Remanufactured Dyson DC14 Full-Kit Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

List Price: $569.99

Our Price: $349.99

You Save: $220.00 (39%)


  • 12 amp upright vacuum cleaner for use on all floor types
  • Root8 Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Wand expands to 17 feet; mini turbine head; bare-floor tool; on/off brushbar
  • 5/7-gallon bin; HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly; accessory kit included
  • Measures 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches; 90-day warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • I love my new vacuum!
    I have loved this vacuum. It does a great job. It's great to be able to use it on my carpet tile and wood floors. The price was excellent. What a bonus....more info
  • works great but....
    the product works great but came with a broken piece which means i cant hand my attachments on the vacum. ...more info
  • great value will purchase again
    The dyson vacume was like new with all the attachments. works great,suction great, and not too heavy....more info
  • Great Product
    As advertised this is a great Vacuum if you have pets. The best review I can give this product is that it is able to keep up with two golden retrievers....more info
  • Great vacuum
    We love this Dyson. It seems to make the whole house, including the air, cleaner. Performance wise or visually, we cannot tell that this vacuum has been re-manufactured. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is b/c it was sent to us with the wrong user's manual. Because of that, we thought we had been sent the wrong set of filters. We went through some unnecessary hassle b/c of that. We finally learned that the user's manual can be downloaded off of [...]....more info
  • dyson
    Great product. The vacuum was missing a piece though. Called Dyson and they are supposed to ship it to us but we have not received it yet....more info
  • Remanufactured Dyson dc14 Full Kit
    I received the Dyson dc14 full kit upright, (remanufactured) for a great price from Amazon. The cleaner came fast and looked brand new. It came with 3 onboard attachments, and a mini turbine head, and low reach floor attachment and also an extra filter. its fairly lightweight and easy to use and works great! Its much quieter than my older Hoover machine. It does a great job on both carpets and tiled floors. The canister is very easy to empty. I would definitely recommend this vacuum. I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Love This Vacuum
    I was skeptical about buying a refurbished vacuum, but I wanted a Dyson and didn't want to pay $400+ for it. It came nicely packaged and pretty much looked brand new. I have a large, medium-haired dog and am constantly surprised at the amount of hair and dirt my Dyson picks up! It took a couple of times to get used to the design, but now I love it's simplicity! I also love the attachments - especially the upholstery attachment - it works wonders on the couch. This vacuum is pretty light and quiet as well and I would definitely recommended it to anyone!...more info
  • Glad I did not purchase a new, bought remanufactured

    I had very high expectations of a dyson after reading all the positive reviews. I expected it to pick up loads of dust/hair/dirt from my carpet on the first use. However, it only picked up 1/4 of a container after vacuuming my entire 4 bedroom house. This leads me to believe that my old vacuum was doing a much better job that I expect. My old vacuum, the Dirt Devil Breeze Bagless Upright, was $60 and had great suction. However, it was a pain with attachments, cleaning the filter, and it fell over all the time. When comparing the two vacuums, here are the positive findings on the dyson:

    1) Very easy to empty
    2) No filter to clean
    3) Very long cord
    4) Lots of attachment options

