SmartWater Refrigerator Filter

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Product Description

- For use in GE Refrigerator Water Filtration Systems - Easy, do-it-yourself installation & replacemnt - Replaces models: GWF & HWF - Makes Better Tasting & Healthy Water

  • Superior Carbon Block Technology
  • Easy installation and operation
  • 6 month filter life
  • Better Tasting Water
  • the

Customer Reviews:

  • Matches exactly with original filter
    The item exactly matches with original filter. The original filter is type GWF "Smart Water Plus" for GE refrigerator type PSS26LGRB WW.
    It took hardly couple of minutes to replace the filter. We have observed the new filter for the last few weeks and we have not faced any problem so far....more info
  • Replacement of Water Filter
    We needed a water filter because the old one was out of date and was starting to give off black particals in the water when drawn. So, this new filter, (from Filters Fast) came 5 days before the due date of delivery. So that is why I feel that Filters Fast is worth your time because they make sure that the items you order come with super fast delivery. Hightly recommend them....more info
  • cheap and works
    this works for older smartwater gcf filters without an adaptor found here for 28$ from filtersfast....more info
  • Just what I needed.
    This product was just what I needed and has worked as expected. I would definitely order it again....more info
  • Works great BUT...
    they work great, this seller is quick, but I got a smaller substitute than the one I ordered and was not notifed ahead. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    This SmartWater Filter works great! I was a little hesitant at first since I've always ordered my filters direct from the manufacturer. However, this filter is working perfectly, the price was much better than that from the manufacturer and it arrived fast. I'll definitely be ordering again. ...more info
  • GE MWF Smartwater Filter
    Works well at filtering the disgusting chemicals the city uses to 'clean' the water. I'm very pleased with this product....more info
  • MWF Replacement Water Filter
    It looks and works like the original. The only difference is the lower price. ...more info
  • Listed incorrectly on website
    The filter is fine and works for my refrigerator but the website is incorrect. It lists this as a 3-pack for $32 but it is actually just one filter. It came from Filters Fast and they seem understanding but the text is misleading for those thinking they're getting a GREAT bargain!!...more info
  • Refrigerator Filter Review
    Our water unit on the refrigerator started running very slow to the point of almost not working at all. We had just purchased the house which included the appliance. I thought the unit was going bad and I'd have a huge repair bill or worse. I thought I would start with the filter check first. Got the model number and searched the web. We found the GE Smartwater Ref. Filter online. From their it was pretty easy. Got a great price thru We received the pkg within a week. It was very easy to install and presto. A full stream of running water. My wife and kids are happy and that's what is important!

    Now I am a prepared for next time.

    ...more info
  • Good product / delivery in time
    It is the second time that I've get this filter, the product is obviously good and delivery also. I'm recommending this sealer......more info
  • Terrific Filter, Easy Process
    This whole transaction was so simple and convenient. The filters came quite quickly and the entire process was done in about 5 minutes. Thanks!...more info
  • GE MWF SmartWater Filter
    Quick turnaround time on receipt of product. Received several days before they had indicated it might arrive. Product came in good condition and exactly as ordered. Will definitely do business with this seller in the future....more info
  • MWF GE water filter
    Great product, great service. I didn't realise how much sediment my old filter was putting through until I put the new one in. What a difference!!...more info
  • Just what I needed
    The filter arrived very quickly. It was packaged well, so there was no damage to the product. I will order again from here. ...more info
  • Item a 5, seller not a is why...
    The item arrived quickly and was well packaged. The product itself made was simple to install and the positive water quality change was noticeable immediately.

    The only reason I didn't give 5 stars to the company is because the description states that they are selling a 3-pack for $34.95 and that the singles are sold out. They still sent a single. I honestly didn't expect 3 and figured it was probably some sort of oversight, but the company should be more responsible with their listings and honor their mistakes....more info
  • This is the right part, and arrives quickly
    This is exactly what you're looking for to go into your GE Frig, and a better price than getting it from retail such as Best Buy....more info
  • clean water once again
    The water filter works great. I don't understand why the literature says to replace it every 6 months, but the "replace filter" light doesn't light up for 2 years. Also, I can't figure out how to turn the "replace filter" light off. Yes. I read the instructions....more info
  • Works perfect.
    This is a good product. It works perfect and Amazon made the delivery just on time. ...more info
  • It's dishonest to sell one filter for the price of three!
    The price given for this product is the the price for a three-pack of water filters from any other vendor. However, Amazon only ships one filter, not a three-pack, which is what the price would otherwise imply you are buying. This is dishonest. Beware of this bad product description!...more info
  • Did the Job
    The smartfilter we bought was great, the price was good. Amazon shows it to be 3 filters for the price which is wrong. When i called the company they were easy to deal with. Wanted to make me happy said i could keep the filter or return it for full refund. Because it was still a good price for the one, we kept it. ...more info
  • Great product at great price.
    This product is exactly what I needed. It replaced my old filter. Great price. ...more info
  • MWF replaced my GWF
    The MWF filter did replace the GWF filter of my older refrigerator. It seems to work well and I DID NOT need to buy a new adapter. Who knows, your refrigerator may be different, but the MWF filter does replace my GWF filter no problems.

