Bissell 37601 Lift-Off Revolution Turbo Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Product Description

Thoroughly vacuum even the most narrow or steep stairs with this ingenious bagless upright. A 12-amp motor provides high-suction power, and a HEPA media post-motor filter captures more than 99.9 percent of dust mites, pollen and ragweed in an easy-to-empty dirt container that is both portable and detachable so you can easily clean stairs and other hard-to-reach areas. Ready-to-use deluxe accessories include a telescoping wand and deluxe stretch hose, and a turbo brush. Weighs 21.8 pounds. Limited one-year warranty. Model 37601.

With extended suction power for spotless carpets, Bissell offers their Lift-Off Revolution bagless vacuum for household cleaning needs. The upright 12-amp vacuum offers turbo power and seven height levels to accommodate a wide variety of floor and carpet types, while eradicating both deeply embedded debris and light layers of dust. With a long-lasting HEPA filter, the vacuum also improves an environment's air quality, stripping away dust mites, ragweed, and most grass pollen. The vacuum further endears itself to users with its detachable body, leaving the upright frame behind for the more portable canister format that better suits cleaning stairs and other elevated terrains.

To ensure a clean carpet, the 15-inch wide vacuum head features a helpful headlight to illuminate soiled patches. Using Bissell's new Revolution System, the vacuum sucks dirt and debris from even the plushest carpet for heavy-duty cleaning. Debris travels through a HEPA media filter into a sealed dust cup. The dust cup detaches from the vacuum body for easy emptying. The cleaner comes equipped with a special TurboBrush to conquer pet hair and vertical stair cleaning. Rotating brush power can be obtained by flipping a switch. Additional attachments include a telescopic extension wand, dusting/upholstery combo tool, crevice tool, and an extra-reach hose. The power cord spans 30 feet in distance. For the best results, the HEPA filter should be replaced every three years and should never be washed. Bissell offers a one-year warranty for this item. The vacuum measures 15 by 13-3/4 by 44 inches and weighs 27.9 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Bagless upright vacuum with 15-inch clearing path; from industry leader Bissell
  • Vacuum's sealed HEPA filtration removes up to 99 percent of air impurities and allergens; removable dust cup
  • 12-amp motor extracts dirt with turbo-powered suction; 7 height settings for different carpet and floor types
  • Onboard accessories include handheld Turbo Brush for pet hair extraction and vertical cleaning; 30-foot power cord
  • Vacuum measures 15 by 13-3/4 by 44 inches and weighs 27.9 pounds upon shipping; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Really does a nice Job
    This is a great product. The only complaint is the filters. They have to be cleaned regularly or it loses suction. I have 2 of the Bissell bagless and this is true of both of them. These are the only bagless I have used so this may be true on all of them.

    The lift off function is really great. It makes it really easy to clean steps around the house....more info
  • I love this machine!
    After our Dirt Devil bagless died, we were forced to buy a new vacuum. I did research by looking at customer reviews and found that vacuum seemed to have pretty good ones. I have now owned it for 9 months and I love it. Its best feature is the ability to turn on or off the bar beater for carpet. My old Dirt Devil did not have this function and it was constantly eating things that it shouldn't. This vacuum also has the best suction that I have ever seen. My mom owns a Kirby and a Rainbow and my grandmothers both have Rainbows and an Electrolux. They don't even comopare to the suction of this machine. I borrowed their machines while we were looking for a replacement for the Dirt Devil and of course they sucked up all kinds of stuff the Dirt Devil missed. However, we picked up even more when we used the Bissell. It can sometimes be hard to push because the suction is so strong. The Turbo Brush is not what it is cracked up to be. It seemed to sling stuff everywhere. I use the hose and the attachments instead. The ability to lift off the vacuum is also great. It makes cleaning is small spaces really easy....more info
  • excellent carpet cleaner
    I used a Dirt Devil cannister for the longest time - i like its mobility for stairs and getting behind things, however, the extensions finally broke and left me on my knees to vacuum floors. Not fun. And belittling.

    This Lift-off Bissell operates mainly as an upright, but what attracted me was its cannister-like conversion thru its lift off feature. It cleans exceptionally well as an upright, but is still plagued by long hair getting wound up around the brushes and needs to be cut out from time to time. Also the hand-held turbo brush operates off the vacuum suction and cleans pet hair off couches very well, but doesn't clean blinds very well. I'll have to clean those by other means. I don't like the "Extra Wide" brushes because they stick out 1/2 inch to each side at the front, often getting hung up on furntiture legs and such. I've only had the chance to use it 4 times so far, but i can now be less squeemish about having to vacuum the floors...on my knees....more info
  • Worked great until it died at 2 years old
    This vaccum cleaner worked great until it died with no explanation yesterday. It was only 2 years old....more info
  • 5 years and still liking it
    I've had this vacuum for 5 years now...the machine continues to perform well. It does a great job at sucking all the dust and hair from 3 dogs that constantly shed. Foam filters are easy to wash and maintain! Decent job at sucking hair from furniture; the hose could be a bit longer and perhaps more flexible....all in all -- good investment....more info
  • Terrible Filter Design
    I have owned this vacuum for a few years and have grown to like the theory but hate the execution. The lift off aspect is very convenient for tight places, cars, etc. The suction is quite powerful. Those are the good aspects.

    The bad part is the filter design. Simply put, to keep this vacuum operating properly the dust cup must be constantly emptied. Don't be fooled by the full line on the dust cup. By the time it becomes that full all the filters will be clogged beyond recognition with dirt. To make matters worse, cleaning these filters is time consuming at best. The unit also likes to blow dust out of the back and from other areas, regardless of how full the dust cup is and how dirty or clean the filters are. This unit has a poorly designed filter that only works (and even then not all that well) when the dust cup is empty and all the filters are clean.

