Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper

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Product Description

Spruce up the carpeting without the inevitably tangled-up vacuum cord or startling the pets with the loud noise of the vacuum with this simple sweeper from Bissell. The Perfect Sweep Dual Brush sweeper lifts dirt away from floors with two brushes that rotate in opposing directions. Because the sweeper operates using good old-fashioned human power, users conserve electricity and trim costs from the power bill. Users also enjoy the lightweight construction of the sweeper, its body weighing less than 4 pounds for easy mobility.

The sweeper features durable steel construction with a long slender handle. The handle is flexible to allow it to stand erect or fold flat to slip under beds, dressers and other furniture. The brushes deposit dirt and debris into twin dirt pans. The spacious dirt pans remove from the sweeper body without difficulty for proper disposal in a trashcan. The sweeper accommodates bare floors and carpets of varying depth and thickness, automatically adjusting the sweeping height to the floor's ideal level. This item works best for light, daily clean up in conjunction with occasional use of a heavy-duty power vacuum. Bissell offers a lifetime warranty for the sweeper. The sweeper measures 9-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 43-1/4 inches and weighs 4 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Powerful motorized brushes lift dirt in both the forward and return motion. Handle lies flat under furniture. Quick pick-ups of dirt, crumbs, pet hair and more. Up to 60 minutes of cleaning power.

  • Lightweight sweeper for quick floor cleaning; crafted by Bissell
  • With durable steel construction, double brushes sweep in opposing directions to collect debris
  • Run entirely on man power, wasting no electricity; slides under furniture with great flexibility
  • Dirt collects in spacious trays for easy removal and debris disposal
  • The sweeper measures 9-1/2 by 10-1/2 by 43-1/4 inches and weighs 4 pounds; lifetime guarantee
Customer Reviews:
  • Bissell 2680B Sweeper
    The perfect sweeper between vacuuming. As a cat owner it grabs all the sand left on the rug after the cat uses the litter box. Also does a great job on anything on the rugs and kitchen flooring. Also the price is outstanding compared to other companies models. A definite winner here. ...more info
  • Call 911
    Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper The handle kept falling apart. The result was two bloody toes and a bruised ankle. Tried taping the top piece only to have the bottom piece fall apart. This product should NOT be part of your inventory and I am wondering if the good reviews were not written by the seller....more info
  • Not Great
    I purchased this Bissell Perfect Sweep while my 10 year old Miele Canister (a wonderful machine) was in the shop for a new cord and cleaning. The Bissell sweeper will pick up a lot of stuff but it still leaves some behind. Dog biscuit crumbs have to be gone over about 5 times before they stay in. Tiny stones the dog drags in from outside that lodge in her paws (we live in the AZ desert) just won't pick up. It will be used to pick up crumbs on the kitchen floor but not much else. I sort of regret not buying the Hoky. ...more info
  • do not buy this item
    i use to sweep my floor twice every day that is because i always want it clean all the time. using this product is not recommmended bec. it does'nt help your floor clean but it will do help add more dirt to your floor. what do i mean? it is because when you sweep from one part, the dirt that you get from that part will eventually scattered again from other parts as you continue sweeping. the dirt is coming out from its little bin....more info
  • Not enough pickup
    The Bissell 2680B Sweeper is nice and quite when using.It picks pet hair up nicely on carpet and on tile flooring.
    The handle often comes undone during use, since it is only plugged into the actual sweeper compartment.
    Overall sturdy built but fails to pick up bigger crumbs on Laminate or tile flooring.It just seems to push the dirt around. ...more info
  • Handle is okay; directions are wrong!
    I have a much older larger Bissell, but the bristles were damaged. This new one works very well on my level loop carpets and floors. I do not find pushing this one a problem, as some people have. I bought the sweeper and put the handle together as instructed on the Fuller broom I bought years ago. I have hung the sweeper up for 2 days, and no problem with the handle. The directions say "Fit smaller tapered end of section into larger end of the next one and push together for a snug fit." instead of PUSHING, TWIST together and after a few turns the sections
    will "lock." I held the lower section stationary while I twisted the upper section to the right. It works. I then twisted the handle section to the left to loosen the piece to better align the hole in the handle for hanging properly. I then retwisted to the right lining up the handle better. Hope this helps. I hate vacuums and only use carpet sweepers. This one is great for the price, although the older one had natural bristles. ...more info
  • Handy little sweeper!
    When I ordered dark green carpet for our master bedroom, I knew it would show every little speck of anything (and it does!). But not a problem with this hand little sweeper. I keep it in my closet and just pop it out for a 30 second tidy-up. It really does a remarkable job, and I can go right on in to the tiled vanity/bath area. Would hate to be without it for those in between vacuum pick-ups....more info
  • Bissell not quite Perfect Sweeper
    Not bad, however one drawback that I encountered, for this sweeper is the handle. It comes in 3 parts, which have to be pushed together, and sometimes there's a tendency of it to come loose, when you lift the sweeper off the floor....more info
  • Generally good but some limitations
    There are definitely some issues with this sweeper, the handles fall apart every time you pick it up, which is a pain. I plan to tape mine together with duct tape, because despite this challenge it's still a whole lot more convenient than dragging out my vaccuum cleaner each time there is dirt on my rug. And it does indeed do a good job of picking up the dirt once you have the handles secured. ...more info
  • Perfect vacuum substitute for me
    I live in a single bedroom apartment with linoleum floors and floors with short carpeting and this is absolutely perfect. It's quiet, doesn't take up a lot of space, energy efficient, and works really well! Being able to go forward and backward is great, especially when you need to go over a spot more than once.

    Also, I've not had any problems with the handle and it doesn't feel as if it's going to fall apart either. Like others have said, follow the instructions (banging against a hard surface floor when putting it together) and there will be no issues....more info
  • What's with these Handle Problems? most others considering an old time push pull sweeper I was looking for an quick simple sweeper for use between regular vacummings. I confess that I really needed an easy solution to clean up after our grandchildren after eating. Crumbs on the floor from things that weren't even supposed to have crumbs...I digress.

    Bissel has been making these things for about forever so I decided to check out their latest offerings. After reading the reviews from other purchasers I came away with the feeling that this sweeper would work fine EXCEPT for the multitude of complaints about the handle coming apart quite easily. I almost didn't order the darn thing but after thinking about it for awhile I decided that there was never a handle made that I couldn't find a way to keep together so order the Perfect Sweep I did.

    Now as far as MY experience with the handle issue so many people have spoken to...well...I have not had any issues at all. I followed accompanying assembly directions and then did everything in my power to get the handle to separate after hours of normal use and then forcefully by hand. Nothing. It held firmly! I dare say I hope I'll never have any reason to need to disassemble the handle because I believe it might require vise grips and a vise.
    I'd like to offer a little advise to those that like everything about this sweeper except the handle issues they are experiencing. Next time it comes apart try reassembling it by taking the lower section and placing it on a hard concrete surface while tapping the joining upper section with a hammer. Not alot of force necessary, just a few moderate taps. Do that with each section junction and I think you'll find your problem is solved.

