Bissell 1770 Quicksteamer Lightweight Upright Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

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Product Description

mfr: Bissell Features:

• The quick and easy way to deep clean your carpets and area rugs.
• The lightest weight upright deep cleaner.
• 6 rows of brushes specifically designed to loosen and remove embedded dirt.
• Ideal for area rugs, spots and spills, and high traffic areas.
• Stores ready-to-use, so you can just grab it and g.
• Easy to fill and empty tanks.
• Removable Cross Action Brush pops out for easy cleaning.
• Large wheels for easy maneuvering.
• Quick-Release Cord Wrap.
• Size: 9"L x 15 3/4"W x 44 1/4"H.

  • 6 rows of brushes for loosening and removing embedded dirt
  • Ideal for area rugs, spots and spills and high traffic areas
  • Easy-to-empty clean water and dirt water tanks
  • Large wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Removable nozzle and cross action brush. Easy-to-fill clean water tank
Customer Reviews:
  • Not so great for the money
    Hello! I purchased this vacuum a fews ago to steam clean our great room carpet. I was disappointed in the size of the vacuum as well as how good it cleans. This steamer will clean recent dirt but not dirt/spills that are ground in or are a bit older. In reading the marketing hype on this product I thought it would do a much better job then it did. I would recommend skipping this product and purchasing a different brand or model....more info
  • Does a good job
    After reading the other reviews I was a bit hesitant to buy this cleaner, but figured I could return it. After using it to clean my son's room, which was a complete mess, I am very impressed. The carpet looks very nice. I had considered just ripping out the carpet and putting some new carpet in, but figured that would be a waste of time and money until he moves out.

    Here is what I like:

    Inexpensive ($79)

    Lightweight and easy to move around, I am not doing a whole house and want it for area rugs in the future

    Does a good job of cleaning

    The brushes do not move, but do help in scrubbing out difficult stains

    Some limitations:

    Small tank, good for me in doing small areas because of the lighter weight.

    No steam, but I did not see that as a problem just fill up the tank with the hottest water you can get from your tap. The small tank goes quickly so it will not cool down much.

    Overall, I am very impressed and it fits my needs very well (cleaning smaller area rugs and spot cleaning a couple rooms until I can get wood floors down in those rooms)...more info
  • Great little machine
    I used this machine to clean my stairs and carpets. It did a great job, although light weight and easy to handle. Not as powerful as some others I've used, but did a fine job...more info
  • good product
    We rent & the entire apt is wall to wall carpet - plus we have a 26 month old who is potty training right now - so this is coming in handy big time. Between her little "potty misses" and high traffic areas - it works great cleans up the mess & carpet is pretty dry when done. Will be good to do whole apt for upcoming Holidays! Worth the money & a good buy - no probs on this end. Hubby even likes using it!...more info
  • worthy product
    I have been using this for about 45 days. It does the job very well in cleaning the carpet. It is time consuming to clean the water collection tank in the end . It could have been made easier....more info
    Bissell 1770 Quicksteamer Lightweight Upright
    Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner (Purchased on 09/04/2008)

    great cleaner for a fair price... used it four times with amazing results.


    BISSELL has been making cleaners for decades and they did it right
    with this little machine.

