleaner after this year's stomach virus hit my 2 younger children hard, especially on the carpet! Nasty, 3-day-old, brown vomit stains that I had trie over and over again to get out with about every carpet cleaner spray I could find: GONE! And this purchase saved my 9-year-old cocker spaniels hide from ending up as a donation because my husband had just about had it with her puking and occasional incontinence. I can now remove the throw rugs I have all over the house and hit those spots as soon as I see them. ...more info
    • Wonderful product
      After reading many reviews about the Spotbot I bought it for my cream sofa that was horribly dirty. At first I couldn't get the trigger to work, but it finally did and I am very pleased with how it cleans. I took the advice of some to get extra Oxygen2 and I am finding that I like that much better than the Little Green Formula.

      I would recommend this product HIGHLY! ...more info
    • Amazing!!!! I love it!!!
      All I had to do was take it out of the box, spend a couple of minutes reading the directions, put the cleaning solution and water in and press a button. There is noting else to do. It was so easy. I had old cat vomit stains on a beige rug that I tried to clean myself but the stain was made. The Spotbot was awesome and took the old set in stains out. Yes it uses a lot of solution so if you are going to get out many old stains make sure you have a lot of cleaner. I don't see that as a drawback because that is what is needed to get stains out. I used the Bissell cleaner and yes it worked and smelled nice. I went through one 32 oz bottle very quickly. Remember I have a lot of stains and they are larger than the area that the Spotbot covers. But then I tried the carpet cleaner that I purchased at Sam's Club (it comes in a gallon bottle and is cheap) and that worked just as well. The instructions warn not to use any other cleaner except theirs because some cleaners have citrus oils that can damage parts, but the Sam's Club cleaner does not have that. Extremely impressed and this is a must buy!!!...more info
    • Gr8 LIttle Machine
      This is my fourth generation of the Little Green Machine and this is by far the best yet. This is totally a heavy duty machine compared to the the regular green machine without the brush, they still are below average in the ratings and none of my first three lasted very long. One button operation, leave it and it just cruises along by itself. It cleans so well you could end up with clean spots all over your house and need to use a regular carpet shampoo machine to blend it all together. ...more info
    • Worth every penny!
      I remember seeing commercials for the Spotbot several months back and thinking, Hmmm...that would be a neat thing to have in case something spills. Then when I saw the price tag at Target, I said no way! Fast forward to last week when my older kitty started having bowel trouble and I knew I needed to do something. So I reluctantly drove down to Target and paid my $130 and brought home the Spotbot. This thing is nothing short of a miracle. The invention Gods where shining the day the Spotbot was created. It has been able to get out nasty pet stains, even those that had been there for a while. The Spotbot is worth every penny and a must-have for anyone with pets or kids. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and set-up was a snap. I had it running in less than 5 minutes! Yeah!...more info
    • Nice machine
      Very easy to use and does a good job cleaning. One warning: If you have a light carpet that hasn't been cleaned lately, you will get little "crop circles" where the cleaned area appears cleaner than the surrounding carpet. Overall, a great purchase which has dramatically improved my relationship with my occasionally gastrointestinally challenged dog....more info
    • Great carpet cleaner!!
      I bought this for my mother who has a cat with a little bit of an upchuck problem. What an amazing machine!!! There have been stains set into the carpets for a few months that refuse to come out, but with this machine and the Oxygen cleaner, it works almost too well (we had to get the rest of the carpets deep cleaned because this left brighter "clean" spots in high traffic areas. This was a great investment, and the best thing is that each spot is cleaned in 3 minutes or less!...more info
    • awesome for easy carpet stain removal
      I got this spot-bot after trying many other "wet" vac types, none of which were as easy to use and worked as well as this item. I think you get what you pay for with wet/steam type carpet cleaning hardware.. so you need to spend a little $ to get something which performs well.. I have pets and dinner parties, so this thing is a life saver.. my wife just loves it. very easy to use, set it on a spot and hit one of the automatic modes, then suck the excess fluid out of the carpet with the wand! The cleaning fluid and waste water containers are very easy to pull out and replace. Solid construction all the way around, well designed, and easy to use/understand controls.

      Five stars for sure!...more info
    • Very Satisfied with its cleaning power
      Pros: Very efficient cleaner. The box looks intimidating with regard to the set up time...but it took me less than 5 minutes to get it up and part you dont have to be there. It works to your specification. THe manual function brush is also good. After cleaning an area 2 feet by 4 feet from otherwise tough to remove food stains.....that part was cleaner (not totally spotless, may be multiple cleaning will take it off) and the carpet was more soft and fluffier.

      Cons: Not really, but it consumes lot of the cleaner.....The cleaners are not cheap either......more info
    • I love the spotbot!!!!!!!!!!
      I have 3 dogs and beige carpet... so as you can imagine, we have new little stains that pop up everywhere!! Well on our first attempt, we were absolutely amazed!! The stain was completely gone!!!!!!! Not only is the machine extremely easy to use, it is also extremely able to set up/take down. It is also very easy to remove the chambers for filling/cleaning. We have a baby on the way and know this will come in extremely handy. I used to get down on my hands and knees and work out the stains... which would take forever. This is a definite time saver. 6 minutes and the stain is HISTORY! I absolutely LOVE this product and would recommend it to everyone!
      ...more info
    • Bissell Spot Bot
      Loved it!!! It is incredibly easy and effective to use!I have a couple of old cats who don't always "keep their food down" Now I don't have to be scrubbing out the stains on my hands and knees anymore!
      G. Mallard...more info
    • Bissell Spotbot
      Great little carpet cleaner. It has gotten up stains I thought I'd never get up, and this little gem did....more info
    • SpotBot
      The product works ok when set on auto. It leaves the carpet very wet....more info
    • Bissell SpotBot
      I use this often especially having pets and grandchildren. I would recommend this product to friends. It is light weight and very easy to use.It sure beats dragging the heavy carpet cleaner around....more info
    • Bissel 1200B SpotBot Hands-Free Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
      Shizzamm! Cleaned spots that were so old they had been cleaned 3 times by 2 different professionals & once myself. Get more of the Oxygen2 cleaner & little Green's going to be your new best friend. Leaves floor wetter than I like, but it did the job I wanted, & then did the job I didn't think could be done. It wins the Gold Medal!!! I love the leave-it to clean-it feature....even our cat found it interesting....more info
    • Great Product - Easy to Use
      I researched this product on the Internet and felt it fit what we were looking for, a quick clean up for hairballs and kids accidents.

      It works very well, is easy to use and handy. No need to grab solvents and rags or the full size carpet cleaner. Tough spots may take 2 tries but it's a "set it and forget it" process that only takes 10 minutes or less. I seems to clean as deeply as the full size machine on the jobs we've used it for. You can leave solution in the cleaner for the next time although we don't like to do this even if it says we can.

      Amazon's price was lowest when we bought and I have not seen a lower price, and I do keep watch for things like that.

      ...more info
    • This hits the spot!!
      I have had this product now since Christmas and have found in very useful indeed. I have a small Jack Russell Terrier and he can be a little bit of a soiler at times. This machine cleans the spot and I don't have to do anything except put it there. I would recommend this to anyone who has a pet or children or really anyone that likes to keep their home clean but never seems to have the time to do it all....more info
    • It's a good house-cleaning product
      My wife likes this product a lot. The only two complaints she has are (1) the cleaning chemicals are expensive and (2) the size of the cleaning spot is sometimes small....more info
    • Poor choice (my part)
      The machine is much heavier than I thought and so far does not clean old stains as expected. My choice from the ads....more info
    • Slick little beast
      Tried it out for the first time after the holidays. Met all my expectations. As preveously noted, a fluid hog. Mixing high strength solution, and running the 6 minute set-in spot mode(stubborn stains)it uses 8 oz of Bissel OxyGen2 and 4 Oz Little Green plus tap water for each stain treatment cycle. The machine holds enough fluid for 2 extended spot treatments/cleaning cycles. But the proof is in the results. It really works. A truely painless way to clean. Just be sure and have enough supplies on hand. Once you get caught up, they will seem to last longer. If you can afford this $100 gem you shouldn't complain about the cost. The convienence is well worth it. ...more info
    • Spot Bot, the best appliance ever!
      If you are looking for an appliance that is both compact and convenient in cleaning different stains on your carpet, Bissell 1200B SpotBot is the answer. As opposed to the heavy steamvac I have, I can easily carry the SpotBot from one room to another. Also, the SpotBot is easy to operate and I just program it to an automatic/pre-set mode on a specific area on the carpet that really needs cleaning, and it does the job and warns me when its done. This product is really handy when I am doing other household chores. ...more info
    • Bissell SpotBot is a winner
      If you have kids, pets or just a messy carpet, you need a SpotBot. This thing works great! I couldn't (wouldn't) do without one. Your carpet comes clean at the push of a button. ...more info
    • Bissell SpotBot
      The item I purchased, I already had for myself. I was looking to purchase this as a gift for my parents. I have a male dog that will, if opportunity arises, will hike his leg in a corner. I can place the spotbot over this item, turn it on, walk away and come back to a spot that is no longer there. Wonderful. Would recommend to anyone. ...more info
    • Niffy cleaner!
      I have 2 dogs and anyone with pets knows sometime they have an accident. The SpotBot does a good hands free job on them. I like the hose attachment too, we cleaned our car seats with it and it worked great!!...more info
    • great product
      I bought this for a gift my daughter loves it.She says it works just great and like it says it removes even set in carpet stains....more info
    • problem with arthritis in hands
      I am completely pleased with the SpotBot Hands Free. I have grandchildren, cats and dogs in my house and of course I have a lot of spots, I have arthritis in both hands and cann't hold a brush tight enought to scrub spots on carpet and furniture. The SpotBot is a life savers for me. It is all plus more than I had expected....more info
    • Absolutely the BEST!
      The Bissell 1200B SpotBot is absolutely the best carpet spot cleaner I've ever seen. My wife and I loved it so much, it became our "gift of choice" for friends and family for Christmas 2006. We purchased a total of five Spotbots for gifts.

      Very simple to use: fill the water tank with hot water and a couple of ounces of your favorite carpet cleaning solution, set the cleaner head over the spot to be cleaned, select the 3-minute or 6-minute cycle, and turn it on. It'll tell you when it's done! Also, the flexible hose and handheld attachment are perfect for finish the area around the cleaner head and for doing tight spaces such as stairs and door frame areas....more info
    • Great Little Helper
      I have been using my spot bot for over six months now and it's been working great for the job it's intended to do..."clean spots". It is not inteded to clean a whole room though! For that, I recommend a large upright steam cleaner.

      I have realistic expectations and this machine has gone above and beyond. It's a big help to me since I have a small dog who occasionally has accidents and I have also spilled some drinks on my carpets, and have spilled coffee in my car. By the way the SpotBot is excellent for the car since it's light, very portable and powerful.

      What's great about the SpotBot is that the brissels are multidirectional (unlike a traditional steam cleaner) so it really works a lot better to get tough stains out. If the stain is larger than the area covered by the brissels, you will have to move the spotbot and start another cycle. It will leave the area very clean, making the rest of your carpet look not that great, but like I said before, you can then clean the rest of your carpet with a large upright steam cleaner. I use the spotbot to treat the spots and the upright steam cleaner to finish the rest of my carpets and make it look even. My carpets are like new again. The spotbot is great for carpeted staircases too, since the manual hose lets you reach all surfaces.

      I agree that this machine does use a lot of cleaner but it's worth it. I've been averaging three cycles for each tank of water with cleaner. I find that warm water takes out dirt better but for other stains cold is better. If the spot is still wet after the cycle you will have to use the manual hose feature to suck up the rest. I think since it's automatic I get spoiled with it's simplicity but really it's not that hard to suck up some extra water if you want it to dry faster. (Also make sure the tank for dirty water is completely closed and that the water is not above the marked line, otherwise it will not suck properly and will leave the area more wet.)

      When I was considering purchasing this product I read a review that was very helpful, it was about cleaning your machine when you're done using it. I have been doing that and I think it will keep the machine working better and it will last you longer.

      I bought another one for my grandmother for her pet since it really is so easy to use and not that heavy.
      It truly is AWESOME for what it's intented to do, clean spots (and other small areas)!...more info
    • Spot Bot is a Winner
      We absolutely love our Spot Bot - we purchased our first one when we got a new puppy. Before we even needed it for her "accidents" we first tried it out on some really old stains. These stains had been around for a long time and were caused from a plant leaking. We had tried several other cleaners and eventually just put the plants back on the stains so as to keep them covered. The Spot Bot removed the Stains completely. We were sold!!! We were so pleased we bought another Spot Bot as a gift for a friend who had recently bought a new home and a new puppy.

      The cleaners get a little pricey....but the results are worth every penny. We triend an alternate cleaner, didn't work. Stick with the Little Green and Oxygen2 cleaners and you too will lover your Spot Bot.
      ...more info
    • SpotBot is a lifesaver
      With a new puppy in the house the SpotBot was the best $100 I ever spent....more info
    • Kenneth Smoot
      My wife is very happy & satisfied with her spot remover! Thank You...more info
    • Excellent product!!!
      We are soooo pleased with the Spot Bot! It is compact, easy to use, and CLEANS! It really works on all kinds of stains!! I would say it works like a professional cleaner (we have one of the BIG ones that you have to haul around and it's a pain!) but has the ease of being able to grab it and GO directly to the stain! Quickly! Wonderful product! We love ours!...more info
    • Great machine!
      Love it. If you have animals, it is a must (to prevent musty). It would be better if it covered a larger area. It usually takes 3 applications to get all of the animal stain. ...more info
    • Great Machine
      I have loved this machine. It really gets up the spots on the carpet and is also great for small furniture clean ups as well. The only complaint I have is the tank runs out really fast and has to be refilled. Other than that it works great!...more info
    • Great for pet messes
      Our cats are often getting sick on our carpets. The SpotBot cleans up those messes with no problem. My only problem with it is that it isn't the best on stains that are set in. Someone spilled a strawberry soda on our floor between the couches and it wasn't noticed until several hours later. It was still damp at that time but the stain is still there even after 3-4 SpotBot cleanings....more info
    • Wish I had this years ago.
      I have 3 kids under the age of 8 and 2 Siberian Huskies so you can just imagine what my carpets look like. I should have bought stock in Resolve with the amount of cans I have gone through over the years. No More! The best part was I was able to do other chores while my stains were being cleaned!

      I went to town with the Spotbot and every single stain came up except 2 but they faded so much you can barely see them. It is by far one of the easiest items in my house to use. I used the attachment on my stairs and was surprised at how well it cleaned. It has alot of suction power and was able to pick up alot of dirt from the stairs. I was very impressed with this as I have used other attachments on other products and they have not worked very well. Not the case with the Spotbot.

      The only reason I rated this product a 4 is because of the circles it leaves. This ONLY happens on dirty rugs though! I did my hallway (which has not been cleaned in a long time) and it ended up looking like I had alien crop circles all over the place. But I knew this would happen since the rug was so dirty. I planned on cleaning my rug with my new Bissell 9400 carpet cleaner (which I LOVE and no I don't work for Bissell just happen to like their products) immediately after so I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Once I cleaned the entire rug my "crop circles" were gone. As it would happen with kids and dogs in the house I found a stain the very next day on my beautiful brand new looking rugs and in the past would have probably cried or yelled. Not this time just got out my Spotbot and let it do its job. No more stain and no more crop circle. Since the rug was clean to begin with it did not leave a circle this time.

      Would I recommend this product - Absolutely. The only thing I would say is use it on clean rugs if you don't want to see clean circles on dirty rugs or use it on the stains prior to cleaning your rugs as I did.

      ...more info
    • very happy with this carpet cleaner
      I am very impressed with the quality of cleaning this thing does, even on it's own!! If you use hot water with it your chances are pretty good that you will be able to get the spot out of your carpet. We have 4 kids and spots to match and this did a great job of getting up older spots and erasing new ones!! I recommend this item!...more info
    • Overall, GREAT!, But I did have a couple problems.....
      I've had my spotbot for almost a year and it works great. It was a lifesaver after moving into a new place with new carpet and having a sick cat that puked everywhere. It's powerful and does everything it says it can do and I've used mine A LOT!! A couple bad thing about mine is it leaks when it is stored. On the bissell websight they sell a storage tray you put the spotbot on, I guess because they know of this problem. To deal with this, I take the solution tank off the machine and bleed the sprayer hose when I'm done using it. Also, the side hose for manual cleaning became really dirty with what looks like thick mildew, so now when I use it, it smells bad. Unfortunately, the hose isn't replacable either. However, this could be because I pretty much only use the side attachment for cleaning since I find it more thorough and faster. Setting the spotbot up and walking away is a cool feature, and knowing the side hose attachment is really powerful too should make you confident in buying this machine, even with some of its problems. For me, I'm replacing mine with the Little Green ProHeat, since I only use the hose attachment anyway....more info
    • Crop Circles ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!
      When I bought this we thought it would be the best thing since sliced bread. I owed another Bissel model that the handle kept cracking and then would become a drip where it cracked. I liked that machine except for that issue, so when this one came out we though GREAT the perfect solution to our problem with the older model. Out with the old in with the new. In the beginning I was totally enamored with The Spot Bot it seemed to do the job well, now 6 months later all of the area's I have cleaned over time have re-appeared and I have a house full of little crop circles. This has become a nightmare especially on the lighter carpet I have in my house. I don't even know what to do here? Will having my entire carpet cleaned return it back to normal or will I be stuck with these little circles forever? And Who do you call or contact 6 months later? HELPPPPPP MEEEEE...more info
    • Works Fantastic
      If you have a pets or parties you have to own one of these. Spills are up before they have a chance to become stains. Just set it on the spot and it does the rest. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that it doesn't offer a water only rinse to get the last of the soap out. I just run it a second time with clear water and that does the job but thats more trouble than it should be....more info
    • Amazing - must own with pets
      Compared to everything else out there this is the only one that works (Bissell pro-heat & rug doctor don't come close), since Christmas unit has taken out every old cat stain in the house. Bissell cleaner and hot water push "set in" and stain is gone - Bj's for under $100 makes it a no brainer....more info
    • Terrific for small stains
      This is a terrific carpet cleaner for small spills and pet stains. Just set it down on the stain, add the cleaning solution, and press a button. It has a light-duty setting for recent spills, or a heavy-duty setting for set-in stains. Either way, it does a great job of cleaning and drying the carpet. I've owned it for a few months now, and I'm really happy with it. The only thing you need to watch for is if your carpet is dirty, you'll end up with a light circle where this cleaner has been.

