Pilates During Pregnancy, Vol. 1

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Pilates During Pregnancy with Niece Pecenka - An inpiring Pilates based routine adapted for busy women in all trimesters who want to feel fit, healthy, and fabulous.

Pilates requires you to move consciously - using the breath to revitalize and energize - something you will need to depend on during and after childbirth. Every movement in Pilates emanates from the "center" - helping you focus on those muscles necessary for labor and delivery.

This routine is comprised of two distinct sections to make the most of you time.

Section I - abdominal and breath work = 15 minutes

Section II - side leg series, lower body work = 30 minutes

Sections I and II can be combined for a longer workout depending upon your time and energy level.

You will need a minimum of three blankets, folded and stacked. So Let's Move!

Customer Reviews:

  • Pleased
    The leg workout is kind of intense, but after doing it a couple times it is a really good work out. ...more info
  • Decent prenatal workout
    I personally think this dvd seems short(about 35 minutes) and too easy (at least for me). I am hoping it will seem more challenging as my pregnancy progresses (I am nearing the end of my first trimester). The stretching and light exercises are good but I don't feel like it really works me hard enough to be called a workout. If you want more challenging workouts I would try Hotmama's Challenging Prenatal Workout with Teddi Bryant, The Perfect Pregnancy Workout with Karyn Steben, or Erin O'Brien's Prenatal Fix. I mostly use those 3 dvds in rotation....more info
  • Too hard - too short
    This workout was only 26 minutes. There wasn't any intro, any extras, and for 21.99 I felt it was lacking. Also I couldn't do some of the exercises which made the workout less effective for me. I have 5 pregnancy videos now and this one was at the bottom of my list....more info
  • Great for pregnancy
    Moves are easy to do while pregnant and can also be done not pregnant. Very good movements for your lower body....more info
  • just ok
    The leg routine is quite challenging. Definitely not for beginners. The ab/upper body set is a joke. This portion is short and more of a breathing warm-up then anything else. The total length of the video is around 40 min. I was really hoping this video would have a larger emphasis on toning exercises and would be more well rounded. ...more info
  • Great DVD!
    I really, really like this DVD!

    Before becoming pregnant I was in ok shape, not great shape. I took 4 weeks of pilates mat about 1 1/2 years ago, so I'm not a pilates regular. I would say my level is high beginner since I have the fundamentals but did not have a regular practice.

    I totally disagree with the review that says this is too hard for a beginner or even intermediate student. I only had to stop once or twice and couldn't do the last couple of reps of the move being played- my legs were burning too much. Otherwise, I did all moves no problem. I did both sessions back to back.

    The length is perfect!! You feel like you've done something but definitely not like you won't be able to finish or that it's dragging on too long. The pace is good- uptempo but not crazy. The instructor is soothing and does not over-explain anything. She is easy to get the feel of the move from quickly.

    I would highly recommend this as a great complement to a walking program or some other cardio workout.
    ...more info
  • Hard and worth it!
    I love this DVD. It is a very hard workout that focuses on your abs and legs. At first I couldn't do the entire routine however after a few weeks I found my core stronger and was able to do it!

    I wouldn't recommend it to out of shape women or women who have never done pilates, it is very strenuous and pregnancy is not a time to experiment with hard or new workouts.