  • A good carpet cleaner
    It is a good carpet cleaner for my small apartment. It works well. However, it really exhaust me in cleaning the cleaner itself after each usage....more info
  • great little spot cleaner for the price
    I too read the reviews on this product before buying it, there were so many that loved it and so many that did not like it??? I decided to be my own judge for the price.
    I figured for $70 I was not going to be out to much if it did not work really great....I have a small hand held, down on your hand and knees Dirt Devil spot scrubber... that work ok for small spots but forget if it is big... well I got the Bissell quick steamer and was extremely impressed.
    It is so light weight..I have owned the expensive $300 steamers that are so heavy my back aches for a week after cleaning the floor, not with the Bissell quick steamer..., small, easy to store and gets the big spots out too..Like everyone said it does not steam, it does not have rotating brushes, and the water does not heat up....but I still think it really works great..But then I guess if you have really dirty carpets rent the industrial cleaner at the super market and get this for the spot between will get the spots out or at least it did for me, I have a seven year old son and a five month old puppy..... Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll keep the little dirt devil scrubber for the stairs.
    ...more info
  • It sucks!
    Things I like about this:
    Sucks alot of water out, carpet is nearly dry by the time I am done.
    Lightweight, not too big, easy to store and easy to empty the container with no confusing parts to mess with.
    A quality build, I've had mine for more than 2 years, which is some kind of a record for a cleaning device made for the mass retail market in my experiance.
    Though the list of dislikes is longer than the list of likes, I only wanted it to suck the moisture out of the carpet, and that it does (for the most part!).
    Things I don't like:
    Doesn't suck water right up to the .5th of an inch edge of the carpet where it meets the wall, when cleaning cat urine stains I had to try to sop it up with a rag, not fun.
    Doesn't actually heat the water, but you can use hot water in it- manual style.
    Water gets sloshed around in the lower compartment as it gets full, and due to it's design it can leak or spash on you, leading to alot of very gross moments and emergency laundry situations.
    Hair can get clogged in the main compartment so make sure you have a good vaccum to get it all up beforehand.

    I have a Koblens floor cleaner that scrubs my floors, I doubt the static floor cleaning bristles on this device could do the job. But for just pure extraction, it's the way to go! I'm blown away how somthing so cheap could work so well. I wish it soaked up all the urine in one pass, as it is I have to empty it several times... but for only 2 times what it costs to rent an extractor I can spare the time.

    I also use this to soak up the water on my tile bathroom floors after I clean them. Works like a charm, barley leaves any moisture behind.
    Buy it!! Perfection won't be had for less than $300 bucks for this kind of machine, I can almost guarantee that. ...more info
  • Better than Oreck
    I bought this item to replace an Oreck 'steam cleaner' with which I was fed up. The Oreck costs a fortune AND it's heavy, hard to use and very troublesome to clean . Add to that the fact that, despite it's price, the Oreck is NOT a steam cleaner--it relies on hot tap water like every other brand.

    HOWEVER, this little Bissel had it's maiden voyage today, and I'm happy to report that it's easy to use and lightweight, yet it picks up just as much dirty water as my old horrible Oreck.

    The clean water and dirty water tanks on the Bissel are separate, unlike Oreck. SO the Bissel tanks are so much easier to remove and re-insert.

    There's virtually no assembly required (one screw). And one additional 'plus' is that you can use any cleaning solution you want. (Oreck's design forces you to use their brand only.) I wanted a hypo-allergenic solution which Bissel sells.

    The bottom line is that, so far as I can research, no carpet 'steamer' sold for home use actually produces real steam. So don't waste your money on expensive models.

    This one does the job even in my household of multiple cats, dogs and sometimes muddy garden. You won't break your arm pushing it around and you won't make up excuses to procrastinate the carpet cleaning chore.

    If it REALLY produced steam, I would give it five stars....more info
  • This thing is AMAZING--my water was BLACK
    This is my first review on Amazon. I never reviewed anything in the past, but this thing is truly amazing, and I had to submit my review!!

    I cleaned two 15x15 rooms, and it took me maybe 45 minutes to do. The water that came out after each time was a thick dark brown/black color, and was DISGUSTING. My floors look like new.

    Small, lightweight, and amazing....more info
  • Amazingly easy-from box-to-very clean-carpeting
    Ordered Sat - rec'd Tuesday July 29th - Assembles in 10 min or less -
    At 69 I wasn't into anything mechanical - Found the directions easier than a cake recipe. 3 screws - Fired up - All carpet is Cream - did Lrm paths and 2 pet accidents - then onto the worst for a real test - Cream floor area carpet in Den - NOT protected by a mat at desk. 4 Yrs wear and matted down - wheeled chair - short nap carpet - 20 minutes later this area under chair matches the original - The extractor function leaves it nearly dry - and A very pleasant scent to cleaner also.

    Only one thing to watch - 1st time opening to fill solution tank /the black screw cap to the fill tank was in two pcs. so a little 'talking to' removed it the first time. After that, it is fine. More than met my expectations in Bissell Quality and performance.