    If I bought this brand new for $400, I would have been very disappointed. But since I bought it remanufactured (seems brand new), I am content with my purchase and will be keeping it. If you are on a tight budget, by the dirt devil, it has amazing power. If you are willing to spend a bit more to get the benefits I listed above, by the dyson. ...more info
  • Vacuum superb
    This vacuum was easy to assemble and is amazing! It has great suction and is easy to empty. Since it was refurbished, it was more affordable and I would strongly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Best Purchase I've ever made
    Wow, this vacuum is amazing! I have fibromyalgia, so I could not handle the physical strain of vacuuming & sweeping before, which was a huge problem since I have two dogs. I had to always rely on someone to help me. This vacuum is so light and easy to use, I can now do it myself!!
    I am beyond pleased- especially since it was such a great price for the refub. model. I had wanted a Dyson for a long time. A few people I know have gotten them and raved about how they were worth every penny. I really wanted to get one, but could not afford it. I was so excited when I found this particular model here at a great price. My vacuum was new, shiny and gorgeous; all it had was a scratch on the extender (which is tucked away 90% of the time anyway). I am blown away by how much it picks up and all the tools are awesome.
    Before, no matter how carefully I swept the tile floor, I would always be able to pick up a bunch of dog hair that escaped the broom with a swiffer. After vacuuming the carpet, I emptied the bin (which is super easy & tidy) so I could see what was picked up from the tile and tried it on the bare floor setting & also tried the bare floor tool. Right afterwards, I got a swiffer to see how much was left. There was NOTHING left to pick up!!! My floor was spotless, it look much less time than sweeping, and cut out the swiffer step.
    I am so happy to be able to do my own cleaning again and I know everything is as clean as can be with my Dyson. In addition to vacuuming, I am also now a dusting freak. I use it clean my plantation shutters, the top of doors & doorways, baseboards, behind & under big furniture... You name it, I've cleaned it, and all without hurting my back or arm because I don't have to reach up, bend down, or strain. I just can't say enough about this vacuum. Also, it is MUCH quieter than my previous vacuum (a bagless Hoover) so my dogs no longer freak out by barking constantly and chasing the vacuum when it comes out of the closet. It is also a nice compact size so I can keep it handy in the coat closet. I enjoy using it so much- I seriously love this thing. ...more info
  • Better than average
    Its a better than average vaccum, but not really worth the extra money for the dyson name....more info
  • Can't beat it for the money
    For $220 on a Friday sale so far it runs and looks like new...only had it for a month or so though. We have tile floors and low shag carpet and it works fine for these. The attachments and wand take some getting used to but work well....more info
  • Fantastic Buy
    I finally gave in and bought a Dyson after going back and forth on it for awhile - I hated the thought of spending so much money on another useless vacuum. I came across this remanufactured model which was definitely friendlier price wise. I was nervous about buying a remanufactured model but it arrived in virtually perfect condition. There was a couple of very minor nicks on the unit which I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been inspecting it so thoroughly knowing that it was remanufactured. It works great and has picked up so much dirt and pet hair that my old vacuum didn't get. I am definitely pleased with my purchase - this made buying a Dyson affordable. ...more info
  • Never been a better vaccume
    These have got to be the best around. Never had a problem with a refurbed unit. Have bought three now for various family memebers and all rave about how clean your carpet gets. Try this before replacing your carpet....more info
  • This is my Second Dyson...
    The same model both times. The ex wife got the first one! My current home has deep newer carpets and we've been using my girlfriend's oreck to vacuum the 3500 sq ft. including some carpet sanitizing powder we put down 6 months ago after her aging dog had a few accidents in his final weeks.
    I have gone thru the entire house four or five times in the last month and its still pulling up a little of this powder each pass after getting a lot of it the first time. I am a true believer in dyson after comparing it to weekly uses of the Oreck and the Hoover in my last house! Both of My Dysons were the factory refurbished full animal models. I will not hesitate to purchase another!...more info
  • Dyson vaccum
    I ordered the Dyson DC14 on a Friday and it was delivered the next day after I ordered it. The vaccum works great. Took a while to figure out how to extend the hose. Purchased the warranty but had to ask for a refund as it does not apply to refurbished vacccums. It doesn't state that in the information on the webstite....more info
  • Best Ever
    This is the best vacuum I have ever had.
    There was a lot of thought about it being a remanufactured machine, but I have not been disappointed.
    It is an excellently engineered, quality product that out performs anything I have owned before.
    Next to it, my old one looks like a plastic toy.
    I own a German "Shedder" and usually vacuum every day.
    I especially like the ease of emptying the dirt and hair, but all of the advertised features are true.
    When the price came down to the point where I had bought other machines, I took the opportunity.
    Thank you Amazon!!!!! ...more info
  • My second Dyson
    Thi is my second Dyson. My first was purchased from Costco for around $460+. I had a Hoover before the Dyson to vacuum up our home that has a large long hair dog (126 lbs.). After cleaning with the Hoover one day, I then went over the same floors with the newly purchased Dyson and collected 3 additional canisters of dog hair. I was made a believer then. The Dyson has performed perfectly ever since. When I saw the remanufactured Dyson for sale on Amazon, I thought I would try it out. This way I would have a backup in case the first one failed. This new one costs less than half the cost for the first one and works just as well. What a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • returned to amazon
    I gave it 3 stars because I'm not sure if it's just my bad luck to receiving a bad "refurbished" unit. The unit makes loud grinding noise and I don't have high carpets, they're more like short area rugs.

    I had called Dyson twice regarding the issue. Contrary to what others said about their customer service, I had pretty good experience with the dyson customer service. But the problem still persist and I ended up returning the unit to Amazon. ...more info
  • So far so good
    After using my parents animal Dyson I decided I had to buy one of my own. While this isn't an animal model, it seems to work just as well as far as I can tell. I have a husky and he leaves hair EVERYWHERE, and I am ridiculously happy to finally own a vacuum that's so versatile and powerful. Two of my favorite things about Dysons are the fact that they're bagless (which is earth-friendlier) and the ease with which you can empty the canister. If it continues to work as well as it has for the first few uses, it may be the best purchase I've ever made! ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I love my Dyson. It is the best vacuum I have ever owned. I got it a week earlier than I was supposed to get it and that was excellent! I will order from Amazon again because it is so easy and safe!...more info
  • I almost didn't.....
    I almost did not buy the DC14 Full Kit after reading some of the reviews. But, I did. It was easy for me to put together. (Some said it was difficult.) It only makes the terrible noise some talk about when I hit something that I should not vacuum: metal key ring, attached rug strand. So, watch where you vacuum, as we should anyway. It is picking up everything I would expect it to. The is long, but it is not complicated. It is not that hard to work with. I am very happy with my purchase, especially at the low price I paid.
    As far as Amazon- I ordered the DC07, the next day saw the DC14 at a lower price, called Amazon and said I wanted to order it. They said fine. I received the DC07 in two days. I received my DC14 in two days. Fed Ex picked up the other both in the same day. The whole process took 4 days. The process was very smooth....more info
  • Love my Dyson!
    I was a little nervous buying a reconditioned vacuum especially when it's price tag was more than I had ever spent on a non reconditioned unit. I got it out of the package and put it together without any trouble. I started to vacuum my rugs and floor(hard wood) and it was glorious! As I was going over the area rug though it did make this horrific noise, i thought, oh my god i broke it already! So I called the dyson customer service and the wonderful lady there said that it was sucking the rug up and that is the sound that is supposed to make you stop. Boy does it! She suggested vacuuming an area rug at an angle, diaganally and that did the trick. Every now and again i get the sound but I just switch directions and that seems to do the trick. As far as vacuuming the hard wood floors, it's a dream! Best vacuum i have ever had, hands down! Don't be afraid to get the reconditioned one, it's worth the savings!...more info
  • Dyson Rocks!!!
    Love it! Easy to put together... lightweight... dust canister is a dream to empty... highly recommend!...more info
  • It sucks so well! happy sucking. Dyson Rocks!
    sucks hard. came fast. all attachments and extensions, even extra filter. glad I got it on sale here at the 179 price. woohoo. would recommend this at this price in a heartbeat. came in generic cardboard box. ...more info
  • Refurb Dyson
    So far this vacuum is great. Even tho it is, I'd really been disappointed to pay $400. for this new from a store. Half price is the greatest! I didn't go for the extended warranty since it wasn't from Dyson. ...more info
  • Good Machine
    I have never owned a new one so I can't compare the both however the one I got is pretty fabulous....more info
  • dyson vac
    vacs are great just think they should have a more extended warranty than 6 mmonths...more info
  • Great product!
    While you never WANT to spend money on an appliance, we have definitely learned that it's a worthy investment. We have bought several vacuums in the past 10 years and they failed to meet our expectations. This one definitely met them. The suction and ability to remove cat hair from our furniture is unbeatable. It was a bit disconcerting to see how much dirt was in our carpets. YUCK! The only downside to purchasing remanufactured was a few blemishes on the power cord. But, after a few weeks of use, blemishes would occur anyway. All in all, we are very satisfied with our purchase and the great price we found....more info
  • No Attachments Included!
    THIS IS ONE GREAT VACUUM but was I ever shocked to find that no attachments were included! After reading all the reviews and and even one that says that Dyson Customer Service sent the missing attachments very promptly, I wrote an email to Dyson and here is what I received in response!