    As for the rest of the sweeper, it performed as expected. won't replace your vacumm but it's very effective for surface debris. Works far better on solid flooring than thick carpeting. It grabbed each and every tiny, grandchild produced, crumb under the kitchen table for certain!

    If anybody reading this remembers the old Bissel sweepers of a few decades might be disappointed to find that the 2008 version doesn't appear to be made nearly as solidly as those of yesteryear which I guess you couldn't expect for a lousy $30 but that said it does come with a lifetime warranty. Which invites the question: Whose lifetime? But thats another discussion for later.

    If you have reasonable expectations of what the design purpose is for the Bissel Perfect Sweep I think you'll be happy you took the leap of faith that I did. Don't worry too much about all the handle comments previously posted...I'm guessing many relied too much on their hand assembly method, contrary to following the actual assembly directions....more info
  • Good for a quick pickup instead of always useing my vacuum.
    The bissell carpet sweeper is great for quick pickups, BUT the top handle comes apart from the bottom half of the sweeper, it's very annoying and I have tried everything trying to keep it together. I know someone else who has the sweeper and has the exact same problem. Is there anyway this can be fixed? Thank you...more info
  • Nice for a quick clean up
    This is a good sweeper for those quick little touch-ups but it is not a replacement for the vacuum....more info
  • Bissell Sweeper
    This product was mentioned in a magazine article as a good purchase for a green sweeper.. I have a swiffer broom and it runs out of juice long before I run out of room to sweep so I thought I would give this a try. It works very well on my area rugs picking up lots of dog hair, crums etc. it also works pretty well on the bare floors although sometimes it does leave some items. I may still need to use the best green floor cleaner an old fashioned conventional broom but all in all for the price, the fact that it requires no power source, the ease of cleaning the product and the good job it does on the low pile rugs it is well worth the money. ...more info
  • Not Perfect but a great help
    I think Perfect Sweep is a bit of an exaggeration, but I am happy with my purchase. With a 13 month old son that tracks crumbs and dirt everywhere, my floors could use a thorough vacuuming once or twice a day. And yet, since he is terrified of the vacuum and a light sleeper, vacuuming once or twice a week is about all I can deal with. In between vacuumings, this carpet sweeper is a great help for keeping all the junk my son drags in out of his mouth. While it does not pick up everything I wish it would (and I don't expect it to work as well as my vacuum), I'm sometimes amazed at how much it does pick up....more info
  • Does what it should
    It's a carpet sweeper. It does what it should. Picks up the little stuff that ends up on the carpet in between "real" vacuuming. It doesn't require multiple swipes, picks up forward and backward, and the handle stays nicely upright in the closet. We use it at the office, so we can keep our reception area tidy throughout the day, or when a rainy day means more stuff is getting tracked in, without making noise or calling attention to our housekeeping! A good investment....more info
  • If you follow the instructions, the handle is fine
    I read all the reviews about the handle, gulped, and said, ok, let's try it. Maybe they've improved the handle in the past year, but I've had absolutely no problems with our sweeper. Like a previous poster, I followed the instructions about banging the handle on the floor to seat it properly. The handle also screws on to the sweeper and so I've also never had any problems with the sweeper falling off the handle.

    As long as you understand that it doesn't have suction, but merely sweeps the surface stuff off your carpet, it does a great job. I love it because it's much lighter and quieter than our vacuum cleaner, which means that I'm more likely to actually use the thing every day. I also like the fact that it runs on "human power" instead of electricity. It won't replace your vacuum cleaner, but it makes a darn good adjunct for everyday messes....more info
  • Just like grandma used to have...
    I have found this to be a great inbetween vacuumings tool for quick pickup. We have a cat, but she does not shed enough for me to comment on how well this picks up fur.

    It seems pretty sturdy, and by pounding the handle together before screwing it on, I have avoided the fall-apart problems that other customers have identified.

    We are satisfied with this product....more info
  • not great on hard wood floors
    it does ok on hard floors- not great. I have to go over dirt a few times for it to pick up...more info
  • So so
    It work great the first time I use it, but that was it. The second time didn't pick up as well and just keept getting worse. Look for something else......more info
  • Not what I expected
    This sweeper underperformed. I tried it on my carpet and it didn't pick up much of anything not even scraps of paper. I bought this precisely so I wouldn't have to pull out the vacuum but this does not do the trick. I will be returning it. Waste of money...for me anyway.
    Thanks...more info
  • really bad design
    This product falls apart every time it's used. I ended up taping the telescoped handle together to prevent this, but the place where the handle meets the sweeper could not be taped and it falls off every time! The worst is when it's carried from place to place and the sweeper head come crashing down onto the floor pretty hard. This type of action can cause dents in wood floors, cracks in ceramic tiles, or damage to feet. I definitely would not recommend buying this product. I should have gotten my $ back right away, but I thought the pieces would come to fit better after some use, but it only got worse! ...more info
    ...more info
  • Followed Assembly Directions and It Works GREAT
    I spent 2 days reading everyone's reviews on various manual carpet/floor sweepers and chose the Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper.
    Alot of people complained about the handle coming apart but on the direction sheet it states in capital letters to bang the handle on a hard surface (not your kitchen floor) to set the pieces together. A small dab of epoxy on the threads before assembling the sweeper to the handle prevents any further chance of it coming apart.

    I needed something to pick up everyday stuff like when my husband puts his workboots on and walks to the front door or our puppy, who believes that all toys should be shredded, has had a good day of playing.

    I was pulling out the vacuum 3-4 times a week because looking at my new carpet with "stuff" on it or looking at my husband's path to the front door would drive me crazy. I used a small broom and dustpan for the kitchen and stooped 3-5 times a day to pick up shredded toy pieces and now I use my carpet sweeper to take care of all of that.

    Because it works on manual power, you must give it power. It won't pick up if you're not moving it quickly enough for it's parts to work they way they were intended. Kind of like breathing on dust verses blowing on does nothing and the other gets rid of the dust, right?

    I would have liked one of the higher dollar (assumingly better product) sweepers but this one does everything I wanted it to do as long as I use it as it was intended....more info
  • Works pretty good, but handle is an issue
    The sweeper works very well, we have an area rug we use it on and are pleased with the results. However, someone else had mentioned that the handle comes apart and they were not kidding! When you pick it up to use it, about half the time the handle comes apart. What a terrible design! I can probably rig something up to help it hold better, but why should I have to worry with that? I wouldn't buy the product again for this reason....more info
  • Best thing for an old man!
    I absolutely love my sweeper. I have medical problems, and using a regular vaccumm cleaner was getting too heavy for me and I was always tripping over the cord. This sweeper allows me to clean the floors everyday (even the tile floor). I don't have to bend over to sweep up the dirt. Now I only have to use a regular vaccumm cleaner once a month. The sweeper really picks up the dirt, salt & sand (from outside). I can even get under the couch, table and chairs without having to pull them out. This is really a great product....more info
    Inferior design to the "Sweep Up" by Bissell, which costs half as much. I own them both.