    And the Free shipping a real selling point. ...more info
  • Bissell 1770 Quicksteamer
    I was looking for an upright spot remover so I didn't have to crawl around my house to clean the stains on the carpet. I thought that the Bissell 1770 upright,lightweight and at a good price could do the job. Thanks to the reviews, I read the instructions carefully and had no assembling or leakeage problems; nevertheless, I repackaged the Bissell cleaner to return it tomorrow. The carpet section I worked looks cleaner, but I had to keep spraying and moving the machine back and forth (more than reasonable) in order to take the dark spot out. I bent and look at the brush, and realized that the brush doesn't rotate and that the brush hairs are not sturdy enough for the job. After reading more reviews I will probably try another Bissell model, which has a rotating brush and still be lighweight to do the cleaning job I want.

    Grafton Olivera...more info
  • Okay for everyday, not for set-in stains
    "Cross action brushes" is completely misleading. Without reading the description thoroughly, one would think the brushes rotated to "remove imbedded dirt." Nope, the brushes are stationary and rely solely on the operator moving the unit back and forth ... so the brushes, in my opinion, are pretty much useless. This unit basically saturates the carpet with cleaning solution/water, then sucks it up.

    That being said, it is a reasonable price compared to other carpet cleaners, so for everyday use -- right after a stain occurs or mud is tracked in -- it works fine. If you want deeper cleaning than that, spend a little more on a unit whose brushes rotate. One big plus is it isn't too intimidating to work. Since the water reservoir is small, it's easily fillable/dumpable, so we'll be more likely to use it often -- which is the key to keeping carpet stains at bay. It's very lightweight and comfortably quiet. We'll keep using this cleaner for now but will most likely buy a more industrial model in the future, especially if we ever get new carpet.

    I give it a C+....more info
  • More than I anticipated on a tight budget!
    I purchased this over the weekend and was reluctant because of the price. I was absolutely pleased with this product and I did my whole apartment. My apartment is nearly 1200 square feet and I couldn't have been more pleased. Bissell will get more of my business. 5 stars are well deserved of this unit....more info
  • Really sucks up the dirt
    Used this on our car floormats after they had been vacuumed. Was amazed at the dirt this unit pulled out of the carpet. Plan on using it on our motorhome and believe we will have the same results....more info
  • Satisfied
    Once you get the hang of the machine, it does work very well. Would have loved it if the brush rotated, but all in all it did a very good job....more info
  • it will do
    well Ive had the small bissel, the little green bisel and it did not last long at all, but it probably wouldve done a better job than this one had it been working. the squirter broke first then the suction on that one. so i thought id try this one. i live in a small ny city apt and needed it for my rugs. it worked ok for the shag white rug, but it didnt look any whiter and when i looked in the fibers closely there was still dirt. also it was not good with the other rugs that are not shag or short hair....i dont know what they are maybe didnt seem to suck too much cause the attachment isnt really close to the rug. all and all i wouldnt buy another bissel. it will suffice to get SOME dirt out but not really do a very good job. i was told the hoovers are way better even if they are expensive and bulkier....more info
  • Fantastic Product!
    Bissell 1770 Quicksteamer Lightweight Upright Deep Cleaner Carpet Cleaner

    This is the best product I have ever purchased for this low price. I have been amazed at its performance and durability. I use it constantly with 3 wiener dogs in the house, I needed something that was lightweight yet compact and this is perfect. It cleans like a dream and it is fantastic!