    It is a great video for keeping in shape and I know that I will be using it even after I am post-partum....more info
  • challenging core workout
    This is a really short, core specific workout, broken down into an abs section and a legs section. I do both together and it only takes about 20 minutes. The exercises are good, some are more challenging than others, but this is not a full body workout. If you want to focus on your abs, hips, and thighs then you'll enjoy it. I still prefer the Perfect Pregnancy Workout because it combines pilates, yoga, and strength training for the whole body. ...more info
  • I'm really enjoying this workout!
    As a fitness intsructor, I can be critical when it comes to following someone on video. I would definitely recommend this and am buying it for my sister who's also pregnant. I'm 22 weeks now and will continue this dvd through my pregnancy. It's very relaxing, great for practicing good breathing techniques and great for toning the muscles of the abs and legs. I also love how it's broken up into two sections for shorter time or you can do it all together in 36 mins which is great also!
    This has also helped me keep good posture and helped keep proper alignment. Great for back and abs....more info
  • Excellent workout for experienced pilates practicioners
    I've been on the hunt for a challenging yet safe pilates video to do while pregnant. In my first pregnancy, I had the luxury of doing pilates on machines with private and semi-private lessons, which I continued for 2 years post-pardum. Unfortunately for me, we have moved away from my beloved pilates studio and I have been unable to find a new studio at an affordable cost to continue machine work. Luckily, I feel that my experience gave me a good foundation in order to do this video at the pace it is performed at, while still maintaining proper pilates form. Without my previous experience, I think doing the exercises properly and effectively would be frustrating and very very difficult.
    After no abdominal workouts for during my first trimester due to awful "morning" sickness, my muscles are very week, and I did have a more difficult time with the exercises than I'm used to having when in shape, however I am completely confidant that with consistent practice, this video will get me labor-ready and back in shape.
    The video is broken up into 2 distinct sections, the first being for ab work, the second for leg/butt work. If you are not in the best shape to begin with, I would recommend only doing one section at a time, and not overdoing it in the beginning by doing the entire video. Pilates is very effective and you will quickly be able to do both sections together, should you choose.
    I chose this video knowing from other reviews it would be challenging and best for more experienced practitioners, and I completely agree. It is FABULOUS for me, and I'm thrilled that I was able to find a workout to do at home that is worth my time. ...more info
  • I love this dvd
    I love the dvd. If you don't work out regularly it can be a bit challenging....more info
  • Love this workout
    I am not schooled in the different styles of pilates, but from the few pilates workouts I have done, this one is definately the best! I have typically found pilates to not pose much of a challenge, but Niece Pecenka has managed to create a great workout! I definately plan on purchasing more of her stuff! Reform pilates, here I come!...more info
  • Great Workout!
    This DVD is definitely challenging and leaves you feeling energized. I would not recommend it if you are not familiar with pilates. If you have not done pilates in awhile, I would take it easy at first because it is quite rigorous although it does get easier.

    There are two series to this DVD: abdomen and sides. I like how it gives you the option to do either series one at a time or both straight through. Abdomen section wasn't too difficult, but the sides section was challenging. I could really feel my legs and hips burning and working. All workouts were done evenly on both sides.