      The instructions for this carpet cleaner calls for a special cleaning solution, not the standard cleaning solution that's used in full-size machines. All I need is yet another cleaning solution at home. Instead, I've been diluting the full-strength solution by adding two parts water to one part full-strength solution, then following the instructions for mixing solution and water for this machine. Works fine for me. ...more info
    • Fantastic machine
      We have a cat that throws up all too frequently. This little machine takes care of everything. Just place it over the stain, hit the button and 3 minutes later your stain is gone! No effort on your end, it takes care of everything.
      We did notice that the automated cycle does not dry the stain as effectively as the manual mode but doing a little cleanup with the hand hose after the stain is removed is a tiny price to pay. We also notice that the cleaning solution is way cheaper at Linens&Things than anywhere else we looked. ...more info
    • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly... Buyer beware!!!
      The Good: It gets out set-in stains, with virtually no effort on your part. The SpotBot works as advertised, but comes with some serious caveats...

      ... Like the Bad. Yes, it removes the stain, but it also fuzzes out your shag carpets in a nice little 9" circle that never goes away, and sticks out like a sore thumb. Therefore, you need to have a way the fluf the carpet in the surrounding area, such as an upright cleaner or a really good vacuum like a Kirby...

      ...and then it gets UGLY. The SpotBot is terrible at sucking out its own soap... about three months after you treat an area, the little circle carpeting will start to turn black as the soap collects dirt, even if you use the "rinse" option twice. So... ya gotta clean it again, and again...

      CONCLUSION: The SpotBot is great for spot-treating spills and set-in stains that you simply don't have the patience to clean with an upright cleaner... but you MUST also own an upright, to fix the damage that it causes. Don't get me wrong: I like the thing, but its very much a buyer-beware product, since it may cause more problems than it fixes....more info
    • love it, love it, love it
      I can't say enough for how much I love this cleaner. We bought it to clean our very spotty, very worn carpet and it has worked wonders. First of all, I love that it came out of the box all in one piece: no assembly required. Within 5 - 10 minutes of opening the box we were cleaning carpet. Simply fill the tank, find a stain, push a button and walk away. It really is that easy....more info
    • agree with no spots whooo hoooo
      i agree with no spots whoo hooo. i own the spotbot and i love it. you can cut down on the wetness if you use the hand held device and suck up the water after you have cleaned the spot it also helps with the circle thing. just scrub the hand held device around the circles and it blends in and cleans up the extra wetness. i use it all the time and would highly recommend it to those who are getting new carpet so your carpet will always look new no matter what you spill on it. i got my spotbot with new carpet and you would never know that my carpet is 5 years old and i also have a dog who sometimes has an accident and i have 6 grandchildren who sometimes spell stuff but no problem i have the SPOTBOT!!!...more info
    • Excellent!!!
      First off, I have to admit that it does leave a LOT of water after it is done. We have to use the hose to suck up the excess, but it is DEFINITELY worth it for how well this product works!! I have a puppy who is in the process of being potty-trained. This totally removed all the stains from that, and the stains from my kids spilling spaghetti or pop on the carpet. I have a $225 Hoover carpet cleaner that does not do a fraction of the job that this does. This is so much easier than lugging that out. I have a bad back and this is a million times easier than trying to push that. My kids are even fighting over who gets to do it! I paid $125 for this at Kmart and really wish I would have bought this a lot sooner! It will save me a lot of money on the water bill too since it uses a fraction of the water that my other one does. I do want to say that I would definitely use the recommended detergent for this. I tried using my old one that is a different brand, and it made it way too foamy. If you are unsure of what to get someone for Christmas, I would definitely recommend this!!...more info
    • Works as described and then some
      I was very skeptical when my husband brought this home. In fact, the only reason I took it out of the box that first night was because fate intervened. My mother had borrowed my car earlier in the day and spilled a moose sized cup of cola in my car. I followed the directions and turned it on and...nothing happened. I thought it was broken. So I went back to the instructions and realized I did not have the water side seated well enough. I pushed down a bit and voila-it worked. And it worked very well. I really enjoyed being able to turn it on and leave it to finish on its own. It took the stain completely out and was next to dry when it ended. I have ended up using this item on a regular basis on different surfaces and have not been disappointed yet. It is very convenient to use-push one button and walk away. Come back when it is done and put it away. It is very simple to use. The attachment is really nice as well and great for larger areas or where you want a little more control. ...more info
    • Does the Job
      I came here first to read reviews before buying this item. I had some difficulty getting it to spray and actually exchanged it for another because we thought the spraying mechanisim was broken. After getting the 2nd machine home and it not spraying either, I went to Bissell's web site and went to FAQ, where I saw that numerous other users had the same trouble. It seems that you need to get the vacuum suction going within the system before any liquid will spray. I had to hold the trigger on the hand hose for about 3 minutes while pumpin the "clean" tank up and down to get the right pressure in the system. Once I got it going its fine and actaully does a great job at removing stains. I had old stains in our new house that were obviusly set in and they're now gone. I have light cream carpet and it's true that there is a small circle where the scrubber brushes were, but they blend in in a few days. My recommendation- get a bed bath and beyond coupon for %20 off and either get it there or at HomeDepot, they accept competetors coupons if you ask for a Mngr, I ended up getting the spotbot for only $109. Great deal for the quality of work it does....more info
    • Did not work out of the box
      The one I received was very poorly made. Out of the box, the scrubbing brushes/head would not turn. It had been poorly assembled, but after disassembling and re-assembling the scrubbing head and getting the gears to mesh, the scrubbing function started to work. The next problem was that it will not spray. I tried all of the on-line solutions to this somewhat common problem (see FAQ Answer ID 443 of 10/27/2006), but it still would not spray. If I manually pour the cleaning solution into the carpeting, it does do a good job of scrubbinbg and vacuming out stains automatically. I wanted this to work, but would not buy one on-line for fear of getting a defective one like mine....more info
    • Finally one that works
      After reading reviews I purchased one of these from a local retailer, As soon as I opened the box I realized that its so simple to understand how to use it, you don't need the manual.

      There was a spot in our living room that was probably made of some kind of oil, I used the dirt devil spot scrubber on this area 3 times, nothing helped, eventually borrowed a Hoover upright, looked like it helped till it dried, even then we had a professional come over (99 dollar 1 room and 2 couches special) and failed on that spot.

      I first purchased this for the spills a child makes but I tried it on that spot that was always there for 4 years, With one hook up, fill up, and hit the "Deep Stain" button it started, 6 minutes later it is gone... seriously I took before and after pictures.

      I even used it with no cleaner, hot water only, on the child's fabric chair, I removed melted, ground in, ice pop stain with the hand held part of this unit...

      The manual part of the unit, when you take the hose and attachment and scrub it yourself, has enough suction to empty a glass of water, which is how I cleaned out the blackness from the stains out of it.

      Things you should know, in a high traffic area it will leave a totally clean circle where it worked, use the hand held attachment to "Blend" it in.

      My ONLY regrets is that I paid more in a store then I could have here and that I first had a Dirt devil instead of buying this, (The dirt devil was never able to pick up water, even off of linoleum)...more info
    • music from another room
      Today I ran home to let my pups out over lunch, only to find that one of them had thrown up on the carpet. Normally, such a discovery would consume my whole trip home...but with Spot Bot, the clean-up was easy. I grabbed a kleenex, scooped up the mess, plunked down the machine, switched it on, and the problem was solved. I was able to go about my business in the kitchen with the SpotBot chugging and humming away in the distance. It did a great job taking care of an unappetizing mess. I love it!...more info
    • Hits the spot!
      The SpotBot works very well, albeit, not always on the first go. Depending on the severity of the stain, two or three cycles might be necessary.

      One thing that isn't needed is the Bissel chemical cleaner. The stuff is difficult to find and if you spray the stain with another carpet cleaner and use the SpotBot with just H2O (the molecularly bi-polar colorless and odorless liquid) it does the same job. Doggie stains do come out.
      ...more info
    • Excellent machine
      This is the second portable-type carpet cleaner i've had and it's by far the best. I like the ability to turn it on, walk away and come back to a clean spot. But i probably use the manual handheld feature more often because it doesn't leave the telltale perfectly clean round patch!...more info
    • Great for Puppies
      Great for those little spots left by our new puppy. Set it down on the spot, turn it on and walk away while it does the work. I'm not even able to see where the spot was after it dries. I have not used it on anything other than puppy spots but I highly recommend it for those....more info
    • Bissell 1200B SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
      It's easy to use. Does a great job....more info
    • Works great
      I have four cats and they do occasionally cough up a hairball. Instead of hauling out the full-size cleaner, I used a small hand cleaner. It never did as good a job and left most of the water in the carpet. I read some reviews on the SpotBot, so I thought I'd give it a try. It works beautifully! Not only do you just set it on the spot and push the button, it does a better job than any full-size cleaner I've used. It's easy to use as well as clean and store. Highly recommended!...more info
    • SpotBot Hands Free is great
      I have only used it 3 times but I love it. I was amazed that it got the pop stain out of my carpet. My only problem was that it cleaned so good that the rest of the carpet looked like it needed to be cleaned. I did not take the time to clean the carpet and it has blended in with the other carpet. It is so easy to use. No physical work at all....more info
    • Spot Cleaning
      We have two cats, Two large Dogs, a 2 year old and three adults living in a fully carpeted house. Needless to say we find that there are mystery spills and other carpet and furniture cleaning needed on a fairly regular basis.

      The Spot-Bot (which is an upgrade to the original handheld cleaner from Bissell) works exactly as expected. The program and forget process is not quite as cool as seen on television (but then what is). On a normal tank of cleaners you can clean three or so spots and do a serious cleaning on 1-2 pieces of furniture....more info
    • This spot bot cleans up
      This thing does the trick. the hand wand works better than the self cleaning brush. This has cleaned up all of our new puppy's messes flawlessly- and we have white, shag carpet. I use the pet stain remover, don't know if its the machine or the solution, but it works, so I am not messing with the good thing!...more info
    • Ode to SpotBot
      In honor of my spotbot I have written this haiku:

      So sad to say that
      on the floor, the cat did gack!
      Spotbot; friend, savior.

      I got my spotback in June. Five months later, I still love it!

      I have a cat. If you have a cat, I need not say more. If you don't, then let me put it this way; cats are puke machines. Getting down on my knees to clean up cat puke off the floor was getting really annoying. After five years with the most pukey puke machine on the face of the planet, I was at my wits end!

      I finally broke down and bought a SpotBot. Yes, $130 seems like a lot to spend on a machine that has only one function and can only perform that function on a 6 inch square area. After 5 months of use, I can honestly say, I would pay double that for this machine. It has made cat puke clean up a breeze! Just scoop up the solid bits (however you like, I use papertowels) apply the SpotBot and wait about 3 minutes and presto! It gets it all up and leaves no evidence of there ever having been cat puke on the floor.

      Here is the best part, it's not just good for cat puke! We've used it to clean up make-up, milk, juice and even soy sauce! We even let a neighbor use it to clean up set in dog pee and it cleaned it right up. It works both on new stains and old stains. It really is a magical, wonderful machine.

      This machine is great for anyone, but if you have a pet it is a must have. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

      SpotBot, how do I love thee?
      Let me count the ways!...more info
    • Great little machine
      I really like this machine. Although, I use it on the manual setting more than the "set and forget" setting. It seems to clean harder stains better in the manual setting. It's very easy to use and easy to clean. It's great for quick clean up, for stairs and for pet stains. I haven't tried it on furniture yet but I think it will do a great job!...more info
    • This thing does really work
      After reading all the reviews we were a little skeptical but taking all of that into consideration we decided to give it a try and it WORKED! We didn't have the issue with priming and realized that it's called the SpotBot for a reason and only expected it to clean a spot. We had a soda/dirt stain on off white carpet that Oxyclean helped but then it came back. The SpotBot got out the biggest part then we used the hose for the part that was outside of the circle. One negative thing is that it does use a lot of the cleanser with just one use. We're definitely happy we tried it. Better than covering it with a rug! ...more info
    • Works Great
      I got this as a gift. I have three kids, a dog and live in government quarters that require us to leave the carpet looking new (they even black light you upon checking out.) This product is a life saver. I haven't had any problems with spraying. It does leave crop circles, but does get all the stains out, then when I get the big steam cleaner out when I do that once a quarter cleaning, it all blends together. It is a great product that saves me time, energy and hopefully when we check out next year some dollars. ...more info
    • I'd give it 0 stars if that was possible
      This thing stinks. And I did not even get it going. The priming problem is real. What a pain. How do corporations get away with this? Because consumers allow them to! I mean, look at all the problems in these reviews with priming, and so many people say, "But, gee, I finally got it working." I mean, is that a standard to aspire to?

      Now, the real question is, "Will Amazon allow this review to be posted?"...more info
    • Leaves spots of its own
      While the Spotbot is good at removing all types of stains on the carpet, you'll find yourself left with even more noticeable patches on your carpet. We've had our Spotbot for about six months. Unfortunately every time we use it it does something to the carpet which causes dirty patches to form much faster. Now we've got loads of circles on our carpet which are very evident to visitors....more info
    • SpotBot - Great
      Soooooooooo exasperated with pets and college age son. I wish I had this machine years ago when we took in my parent's special needs dog (hates to go outside). Now with a new pup I have had it with draggin' out the heavy, upright steam cleaner. This machine is great. I look for a shadow of a stain (old ones that need more thorough cleaning) so I can put it to work. The first machine I got didn't draw the cleaner through the nozzle. I got a replacement and noticed the nozzle is different. This one works well. I am not big on household appliances but this one is worth the storage space. ...more info
    • Spot Bot ROCKS
      I want to highly recommend the SpotBot to any prospective consumer. My dog has cancer of the mouth and has left spots on my wall to wall carpeting that I thought would never come out. Much to my great delight I purchased a Spot Bot and gave it a try. I am happy to report that 100% of the spots I thought would never leave have DISAPPEARED!!!! This is an excellent product that no pet owner should be without!...more info
    • Fantastic purchase and great product.
      I just got my "Spot Remover" and I couldn't be happier. It really does work and its easy to use. I didn't have any issues with the sprayer as others did so that was a relief and I'm really enjoying using this product. I've already gone through 2 bottles of soap and its only been one day. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and lots of spots to catch up on. I think anyone with kids or pets should have one of these. I keep mine close for those quick clean-ups. ...more info
    • Does exactly what I needed
      With several pets, spots of various descriptions end up all over the house, from the odd hairball upchuck to dragged in mud at the door to ... other things. The SpotBot does exactly what I wanted. It completely cleans the spots at the push of a button, then sucks the dirty water out of the carpet. For cleaning the whole carpet, of course this is not the tool. Also, if your carpet is dirty enough that clean spots will show up strangely in comparison, a steam cleaning of the entire carpet may be in order first. But for day-to-day spot cleaning, this does exactly as advertised. I use the combination of the regular cleaner and the OxyGen cleaner, and on my carpet that does the trick on even set-in pet stains....more info
    • Great
      Got a puppy, had to get the SpotBot. Works great. I also used to clean the inside of my car....more info
    • Not as good as advertised.
      The bottom line is that although it is a nice concept, the actual results are not what you might think but if you have the money to spend, you may try it but I think a toothbrush and soap go a long way....more info
    • I'm in Love
      Two cats, one dog--this has been the answer to my prayers. Only quibble is that because of the "bumper", it doesn't get very close to walls....more info
    • Great for Pet Stains
      Have used to clean up pet stains from when my cats "get sick" on the carpet. It works great, even when I've used it with water only. So much easier than hand scrubbing. I have not had a problem with little clean circles on the carpet as other reviewers have stated, but my carpet is only two years old. I would recommend one of these to anyone who has pets and gets tired of cleaning up their messes. ...more info
    • Not worth the hype
      I bought this product after reading several of the reviews. I had my carpets cleaned professionally and boy did they look great until my dog had an accident again (same day)....called the carpet cleaner back, and again my dog had an accident so I bought this nifty gadget. Mine had the prime problem which customer service walked me through on a Friday evening and got it running. Then I had several different circles (the crop circles) so I went back the next day and used the attachment to try and blend the edges into the rest of the carpet. Now I have a fairly large square and will probably be calling the carpet cleaners again. To be fair, I have a light beige/almost white carpet so the urine stain shows up quite well. This may work for darker carpets, but for me it did not work well at all. I used the pet stain remover as well as the cleaning luck. I am still deciding whether to keep it as it is a nifty gadget for quick stains here and there, but definately not good for my pet stains. It definately is not a quick clean as you have to use the attachment if you don't want the circle look, so you may be better with an upright steamer....but this is smaller and stores easily in a pantry. Just wanted to put this info out there for others looking into the product. I did give it 3 stars for relatively ease of use just not effective on pet stains....more info
    • Good for Spots
      If you are looking to ONLY clean a spot then this little tool works fine, if you have small children or a pet problem, then this may be what you are looking for. But from my perspective, for a few dollars more you can purchase a carpet cleaner that will clean not only spots but the whole carpet. I feel it's just not very practical....more info
    • Excellent
      I have tried many rug and spot cleaners and this is far the best. The rest are going to the dump. It is fast, easy to use and empty, and does an excellent job removing the spots....more info
    • Priming the spotbot..
      I've received the spotbot today and it didn't spray as others experienced. I called the customer service and did priming as he told to do which is to squeeze the oxygen or formula tank while you're pressing the spraying lever, but it didn't work. He told me to visit the service center. Well, I did some research on this machine about priming. It appears something sticky (like glycerol) resides in the spotbot and inside the hose and it's blocking the solution not to go through the spray line. I think some machine has more and some has less, which makes difference in priming the spray. I found this might work better than the customer guy said, it worked at least for me. You wanna clean the bottom valve which connect the tank and the spotbot (there is a small black sponge in it), put the warm water in the formula tank and inside the valve (you can drop water on the black sponge). Please don't try too much effort to squeeze the hard plastic formular tank (You'll get this technique from the customer service). You can try couple of times to squeeze the tank, if you want. But I'm telling you the most efficient way is to suck the sticky thing out from the outlet of the spray line (there is a little protrusion on the manual hand suction unit when you leave the brush out from the unit). This sticky solution is blocking the spray line. If you have a syringe it's great you can use a tubing or a straw to connect the syringe to the outlet and suck out while you press the spray lever (You can wrap and tape the lever pressed). If don't have a syringe, you can use your mouth, vacuum or anything for suction. You can see something is moving inside of the inner thin tubing (which is a sticky solution dissolved with water). Be careful not to suck the sticky thing in your mouth (I'm not sure what it is yet). You turn on the spotbot in manual mode and check if it sprays.
      ...more info
    • Spotbot
      Great machine...however, when I first got it I had to call customer service to get the thing working. The pump had run dry and required to be primed before it started pumping liquid again. It was a simple fix but I never would have thought to do all that they led me through to make it work. Be patient, call the 800 number and do as they say...It's worth the trouble when it starts pumping successfully. I have experimented with other liquid soaps and have found that the liquid that ships with it works very well....more info
    • great litte gadgit
      Don't use on big areas unless you want crop circles. It does such a good job to bad you can't do the whole room that way!...more info
    • Have a PUPPY have a BISSELL
      We have a 2 month old puppy and housebreaking has been brutal. I read some reviews here about the Bissell SpotBot and decided to try it out for myself. I was one of those people that had problems getting the water to spray out. After a couple attempts with the Bissell service dept on the phone it worked. Kind of aggravating but worth it. I don't know what we would do without this little machine. She makes a mess we use the SpotBot. It works so easy that even my 12 year old daughter uses it when I am not home. I highly recomend it to anyone with a pet that needs a clean up....more info
    • choices!
      after reading all the reviews, i suggested to my husband that we get a spot bot...after all, we have three kids under 7, an aging cat, a young dog, and are in and out all the time. the only carpets we have are rugs covering some of the hardwood. HIS thought was that it would be cheaper to get rid of the pets and kids, but after thinking it over carefully, we got the spotbot. it works like a charm....and social services didn't even have to stop by....more info
    • I LOVE my SpotBot!!
      I have two cats and a dog. The dog was sick this morning and left a pretty awful mess on the carpet. SpotBot did a fabulous job of cleaning it up. I've had the machine for a few months now and am very happy with it. It's so nice to set it to work, walk away and do other chores while the little machine does its thing. Excellent tool....more info
    • A MUST HAVE FOR PET OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!
      I read the negative reviews on the SpotBot and decided to buy it anyway. Thank goodness I did because OMG is it an awesome little item! One negative comments was that it left a circular stain around the original stain. Sure, it would, it your carpet was already filthy! Recently we moved into a wonderful house with very light colored carpeting. My Mastiff got a urinary tract infection on the first week and urinated about four gallons onto our freshly shampooed livingroom carpet. I felt my carpet was doomed! After using the SpotBot, the spot and smell are GONE! Anyone with a pet can understand how wonderful this is! We also have two long haired cats that despite medicine, still puke up staining hairballs onto the floor. This machine cleaned those up too! If you have kids, dogs or cats, or all of the above, this is a must have for anyone who values their carpet and hates being on their hands and knees scrubbing stains. I recommend this for everyone!...more info
    • Great idea for a great product
      I bought the SpotBot from Amazon on the advice of a co-worker and based on the reviews here. I was a little nervous because of some of the bad reviews but thought it was worth a try. We have basically clean carpet with lots of small spots all over so we might be the perfect market for this device.