    I recommend this highly if you need something really high quality within a good budget for your home and family. I am so thrilled, and I plan on purchasing more for my family and friends as gifts. This is a have to have machine....more info
  • bissel l quicksteam
    What a time saver.Simlpe to operate,quick,easy.Just make sure you go over area several times to get all cleaner. Has good suction,and can not beat the price...more info
  • Surprisingly effective, but small paths, small resevoir
    I had bought this (under the model 1970R, but it looks to be the same model) because I found it refurbished for a can't lose price ($29.99 shipped, which is cheaper than smaller carpet cleaners that I've looked at), so I gave it a shot. I am very happy with the results of the machine's cleaning abilities. I am also very surprised at just how much dirt has been in my carpets. For what I paid, and the results, I give it 5 stars. However, I know that deal is far and gone, so I am giving it a more realistic 4 stars.
    The drawbacks are the width of the cleaning (quite narrow, leading to more paths, which is more time consuming) as well as a small container for your water/chemicals. The manual says to work in 3' x 4' areas, so you can imagine how long it takes to do a large room if you have to keep filling up. My other problem with it is the container that holds your dirty water is difficult to clean out the gunk and hair that collects in it. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I had a Kenmore for 15 years which finally gave out and I got this one. Was a good little cleaner for one use. Then the trigger broke. Had it repaired, then the pump system went. Would be great if it didn't fall apart each time it is used. ...more info
  • Lousy waste of money
    This is NOT a steam cleaner. No steam involved. The bristles don't move. We spilled something wet and immediately tried to steam clean it. All it did was drip some water on the spot and then suck it back up. We don't have thick carpets, but I know it didn't get any sort of deep clean. Tried it on an old spot, too, and the steamer didn't clean that up, either. We're taking it back for a refund. Try another steam cleaner! ...more info
  • Very pleasantly surprised!
    Was pleasantly surprised at this little carpet cleaner's function, usability, and results! I've used many carpet cleaners over the years and this one beats them all hands down! I decided a woman must have designed it because it's a dream to use: lightweight and nothing to 'figure out' - 2 very simple attachments is all you have! Just cleaned a small room, including a 6x9 rug with only 1 water change, in less than 30 minutes - with great results. Didn't notice any 'steam', but it somehow brought up dirt that I couldn't see in my carpet - I was amazed & kept going to another carpet - same thing, pulls up dirt you don't realize is there! I'd recommend this one for it's results and ease of use, I wasn't disappointed one bit. ...more info
  • Easy to use
    I previously had an inexpensive Dirt Devil which gave out after 3 years, so I bought this Bissell machine to replace it for occasionally freshening up my carpet. It is NOT a 'steamer'. The name is deceiving. It's a basic carpet cleaner. The closest it comes to being a steamer is the temperature of water that you put in it.
    Assembly took, literally, 5 minutes and it's as simple to use as a vacuum. It cleans very well, but I suggest first spot treating any areas that need it. For the price it's a good machine. Be aware, there are no furniture cleaning attachments included. ...more info
  • Lightweight, effective, and affordable, albeit misnamed
    If you're here, you're probably looking for an effective carpet cleaner that a) does not cost $279 and b) doesn't require you to bend and scrape and clean large areas with a tiny hand-held brush, à la the Little Green Clean Machine. For light to medium use, I can easily recommend this unit.

    A few months ago, two Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies were added to my household; the QuickSteamer has proved invaluable. Cleaning is as simple as a few passes with a vacuum; the unit is thankfully lightweight, particularly to anyone who's lugged a Rug Doctor. Refilling cleaning fluid is easy, accomplished through a removable tank on the back of the unit that can be taken out and replaced with one hand. (Though Bissell recommends its own line of soaps and fluids, I've had fine results with Mr. Clean.) The unit's assembly is simple, so any problems are easy to diagnose. Unlike other carpet cleaners, the QuickSteamer has not clogged on me.

    Though the cleaner performed well most of the time, it was out of its league with a few heavier messes; any sticky job with a big potential to stain has to be lightly softened up with dishsoap and paper towels. The chamber for the dirty water is also a bit oddly-shaped (there're lots of nooks and crannies inside), which makes it more difficult to clean; like the cleaning fluid tank, though, it lifts out separately for easy handling. The brushes don't rotate - but, like other components, they can be removed for cleaning. Additionally, despite the name, the QuickSteamer has no heating element; the operator must add hot water to the cleaning fluid tank. (That said, in my experience, lukewarm water has worked just fine for cleaning.)

    One additional tip - be sure to empty the dirty-water tank after each use. If you let the water collect and sit, the chamber can take on an odor that will increase when the machine is fired up. (It won't spread at all to the area you're cleaning, but it can make using the machine unpleasant.) The odor will dissipate when the chamber is emptied and rinsed with water and cleaning fluid.

