Hoover U5175-900 Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright

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Product Description

Fully assembled - Just lift the fold-down handle and this cleaner is ready to go right out of the box Bonus Hand Tool is perfect for pet hair, stairs and upholstery Easy empty dirt cup - No bags to buy or replace Powerful 12 amp motor provides powerful cleaning performance Filters out 100 percent of dust mites and 99.98 percent of ragweed and common grass pollens 15" cleaner width gets the job done faster On-board tool set places the attachments conveniently within reach

For quick household cleaning, the industry leaders at Hoover offer their Fold Away Widepath Bagless Vacuum. The upright 12-amp vacuum cleans carpets with an extra wide 15-inch head. The bagless format eliminates bag waste and the financial burden of purchasing bags. With allergen filtration, the vacuum also improves an environment's air quality, stripping away dust mites, ragweed, and most grass pollen. Thus, a newly vacuumed room provides relief for sufferers of seasonal allergies like hay fever and helps minimize the discomfort for individuals with cat or dog allergies.

To ensure a clean carpet, the vacuum head features a helpful headlight to illuminate soiled patches. The vacuum addresses dirty baseboards with its brushed edge cleaning capability. Debris travels through an allergen filter into the sealed E-Z Empty dirt cup. True to its name, this dirt cap easily detaches from the vacuum body for emptying. The vacuum benefits from compact storage with its trademark handle, which folds down to minimize the vacuum's height. To tackle stairs or excessive pet hair, the vacuum comes equipped with a powerful hand-held tool. Additional accessories include an extension wand, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice wand, hard floor brush, and a triple-stretch hose. The power cord on this vacuum spans 24 feet in distance. Hoover offers a one-year warranty for this item. The pre-assembled vacuum weighs 30 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Powerful 12 Amp motor to provide power and durability
  • No Assembly required. Just fold up the handle and it is ready to clean. Handle folds down for easy storage.
  • Bagless. E-Z Empty Dirt cup means you never need to buy bags.
  • Allergen Filtration. Traps 100% of dust mites and 98.98% of ragweed and common grass pollens.
  • Pet Hair Cleaning Tool. Perfect for pet hair, stairs, and upholstry.
Customer Reviews:
  • Returning it
    As much as I like the appearance and the foldaway handle, I really don't like this vacuum very much. The one I bought blows dirt out the back near the carpeting and is quite noisy. I will be returning it for a different model....more info
  • great little vacuum
    this is the second hoover fold away vacuum i've purchased. i gave my first one to my son when he got is first apartment--so i had an excuse to buy another one! this vacuum picks up pet hair better than anyother vacuum i have found. it is easy to empty the canister. wish there was a better way to get the dust out of the filter besides knocking the filter against the side of the trash can--but any thing to get the dust out! ...more info
  • biggest waste of money
    this is a terrible vacuum. It's only task in life is to vac a carpet in my office that is about 10x7. It constantly spits the sand back out at my feet instead of actually sucking it into the vacuum. I've used many vacuums in my life and am horrified at how poor this one was, right out of the box. ...more info
  • Not for pets
    If you have dogs do not buy because you will be buying more filters than you would be buying bags for a different product....more info
  • Strong & lite
    For it's weight this upright has strong vacuum power.
    The fold down handel makes it easy to store and the pop out "dirt catcher"
    makes it easy to empty. Great for small houses and apartments....more info
  • Hoover Fold Away
    I have had this model vacuum for several years. I have been pleased with some aspects of performance, and very displeased with others.
    I have appreciated the power of this vacuum, with multiple animals in the house it cleans up enough hair to fill the bin 3-4 times during each vacuum session. This has also been an annoyance, as I feel the bin must be on the empty side for the unit to perform well. While it is frustrating to have the suction power drop due to a full bin, it is still better than having to replace a bag!
    Main positive attributes:
    -folding handle allows unit to fit in tighter storage
    -multiple accessories allow multiple surface cleaning
    -very powerful
    -works VERY well on carpets and rugs

    Main drawbacks:
    -belts break frequently, can be difficult to find replacements these days
    -filters clog easily and must be replaced for top performance, can be costly as unit has two filters, and each is approximately $9 to replace
    -"kicks back" grit on very low carpets and hard floors, seems to spread the mess rather than pick it up
    -the wheels don't seem to stay connected to the unit, creates an issue with vacuuming longer carpets

    I've been pleased enough with the vacuum to keep it and use it over the last three years. However, I paid about $99 for the unit and do NOT feel that it was worth the cost. If I could, I would go back and purchase a different unit. ...more info
  • It's great on carpet
    I just bought this a week ago and so far, for what I use it for, it's been really good. I have mostly wall to wall carpet here and this unit has done a great job of cleaning it. My last vac was a Kenmore and for some reason did not do a good job on my carpet. Maybe that was a poor model or something, or it may have been broken and needed to be serviced. I'm not bashing Kenmore.

    When I first got this one, I got a full container of dust/dirt each time I vacuumed. It has gotten my carpets MUCH cleaner. It seems well built and powerful, like it will last quite a while. It's a big improvement over the last vacuum I had. So far I'm quite pleased with it. If you have a lot of wall to wall carpet, I'd say this would make a good unit for you....more info
  • Love it!
    My wife and I have not had any of the problems the other reviewer mentions. We have been impressed how much dust and dirt this vacuum picks up that our old one did not. Plus, it is a lot lighter in weight than our old one. ...and we don't have to run all over town to try to find the correct bag. My wife now likes to vacuum!...more info
  • Does not work well on any hard surface; blows dirt back on you
    I didn't buy this product at Amazon. I purchased it at another store for about $55 and it was the biggest waste of money. I have hard floors and wanted a light upright vacuum seeing as how I didn't need a huge wide "wind tunnel" or a steam cleaner for carpet. Even on the setting for hard floors this thing will not suck right. You can feel the dirt and specks of things going right through the vacuum and hitting you on the feet and legs. I have paid less for other models of Hoover and was quite pleased. This vacuum has been a terrible disappointment. I noticed Amazon's price of $99 for this product and I almost croaked. I want to save someone else the trouble. To be fair, I've never used this on a carpeted surface. It could be that it works just fine on carpet. In order to get it to suck up anything on my floors (such as a piece of paper or cat food partical) I have to do this sort of "pac-man" maneuver where i raise the vacuum slightly on its rear wheels then set it down on top of the object that I want it to suck. I've given up several times and just bent down and picked it up. I have a small 3-way bagless lightweight by Bissel which has more sucking power then this hoover. So, just beware. Maybe I got a lemon, but I have learned my lesson and will not purchase another vacuum without having first read some reviews on its performance. I had always had great luck with Hoovers in the past so I was surprised at how inept this upright was. ...more info