    My biggest complaint with this model besides the hefty price tag is the handle keeps falling off every time I pick it up. Bissell is apparently too profit-consicous to put screw threads in the handle. Also the rod that attaches it to the base is thin, cheap and bends easily.

    Secondly the bulky '2 direction' brushes don't sweep any better than the single brush, and I've done them side by side.
    Instead, it is harder to push, the wheels don't grip as well and it has more parts to clean and wear out.

    By contrast the single brush model glides much more smoothly, especially on higher pile. In my opinion this is one of many examples (reminds me of the software world) where a great simple idea gets belled and whistled until it becomes slow and topheavy.

    I use the other one practically every day, its great to spot quick pickup dog hair and such. No cord, no battery to ever worry about, and so quiet you can clean up on the phone or listening to TV. But I found this one pretty frustrating to use. A sweeper is not a vaccuum and shouldn't try to be one- It's like trying to make a car out of a bicycle. Had I started by using this model, I might have forgone manual sweepers altogether....more info
  • Poor Product
    I bought this for the laundry room kitty litter. It does not pick up well at all! The darn handle comes off a lot, despite banging it with a hammer. I do not recommend this product. If you want some power, buy a smaller plug in vaccume. ...more info
  • Perfect Sweep not even close to perfect
    This is one of the worst products I've ever tried. I returned it. I contacted Bissell and they blew me off. Do not buy this product it does not pick up anything. It merely moves the dirt around the floor....more info
  • bissel perfect sweeper
    Since it has no power to sac, a lot of very small dirt it can't pick up. ...more info
  • poor quality plastic parts
    The plastic hinge on the dust tray cracked off the first time that
    I used the product and now the sweeper is not functional....more info
  • Better than a broom
    The handle really does fall apart. I give it a good push down before I pick it up and it usually holds together long enough to get it out of the closet, but the handle design is just bad.

    It will pick stuff up fine IF you push down fairly hard while you're using it and if you have enough room to give a few full strokes back and forth over the area. In a very tight space I haven't had much luck.

    Think of it as a very fancy broom with a built-in dustpan and you'll be thrilled with it. I like the fact that it doesn't throw dust back in my face the way the hand-held vacuum did. But don't think of it as a replacement for a real vacuum cleaner - it's just not that....more info
  • Old school sweeper
    Break this out when company announces they are five minutes away. This will knock off the obvious stuff but is more of an interim solution between vacuuming. I have not had the handle issues that other reviewers have had, but a co-worker of mine did. She loves the sweeper and her husband riveted the handle pieces together. This product is great for quick, superficial surface sweeps. It deserves a place in anyone's housekeeping arsenal. 4 stars because the handle issue seems well documented though not a problem of mine....more info
  • The Handle Needs Improvement
    The handle comes apart way, way too easily. I'm going to remedy that next time I use it.

    It seems to pick up little crumbs and hair just fine. Some of the bigger crumbs jump around for awhile before I can get the sweeper to pick them up, but it's no biggie. This thing isn't meant to be a vaccuum.

    ...more info
  • It's a brush sweeper, not a vacuum cleaner
    The Bissell Perfect Sweep is not a vacuum cleaner. I use it daily it to SWEEP our linoleum floor. It performs well but it's not "Perfect". The sweeper is useless on our berber carpet -- for this I use the vacuum cleaner. Also the Bissell can't clean all the way in the corners of the room. Despite these limitations, I'm happy with the sweeper.

    The box has explicit directions on how to assemble the handle. I followed the instructions and the handle has yet to come apart. I even lift the Bissell Perfect Sweep by the handle without it coming apart. Guess it's easier to blame Bissell than read the instructions.

    This is our second brush sweeper. Our daughter took the first one to her apartment. :-)...more info
  • Great for quick jobs in-between vacuumings
    When buying this product, you MUST keep in mind that the most important piece that needs to work well is the brush/sweeper component. For the price you pay, it picks up most decent sized crumbs/paper/hair off the floor. To me if that works well.... the handle can easily be fixed.

    The handle does come apart when carrying/lifting the sweeper... It's a very poor design and should be changed in the future... BUT all that was needed to correct this flaw was an inexpensive 5-minute quick Epoxy and the problem was solved. The handle now stays together and the sweeper is wonderful, easy, and quick for touch-ups.