    The bottom line: the machine does a great job for most household clean-ups, and I do recommend it. Heavy-duty use is a bit beyond it; in that case, perhaps the next step up, a $100 upright with rotating brushes, would be a better choice. For the family with kids or pets that needs to clean up the occasional spill, though, this machine will fit the bill, and your budget, quite nicely....more info
  • Bissell Quicksteam Carpet cleaner
    The Bissell Quiksteam was highly recommended by Consumer Report and it lives up to that high praise....more info
  • No vibrating or spinning brush, get ready for a workout
    (You'll have to) Put your back into it ...

    Hey all. First, don't buy this as a replacement for renting a carpet cleaner from your local Albertsons, it's simply not up to that kind of job. It the kind of cleaner which is really small, so fits in a closet for a quick spill clean up .... but not much beyond that unless you are really going to put your back into it.

    It is simply not practical to use this to clean a whole room, much less a whole house. You'd be better off paying the extra $65 for a larger carpet cleaner.

    ...more info
  • A REAL lightweight
    I first used this cleaner on stains that were about one month old. When nothing came up I thought the stains were too old. But when I tried it on a stain that was not even one week old, and still nothing, I returned it. This cleaner really is a lightweight....more info
  • Great For Quick Jobs
    This is a great little cleaner for taking care of any little spills or pet accidents.

    The brushes on this model don't move, but get the job done regardless just by the action of pushing/pulling the machine over the area. In fact, I would tend to recommend this model without the power brush to clean delicate area rugs, such as Oriental rugs.

    Bear in mind that the water reservoir is very small so if you want to tackle a 9x12 area rug or a room with W2W carpeting, you'll have to refill a few times as well as dump out the dirty water.

    The unit has good suction too, and I was surprised by that as the machine is so light weight--it only weighs in at about 12 lbs so it's easy on the back too. The on/off switch is foot operated as well, another feature that's a boon to us older folks with back problems.

    I see that the product description mentions doing stairs. Even though the machine is small and easy to maneuver, I would think using it for stairs would be quite cumbersome, and wouldn't recommend using it for that.

    It's small enough that it can store easily in a closet or in the corner of the kitchen.

    I have to give this a big thumbs up as this machine did a lot more than I originally expected for the size and the price....more info
  • Great!
    I recommend this product. I use mine constantly with a dog and little boys. Works great and still runs like new after many uses!...more info
  • Nice , works easily. Good price
    I like this a lot. Works and easily.Lightweight. Would only suggest a refinement of securing the locks on the waste water recepticle as they can come loose easily if not secured firmly. Other than that have no complaints....more info
  • Excellent value, easy to use, and works quite well!
    My wife and I needed a simple to use, 'smaller footpritnt', lightweight, well made, reliable carpet cleaner that actually works well. I am happy to say that the Bissell 1770 more than fits the bill. Our 2 year old is in the process of being 'potty trained', and she loves to rip off her diapers and do 'pee pee' in the carpet. This Bissell works well in removing the '#1', and getting rid of the smell. The static brushes DO work fine in helping to separate the rug fibers for the cleaning solution to sink in, and for the unit to vacuum up the dirty water. I find that the key to more effectively cleaning your rug is to use a stronger ratio mix of cleaning solution (use a bit more than they tell you to) to water, then let the solution sit in the rug for a few minutes, then vacuum it up SLOWLY and go over the rug sections SEVERAL times. You can't expect to use this thing as fast as a vacuum cleaner is used, and to expect expert results. GO SLOW! Also, if you have stains you need removed, you need to pre-treat the stains first, then use the Bissell Quicksteamer. So all in all, this is a GREAT little carpet cleaning machine, and an IMMENSE value. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • Bissell Quicksteamer
    This was exactly what we were looking for - have had others which were too cumbersome or ineffective. This is simple and quick. Priced right....more info
  • This does not clean carpets well.
    I bought this as a mini steam cleaner to pick up after small stains and pets.