    Don't make the mistake of buying this unit. There are much better vacuums on the market. ...more info
  • great vacuum for the price
    this is a great value. It is much quieter than any other vacuum I have owned. It has great suction,sufficient attachments, and the best part is the lift off feature. this allows you do stairs without carrying the entire vacuum. The only thing I could think that would make this vacuum better,would be if the dirt container was larger and wouldn't have to be emptied so often....more info
  • Highly Verstaile and Effective!
    This is the 4th Bissel machine in my extended family ... all are excellent. I didn't really need a new vacuum ... but seeing this one on clearance, I just couldn't pass it up. The build quality of this machine is excellent and the styling, fit and finish are top notch. Mine is a beautiful metallic red with other pieces being either clear or gold plastic.

    My Bissel Velocity (Model 6393) probably has more outright suction ... but this Revolution Lift-Off fills the dirt cup quickly too so you know it's working really well. I'm morbidly fascinated with the amount of dirt these machines pull out of clean-looking carpets. Who needs a $400+ vacuum cleaner when these do such an amazing job for less than half the price? 12 amps seems to be the safe power limit of all residential vacuum cleaners ... the various makes have standardized at this limit so claims of "more/higher power" are mere marketing fluff between the brands.

    The hose is plenty flexible and a decent length. The attachments are about what you would expect ... a brush and a crevice tool. I'm not sure how handy a duster would be ... but I would prefer a softer brush with longer bristles. The turbo brush works really well ... but you can't work it too hard or you will get the `melting' that some complain about.

    The downsides of this machine are weight (approximately 20lbs ... I actually weighed mine) and the fact that you need to keep it very clean (obviously, many reviewers failed to do this). Fortunately, all the clear dirt chamber pieces are removable (by a handy release latch on the back) and you can place these parts in the sink, tub, etc ... to really give them a thorough washing once in a while. The sponge motor and upper tank filters come out easily for washing even if you don't want to take it all apart. I'll admit I'm an amateur tinkerer and so don't mind working on this thing a few minutes after each use. Obviously, not everyone will agree.

    The Lift-Off Revolution works extremely well in a wide range of circumstances. It (like other 12amp machines) is very powerful and sucks up a lot of dirt and dust. It goes to great lengths to pull it up, capture it and prevent it from going into the motor or back into the air. It is NOT however, magic. It, like all other pieces of equipment, requires regular maintenance. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure the highest level of performance. Failure to do so will cause a loss of power, overheating, premature motor failure, melting ... and the filters can grow mold & mildew producing a wretched smell whenever the vacuum is used (happened to my mother's similar #6596). Gunk build-up in and around the machine can also affect the seals causing the machine to leak and redeposit dirt back into the air or onto the carpet.

    This is a versatile, effective machine. Other than damage in shipping, most of the complaints I see about this and other (similar) Bissels look like neglect, outright abuse or other `operator-error' to me (also correctly pointed out by a previous reviewer).
    ...more info
  • What's great about it lead to its demise
    My wife got this over two years ago and until this week it was the best vacuum we have owned. We have dogs and hardwood floors and it was amazing how much stuff it picked up. The detachable canister made it great for on-the-fly under the couch cleaning and hitting the stairs. Ultimately the liftoff part of this vacuum caused a short.

    It appears you need to be careful over time when putting the canister back on the base. If the two are not connected perfectly or things get tweaked over time it leads to the wispy electrical smoke that we got this week. Most likely it was our own carelessness that caused this but it is still upsetting that after two years we have to purchase another vacuum. The connectors are now charred black and the wife has already purchased a new vacuum on Amazon. Never again will we get a liftoff....more info
    I agree with the previous review that if you have pets SKIP this machine. The warranty is for one year and wouldn't you know it, it died after exactly 1 year and 1 month. I have 2 dogs and this thing was never good at picking up the pet hair either. ...more info
  • HATE this vacuum
    I did my research and thought this vacuum would be great but after using it for nearly a year now I've decided that I HATE this vacuum and will be getting rid of it as soon as I find a replacement. I HATE this vacuum primarily because (1) the screws that hold the two main parts of the vacuum together loosen up every time I use the thing causing the handle to become loose and it makes this loud clicking sound whenever I use it (piece of junk!), (2) whenever I use it on my hardwood floors it has a tendency to either not pick up stuff or it just shoots it out from underneath so I end up chasing stuff around my floor and having to go over things 2-3x's before it gets sucked up, (3) I thought bagless would be the way to go - I thought it would be convenient and a money saver but I was SO wrong...emptying the dirt from this vacuum creates a HUGE mess every next vacuum will use bags, (4) I also hate how the cord connects to the unit at the bottom - I don't know if they're all made like this but I'm always having to wrap the cord around the handle so I'm not vacuuming over it. Anyway, I've never left feedback for anything before but felt compelled to write something about this vacuum because I just HATE it so much and wanted to warn others - this vacuum stinks - buy something else - this vacuum makes cleaning up take much more time than it has to....more info
  • Turbo Review
    It does what is says. We have a collie, a mixed breed, and a cat, Hair is everywhere to say the least. This product does an excellent job picking up pet hair. Make sure that you empty the waise container often....more info
  • Had to review this....
    I've never reviewed on Amazon, but had to for this product because I love it so much. I had a difficult time deciding on a vacuum due to all the mixed reviews on every brand and model. I finally decided on this one because the price was decent and it had a detachable cannister for cleaning our stairs. We've had our Bissell for six months now and it is still going strong and doing a wonderfully good job in our 2500 sq. ft. home (with a dog and a toddler)! This is a sturdy machine that does not feel cheap at all. Every time we are done vacuuming, the canister is full, so I know that it's doing a good job. We have not had one single problem with this model and I've never found that with any other vacuum cleaner I have owned. ...more info
  • This vacuum cleaner is great!
    It seems very powerful and gets up dust and pet hair really well. When the turbo is turned on, it practically pulls you across the floor. Although it's easy to take the cannister off and on, it's a little bit of a nuisance to deal with the power cord, which doesn't retract. Otherwise, no complaints at all....more info
  • Great Vacuum - Never got from Amazon
    I ordered this from Amazon the beginning of November. The first one was lost around thanksgiving. They sent a second that had an estimated delivery date of after Christmas, so I purchased one from a local store on sale at a cheaper price.