    Also, do not expect this to replace your vacuum... because you will be extremely disappointed. This sweeper will help keep your place tidier during those in-between vacuuming days when you don't feel like doing/undoing cords or lugging out heavy devices. ...more info
  • Not goot at all, waste of money
    This sweeper SUCKS!!! The handle broke the same day. Does not sweep a thing. Very bad product....more info
  • A better handle would make this a truly Perfect Sweeper
    I was surprised the shipping box was so small. When I opened it, the handle was in sections. Only the section next to the head screwed in, the other two sections slid together. I tested it on my carpet and area rugs and it worked great. I picked it up to empty the head and the handle fell apart and landed on my bare foot. Naturally, it hurt! I pushed the handle back together and used duct tape to secure it. The dual brush gives superior pickup, but I wish the handle was one piece and shipped separately in a tube....more info
  • Quick clean ups
    I keep it by the door and it really helps keep the grass, hay, dirt and other stuff our shoes and the dogs bring in every day between vacuuming from spreading all over the house. Not real good on long carpet, but works fine on indoor / outdoor carpet in the entry way area. ...more info
  • Nice Bissell sweeper
    Great purchase. Zero shipping was a real selling factor. This is much nicer than the ones offered in the retail stores....more info
  • Less than expected
    This product left me disappointed; even brand new, it must be run repeatedly over the same spot to pick up surface litter such as popcorn, small bits of bark, and small bits of sponge or such. I have a puppy who makes lots of little messes chewing and shredding things and had hoped this would be a big help; it is easier to get out the vacuum than the repeated strokes necessary to cover even a small area to get clean. Do not reccomend....more info
  • poor design
    This product was easy to set up but, is very flimsy. We have dark carpet and I just wanted something to quick pick up the light colored bits that seem to appear out of nowhere. This product picks up almost nothing easily on the carpet.By the time I go over it again and again I might as well get out the vacuum. I gave it one star instead of none because it does pick up the hair in my bathroom on the hard floor. I would not recommend this purchase for carpets....more info
  • needs a better handle!
    I can't agree more with the review that said the handle was awful. It works just fine for a brush sweeper - if you can actually get it to go back and forth a couple times without the sweeper pushed away from you and the detached handle in your hand. I actually like the idea of hot glueing the handle and think I will try that on mine. Maybe it will be more useful to me...more info
  • Bissell Dual Brush Sweeper
    After looking for a carpet sweeper for awhile. Decided to try looking on Amazon and see what's available. To make a long story short, it fills my needs, picking up dog hair. Although it clogs quite fast, it's easy to clean, light weight and most of all the dogs don't bark. ...more info
  • Nifty
    Just what it's supposed to be. Nice construction. Picks up dog hair before we run the vacuum with the expensive bags!...more info
  • Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Duo Brush Sweeper
    Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper
    I have to say I really like my Bissell! I read reviews which mentioned the handle coming apart, but I didn't have much trouble - I keep mine put together & have had it for 4 weeks - really picks up lint! I took it from my sewing office (DEW SEW FINE) & went to my mother's house to do her living room quickly before company one night. My parents have a dog, & the carpet really gets full of hair - it really did the job - the carpet looked great in no time! (I emptied both rectangular sections & out came 2 rectangles of dog hair all clumped together - wow!) I also showed it to a friend who has a torn rotator cuff & can't really lift out her big vacuum - she totally loved how easy it is to push across the floor - I think it's going to be her Christmas present along with some Mary Kay products which she usually buys from me!...more info
  • it works ok
    i won't say anything new. the handle is the root of all problems (consists of four pieces, constantly falls apart). you have to make sure not to pick it up by the handle. just push it. it picks stuff up well. not as good as a vacuum, of course, but certainly better, than a broom. would i recommend it? sure, why not. it's easy to use, no electricity needed and can be used on carpets or bare floors. go for it! ...more info
  • dissatisfied
    description did not have the width of the sweeper. It is too narrow (9 1/2 '')....more info
  • Sweeper does an excellent job when handle stays on!
    I recently purchased this sweeper to use when my husband is at work, since he works from home. I am really surprised at how much dirt it gets up! Everytime I use it, it amazes me how much pet hair, human hair, and other miscellaneous stuff it picks up. However, I, like other reviewers, am very disappointed at the poor design of the handle. It comes apart constantly. I am considering the teflon tape option that was recommended by another reviewer, because the handle falling apart gets annoying. Otherwise, this is a great product with which I am very happy!...more info
  • Great , fast, effective way to clean up!
    Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper
    I remembered this kind of product from my childhood so I knew already how easy it was to use. This updated version is even more effective than the old one and so very easy to empty! Nothing to plug in, no negative impact on global warming, just a clean, neat floor....more info
  • Handy Little gadget
    I really love this sweeper. have used on bare floors and it works great. I may never use a broom and dustpan again. Picked up cat hair and dry food very well. Dust was no problem either. Used on low pile carpet worked very well, but only to spruce up between vacuuming. It is great for quick clean up. Have had no problem so far with handle. Followed directions and was good to go. Well so far so good, for $30 bucks I feel I got a great deal.

    4/15/08 Still works great. Very good product, I use it a few times each week. Bare floors and carpet works well....more info
  • Krazy Glue
    This is an excellent sweeper. Only drawback is that the handle tends to come apart if you pick up the sweeper by the handle. Solution is a drop or two of Krazy Glue at each separation. After that no problem....more info
  • It gets *EVERYTHING*
    I'm a college student, living in a small apartment, so I don't really have room for a full-on vacuum cleaner (nor would I really use it often because of all the trouble you have to go through).

    What really attracted me to this one, from the others, was that it had two types of brushes- a coarse bristle and fine bristle one.

    I've had this thing for a little over 6 months, and every time I've used it, it's worked miracles. It gets huge dust clumps quickly, crumbs completely... even in one instance, a pile of *SALT* that got dumped on the floor. It got it in a few quick passes- that fine brush is great.

    The handle unscrews if you want to store it conveniently. I like to keep it under my bed.

    But of course, no product is without negatives. This one naturally has a couple. There's a brush comb that clips onto the handle- but it's really like an afterthought. I keep worrying that I'll lose the thing. Also, in assembling the handle, you need to follow the instructions- it tells you to, once you've put together the segments, to ram it hard into the floor to make the segments hold together- it'll fall apart in your hands if you don't do that.

    Of course, it's not a vacuum. It won't do everything. But it does enough.

    The only other downside that I can think of is that one of the two dirt compartments is annoying to empty- you need to remove the handle or else it juts out behind you. But yes, that's a minor problem.

    So, really, honestly... this is the perfect vacuum stand-in for a college student in an apartment. It does hard floor and carpet with the greatest of ease. It fits in places that most vacuums would never fit....more info
  • Awesome
    I wanted something that would pick up dust and hair from my bathroom floor and carpet and this was just the right thing I was looking for.

    1) Picks dust and hair like magic. But, you have to make sure you clean the tray and the bristles frequently.
    2) Light weight and easy to assemble and use.

    The handle comes apart easily even if you handle it softly and this is a little annoying. I fixed this by bonding the pieces permanently....more info
  • A great, people-powered , low-tech sweeper!
    No bells & whistles, just a gutsy, lite-weight super effective device that does a better job on pesky stuff like thick dog hair, down to the annoying little stuff like crumbs, and scraps that you just don't want to have to shlep out the big old clumsy, heavy, noisy vacuum cleaner for.
    I hardly use my Vac any more, since i bought this puppy!...more info
  • Perfect Sweep is the perfect solution
    I bought this sweeper yesterday and am deeply in love with it already. Like many other reviewers, I dreaded dragging out the big vacuum three times a day to pick up the crumbs around the table after my one-year-old and two-and-a-half-year-old ate. Also, I had been repeatedly disappointed with small, rechargeable sweepers and hand vacs as they lacked power and lost their charge quickly. So, a manual sweeper seemed like a good solution.

    The Bissell was simple to assemble and works like a champ. It picked up everything from cereal to small crumbs to pet hair to whole blueberries. (My boys are some messy eaters.) Regarding the handle that some reviewers had a problem with, the directions say to assemble the handle and then strike it firmly (they suggest placing a book or magazine on the floor so you don't cause any damage to that surface) to lock the pieces together. I did this and have had no problems so far...and I've been putting it through its paces.