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately refurbished units do not come with attachments. If you would like to purchase accessories, give us a call at 1-866-MY-DYSON at your earliest convenience and one of our trained experts will be happy to place an order for you. Please have the vacuum's serial number and the date & location of purchase available when you call so that we can expedite your request as quickly as possible.

    The Dyson helpline is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm (CST).


    SO A WORD TO THE WISE, don't expect to get all that is listed:

    * 12 amp upright vacuum cleaner for use on all floor types
    * Root8 Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
    * Wand expands to 17 feet; mini turbine head; bare-floor tool; on/off brushbar
    * 5/7-gallon bin; HEPA filter; accessory kit included
    * Measures 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches; 90-day warranty

    There is a six month warranty, however, but no accessory kit, mini turbine head, bare-floor tool, on/off brush bar...

    ...more info
  • Seemingly great vaccuum
    Bought via Amazon, received quickly as usual, and have vacuumed my entire house with it. Overall I really love the unit in every respect...


    ... the gawd awful noise the beater makes. There's some sort of ratcheting clutch that the brush belt rides on and it simply activates far too often. Out of the box it would make the noise nearly 100% of the time when on carpet. I'm talking ultra thin smooth throw rugs, not deep pile. I called tech support and they had me remove two thing rubber gaskets from the soleplate which helped a ton but hasn't been a total cure. It still makes the noise occasionally when first turning on the brushes until the motor gets up to speed or something. I can't express how loud and horrible the noise is.

    Contrasting to my previous Electrolux vacuums which had a toothed belt and a circuit breaker to protect the motor the Dyson smooth belt and ratchet is a poor implementation specifically due to the HORRIBLE noise. My wife was upstairs, in the laundry room, with her iPod in her ears (so she's effectively deaf in that scenario) and immediately ran downstairs to see what the noise was it was so LOUD and GAWD AWFUL. At this point I can deal with the occasional noise when starting the brush but I'd think many users would send it back.