    Now I have returned the one sent, but no refund! WTF!?!...more info
  • Was disappointed twice by this vac
    I bought my first Bissell Lift Off 2005. And it seamed to be a fair vacuum cleaner. Got the job done. At this point in time the only thing that anoid me, was the somewhat rigid hose. It didn't flex and move like most vacuum cleaner hoses I used. The result was that when you used the attachments with the hose to vacuum the upholstery the entire canister toppled over and hit me constantly in the back of the legs. The next set back was that the vacuum cleaner died suddenly and without notice after one year of owning it. Just didn't work one day.

    So I went out and bought another Bissell Lift off. BAD CHOICE! (Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! How true!) Same problem with the hose. Other than that nothing out of the ordinary. And then a half year later the motor powering the turbo brush died. And my not so bad vacuum cleaner was really put to the test without the use of the turbo brush. And it failed miserably. Sure there is suction, but only if you use the attachments on the hose. But who wants to vacuum their entire house with the small attachment of the vac? Not me. Other than that the vacuum would even pick up a snip of paper from the floor. Without its turbo brush this vacuum cleaner proofed to be utterly ineffective!

    So, I would definately not recommend this vacuum cleaner! Sorry Bissell but this thing is a dud!...more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned.
    After a year, the vacuum started to overheat. Now, it will run for about 45 seconds before overheating and shutting down. I have to wait a good half hour before it will turn on again. The design is awkward and the vacuum is heavy and when it is working, it often spits dirt back onto the floor. Do not buy this vacuum if you want something that even works. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    The Bissell 37601 is a great vacuum. This is the 3rd one that I've bought so that I have one in my home and 2 at my business....more info
  • I must not have the same vacuum
    I HATE this machine...and it was a gift so that took some doing since I didn't pay for it! It seemed to have such great features and I loved the idea of the lift off container. Still do. But I curse this thing every time I use it now.

    I feel like I need a shower every time I use it. I loved the idea of the small turbo attachment. Thought it would be perfect for small throw rugs, upholstery, etc. The first quickly stopped working. They sent me another, no questions asked, but it didn't work long either.

    If you are running the main unit without the brush, like for lightweight throw rugs, the power seems to decrease by 75%.

    The filters, especially the one above the dirt collection container, cannot be removed and cleaned without getting your hands filthy and getting more dirt all over the floor. I also find emptying the container to be dirty. Now, a year later, the thing keeps overheating and turning itself off. I have to wait an hour & try again.

    YES, I have 2 dogs and they track in dried grass, etc. But so do millions of other people. If it can't handle that what use is it? And heavy???? This is the toughest thing I have ever had to lug around considering how lousy it cleans.

    I had a 30 yr old electrolux that was better and I miss the easy bag replacement and ability to get a canister vacuum into tighter places. Yes, this one has the wand attachment but I just find it awkward and not powerful enough.

    My next vacuum will be a Dyson or another canister unit. This Bissell seemed to have so many great qualities but, in the end, it does a lousy job & I work myself to death for the privilege.

    And to Robert, or whoever it was...I ALWAYS read manuals, I clean the filters religously (and then revacuum all the dirt all over the floor AND cleaner after AND wash my hands several times). And don't get me started on the number of times I have to squeeze my fingers up around that yellow filter to drag out hair & lint that gets wedged up inside! It's not about proper maintenance or following instructions. Maybe those of us unhappy have either owned it longer OR just had better vacuums in the past. I would have rated it pretty highly, too...the first month AND maybe if I didn't have dogs....more info
  • Too heavy, Belt broke after one year of use
    I have used this vacuum for a year. Not a happy customer. Suction is not good for the price you pay for this vacuum. Belt broke after one year of use. I just ordered a different new vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Pet Owner
    This vacuum is way too heavy - we have a tri-level house and I am sick of carrying it up and down the stairs. I also find it dirty - hate the bagless option. We have to frequently wash the little spongy filter which is a dusty, dirty job. The turbo brush tool doesn't seem to work well. It does a decent, but not great, job on picking up dog hair. I had a Panasonic before this that ran forever (about 15 years with minor maintenance) and was much lighter. I just ordered myself another Panasonic. I would not recommend the Bissell to anyone....more info
  • Good vacuum
    This vacuum was amazing. It was about $100 cheaper than my Hoover Windtunnel, which we thought was a great vacuum. The problem with the Hoover was we were replacing filters often, and at around $50 a pop, it was getting to be ridiculous! We have two dogs and kids, so keeping a clean floor is hard! Right out of the box, I loved the Bissel. It was light (compared to my Hoover) and did a great job picking up dirt. I had to empty out the canister several times, and it was amazing how much my old vacuum had left on the floor! My husband never notices when I vacuum or clean the house usually, but when he came home after I used the Bissel, he said the carpets looked nice! They had those clean sweep marks that usually only my steam cleaner leaves behind! The big test for me was, after I finished, I got down on the floor and looked for left over dog hair. Usually, after vacuuming with my old Hoover, I'd see stubborn dog hair stuck in the carpet...but not with the Bissel, there was nothing left behind!
    I loved the fact that cleaning out the filters was simple. I just pulled off the sponge, banged it clean outside, and put it back in. My filter in the Hoover was aweful to clean, and I had to use a paint brush to get the dusty dirt out of its cracks! I would definately recommend this vacuum for the price....more info
  • Makes vacuuming easier & cheaper w/out bags to replace
    Seems to have a lot of power! Every time I vacuum I am able to see through the compartment, all of what it picked up. There are no bags to replace. Love the fact that I can take the center part off so I can easily vacuum the stairs. It makes me motivated to clean the stairs more often since it's not bulky & heavy. So far so good....more info
  • the best vacuum I ever vacuumed with!
    I bought this as a housewarming gift for my son 2 years ago and it still is a wonderful carpet and hard floor is lighter than it says and super strong for 12 amps!...more info
  • An excellent vacuum cleaner
    I bought one of these Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Turbo vacuum cleaners over a year ago after doing quite a bit of comparison shopping online. Some of the reviews mentioned minor problems, but most were favorable so I decided to try it. It turned out to be the best vacuum cleaner that I've ever used.