    Seeing the unit with the big "CROSS ACTION BRUSH" painted on the front made me think I had found the right product. So I bought it.

    A week later my dog had an accident. I thought I had it covered.

    Imagine my surprise on my first use when the cross action brush had absolutely no "action." At first I thought it was defective, maybe a broken belt or something. Then I turned it over and examined the brush. No mechanism at all to make the brush "cross action." I went on the internet to learn from other disappointed buyers the brush indeed does not move! In fact their is nothing to apply pressure to the brush either either, the brush basically just floats above the carpet and is just for looks!

    The sprayer itself is also flawed. It uses gravity to pull the water down, but if theres a bubble it stops spraying. The spray is also very light. You are basically only misting your carpet and sucking some of that back up.

    Needless to say this did nothing to clean up my stain. All this unit does is lightly squirt expensive bissell fluid on the carpet and marginally suck some of that back up.

    I am going to try to return. Else this was a very expensive mistake.

    I also wish to complain that the FOUR and FIVE star reviews on this site are obviously fakes. I cannot see how even the most ignorant person could think this actually cleans carpets or removes stains....more info
  • Carpet cleaner
    This machine was very easy to assemble, and very easy to use. I had a large circular watermark stain from a potted plant that had overflowed weeks before and it cleaned the mark beautifully. My only concern was that after I had finished and emptied the machine, I was still getting (clean) water coming out the bottom and I was afraid to store it in a carpeted cupboard right away in case a wet patch was left there....more info
  • the carpet cleaner
    i am pleased that i invested in a carpet cleaner. i was totally amazed at the difference. i tell everyone about my purchase. bomb diggity!...more info
  • a keeper
    i have had this baby a year, brought many rugs back from the graveyard.JUST get two 5 gal.. buckets fill one with hot kettel water and soup( do your own math) and take your empty too fill with the drity stuff and keep rolling the motor is begging for more YOUR not pushing amd pulling useless tanks and heater IT IS easy as a vacumm...more info
  • Bissell1770-Product Review
    The instructions were pooly written and it took me sometime to figure out the directions....more info
  • Bissell Quicksteamer
    Very easy to use and lightweight. Works great on pet and kid stains. The fill tank could be slighter larger....more info
  • Deep Cleaner Carper Cleaner
    This is one of the best purchases I've made! This carpet cleaner truly cleaned the heck out of my carpet! My carpet is off-white and it got the stains out!...more info
  • Satisfactory Performance
    This prduct performs well. However, it would be excellent if can also dry clean....more info
  • quick..easy to use..inexpensive..cleans ok!
    This quick steamer doesnt actually steam at all, but for the price does an ok job. The brushes dont "move", except from the pushing motion of the operator, so dont expect to get out old stains easily or do a huge area without frequent refills of hot water and solution. However for doing smaller areas that just get lightly soiled or dirty it does the job easily. I'm happy with my purchase for the price! ...more info
  • Handy little helper for the price
    I bought this because my cat has alot of hair balls...Does a great job of cleaning it up. I like that it is lightwieght & not too big to store away. I would have given it five stars except that it seems not to hold alot of cleaner...have to refill alot if you were doing a whole room. I also wish it had steam but for the price it is great & would recommend it completely....more info
  • good for small spaces
    Bought this little number from a local department store in hopes that it would make my carpets a little more presentable to my friends and family. I was a bit skeptical of it, mostly due to the price and size, however I live in a small apartment so I don't need anything too bulky or extravagant. Plus I was desperate for something economical and easy to use. And it's certainly that - very easy to use (although it took me a couple blonde minutes to figure out where the screws were hiding) and very easy to maneuver. It's also really quiet (because there are no moving brushes, etc) but seeing the MUD this little baby sucked up from my's been well worth the $$. I may have to go over the carpets a second time, but I'm sure it's only due to my neglect over the years and not the machine. ...more info
  • Bissell 1770 Qicksteamer II
    I haven't used this product yet. However it gets a rate of five due to everything the information of the product stated is true and I have used Bissell products in the past. ...more info
  • Great for Maintenance and Light Jobs
    I have a toddler who is refered to by both my husband and I as the Little Miss Mess Maker! She is exploring the world around her and we are busy chasing after her. This cleaner is perfect for me to get up the little (and some bigger) spills she makes around the house daily. Tough stains already on the carpet when I purchased the unit did not come out with just the cleaner, but the new fresh ones come out easily. It is so lightweight and compact, you can just grab it and go to it. Easy to clean and store. A great buy for just $69.99!...more info
  • Love it!
    I bought this model because I couldn't afford anything more expensive. I've had it a couple of days.
    My living room carpet was stained with a lot of various things that my daughter has dropped or spilled in the last few months that just haven't come up with a rag and soap. I pre treated everything but it still had a rough time on some of the set in stains but I did notice that since the brush doesn't turn, if you take a brush and brush yourself, most of the stains come right up. I can tell a definate difference in my carpet and I used it twice in my living room already.

