Monster Home Theatre Reference HTS 3600 MKII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 3 v.2.1 Circuitry

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When you consider the value of your new HDTV and your home-theater system, the price of the Monster Cable Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter HTS 3600 MK2 is well worth the assurance of protecting your components from electrical surges. It also helps your system perform better overall. Many so-called ?power conditioners? only protect against random power surges and/or voltage spikes. But, in fact, AC power line noise and noise generated by other components is an equally harmful and constant threat to performance. These disturbances can cause inferior picture quality marred with video streaking, lower resolution and video bandwidth. Many power conditioners' outlets often can't handle the peak transient current capacity that high power amplifiers demand. As a result, dynamic distortion and loss of peak power can occur, preventing your amplifiers from ever maximizing their performance.

Unlike other surge protectors, the PowerCenters' ultra low-loss RF circuitry provides maximum protection with virtually no signal loss, especially important with the advent of HDTV. In addition, all PowerCenters display current draw and voltage. The PowerCenter features component-assigned color coding with matching power cord labels for easy identification, and is rackmountable, for easy integration into custom installed rackmount systems. 6500 joule rating provides a high level of surge absorption

The fact is, analog audio equipment is sensitive to a different type of noise than video, just as video is sensitive to a different type of noise than digital, and so on. In the past, manufacturers have used filters to combat the problem of noise introduced via power sources. Unfortunately, the filters were not optimized to attenuate at the different frequencies that are unique to digital, analog audio, and video realms. Products that managed to deliver truly cleaner AC power were thousands of dollars in price, out of reach for most people. Enter Head Monster Noel Lee. An uncompromising audiophile, Lee joined forces with Richard Marsh, the world's foremost expert on AC power, to develop affordable solutions to AC power problems. The result? Monster Clean Power.

Internal View of HTS5100

Internal view showing the various filters and advanced circuitry. Pictured is the HTS5100.
Rear View of HTS 5100
Rear view showing the component-assigned outlets. Pictured is the HTS5100.
More Than Just Surge! -Monster Clean Power
The following overviews of Monster's isolated, specially tuned Clean Power filters demonstrate the methodology behind Clean Power's development. The higher the Clean Power stage, the more advanced the noise filtration. The more advanced the noise filtration, the higher the level of component-to-component isolation.

  • Isolated Clean Power Digital Filters
    Optimized to reduce noise generated by digital equipment digital filters isolate digital components from connected analog audio and video components for maximum rejection of interference.
  • Isolated Clean Power Video Filters
    Optimized to reduce noise generated by video equipment, video filters isolate video components from connected digital and analog audio components for maximum rejection of interference.
  • Isolated Clean Power Analog Audio Filters
    Optimized to provide maximum noise rejection for sensitive analog audio components, audio filters isolates audio components from connected digital and video components for maximum rejection of interference.
  • Isolated Clean Power Ultra-High Current Filter
    Optimized for maximum noise rejection, ultra-high current filters provide maximum current to high power components such as surround sound amplifiers.
  • Reference Home Theater Power
    Monster PowerCenters also offer the most comprehensive home theater system protection available, featuring higher joule ratings for faster acting, full capacity surge protection. Monster's Multiple SurgeGuard and Tri-Mode Circuitry instantly detects any voltage surge or spike and immediately suppresses it before it can reach your components. And, for your total peace of mind, the latest generation of Monster Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters come with higher Connected Equipment Guarantees (CEGs).

    Unlike other surge protectors, the PowerCenters' ultra low-loss RF circuitry provides maximum protection with virtually no signal loss, especially important with the advent of HDTV. In addition, all PowerCenters display current draw and voltage.

    Monster recognizes that convenience is vital, too. The PowerCenters feature component-assigned color coding with matching power cord labels for easy identification, and all are rack mountable, for easy integration into custom installed rack mount systems.

    Get All The Performance You Paid For
    With Monster Power's Home Theatre Reference PowerCenters, you'll get the best possible audio and video performance from your home theater system.

    • Monster Clean Power Stage 3 v.2.1 circuitry filter dramatically reduces electronic noise.
    • 10 surge-protected, color-coded AC outlets.
    • T2 automatic disconnect/reconnect protection circuitry.
    • Tri-Mode power protection circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect.
    • 6500 joule rating provides a high level of surge absorption.