    For me, it has it all...low price, ease of assembly and use, quiet, versatile, well made, lightweight, small, and efficient. Perfect Sweep, will you marry me? (Sorry, honey.) ;o)...more info
    Although the sweeper picks up pretty well, the handle fell apart every time I tried to sweep with it. I finally duct-taped it together and as long as it holds, I can use it O.K....more info
  • Bissell Perfect Sweep works great with teflon tape!
    Just bought the Perfect Sweep and it does carpets really well and hard floors okay. I tested the handle and, yes, it does fall apart easily. I took some plumber's thin teflon tape and wrapped it around where the handle sections join (before putting them together... the tape goes on the male end). Each section now goes on and stays on and you can't see the teflon tape because it's under the thinner section of each adjoining section. Try it... you don't see the tape (as with a previous duct tape on the outside of the handle sections solution) and you don't have screw heads sticking out either (if you decided to drill pilot holes and use a sheet metal screw). It works out quite well and you can still remove the handles if you want. Ah, if Bissel had only designed the handle sections so they could twist lock... their ratings would be much better....more info
  • Just what our store needed
    This does a good job of picking up small debris and gets items close to the wall. It's great for the retail stores I oversee. We have several on the sales floor of our stores....more info
  • great deal for the price!
    i really love this sweeper, it works great in my animal room which lots of seeds and such is dropped.. yes the handle tends to come off at the first segment.. BUT wrapped with duct tape it works just great!! so im definately happy with it.. the little brush is a plus since hair is easily removed from the brushes with it and it handily snaps to the handle for easy access:) i love it.. im very happy i purchased it...more info
  • Piece of junk
    This sweeper is horrible. No matter how you put it together, the handle always falls apart. The sweeper hardly picks up anything, it just moves it around the room. What a waste!...more info
  • Handle
    I like the sweeper, but I have had to tape the handle to keep it from coming apart. I can't seem to get a good fit for the connection. Otherwise, I'm happy with the product. ...more info
  • Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweeper dual brush sweeper
    I think this is a very handy tool to have. I am very pleased with it. now my cat can leave her hair all over and I can pick it up with no problem. ...more info
  • Vacuuming Impaired
    I purchased the Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper for those in between vacuuming moments to help pick up my Chinchilla droppings. This item does what it's purchased to do, however I do have difficulty keeping the handle together. No matter what I do it seems to come loose after every moment of sweeping. Not that big of a deal, just a bit annoying at times. Overall it does pick up what needs to be picked up and it does keep the carpet looking fresh between vacuuming days. ...more info
  • Not a "Perfect Sweeper" by any means
    I purchased this sweeper based on other reviews. First of all, the handle would not stay together no matter what I did. They could have at least had the parts all screw into one another. I found that the sweeper picked up hairs and dust, but not the crumbs or dirt. I had to keep going over areas where my son had crumbs and it still would not pick it all up. I ended up having to get the broom and dustpan out like usual. For $30.00 this thing should pick up crumbs. I guess I'll just have to find something else. Don't waste your time and money on this....more info
  • Works great but handle won't stay on
    Picks up good, but the handle just won't stay on. ...more info
  • Very bad handle
    Although I am pleased in the performance of this sweeper, the handle is very badly designed, and comes apart every time I pick up the sweeper -- making it extremely frustrating to try to use. I would not purchase this again (unless the handle is improved)....more info
  • Quick and Easy!
    Well, apparently the folks who wrote the previous reviews didn't all read the booklet that came with this great product. It states that you need to bang the sections of the handle together on an even, hard surface. If you do that, like I did, you should have NO PROBLEMS with the handle coming apart during use. Of course, if you read the other reviews, it may amaze you that some of the authors can even read or write. So its no wonder one of the simplest products in existence would give them problems. I use this sweeper every day, and unlike Sanjaya (American Idol reference, people) it performs spectacularly each time. I highly recommend this as an alternative to vacuuming when needed. It stirs up far less dust than a vacuum, it conserves power, and is very light-weight....more info
  • Most annoying
    The Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper has a pole attachment that keeps coming apart every time you attempt to sweep. This defect in the design, which uses sections instead of one long pole, makes it impossible to use without aggravation. We have put tape around the pole, but it does not work. Now we are going to try screws to hold it together. I never saw anything like this in my life, and hope I never do again. ...more info
  • A good idea in theory; cheap handle broke the deal for me
    I was so excited about ordering this (sad, I know!). I liked the idea that this vac was human-powered, and that it would allow me to do quick clean-ups between regular vacuuming.

    I was disappointed at how cheap the handle was, and how easily it came apart. Basically, in order to ship the thing in a small box, the handle comes in 3 pieces. You have to put them together -- the round tubes just "slide" into each other. Unfortunately the pieces are not threaded, and don't stay together terribly well. If I had a really old vac that needed to be held together with duct tape, that's one thing. However, I'm not keen on having to duct tape brand new things.

    The pickup was okay, but not great. After a few passes, there was still dirt on my tile floor. It occured to me that I had not found the magic vac of my dreams, so I ended up sending it back....more info
  • A handy helper
    I never thought that I would be buying something that my mother used when I was a small child! However, one doesn't always need to vacuum and this is a very handy item to have in one's cleaning repertoire. Now there's no need to dig out the vacuum cleaner for those quick clean ups of carpets and wood floors. It doesn't pick up everything, but it does a pretty good job on most things. I notice that the flatter the debris (the little pieces of paper that escape when emptying the cross-cut shredder, for example) the harder it is for the brushes to pick up. But on the whole I'm really content....more info
  • A Great Carpet Sweeper
    This sweeper does an impressive job of sweeping my carpet and it's definitely nice not having to plug it in! It was especially nice when I used it to pick up the needles that fell off of the Christmas tree. Only a couple of complaints: The pieces of the handle seems to fall apart easily, so I am thinking about gluing it together so it's all one piece. The designer must have made it that way for easy storage. They should make the handles more like the Swiffer handles which snap together with holes and buttons on each piece. Also, one flap on the bottom of the sweeper that is used to empty the dust compartment gets stuck sometimes, but that might just be a problem on the one I received. I am able to get it unstuck, so it's not that big of a deal. I know once I get the handle glued together that I am going to love it and use it all the time!...more info
  • Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper
    My mom has a cat that gets kitty litter everywhere so this works great for fast clean ups, its easy for her to push around and it does a great job.It also is easy for her to empty it which is great for the elderly.
    Thank you,
    Mary Jo Kelleher...more info
  • Hard to rate.
    You have to keep in mind that this isn't a vacuum cleaner, and doesn't compete with one. It brushes stuff off the surface of your carpet, it's not going to suck dirt and dust from way down deep.

    I bought this sweeper to use when my year old son is having a nap. Babies like to eat anything they can find on the rug, and this is great for getting up the pine needles and cat hair. It is not as good as a vacuum but better than I would have thought.

    I would have rated it higher except for the handle. The handle is 4 pieces of metal tube with a taper on one end, so you can force them together. As you might guess, they fall apart constantly. It's really not an acceptable design, and I marvel that Bissel actually would just send a product like this out on the market without fixing this obvious flaw. How hard would it have been to thread the ends of the handle pieces so they screwed together? I'd gladly have paid an extra couple dollars for it.

    I hot-glue gunned mine together and so far so good. But you should never have to glue a brand new item in order to make it work....more info
  • Awesome
    Awesome! It does everything it says it does. I couldn't believe the amount a dirt it picked up in one sweep....more info
  • Bissell Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper good
    I am pleased with the sweeper for picking up and getting into narrow places. I use it between regular vaccuumings....more info
  • Handle and Corner performance make this a return.
    I picked up one of these and had to return it. Like other reviews here have mentioned the handle is problem. But a bigger issue for me are basic design flaws in how it picks up debris.