    It's not a light-weight machine, but that's not a problem for me. I'm a short guy, but I can carry the entire unit around with one hand, and when I take the cannister off of the frame it's even lighter, and really great for vacuuming cars or tight places. It has plenty of power and a full selection of useful tools.

    I usually clean the foam filters by rinsing them in tap water after every use. I don't see it losing suction if I forget to clean the filters, but it does make sense to keep them clean and it doesn't take much effort.

    I highly recommend this machine.

    ...more info
  • It Sucks!!!!
    I had the vacuum for a month before the brush stopped working. The lift-off function works well, but when I use it in up-right mode it doesn't work well...the suction vanishes. The filters are great, however the machine requires a lot of up-keep...they need to be cleaned with every other use. ...more info
  • Expect to replace and repair this vacuum often
    I purchased this vacuum a couple of years ago. I had to return it to the store within the first couple of months because the brush melted. Then, a few months later (and too late to return it this time), I had to have the new one repaired. A few months after that it lost all suction, started smelling terribly and I had to take it in yet again to get repaired. Each time I had it repaired it cost between $12 to $90... Mind you, I don't have any animals and I have a very small condo that I live in, so it's not like this vacuum was up to a lot of work. I just repaired it again and yes, it has LOST ALL SUCTION just a couple months later! The only way I can get it to work is to detach it from the main frame and use the attachments. Which really hurts my back. My solution? I'm donating it and buying an old-fashioned vacuum - the kind with the bags. I do not recommend this vacuum....more info
  • For Bissell: Improvement suggestion -- in addion to my positive post
    I thought of a suggestion for Bissell: (since they delivered me a great product, I feel compelled to help make it even better). Wonder if Bissell reads these?
    Anyway, you know those knew "roller-ball" wheels that they're putting on plastic crates, luggage and storage these days? (they're just balls vs. wheels which enables them to maneuver in any direction). I think that would be a great addition to the next version of this cleaner since it is a little bit heavy. Bissell, are you listening? ...more info
  • great for body builders and people who love to get dirty!
    You will love this vaccuum if:
    1. you love to lift heavy objects and drag them around the house while they insist on falling over.
    2. you love to create a bigger mess than when you started by dumping the dust bin and watching fine, particulate dust cover your body and the vaccuum.
    ...I don't get it...why on God's green earth would anyone want this piece of cr*p?...more info
  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner
    I was a little apprehensive after reading previous reviews. I must say, the suction on the vacuum is great and it seems to be working fine. I would recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Great for pet hair and overall
    I bought this vacuum because I have a new dog in my apartment and her hair gets everywhere! Well the first time I ran the vacuum it picked up lots of hair, and a whole lot of dust and dirt I had no idea was hanging out in my carpets. The brush works wonderfully on pet hair, and my hair for that matter. I am waiting for the day when I vacuum for a while, empty the cannister, vacuum more and nothing shows up in the cannister. So far it hasn't happened, which probably means I need to vacuum more!

    This vacuum is a great deal for the price. It comes with almost all of the attachments I would want. I am planning on getting a bare floors attachment because I have not been happy with how the vacuum does on my bare floors. You can buy the attachment from Bissell for about 20 bucks.

    I know some people are partial to bagged vacuums, but I like bagless. Like another reviewer noted, I clean the two sponge filters regularly, and I have not noticed any reduction in suction. Also like other reviewers have noted, I was considering getting a more expensive vacuum, but I am happy I went with the Bissell.

    Bottom line, if you are buying this vacuum for mostly carpets - it's great. If you have a combination of bare floors and carpet - you might want to invest in one more attachment. Otherwise, I think you will be very happy with this vacuum....more info
  • Bissell Turbo Upright Bagless.
    We have been fighting the Hoover uprights for well over three-four years now. They (don't) suck well, the seals leak, and they are now made of such a cheap, thin plastic.

    Now, this Bissell is made like a tank, and it does everything that we would ask of a rug cleaner. In fact, we were so impressed that we replaced the Hoover carpet shampooer with a Bissell, another beautiful product.

    Hoover--what happened? We spent half the cost of the Bissell on Hoover replacement tanks and the like, just to keep it somewhat functional. NEVER another Hoover anything!...more info
  • Awesome for vacuuming dog hair!
    I bought this vacuum about 4 months ago after my cheap-o vacuum died. I really wanted to spend money and get a quality vacuum to pick up dog hair (I have three large breed mutts at home and a cat). Other vacuums I've had always got clogged up from hair, and the filters would just get saturated. This Bissell is just great. It sucks up hair like crazy and cleans so easily. I does have three separate filters, but I've not problem with them, and they are a breeze to clean out. The Bissell is pretty heavy, but with the detachable canister feature, the heaviness isn't quite as much of an issue. The only major complaint is that the canister into which the debris falls is kind of small. I'll have to empty it for just about every room I vacuum or else it will get backed up. On the other hand, knowing that it is sucking up that much crud off of my carpet is reassuring, so I don't really mind having to empty it so often. Also, the brushes get really caught up with hair, so I have to cut out any twisted up hair and threads to make sure they are operating efficiently.