    Customer Reviews:

    • Check your TV Warranty

      I love this overpriced surge protector for a couple of reasons.

      - If you have a Sony, check your factory warranty. The only way they will replace your TV in case of an electrical surge or spike is if you have an "approved" surge protector. No worries here.

      - I am always surprised the folks will pay $4K or more for a TV, another $1K to have it installed and mounted on the wall and then just plug it into the wall without any surge protection.

      - Everything that plugs into my TV goes through the 3600, including the coax from my DirecTV dish. The only item that is plugged into the wall directly is this. It is great to know that everything has some sort of protection including what comes from my satellite dish.

      - For the ultimate protection, try running this through a power stabilizer (ASV 2000) that ensures all components get fed a near perfect 120w instead of the fluctuating power you usually get. Consider it like running your car on high octane at all times, never slipping a gallon or two of 89 oct. in the tank.

      - I also like the amp display instead of the wattage display. The voltage display just tells you what you are feeding your components, not how much power you are using. The amp display helps you keep an eye out if you might have left a component on and didn't mean to. My kids are always leaving the DVD player or stereo on. If you notice a high amp readout, you know something was left on. My components are behind dark glass, it is hard to see if items are left on.

      This might be expensive, but you won't have any regrets. You'll know you took the right steps to protect your investment....more info
    • No more annoying HUM!
      Had a constant low frequency hum when cable TV connected to system. Been using a cheapie power conditioner for years but the noise did not go away.
      I figured it was just somethingin the house wiring and would just have to live with it. Decided to give the HTS3600 a shot. Plugged all components including cable connector into the HTS 3600 and the hum was gone! I can't believe I waited so long to purchase. Well worth the investment! ...more info
    • Does what is says
      Works fine as advertised, but I actually don't really use it much. Probably better things out there in same price range, but it's an OK performer....more info
    • Great Product
      This is a great product that is very easy to install. I feel much safer plugging all my home theater equipment into the HTS 3600. If you don't have a bunch of expensive equipment, this product might not be for you. If you have spent thousands of dollars on your things then this(or a similar product) is necessary. As for the filters, they made my surround sound noticeably louder. But for the picture I did not notice a difference. I had good quality before so this didn't really bother me, but i was a little disappointed.

      So basically, I like this product and recommend it especially for the price on Amazon. Any where else you will pay $200 more. I don't think it is worth that much, but for the price on amazon. Yes. Monster has the best products.

      My review is based on 40"samsung LCD 1080p
      Integra 7.8 receiver w/ AR-HC6 5.1 speakers
      Playstation 3
      ...more info
    • A must-have necessity for home theater
      I recently bought the Monster HTS 3600 MKII PowerCenter from Amazon and it did as promised while spending less than half of what more expensive models cost. Don't use just a surge protector for the expensive components. Surge protectors only stop the damaging surges, but do nothing to deliver clean and steady voltage to the components. This is especially true when components such as the AVR (audio-video receiver) sends power spikes during a tense scene while a DVD is playing which can affect the performance of the HDTV set or projector. I discovered that this made a significant difference in the quality of the sound and video. My HDTV projector's performance was improved as well as hearing clear audio - absolutely no hum!...more info
    • Just what I wanted!
      This Monster Power center had all the features I was looking for. It does not disappoint. No problems with the device or the service. Got it for a steal on Amazon....more info
    • Excellent Product
      I was a bit leery after reading some of the reviews about this product but I can say that it has made a profound improvement in the sound and the picture quality of my home theater system. No longer do I hear the occasional popping sounds on the audio of most of our HDTV stations. The video has much less horizontal streaking. My experience with my wife listening was similar to other reviewers. She confirmed my observations spontaneously. I suppose that the degree of improvement must vary with the amount of signal noise that is present in the buyer's home area....more info
    • Totally Useless & Unreliable
      My girlfriend got this as part of a home theatre system. It failed after about a year, leaving the whole system dead. The internal power supply had melted down. It's really low tech inside. Basically, this is just a fancy voltmeter with some small surge absorbers and filter networks inside a large bulky cabinet. A cheap $30 surge absorber/power distribution strip from Walmart works just as well and is probably 10X more reliable. As far as the filtering, it's a complete waste of money, since all new electronics equipment must already meet stringent FCC regulations for electrical noise emissions. Don't waste your money on this junk....more info
    • excellent
      Excellent product. I have 8 different components hooked into it and the center operations great with all of it. ...more info
    • Piece of Junk!!
      WARNING - this product is a piece of junk. I've owned this model for 15 months now, and recently it's begun to hum terribly loud. The humminng / buzzing is constant at considerable volume. It's so loud one can hear it over the stereo and TV. I would recommend purchasing a product with a much better warranty, much better parts, from a company that honors warranties. ...more info
    • Only buy online
      This item is great if you get it for the price I paid online, $250. I have been in several retail stores that sell the exact same model for $500. So definitely get it online. You will not be disappointed....more info
    • Monster HTS 3600
      Great product, it looks great and gives you a piece of mind your electronics are protected. Amazon and 6save made it affordable and info was availible since I shop for what I need, specs, and price. The digital display is well worth it and hooks up easy....more info
    • Good, solid performer with a flaw
      Got it today from Amazon at a great price. Setting up is easy with the included cables. The manual can be further improved with more technical explanations on what the protection circuitry actually does. My TV (50" Panasonic 1080p plasma) doesn't seem to have improved over a direct connection to the wall outlet; but the sound stage (via digital optical) of my Yamaha YSP900B (surround sound projector) does. The unit is well built and well integrated with other AV components. The only flaw is the low frequency buzz - audible within 5 ft from the unit. One would think Monster, being a reputable AV (primarily in AV interconnect cables) manufacturer, would not have allowed such a quality issue in the circuitry design. When the unit is enclosed in my AV cabinet, the buzz is not noticeable. But audiophiles beware! I would not have lived with the buzz if the unit is housed on an open AV rack.