      Out of the box, the sprayer didn't spray. I called customer service, got right through (bonus star!) and was told to prime the unit as follows:

      1. Get a bowl of warm water
      2. Suck up the bowl with the hose (i.e. manual mode)
      3. Hold down the Manual button for 30 seconds.

      I did and it started spraying immediately. I just cleaned up two stains that were very set-in and almost impossible to clean by hand. Wow, I'm very impressed.

      The only minor complaint is that the unit tends to leave an excess of water behind. This is easily managed with the manual hose which sucks it up very nicely....more info
    • Some things the manual doesn't tell you
      I've had my SpotBot over a year now and have learned a few tricks
      the manual doesn't address. If your clean spot is to wet
      simply put the hand tool on the hose and suck up the remaining
      liquid. A lot of people seem to have trouble with these units not
      working for very long. I've learned that if you clean the unit
      after use you'll have no problems. Heres what I do. Drain and
      refill supply tank with fresh cold water. Remove hose turn on manual and spray till you get cold water. Then remove tank and
      spray till water stops.
      Now fill SINK with clean water. Still on manual suck up water till recovery tank is full. Empty and repeat. This cleans the hose. Then check clear plastic suction units (2) on buttom of unit. remove and clean if necesary.
      Also remove and rinse the rubber seal on buttom of recovery
      One other trick, The Upholstery Power Brush from a full size Bissell carpet cleaner will fit and work with a SpotBot.
      ...more info
    • sucks
      Do they have zero stars?
      The item is a waiste of money! I was hoping with todays day and age of technology the item would actually work as described. Come to find out, I had false hopes. I am now trying to return the item....more info
    • Great Machine!
      With a new dog, the Spotbot was a must. Like the other umpteen reviews stated, this is a great machine and cleans up the spots with no problems... even the set in stains from a few years back! The only issue I see is the fact that now I have dozens of six inch round clean spots throughout my house! These spots are ugly and prompted me to pickup a Bissell Proheat 2x Upright Deep Cleaner from Costco. I haven't used the Proheat yet but I hope it cleans the carpet and the circles disapear!...more info
    • SpotBot Circle Cleaner
      Yes, this cleaner is hands free but it also leaves a perfect circle where it has cleaned. If your spot is bigger than the circumference of the brushes and you move it over to clean, it leaves another clean circle. It also leaves your carpet very wet. You expend more energy with the original SpotBot but you can clean any shape and size and remove a lot more water. This cleaner is of very limited use! ...more info
    • Mine doesn't spray either!
      Just received my SpotBot and, as with a number of other users who reviewed the machine here, mine won't spray. The lights light up, the brushes turn, but the cleaning solution will not dispense. I took it into my local Bissell warranty service station and they had two other SpotBots in for repair with exactly the same problem. The tech said that he'll have to order parts for the repair...bummer when you can't use a product which you just purchased. Obviously Bissell has a major quality control/design problem with this machine....more info
    • Is It Worth The Money? Well...
      One "new" 30-year old house:$100,000
      One rescue puppy to live in house with son: $100
      New carpet to replace the Filthy Beige Nightmare that came in the
      "new" house: $5,000 (not likely!)
      One Spot Bot on, after all discounts and free shipping:
      One large container of Pet Carpet Cleaner from after free shippng: $20

      Sitting in my recliner watching the 5 year old and his father argue about who gets to "Spot Bot" the dog pee out of the carpet:
      *******PRICELESS :0)***********...more info
    • Lots of water & soap left in carpet
      Great idea, poor execution: The SpotBot was a great idea, but the machine isn't powerful enough to suck up all the water and soap it puts into your carpet. To begin, you must fill up the container with water & their carpet cleaner. When it is finished, it has sucked up only about 1/8 to 1/4 as much liquid as it put into your carpet(this is measurable with the two tanks: one for the cleaning solution and one that holds the dirty water). I have to use the hand tool to try to get as much of the water & soap out when it is done. After a cleaning cycle with soap, I soak up as much as possible with the hand tool, then run it through a cycle with water only, then once again use the hand tool to suck up the remaining water. It is impossible to get all the water & soap out with this cleaner. I've spent way too much time working on a wet soapy spot after using it, which defeats the purpose of this "handsfree" cleaner. When water and particularly soap are left in your carpet, it attracts more dirt. I would not recommend this cleaner. ...more info
    • Great and easy to use carpet cleaner
      We frequenty have dogs in the house (we are the family pet baby sitters) and when you take a dog away from it's normal house and routine they tend to have accidents.

      This carpet cleaner has been a solution to our problems. My husband whose pet accident cleaning abilities amounted to throwing a paper towel over it and putting a heavy object ontop of that to soak up can simply put the machine over the spot and walk away...with much better results.

      Everyone is happier. The machine makes a bit of noise operating but does a better job then we could in removing any stains. The area is slightly wet after the machine runs - but dries fairly quickly. The machine is easy to use, has labels on the liquid containers to allow for easy measuring of any cleaning agents...and overall is actually semi-amusing to watch as it cleans. The first couple weeks of having it I think we actually looked forward to cleaning up spills and accidents.

      Overall I would highly recommend it. We have had no problems with leaks of any kind and it seems to be built pretty well. I wouldn't say it uses up solution fast or slow - I think we got about 4 deep clean run cycles out of the trial sizes that came with the product. I will say the directions with the product don't specify using HOT water - but that makes a huge difference with results. Overall - it has been able to remove a 2 year old cat pee stain in our rug, as well as several other fairly old (3+ months) stains from the last dog sleepover.

      Great product for those with husbands like mine - or for those that don't have time to spend scrubbing a rug!...more info
    • spot bot vs. pet stains
      Spot Bot wins! This is a wonderful product. I recently bought a house where the previous owners had let their pet run free. The home was left with numerous unknown pet stains. The spot bot took care of them all. Very easy to use....more info
    • spot remover
      I like it however it could extract more water from the carpet . When cycle is complete it is very wet....more info
    • Great device!
      If you have a pet you need this! Just put it over the spot and walk away.

      hose attachment works great. No regrets buying this at all....more info
    • New Puppy Owner
      Highly recommend the Spot Bot for people with small pets and kids. I used this on a set-in poop stain and ran the set-in feature twice and it cleaned like a champ. Can't vouch for the manual hose/brush haven't used it. I am glad I spent the money. ...more info
    • Great Product!
      This machine is great for little stains or spills. You get it ready, turn it on, and leave it go. It's great to be able to get something else done, while it's cleaning your carpet. I love it!...more info
    • As easy as it gets
      We have 3 cats (one of which is old, and gets sick a lot) and 3 kids, including an infant. This machine couldn't be easier to use. It sets up in a hurry, is quiet compared to other spot cleaners, and is so simple to use. It has removed every spot we've used it on. We recently had new carpet installed, and I'm very particular about having clean floors...this thing well worth the money. It feels sturdy and solid. I would recommend this in a heart beat....more info
    • Life Just Got Easier
      I was reluctant to purchase this machine because of the price and some of the reviews, but now I am very glad I purchased it. Within 20 minutes (I read all instructions) I was cleaning stains with it. The size of it's cleaning area makes it superior to another "spot" cleaning machine I have. To cleanup the SpotBot when done with stains, makes it superior to the full-size floor model carpet cleaner I have. While I am willing to bet there is no machine on this planet that will take care of any and all stains, this machine does a commendable job indeed. The key to it's cleaning ability is in the action of it's brushes. They not only turn in a clockwise fashion, they reverse and turn in a counterclockwise fashion. The really cool part though is that the brushes, as they turn, go around in a zig-zag manner. This is in contrast to every other machine I have looked at, or used, in that all others spin in only one direction. The only reason I gave this machine 4 stars and not 5 is that I wish the cleaning area was a little larger, as well as having larger solution and waste tanks. Still, like I say, it does a commendable job indeed. Speaking of tanks; you don't get any easier waste tank to empty than this one and...the cleaning solution tank is nearly as easy to work with. Add to that the fact that when you put "X" amount of cleaning solution in the one tank, guess what, you get almost exactly the same amount of liquid in the waste tank. What does this mean in reality? It actually sucks up, for all intents in purposes, every bit of liquid put down on the carpet unlike the other two machines I have. I.e. I put two gallons of cleaning solution on the carpet, but get far less than that in the waste tank; which means the carpet stays wetter far longer than when using the SpotBot. Again, I am very glad I purchased this machine, and I bet you will be too....more info
    • Cats and Spot free
      I love this machine! I have 2 cats with hairball problems. I have a very light carpet and I get it cleaned professionally about 3 or 4 times a year. I noticed that about 3 weeks after getting it cleaned the old spots would resurface plus I was constantly getting new ones. Nothing seemed to work. I have used this on all the animal stains and it works great! I don't have the strength I used to have and this takes no effort at all. So easy. All animal stains are gone and they have not come back. If I never use it for anything else but the animal stains it is well worth it. There are some circles but most go away and even if they didn't it's still better than the stains. ...more info
    • Good Cleaner
      This cleaner works like it says. It is for spots and works very well. I had stains from dog accidents and it did a wonderful job getting them out. The only downside is, it leaves round circles where it has cleaned. But that just means the rest of the carpet needs a good cleaning! If you want it for spots, you'll be glad you got it. I am....more info
    • Spot Bot--great for messes big or small
      I bought this product as a present for myself. It truly lives up to the advertising. Just set it on the stain, push a button, and walk away. The unit is easy to use, easy to clean, lightweight, portable, and works on stains whether they are new or set in. I guess if there's one downside, some of the cleaning solutions are hard to find, in particular, the OxyGen cleaning solution. Highly recommend if you have pets or children!...more info
    • Amazing results
      I was ready to either give away our dog, replace the carpets or both until we got this. We will need to get the carpets cleaned throughout after using this since the spot bot cleans so well that the dirt on the rest of the carpet really stands out. Still cheaper than replacing the carpets. Absolutely love it, worth every penny....more info
    • Love it!
      I love my Spot-Bot. Surprised I had to buy their special cleaner at Best Buy, but still love it. It has done a wonderful job on every stain I have tried it on - old and new, known and mystery stains.

      My only complaint is that it doesn't stop beeping and just shut off completely when it's done. I cannot set it to go and leave the house. I have to actually unplug it from the wall....more info
    • I should've gotten this much sooner
      My kid spilled milk on the carpet. I read an article about quickly and easily removing stains, but made the spillage worse. My friend had an older model of the Bissell and it did a great job removing my mess. So I immediately went online and shopped around for one and found the SpotBot.

      The mess I made still had some leftover residue that the older model couldn't get. The SpotBot took care of it and the spot blends in with the rest of the carpet again. I didn't use the SpotBot until about a week after the mess happened (between calling friend over and ordering).

      So I started using the SpotBot on all the old stains around the house and it whipped almost all of them back into spotless shape. All I had to do was move the SpotBot, push Set-in Stain button and walk away. As a busy person with a job, three kids, and a dog who has occasional accidents, this has been a timesaver.

      The Set-in mode uses up a lot of liquid -- so use it only when the stain is set. If it's a fresh stain, use the Surface mode which is faster and uses less liquid.

      My only complaint is that it doesn't come with a dryer. As I understand it, most steam cleaners don't. That and the fact it goes through the liquid stuff so fast are the only reason why I didn't give it five stars -- but it comes darn close. It would be nice to use it to dry wet spots especially when the kids take a bath or come in from swimming or when I clumsily spill a bucket full of water.

      When a stain is bigger than the SpotBot's circle, I just move it next to the clean one and do another round of cleaning. Thanks to this, I don't cringe every time I find a new spot -- I just fetch the SpotBot and let it work....more info
    • Great product for small pets
      I have used this at least 50 times in the first 6 months and it has worked flawlessly.
      I would say I hope they come out with a larger version, but otherwise it is a solid product....more info
    • Lives up to all it claims to do.
      I will keep it short and simple. This is the best carpet spot cleaning machine there is. Simple to use and does an excellent job. Set it on the stain and walk away. Presto and the spot is gone. Do NOT hesitate to buy this one. ...more info
    • no spray
      I think this would be a great cleaner, if it would only work.Unfortunately it does not. I am wondering if there has been a defective bunch of them made recently because I just read the review before mine, and the person had 2 units in which the spray funtion would not work. I was really looking forward to using it because I have 5 pets who have frequent accidents. Last night one of them had an accident, and today two of them did ... I think because of the thunder storms they were afraid to go out.
      It was very frustrating because I repeatedly tried to get it to work. I tried the various recommendations, but the sprayer would not work.
      I ended up using my cordless bissel 2X spotlifter instead....more info
    • Wanted to love it :(
      I purchased the Bissell SpotBot based off of excellent reviews here and nearly everywhere on the web. I wish I could have seen it in action, but I have a limit to the amount of my time spent on defective products. When I received the unit, I filled up the Clean Water tank and tried to start her up for some surface stain cleaning. After a minute, I noticed that none of the cleaning solution was spraying from the nozzles next to the brushes. I then tried the manual brush and that did not spray either. I checked for blockages in the valve on the tank. All appeared clear. I tried the "priming" written about in a previous review here. No dice. No spray. So, I return the SpotBot for another one. I truly do want a working unit. Same thing, no spray. Tried all the techniques to get it working to no avail. I called Bissell for their advice. They walked me through priming the SpotBot again by pressing the manual spray for thirty seconds with no suction. Still nothing. The representative from Bissell advises me that I can take the unit to a service center and they will look at the unit free of charge. At this point, I can spend more time out of my life trying to get this unit repaired, return it for another unit, or just call it a day and look to other options for carpet cleaning. Unfortunately for me, and Bissell, (as I can not recommend this product to anyone since two brand new units were duds) I will be returning the SpotBot for a refund and looking for something that works out of the box as advertised....more info
    • LOVE my Spot-Bot
      I love my SpotBot. I have purchased alot of carpet cleaning products over the years, as I have always had house pets, but never have I owned anything as efficient and easy to use as my SpotBot. It handles even the worst set in stains. I would recommend this product to anyone who has pets and/or kids. I don't know how I ever got along without it! The SpotBot is also made well. It is very sturdy! I had a sick cat here recently and it got put to the test.....and man, did it perform! I have no complaints what-so-ever. ...more info
    • Ultra Violence on the Steam
      PotBot bowling ball de-greaser and sanitizer is an uninhibited no nonsense machine which compresses stale air, making numerous "sucking and gurgling" noises that neutralize the ball's surface, allowing it to become ideal again and used in smoky bowling arenas. Also can be used atop the head's of bald men to get that "shiny French tough guy" look. Works well with most of Boorbal's fungus shampoos and can even be used to remove track marks on old linoleum floors made from years of drunken country dances....more info
    • Amazing. Simply Amazing.
      The SpotBot really does work! I wish I had taken pictures so I could post them. Amazingly good job. And the ability to unhook the hose and clean a corner or along the wall is great. (The SpotBot cleans a 6" circle.) And the hose acts as a good wet vacuum if you spill some water on the carpet. The SpotBot is the perfect compliment to a vacuum and carpet cleaner. I suggest that you locate and buy the optional storage tray to set it down on in the closet. The tray should not be optional....more info
    • Careful with the collection tank
      This is a terrific product for anyone who has children and/or pets. It has removed many set in stains from blood and vomit that our regular steam vac didn't get out. The one caution I have is with emptying the collection tank. The first time I used it I didn't realize there was an opening at the top that the dirty water is poured out of and after removing it from the machine I turned it on its side because there was a drip coming from the bottom. I ended up pouring dirty water all over myself and my carpet. I did not see this mentioned in the user's guide. ...more info
    • Problem getting spray
      When I tried to use this the first time it would not spray. I ended up using the hand held spray and IT worked great. Then I read reviews stating problems getting the spray to start and saying to use the hand held brush, as this will "prime" the system. Since it now works perfectly, as advertised, and took out a spot that had been in for weeks (coffee) and had been scrubbed without success at least a dozen times. For what it is, a big 5 stars....more info
    • Whoo hoo, wonderful.
      This item is wonderful. We purchased it after reading the reviews on many products and didn't want to take the chance on cheaper models and ending up needing a more expensive one. It will pay for itself since we won't need to pay for professional service to clean up pet stains...the dog has a habit of throwing up on the carpet. Most of the time it's from eating grass and other items...who knows. Completely removed two set-in grass vomit stains on very light carpet. I highly recommend this product. Not to don't have to do anything but set the machine on the stain, push a button, and come back after a few minutes to see the stain has vanished. Very simple to use and no elbow grease whatsoever. ...more info
    • Awesome! But trouble getting started
      SpotBot works great! No complaints about its cleaning and ease of use, ONCE YOU GET IT STARTED. When I first tried to use the machine, I couldn't get the thing to spray the cleaner. I had to call customer service, since the instruction booklet and the FAQ page online were not completely helpful. The FAQ concerning the problem said to hold the lever on the hose/manual brush for 1-2 minutes while the machine is on, but that didn't work. Ken at customer service knew right away what the problem was, and he gave me the following instructions:
      1. Turn the machine OFF.
      2. Hold the spray lever on the hose down for 30 seconds.
      3. Let go of the lever and turn on the manual setting.
      4. Hold the lever again, for 1-2 minutes if necessary.