    The brushes are set in from the front and rear edge a couple of inches which means you have to use the side edges to clean the toekick area under cabinets. If you have an iside corner you can't reach the last two inches in that corner, and that's the corner that accumulates the crud in the kitchen.

    At first I considered that is a mechinical device to be an asset over being electrical, (no batteries or plug) but I've changed my mind. The brushes only spin when the sweeper is moving, so get used to the motion of constantly going back an forth over the same area to get everything. And you have to go past the debris to make sure you'll get it.

    Now onto the handle. It needs a more secure way of being put together. There are three friction connections to put the handle together. The product is just heavy enough to cause the handle to come apart at any one of the connections, when lifted. It doesn't come apart at the head which has a screw in connection. It's funny if they had manufactured the same screw in connection for the rest of the handle and it wouldn't be a problem. This becomes annoying when go to empty the debris collectors. You have to pick the entire thing up a hold it over the garbage because collectors are just rotating doors on the the unit and don't remove. So to avoid the handle falling apart you wind up bending over to grab the thing at the bottom.

    While this may sound like a wholly bad review I guess there might be some situations where this might be useful; primarily on a carpet under a dining room table or possibly a hallway the gets dirty often. ...more info
  • Not too pleased
    Even though I had done some brief research on this product, I was displeased. I gave it as a gift and just basically, it didn't work. It didn't pick up the dirt that it was supposed to. It did seem to fit the description but the performance was less than satisfactory....more info
  • Better than a swivel sweeper
    It's better than a swivel sweeper, but don't expect it to work for anything other than to pick up large pieces. It's probably more cost efficient to get a handheld vacuum or better yet, pull out the vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Sweeper
    The sweeper is good for light pickups.I had trouble with the handels coming apart.I had to wrap them in tape to keep them together.
    JB....more info
  • Disappointed
    I had one of these sweepers 20 years ago and loved it, so I got this one recently. It works great, but every time I lift it up, the handle slips out and the sweeper goes crashing to the floor. Extremely irritating. I'm trying to get my husband to drill a hole through the handle and bolt it together. Of course, then I won't be able to take it apart. Also, there is no easy cleaning of the brushes. Hair gets wrapped around the brushes and the ends of the brushes and is very difficult to get out. It would be nice if you could remove the brushes for easier cleaning. ...more info
  • good for quick clean ups
    This is a hand thing to have to pick up dog hair, crumbs, etc, in between vacuuming. I wanted something i did not have to recharge. This works well, reminds me of the carpet sweeper my mom had when i was a kid. Good to have if you have pets and kids...I got mine cause my son plays football on artificial turf..and he brings home little pieces of black rubber in his cleets and on his socks....since football is 4 times a week, i didn't want to vacuum all the time...this did the good on bare floors and carpet......more info
  • OK - But has a design flaw
    Nice little sweeper and hate to quibble when it was so cheap, but he handle falls apart. WOuld it have hard to have some sort of locking mechanism??? Oh well, I'll try electrical tape, because the problem is getting worse, not better. That said, it does work and is good for quick touch ups when I don't want to haul the vacuum out....more info
    The handle for the Bissel Sweeper is made of 3 parts that you push together and come apart everytime you pick the sweeper up. Even a cheap $13 sweeper at Target has a screw-together handle. But neither Bissel, nor Amazon, apparently tried this product out before they made it and sold it. It's practically a crime to advertise you can save space by hanging this sweeper up -- since each time you pick it up the large metal head separates from the handle and crashes right on the floor (leaving dents in wood) or on your foot (and making you curse at it). Should be a ZERO star product....more info
  • Problem with handle
    The sweeper works as well as you can expect from any carpet sweeper and I have been happy with that, but the handle consists of several metal tubes that fit into each other poorly. The instructions say to give the tubes a solid wack to keep them tightly together.

    Well, my husband, my father, and I have all wacked the handle as hard as we can to try to keep it together, but the pieces pull apart if you lift the sweeper by the handle (say to move around an item on the floor) or even if you just pull on the handle too hard. The lowest tube on the handle screws onto the base, which makes me question why they just didn't make the other pieces screw into each other, as well? ...more info
  • Review of Bissell Perfect Swweeper
    Easy to use, and picks up pretty well. I had a hard time learning how to empty the collected dirt holding section, and it opens pretty fast, making it easy to spill if you aren't careful. Probably will be better after repeated use. Nice to use between vacuuming, and quieter. ...more info
  • Not good.
    It's a waste. I bought it for my hardwood floor. It's very noisy. Can't pick up dirt very well....more info
  • Good Enough for Quick (carpet/non carpet) Cleaning
    I have a carpet floor but I didn't intend to have this product to replace my vacuum cleaner. For light floor surface cleaning, rather than uncoiling the cord of my vacuum cleaner - I just pull this out (sweeper) and start running over (to pick up) lint fibers, bits of papers, small beads, wrapper debris, and others similar to it. And it works fine. Of course, for deeper cleaning, use vacuum.

    My rating is four star otherwise five. The only reason to be four star is the size (kind of big) which is not really a big deal for me for it serves the purpose of why I bought it. But pricewise, it is five star. There is a similar product made by rubbermaid which is smaller but the price is twice. At any rate, be careful with the handle - either Bisell or Rubbermaid or other similar products.

    Well, I have to wait for more than four months so I can give a better review about this product....more info
  • Waste of money
    The sweeper is so-so at picking up on carpet and you have to apply a fair amount of pressure on hard floors. Dirt that has been swept up frequently redeposits on the floor, even with frequent emptying. The worst part is the handle. There are no fasteners of any sort to hold the pole segments together. Consequently the handle is constantly separating while in use. I hate this thing. I'm especially disappointed because I expected far better quality from Bissell. If possible I would rate this sweeper with zero stars!...more info
  • Great for pet hair and hardwood floors!
    I just received this today, and I really like it so far. I had already vacuumed the house earlier today, but I was excited to try out this product so I pushed it around the house even though I just vacuumed. I can't believe how much hair and dust it picked up that I couldn't even see and that the vacuum missed! I have mostly hardwood floors with a couple of area rugs, and it seemed to do well on both surfaces. I look forward to using this sweeper every day to keep the floor clean between vacuumings.