    Please note that I had to REMOVE the adapter connected to the old GWF (or MWF) filter that was to be discarded and place the adapter on the new filter. If you accidently throw away the adapter or need it, you can buy it. Search for GWFadapter on Amazon and you will find it....more info
  • what to say
    filters water ? what can you say, easy to install I dont know, it works info
  • The description for the item changed.
    I did receive one genuine water filter for my refrigerator and it worked fine. But what I ordered (and what it stated on my invoice and on my order confirmation) was a "3-pack of ..."

    I tried to contact the vendor, no response.
    I tried to contact vendor through Amazon resolution web page, no response.
    I filled out an Amazon claim, no response.
    Amazon refunded my money.

    So although the filter I did get was fine, the vendor needs to work on their customer service. I am satisfied with what happened, but still it would have been more fair if they had just refunded me 66.6% of the money I paid, or had sent me two more filters and not refunded me anything.......more info
  • Item & company (shipper) as expected
    Item arrived shrink-wrapped and in original box. Item is exactly as expected; shipper sent on time - no issues. Would be nice to have had a shipment notice/email....more info
  • filter
    The product is exactly what you would expect. The filter provides crisp water and is easy to install.

    It did take a while longer than expected to arrive. I seen the product at two home improvement stores while waiting.........more info
  • Water Filter
    By oredering this product on, it was $5.00 cheaper than ordering directly from GE. The product arrived in a timely manner and I am pleased with it....more info
  • Great!
    It's very easy to install after removing the old filter. This filter fits perfectly and works great! I'm looking to purchase this continually. ...more info
  • just another ploy to raise the price.
    Had the GWF which GE said in their instruction booklet would cost apx. $25 to replace. Now they replace it with a "better" more expensive product that looks the same. GE -- shame shame.

    Product does work well, as did the GWF....more info
  • Does what a filter is supposed to
    Good product. It does what the filter was designed to do by the manufacturer :-)
    Fast shipping. Thanks....more info
  • One filter Not Three
    The correct filter was delivered and fit perfectly. Please note the description is wrong, they will send only one filter, not three. Either way it is still a great price....more info
  • MWF Filter, good but pricey !
    The MWF filter is easy to replace and the water tastes good, I just can't see why it's so expensive, alright maybe $30 every six months is not that much, but it is after all only a filter !...more info
  • No issues
    I had no problems replacing my water filter. Easy to do, shipping was fast from vendor, would use again....more info
  • Very Good
    The filter arrived on time and was a perfect fit for my refridgerator.I was initially skeptical about the purchase because the price was cheaper than the price displayed on the GE website....more info
  • Couldn't be Easier
    Shipped immediately, took it out of the box, ignored all the instructions and warnings as men do, unscrewed the other one, put this one in, filled up 2 big glasses of water to "flush it" and that was it.

    Maybe 5mins worth of effort?

    Not sure what else to say in a review of this item, worked great in our GE fridge....more info
  • Water tastes great, (and my wife's happy).
    When our new GE profile refrigerator flashed it's "Change Filter" light, I wondered how much this little filter would cost me to replace. I was surprised...Amazon's price was not bad. Plus, the original filter lasted us almost 1 year (it's only my wife and I, but we drink water all the time). My wife is picky about the water chlorine taste, etc., so I was initially very pleased when she was happy with the water taste & quality. And, she hasn't complained since I installed this new filter. Thanks GE for including this nice feature, and making it affordable to replace....more info
  • Smart water filter
    Easy to install. Supplier sent it in a timely fashion. Good for six months but expensive, more so than it has to be...more info
  • GE Filter
    The newer GE MWF series filters do replace the older GWF series but a GE/Kenmore SmartWater Filter Adapter (GWFADAPTER) is needed with some older refrigerators. Otherwise, the filters do the job just as well....more info


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