      Within 10 seconds after turning the machine on and holding the lever, the hose was spraying cleaning solution out at me! I reconnected the hose and have had no problems since!

      Hope this helps you enjoy your machine!...more info
    • Disappointed
      Based on the wonderful reviews this received thus far, I puchased it. Yes, because of the reviews I suppose I was expecting a miracle. I have dog [...]stains that are "set in," and I was hoping this little baby would take care of them once and for all. Prior to this I have hand scrubbed, machine scrubbed, etc., only to slightly lighten the bright yellow, but they were still there.

      So, much to my disppointment, despite using the prewash that this machine came with and using the high strength cleaner that the machine came with in high doses, AND going over the areas 3 times, the stains are still there as they have been.

      I give this machine a 3 to be fair because I suppose I was expecting a miracle. However, it is extremely convenient to be scrubbing a stain, doing dishes, a load of wash, dusting, and taking phone calls all at the same time.

      Based on the results I received, I would not purchase this again at the high cost (and I even purchased at a discount price of $105). Considering the best benefit of this machine is its' convenience, I would pay around $[...]....more info
    • I couldn't belive it
      I have cats that like to puke on my beige carpet. This works like a charm. I only use about 1/2 the carpet cleaner solution recommended and still it gets out stains that are usually dried. One day a cat puked right next to the leg of my coffee table. I moved the table, cleaned the spot, and was amazed that it also nearly completely removed the "dent" in the carpet that the table leg left. A second 3 minute round with just water the next day and I could hardly see where my table had been sitting for 4 years. This is quite a handy little machine....more info
    • The Most FABULOUS Carpet Cleaner ever!!!
      WOW! What an impressive machine. (I've never written one of these reviews, so it'd have to be!) I breed puppies and you can imagine that they make a mess on my carpets. One day, they made more of a mess than I've ever seen. They had ground in poop to my carpet, the likes of which I have never seen! I scrubbed and scrubbed on my hands and knees for over 30 min - and nothing! I called my husband at work to tell him he'd be removing the carpet that night after work. On an impulse, I researched the spot bot after seeing it in TV. The reviews I read Raved about this machine - and didn't do it justice. I took it out of the box, filled it with water and solution and placed it over the stain. Six minutes later - GONE! Like it was never there - the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I've now tried it on set in stains, blood, dirt and everything else I can find on my rugs. There is nothing the spot bot can't beat! I would happily pay three times the asking price for this amazing machine...not only does it deliver incredible results, you only have to lift one finger to turn it on and your done! If you have a spot in your house that you can't get up, give this incredibe machine a try - it doesn't disappoint!...more info
    • A Heaven Sent Miracle
      I have to start by saying I am loving this machine. I have had it for about 6 months and it has made cleaning cat stains from my beige carpet quick and easy to deal with, as well as gotten out many stains which I wasn't sure were going to be lifted. Even a red stain from some vomitted canned cat food (I was able to hit it right away of course and maybe that was why). I guess I was lucky enough to get a really well-made machine too. It worked straight out of the box, and while my carpet is very slightly damp when the cycle is done, it dries within minutes. I haven't experienced any color rings left in the carpet. The "included" missing't really wanted for it. The solution does go quickly, but I get 4-5 surface cycles from one tank, and at least 3 deep cleans. In fairness, it's an appropriately sized tank for the small machine. To get more cycles from it would really surprise me. I get about 3-4 tanks from the bottles of solutions. Filling the tank with chemicals is easy with the amount lines printed right on the tank, and any leftover solution can be left in the tank for the next use. In the end, all I know is I don't have to get on my hands and knees anymore to clean up messes. THAT is worth it's weight in gold!...more info
    • Spot Bot - Only if it worked ....
      I was willing to dish out the money for this product since I have dogs who are getting older and making messes. But I've had it a whole WEEK and it has already stopped working. If you look through the reviews here (and on other review sites) you'll see that the water spout/line must be defective, as was the case with mine. Used it maybe two times and now - no water. That is clearly a manufacturer defect, one that Bissel had to have known about....more info
    • Easy and it Works!
      I love my new SpotBot so much that I just bought another one for my daughter and son-in-law. I also own the full-size Hoover Steam Vac, but it is heavy to carry up and down stairs. The SpotBot is extremely portable and light-weight, and is easy to fill and clean.

      I bought the SpotBot primarily to clean up cat vomit, as my cat is sick several times a week. The SpotBot cleans all the cat stains with just the Little Green Formula and water. It is extremely easy to use. However, it does leave a circle that is quite wet. Fortunately, the SpotBot has a hose already attached and it takes just seconds to snap on the on-board hand brush/suction tool. I use this hand tool to go back over the clean wet spot to suction up the extra moisture. On a low-pile or Berber, the carpet is dry in a few hours after using this method.

      Another tip I have found helpful is to use the SpotBot to thoroughly rinse an area I have cleaned. On my couch I don't like to leave any soap residue, so I clean the spot with Resolve and a damp cloth first. Then I use the SpotBot hand tool to rinse the spot with clean water (no formula added) and then suction the water back up. To further dry, I firmly press a clean, white towel on the couch to wick up as much remaining moisture as possible. I then remove the towel and turn a fan on the slightly damp area. Works like a charm.

      An alternate method I have used to clean the carpet using the SpotBot is to fill the machine with the water and cleaner, run the "Surface Stain" 3-minute cycle, then replace the cleaning solution with plain clear water and run the "Surface Stain" 3-minute cycle again to completely rinse the area just cleaned. I just ordered another clean tank so I can swap the tanks quickly and conveniently without having to waste any cleaning solution. I still follow with the wand to suction up additional moisture, but the whole process is under 10 minutes, very little effort is required, and the carpet is clean and spot-free.

      Bissell has a great Rewards program and if you register your SpotBot online, you will get discounts and free shipping on the Bissell website. With the discounts, the Bissell website has the lowest prices on cleaners and the extra clean tank.
      ...more info
    • Pure Magic!
      I love this machine! Yes, it goes through the formula stupidly fast, and, yes, that stuff is expensive, but the SpotBot itself is pure genius!

      We have a very light, low pile carpet on which it works wonders. I would guess that those people who complain of "clean rings" have relatively dirty carpets to begin with (my carpet is less than two months old, which means the stains I have are only mildly set in). Also, the use of the Oxy-Gen, or any other oxygenated product, increases the likelihood of some bleaching of the carpet. They are, in effect, non-chlorinated bleaches, so don't use them. It's not necessary, anyway, in my experience. I have removed everything from oil residue tracked in by the moving company's dollys to deep pink white grape raspberry juice to cocktail sauce that set overnight WITHOUT the use of said products. I also don't have those rings.

      Speaking of the formulas, the Little Green formula (which is not the same as Simple Green as an older review suggests) works fantastically. Then again, so does the generic carpet cleaner from my local Sam's Club, which comes in a gigantic bottle and is then severely diluted, making it cost next to nothing.

      For oblong or odd-shaped stains, I use the manual hose rather than move the SpotBot around every three minutes. Even with carpal tunnel syndrome, I don't struggle to clean manually, as the product is just very well-made.

      Oh, and it's not heavy, unless you just really aren't accustomed to lifting anything at all. Bags of groceries easily weigh more than the SpotBot. In fact, I had to get after my two-year-olds for moving it one day when it was sitting there beeping after finishing a cycle.

      It would be nice if it beeped or something when the cleaning solution was out and when the dirty tank was full, but I suppose if you just pay attention, it's not a big deal. It's never squirted dirty water or anything, but it will stop sucking if the dirty tank gets too full. (And, yes, there's a line showing you exactly what is too full. I just get distracted easily.) :-]

      As for Amazon's service, this product was on sale when I purchased it ($25 off of certain items costing more than $125), with free shipping. I received it approximately 36 hours after ordering it. That is amazing service that keeps me a returning customer!

      All is all, my husband and I love this product! I couldn't imagine that something that didn't require work on my part could work so well, but I have been plesantly surprised. We have twin 25-months-olds, and with the potty training process about to begin, I am confident that my carpet will remain spot- and odor-free.

      I'm adding the following to my review: After having the SpotBot for one year, the motor on automatic cleaner went out. I do not know if it can be fixed, but I am certain that the warranty is only twelve months long-- and, of course, we're about two weeks past that date! The manual hose still works, so we still use it, but at this point I find my full-size carpet cleaner just as efficient....more info
    • OK Cleaner, but NOT for cat stains!
      I was really excited to read all the great reviews about how the Spotbot worked for others. In particular, its ability to pick up pet stains. I went out and bought it right away! It certainly DID pick up some older stains on the carpet - a coffee stain on cream colored carpet, as well as a juice stain. I was pleased with that!

      HOWEVER, when it came to picking up the cat stains - I was disappointed. At first, it looked like it had picked up the stains, but upon drying, the stain appeared to have re-emerged. What's worse, the Spotbot actually seemed to make it worse - the stains appeared to be smeared out into the circle shape where the brushes had worked. Knowing that the stains were older, I then repeatedly tried going over them with the vaccuum extension. I also tried using the green cleaner as well as the cleaner specifically for pet stains. Again, this appears to work at first, until the stain dries. It also unfortunately made my carpet look really "fuzzy" from the repeated brushing.

      The other disappointment about this product is the amount of cleaning solution it uses. I bet in trying to treat my pet stains alone I paid over $25 in cleaning solution! You are constantly filling up the machine with solution and emptying the dirty water.

      In short, I will be keeping my SpotBot, but for other small stains and marks on the carpet. As for the cat stains, at this point I'm calling in a professional! So buyer beware...if you're purchasing this specifically to remove cat stains, you might think again......more info
    • Truly Amazing!!!
      There are many glowing reviews on this product, so allow me to touch on some key points. We purchased our house in Sept 2005 and the carpets had been professionally steam cleaned before us moving in. The previous owners had cats and those cat stains came back after the steam cleaning!

      -The Spot Bot got out set-in cat stains after at least one year of being set in.
      -The Spot Bot does NOT need Bissell's super-expensive carpet cleaning products to work great. I recommend Hoover's 128 oz. Pet Cleaning or Deep Cleaning carpet cleaner; takes 5 oz. per gallon of water. One chamber of spot bot cleaner is less than 1/2 gallon and does 3 spots and/or lots of manual use on little spots. So that 128 oz. Hoover solution can clean a lot of spots!
      -The "Crop Circles" - yes, it leaves a dark ring after you use the automatic cleaning. But the manual hose attachment gets that right out!
      -If you're going to spend $70-80 on a Little Green Machine anyways, this is definitely worth the upgrade. I love it!!! Much cheaper than getting new carpets!
      ...more info
    • Spotbot great for dog owners
      Recently our old spot cleaner broke down so we needed to buy a new one. After doing a lot of research I decided to go with the Spotbot. It turns out this was a great decision, although it is a little pricey it is well worth the money. With our old cleaner I never really felt like it was getting it all and going deep into the carpet but with the Spotbot I feel like it really does a deep cleaning. I also love the fact that you just set it on the spot, push a button and just wait for it to do it's thing. No scrubbing is a huge bonus in my eyes. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
    • Excellent Carpet Cleaner
      We just bought a house, and the Bissell Spot Bot does an excellent job cleaning up dirt and pet soil on the new carpet. As other reviewers have stated, if you use the amount of soap Bissell suggests it can get expensive depending on how often you use it.

      We have had it for 3 months, and have had no issues. It is about as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner. The cleaning head is round, so it does make it difficult to get all of the stain or dirt if its along something flat, like a wall, but the manual attachment works fine at getting the areas the cleaning head cannot. If you have pets, you must get a spot bot. ...more info
    • Spot Bot
      This machine is unbelievable. My wife loves it, the only minor draw back is the cost of the cleaning solutions, currently only available from the manufacturer, but it works great, easy, and is well worth the money. ...more info
    • Does a great job
      I bought this after I saw my carpet cleaning people use an industrial model of the SpotBot on a bad juice stain in my hallway. It's not a steam cleaner; it's a dirt extractor. If you keep your carpeting clean with regular cleaning or have new carpet, this product is great. If you have dirty carpeting all you'll end up with is super clean crop circles surrounded by dirt. You have to use an awful lot of cleaning fluid if you go by their directions--gets very expensive. I just spray Fantastik O2 cleaner on the spot (if it's dye based), rub it in w/my fingers and let it sit a bit, then use the SpotBot with hot water only and usually that takes care of it. Be VERY careful w/the OxyClean powder you mix; you can easily end up bleaching the carpet. I have to say the Bissell Little Green cleaning formula works very well for dirt, grease, etc.; I just don't use as much as they suggest. I ran out and used Incredible brand carpet cleaner (sold at Bed/BathBeyond) and it worked fine. For pet soil, I love Natures Miracle. Again, put it on, let it sit for 24hrs as per NM directions, then put the machine w/hot water over the stain--it's gone. This machine does not work well on Berber carpeting. I had trouble when I first used it getting the manual hose to squirt; seems you have to "prime" it several times, make sure the cleaning solution tank is full and pushed down all the way and it will start working. When the machine is done, the carpeting is pretty damp; either use the manual hose to extract the excess water or place a towel down and stand on it to soak up the excess. Rake the area w/your fingers so the fibers dry in a natural position. Then manual hose feature is great for cleaing stairs, car upholstery/carpet--just don't over-spray or you'll end w/soaking wet carpet. It's easy to use, I don't think it's that heavy, the noise doesn't bother me b/c I set it and walk away, and my cats love to watch the brushes whirl around. The site has lots of info., cleaing tips, etc. A good product. ...more info
    • spot bot arrived broken
      I enjoy the product...however, the one I received from Amazon was broken. I had to return it to Bissell and wait for a new one to be sent. The new one works well. ...more info
    • Great product overall
      To say it bluntly, I bought this because our German Shorthair Pointer took a huge dump on a brand new light colored carpet. I removed everything I could and then used the SpotBot with the cleaning solution and water set to the "set in stain" mode. I did not use a pre-treatment. It cleaned up most of it but did not completely remove the stain/mark. One problem is that since the carpet is still damp afterwards, you have to wait until the next day to really see if the mark is still there. It would be nice if they had a carpet drying feature. So the next day I first sprayed on some Resolve and then used water, cleaning solution, and "Oxy Gen 2" (some kind of peroxide-based stain remover). An Oxy Gen 2 sample came with the SpotBot. The solution tank is labeled so you can easily use the correct proportions of Oxy Gen 2, cleaner and water. The second time around the stain was removed. We did have to work the carpet with our feet to make the fibers all go in the same direction; the SpotBot leaves the fibers tilted in all different directions from the scrubbing.

      Although not 100% perfect this thing is definitely worth it. I think using a pre-treatment and that Oxy Gen 2 solution will get out most stains. If the mess is discovered quickly enough just water and solution would probably work. Being able to press a button and walk away while the thing scrubs and vacuums is awesome. The brush/vacuum/spinning component that scrubs the carpet is much less complicated than something like Roomba, so I do not foresee tons of maintenance problems down the road. Overall, I highly recommend this product. ...more info
    • Great price - Works Better than Expected
      I paid $105 shipped for the SpotBot through Amazon from a deal I saw on Definitely worth the money! The pee stains from my dog virtually disappear with this thing. My carpet is relatively new so I don't get the spotting that others have complained of. Maybe if you have older carpet, you should get it professionally cleaned once before using this. Overall - a very good buy!...more info
    • Great for Pet Spots
      I have kids and a pet, therefore I have spots. The SpotBot works great on the spots. It is very simple to use and easy to clean. There will be a clean spot once the cleaning cycle is complete. It takes at least a day for the spot to dry. I then have to work the spot to make it look like the rest of the carpet - vacuuming isn't enough. But all in all, I love it. It has removed set in stains and easily takes care of fresh stains. And purchasing it through was cheaper than at a local retailer or Direct Buy! It was delivered to my door within two days! I am a happy customer....more info
    • Highly Recommend for Anyone with Pets!!!
      We have 2 cats, but one of them is older and always making messes all over the carpet. We purchased this machine after reading all the good reviews and we think it's a wonderful, wonderful product! It is very easy to use, and it does an excellent job taking the spots out of the carpet. No more scrubbing! Just be sure to use the wand on the machine after it's finished going through it's cycle to suck up the excess water. We find the machine to be of good quality and construction. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this product! ...more info
    • If you have dogs or kids you need this!
      I have light tan carpet in my family room and between my 60lb. dog and my nine month old baby it takes a beating. I didn't have the money to get my carpet cleaned every other month and I didn't have the energy to rent a machine and do it myself. After researching the spot bot I decided to get one. It's wonderful! It's very easy to use and store. You can leave the cleaning solution in it. It's perfect for everyday spills and wear. What I did was I had my carpet professionally cleaned right before it got it. Now when we have an accident or just some muddy paw prints, I only have to clean the bad spots. The machine does all the work. You literally fill the cleaning container (it's detachable), set it back on the machine, place the bot on the spot and press start. It has two settings, surface and set-in stains. It beeps when it's finished and you simply pour out the dirty water (again the container is small and detachable). That's it! It's gotten out everything for me so far. The clean spot is damp afterwards. If you run it in the evening you'll be dry by the next day. For spots bigger then the cleaning head just run it once, move it over and run it again. I'm very pleased with it and have told all my friends about it. I think it's ideal for daily touch up's and upkeep. It will allow you to go much longer between complete wall-to-wall carpet cleaning....more info
    • Spotbot
      I bought this as a surprise for my daughter, who is away at college with her "friendly" bassett hound. This has really saved her time because she just spot cleans and does not have to get out the big machine. She is extremely happy with the way it works, it is easy to operate, does a wonderful job, is not noisy, and small enough to fit in a closet (which is important in an apartment)when not in use. She told me it was the best surprise she has received in while....more info
    • I will never scrub again!!!!
      ...At least on carpet spots. This thing is amazing. we have three dogs and one is a puppy. in a matter of 20 minutes i removed all of the spots in my home. It didn't completely remove the set in ink stain from when one of my dogs got hold of a bic pen a few months ago but it didn't lighten the stain and this is after repeated hand scubbing (about 7 or 8 times) over the last few months. I am more than pleased with the performance and would definately give this as a gift to anyone who had pets. ...more info
    • Works for me
      I've been using the "spotbot" for the past several months. Like many of the other reviewers, this was to clean up after pets. It is most definitely quick and easy to use. All the time over the years wasted using spot cleaners from a spray can and paper towels may finally be reclaimed. Just as many other experienced, the first few times we did get those lighter spots on the carpet. But it was because the surrounding carpet wasn't as clean. Found that out when the "spots" disappeared after we had the entire room steam cleaned.