    I was so happy with this vacuum. I'm a broke college student, so spending big bucks on a Dyson just wasn't practical. Like many other reviews, I agree that for the money, this vacuum is worth every penny, and I'm glad I didn't spend triple the amount of money on a more pricey vacuum. Also, I'm very pleased with how this Bissell has held up. I haven't run into any kinks with it yet.

    In a quick summary, if you have a crazy amount of pet hair, and little to no money to spend, this vacuum is a dream!...more info
  • Rate Bissell turbo bagless vac
    works to my satifaction. in fact outperforms any other vac I have had.
    A bit heavy for frail people. Tip: let the vac do the work...don't push
    and pull thinking you are helping the vac...just let it do it's work.
    It'll perform well for you. I especially like the turbo feature that is
    good for tightly knit items.. i.e. kitchen rugs, blankets, pet hair etc.
    Remember, let the vac to the work. ...more info
  • Good or Bad Product?
    For those of you reading this product's reviews and wondering why there is such a division between people who love it and people who hate it, I believe I have the answer.

    The people who love this product and have rated it high, are the ones who have read the instruction manual and follow the maintenance procedures. Those who rate this product low, are the idiots who didn't read the manual, never clean the filters and then complain about poor suction & performance.

    Additionally, for those idiots who say they have trouble adjusting the brush height: Do you have the vacuum in the full, upright position prior to turning the knob, like the manual instructs you to do?

    The customer satisfaction level with this vacuum (and no doubt similar products), is directly proportional to their intelligence level. ...more info
  • So-So Vacuum
    This product is easy to use, but its suction power was a disappointment. You have to go over the carpet several times and clean the filters frequently (a messy process). I wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • worked for a few months, died
    We have four cats, a dog, and a toddler. This one worked well for a few months but then the motor gave out - it began by overheating and turning off. Then it didn't have enough power to turn the brush and suction has been an issue for several months. We now have to buy a new one, it won't be anything near this model number, possibly not even a bissell - we've had problems with other devices of theirs....more info
  • So much better than my old Eureka
    I read many different reviews before finally settling on the Bissell. I am completely happy with it. At first I was skeptical that a bagless model would be better because you have to empty it more often. But it's so easy to empty that it's not at all a problem, and you can see all the dirt it's scooped up. Also, it looks like it would be heavy but really isn't, and I'm not terribly strong. The removable "lift-off" part works well for vacuuming furniture, curtains, etc. ...more info
  • Happy Customers
    Works really well... picks up everything. Love the portability. My only complaint is the weight (I had an 8 lb Oreck before this). It is heavy! The weight is only an issue when taking it up the stairs. I would buy it again without a doubt. It was well worth the money! It actually picks up a lot more than the $600 Oreck did! I am really surprised at the quality for the low price....more info
  • Very cool vacuum, but could be better.
    Having grown tired of our old bag-style very noisy and very heavy and klunky Hoover Windtunnel, I researched all that was out there and had Dyson envy. However, like many, I could not justify the cost. This Bissell, however, is quite a nice vac.

    1. All the features work as advertised.
    2. Super convenient and easy to use
    3. Quiet (compared to the old bag-style Windtunnel)
    4. Lightweight and very manuevable
    5. Dust bin is easy to remove and empty
    6. HEPA filters work great, very little dust flying around while vac'ing
    7. Seems to clean carpet edges very well along the baseboards.

    1. The dust bin has 2 plastic removable screens on it. Beware. I did not know these were removeable (there is no reason for these to be removable) and unknowingly dumped it into the trash while emptying my dirt. I am now searching for replacement parts but it is not listed on their website. I hope they won't make me buy an entire dust bin assembly. Without these screens, the dirt and dust gets sucked back up into the main suction chamber and is a big mess. Basically, you cannot use the vac w/o these 2 screens.

    2. The suction can be good, but I find that I have to keep the carpet settings on bare floor or just a little higher to actually get the suction to work effectively. (even though my carpets and rugs are rather thick) Putting the settings on higher carpet heights resulted in poor suction and left small particles in the carpet which should have easily been sucked up.

    3. Hose could be longer

    4. Dustbin is rather small, could stand to be larger.

    I will be testing Bissell customer support shortly on the screens. I wish I new about these before I purchased, but overall, I think this is a great vacuum....more info
  • The best yet
    I did a ton of research when it came time to buying a new vacuum. The new rage seemed to be the Dyson but reviews and seeing the actual vacuum in the store didn't convince me I needed to spend over $400. I went with a Dyson knock off at a local store for $250 and returned it within a day. After doing more research, I stumbled upon this vacuum and have to say it is the best I have ever owned. My rugs are truly clean now and the attachments are great. I have two pomeranian's and an 8 month old daughter so I am constantly cleaning. This vacuum does the job and more. The power brush is great for getting all the lint and animal hair off of my couches and the lift off feature is the best for tackling a bunch of stairs. Can't list any downsides yet ........more info
  • Replaced three vacs with this one.
    Purchased this model to replace an old Eureka Bravo upright, Eureka Mighty-mite canister and Dirt Devil Ultra handheld brush. The Bissell Lift-Off does a much better job than the three vacuums it replaced. I prefer the bagless design of the Bissell - it forces you to empty often, which is a good thing. I think most people tend to let the bags get too full on traditional vacuums, which compromises suction performance and leads to more work and less effective cleaning.
    The ability to separate the canister from the main body seems unique - I was not able to find any competing models that offered this feature. I like that the roller brush turns off when you reset the handle to the upright position, and that there is a switch to turn it off completely for use on hard floor surfaces.
    It seems well built, and the filters are easy to maintain. I've had mine for over 6 months with no problems to report. I highly recommend the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution....more info
  • Awesome!
    I have a lot of allergies, so when we started looking at new vacuums we first looked at Mieles...but who really wants to spend THAT much $$ on a vacuum? We then looked at the Dyson, but felt that it seemed rather flimsy. We ran across this Bissell someplace or other, and at that point I did some research and concluded it was exactly what the Dr. ordered.