    Also, due to the overall design the head can't get under kitchen/bath cabinets and furniture, it's too tall and bulky. But the on-board tools and ease accessing the hose negates that problem. Really, if it wasn't for the ratcheting noise I'd give it a 9/10. But I think Dyson missed the boat on that issue....more info
  • Great Vacuum once you learn how to put it together
    The vacuum works great. Like really great. I sucks up dirt and other things even from the side of the vacuum, which I thought was amazing because I have never seen a vacuum do that before. The only problem is that there is no instruction manual that comes with the vacuum. There's not even a picture. So I had to go online and find a diagram of how the vacuum fits together but that wasn't very helpful either. I finally got it put together right through a lot of trial and error....more info
  • Extremely Dissapointed/No suction
    I see the price has gone up! I got a total lemon at 100 dollars less! I returned this vacuum the same day. I own another dyson. A DC14, which I have owned for 3 years and absolutely LOVE. It has been banged into things, sucked up toys and still performs like a new one. I love the dyson brand. This refurbished dc14 was just bad. The only suction it had was a bit from the hose/wand attatchment. When using as an upright, it was pathetic. I kept testing it against my old one, and could not believe how awful it performed. It couldn't even get the dirt out of the hose and into the bin! Dyson's are basically like a puzzle. I have taken my old one apart to clean it and remove lodged objects. This one was not clogged, so it just had to be the motor. So many people are having no problems with theirs that it had to be my unit. Just a lemon I guess. I only buy new from now on. My old one has been well worth the money, so for an extra vacuum ( I hate lugging it up and down the steps) I will fork over the extra cash. Good Luck on Yours!! Amazon seems to be quick on returns, so that's good to know! One more thing. These are yellow one looks like hell now, so I cannot imagine what this thing would have looked like if it had worked and I had kept it for several years....more info
  • Great Buy. Recommended. Not extraordinary
    I am happy with my purchase. Cleans well. Noise level is not too high.
    Noticeably cleans better than some of the other brands I have used before. Recommended if the price is less that $300. I seriously doubt it's worth, if you have to pay more than $300....more info
  • Say goodbye to pet hair and hello to hard floors!
    First off, I spent about a month researching vacuum cleaners before I finally decided on this one. I LOVE this vacuum! The only regret I have is not purchasing a Dyson sooner! The first thing I noticed when vacuuming was the ease of use. This vacuum is so easy to push and manuver I can't believe it. It would be great for the elderly or disabled. The suction on a Dyson is incomparable to any other on the market today. This puppy got pet hair and dust out of the carpet my other vacuum just wouldn't suck up. I am amazed at how quiet it is. You can still hear the phone ring or have a conversation while using it. It has a telescoping wand that you put the attachment on and you can go all the way upstairs without having to haul the whole vacuum along. I cannot believe how long the cord is! I no longer have to stop midway through vacuuming to unplug it to find another outlet. I have pergo flooring in my kitchen, so I thought I would try it in there. It actually worked! I can throw my broom away. Unlike other vacuums that claim they can clean carpet and bare floors this one actually can. I cannot give this vacuum enough praise! If you are thinking about buying a Dyson but the price leaves you feeling squeemish, buy a remaufactured. Mine appears brand new. There is no way you can tell that it is remanufactured, except in your wallet:) ...more info
  • Well worth it!
    We are very impressed! The Dyson is worth its weight in gold. We have two dogs, notably a Rotty that leaves her black hair all over the house. We did the old sales trick, by vacuuming the whole house with our older machine. We then used the Dyson. We had to empty the container three times. So, I guess the only complaint should be its needs a bigger dirt container. Extra note, unit came with paperwork stating a 6 month warranty, not 90 days as description states....more info
  • amazing
    I received my Dyson DC14 vac. today. Put it together and gave it a try.
    I am so happy that I bought this vac. It does everything it say's it does. Talk about suction!! I have 2 dogs and thought my carpet was clean using my old vac. Boy was I wrong. I should of bought one sooner.
    I LOVE THIS VAC. And the price was right. Thanks Amazon and Dyson for a fantastic product!!...more info
  • best vacuum cleaner in the world!
    I've had many, many vacuums in the past. I even had a Kirby. And this one tops them all. Don't waste your time buying a cheap vacuum because you will be so disappointed. It really exceeded my expectations....more info
  • Dyson DC14 Full Kit Refurb
    I received this vacuum 2 days later and got it out of the box and immediately started sweeping. I had to empty the canister just after a couple of rooms. It does great, the option to turn off the roller brush for bare floors is perfect! The hose did come loose that takes the dirt from the sweeper to the canister, but I hooked it back up tightly and it hasn't gave me any problems since. Perfect vac for any type of house! You can even use it for your car...more info
  • Gets the job done
    Comparison is with Eureka Maxima bagless vacum cleaner which lost suction after 4 years. Here are my comments based on 5 uses in the last 4 weeks -

    Pros -
    -Does a pretty good job - strong suction. Removed the bad stuff - hair, dirt etc.
    -Attachment works very well - can reach hard to reach places
    -Beltless - had to replace my previous vacum belt 6 times
    - No filters to buy - had spent ~ $50 over 4 years on filters
    - Customer service available on weekdays

    Cons -
    - Suction pretty much the same as the maxima when I first purchased it 4 years ago new for $60. Can't say that it is a class above my previous vacuum cleaner
    - The place where there is a black washer at the base was quite loose and I was not sure if it was causing loss of suction. I checked a brand new one in store and it was tight. Called customer service - and they said - "You bought it refurb - so can't expect to be like new !!" I thought that was not the best way to treat your customer - esp. when you claim "Factory refurbished like new". Afterwards I tightened it myself and for now it does not seem to affect suction. Was thinking of returning - but had lost packaging by then
    - User manual poorly written - had a hard time figuring out how to remove the wand - at last used common sense to get it. Also some of the cool things such as removing the jar and throwing out the dirt, starting the vacuum are not easy to follow from the manual. Again use common sense

