Hoover U8173-900 Savvy TurboPower 7300 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Our Price: $171.99

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Product Description

12 Amp Motor Surepass Cleaning System Twin Chamber Bagless System Exclusive Teflon Coated Hepa Filter Pet Hair Cleaning Tool Custom Control Switch Low Profile Hood Lifetime Belt On Board Tools Headlight 15" Cleaning Width 2 Year Warranty

  • 12 amp bagless upright vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel technology
  • 15-inch cleaning path; edge cleaning; Embedded DirtFinder system; HEPA filter
  • Variable height adjustment; low-profile hood for cleaning under furniture
  • On-board tools include pet-hair cleaning tool and bonus hose; permanent belt
  • Measures 14 by 15 by 43 inches; 2-year parts-and-labor warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good deal
    Very powerful. Easy to assemble and use. A little heavy. Great long cord, but no automatic rewind is a minor pain....more info
  • HOOVER Savvy 7300 sucks but not for long
    Good looking machine with plenty of suction power but the belt broke in two weeks. Returned and went with Kenmore Intuition for a lot more money. But it rocks!...more info
  • The most efficient vacuum we've owned
    This is the second Hoover we've owned among the different vacuums we have had, but is by far the best. Although a little bit heavy, it is worth the money we paid for it....more info
  • Fabulous
    Great value! Cleans like a $400 dollar vacuum cleaner. Unlike vacuums with a basic fiber filter, this one comes with a mesh metal first filter making it easy to clean. The second fiber filter is easy to remove and clean when necessary. The dirt is captured in a sufficiently large container which can easily be removed and dumped.

    The hand tools store nicely on the machine and includes a power brush. The flexible hose extends easily. The power button lets one quickly turn off the rotating brush to clean bare floors without dirt getting kicked up. The carrying handle makes this vacuum simple to transport up the stairs....more info
  • Outstanding
    This thing is sooo quite (compared to the old one, when the old one was new, it wasn't this quite). The vacuum does 5 times the work of the old vacuum and uses less electricity. That was a good buy....more info
    Assembly is to affix the handle - takes a few minutes. Has headlight, PERMANENT BELT, very quiet operation, 12 inch path -- removing, emptying, and replacing the very large bagless container is like butter. Very long cord, very, very, well-built.

    UPDATE!!! Just ordered another for the upstairs (for me too heavy to carry up and down). ...more info
  • Holy Suction, Batman!
    Purchased for my daughter who broke her previous vacuum cleaner and can't afford another just yet. So for the sake of our grandchildren we stepped in. I had it delivered to our house so I assembled it (5 min.) and tried it on our carpet. WOW! We have an expensive Oreck cannister, but the cat hair and dirt this Hoover brought up in a very short time was amazing! Have not even tried the hose attachment yet. I just ordered another for us with a few extra filters.

    For this price, it will be a great back-up for the Oreck (except I'm not sure which will be the back-up!)...more info
  • WOW!!! I am extremely happy with this product!
    I would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone. It is quieter than my last which was a bissel, and it has great suction. The hose for stairs or corners is very flexible compared to my old vacuum which was stiff. I am really excited about it. I vacuum like 3 times a day now because I like using it so much, lol!!! It has 3 different attachments, including a turbo brush, which is awesome. I would say the only bad thing about it is that it is heavy. I do have a hard time carrying it up the steps. Overall, I am very happy with the product and love my new vacuum. I can now vacuum a lot faster and it even propels itself forward so you do not have to hurt your back pushing it forward. ...more info
  • Simply awesome!
    So my previous vacuum was a Dirt Devil Featherlite - a complete, loud piece of junk that wouldn't even pick up loose lint with 10 passes (not an exaggeration). I have 2 maine coon cats who shed constantly. There were always tufts of hair left on the carpet by the old vacuum. I had gotten a rubber pet hair brush and every couple weeks I would spend about half an hour crawling around my entire apartment on my hands and knees, brushing up a dense, softball-sized tuft of fur that had been left behind by the D.D.

    Enter the Savvy... I got my U8173-900 at Circuit City as a floor demo for $85 (score!) I was looking for one of the Tempo Widepath models that Consumer Reports loved so much but no place in Seattle carries it - Not Best Buy, Target, K or Wal Mart, Fred Meyer etc. The Savvy was priced right and I was desperate for something new so I picked it up on an impulse. At first glance I was very impressed with the low front clearance and the dust cup and filter design seemed so much better than the Bissells' and Dirt Devils', which got constantly bad reviews for being messy to empty and for being prone to filter clogging (I spend hours researching everything before I buy).

    So, I was expecting one of those experiences that you so frequently read about in a vacuum review - "It pulled up so much junk from my carpet that my old vacuum left behind that I almost fainted"... Well, I got it.

    I fired it up and the first thing I noticed was how quiet it was, especially compared to my old D.D. It was so quiet that rather than running for cover, the cats actually came into the room to investigate the sound! I was wide-eyed with disbelief at them sitting there, watching me vacuum. Within the first 20 square feet or so by the front door I already had a massive whirlwind of fur, lint and dirt in the cup. I was blown away! My apartment's only about 750 square feet and I have a lot of furniture so exposed area is fairly small. Well, by the time I was done, the cup was filled to capacity with a monstrous, dense clump of crud that weighed over a pound - and I had just gone over it with the rubber brush and old vacuum 2 days ago! The carpet is cleaner than when I moved in. The Savvy also did an amazing job of lifting and fluffing the nap of the carpet. It's never been so soft and full. I am completely amazed. The cats seriously spent 10 minutes just walking every inch of the carpet, looking at it and sniffing it, confused by its new state. That's a statement in itself.

    Other bonuses are that the cord was long enough for me to do the whole place from one outlet where the D.D. took me 2-3. The low head went under my bed, couch and entertainment center with no problems. The air was fresh when I was done and dumping the collection cup was a dust free and hassle free experience. I like the selectable switch for the beater so it doesn't scatter stuff on the kitchen floor. the low front lets you get under cabinet lips, too. It also maneuvers very nicely.

    I am so glad I bought this vacuum! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it holds up mechanically for the long-run. I will post a follow up if it ever breaks down on me. I haven't used any of the hand tools yet but I would expect no problems. I like that the hose is super flexible and stretchy and not that rigid kind of plastic that fights you.

    I would obviously recommend the Savvy U8173-900 in a heartbeat! I got a great deal on mine but now I would easily spend typical retail price for one....more info