      Since then, using only 1/2 of the recommened cleaning solution and only using the quicker 3 minute cycle, we've found that cat vomit and furballs still come up with ease, AND there's no annoying light spot left. This would also help with how quickly the machine uses up cleaning fluid.

      In the end due to ease of using it, time saved, and effectiveness I'd get it again if it used 3 times as much cleaning fluid. I do hope it lasts though......more info
    • Great for getting up spots with ease!
      Love this little machine. You just put it on a spot, plug it in,turn it on and it does everything else.Have used it on doggie spots, wine spots and "wear" spots. Took away all spots like magic!! If I have a problem with it at all it is just that it makes the spot area so clean that it makes me want to clean the whole rug!!...more info
    • spotbot
      With two puppies in the process of being housebroken, I have found the Spotbot to be worth its weight in gold.It's easy to use and does an excellent job....more info
    • SpotBot review
      I like the new SpotBot okay. I love how it's compact (you can wrap the hose around the unit and it has a spot where you attach the brush.
      My only complaint is that when you run it in the automatic mode, it uses a fair amount of the solution so you have to frequently refill the compartment. Also, you have to use the unit in the manual mode aftwerwards to suck up residual water left over from the automatic mode, otherwise the spot is too wet....more info
    • A wonderful valentines gift for mom
      I have been shopping around for the Bissell spot bot and found a great deal on Amazon. My packaged arrived very soon after I ordered it. I have to say I tried it the minute it came into my house. I had stains on my floor that have been there at least 10 years and the spot bot got them out. It was amazing. My next tackle is my car seats.

      The spot bot is a great item to purchase....more info
    • Fantastic
      I love this machine. Believe the reviews listed here. I did and I have no regrets. I have four dogs and this machine is a life saver for my carpet. ...more info
    • Love the Bissell SpotBot!
      With a house full of dogs and cats, there are spots that show up on the carpets all the time. My choice used to be either drag out the full-sized carpet cleaner, or just blot/surface clean the spot until there were enough to justify a full cleaning. However, it would never fail that I would do a full cleaning and the next day, there would be some relatively major spot that needed cleaning! Now I don't worry about it! About 1 minute of set-up time (filling cleaning solution bottle, unwinding cord, placing unit on spot, hitting button) and the spot is being cleaned! It does a terrific job all by itself in either 3 minutes or 6 minutes. Very easy to fill, clean, carry and use. I will never be without it! Great invention, great investment!...more info
    • Bissell SpotBot true to its name
      The SpotBot does exactly what the name implies - leaves a giant spot on the carpet. I tried it on 4 spots on my berber carpet, and each of the 4 has left a huge spot stain exactly the size of the rotating brush. I have also tried to have the spots removed professionally, to no avail. Don't bother with the SpotBot. Get yourself a scrub brush and some Folex spray. ...more info
    • USA
      The Spotbot is great! I have a large carpet cleaner that is pretty heavy and hate lugging it up or downstairs to just clean a spot or stain and the hassle of getting started and the clean up of the machine. This little unit is so easy to move all around the house and not only does it clean spots and stains really good it is easy to use and clean up is super fast & easy. What a relief!...more info
    • Curious gizmo, but it works.
      We purchased this as a gift for a friend who has two small dogs, and often cares for the dogs of friends. We watched it in operation on some stains just this weekend and were favorably impressed with the results. It is fascinating to observe it in action (we were on the steps next to it and so could observe the brushes and vacuum inlets at eye level).
      She has been delighted with the SpotBot, and has actually wound up cleaning most of her common-area carpeting with it. This is remarkable in that she already owns a larger stand-up rug cleaner - but she rarely uses it because it is big, bulky and not all that effective. Of course, it is probably also because the newly cleaned circle left by the SpotBot is so conspicuous it demands equal treatment for the rest of the carpeting. This little thing beats its cousin hands down.
      What would be an improvement - some sort of internal water heating device. You could probably do it safely with some sort of magnetic induction heating like an instant hot water kettle. Filling the tank with hot water from the tap is OK, but not ideal as the tank is small and uninsulated, and so lets the water cool too quickly. Further, it can use more noise and vibration damping. This thing gets pretty loud. Purchasers should also be warned that it does go through a lot of cleaning fluid - one tankful of mixture will clean three spots.
      Other than that, it does the job as advertised and makes for great conversation too. Reliability - too soon to tell....more info
    • Well pleased
      Great little cleaner. Very easy to use and takes minutes for a super spot clean. The spot bot is such a good cleaner that the area around the spot that was cleaned completely different. It looks like there is a circle of new carpet placed in the middle of my floor.

      Cons: The all purpose "little green formula" (8oz) they give the buyer lasts 1 1/2 deep cleans. I have not used the other oxy trial cleaner yet....more info
    • Does a Great Job
      This machine quickly and efficently does exactly what it claims to able to do. We have two cats that give us ample opportunity to test the machine (and our patience). The Spotbot has never failed to clean up their offerings....more info
    • Elderly pet owners BUY NOW!
      My grandmother got a new puppy and she is ofcourse not potty trained yet. This machine is a God send. It is light enough for her to carry around the house and she doesn't have get on her hands and knees to scrub. This machine works like a dream cleaning up her new puppy's accidents....more info
    • I love this cleaner
      I have a white carpet and two cats. Unfortunately one of them throws up a lot. I'm often too busy to clean it up right away. With the Spot bot I can cover it with a paper towel for a few days then clean it up entirely. I don't often use the automatic system because the manual option works so well, but when I just don't want to deal with it I can set it and go away. I would highly recoment this product....more info
    • Used in a full house!
      Even though the Spot Bot does have it's down sides, the good points definetely out weigh the bad.
      The moment we saw Spot Bot, all 4 of us knew that it was perfect for my mother. 3 dogs (1 of which was 3 months old), 3 granchildren (3 months, 6 months & 11), 2 teengers daughters & their friends along with a house full of family every weekend.
      She opened it up on Christmas Eve & immediately had it working. Pet stains that Resolve couldn't seem to clean up were disolved in 8 short minutes. It works wonders on set in stains & recent ones.
      It does leave a wet spot (like all steam cleaners) and it does create a ring of cleanliness on the carpet from where it just was. Overall, though, I wouldn't recommend this to be your only carpet cleaner. Figure you get you get your carpets cleaned PROFESSIONALLY 2 - 4 times a year, you vaccum when you need to & you Spot Bot when you need to.
      Hope I haven't discouraged you to buy the product. It's deserving of 5 stars despite it's minor glitches.
      If you hate cleaning up after your dogs, children, grandchildren, etc...then you should get the Spot Bot. It'll be one of your most precious possesions!...more info
    • waterlogged carpet results
      I had to hire professional carpet cleaners to get rid of the brown spots left by this cleaner. It get's rid of the original stain just fine, but it doesn't suck up the water took three days for the carpet to dry and left a big round brown spot on the carpet. Unless you have a way to dry out your carpets faster, I don't suggest buying this product as the water damage to the carpets looks just as bad as the original stain...if not worse,...more info
    • Amazing gadget for unmentionable accidents (on carpet)
      Just when my husband was away on a business trip, his 1-year old German Short-Hair (medium/large dog) decided that upstairs (on the new carpet) was a great place to dump copious loads of pungent, dark-green diarrhea. The disgusting mess had dried over-night. It had dripped out of his you-know-what while he found another of the multiple places to squat and burn. There was so much of it. All I could do was laugh, and genuinely wonder how the dog could have had that much poop in him at one time. I picked up what portion of it that I physically could, and then had no idea what to do next, as ripping out the carpet was not an option.
      From my previous experience, I knew that a consumer-level carpet cleaner/steamer/shampooer would not get this level of putrifaction out of the carpet entirely.
      I went online and searched for an hour or so for some guidance from individuals with practical experience in such matters.
      I was totally skeptical of the rave reviews that I continued to read about the SpotBot. However, there were so many positive reviews - and from many different sources on the web. The cruncher for me was that these reviews specifically mentioned disgusting pet acts and carpet.
      Because I was in a REAL hurry, I bought it locally. I purchased the recommended shampoo and Oxy-booster, and prepared to feel ripped off. However, I am now writing a review (which I don't normally do because I don't have the time for such things).
      You fill the tank, set it over the stain, choose the cycle, and wait either 3 minutes, or 6 minutes (depending on the severity of the "event").
      Just to be sure that I removed the sludge in a couple of the worst areas, I applied the 6-minute cycle twice, but I don't think I needed to. The SpotBot breaks up the stain (if it is - or was - solid), and shampoos and vacuums the majority of the resulting moisture away. It leaves the targeted area a bit wet, but CLEAN.
      If you have pets inside (like the dogs) it is worth every cent. I still need to find a really good large-area carpet shampooer/steamer, but the SpotBot is unbelievable for nasty "small" stains and "accidents".
      Quite honestly, this would be an awesome gift for many occasions. This is a medium price consumer purchase that has a specific use, and it does what it says it will do. ...more info
    • Hands Free Carpet Spot Cleaning
      Bought the Bissell Spot Bot for those bothersome carpet stains that always seem to pop up at our house. Have tried other cleaners but this really does the trick. Just put it on the spot, push the button, and go do some other chore while it cleans the carpet. ...more info
    • This Does What It Says It Will Do!
      This machine is FANTASTIC! It works exactly as they claim it does on the television commercial! It even worked well with set in stains from soy sauce, dog vomit, urine and diarrhea, cigarette ash, and soda! I highly recommend this!...more info
    • Do not think about it, buy it!
      This was the best cleaner I have ever purschased! I have two dogs and two kids and was constantly on my hands and knees with the Resolve. Not any more. I fill it up, plug it in and let it do its thing. And it does it great! I have two steam cleaners that I never use because when I did, they did a terrible job. This thing is going to put Stanley Steemer out of business! HIGHLY recommended...more info
    • Karen, Platte City MO
      Hubby bought this for me for Christmas. We have 2 cats that get sick more often than not. I was tired of being on hands and knees cleaning up spots. We love this machine to say the least. It's not for big areas that need to be cleaned. I highly recommend this for small jobs. We're having trouble finding the Oxy Clean solution in our area, but we've got our local hardware store ordering it and hopefully keep it in stock. It's an awesome machine!!...more info
    • Amazing!!!
      First some background: 4 years ago at Christmas time, my sister sent us 2 lbs. of Belgian chocolate. Unaware that there was food in the packages that she sent, I put them under the tree and went to work. That night (as my husband was at his office holiday party) I came home to 16 separate piles of dog vomit, etc. around my newly carpeted house. I cleaned up the best I could, and we even rented a steamer from the market, but those stains were there to stay. P.S. The pooch was and is fine!

      Now my review: I bought the Spot Bot yesterday, brought it home, and we immediately put it on one of the biggest stains. We used the basic cleanser and put it on the super dirty setting. Result: In 6 minutes the stain was gone!!! It seemed too good to be true, and we've been checking the spot for the last 24 hours in all types of light to make sure we were missing something, but you know what??? THE STAIN IS GONE! One note: when you empty the dirty water tank, it tends to drip so plan ahead.

      Response to other reviews: Some say it's too heavy; we didn't find that to be the case. Some say it leaves a too clean spot; we didn't find that to be the case and have now used it in a few locations. Some say it uses too much cleanser; from my perspective, I would gladly spend a few $ on cleanser than replace a house full of carpeting.

      Overall we love this product and can't wait for the cat's next furball on our new basement carpeting!...more info
    • GREAT
    • Best thing since sliced bread.
      If you have indoor dogs you can't live with out this, especially if you have a puppy.

      The first day I received this wonderful machine I spilled red wine on my carpet. It cleaned up the stain in minutes flat. Next I tried it on set in stains...cleaned those up as well. The only bad thing was it made the rest of the carpet look dirty. So I steam cleaned the whole carpet with my big steam cleaner. Now when the puppy has an accident it gets cleaned right up. No hassel of dragging out the big machine. I just keep the spotbot ready to go in the closet.

      I would highly recommend this product....more info
    • Crop Circles and clean stairs
      I used the SpotBot in a high traffic area to remove stains from spills - my bad I was left with crop circles - warning do not use the hands free feature on carpet that isn't mostly clean. (Using the manual mode would have worked just fine)

      On the bright side this was corrected by using a full sized cleaning machine when I cleaned the entire room.

      The product does work very well for stairs and cars where the full sized machine doesn't without a lot of hassle....more info
    • The pump will stop working - I promise
      We had three (3!) of this product's predecessor. Instead of a scrubber brush, they provided a hose with suction and fluid supply to soak the carpet stains, then vacuum them up. These units had two motors - one for the suction, one for the fluid pump.

      We bought three of the previous model (no harsh use here - just two kids and a cat). The liquid pump will simply stop working, leaving you with a small oddly shaped vacuum. Calls/complaints to Bissel went unanswered. We blamed the first one on a fluke. Second one was our last purchase. Third one was a gift (darn).

      This new model has the same fluid pump, they just added a new automagic scrubber brush.

      Bet you'll need a new pump soon.

      ...more info
    • Great Product
      I have white carpet and a five year that a challenge or what!! Great for pretreating spots and stains prior to cleaning the entire carpet with the other Bissell. Handy for emergencies. Its a "must have" if you have kids, pets, or a wife that carries her coffee everywhere in the house......more info
    • Bissell Quality and Workmanship Below Par
      I don't own this particular Bissell product but I have owned two Bissell "Little Green Machines". This product is similar to the SpotBot in that it has two tanks and a spay nozzle built into the cleaner head but is completely manual. As the cleaner is sprayed into the carpet the cleaner head sucks up the fluid and the stain. I have owned two of these because the first one stopped working 3 months or so after purchase. The motor started making a strange sound and then smoke. We were only days outside the 90 day warranty so this was a total loss. Why did we buy another one, you may ask? Well frankly because it does remove stains. More specifically, Bissell's concentrated carpet cleaning fluid seems to dissolve most stains. The spray nozzle on the cleaner head stopped working within 4 months which makes the cleaning fluid tank useless and now 1 year after purchase, the motor in this second unit is starting to make a strange sound. So I mix up my own cleaning solution in a spray bottle. I am not impressed with Bissell's quality and workmanship but they've definitely broken the code when it comes to creating an effective carpet cleaning fluid that does not discolor the carpet....more info
    • Fantastic
      This product has been a life saver and may have saved our pets lives LOL. Really for anyone that has pets this is a must have, one of my favorite things...more info
    • Easier to use than my full-sized Bissell upright, but...
      Having seen the commercials for the Spotbot and how you can basically let it clean on its own and come back to a spotless carpet, I'd say don't believe what you see.

      I do have to say that the Spotbot does clean pretty well. We have a dog and oatmeal-colored berber carpeting, so any urine is dabbed up, sprayed with Nature's Miracle, dabbed again, and eventually steam cleaned with my full-sized Bissell upright later in the week. The Spotbot removed a little more of the stubborn stains I could not with the upright using the Deep Cleaning setting.

      A negative for the Spotbot is that it does not pick up the cleaning solution off the carpet well. Maybe it's because of the berber carpet's texturing? If I don't use the hose attachement and manually suck up the excess solution, the carpet remains wet for the entire day (and then some) and leaves a stain imprint of the area it just cleaned. The imprint remains even after the solution dries off the carpet.

      The Spotbot package come with trial samples of the Bissell Cleaning solution for Compact Machines and OxyGen2. If using the OxyGen2, the instructions ask for half the cleaning mixture to consist of the OxyGen2. That's a lot. It will probably be very costly to use the OxyGen2 a lot.

      Overall, for spot cleaning of spills and the sort, the SpotBot works well. Just remember to use the hose attached to suck up the liquid left over by the SpotBot. The SpotBot beats bringing out the upright, but not by much....more info
    • Almost make me want to get a kitten
      We have a lake house that we go to almost every weekend, plus a regular house. My husband laughed at me when I brought this home. Now, he told me we need one for each house so we don't have to carry it back and forth.

      Only issue was that it leaked from the clean side through the bottom, so we had to exchange it. Other than that, very happy.

      I have an older dog on prednisone and put two old cats down in 2005. Wish I had it when the cats were alive.......more info
    • Cleans spots just like it says!
      The SpotBot was just what we needed to clean up after an older pet. It took out new stains and old ones very well. Like some others mentioned, sometimes it cleans so well you have to clean the carpet around it!...more info
    • Fairly decent
      I purchased this to combat my daschund's potty training issues. it works fairly well for dog pee (on the stronger of the two setttings) although i still have to use nature's miracle on the spot afterward. it can leave a clean ring of whiter carpet where it is used -- so a word of wisdom is to use less cleaner and more water in the tank. the device is one star less than perfect b/c it is kind of loud and the tanks are fairly small. also, once it stops, it beeps to be lifted off the damp spot -- and doesn't stop until you press a button. literally, it will beep for hours unless you press a button or unplug it. overall, it does what it says and anything that makes cleaning up after my dog easier is most welcome....more info
    • Thumbs Up on Spot Bot
      I have 2 dogs. One of them had a bad stomach the day after the Spot Bot arrived (she has great timing). When I awoke and saw the 2 gifts she left me, I immediately took out my new purchase. It was simple to use and worked well. One of the stains cleaned up on the first try; the other one needed a second treatment. If I hadn't bought this product, I would have needed to call in the professionals....more info
    • spot bot
      This product is absolutely great! We have a labrador retriever that has recently been ill. He is on prednisone so he drinks a lot and also wets a lot. He tries to hold it in but, because of the medication, was trouble. The spot bot has come through for us many, many times. It sure beats pulling out our big carpet shampooer every time. I recommend this product to anyone especially people who have kids or pets. Great product....more info
    • does a great job but is expensive to use and leaves "rings"
      We got the SpotBot because of an advertizement on TV... and four cats. They seem to zero in on the living room carpet as the best place to have problems. The SpotBot did an excellent job of removing even set-in stains and is well worth the price. The only drawbacks are that the 2 liquids you use -- especially the Simple Green -- are expensive to use if you have a lot of spots to remove and the shape of the SpotBot leaves "rings" of clean on the carpet. These rings can be blended using the wand, but that isn't as easy as the set and leave process the SpotBot normally uses. I would not hesitate to recommend this device to anyone with stains to remove!...more info
    • Does the Job offered a price I couldn't refuse...the Spotbot is terrific at cleaning your spots while you do something else (dust!) I think it does use a lot of cleaner, but at least I was happy with registering and ordering from

      The unit is compact, lightweight and easily cleaned after use. This model is an improvement over my ten year old "Little Green Machine" in that the cord and hose store better. I purchased this machine because I had been so very pleased with the older model, and the fact it could run by itself was especially attractive.