    The only con I can see so far is that other reviewers are absolutely right about the handle not staying together. It fell apart almost every time I tried to pick the sweeper up off the floor by the handle. I'll use some electrical tape over the handle joints which I'm sure will fix the problem, but it's too bad Bissell doesn't come up with a better design that doesn't fall apart. I'm still quite satisfied with my purchase despite this flaw. ...more info
  • very convenient
    Great for picking up stuff tracked in from outside. I have a 10 month old who picks up every speck of dirt or piece of lint she finds. This allows me to do a quick clean up with out dragging out the vacuum. I can also clean around her with the loud noise of the vacuum which always made her cry. The handle did fall off a few times but I just wrapped some black electrical tape around it & I haven't had a problem since....more info
  • Bissel Sweeper
    Wonderful, smooth transaction...received quickly. This sweeper does the job well...I would highly recommend it! :-)...more info
  • No substitute for a vacuum cleaner
    It picks up middle sized particles OK, but if it is too fine it does not do a good job. Not bad for a quick sweep over a small spot. But it's no substitute for a vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Works well
    Haven't had too much time to use it, but it hasn't given me any problems so far. ...more info
  • Handle separates
    The handle has four or so pieces that you join together to make a long handle. I had to tape each segment together to keep them from coming apart when I use it. Once I taped them, I found that the sweeper does work - it is quiet, lightweight, and is a quick way to sweep up. Emptying is easy....more info
  • Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper
    In three words I can tell you how I feel about this product, I Love It!! it performs as it says it does, I am even planning on purchasing another Bissell Perfect Sweep, this one will be a gift for my Mother. If you want a good sweeper I suggest this model and brand, don't order anything else you will only be paying extra money for nothing when this model does just as much for less, to tell you the truth about this sweeper I have long hair which falls out alot and this sweeper picked up bunches of my hair in my carpet, it also has a awesome comb to get the hair out of the brushes and it does it with ease. I am so pleased I made this purchase it keeps your carpet clean between vacuumings....more info
  • Good quick picker-upper
    I bought this to use between vacuumings. I hate dragging out the big vacuum just to clean up little crumbs and such on the carpeting. This sweeper does a great job on crumbs and things on the carpeting and hard floor. The only thing I've noticed is it doesn't really pick up fuzz and stuff off of the carpet, so I have to pick those up by hand anyway. I was surprised, though, how much hair it picks up off of the mostly gets stuck in the brushes and you have to pick it out, but at least it's picking it up! It's super easy to empty, too, and my [...] year old daughter loves using it!!...more info
  • Excellent Everyday Sweeper
    This is a great everyday in between your regular vaccuum sweeper. It picks up almost everything. I love it and it makes the carpet so smooth after you run over it with the Bissell. And also the clean-up is great(so easy)!!!! Buy it and if you don't like it(for some odd reason) return it and get your measley $25.62 back!...more info
  • great sweeper!
    I am very satisfied with the purchase of this sweeper. I use it to clean up after my pet rabbits...can you say bunny hair? They are scared of vacuum cleaners so this is a great product for daily use. It was easy to put together the pole and attach it to the sweeper. It has been very easy to empty the two collection bins under the sweeper. I have no complaints. If you go into this thinking it's the permanent replacement for a vacuum, then this isn't realistic. ...more info
  • A Quick Picker Upper
    I really like the Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper. I have a rug under my kitchen table and I hated getting the vacuum cleaner out after every meal. This sweeper is great! I also use it at all of my exterior doors to pick up bits of leaves and anything else from outside. The sweeper works okay on my wood floors. The only thing I don't like about it is the handle does not screw together. It does at the bottom but the other pieces have to "wedge" together; you don't want to lift it very high as it might fall on your feet....more info
  • Great for daily messes
    I have to keep my cat's litterbox in my bedroom, and cleaning up the tracked bits and pieces is a hassle. The vacuum cleaner does a fine job, but it's a little too much work for daily cleaning in a small room. This carpet sweeper works beautifully on the low-pile area rug I have near the litter box. It takes less than a minute to pick up the litter and any pet hair. It's so quick and easy that I usually take it into the living room and kitchen, too. I'm always surprised by how much hair, dirt, and bits of leaves and paper it picks up.

    I like that the purchase price is the only cost to operate the sweeper. No electricity, no refill sticky sheets, no bags. It's easy to empty, and it keeps the floors looking clean and tidy between vacuumings (which are further apart, now).

    Best of all, it's quiet. I can use it any time of the day without worrying that I'm bothering the people in the apartment next to me. When I'm finished, it flattens against a closet wall, taking up a ridiculously small amount of space. Unlike others, I haven't had any trouble with the handle coming apart. The joints fit together very securely....more info
  • Buy A Bissell
    I received it quickly,and it was easy to assemble - and it picked up an amazing amount of dog hair. As there is no vacuum roar my dog is not afraid of it! ...more info
  • Bissell 2680B Perfect Dual Brush Sweeper
    This product is NOT at all perfect! It does not do well with pet hair or lint on a carpet. The debris trap must be emptied much too often and when it is nearly full, it will deposit the debris you just picked up back onto the carpet! Not a good buy....more info
  • Wonderful
    I bought this for my small convience store. I only have 3 small rugs, but found that it works just as well on my floor also. It is lightweight but powerful. Thank You....more info
  • good sweep
    worked well on tile and carpet..

    Don't have to grab my heavy duty vacuum every time for a small spot..

    But for corners still not easy.

    Anyway, Great product!!...more info
  • Great Bissell carpet sweeper
    The bissell carpet sweeper works very well. I have no entryway, we walk right into the living room and there is always dirt, pet hair and pine needles on the rug. I bought the carpet sweeper specifically for this area. It does a great job of picking up all the dirt. I'm very surprised how much pet hair it picks up. It does not replace a cleaning with a vacuum, but now I don't have to vac. as often....more info
  • Great product
    This has been a lifesaver for our busy household. We have a carpeted dining room that needs vacuuming after every meal so this sweeper has gotten alot of use. It picks up all the crumbs and cereal easily and even the small children can use it. It has saved us from lugging out the big vacuum many times....more info
  • Good Product!
    This is the best for those quick clean-ups. It works very well. Other than dumping out the dirt being a little awkward it's a great buy!...more info
  • Simple and effective Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper
    If you're like I am, I don't like to have to drag out the vacuum cleaner every time I need a small clean up in the kitchen or basement.

    The Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper is completely portable, lightweight, and gets the job done. It works best on carpeted floors with a light nap, not so well on heavy shag. It does fairly well on tile and wood floors, but the brush mechanisms were best designed to work on carpeted floors.

    The feature I best appreciate is the non-electric sweeper action; fewer parts to go wrong, and a lifetime warranty to boot! You can't get that with an electric model.

    It is simple and effective, but I give it 4 stars for it not being able to work on all styles of floors easily. Yes, it will clean, but not without more effort than on a flat carpeted floor....more info
  • Bissell 2680B Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper
    This product is a great value for the price. It does wear out after about 6 months of daily use but it works awesome for the 25 bucks that you pay. I would definitely recommend it!...more info
  • A Broom is Better
    I bought the green model 2670 to sweep cat litter from a bare floor. After going over the area several times, there were still several granules of litter left on the floor. I took my trusty broom and swept the area I just cleaned with the Bissell. It was discouraging to see all the litter the Bissell had missed! I would say the Bissell picked up maybe 75% of the cat litter. For someone who likes to walk barefoot in a clean house, this is not acceptable to me. Besides, it was just as much work to run the Bissell back and forth over and over, as it was to drag the broom across the floor a few times.