    It was a good decision. This vacuum does an amazing job everywhere it's used (and since we are in the process of rehabbing a 100+-year-old house, it gets used a LOT!) My mother, BTW, has one of those $1000 Miele Pearls and this machine does just as good a job. Can't recommend it highly enough!...more info
  • Exellent machine
    No question asked, you don't need to buy a $2000 Filter Queen to have an excellent vacuum cleaner. Very versatile and convenient, the retractable central module makes all round house/car cleaning a pleasant task.

    The only accessory that lacks is the usual soft hair brush for dust claning. The one provided is great, but it's short harder brush is a bit rough for delicate furniture, but of great use for where the usual soft brush fails to do a good job. I guess one can buy/use a soft brush from another machine maker.

    Benoit Lajoie...more info
  • Bissell 37601 Lift-Off Revolution Turbo Upright Bagless Vacuum
    The purchase proceess was good.The item I ordered was also correct.
    They are also giving the points.But as i always worried how long it will last.Hope it lasts long.But after i purchased this item the price has gone down in local stores....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    When my older Bissell vacuum died, I was sure of buying another Bissell. After a little online comparison shopping, I settled on this one through Amazon. Both decisions were the best. The vacuum was delivered very quickly and I love this one even more than my old one. This is one powerful vacumm!! I have 4 cats and 2 dogs, so I know about pet hair. This vacuum is awesome! I have to empty the cup at least twice for every room I clean. I am soo happy, I almost like to vacuum now. Buy it with confidence....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner!!
    I just received my Bissell Lift Off last week, and I am already in love. The motor is so powerful on this vaccuum cleaner, that it literally does the vacuuming for me. I have two cats that shed like crazy, and this vacuum picked up so much hair that I didn't know was embedded into my furniture and carpet. I love this vacuum, and I will recommend it to all my friends....more info
  • Super Value, Great Design
    An upgrade to my last Bissell (Cleanview Deluxe),this one is even better....was ONSALE for $160, and well worth it.
    Removeable canister capability is easy and makes this vac so much more versitile...such as taking out to your car or for carpeted steps. I really love the user friendly design of these Bissell vacs....never complex, and I don't feel I need a manual to understand or operate.
    Super suction...and the brushes are so powerful, it almost feels self propelled as you push forward.
    The 'telescoping' function of the extension wand was a nice upgrade, although it does takes a little time getting used to it...also the new dual-headed brush tool is an inovative idea i like.
    Another really nice upgrade is the on/off brush power button...and the vac is now smart, even when brushes are powered ON, they wont rotate till you step on the release pedal AND pull the handle down towards you.
    I also noticed you can now pull the handle down literally to the FLOOR without the front of the vac lifting up...this means being able to roll further under couches/tight spots.

    If I had to give CONS :

    1) There are 3 filters...1 HEPA and 2 foam...the foam filters in particular should be cleaned once a month,as directed..but I check even more often (due to high traffic/pets)... They can get pretty dirty relatively fast, and although u may not notice any loss of suction,I assume cleaning these filters often will always improve performance...... Its not hard to do, they are basically foam sponges u can rinse clean, and they dry pretty quick.

    2) The vac when all together as 1 unit, is pretty heavy. Doesnt bother me, but may be an issue to some. My wife immediately noticed the weight... The canaster vac, when separated, is easy to carry with its handle, but some may still find even this a little heavy as well.
    In my opinion, the weight is due to good construction and a strong motor. I think its worth it.

    3) Seems like a lot of new vacs come with some form or version of a 'turbo brush' attachment. I'm not a fan of these...the brushes are SUCTION driven, NOT motor driven. Its a gimmick tool.. I prefer the simple NON turbo brush tool that come with this vac, and I let the suction power (and a little up/down motion of my own) do the work. I keep the turbo brush permanantly removed from the handle altogether. To me its just added dead weight.

    4) only 1 improvenment I could think of now is a retracteable cord.......more info
  • great vacuum!
    I really like this vacuum. It is so easy to use and the detachable canister makes cleaning stairs a breeze. It has great suction. I have one rug that is so hard to clean, cat hair just seems to attch to it like a magnet and it never really comes off. My old Hoover fold away was a joke you had to go over this rug 20 times and it still never really got it all up. But this one got it all up in one try! I am so happy b/c that Hoover has the worst suction! It is nice to get the job done in half the time AND have a much better result. ...more info
  • Bissell vacuum
    Ilike my new vacuum a lot. I am still learning how to use it. The only problem I have is the knob that raises & lowers for rugs or bare floors is almost impossible to turn. I don't know if there is a trick or not to turning this knob, but if there is please let me know. Otherwise, ease of use and suction power is wonderful....more info
  • Bisell 3760 is a very good machine
    Bought this Vacuum after cosidering many others. It is extremly well built and really does the job. The ability to remove the main vacuum unit and use it as a hand held portable is very good also. I also am impressed with the sturdy construction of the Bissel as compared to many other plastic designs. One thing I have noticed is that the filters collect a full load of stuff in one cleaning of a 3600 sq ft house! Mostly because the vacuum just picks up everything. Cleaning the filters is easy and having no bags is great cause you change out filters when they are full. (Bags get full and dont always get changed as needed)

    All in all a very good machine at a good price. I highly recommend the Bissel 37601...more info
  • Bissell Lift Off is a wonder machine!!!
    Love this product. Every time I use it, I find another reason to love it. Ease of use, Convenience, many litte 'extras' that make it worth it. A great value for the price. ...more info
  • Bissell Vacuum
    Love it - Awesome - As reviewed - no problems - picked up all the dog and cat hair as promised...more info
  • Good job - much quieter
    More versatile, quieter, does a great job. I did quite a bit of research before my purchase, and for the money this one is great. I recommend this one....more info
  • Great design for hard surfaces, pet hair
    Every room in my house has hardwood floors or tile, as well as area rugs. My previous vacuum did not have a switch to turn off the brush. When I used it to vacuum a hard surface, the brush just blew the dirt all over. I was reduced to sweeping all the hard surfaces and using the vacuum on the rugs.