    Others -
    Might come back to change ratings if anything changes...more info
  • I'm not sure about the vacuum itself, but customer service is lacking
    Well, ordered this vacuum a couple weeks back, and it arrived in about 5 days which is great, but the hose was missing. It says in the manual to call Dyson directly rather than the retailer. I spoke with a gentelman that really tried to help me, but I wasn't sure if we were talking about the same part so I called customer serivce back and got a woman who talked to me like I was a dummy (you work for the company lady, not me) I ended up waiting another 5 days for the incorrect part to appear. I again, called back and got yet another representative and she said that they would send out the correct part, but it will take another 7-10 days. I asked if it could be rushed since I have an expensive new vacuum that is just sitting here. The representative said that they "don't offer that." My Husband then took the issue over and tried to talk with supervisors but could never get connected to one. I'm about ready to pack this thing up and send it back. If you want some advise, I would be wary to buy Dyson if there is any reason that customer service needs to be contacted, because they just can't help the customer....more info
  • Best money I ever spent!
    This vaccum more than lives up to it's reputation. I got it for $199 on some one day supersale. It picks up EVERYTHING. I love the way my house looks after a good dyson cleaning. Worth every penny and more!...more info
  • Nice but not perfect...
    Well, I ordered the DC14 Remanuf. white vac. It arrived nicely packed with all the accessories and extra HEPA filter. I had a DC07 which I gave to my mother in law since they needed a vac and frankly, I did not see them spending what I did on it (they would have bought the cheapest one on sale...). However, when set up, the wand appeared not to fit onto the vac and came off because it would not click into place. I had called Dyson (great customer care) and after trouble shooting with me and having the DC07 on hand, figured that the wand was either defective or just from a different unit. They sent me a replacement wand under warranty (6 months only) via Priority mail and sure enough, it was a wrong wand (I later learned by going to the store that they put a DC15 wand of the same color on the vac I received). So, now, after Dyson made good, it is working like a champ. I could not tell it was a refurb. other than with a new unit you get a full 5 years of warranty while the refurb has 1/2 year. Dyson told me that you cannot buy an extended warranty or service plan from Dyson directly. Well, Amazon had it at 1/3 of retail so I really cannot word of caution, as with my DC07,the DC14 does make a grinding noise on many carpeted surfaces because of the agitator giving way when it is too much for the motor to turn it. It is noisy and at first you think the unit is broken. However, you can clean the agitator brush from hair and other debris picked up or just simply tilt the vac. up until it resets....more info
  • Dyson Vaccum (refurbished,, free shipping)
    Loved it. But it did not come with directions to put together. It works GREAT. I was able to get rid of 3 vaccums (with their bags). It really cleans....more info
  • Great buy!
    I have been shopping around for the Dyson brand vacuums for about a couple of months before I stumbled upon this one. So I took the chance and bought it online. I think it works great. It is going to take me a few times to get used to all the buttons and attachments but other than that, I don't know why I waited so long to buy one....more info
  • Great Deal
    For the price, this was a very good deal. I think I paid 199.00 plus free shipping. The carton it shipped in was blank but if not for that, you would never know that this was refurbished. It works perfectly and I saved over $200.00.
    Best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. I have a yellow lab that sheds a ton. It picks up her hair effortlessly.
    ...more info
  • Awesome vacuum!!!
    Received it a week ago and have used it several times extensively throughout the house putting it through it's paces (carpets, drapes, furniture, and dryer vent) and found it to be the best vacuum I have ever owned. I let my four year old use (play with) it and it actually sucked up a small rubber baseball, so I was very impressed with the force of suction it had. Took some time to acclimate myself to the wand being always attached; but found it very easy and useful to use once I realized how it exactly worked. All-in-all, i am very happy with the product; but would have had a hard time paying full manufacturer price for a new unit. Would recommend a refurbed one of these anytime!...more info
  • Very pleased with our new Dyson!
    Our remanufactured Dyson arrived in almost perfect condition (had only a couple minor scratches). Works great from what I can tell. I was expecting the champer to fill up with the first use, however it only filled up about 1/2 full. Hopefully this means our berber carpet floors weren't as dirty as I had imagined. Overall, I would recommend this product however would not mind comparing this model to a newer more expensive model to see if the chamber fills up. This is my first time to ever use a Dyson or bagless vacuum for that matter, so I really have nothing to compare it to. ...more info
  • Dyson DC14 Full Kit Remanufactured
    Purchased the remanufactured Dyson DC14 after reading several reviews online. Unit arrived in 4 business days using Super Saver Shipping. As for the online reviews, folks either love the Dyson or hate it with a passion, very little in between. I also saw a pattern in that vacuum shops seem to have it out for the Dyson, at least that's what I picked up on, I wonder what's behind that? If the review starts off with 'I've serviced vacuums for 20 years,' you can bet they are going to trash the Dyson. The price was the deciding factor; $199.99 with free shipping, a 6 month warranty, and a couple extra attachements in the box. Our family has two indoor cats, the unit does an admarable job picking up the fur, dirt, and pretty much everything else. I can switch between carpet and tile with ease. I can't say it's any better or worse than our old Hoover at picking items up and I really didn't do any scientific tests using a control vacuum. Still, it definitely does not leave a dusty haze in it's wake like other vacuums I've used. That alone is worth the price. Cleanup is easy, construction seems solid and the attachements are well designed. Provided this Dyson lasts a few years I will have to say it was a very sound investment. ...more info
    I Just received my Dyson today and I love it as soon as it came i put it together witch was so easy and I started it up it picked up so much dust it was disgusting the funny thing was i had just vaccumed about two hours before i received it, I thought my carpets were clean but I guess not it's so quiet I tested it out while my husband was sleeping he didn't hear a thing I can't wait to use it again in the morning so I give it 5 Stars and I think everyone should have a dyson especially if u have kids....more info
  • Very Good Product
    This is a very good vacuum cleaner, but the wand is very confusing. I would recommend this product to anyone willing to figure out how to remove the wand or read the manual....more info
  • WOW!
    WOW! Ordered my Dyson and it came 1 day earlier than they scheduled.....

    Couldn't wait to use it, so I started vacuuming the house at 9:15p.m. With 2 dogs & a long haired Persian Cat.....the canister was full to the brim with animal hair & dirt left behind from my previous vacuum cleaner.

    Even though it was bought remanufactured, this Dyson, looks brand spanken New! A Super Deal!

    Buy this product! You won't be sorry.
    jerry...more info
  • Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!
    I LOVE this vacuum. I will never own anything other than a Dyson. For its price range, it is the BEST BUY for the money and it is totally worth the extra money to have a vacuum that actually does what it's supposed to do!!

    This is soooo awesome on hardwood floors, it actually sucks the dirt out of the TINY space where the boards meet. I never even knew dirt could be in there!! It is so powerful that when we use it on our carpeting, you can actually see the carpet lift up from the floor.