      The included gold plated coax cable is only 3 ft long, obviously not enough for any serious setup. Again, Monster is a cable company after all; it should have included a longer cable.

      Overall, the unit is a good performer with a flaw (the buzz). ...more info
    • Awsome power center
      I wanted to get the best, and here it is. I have not seen another unit like this, and it really does work to the advertised. While a bit on the pricey side, compared to others, I figured that my system was worth it. We live in an area where the power is fairly clean, but the override and filtering of this unit are superb....more info
    • Excellent Buy!
      The first thing we noticed after plugging everything into the powercenter was that the tv no longer got static lines when we turned on the vacuum cleaner. We have a lot of power variations in our neighborhood and I like having the display to show was is actually coming in. I feel the equipment is now protected....more info
    • Picture so clear it's scary.
      The Monster HTS 3600 MKII Power Conditioner arrived just in time for the
      start of the Bejing Olympics. The first thing I noticed was effect the unit had on the picture. It took it to a whole new level. I have a 50inch Panasonic plasma with a PS3 for blu-rays. Bestbuy never
      could sell me on their calibration service due to the fact my picture
      looked so good right out of the box. I was afraid they would mess something up and my plasma would never look the same again. I did'nt think
      it was possible for my picture to get any better...that is until I hooked
      up the Monster Power conditioner. The picture became sharper, the colors
      more vibrant and saturated and there seems to be more of a 3D sensation to the picture. The box is quiet with no noise whatsoever. It stays
      cool, no heat whatsoever even though I never turn it off. I got mine for
      less than half of the list price through Amazon so I'm real happy with
      the deal. As I always say, If Amazon don't sell it, I don't buy it. Amazon is the greatest. ...more info
    • Great Improvement!!!
      I have read some luke warm reviews of this system. My review ONLY focuses on the sound. In fact for me, Two Chanel Stero is more important then all other things like Home Theater DD 5.1 DTS etc. The improvement on my system was immediate and unmistakable. The sound stage became wide and deep.
      But wait, as an audiophile i knew that i was capable of self delusion. Maybe I was talking myself into thinking the sound was better. Soon, my NON audiophile wife came home. She took two steps in the door and and asked me, ok what I you bought now? Nothing I said. I really did not count the Power Center as a audio purchases, but in retrospect it was one of the biggest improvements to my system. How well it will do on video I have no idea. Now for an interesting side note. Since reduction of electrical line noise made such a difference I saw a Belken unit that claimed Level 6 Line noise reduction. While in my mind I knew that it was not fair to assume that the levels of noise reduction were the same measurements I was lured with the prospect of getting even better sound. After all I reasoned, if the Belkin Listed for 700.00 Suggested and I could get one for 250.00 I might get even better sound... NOT!! The lack of dynamics and everything else was imediete. I deluded myself into thinking that it needed time to settle in. Yea that's the ticket. After a month I removed the Belkin and regulated to Video duty on our Home theater system. The Music had returned. Again, as for video I have no informed view. For audio, this unit is a dream. Note: This review is for the 3500 Mkii which I think is disconnected. I think the only diffrence is the Analog Metter(3500) vs the Digital one.
      ...more info
    • I now have the FULL HD experience!!
      Monster Home Theatre Reference HTS 3600 MKII PowerCenter with Clean Power Stage 3 v.2.1 Circuitry