    Fed up with the tedium of this, I shopped for a bagless cannister vacuum, since they generally have attachments dedicated to hard surfaces. Ones that met my needs started at $250. Then I found the Bissel lift-off system for about $170. It was an upright, but it had a switch to turn off the brush.

    The more I thought about the lift-off feature, the more it appealed to me, too. We have a Great Dane and a cat, and their fur gets everywhere you could imagine. Being able to carry the cannister makes cleaning behind furniture, between appliances, and along walls makes much less of a chore. I do it more frequently, in less time, with better results. I no longer feel like I live in squalor.

    If you have many hard surfaces or awkward locations to clean, I recommend the Bissell Lift-Off....more info
  • Pretty Good for the price
    I purchased this vacuum about 2 weeks ago. It works good for the price and it has a nice assortment of attachments onboard. The carpet adjustment knob is very hard to turn and the vacuum falls over when using the hose(when unit is attached)So if you go from carpet to hard floor it is a real pain. But I love that it comes apart for the stairs and it is great for around the washer and dryer. It is my first vacuum without bags so as far as that I have nothing to compare it to. The suction is OK for the carpets and better for the hose. To me nothing compares to a bag! ...more info
  • A great bagless vacuum. So much cleaner than Hoover.
    I have had this vacuum for 3 weeks now and am very pleased with it. It is replacing a 5-year-old Hoover Bagless Windtunnel. The Hoover bagless was very messy when emptying the canister so I really wanted a cleaner bagless option.

    The things I like:
    The turbo brush attachment is amazing. It does a great job on sofas/chairs as well as car upholstery. I have two long-haired dogs and their hair gets everywhere. The turbo brush really does a good job getting the hair off the furniture.

    The vacuum does a great job on floors. Again, dog hair is no match and I am always amazed at how much dirt and hair it picks up when I empty the canister. Wow!

    The canister lifts off of the vacuum and becomes portable. Again, this is great for vacuuming the inside of cars. However, it can be awkward to maneuver.

    Because the HEPA filter is stored in the back of the vacuum, emptying the dirt canister is a snap and a lot less messy than my old Hoover. No more beating the dust/dirt out of the HEPA filter! I did check on the price of Bissells replacement HEPA filters (about ten). Much better than the thirty to replace a Hoover HEPA filter.

    Some things I don't like (but can live with):
    While the emptying the dirt canister is a snap you should be aware that there are three different filters in this vacuum. There is one located right above the dirt canister and it does get dirty fast. You need to keep an eye on it and rise it out and let it air dry before putting in back in place. It's a reusable foam filter (cost isn't an issue). I've had to clean it twice in 3 weeks. However, the other two (one is the HEPA) are still very clean.

    I would like it if the hose were a bit longer. Its certainly useable but it can be awkward vacuuming with the attachments because of the shortness of the hose. Taking the canister off the base helps a little but only if you have something to prop it up against (I find your leg works well!).

    The dirt canister fills up very quickly and is a lot smaller than the one I am use to. I usually have to empty it twice when vacuuming. This is mostly because of having long-haired dogs. If I didn't have that to worry about it would have plenty of room.

    All in all, I am very happy with this vacuum. If any problems come up I will try to remember to post them....more info
  • sucks great
    Replaced an older version. Very happy with purchase. Great for stairs. Beware of loose threads. This thing will suck a golf ball through a 20ft garden hose. ...more info
  • Returning this one
    Pros - Lift off canister.
    Cons - TOO HEAVY, self propelled in brush on forward motion but not self propelled in reverse, very HOT exhaust, LOUD, too short of hose, dust kicks out everywhere even when I check filters AND not good for berber carpet - it caught a loose thread and kept on pulling until I have a bare spot across the carpet. My old vac was a Sharp and had great suction but never did that! Also, for area rugs you have to turn off the brush (or it will catch the edge and destroy the carpet) but then it doesn't pick up anything. The attachments are not great either.
    My vac has been out for about 2 weeks. I wanted to research vacs before I bought one. (should have dug a little deeper!) My husband is a carpenter and works with a lathe in the garage - creates lots and lots of dust and drags it in with him! I have a trampoline in the backyard so all the neighborhood kids are in and out dragging in dirt on their shoes everyday - PLUS - this was during the time we were putting up and taking down Christmas decorations, so I KNOW my carpet had to be filthy. This vacuum did not really pick up that much. The cup didn't even get 1/4 full. I have a 2600+ sq. ft. home. Maybe I just got a dud, whatever the reason I was expecting more for the $179+ tax I spent at Target. Got it yesterday and I am taking it back in the morning.
    ...more info
  • Good Vac for the Money
    We have been using a Rainbow Vac for the last few years, but we got tired of tracking outside to empty the water bowl every time we swept. After doing some research on bagless, HEPA models we decided on the bissell. It does a good job, but not nearly as good as the Rainbow. After vacuuming with the bissell, I was able to still find some dog hair in the carpets that the Rainbow would have picked up, but it did get most of it. It has been worth the money for us just for the ease of emptying the easily removeable debris canister.