    You won't be disappointed with this vacuum!!...more info
  • Maybe #2 will be the charm.
    The Dyson Vacum when it worked was wonderful. I love all the features, it picks up great. Sometimes its hard to push on certain types of carpets because while it automatically adjust, it would be better to be able to manually adjust. The reason i gave this one such a low rating was because in the end I returned it, it kept shutting off due to over heating....more info
  • Wow!
    I'm amazed at how well I like this vacuum cleaner. I have a German Shepherd -- a very hairy dog -- and it handles his hair great. I previously had a self-propelled Eureka and was worried about how difficult it might be to push this one around, but it's absolutely no problem at all as it is so light. The emptying mechanism is also wonderful -- so easy and so much less messy than my other one was. The only thing I don't like is how the hose is arranged in the handle, but I'm thinking that I'll probably get used to it once I've used it a bit more. All in all, it's great!...more info
  • Great buy! Definitely grateful I got it
    Came in a brown unmarked box will all accessories and sealed documentation including a new replacement filter. It has a 6-month factory warranty and technical support. Like other reviewers have said, the assembly instructions aren't that good but after a few minutes the vacuum was up and running. It only came with one slight scratch near the brush area (which will get scratched later on anyways) so I didn't mind.
    Its definitely powerful, not heavy as it looks and easy to work around furniture. For small spaces the included powered brush is great.
    Definitely consider this vacuum, for the functionality, warranty and more importantly, price. Saved over 50% over a new one....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I love my new vacuum! This vacuum is powerful, but fairly quiet, at least compared to our old vacuum. My kids used to be terrified of our vacuum but now they actually ask me to vacuum and they help me do it, they love it! My carpet has never looked better. I actually enjoy using it! I vacuum more often and actually use the attachments because they are easy to use and do the job they are intended for! We use the vacuum on our hard floors too and it does a very decent job. I am constantly amazed at how much the vacuum can pick up out of our carpet. Our high traffic areas are actually looking much better since we bought this vacuum too, I think this will help prolong the life of our carpet. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone. ...more info
  • GREAT!!!
    I always wanted a Dyson but didn't want to spend the money. Great product for a great price. Remanufactured, yes, but looks and works like new. Well worth it. Tools snap on for storage. Canister is easy to remove and empty. Nice design, easy to manuver and not heavy. Shipping was free and super fast!...more info
  • I love this vacuum !!
    I'd never bought remanufactured item before, but this vacuum was much cheaper than the new one, so I tried.

    Well, my vacuum arm was a little bit dirty, but I could clean that easily. Except for that, it's perfect!

    It works great, and doesn't smell anything like other vacuums.

    I think I will use this vacuum for long time!
    ...more info
  • Dyson Rocks!
    My husband is in love with our new (well, remanufactured) Dyson vacuum! I've never seen a man vacuum so often. I am truly amazed. AND the vacuum really does work like a dream, even with our frequent home improvement projects and family dog dirtying up the house. Our friends our jealous. :)...more info
  • Carpet never looked so good
    I'm very pleased with the Dyson vacuum! It is so easy to use and my horrible rental carpet actually looks pretty good now. I had a little trouble learning how to use the tube, but I'm used to it now and like its reach & comfortable handle. Also, this vacuum is so much quieter than my old panasonic.

    The vacuum came well-packaged and everything looked like new. I would never have guessed it was a refurbished machine.

    Emptying the dustbin is easy, no more messy than using bags if you're careful, and I like that I can see how full the bin is and that I don't have to purchase bags anymore.

    I'm very happy with my purchase. I got a great machine for a very good price.

    ...more info
  • Very happy.
    I have wanted a new vacuum but was not sure I wanted to spend the price for a Dyson. I read all the reviews and agree refurbished sounds a little like what's wrong with this? But when you receive this vacuum it appears new. It has the best suction of any vacuum I have ever had. The wand is convenient and easy to use. My only problem has been dragging it around when using the wand because I continuously hit the on/off button and turn it off. Still I am really happy with my purchase....more info
  • Happy Husband
    My husband is the clean freak in our household and he did not like vacumming with my old canister Electrolux even though it still worked good after 18 years. He was a believer in buying cheap and replacing every few years. I convinced him it paid to spend more and get quality (and I'm the thrify one in the family) and based our purchase on the positive reviews on this site. He loves everything about our new Dyson 14. The carpet is only 5 years old but it lifts and cleans so it looks almost new and the carpet is very light colored. Its light and easier to maneuver than the old canister. We love the extra long electrical cord and the long reach of the handle makes cleaning the stairs much easier than struggling with the canistor. We bought it at Christmas time on Amazon and are still happy with it. It took a couple weeks to get and knew up front it would but the price was very good and worth the wait....more info
  • This vacuum really sucks!
    I have this vacuum and an older Oreck, I used to think nothing came close to the Oreck till I used the Dyson after it to see what it picked up... After doing the little bit of carpet in my bedroom the canister was half full of carpet fibers! This really blew me away! After a good once over with the Dyson, the house smells cleaner, it really is amazing! I am actually lending it to friends so they can see it for themselves. ...more info
  • Dyson DC 14 - refurbished
    Great vacuum. No problems or issues.
    It vacuums up particles, dust, pet hair that our Wind Tunnel never touched.
    It has also helped out with out allergies!
    I would highly recommend this item to anyone.
    ...more info
  • It would have been cheaper to buy this and skip all the other floor products
    Over the years I have bought vacuums, electric brooms, dustbusters, The Kone, electric mops...all in an effort to get spotless floors. I got the top rated vac by Consumer Reports. I should have saved my money, and bought the 'expensive' Dyson. This Dyson costs less than all the useless products and vacs and it DOES THE JOB. All of the accesories are easy, and it was a breeze to snap the few bits together, making it easy right out of the box. NOTHING is better, faster, or easier on bare floors....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum - Excellent OOBE (out of box experience)
    Got it and put it together in less than 10 minutes. Very easy to assemble.

