IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifiers

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Our Price: $649.00

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Product Description

Exclusive to, this is a smaller sized air purifier than the IQAIR HealthPro Plus because it has two filters instead of three, but it has almost the same cleaning range. In this air purifier the legendary IQAir Prefilter is combined with 2lbs of carbon so it does give some odor removal protection although not the model we would recommend for heavy odor removal and VOC problems. The best news is that it costs only $30 more at $629.00 than the standard IQAir Compact and far less than the $799.00 price of the best selling IQAir HealthPro Plus. We think many people will jump on this option, if allergen removal is their primary concern. Superbly engineered air purifiers and our category winner, these IQAir models were the first to pass the worlds most stringent HEPA filter test EN 1822. Win the battle against indoor allergens -- dust, smoke, odor, gas, and mold -- with "HyperHEPA filtration". HiFlow air technology cleans with top efficiency and speed for fast allergy and asthma. relief. With filter change indicators and easy to change filters, these air purifiers are simple to maintain. The IQAir HealthPro Series air purifiers are ideal for someone who: really wants the best in general overall household air filtration and is prepared to pay for it. With clean room grade HEPA performance, the unit outperforms most conventional HEPA air purifiers in allergen and particle retention by a ratio of 100:1.

  • Low cost to run-longer filter life, advanced digital control, patented triple seal system 5 yr wrnty

 Customer Reviews:

  • Do your research first.
    I have done extensive research on indoor air purifier and the thing is, you do not want the one that is 1) heavy and ugly 2) Nosy 3) expensive to run it 4) expensive to maintain 5) Does not function as well for the money. I came up with THE BEST air purifier there is on the market AIR SOURCE 3000 by Shaklee. One SMALL unit covers up to 3000 Sq feet, no filter to change, they look like an art, quite and energy saving, kills bacteria and virus and allegens. It get rid of odor, and DOES the job it is supposed to. I will think twice before you buy one of these ugly heavy bulky expensive appliance. ...more info
  • Buy this product
    My wife has severe alergies and used to sneeze constantly in the house, during allergy tests she pretty much came up positive for everything. She used to get allergy shots once a month, but no longer after this unit. Neither of us sneeze at all anymore. I also have a dog and smell is no longer an issue. Only problem is you can not use an air freshener in the house because it will have no odor. I have tried many air cleaner products and this is by far the best. It is big, its ugly and expensive to replace the filters, but I would pay double, worth every single cent....more info
  • Clears Toxic Fumes From Artist Oil Paint
    I've had this air cleaner for three years now, running constantly, and am just now replacing the two filters. As a prior review mentioned, the refills are an investment, but the machine has allowed me to set up an art studio in my home. Oil paint fumes are seriously toxic and when the machine is running there is no odor at all. Absolutely silent on the lower settings, barely audible at full fan speed. Highly recommend....more info
  • Meets the specs perfectly
    I have severe allergic asthma. I use this machine to create positive pressure with clean air in my bedroom, cleanroom style.

    As of the time of writing of this review, there are fires all over Northern California, and the air in the Bay Area is very unhealthy. To give you an idea, here are some rough numbers spit out by my laser particle counter (~10% error)

    ~10,000 particles of 0.5 micron particles detected in 10 seconds in outdoor air pumped at 0.1 cubic feet per min.
    ~4,000 particles in my living room.
    ~0 particles detected right next to the output of the IQ Air machine.
    ~100 particles in my bedroom (40 times better than outside).

    The machine maintains this performance for at least 6 months, even after the "change filter" sign starts blinking.

    Replacement parts are expensive, but for me it's worth it. With the machine I can have a break from unhealthy air at least during the night time....more info
  • Finally..... Relief from Allergies!!!
    I have only owned and used the product now for 2 days. But, WOW!!! What a difference! I am a SEVERE allergy suffer. And I own 2 cats. (I know, I'm crazy! But I love animals.) I have tried all the allergy medicines know to man. Perscription and otherwise. They work in the beginning and then I guess I build up an immunity to them. Anyway, I have FINALLY found relief! I am SO grateful to this company. I can breathe anywhere in my house now, with my 2 cats! The unit is pretty nice looking, but for a compact, still large. Seems very easy to use. Best of all, NO SET UP! Just attached the wheels if you want to use them. Seems very sturdy. Yes, expensive, but truly, WELL WORTH EVERY DIME. This unit knocks the Sharper image model out of the playing feild completely. The sharper image unit is also excellent, however TOO MUCH UP-KEEP. Too much constant cleaning and waiting for it to dry. Don't I have enough to do already? Anyway, the IQ AIR is very easy to use, No set-up and best of all.... IT WORKS IMMEDIATELY! I was breathing better within the first 30 minutes of plugging it in. Now, when I turn it on, I breather easier right away. I guess there was so much crap in my air at first. The company provides a 30 day return policy. Try it, I am sure you will love it and not return it....more info
  • I can breath and I'm snot kidding
    I did my research and found this is the best large room air purifier on the market. I have suffered from allergies all my life and have been through all the medications. I still use the medications but as I grow older they seem to be less effective so I thought it time to try an air purifier. My wife has just begun to suffer from allergies. Both of us noticed that when we were in the room with the IQAir we stopped having runny noses and stopped sneezing. (When I moved it to the bedroom the snoring stopped too.) So now I find there is only one thing to do and that is buy another air purifier for the bedroom. Since this IQ Air may be a "compact" it is still a lug taking it up the steps. I only wish I could afford to buy one for my car and one for my office. ...more info
  • Top Product!
    A few years ago in San Diego, CA there was an emergency situation with fire outbreaks close enough to metropolitan area to create a toxic environment. My wife is susceptible to asthma and it made her very ill. In fact, our miniature maltese also became sick as well. I knew I had to find a top of the line air purifier asap. I researched many products and chose the IQ Air Healthpro compact home air purifier. It was expensive but the health of our family comes first. This is definately a worthy investment. We have utilized this product for several years and recommend it wholeheartedly. ...more info