      I bought this Home Theatre Reference HTS 3600 MKII ... thru AMAZON.COM, I can't believe the difference, my HT already sounded great but now it sounds even better. OK, check this out, i plugged my AVR into the rear of this thing where it says , "MAIN AMP" and OH MY GOD!! what a freaking difference and my PS3 to where it says DVD, everything is now better. My wife and my son are by no means a tecki like me, and they were able to tell the difference immediately. The biggest difference lies in the video filtering. I have an older Hitachi HD TV about 6 yrs old. So as soon as I turned on the TV the first difference is the colors are now deeper and much richer. The sound is from a Denon AVR 3806 with Infinity Beta 50 series for towers, 360cc, SW12 and Beta 20's for my rears. So the sound was already good but now I have the FULL HD audio experience, extremely completed, your system will not be complete unless you add one of these babies to it. My sound is even smoother and cleaner now than ever before. The 1st thing my son said when he heard the difference was, " is this an AMP? " right now u can go to any store near u and if its available it's regular price is right around $[...] + TAX. I got it for $[...] shipping. This baby ROCKS!! AGAIN Thankyou AMAZON!!...more info
    • Good Product, Fair market price
      Monster creates a solid product. The product was delivered in good shape within a fair amount of time. The price was excellent considering suggested retail price.

      The monster power center will be the foundation of my Home Entertainment System for years to come....more info
    • This is the one to buy!
      A full power unit that functions and looks well. Takes your worries away.
      I recommend not putting your cable into it as the image power may be decreased. Plug everything else into it....more info
    • Monster Home Theatre
      works great!!!! Notice picture on T.V. sharp and very detialed. I Feel better about all my home theatre systems being protected....more info
    • Great product and great price
      I live in an area that has a lot of power outings and surges. the protection on my new 52 inch LCD TV is worth the money....more info
    • Does what it suppose to do
      I needed a good surge and line conditioner to help clean up some of the interference in my AV system, and the hts 3600 did just that. Once I had everything connected to it, and turned on my hdtv, the artifacts were gone! The picture was completely clear, and in addition to that, my radio reception static noise on the am reception was gone as well! There was a slight hum on the first unit I recieved from amazon, but I sent it back and got another unit and the loud hum is gone now as well, and has worked flawlessly for the past month or so. As far as audio improvements goes, I did notice a reduction in graininess at the end of each note on female vocals, and the bass did become slightly cleaner sounding. For 250 bucks and for it to do all that plus protect my gear from surges, is well worth the 250 bucks spent! ...more info
    • Monster Home Theatre protection
      This product is simple to set up, simple to use and looks awesome.

      I have had one occassion where I noticed my TV shut down then seconds later turn back on. I didn't think to look at the MHT 3600 but figured out after that it must have detected a power anomoly and shut down the TV for protection. It is pretty amazing to see the amp draw fluctuations as the TV goes from high definition draw to digital cable draw. You actually see the MHT unit monitoring the electricity that is coming through as the various components draw out power. I'm impressed....more info
    • Content with purchase
      Have only had installed for about a week, but so far it has worked as described. Easy installation, plenty of outlets, great shipment packaging. The power-up delay and dimming features are great. Have not found any negatives so far. ...more info
    • Excellent Product
      This really is an excellent product and worth the money. (Unlike Monster Cables which are a sham.) I live in Florida and have lost several appliances to power spikes over the years, some of which were protected by comparably priced surge protectors. The response time of the HTS 3600 is remarkable. On several occasions it has gone off before a close lightning strike. I have been using mine for approx. 14 months and have had no issues with noise or anything unusual whatsoever. ...more info
    • Monster Home Theater
      Excellent product, that works great. Have never had a problem with Monster Power Conditioners....more info


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