    At $269 it is a great deal. I couldn't see anything at all wrong with my unit when I got it and I looked critically because I don't usually buy refurbished anything. I believe that this one was never sold and used but probably just had something physically broken/cracked and that is why it was sent back to be refurbished. All parts were clean. I only saw trace dust in one area and I assume that was from the final check before it was made available for resale.

    Does a really excellent job as you'd expect. I was really pretty amazed by the amount of pet hair that it picked up. I have a puppy that is about one year old and he has a medium length coat. Since summer is just about here he's been shedding. I knew he had but it is still surprising when you see the canister about full with dog hair.

    Removing, emptying, and replacing the canister is very easy. That is worth saying since you have to do that will all bagless (I reckon) but not all bagless are this easy.

    The vacuum is not heavy to me. If you are petite or very petite or find this sort of housework challenging physically (there are many good reasons for that) you probably need to be looking at ultra-light type machines.

    I selected 2 day shipping, Prime, but I got the machine overnight because the shipping center happened to be very close to me.

    Darin...more info
  • Dyson DC14 Vacuum
    I can't really attest to this re-manufactured vacuum since I bought it for a Christmas present for my daughter. I have a Dyson though and I love it. I love to see the stuff in the clear bin so I know it's really picking up everything, including very small debris....more info
  • Refurbished is the way to go
    The Dyson came in an unmarked box but packaged perfectly. The same way a brand new machine would be partially disassembled and packed for shipping. Upon arrival, all the parts were in perfect order and easy to put together. The only way I might have been able to tell is was not brand new was a very small scratch on the base. Every piece was factory clean. Once assembled, the machine worked (and continues to work) perfectly as expected. Save some $$$ and go with a refurbished unit of the desired model. I find the DC 14 to work very well....more info
  • One of the best purchases I ever made.
    I read all kinds of reviews and debated which vacuum to buy for a long time before I finally ordered this Dyson. It works great & even picks up the mountains of sand that my daughter brings home from school with no problem. I walk around the house barefoot a lot, and the carpets felt noticably cleaner after using the Dyson. Emptying the canister is a breeze (though it can get a little dusty - putting it as deep inside your trash can as possible before hitting the release button helps).

    My wife was worried about the weight (20+ lbs.), but it rolls very easily on our thick carpets and she has no problems with pushing it around.

    My only complaint is with the accessory hose. It is really long, which is great for ceiling fans, A/C vents, corners, etc. - but it is almost impossible to use on furniture tops for dusting. This is because the tube at the end of the hose is so long (about 2.5 feet) that it is difficult/impossible to get the suction end in some places....more info
  • Works great
    This vacuum works great to pick up pet hair and anything else on the floor. The construction feels a little cheap, and the cylinder fills up with dust fast (especially when you first use it), but it's held up great for a year now and hopefully will continue to do so....more info
  • A MUST HAVE for pet owners!!!
    We just got our remanufactured Dyson DC 14 in the mail today. It was easy to put together, and like everyone else says, it really DOES put all other vacuums to shame. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 gerbils living within our smallish duplex, and I didn't realize just how much pet hair was in our carpets until we got this vacuum. If you think your carpets are clean, get a Dyson and see how clean they really are! I wouldn't buy any other vacuum after getting this one. Dyson has won my heart!...more info
  • Refurbished Dyson DC14 (full kit)
    Recently our old vacuum has given out so we had to make a decision on how to replace it. We were fed up with the performance (or lack of) of our old vacuum anyway, so we decided to step up to the Dyson DC14 Full-Kit. The main reason for choosing this vacuum was the advertised ability to maintain suction power. Our main complain about the old vacuum was its lack of suction power, even when empty. DC14 Full Kit offered a nice spread of accessories (most of which travel on-board) and the refurbished price allowed us to fit this vacuum into our budget.

    The vacuum arrived nicely packaged inside of a non-flashy but sturdy cardboard box. The vacuum has to be assembled before use but it is a simple taks that does not take more than 5-10 minutes. After putting it together we tried it out and low and behold loved the suction power immediately. We have a long-haired cat at home that notoriously sheds everywhere yet the Dyson can vacuum the whole living space (carpeted throughout) without the need to constantly empty the container. We have now used the vacuum for several weeks and have not had any troubles.

    Other than the suction power, additional features that are very useful are the long reach of the hose (we can vacuum all of the stairs without lifting the vacuum itself), relatively narrow base (Dyson gets into spots which the old vacuum could not access), and detachable container that you can take outside to empty before you actually have to open it up.

    There are two reasons for giving this product 4 out of 5 stars rating.
    One is a simple lack of a light source on the vacuum. If your living area is not well lit, you may be forced to vacuum during the day time only. The second reason is the extension. While the hose can be extended to cover as much as 12-15 feet, the metal hose part of the extension is about 2.5 - 3 feet long which inhibits vacuuming in tight quarters up high. Specifically, vacuuming of our scratching posts is not an easy task.

    Overall we are happy with the purchase and we hope that long term durability will allow us to uphold this rating in a year or two....more info
  • Great Vac
    Great vacuum. I like the fact that you can see the lint in the canister so you know when it's time to empty. Sucks lint like a fiend. I even sucked up my wife's sock by accident. It didn't skip a beat.

    Long cord allows the user to do several rooms without switching outlets. Not too heavy to lug around, either. Very well engineered.

    I read many reviews about the turbo head attachment. Most didn't like it, but I found it to work very well. No issues whatsoever. It worked very well on my carpeted staircase....more info
  • Miles above Hoover WindTunnel
    We had been using a Hoover WindTunnel that we'd purchased five years ago from the factory store for 180. While it seemed to work reasonably well, it was just incredibly loud. And it was heavy and not so easy to maneuver.