    Like others, i wish the brush rotated but it's so light and so easy to clean that i think it's a great cleaner to maintain your carpet.
    I love how easy it is to clean out and how light it is....more info
  • great light weight machine
    I just bought the machine and it took me 10 minutes to get it up and running. I have a 700 sq ft apt and it took 1hr and 4 tanks of hot water. It did an excellent job of picking up dirt and scrubbing the stains off the heavy traffic areas. It also cleaned my kitchen rug. I have two small dogs and it worked great. It's very small and compact and worth every dollar.
    I'm very pleased....more info
  • Powerful little guy
    I ordered this carpet cleaner because a friend of mine has one and she raved about it. The first time I used it I could see why she had been so happy. Lighter than my vacuum cleaner, but still does an amazing job of pulling the dirt up. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it does require frequent water fills/emptying. Has small fresh water and collection containers. But I'm sure if they were any larger, it would weigh the machine down as well. I do use it often because it's so light and easy to take out so maybe the small containers are done for a reason. It's also a breeze to clean, unlike some of the larger models. Just rinse it out and put it back together! Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Positive
    The upright deep cleaner is lightweight, so very easy to use and excellent at cleaning my carpets. It is for those very reasons I find that I am using it more often than I ever thought that I would. I absolutely love it!...more info
  • Bissell Cleaner
    This was a gift for my daughter and she loves it. Easy to use, light weight and does a great job cleaning....more info
  • The name "QuickSteamer" is misleading
    OK, just so you know - this is not a steamer per se; even thought the model name is QuickSteamer, there is nothing about this model which actually turns the water into hot steam. The water that flows onto your carpets is only as hot as when you put it in the water tank - from your tap - so don't expect to get any steaming action from this model. Additionally, there are no moving parts - no spinning brushes.

    However - it does clean fairly well, in terms of wetting down your carpets and then sucking the water - and usually a disturbing amount of dirt - back up again. It is easy to use, doesn't weigh much, and has removable tanks so you can clean out the dirty tank whenever you need to.

    I wish I had known this wasn't actually a "steamer," but I do still feel like it works pretty well for general carpet cleaning. One caveat - if you have pets, particularly cats, this doesn't work real well if you know what I mean....more info
  • The Bissell 1770 Quicksteamer II
    This product is a great invention! I absolutely love it. Its lightweight and is so easy to use. The whole cleaner comes apart so you can clean it after use. I recommend this product highly....more info
  • Good but there is better.
    This is a light cleaner which picks up general dirt. The only downside is this models brush does not spin, it simply sits on the ground and drags as you pull the unit. You need to scrub any real stains manually to get them clean. The Bissell Powerbrush 2080 spins and for $20 more does a much better job and it is still light! Happy Cleaning....more info
  • My carpets are so clean!
    My carpets and rugs are so clean I can't stop looking at them! I was not aware how dirty they all actually were and am happy wiht my investment to purchase a carpet cleaner! It is very lightweight and easy to use and does an excellent job cleaning my carpet. I also like the size becuase it is easy to find a storage spot for it while I am not using it. Having kids and 2 dogs, it works great at cleaning up spills and stains made by them! This product really has made cleaning fun for me! Seeing the before and after motivates me to want to do more! It really is an excellent machine!...more info