Shop-Vac 9066900 Vacuum Cleaner Filter Bags (3 pack)

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  • Hard to find, overpriced! Too much$$$!
    I bought the vacuum at Costco but then found I had to mail in orders for replacement bags at a total cost of $11 for 3 (including the shipping). No store has ever stocked these--not Lowes, not Home Depot, ACE, and NOT Costco.

    Costco online *used to sell* a dozen pack on the website but now I can't find it--they discontinued the bags? The manufacturer, Shop Vac, now wants $7.95 PLUS shipping for three bags.

    These are small bags that fill up fast and $12 for each mail order is a waste of time and money. Shop Vac SHOULD HAVE used a standard bag available at hardware stores, etc. But no......more info