    It does not include arm or shoulder exerises (most pilate workouts don't). If you are looking for a workout that exercises all parts of your body, I recommend The Perfect Pregnancy Workout. This DVD includes little bit of pilates but something even beginners who are not familar pilates can do....more info
  • Great Workout - Both Before and During Pregnancy!
    I decided to start using this workout DVD before I became pregnant, so as to prep my body for whatever workouts I would want to continue doing during pregnancy. I am a fairly active person with a high fitness level, although I had only done a moderate amount of Pilates workouts. Much to my surprise, I found this DVD challenging even before I got pregnant! I chose not to use the blankets for obvious reasons, but will reincorporate those as I enter my third trimester. The abs series was not overly challenging before I became pregnant, but once I was, it was just the right level of "stress" I would be willing to take on during the pregnancy. The side series...well it is great, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. I am a distance runner, and I can tell you from the first workout I felt a lovely level of burn in my hips and thighs...not too much, just enough to confirm I had accomplished something. I look forward to using this workout throughout my pregnancy, and afterwards to get back into shape. I recommend this DVD for any level of fitness, starting before the actual pregnancy where possible. For those totally new to pilates, who were unable to start it before the pregnancy, I recommend doing fewer reps and pausing as often as necessary to do some stretching. While I agree with some reviewers that there is not enough focus at times on the perfect positioning, a little research on the fundametals of pilates stances can help offset this weakness in the video. ...more info
  • OMG, this is a workout!
    I'm giving this only 4 stars because it was SUCH a good workout that I found it nearly impossible to get through the entire thing...during ALL three trimesters. I have done pilates for years and NONE of my previous classes and videos worked me as hard as this video. The lower body work is very tough...not sure if that is a good or a bad thing! :)...more info
  • Excellent workout!
    This dvd really workouts out your abs and legs! I also like that the workouts are short which is good after a long day of work. ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I've been doing Pilates for a few years now and this dvd is a good workout. The ab section of the video was a bit short while I was doing it in my 1st trimester, but now that I'm in my 2nd trimester, it seems just right. The leg section of the video is great, even if you're not pregnant! I can feel the burn....I would highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Exactly as Promised
    The video/workouts are very good. I got this as a pilates newbie which did make it extra challenging. I did some research on the fundimentals of pilates and was able to master the moves and workouts. More importantly the instructor says as the beginning of the workout that she feels you will have "a quick delivery and a speedy recovery" if you do her workouts regularly through your pregnancy. Well, my labor was maybe 6 hours (active) and I only had to push through one contraction. Yup, it went fast. Recovery was a breeze. I went home from the hospital the day after my daughter was born. I over did it a bit that night but within 2 days of being home I was back to functioning normally and actually started daycare back up (I run one at home) when my daughter was 9 days old. I've had no problem. So, yes, I had the promised quick delivery and speedy recovery :-)....more info
  • Not for Beginners!!
    I am 6 weeks pregnant. I am pretty active, have done yoga for years and own one other pilates video besides this one. I thought this workout was extremely difficult. There was no warm-up or stretching. I was not able to complete many of the moves in the "side series" because my hip sockets were in searing pain. I had side cramps all day the day after doing this tape, and am now spotting. I will not be trying this video again while I am pregnant. It's too easy to do a move wrong and hurt yourself. ...more info
  • Good but possibly dangerous workout! Not for Pilates Beginners!
    This is my second pregnancy and I have had more problems with ligament pulling and 'stretched' inner thigh muscles. I bought this dvd to improve and strengthen these areas (I was already using a cardio prenatal and yoga prenatal video). This video is for advanced abdominal and leg exercisers. I practiced yoga, cardio exercising and had a 'toned' body before getting pregnant in Dec 2006. This video is very challenging and lacks in the 'proper technique' department.
    In other words, this was my first "Pilates" video and I had to do EXTRA research after starting it to perform the poses without injury and effectively (I'm pretty determined)~ I could tell that my body was not aligned properly because alot of the poses were uncomfortable and my yoga knowledge was NOT enough to perform this dvd safely...there are other dvd's for prenatal pilates that if you are a beginning pilates person or even intermediate you may be better served to buy. I do not doubt that the instructor knows How to perform the techniques but this dvd does not Teach a person to correctly perform them it just provides a exercise routine for more experienced persons....more info
  • Great workout
    This is a great workout video! Prior to becoming pregnant, I used to do Marvi's workout series and I agree with a previous reviewer that it's tough to find something challenging and not too slow! This one is challenging and wakes me up in the morning. I do it Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walk to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays... about 3 or 4 miles. I feel much better. Granted I didn't do much in my first 4 months thanks to exhaustion but this DVD definitely gets my energy back up to tackle the day. I really really like it! I've just started my 18th week....more info
  • Perfect vidio!! Just right for me, I loved it!
    I was fairly active pre-pregnancy so I wanted something that would be challenging but not to difficult for my changing shape. This vidio was just right.

    It is also very relaxing yet I feel like my legs are being toned.

    If you want a great pilates vidio BUY THIS ONE!...more info
  • Couldn't do it
    I'm a semi beginner to pilates and in my 2nd trimester. The exercises were too much for me to handle. I love pilates but I was unable to perform the exercises completely....more info
  • not for this intermediate
    I did Pilates for a few years before I got pregnant but still found this video challenging. Doing both the abs and legs together was too much for me. I also wished there would have been more instruction on proper form, etc. before beginning the exercises (she has all these blankets stacked but doesn't mention how they should be stacked or what she's trying to support). I ended up switching to prenatal yoga but I still do some of the Pilates leg moves that I did in my prior practice. ...more info
  • Perfect with Additional Modifications & Prior Pilates Experience
    Let me first preface that this is Geoff's wife writing this review.