      I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone who needs a quick and easy clean-up...a new puppy, a new baby, or just clumsy, this is a super clean-up device....more info
    • Love this thing
      I received a SpotBot for Christmas and it works great! With 5 cats and new carpet, I needed something to get up the messes and this works great. I, too, found that it worked well with a mixture of Oxyclean, a staple in my house. I loved it so much, I bought one for my aunt, who has 2 dogs and 2 cats, and one for my grandmother who loves to clean but doesn't have the knees to scrub a carpet by hand any more....more info
    • Good cleaner
      Cleaner is very good. It has a problem with ground-in material, but does an excellent job on all other stains....more info
    • Amazing
      This works AWESOME! It took out tons of old stains I had in my carpet from years ago.

      A couple tips
      To get the carpet drier after the cleaning is done use the manual hose and just use the suction on the hand held piece. It takes out more water the big unit missed and the spot dries quicker.

      USe regular carpet cleaner or put a little (tsp) laundry soap with oxygen in it and shake it up good rather than use their cleaner. MUCH cheaper. Also if you dont use too much cleaner the stain gets out and the circle isnt QUITE so clean so the rest of your carpet doesnt look dirty.

      I HIGHLY recommend it!!...more info
    • Housebreaking your puppy?
      The Spotbot is a wonderful aid when your new (or not so new) puppy has a miss on your carpet. Simple and quick to use, and the machine's size is not so large that you find it hard to move or store. I did have to find a way to treat the outside ring it leaves on the carpet. I used a spray on cleaner to blend in the edges once the spot had dried. But still, a great machine. ...more info
    • Good carpet cleaner.
      Its very portable and works well. It seems to use a lot of cleaner on a spot, but the results are good....more info
    • Great Product
      Does as it claims and does it well. Used for cat accidents....more info
    • 1200B SpotBot Hands-Free Compact Cleaner
      I have had a chance to use my machine several times.It works great on deep set in stains and fresh stains.Just set the machine up and walk away it will do the rest....more info
    • Spot Bot
      The Spot Bot is living up to its reputation. I had set-in pet stains on my light colored carpet. Using Bissell's Oxy-Gen cleaner and the Pet/Odor cleaner, the Spot Bot effectively removed the stains. The carpet was wet for about 24 hours after treatment. A couple of the worst spots required 2 cycles. ...more info
    • green fighting machine!
      Since this was a major purchase for me, I researched it to death! I found that reviewers either loved it or hated it because it didn't work period. But I needed something for my carpets that have been through animals gallore (I bought a rental home) and three small children. One stain was from laundry detergent. My two year old took one from the trash and dumped it upside down and the remainder of the contents emptied on my brand new carpet. That was 2 years ago. The spot bot cleaned it up completely. The upstairs carpet, the old yucky carpet, has stains everywhere! I first tackled the old red kool-aide stain, it lightened it big time, but it is still red. But the stain is 5 years old, so I wasn't surprised. But it did help. I also have a stain where my son tried to plant a tree in my house. Yes, he brought in soil, some seed, and watered it; I was in the shower. That stain disappeared, no more memory stain there. I also have sippy cup drips everywhere, juice, kool-aide, soda, that kind of thing, it has taken those up too. One gal commented how loud it is. I compare it to a normal vacuum--I have a Kirby. It is very simple to use, light weight, and easy to store. The samples that it comes with are good for one filling, so two uses. If you fill the container like recommended, you get two uses out of it. I am trying regular oxy clean detergent that you use in the laundry versus the stuff you by for the spot bot. It works just fine except some of the oxy clean hardens and you just dump it out when its done cycling. I am recommending it to all my fellow moms. And another bonus, my 2 yr old and 8 yr old think this green fighting machine is a miracle worker because it cleans so good. They also love to watch the water move through the hose into the holding tank. So good luck with your purchase. If you have more questions about it, please email with I don't represent Bissell in any way..grin.LOL. lynette...more info
    • Nice product
      I have two small dogs, and wanted to try the spotbot to clean stains between allover carpet cleanings. It does very well, and I would recommend this product. The only problem is that it is for SMALL stains, and it leaves the circle cleaning area very clean next to surrounding areas. ...more info
    • Love it!!!!!!
      I saw this item profiled on a local news station as they were trying it out to see if it really performs as Bissell states. They tried it on air and it WORKED so I ordered it within 5 mins. of seeing the consumer news commentary on it. We have an older dog and our dog leaves lots of spots for me to clean up when I wake in the morning. This item arrived today and my three year old and I went to work and found four spots that needed to be cleaned more thoroughly. All four spots are GONE GONE GONE. We love it!!!...more info
    • A must have with a toddler
      I use the spotbot daily because I have a toddler. When she spills her juice or her ravioli (with red sauce) or pees on the carpet (she is a toddler) I just fill the spot bot up with hot water (no need for soap unless it's a really bad stain) and put it on the spot and it's clean minutes later. It does put clean circles all over the carpet, but clean circles are better than red spots.

      It is extremly loud and it beeps without stopping when it's done (which means you need to be around it when it stops). Besides that I have no complaints....more info
    • Totally Impressed!!
      I tried this out the minute I got it..I have a little doggie that has accidents on my carpet. It got up the spot perfectly. The only drawback is it uses a lot of the cleaning solution. I had to go out the next day and purchase more of the solution. All in all it's a great little machine to have ...there has been no other outlet to cleaning these accidents up perfectly until now. I agree with others who stated they have clean circles everywhere they used the machine! Now my carpet needs a complete overhaul !! It's a very handy item !!...more info
    • Handy product!
      I'm quite happy with my SpotBot. With a puppy in the family, I need help with cleaning "accidents" and not having them come back. Takes quite a lot of cleaning solution, but this product really works. I expect to get a lot of good use from it....Follow-up.....after months of use, I have found that I prefer to use my Hoover carpet cleaner. The SpotBot covers a very small space and the carpet basically needs to be clean in the first place or you end up with a "clean" spot....more info
    • I luv my Spot Bot
      Like many reviewers I purchased the spotbot because of my two cats. While they use their litterbox very well they have that anoying cat thing with throwing up. I had a very good spot cleaner that came in a spray bottle but I would have to scrub and then rinse.
      I tried my SpotBot for the first time this morning and was surprised by how fast I used the little sample bottle of cleaner that came with it. After I ran out I had an idea that has worked very well. I fill the tank with clear water, spray my uber carpet cleaner out of the bottle on the stain and set the SptoBot on it to scrub and rinse! Works like a charm. Since my carpets are white I will need to get my full size Bissel out and give the carpet a once over. Now I'm headed to the dining room to attack the stains left from holiday entertaining!...more info
    • This machine is worth its' weight in gold!
      I have two small dogs, as we know there is nothing small when it comes to small dogs. The fact is little dogs can make the biggest messes on the carpet. I own both a pomeranian, and a chihuahua. The irony is the chi is great, with the occasional accident. My pom however, is a chronic marker. You name it, he has marked all over it. I was forced into buying this machine. When I woke up, and my house reeked of wee.

      When I ordered this Spotbot it came practically overnight. It was foolproof, you can take it out already assembled. Basically there are two compartments: one for cleaning solution and warm water. The other is where the dirty water gets sucked into. there are 3 options for using the Spotbot: the hose (for furniture or spot messes), the set in stain (great for pet messes, and old stains), and the surface stain (for fresh stains). I took this around every wee stain in my house, and I was amazed it worked so well. You find yourself equally grossed out and amazed by the dirty water that comes out of the other end. Like others, I would recommend cleaning your carpets before or after the Spotbot, if they're very light and dirty. This also leaves circle 2" foot damp crop spots everywhere. If you rub your hand over this circles when it's wet, it won't leave such an obvious circle. The house works really well on my couch, I had an freak accident today. My black liquid eyeliner leaked all over the couch, and the hose cleaned the stain. You would never known any stains were there! The downside, it will go through cleaning solution like mad, a cheap W#l-m#rt brand is a cost efficent alternative. The Spotbot will clean messes of all sorts. I spent hours cleaning different areas of my home, I am thoroughly happy with this machine! ...more info
    • This hands free machine is the BEST!
      Great, great time saver with execellent spot removing capability. One note - have your carpets cleaned first as this is a spot remover and will clean spots, but if your carpet is dirty, it will show a clean spot. This cannot be used for big carpet areas, but I don't have that issue, just pet accidents or stains. I cleaned the bathroom while this machine cleaned spots on the stairs carpet. Works terrific and the two settings - one longer and one shorter is great. I used regular carpet cleaner and pet treatment to eliminate smell, and it worked terrific.

      ...more info
    • Another feline caused review
      Like many others here, we purchased this product because of a cat. Finicky creature, that one, and made us spend even more money to clean up after things that obviously did not meet with her approval. Our former cleaner was battery charged, and just wouldn't keep a charge. Since we had the need, and Bissell has promoted this product heavily enough to catch the attention of the cat's food provider, we purchased this, sight unseen.

      The first thing that surprised us was the size and weight of this device. Our former unit was this dinky little handheld jobbie, and getting a 22 pound box delivered to the front door was interesting. Yes, it mentions the shipping weight is 19.1 pounds up there in amazon's description, but who really looks at that? So, unpacking commenenced, and our cat was nice enough to leave us two opportunities the next day to try out the SpotBot.

      Filling of the tanks started, and the instructions were dutifully ignored. The nice long extension cord was plugged in, and a surface clean was started. Three minutes later, the beeping started. Press the off button, and lift the device, and discover a neat circle of cleanliness, with no trace that a cat was involved.

      We've since tried the deep clean on more stubborn spots, none of which were caused from feline sources. The SpotBot has been marginally successful for those. Frankly, the very stubborn stains were better, but not totally removed. The lessor stains were removed.

      The main reason for the four stars is two-fold. First, the previously mentioned weight. This isn't necessarily heavy, but heavier than we expected. The other reason for four stars is the amount of cleaning solution required for cleaning to occur. The box comes with a sample of solutions, and that was enough for several cleanings. However, the whole area is cleaned, not just the spot. Some might consider this wasteful.

      On the plus side, the feline who generally causes the device to be used doesn't particularly care for the noise it makes, and scampers off under the bed. Sadly, the feline doesn't understand that she can prevent the loud noises by not creating the issue in the first place. Oh well....more info
    • Amazing
      This machine is worth it's weight in gold. My puppy went into the dining room and threw-up on my brand new wool chinese rug. Leaving behind a dark brown stain that nearly caused my husband to have a heart attack. I must admit I was not to thrilled myself but my puppy is more important to me than a rug. I had seen the commercials for this machine and must say I thought it was a bit silly to buy a cleaner to just plop on one stain. Now I know how wrong I was. I ran out and picked one up and came home full of doubts. I was sure I was going to have to send the rug out to be cleaned professionally to the tune of 450 bucks. With no guarantee that the stain would come out. I came home and filled the tank as directed, plugged it in, (that is truly all you have to do)placed it over the spot and turned it on and walked away until it beeped. After one cycle the stain was almost gone. I ran it one more time and could not believe my eyes. The stain was competely gone. Now I am like a woman possesed. I have gone through the whole house carrying my miracle machine and there is not one spot left anywhere. Buy this will be thrilled!! By the way after reading the other reviews I don't mind the beep at all. It's better than having to check to see when it's finished. And the machine is not that loud. And even if it sounded like a Boeing 707 taking off... with the results I enjoyed I would not care.
      Pros-everything (if I could give this 100 stars I would)
      Cons-none at all

      ...more info
    • You have to see it to believe it
      We bought this upon recommendations from other amazon customers and it was highly rated by Consumer Reports. At this point we have not used the manual feature.

      We tried this out on 5 spots. All 5 are gone. We will use this in conjunction with our Hoover SteamVac. The things that the Hoover won't get, I know that this will get, because 3 of those 5 stains we tested on, were left over from what the Hoover couldn't get out.

      The great thing is that you actually put the cleaning liquid with water, press a button (for 3 minutes or for 6 minutes) and then let it do its thing. I would guess if we were all patient enough that any other product would work. But who wants to scrub by hand. Now a machine will do it for you, with excellent results. I highly recommend this machine. ...more info
    • Fantastic Product!
      Our new carpet already had several spots on it, thanks to both the kids and a dog. After reading the reviews here, I decided to get the Spot Bot. I am SO glad I did! It cleaned last night's spaghetti sauce stain with only warm water, and last month's mud spots with a tsp. of OxyClean (as opposed to the stuff they sell, which is pricey). I used the 6 minute "set-in stain" setting. Afterwards, I blotted the wet spots with a towel and fixed the mat of the carpet so it would blend back in with the rest of the carpet. That's it! I am thrilled. If you have pets, kids, parties, or messy friends/family, this is a must-have product. Try fresh stains with just warm water and other stains with a small amount of cleaner + warm water to save $ and avoid "over-cleaning" (making the spots brighter than the rest of the carpet). ...more info
    • SpotBot Makes Spots WORSE Than They Started Out To Be
      I cleaned 10 small spots with half strength cleaning solution, and it stained perfectly round circles in my light colored carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have tried twice to get rid of the spots without success. They think the dye/color in the orange brushes has reacted with the cleaning solution to dye the fibers. Take my advice and don't buy this product. The idea is great, but it absolutely does not work!...more info
    • Great for any pet owners or parents!
      I bought this product in the middle of Novermber and have been absolutely thrilled with it! I originally purchased (and returned)the Bissell Spot Lifter. Amazingly enough, the extra money for the SpotBot was TOTALLY worth it. I have 2 dogs, and the chihuahua puppy has not been totally housebroken yet. This is absolutely wonderful for cleaning up those little spots you find here or there...just set the SpotBot on it, push the start button, and your mess is taken care of. My husband didn't believe it could clean that well, so he did a carpet smell test and even with his nose to the floor, there was no residual urine smell. I would recommend this product to anyone with pets or kids (who tend to spill things), and who doesn't want to own a full-size steam cleaner. This is perfect for spot cleaning, and it even gets out set-in stains. If you don't want to hassle with a full-size steam cleaner for just one or two spots at a time, this is PERFECT. And it can be stored with cleaning solution in it, ready to go. This product is great! You can use the manual hose feature to clean a whole room if you want, definatlely large areas! I have had this product for almost 3 months and have had NO problems with it. And it's not like I don't use it, I use it just about every other day. No problems at all, it's the greatest thing to come into my life since the chihuahua puppy who caused us to buy it in the first place! I highly recommmend this to anyone with pets in particular, it is a Godsend!
      ...more info
    • My new favorite toy!
      I debated over buying the SpotBot (now known as Rosey in our house, after the Jetson's maid who did everything for them!) for several weeks, and did as much research as I could before taking the plunge. I even went to the store intending to buy the less expensive little green machine, but my husband (if you can believe it!) wanted the SpotBot. I gave the machine her maiden run today on several set in stains of various origins that have grown lager over the last 6 months as they've attracted dirt. I was very impressed with the results. I used the "set in stain mode" and the Little Green Fluid only (no OxyGen), for the cleaning I've described in this review. Also, the instructions are unspecific about whether one is supposed to use distilled water or tap, warm or cold. I used warm tap water with no trouble.

      The Spot Bot was pleasing from the moment I opened the box because it came already assembled, preventing me from having to do work in order to use a product that is supposed to do the work for you. The unit is entirely self contained-another plus! I was able to pull it out of the box, read the easy to understand, short instructions, and I was on my way within a matter of minutes. It even comes with a trial size of cleaning solution--enough to fill the tank once with the water/cleaning solution mixture.

      I turned Rosey on and she was on her way. She is noisy, I suppose, but no more than any other carpet cleaner or vacuum I've ever used. I wouldn't list the noise among her faults--in fact I'd have been quite surprised if she wasn't noisy!

      She cycled through, and given that I selected the "set in stain" option, she was completed in about 6 minutes. When I moved her to see the results, I was delighted to find that my carpet in the spot she had worked on looked as new! My carpet was clean and stain free, but thankfully not discolored or "bleached" looking. It was damp to the touch, but I don't think that it was excessively wet, and the moisture was definitely confined to the treated area. I'll know tomorrow how quickly the spots dry.

      The water in the dirty tank was the color of coffee (and lacked in opacity like coffee, too)! And given that my carpet is light tan, I know that what I saw was dirt and not dye. I was quite pleased (and embarrassed!) to see how much grime it picked up.

      I think one of the reasons this machine is so effective is that, on hands free cycle, it spends far more time on a spot than I in my impatience ever would, the set in stain cycle is about 6 minutes, and according to the manual, the surface stain mode is 3 minutes long. 3-6 minutes are spent cleaning one area, and the results look it!

      My favorite feature is that, aside from the fact that you have to turn it on and off, it truly is hands free. However, it also offers the flexibility of a manual mode, which I also used, and which worked quite effectively. I used the manual mode to both clean and to suck up excess water from the hands-free treated areas. I was also pleased that the cleaning solution does not have a strong scent, as I am sensitive to them.

      Filling the tank once treated 2 spots on automatic mode, in the "set in stains mode." I also had a little fluid left to manually treat a few areas (which uses less fluid because you can control the output). There was still a little liquid left in the tank but I wasn't sure if it would make it through an entire third cycle and so I refilled the tank to continue cleaning.

      When I was done, I easily removed the solution tank and the dirty tank and rinsed them out in the sink. The manual does not specify whether or not the tanks are dishwasher safe, and thus I did not attempt it. However, cleaning them by hand was easy. As of yet, the brushes have not needed cleaning, and, aside from being wet, look new, even after 6 heavy cleanings.

      If you are at the store buying this and plan to come home and use it to treat more than a few stains, be sure to buy a bottle of fluid (Bissell's Little Green Fluid for most stains, and OxyGen II for dye based stains) while you're there at the store.

      In the same breath, if you only have one stain to clean, you may find some other minor spots you can clean or a way to mix only half the mixture required because treating only one stain will leave you with about half a tank of wasted cleaning solution. As I said, I was able to treat 2-3 stains, all on the "Set in Stain" mode, with one cleaning solution/water mixture.

      The fact that, after the cycle is completed the unit beeps until turned off, is obnoxious, but hardly a flaw enough to shake a stick at when considering the unit's other virtues. My other critique is the amount of cleaning solution it consumes on automatic mode. Given that the fluid is about $5 per bottle, frequent usage could become costly.

      I searched high and low for a good deal. Sears, Walmart, Amazon, LinensNThings, and Best Buy all wanted about $125 for it. I purchased it at LinensNThings with a 20% off coupon so I was able to save a little bit of money there.

