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Tired of looking for F1 filters and paying those high prices? This offer is for 2 Dirt Devil F1 filters. Indoor air filter removes 99.97-percent of airborne matter down to 0.3 microns in size Helps remove dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke, dust mites, and other allergens Ideal for people who suffer from asthmatic or other respiration-related irritations Unique technology captures solid particles, which are not allowed back into the air Fits most Dirt Devil bagless upright models made in March 2003 and later. This is the F1 Filter. Most Dirt Devils give you this reference number on the back or the bottom of the machine. This filter is a tapered filter (it is larger on the bottom, where the hole is, than on the top). The total length is 8" it measures 3.25" in diameter on the bottom where the hole is with a 1.75" diameter hole. It measures 2.75" in diameter at the top. If your filter is the one that is totally cylindrical (top and bottom are the same size) this one will not fit. Email service@vacshack.com if you are in doubt about which filter fits your vacuum. Please include your vacuum cleaner's model number and mfg. code in the email. We will be happy to do the research for you.

  • Package of 2 Filters
  • Genuine Dirt Devil F-1 Filters W/O Packaging
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Filter-great price!
    Finding filters are always a pain to track down for your vacuum cleaner. The product works great to pull and attract most big pieces of dirt, dust, sand, etc. The product lasts a good long time and we have one child who makes many, many messes (food underneath the kitchen table on the rugs, etc.). We use the vacuum approx. 2 times per week, short uses each time then one long use per month.

    Very happy!...more info
  • Generic, not genuine.
    when I was buying it, the product description said "Genuine Dirt Devil". It's not. It's generic and it's made by Envirocare Technologies. The filter material feels different from the original, but it did fit the vacuum. We'll see how it performs later....more info
  • Great replacement
    If you are looking for a scientific breakdown of particles in the air after a vacuum, this isn't your review. If you are looking for first hand knowledge of the difference between an old filter and a new one, read on! I have a dirt devil vacuum cleaner. I also have a dog and a cat. Luckily I don't smoke! After quite some time, I will be honest, I decided it was time to replace the filter. I'd vacuum the house and you could smell the fact that the filter was no longer truly working. I put one of these in, vacuumed and wow! Why did I wait so long? These replacement filters were a little smaller than the original and I thought at first that maybe they were the wrong ones but they weren't. I price searched and here at Amazon I found them to be the cheapest. Shipping was quick and hey, there's two of them! Do yourself a favor, change your filter now!!...more info
  • NOT Original Dirt Devil Filters
    I received the two air filters and they are not original Dirt Devil HEPA filters. I tried one filter and it is not correct since the vacuum does not work with it (loss of suction, burning smell from the vacuum, and the filter has a plastic coating which feels completely different from the regular "paper" feel of the filter I bought in the store last year). I even saved my older original Dirt Devil filter and the vacuum works fine with it (before and after trying the filter they sent)....more info
  • Hepa filters
    Great deal on the filters. Could not find these anywhere at a local store....more info
  • exactly what I ordered
    I got two filters for the price of one, they were exactly what I needed and they showed up on time in perfect condition. Would definitely order from this seller again....more info
  • Great overall.
    Quick shipping and product arrived just as promised. Even with shipping costs it saves at least ten dollars from buying in the store. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil filters
    After vacuuming too long with an old filter I noticed that it just wasn't picking up simple things. The hepa filters fit perfectly and were a great deal, 2 for around $20. Other websites listed them for $20 each. So for the price and ease of use it was worth it. Plus the vacuum has better suction....more info
  • Works great!
    I read the reviews and was a little concerned the filters might not fit, but they turned out to be exactly like the Dirt Devil filter I replaced it with. The filter fit perfectly and works fine. ...more info
  • Works great but isn't a new vacuum
    Works great in my Dirt Devil vacuum (looks different from the original, but this fits just fine) and is a much cheaper solution than replacing the entire vacuum with one of those filter free cyclone vacuums....more info
  • good alternative to an expensive name brand
    These filters work great at a fraction of the price of the other ones! Shipped quickly and seeming fits more snugly than the original so it helps with filtration and suction. Thanks!...more info
  • Filters For Dirt Devil Turbo Vision ...
    Factory filters equivalent to what I buy anywhere at $25 each. These filters seem to be the same as the ones at Best Buy. Cost is low enough I can change filters when I want to - recommended is once per year but I prefer once a quarter. I can afford to do that now!...more info