    I was a little nervous to try this DVD after reading the 1 star review by a physician who was injured by this workout. I am familiar with Pilates and have practiced for approximately 5 years before the conception of my first & current pregnancy. I was 26 weeks when I began this particular DVD. Most OBs will advise you to NOT take up a "new" form of exercise during your pregnancy. If you have NO Pilates experience prior to pregnancy, then this may NOT be the video for you. I use additional modifications not shown on this DVD when I perform these exercises to make them more comfortable for my stage of pregnancy. You're better off to take a prenatal Pilates class if you have no experience & are unfamiliar with additional modifications. If you do have experience, however, you may be very delighted with this purchase. I feel great after I complete this workout & there are only 3 exercises I completely avoid on it (the 2 twisting ones on the AB section, and the laying flat on your back leg stretch on the Legs section).
    ...more info
  • Good workout!
    Very good workout. She has you lay on a blanket for the stomach exercises since you are not supposed to lay straight on your back. She uses regular Pilates workout and just modifies it for us pregnant folk. ...more info
  • Amazing program
    Being in the third trimester I find this prgram an excellent option to tone muscles and enjoy it. I am totally delighted with the purchase as the energy level rises and I feel much more attractive even with the belly....more info
    Speedy delivery, great condition! Video is challenging but still easy to do. Your legs definitely will feel the burn! ...more info
  • Great Prenatal workout...
    I was expecting an over the edge workout on account of the reviews posted.
    It is a perfect prenatal workout. If you have been active prior to the
    pregnancy, you'll appreciate the DVD.

    Enjoy it-Great buy....more info
  • Excellent pilates workout for pregnancy
    I do pilates on a very regular basis & really enjoyed the level of this workout. Very challenging & it got my heart pumping! Definitely would recommend for those who are familiar with pilates mat work but probably not for beginners....more info
  • Awesome
    Love the instructor, love the music, I want to do it more often than I have time to!...more info
  • Really Works the Outer Thighs
    This video is only about 35 minutes long with both the abdominal workout (about 15min) and the thigh workout (about 20min.). This workout is perfect for anyone wanting to get rid of their outer and inner thighs and it took several days for all the soreness to set in from this workout. Your thighs will be burning while doing this, it really does work! I did not have a problem with viewing the movements like some others have mentioned. Niece's pants are dark and so is the mat, but I could still tell exactly what she was doing. The only point that I really didn't like was when she is standing up, the camera cuts her legs off and you can't really see the movement as well, but this doesn't interfere that much. Overall this is a great video, that really works, is challenging, and is exactly what I needed!...more info
  • Great Pregnancy Workout!
    This DVD has two great workouts one for your "abs" and the other for the lower half, they are both fantastic and I find myself very relaxed at the end of it. The first section helps me with my back pain, I just feel so good afterwards. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who has back pain in pregnancy and has some pilates experience....more info
  • Good workout but third trimester is hard
    I liked this video through my first and second trimesters. I still really like the side leg series. The abdominal series has become really uncomfortable. I am in good shape and have exercised my entire pregnancy. I do not think the abdominal series is realistic for LATE pregnancy. Good video overall....more info
  • Challenging Prenatal Workout
    I'm so happy with Pilates During Pregnancy, because it is one of the few prenatal workouts that is genuinely challenging. I agree with some reviewers that it's good to have some pilates background so you don't risk injury.

    The dvd is calming but does not waste a lot of time explaining moves and you can just fly through the workout (if you have little kids waiting to be entertained, a quick no-nonsense workout is handy). I really like the instructor and like that she is visibly pregnant and decently clothed. I also had to pause the video a few times because my muscles were really burning the first three or four times I did the workout (and a day or two afterwards).

    This along with Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga and Steben's Amazing Pregnancy Workout are the perfect workout combination for me, and I think it's why I feel so full of energy this pregnancy. ...more info
  • Great workout!
    I am a Pilates instructor. I am not pregnant but there are people in my classes who are. I can do these exercises with the whole class, and they would not know it is a pregnancy workout. All the exercises are kept in the order Joseph Pilates intended, and they are all very challenging. The music is a little dull, but you should be concentrating on the movements anyways, and not the music....more info
  • Finally a challenging prenatal workout!
    I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and I wanted to stay fit from the beginning. I have been doing Pilates for 3 years on and off but have been doing private sessions since December so I am used to a challenging Pilates workout. Niece Pecenka really gives you an excellent Pilates session that modifies the Ab Series very well. I have tried Jennifer Gianni's DVD (it was highly recommended) and it wasn't even a workout for me. The only caveat to this DVD is that you should really have a good amount of Pilates training so that you know how to do the exercises properly. She really gives no instruction at all for beginners. Otherwise, great DVD for expectant moms!!...more info


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