      Though I've only cleaned a total of about half a dozen stains, so far, I've been quite pleased with the results. The up-front cost is no small matter, but it is not so outrageous as to be prohibitive either, and is, in my opinion well worth the investment, especially when you combine the quality of the job done with the amount of labor saved.

      UPDATE: I've now used the "surface stain" function several times. It removes the spot, but I do notice a difference in the effectiveness of the two modes. (Then again, I don't know what Bissell qualifies as a "surface stain" so it may be possible I was using the wrong mode on the wrong stain).

      UPDATE 2: Be sure to empty the dirty tank when the water reaches the "Full" mark. Even though the tank looks like it still has plenty of room, it does not. The machine will leak and will stop sucking up water in both manual and automatic modes if the tank is full. ...more info
    • Talked the talk, but couldn't walk the walk!
      Bissell does heavy advertising for this product so I was happy to pick one up to clean a few pet stains. I figured it was the perfect product for the job. After all it is called the SpotBot.
      When I received the product I followed the directions to a tee. I even did two cycles with the machine to insure the stain would be lifted. It is easy to use. Just press a button and let the machine work. Unfortunately it did not work. Not only was the stain still there, but it actually got worse from all the shampoo this machine put on it. ...more info
    • I love my SpotBot!
      My SpotBot is now my favorite helper around the house. SpotBot is an absolute MUST to have around with an indoor pet! With my allergies worsening due to autoimmunity, and being stuck in a rent house with old carpet until the end of the year, I was definitely going to have to get rid of my 5 year old cat, if not for SpotBot.

      It was not enough to have my own full-sized carpet shampooer because within days of cleaning all the carpets, the cat would start up again with the puking and because she'd become obese, she couldn't clean herself well, either. While I'm helping my cat lose weight, it takes a long time and sometimes she'd dibble on the carpet, in addition to the puking. Surface carpet cleaner sprays just left too much puke and dibble in the carpeting.

      As you can tell, my cat is loved because I've suffered through and finally found a way to really clean the carpeting when she gets sick or has an accident. It is so simple just to pick up any globs and then sit the SpotBot on the area and go about my business. I can clearly see that the SpotBot is getting ALL of the gunk out and everyone winds up happier and more importantly, healthier.

      Save your carpet, your health, and your time and get the SpotBot. I'm just angry at myself for waiting months to get it. It has been a lifesaver and relationship saver between me and my cat.
      ...more info
      We recently got new carpets because the old carpet was so ugly with stains. With 3 cats, a dog, 2 grandbabies, and a very messy Husband, I asked Santa to bring me a Spot Box. I love it, and had to use it on Christmas morning. Because we didnt have any stains on the new carpet yet...........I made some stains on a scrap piece that we had left over. I poured red wine and catsup on the rug and let it set in over night. I was amazed that it worked so well. The spots were gone, and it was almost dry to the touch when it was over. Now, I wish we would have gotten this wonderful machine before spending lots of money on a new carpet.
      PS: Now my family can eat in the front room while watching tv......I look forward to the many spots on my floor so I can use my bestest gift I got this year for Christmas. THANK YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!...more info
    • Bissell SpotBot
      Initially, I was very impressed with this product. But---a few days after cleaning my carpet and the areas drying--I could still see the spots I thought I had "thoroughly" cleaned. I still prefer my large Bissell steam cleaner. I guess size does truly matter!!!...more info
    • Bissell Spot Bot
      This product performed exactly as advertised. It does an excellent job of removing stains and spots from the carpet. It does it all automatically and no labor is involved....more info
    • pets or kids
      If you have pets or kids or just sloppy adults, this is the product for you.

      Experience with four cats and three Christmas parties later . . . this is the product to have.

      You don't have to use THEIR cleaning product. A cheap rug cleaner from a dollar type store will do just fine.

      Worth every penny....more info
    • cleans in the shape of mickey mouse ears.
      The SpotBot does a good job cleaning the carpet under it's brushes, and that turns out to be in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears. You can use the detachable hose and brush to do a better merge between cleaned carpet and uncleaned carpet, but it is hard to get the same level of cleaning by hand. Overall I like the unit, but the buyer must be aware that this is for use on small sections of carpet, not a whole carpet....more info
    • Pet stains eliminated
      We bought this product after getting two puppies, who pee and poop a few times a day on our cream carpet. It has been wonderful, the best pet purchuse we have made so far! It is loud, and the circle stays wet for about 12 hours, but it works perfectly without any scrubbing, washing, or reapplication. I would highly recommend. Got ours for $119 at Best Buy (they offered to match Walmart's price). ...more info
    • The NotBot
      After reading all of the rave reviews here on Amazon, it was a no-brainer to buy this rather than rent the huge machien from the local hardware store.

      Thanks for the great info everyone!

      I brought the Bot home and fired it up. It failed to spray ANYTHING on my spots. I quickly repackaged it and took it back to the store I bought it from. New SpotBot, same issue. NO SPRAY!

      I waited until Monday to call Bissell to get some help. They restated the obvious ideas from the manual, then suggested a sort of flush of the system. It didn't work.

      "That's why we ask that you send it back to us for return rather than go to the store," claimed the CSR on the phone. This process entails them sending me a fedex label which will take a week to get here and them shipping me a unit back upon return. So, the spots on my carpet that I needed cleaned yesterday, won't get touched for 2 weeks.

      I understand that defective products are a normal part of life, but two in a row? If there is a contingency plan in place, it is a known issue by Bissell. They should do better by the consumer in fixing the problem. Why should I be out over $100 for two weeks when THEIR product was defective twice.

      I will be returning teh defective unit to the retailer in the morning for a refund. Suddenly renting that behemoth of a machine from ACE HARDWARE doesn't seem so bad....more info
    • SpotBot!, I love you!
      The SpotBot is so easy to use, within five minutes of opening the box I was cleaning spots. It cleans the spots very quickly, and there hasn't been a spot yet that the SpotBot couldn't handle, even year old spots! Some reviews have mentioned they where not happy about SpotBot leaving a clean spot in the middle of a large stain, The "Manual Hose" is great for removing spots larger than the circumference of SpotBot,it works just as quickly, I have also just picked it up and moved it over to next section. I have three cats, and this has made cleaning accidents painless and almost fun just so I get to use my SpotBot again! I highly recommend the SpotBot, you won't be disappointed....more info
    • Must Get This!
      I have so, so many carpet cleaners. I buy them due to my pet (cat) stains. I have been reluctant to buy new carpeting because of all the messes I am always cleaning up. I tried this machine and was absolutely surprised and impressed. I used it on old and new stains. It worked perfectly. If you are like me and are always trying to find equipment that can tackle stains, this is it. I have also used it for messes my grandson made with strawberry milk (discovered days later) and it worked like a charm! I don't think you can go wrong with this machine. I have now replaced "my little green machine" which didn't seem to work as well....more info
    • Really works on old pet stains!
      I got the Spotbot for Christmas, and was hopeful that this little machine would take care of a few old dog stains...and I read the very easy instructions, set up the machine, and started it...six minutes later it had done a excellent job on a stain at least six months old, it was virtually gone, and totally gone after i ran another six minute cycle...this machine is a must if you have kids or dogs! ...more info
    • Spotbot vs. Latex Paint
      My wife and I recently purchased a townhome on Caribou Hill in Burnaby BC. The paint job, done by a company contracted by the previous owners, was poorly executed by way of grey latex paint droplets on many areas throughout the three carpeted bedrooms. As everyone knows, dried latex paint on carpets ranks among the highest in terms of removal difficulty. Our initial attempts with a professional carpet cleaning company failed to remove even one spot. As such, my wife and I lamented that we would have to rip out the carpets and replace them at considerable cost.

      As I am a current owner of other cleaning products by Bissell, I was aware of the newly released SpotBot. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews on, we decided to purchase one from the local London Drugs.

      While set in food stains were easily taken care of by the SpotBot, the latex paint stains remained. In a radical departure from conventional wisdom, and label instructions, I decided to use a 100% solution of methyl hydrate (methanol) in the fresh solution tank. With this solution, the SpotBot was only partially successful in removing the droplets using the "set-in stain" setting. However, when using the manual cleaning brush wand, a little elbow grease, and patience, the spots were gone....gone gone GONE! AMAZING!!!!

      After I was finished, I brought my wife to the rooms that have been finished. She was amazed and very ecstatic about the results (bonus points for a happy wife!!!).

      Although this kind of use could constitute almost an abuse of the product, and I wouldn't recommend anyone doing it, the SpotBot saved us potentially thousands of dollars in new carpeting.

      Given the circumstances, the SpotBot did an exceptional job. If the SpotBot can help get rid of latex paint stain, then it can get rid of anything. Great product period....more info
    • Amazing
      It's a little hard to fill the tank, since it's round on the bottom and flat on top so you have to do a balancing act to get the cleaning solutions in. However, I have never, and I mean never, seen anything that would take out the cat puke stains on my carpet. I have four cats and I had pretty much given up on ever having clean carpet. This thing in six minutes will take out even a stain that has been there for years. I wholeheartedly recommend it. ...more info
    • I'm in LOVE with SpotBot
      I saw the commercials for this little wonder and thought it sounded too good to be true. I went online and read the reviews of others who have gone before me and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive so I set out to buy one... I went to Target, Home Depot and Frys Electronics and finally found one to purchase at Best Buy. I bought extra cleaning solution not because of the reviews so much as the fact that I am ALWAYS in an all-out war with my three cats. They pee and throw up just for fun I think. Since I bought this contraction a week ago I have run the machine through 60 cylces (no lie, not exagerating)so I have been through MANY bottles of cleaner but I am SO ok with that because I am now WINNING this war.... I get to the spot almost as fast as the cats leave it and I cleaned up all those old spots that I had cleaned as well as I could.... the old stains came out and my house doesn't smell like cat pee when we walk in the house any more. Praise the Lord - and as a pastor's wife I can say that emphatically!

      -Bridget ...more info
    • Does what it says!!!
      No at home carpet cleaner has the power of a professional service, but this little gizmo is GREAT. I put on top of a pet 'accident' and it cleans it up very nicely. I LOVE the hands free feature...... that's why I bought it, and it does what it says. It removes the stain (and most of the odor, if noticed quickly) without me doing anything but pushing a button. I recommend this product if you have children and pets....more info
    • I am so lazy...
      This machine has done an excellent job. I am certain that if I took the time to get down on my knees and: wet the stain, apply cleaner, scrub, dry, repeat, repeat, repeat, I could also have removed the many spots (three grandchildren, two dogs, a husband) on my light beige and rose-colored carpet. But I didn't have to! Hooray!
      Warning: If, like me, you have many spots, you will need more of the Little Green and Oxy2 than you anticipate. The trial bottle that comes with the unit is good for only 4-5 spots. So, make sure and pick some up when you buy the unit, or you will find yourself running out to the store pretty much right away....more info
    • Best spot remover
      I bought this little machine to see if it did all they say it did. I am one happy customer. We had a little problem at first. I did all it said and the brushes would not spin. It sprayed and vacummed but not brush. We kept trying the buttons and suddenly it started working fine. I was ready to return it, but I am glad I didn't. Other than that, the SpotBot outperforms even our full size rug shampooer. We have had some doggy spots on 2 rooms that even the pros could not get out. I was about to give up until I saw the SpotBot ad on TV. If you buy one and get past the early agravation, you will be more than happy. It does seem to leave the spot pretty wet, but I just use the hand vac part to suck it up. I can't wait for better weather to do my truck upholstery. We used it on my wife's floor mats in the car and they look better than new. I am impressed. Best part, so is my wife....more info
    • Spots are gone with the Bot

      I think with almost every new invention there are pros and cons. But I think even though there is only one pro, the pros still out way the cons.

      I bought this for my mother who is older and not able to get down on the floor to scrub out the stains that her 14 year old cat makes. "Resolve" works well if it is fresh, but most the time she finds the "presents" when they are nicely soiled and set in. The vomit (sorry, no nice way to say it) has stained the light berber carpet orange. We have tried everything! However, the Spotbot has gotten out every stain in the carpet and some stains have been there for several years.

      The only problem now is, as others have said, I have to rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpets because it worked so well that there are carpet circles all over the house. (It is like crop circles, except not as interesting... but would depend on the location of the stains. This might be a new phenomenon.)

      I would recommend using the "Set-in Stain" setting for everything. It uses the same amount of solution (8 oz of reg, almost twice that for the Oxy), but the machine will scrub/run for 6 minutes instead of 3 for "Surface Stains." Also, since the reservoir is made for 3 spot treatments, I would wait until you have 3 stains to clean or you will be wasting solutions/money. The solutions are a little high, especially the Oxy.

      1. Cleans so well you will have circles, so you will have to steam clean your carpets.
      2. Spot stays wet for a day... or more depending on the humidity.
      3. It is rather loud, but only for 6 minutes per stain.
      4. Solutions are rather expensive.

      1. Cleaned EVERY spot of grease/oil, vomit, and pet stains on berber carpet with the regular solutions, even after the stains had been there for several years!!!

      You be the judge, it depends how badly you want that spot out. :)
      ...more info
    • I am ecstatic!!!!
      Brand new white carpet (I know, I know), two dogs, two cats - this thing is a miracle - so far, completely cleaned set in urine, diarrhea, vomit (it was a rough Christmas for the pets in terms of consuming inedibles) and coffee! Yes Coffee that had been in the carpet two weeks. Evidently it doesnt work on berber, but it sure works on my carpet! Highly recommended!...more info
    • I dont know what people are RAVING about?!?!
      I am cheap. I will admit it. But this just seemed like a great investment for a mom of a 19 month old and another baby due in a few months. I was so excited to get this item! I couldn't wait to see how it worked since just about every review was a 4 or 5 star one.

      I got it next day from Amazon. I quickly tried it on old spots. Used the Roxy stuff and didnt even lighten any of them. Even the one that dried only a few hours ago. SO far I was far from impressed. My son's sippy cup leaked and the fruit punch getfit on the carpet... here was a FRESH, WET stain! I put the SpotBot IMMEDIATELY on the spot and it lightened it but the spot is still very there!

      OK... so my problems with this unit....

      (1) Yes the cleaned spot is wet but you can always take the manual handle and rub the spot to help suck extra moisture out.. otherwise it took over half a day for a small spot to dry. So while its wet, you can minimize it so that wasn't terribly bad.

      (2) It is very loud! Much louder then my vacuum. My son covers his ears and runs when he sees it and it is too noisy in my opinion.

      (3) Yes its quick - either 3 or 6 minute cycles but... it has yet to clean any spot back to normal!.

      (4) It actually makes spots WORSE on our carpet. We have a Berber type carpet. There is no padding underneath. Just wood. Running the SpotBot makes the area where it was darker then the rest not lighter like others have said.

      I am realizing this may not be the fault of the SpotBot but it does horribles on our carpet.

      I wanted to return it 2 days after getting it. Sadly, unless you order DIRECTLY through Bissell (they offer a 30-day money back guarantee), you are out of luck if you used the item before returning!

      So now we;re left with a big, useless, heavy paperweight! I wanted to get my mother one for her new carpet, but I am afraid of what it will do to hers and I dont want to be responsible if it does bad things liek it did to ours.

      I had to share my experience. ...more info
    • Spotbot does work!!!
      The Spotbot works great. Upon using, however, the unit must be filled with only hot water first. Using manual mode depress the spray button for several times until the water comes out to prime the machine (it could take several trys). The storage tray doesn't come with the machine, yet on page 7, item 7 on their manual it states, "the storage tray is provided to use when storing the spotbot". I called Bissell and they admitted the printing error and is sending me the tray, it normally doesn't come with the tray. I've also think the oxygen2 32oz bottle at $5.99 a pop is expensive, I was able to find a 22oz clorox oxyclean at Wal-mart at $2.88 ea to save money. Other than that, it's a great machine....more info
    • WOW.....
      I just purchased the Bissell Spot Bot and All I can say is WOW it really does what Bissell said it does, it removed make up stains, pet stains, and soda stains that have been in my carpet for 2 1/2 years!!!, its also very user friendly/easy to use, set up, and clean, I "HIGHLY RECOMMEND" the Bissell Spot Bot....more info
    • What a great machine!
      I have never seen anything get up old spots like this! I even took it to the Daycare providor's house. She has off-white carpet. It got up every stain she tried it on! I think this was well worth the money. My yougest son pushed it down the basement stairs and the latch for the water reservoir was broken. I called the they sent a new one that fit right in. No Problem!!!...more info
    • Does the job well but your description is flawed
      You say this has a 24 inch in circumference brush head but that is a meaningless and perhaps deceptive measurement number. How many recall their geometry that well. A measurement across the brush area results in 6 inches. It will clean a 6 inch in diameter area at a time. (I wish it was a 24 inch in diameter cleaning area!) Also this item does not ship with it's storage tray, that is an optional but necessary accessary that should be included in the package even if it ups the price a bit, but that is a Bissell issue. As far as I can tell Amazon does not offer it and it should! Overall a good product that is kinda fun to watch do its thing....more info
    • Just set it and forget it!
      I've used it mainly to clean pet stains and drink spills on the carpet.
      If the stain is fresh, just using warm water without a solution works fine!
      Actually, I recommend that you use warm water ONLY first. If that doesn't work THEN use a solution.
      I say that because when I use a solution, I get the BRIGHT CIRCLES that the previous reviewers are talking about.
      It may be a discoloration problem w/ my carpet though.
      Hint, place a dry towel over the finished area till the area dries out.
      It's well worth the price.
      Thank you Bissell! You should have come up with this product a long time ago!
      ...more info
    • Bissell is the best!
      Bissell products are already reasonably priced, but this model will quickly pay for itself. You get professional deep cleaning without having to hire someone. This cleaner is a must-have if you have kids and pets!...more info
    • One of my best purchases this year
      I picked up the spotbot a couple days ago. I love this thing. With a toddler, a newborn, and two cats who seem to puke at the drop of a hat.. its a godsend. I got new carpet in my entire house a few years ago... the spot bot gives me hope that I wont be replacing it next year.. It does what it says.. It lifts even setin spots.
      ...more info
    • I'd put it up against my Cat any day!
      I got this machine as an early Christmas present. The stains left by the occasional cat hairball do not stand a chance! It is absolutely amazing in it's ability to get out stains. Common sense will tell you if your carpets are not already pristine there will be a clean spot left on the carpet, however, I'm of the opinion clean circles are preferable to stains. Yes, I would like it not to beep until I arrive to tell it to be quiet and yes, it does use a lot of chemicals. But, bottom line, it does what it says it will do. The spots are so clean they virtually glow in the dark! While I like the shape of it....It would have been nice for the fluid container to have a flat bottom so you could set it on the counter while you were filling it. Otherwise...I'm just pleased as punch and would recomend this little wonder to anyone. ...more info
    • Should be standard equipment with pets, but reliability suspect.
      What a great machine! We have two small dogs and even though they are very good, they periodically have an accident. I used to have to try and treat them as best I could and leave them until I got out my Hoover Steam Vac, which was usually days or weeks later. The SpotBot is the answer. I am able to set it one the spot, let it clean it while I'm doing something else, and come back later. It does a great job on all my stains including ones that have been ground in or sitting for a long time and even some my Steam Vac couldn't get out. I'm not sure if its the machine, the chemicals, or the fact that it gets to spend three or six minutes (depending on cycle) on one spot, but it does a great job. I've just been using the regular Bissell chemical that came with the machine and it gotten everything out pretty well that I haven't even tried the Oxy Cleaner that also comes with it.

