Loma Linda Tender Bits, 19-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

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  • Case of 12 19-ounce cans (228 total ounces)
  • Made with wheat gluten, oat flour, and soy protein
  • High in protein and low in fat
  • Pre-cooked and 100% vegan
  • Ideal vegan alternative to chicken cutlets

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious!
    I love love love these. I wouldn't ever consider them a chicken substitute, they are unique. I had a roommate once who was a Seventh Day Adventist and she introduced me to them and I got hooked. When I moved from Fla, I had to search high and low to get them. Now my health food store orders them for me.

    I don't know if anyone else eats them this way, but I just stir fry them in water on the stove and dip them in ketchup. My mouth waters thinking about them. My 12 yr old loves them too. ...more info
  • Horrible!
    If you've ever eaten real meat, or you are currently a meat eater trying to go veggie, this is not the product for you.

    Putting aside that this stuff doesn't taste like chicken (forgivable because it isn't chicken); it does taste like a cross between cardboard box and dog food. It's a sort of brownish color, a terrible texture (like when you cook chicken and there's a bit of cooked blood--imagine someone sculpting a patty out of that).

    I coated and fried mine. It was so awful that none of us could eat it and we ended up going out for dinner....more info
  • Gentle Vegetarian Staple
    I was going to call my review, "I Love These," but someone had already done that! I eat them from the can when I'm cooking with them. I cut them up for stir frys and soups, and I slice them for sandwiches. They're good instead of chicken in a sandwich, but they are small and can fall out. How about a tortilla with avocado spread on it and some lettuce, wrapped around some Tender Bits, whole or sliced? Add pepper and/or onion! Although I am a strict vegetarian, I have a sensitive digestive system, and I turn to Tender Bits when my system is irritated. I have been eating these by the case for years and am glad to find them on Amazon! ...more info
  • Great meat alternative
    I really like these Tender Bits, fried in just a little butter. They are quick and easy as my vegetarian replacement when I'm cooking chicken or pork for the rest of my family. Good with gravy, poultry seasoning or any of your other favorite seasonings too....more info
  • Um, Um, Good
    I am not a vegatarian. I tried these based on the reviews. I wanted something that was low in fat/carbs/other bad stuff. I need to lose weight and I love other soy products. So, gave it a try. This has become my favorite Loma Linda product. I add them to everything where I need meat or more substance. I use in stews, pizza toppings if sliced thin, chili, spaghetti, even small tidbits in a salad. They take on the flavor of the sauce they are in, but better than tofu because the texture is firmer. If texture is hard to get over you might not like them, but if that isn't an issue, this is a great product with so many ways to use it. Great chicken substitute if you are in a rush. Microwaves well. I love them....more info
  • not my favorite chicken substitute
    after reading al the reviews, i tried this product and do not like the consistency. I found that if i cook it in the microwave for a few minutes before using in recipes it is slightly more palatable. this is not my favorite chicken substitute - prefer the fri chik over this product....more info
  • Tender Bits
    This chicken substitute is flavorful, browns well, and can be dressed up any way you like. I often brown them in olive oil with a little garlic and onion powder and some coriander and then toss them in a salad. But you can do anything with these and they taste great....more info
  • I love these
    I've been eating these for about 40 years. My mother used to cook them when I was a kid and I still eat them today. I've been having trouble finding them since I moved to NC and wa delighted to find them on Amazon. Coat them in cracker crumb/flour/yeast and fry them in toasted sesame oil. ...more info
  • Still my favorite food
    Tender Bits are my absolute favorite food in the world, and I'm not even vegetarian. Coat them in a mixture of flour, brewer's yeast, and whatever else you want; fry them up in olive oil; and enjoy! Do whatever my grandmother does to them and you'll know why they're my favorite. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

    I am SO HAPPY to see them on Amazon. It's hard to get my hands on these little buggers living overseas with the military....more info
  • AMAZING- Only if Fried!!!!
    I make these and non-vegetarians beg for more. I'm forbidden from bringing anything else to potlucks.

    I first ate these in a stir fry and they were terrible.

    Then, after re-reading the reviews, I drained them, patted them dry, and dredged them in a flour/paprika mixture and fried them til dark golden. They're amazing dipped in BBQ sauce, honey mustard, a hot sauce/butter mixture, general tso's sauce - you name it. DELICIOUS! My friend's love them and none of them are vegetarians. Even my extremely picky vegetarian husband will eat them....more info
  • This stuff is great
    I ate this stuff before going vegetarian a few years ago,and I eat it a bunch now. Low fat,packed with protein,super versatile in cooking and tastes great. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Not like meat...
    The product has a good flavor & okay texture. Some people compare this to meat, I wouldn't. Tender Bits are in a category of their own. If you're looking to try a new food, it's probably worth trying them. ...more info


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