    There are just a few complaints. It is super heavy when fully assembled. The hose could stand to be a little longer even with the lift-off feature. The headlight is absolutely worthless. It doesn't even light up the floor directly in front of the vac....more info
  • What a buy!
    As the other reviewers stated, this vacuum really sucks! In a great way of course! I have also been coveting the Dyson for so long, but after reading the reviews for this vacuum, I couldn't resist. It finally came via UPS yesterday, and I was up all night vacuuming. I never knew my rugs could be so soft. Especially the wool rugs which seem to trap dirt like a filter. I have been using an Oreck for years, and now I have sucked years worth of dirt, fuzz, pet hair, and whatever else has been storing up down there. Everything is so easy to assemble and clean. Some of the filters are water rinseable and the canister is easy to wash. The suction is amazing. I really think I made the best decision with this vacuum rather than the Dyson. Who wants to pay $600 for a vacuum when we clean freaks will want a newer version of the Bissell in a couple of years?...more info
  • Love, love, love this sweeper!
    I needed a new sweeper last December ('05) and was trying to decide between a Dyson and the non-Lift-Off version of this Bissell. I originally ruled the Lift-Off out because 1. We don't have steps in out house so the Lift-Off feature didn't seem like it would get much use and 2. the Lift-Off model didn't have a "clean carpet sensor" which I thought just seemed neat. I ended up getting the Lift-Off anyway because I figured the Lift-Off feature would make it nice for cleaning out the car (and it does!) and this model has the ability to function with the brushes turned off - you can't turn the brushes off on the standard Revolution.

    Now, to be honest, until I started looking, I had no idea you'd ever even *want* to turn the brushes off. It's supposed to make the machine work better on bare floors. Personally, with or without the brushes turned on, I find using an electric sweeper on bare floor to be clattery and annoying and I prefer to use a broom. But this brushes on/off thing seemed to be the final feature that the Dyson had that the Bissell didn't, and I was seriously coveting a Dyson.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am sure the Dyson is a great machine... but did I really want to spend that much money on one? Did I really *have* to spend that money to get a good machine? Well... no. I didn't. I decided to give the Bissell a whirl. I bought mine at Target where, depending on what sort of sale you catch here at Amazon, it may cost more or it may cost less - I paid more - but I liked the idea of being able to return it without selling my first born to pay for shipping, if I hated it.

    Fortunately, I haven't hated it. :-D

    Prior to this, I had a Dirt Devil turbo vision or something like that, that I had bought in 2002. It seemed to work OK, but whenever I cleaned my carpets later, the water came up so unbelievably filthy, I had to wonder how much dirt the sweeper was really getting. It had a plastic dirt canister with an accordian-pleated sort of paper filter inside, and you were supposed to pull the filter out, empty the dirt container, whack the filter off, and put it all back together. The filter never seemed to come clean, no matter how many times you whacked it, and any amount of dirt on the filter equates to a drop in suction. The more dirt, the bigger the drop. The only way to restore this machine to full power would be to buy a new filter, and as soon as you use it, you're back to where you started anyway. And those filters weren't cheap!

    With the Bissell, you have the ability to restore the machine to full power without buying anything, at least for a long, long, time. Here is how it works.

    There are two foam filters, which you can wash and reuse. It seems that the air meets one on the way to the dirt cup and one on the way out of the dirt cup. The dirt cup itself has these two wings on the side, seperated from the main dirt cup with little screens. The dirt spins around inside the dirt cup, and the tiniest bits get blown out into the little wings.

    The little wing arrangement keeps the tiniest stuff from clogging the foam filters. The foam filters keeps most of the stuff from clogging the paper HEPA filter that is the final exit point of the vaccuumed air. (Yes, there are 3 filters)

    This machine, right out of the box, had AMAZING suction. I was simultaneously horrified and delighted at the sheer volume of filth that came out of my carpets. I did my living and dining room 3 times in a row and stuff just kept keep coming up - and I don't see this as a flaw with the machine because I don't think any machine can possibly get everything with one pass. Even as you are running it, you are tearing down carpet fibers, breaking down carpet pad, freeing more *stuff* to be sucked up. And given our carpets had apparently not been given a good sweeping in who knows how long, it wasn't really all that mind-boggling that stuff kept coming up.

    There was dirt, dust, sand, hair, glitter, thread, and a massive glob of carpet fibers in the dirt cup, after running this thing. The Bissell means business!

    The dirt cup is *easy* to empty. So easy, my preschooler can do it. In fact, he *insists* on doing it.

    The tools that come with this machine are pretty standard, with the exception of the Turbo Tool which is the best thing ever invented, as far as I am concerned. It is like a tiny little hand-held vaccuum, all the power, but small! Great for those little strips of carpet in between two pieces of furniture. Extra great for when you take the couch cushions off and there is all that STUFF but if you try to use the brush attachment to get it, you know if just sucks up the fabric and you get annoyed? Not the turbo tool. It brushes it up. Great for the car.

    Only problem is it does tend to get gunked up with hair so you have to take it apart occasionally, which is an easy enough operation. Two or three screws and pretty idiot-proof to put back together.

    The machine is quite light and maneuverable and IMO fairly quiet.

    The one bad thing I will say about it is, the clean filter indicator does not seem very reliable. After using this about 5 months, I noticed it did not have the oomph it had when I first got it. The clean filter indicator was still solidly green, and I trusted it. But the machine just did not seem to be picking much up off my carpets, the turbo tool stopped working all together, and when I tried to clean out my car one afternoon, I ended up mostly doing a lot of swearing.

    I took all the filter areas apart and washed the filters and put it all back together and... like new.

    So it's a great machine - but don't trust the indicators. I suspect the clean/dirty carpet sensor on the standard version is equally unreliable, but I can't say first-hand.

    No regrets with this purchase, and a lot of money saved over a Dyson. ...more info
  • Excellent, excellent machine!
    I've had this machine for about a month now, and it just keeps getting better and better! I was told by our local vacuum repair man to stay away from bagless, but I took the plunge anyway and couldn't be happier. This machine does it all. The first day of use, it picked up dirt and dust that my Hoover Windtunnel left behind. It's convenient to vaccuum our stairs now, as the unit lifts off and can be hand carried. The turbo brush is an excellent tool to use. Suction on this vaccuum is outstanding, as well as ease of emptying the container when full. No more messy or difficult to install bags either! I highly recommend this vaccuum....more info