      I find their regular chemical does not get all the smell out of some pet stains, so I still have to pour a little of our regular animal stain pretreater directly on the stain before running the machine on pet stains. Bissell makes an animal stain formula, but I have not tried it yet. I agree with some of the other reviews about having little six inch circles where you have run the machine, but any circles I've had all go away when I clean the entire area with my Steam Vac. In fact I found the last time I was planning to do an entire room with the Steam Vac, I went around with the SpotBot first to get some of the really dirty spots out and it did a great job. The only other thing I would change is the end of cycle beeping, which beeps every 5-10 seconds until someone cancels it or unplugs the machine. One morning I ran the SpotBot on a spot and went to take a shower and had to listen to the thing beep incessantly until I could get to the machine. The storage tray (like everyone else has said) is shown in the manual, but not included witht the unit. I called Bissell to ask about it and they sent me one. Its a good thing to have because the unit will sometimes drip after its been used and the tray will catch the drips.

      Its been a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone who has pets or kids.

      UPDATE - Literaly the day after writing this review my unit quit working. The unit would run, but the brush head would not spin. I'd only had it for a little over a week and Amazon was great, promptly sending out a new unit second day shipment. I still like the unit so I left my original review.

      SECOND UPDATE - I received my second unit and it quit working after three uses. Unfortunately, Amazon will not send me another replacement because "the problem with this item is more widespread than we originally thought" and they are currently no longer offering the item for sale directly from Amazon, only other vendors. I'm very happy with Amazon's customer service and will continue to buy things from here. Its unfortunate that the SpotBots I've gotten have had problems because I really like the unit when it worked. I've left my original review up, but I wish I could drop a star or two for the reliability problems I've had witht he units....more info
    • Better than advertised
      I agree with all things said by the other 5-star raters. This machine really works. The OXYgen2 solution provided is probably the biggest contributor to the successful operation. It is removing stains that I have been trying to remove for years. This time, they didn't come back.

      My only complaint is that it goes through the solution so fast. For that I would have rated it 4 stars except for other factors. As I said, the OXYgen2 is great, but it is expensive and hard to find. I wish I could buy it in bulk. I have only found quarts (for $6) and I have already used 7-8 bottles.

      The "other factor" that influenced my 5-star rating was Amazon's service. After using my new machine for only 5 or 6 cycles, it stopped working. Amazon had a replacement shipped in 2 days and it was delivered two days later. This service was very impressive and meant alot to me since we were "deep cleaning" for the holidays....more info
    • It works
      I have a dog & every once in a while she gets lazy. I had the little green machine which was nice but I am at the age where it is very hard to get down on my hands & knees. So this works perfect. Just set in on the spot & walk away. It not only cleans the spot it saves me pain. It is great ...more info
    • As seen on TV and WORKS TOO!
      This product really does what it claims. The SpotBot lifted and cleaned stains that I couldn't get up with a full-size deep cleaner (and thus they have set-in for months). The machine does go through quite a bit of solution. I found sometimes a run with clean warm water worked well also. I added formula only for really bad stains.

      Had a small problem with the machine out of the box. It didn't spray at all. After a minute of playing around with the manual hose trigger, the solution started pumping. No problems since.

      Again, there is no storage tray in the box, although instructions refer to it as "provided".

      Overall, a great product.

      ...more info
    • Brilliant!
      This machine is very well designed and couldn't be easier to use. Within an hour of opening the box from Amazon all of the mysterious kitty stains were gone! I was especially impressed with how effective the manual/hose cleaning attachment worked on smaller spots....more info
    • Good idea, but......
      I had considered getting the SpotBot after seeing all of the commercials on TV, I thought it might be good for getting the mysterious black spots on my light beige carpet out. Well, after a horrible incident with a whole rotisserie chicken, I decided that it was time to try it out. I raced to the local Linens 'N Things and picked one up. Here is what I found:
      1. It did not come with the "clear storage tray" that other people have found missing also.
      2. Using the "new stain" setting, which is 3 minutes, it left a dark ring around the clean area
      3. Using the "set-in old stain" setting, which is 6 minutes, it cleaned the whole area.
      4. It left the circles I cleaned looking cleaner than the rest of the carpet!
      5. The SpotBot leaked at one of the seams on the side of the machine when cleaning. Not a huge problem, but annoying.

      All in all, this machine did pretty much what it was advertised to do, and it would be great to go along with a large full-carpet cleaner for quick spot cleaning. ...more info
    • Better than 5 stars, worth every penny!!!
      Let me start by saying I am the cheapest person around and it was hard for me to part with this much cash, but this thing is AMAZING. I thought about getting a Stain Lifter 2x, but after one day couldn't imagine not having the Spot Bot. The solutions are great, but I used Resolve when the little green cleaner ran out and it worked fine. I used the manual brush alot and it uses much less solution and water and works great. I also run the manual brush over the automatic spots to get up some more of the water. Now I'm not in a panic about anything spilling on my brand new carpet - Spot Bot cleans up everything!
      Update - 12/27 this thing has cleaned up chocolate, red dye, dirt, pet stains and blood. I pre-treat with cleaner and then use the spotbot. Also, it has a really long cord so it can go everywhere....more info
      Very pleased with this product! It removed some old pet stains after only 3 minutes. Easy to use and nice and compact. I love that you can walk away while it cleans. Yes, the carpet is damp but it dries. ...more info
    • Amazing!
      I first used the spotbot on my sofa that was dingy from pets and kids and it has totally restored the color without having to call in a professional cleaner. The water in the tank was dark brown! I could not believe my sofa was that filthy. I then use the auto-clean on some pet stains and those too were lifted. It took less then one minute to start the Spotbot in motion once I got it out of the box. Very easy to operate (much like a dishwasher!)

      The only con is that surfaces Are still wet after treatment. In this case, I set it on hose/manual mose and used the hose to pick up the extra water....more info
    • Excellent.... Once you get it primed!
      This great little product gave me the run around THREE
      (yes THREE times!) until I got it working. I purchased
      mine from a local retailer because I needed it ASAP due
      to my cat having some strange hairball problems. Out of
      the box there are very few pieces (actually just one and
      2 bottles of cleaner). Don't bother looking for the bottom
      tray mentioned in the manual... its not standard and you'll
      have to buy that accessory. No biggie though. Now why did I
      mentioned THREE times? Because I returned the first two
      because they "apparently" did not work. To be more specific
      they would NOT SPRAY. After calling the very helpful support
      number a couple of times and trying different methods to prime
      the spray pump I finally had a working SpotBot and BOY DOES IT
      WORK GREAT! If you get a SpotBot that will not spray you'll have
      to call up support and they'll have you do a couple of simple
      procedures to get it working. Have patience though.. I guess I
      shouldn't give it five (5) stars since it didn't work out of
      the box, but since it works SO GREAT I'm actually ignoring it!...more info
    • Still wet? No problem!
      For anyone who is concerned about the carpet still being wet, just do what I do and go dig out the 3-gallon (or other) Wet-Dry Vacuum (mine is an antique Shop-V model), and it will get up almost all the damp, so everything'll dry quicker.

      Another answer is to get your $10 square window fan and set it on the floor near the wet area, where it can blow all night or day and evaporate everything. But be sure no pets or other causes might tip it over, unless it's got a safety-switch that will turn it off if it falls over.

      As for other reviews, I'm ordering my SpotBot today, thank you.
      ...more info
      I purchased this hoping it performed as well as it advertises --> for once, I WAS RIGHT! This product is incredible. It cleans so well. Just plug it in, press a button and walk away - it's that easy! I absolutely love it!
      My only complaint is that my carpet is so clean in the areas I used the spotbot on that the rest of my carpet looks shabby now. Too bad it wasn't a little bigger ;)...more info
    • SpotBot replaces husband
      I think the Spotbot has replaced me.
      It works so well my wife spends more time with it than me.
      We have an older cat we love very much but he makes a little bit of a mess. There were some older pet stains we could not remove,
      the Spotbot got them out the first time.Thanks
      ...more info
    • It's wonderful!
      We bought this after borrowing our friends Green Machine and realized we wanted the cadillac version. We used it on many areas when our son got "sick." It was wonderful! Runs pretty quiet and cleaned very well. Definitely recommend. ...more info
    • Easy clean-up afterwards
      Being somewhat of a collector of household cleaning machines, I must say that of all the carpet cleaners I currently own, and have previously owned, this is the easiest device to clean. Aside from doing a fabulous job of removing carpet stains without having to apply any elbow grease, the often dreaded job of rinsing, dismantling, and re-assembling after use is pretty much eliminated. I use to resort to cleaning small stains with a bottle of spray carpet cleaner, and a couple of paper towels. The job of cleaning the cleaner was harder than doing the cleaning by hand! So far, I have not hesitated to pull the SpotBot out from the closet, and let it rip into newly appearing carpet stains. I only hope now that the machine lives a long, healthy life....more info
    • I ADORE this machine!!
      I bought this as a gift for my mother (who has trouble scrubbing spots on carpet due to a heart condition). After seeing how great it worked I went out and bought one for our home as well! We named it "Kermit"- it's small and green and eats spots instead of bugs. :-) I would give it 6 stars if I could, it's that good. ...more info
    • This thing is fantastic!
      I read the previous reviews and ordered a SpotBot, which arrived last week. I cannot believe how good it works! It took care of (excuse my candor) cat vomit stains from an off-white and a mauve carpet, with no problem. (We have three cats with stomachs that must be more delicate than the garden-variety kitty, because it seems like they do it alot....)

      We also used the SpotBot to remove a dark stain that was left on the mauve carpeting by the leg of a brass bed - it was really deep and imbedded. I was amazed!

      This cleaner isn't for all-over carpet cleaning. But it is wonderful for little (and not so little) spots and stains, without using elbow grease! And the price from Amazon (with $$$ off and free shipping) was about $25 less than I could buy it for from our local Wal-Mart)

      I'll never put off cleaning up those stains again!

      I am so satisfied!

      ...more info
    • It's Awesome!
      I bought it and used it to clean my car - in the manual mode - with the hose. There were plenty of set in stains for a prior road trip. I cleaned the carpet and the upholstery. The inside of my car looks almost new again! The SpotBot did a great job! It was easy to use. I highly recommend it....more info
    • Highly Effective Product
      I like mine -- not crazy about it but it does work. It cleans the hell out of 8in diameter circle where its "mouth" is, making a very noticeable white circle (I have white carpet). Then you move the mouth and make another clean spot. Eventually you blend the clean circles with the hand held device. It is best for doggy accidents: you just blot and 'bot. (The bot takes 6min to complete a full clean cycle.)

      Also, you will go broke if you use Bissell's cleaners. I have found a tablespoon of oxy-clean per fill-up (a $15 tub should last many months) works better and costs a few pennies.

      Net review: it does work, it is more labor intensive than they want you to think (but you do not have to scrub) and it is pricy but, I hate to say, probably worth the money for most....more info
    • The BEST!!!!!
      This product is WELL worth the money!!!!! I can't express enough how easy and well this product works. This machine got out every single stain that I had in my carpet even stains that had been there for quite a while!!!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with kids or pets....more info
    • Awesome
      This product is awesome - well worth the money. A few days after we got new carpet, a contractor spilled silicone all over the carpet. We steam cleaned the carpet, but weren't able to get the stain out. The Spot Bot got it out and it was much easier. So far the Spot Bot has removed every stain that we have used it on. It is really hard to believe how well it works. I definitely recomment this product....more info
    • The Cats can Stay!
      As the owner of two wonderful, but aging cats, my husband and I are frequently cleaning up a variety of "stains" contributed by our dear felines. The SpotBot is incredible--less than 3 minutes of unattended work by the SpotBot and the stains are gone! No more scrubbing on your hands and knees with mixed results. The SpotBot gets it right every time. Another reviewer complained about the beeping when it is finished, I consider it a singing exclamation of a job well done. ...more info
    • Great investment!!
      Well I've only had this product for about 5 hours and I already know it was well worth the money!! I live in housing where they do a black light inspection of your carpet, and I was suprised to find all the stuff that cleaning up has left behind with 3 dogs, a cat, and potty training a little boy over the past 2.5 years. I was freaking out because I didn't want to have to replace the carpet, so I bought this product. I could not be happier, I think the "let it go on it's own" option is awesome but I actually favor the handheld, it seems to work just as well with more control and quicker if it's not a horrible stain... I would recommend this product to ANYONE with kids or pets!! ...more info
    • No scrubbing! Woohoo!
      I highly recommend this product. The negative reviews made a few valid points, and I will comment on them so that future buyers know what they are getting. But first things first, this thing gets out stains, even old set-in stains, and you dont need to scrub it, rub it, or do anything except press a button. That is worth 5 stars right there. I have a dog who does her best not to make a mess in the house, but still has accidents. As a single guy, sometimes I may do a poor job of cleaning it. Over the last two years there have been a few stains that were absolutely set in. I tried special shampoo from the pet store, as well as every thing else. I tried steam cleaners. Nothing got the stains out....nothing except spot bot. These are stains that have been there probably months now! Please note the product's drawbacks are accurately portrayed (perhaps overstated a bit) by some of the negative comments above. These include:
      1) yes, it is true, the area is still fairly wet after spot bot is done. (steam cleaners are the same way)
      2) there can be a very clean circle with a little area of dampness around the circumference. If the stains are bigger than the circle, it may look a little uneven after and require spot bot to be placed over a large spot several times.
      3) true, the directions say there is a storage tray, which was not included. Customer service was very courteous when I brought this up to them.
      4. It goes through the carpet cleaner VERY quickly.

      Hope I haven't discouraged you to buy the product. Just want to give a fair review. It is definitely deserving of 5 stars despite the minor issues discussed above. If you have tough set in stains, or you are tired of endlessly cleaning up after your dog or your kids - then you should get this product. If you work hard to keep your place clean, treat yourself, you deserve it....more info
    • Fantastic Idea and Great Product!
      What an excellend idea! Not only am I a very busy person, finding time to clean stains is hard to come by! I was able ot put this cleaner down on a stain and clean the room and when I came back it was done cleaning the stain! Not only is that convenient, it did exactly what it said it would do and removed the stain and it did not reappear! Being able to clean my stains and spills while doing other things is such a great idea! The cycles were easy to view too becuase the machine lets you know where it is in the cycle. With kids and pets, this product is a must have. Being a busy person myself, anything to alleviate some time is fine by me!...more info
    • One of a Kind!!
      This machine is definetly one of a kind and so helpful to have around the house! I was so happy to be able to clean a stain while doing other things and found that it really removed the stain well! It was also very easy to store, as soon as I was done cleaning I was able to put it away until the next stain. I love the idea of this machine and like how it beeps to let me know it is all done. It did an excellent job cleaning stains on the short cycle and hopefully now I won't have stains there long enough to have to use the long cycle!...more info
    • Works exactly as advertised...maybe better!
      Between my kid, my cat, and my wife, I've got little spots and spills all over the carpet. I set SpotBot to work on stain after stain (stains I'd sprayed and scrubbed many times in the past, with no/poor results), and the little SpotBot cleaned them successfully. So far, it's removed Koolaid, cat stains, ink, soup, and spag. sauce, most of which were several months old.

      Yes, the beeps get pretty annoying, so you'll want to shut it off as soon as the cycle completes, AND the detergents are a little steep (but just about anything works in this thing, even the less expensive detergents). Be sure you buy the accessory kit.

      Yes, this is a very cool and fun item to add to your carpet cleaning arsenel....more info
    • Really Wished it would work!
      After reading the high marked posts about this machine I purchased one, took it home, first tried the short cycle, didn't pick up the spot, not a real tough spot either, so then did the 'set in stain' setting(twice as long as regular cycle). Well it appeard to get most of the spot out, but left alot of the water/cleaner in the carpet which spread out, then it dried over nite, then I had a bigger spot! This machine is a good idea, but Bissell did NOT finish the job, brushes move REAL SLOW, and the vacuum part is really whimpy so it leaves lots of liquid in the carpet to spread out the stain and not pick it up.. Oh well, I'm returning it, maybe Hoover will come out with a good the idea though.. ...more info
    • Annoying beep
      The biggest problem is, when it finishes, it beeps...and beeps...and beeps. One or 2 beeps would be fine. Seems to do a good job, but does use a lot of fairly expensive detergents. The Oxy gen for older stains doesn't store well, once diluted, so must be either used or discarded after a day or so. It does seem to do a good job and doesn't mess up the carpet. Probably better for just a few stains, here and there. I would recommend it if you don't mind the cost of the unit and detergents....more info
    • Deep Cleaner capret cleaner
      Awesome for those really messy parties. Nothing else works nearly as well without professional help! An asset to any house....more info
    • Works Good
      I really like this machine. It's nice to let it do the work for you. I haven't had any tough stains yet, but I've gotten up all the ones I haven't had time to get to. I did think it was a little on the pricey side, but I suppose you are paying for convenience too. I was dissapointed to learn that the "storage tray" is an accessory that can be purchased separately for another $13. From the way the manual reads, it should be included. Customer Service told me that marketing was "working on that problem". I'm not sure exactly what that meant, either editing the user's guide or including it to begin with. Probably the former. Anyway, it works great especially if you don't have time to get on your hands and knees to scrub the carpet....more info
    • I Can See the Clean in the Dark
      This thing may work a little too well. Within 10 minutes of opening the box, I was cleaning black grease stains that had been ground into my carpet by workers over a year ago. Just fill the fluid tank. Set it on a spot, push one button, and six minutes later, the stain is gone. The trouble is, now I have six-inch clean circles all over my apartment. I'm going to have to clean the entire place once I get rid of the set-in stains. But I'm loving it. Who would have thunk it? I can clean my carpet without the addition of elbow grease!...more info
    • as good as it sounds?
      Got out carrot stains, spit-up, and ground-in dirt. Only comes with one fill-up of cleaner, so plan to order more right away.

      Does tend to build up some mold inside over time......more info
    • Spot bot
      Wow!!! This machine is amazing!!! Gets out even old stains. Highly recommend this machine if you have small children and animals. Well worth the money....more info
    • SpotBot
      The hands-free aspect is excellent. There didn't seem to be a lot of suction with the hand brush as opposed to the automatic brush and suction area....more info