    Also, this model is not engineered to get very close to the wall on either the front or back side of the sweeper. The brushes are in the center of the sweeper, yet the closed bottom of the sweeper extends a full 3 inches in front of and behind the brushes. Because the brushes must rotate to pick up debris, the Bissell will stop picking up anything 3 to 4 inches from wall.

    I am returning the Bissell.
    ...more info
  • Really good for touch ups
    This is exactly what I expect it to be! It is super on carpet for cat hair and fuzz, etc. Okay on my 18" tiled floors - picked up cat food and cat litter and some other miscellaneous "stuff".

    However my ONLY complaint is that it does not get into the grout very well. If I press down a bit it will take out some of it, but I need to pull out my broom for a quick follow up. Realistically, I wanted it mostly for carpets to pick up cat hair between vacuums. It is very quiet on carpet and a bit noisy on tile floors but not bad.

    I plan to Gorilla glue the handle pieces together. They do come apart easily.

    Other than those 2 "negatives", I'm really glad I bought this. It will give me a cleaner house and I can touch up while my baby is sleeping. ...more info
  • The best $25.00 I ever spent
    This is an excellent carpet sweeper and the best monies I ever spent. I bought this because we care for our 14 month granddaughter a lot,clean carpets are a must since everything on the carpet ends up in Lexies mouth. This is great for quick clean ups, is so easy to use and light weight. I have breathing problems and a vaccum sweeper is very hard for me to use. this carpet sweeper has been a dream come true.....more info
    I have an area rug that I constantly have to haul out the huge vacuum everytime I want it to look clean - Now I don't have to do that - I was totally surprised at how well this inexpensive tool cleaned my rug!!!...more info
  • Quick
    Just what I wanted! Perfect? No, for that I would get the vacume out. 3 year olds spill cherrios from family room to the other end of the house, no fuss, no problem, sweep 'em up and empty in the garbage, and move on to more important things! note: the handle comes off sometimes, so I glued it on....more info
  • Worthless
    This sweeper neither works on carpeting, rugs or bare floors. It is a complete waste of money. No wonder I haven't seen one since Grandma,s pre-electric days. This is a really, really worthless item. Save your money!!!...more info
  • A useful gadget to have around the kitchen
    This cleaner is very handy for picking up small messes such as crumbs. It usually takes a few passes to pick up everything, but its not bad. It feels cheaply made, but so far I haven't had any problems with it. Overall I'm glad I bought and we use it all the time instead of dragging out the vacuum. For the price, it can't be beat....more info
  • not the bissell of my childhood
  • Not bad
    This sweeper picks up well from my tile kitchen floor as well as indoor outdoor carpeting. It's great for picking up under the table after my two year old eats! He can even use it himself. The only drawback is that it is quite noisy on the tile floor....more info
  • Commercial use of Bissell 2680B
    We use this Bissell for our floors in our theatre. It tends to hold up longer than most other more expensive models. As we wear out Bissells like this, we will continue to purchase the same item....more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is very easy to put to use, just a few things snap together and it's ready. I hate to vacuum. I have a wonderful self-propelled vacuum but it's so noisy. I like to use this in between for the little jobs that need a quick touch up. I tried one of the cheaper models and it just didn't do the job. I have four dogs so there's always hair to get up and now I don't have to vacuum every day!...more info
  • Easy and Fast Quicker Picker-Upper.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Bissell on dog hair, cat hair and kitty litter. It picks it all up! No longer do I have to drag out the 12.5 amp Kenmore when the kids drop crumbs on the floor. We have low pile carpet and linoleum and the Bissell works great on both. It fills up fairly quickly if you have a mess to clean, but it only takes a few seconds to empty the machine.

    My mom had a similar machine 40 years ago and I can see the improvements Bissell has made over the years with dual rotating brushes. Also, I can use it when everyone is sleeping as it makes no noise compared with my old handheld Boss Stick handheld vaccuum. The Boss died and when I tried to find a battery for it, I found it would almost cost the same to replace it. So I checked around for a cleaner without battery or electric power and I found it with the Bissell.

    I recommend the Bissell to everyone who does not have High Pile carpet. It works well on low carpet and bare floors....more info
  • It is Perfect!
    Other than the handle, that could use some improvement, this is a Great product! It picks up cat/dog hair, litter, anything that is brought in by us or the animals. The best part, is that it works on bare floors or carpet and you don't have to re-charge it when you need a quick clean-up....more info
  • This Is A Great Little Product
    I was looking for something to sweep laminate floors. Something that would pick up fluffy dog hair and gritty sand (we live in a country setting). Everytime I swept the floor or dust mopped or used the bare floor sweeper I would see this fluffy hair scooting across the floor trying to get away. I could just imagine all this stuff being thrown into the air and breathing it into my lungs. Once I found this sweeper that has enclosed bristles, I have become a happy camper!! NOW that stuff gets picked up instead of thrown into the air.(great for allergy suffers) Nothing fancy to it but a box (lifetime warranty)with a handle and 2 rollerbrushes with their own separate dustpans.(Everything stays contained) It does the job!! No electricity or cords to have to worry about either. It was well worth the amount I paid for it. Who would have thought I would own a manual sweeper broom in our electronic society. Bissell is a name well trusted and great construction material. It also comes with its own rollerbrush comb to remove the hair cool is that. I remember my grandmother owned one of these.....LoL ...more info
  • A good product
    If you realize that this is not mad to replace vacuuming and is made to relieve the need to vacuum for simple everyday messes....more info
  • Improve your life
    If you are like us and you have crumbs, grass, dirt, etc., that mysteriously appears on your floor and it stresses you out, then this will improve your life. I used to avoid picking up the dirt because my options basically consisted of using the big vacuum cleaner (overkill), a paper towel (inefficient and wasteful), or a little handheld brush and dustpan (requires lots of bending over). So while I avoided cleaning up the dirt, the stress increased. No more. This thing is great. The kids make a mess, someone tracks in dirt, no problem, you just roll this over it and the whole mess is gone. We considered an electric gadget, but this is so much better.

    That all being said, this is not the perfect product. It costs very little and it shows in places. Sometimes you have to go over things more than once, but that's still fine because it's so easy to use. It doesn't have the highest quality moving parts, but if it tears up in a couple of years, you just buy another one (and you won't be able to live without it by then). If you're even thinking about this product then you should buy it....more info
    I have a cat and the litter box is in the bathroom. It seemed like I was always sweeping litter and emptying dust pans and washing my hands, again. I keep the bissell in the bathroom, run it in front of the litter box and I'm done! No dust pans every time! And it's manuel so there's no charging. This thing is great! The handle is kind of cheap but otherwise, this is a great product!...more info
  • So easy to use!
    This sweeper has made my life so much easier! Being able to quickly pick up dirt and crumbs has been very helpful and made my life that much easier! It is so quick and convenient. With 2 kids, they are always leaving small messes everywhere so this is an asset to have! Great job Bissell at creating yet another great product! This sweeper also works great at picking up cat hair and litter!...more info