    What we like about this Dyson, which we purchased after reading an incredible number of reviews here at Amazon and elsewhere:

    1. noise level, compared to the WindTunnel, is surprisingly quiet. We don't have to yell to hold a conversation while vacuuming.

    2. Aesthetics. Going from Hoover to Dyson was like switching from Dell Dimension to Apple iMac.

    3. Suction, of course. Every other review here which claims shocking amounts of dirt being picked up the first time is TRUE. Our landlord had steam-cleaned the carpet just a month before we moved in. It really was shocking to see how much was in the dust bin after the first vacuuming.

    4. Ease of dust disposal. Really quite easy!

    5. Not having to stock vacuum bags.

    It's not a small sum to spend on a vacuum. However, we have a baby who's just about begun to crawl, and we convinced ourselves that getting a really good vacuum that can keep the floor clean was for the good of the baby. You can justify all sorts of spending when the baby comes! :-)

    We were also considering getting an Oreck, but we weren't so satisfied with their XL Air Cleaner. ...more info
  • The ultimate vac.
    After trying a lot of "lesser" vacs, i finally found one that works perfectly. Love it. Very easy to operate and no mess when you empty the bagless jar.
    Highly recomemded....more info
  • great
    Originally I was a hesitant to buy a remanufactured Dyson, but minutes after I started using it I could definitely tell the difference between other vacuum's and Dyson's. It works great and I haven't had any problems whatsoever. A great vacuum for a great price!...more info
  • Dyson
    I thought my wife had lost her mind when she told me how much money she was planning on spending on a vacuum cleaner. We have a small cat and a large German Shepherd, so there is usually plenty of fur and stuff to clean when it comes time to vacuum. As much as I hate to put it in writing, she was right again. Darn it! Our old vacuum died on a day we finished vacuuming our house. We bought the Dyson and vacuumed immediately after getting it. Even though we just vacuumed the house two days prior, the Dyson had to be emptied three times throughout its use that day. The Dyson is unbelievable! ...more info
  • Allergy suffers rejoice!
    I suffer from chronic pet allergies. Unfortunatly my fiance has a long hair cat and when I moved in I had to resort to taking prescription allergy medication everyday again. I bought the Dyson DC 14 and almost gagged when I saw how much hair it picked up in just one room alone. I thought the house was clean after I used our old vacuum but apparently not. I went over the entire house twice just to be sure. The first time picked up so much that the cannister got full fast. This vacuum is a miracle. Not only are my allergies getting better...but the cat has been permenetly moved from an indoor/outdoor a full time outdoor cat.
    Thank you Dyson, I will only own this vacuum!!! :)...more info
  • Vaccum Review
    Overall, it was a good choice. It 's got great suction and I like the fact that there are no bags. The only negative is that it is rather heavy and difficult to carry up and down stairs. Otherwise, it's a great choice....more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    My Dyson DC-14 Full Kit just arrived today at my office and of course I had to rush back to the office to check out the new toy before taking it to our new home tomorrow. Took me less than 5 minutes to get it out of the box and put together. My other vacuum which will remain nameless took me much longer and was a pain to put together putting screws in places I could barely see. Of course I could not wait to take it home to test it out so I tried it out in my office. All I can say is AMAZING!!! So easy to use and WOW at the stuff it picked up that I never knew was there and we just had our carpets shampooed not too long ago. I cannot wait to take it to our new home tomorrow and test it out there. It is a new construction house so I am sure there are somethings deep down in the carpet that we need to get out before we move in this weekend. I will be sure to write another rave review as I am sure this Dyson will live up to its reputation!!!...more info
  • Dyson DC 14 Full-Kit Upright Bagless Vacuum - Better than expected!
    I've purchased so many vacuum cleaners in the past few years and I hated them all. Usually because the cord was too short, the hose wasn't long enough to reach the stairs, the unit would tip over when I used the hose, the bag was messy to change, my bagless filters clogged too fast and wouldn't suck, and the filters are expensive! Other vacuums I purchased were too heavy, too noisy, too hard to roll, etc....are you still with me? Then you must know what I mean! I got tired of buying vacuum cleaners and not liking them when it came down to really using them.

    Finally my husband said enough! He had heard that Dyson made a good vacuum cleaner, but I didn't want to spend over $300 for another vacuum that I will hate! This one is everything I could ask for! Imagine a light vacuum cleaner that hugs the floor, even when you vacuum under furniture, it retains it's suction on the carpet! It doesn't tip over when you use the hose and it's so light when I use the attachments on the stairs, that I didn't notice how long the hose is. It seems to be long enough for all of my needs. This unit is easy to roll and just feels like a Cadillac when I'm using it. It doesn't rattle or vibrate too much and is definitely the quietest one I've ever had. Emptying the bagless container is as easy as pressing a button and the filter can be washed every six months. It came with a spare, so I don't have to wait for the filter to dry before I can vacuum again. Well, sorry to have written a book, but I can't say enough good things about this vacuum!...more info
  • Great deal on a great vacuum!
    The Dyson DC 14 Full-Kit out-performed my Oreck XL in ways I could not have imagined. Thanks to the transparent collection cup, one can immediately see what has been collected. I was stunned at what my Oreck had left behind. I highly recommend the Dyson to anyone considering a new vacuum purchase. I am as satisfied as one can be with my purchase of a remanufactured unit from info
  • Dyson Vacuum
    Works very well. The hose is a little awkward but you get the hang of it after a while. Too many attachments to figure out. Nice to have but not essential. Overall, pleased with my purchase. I expect to have this vacuum for a long time....more info
  • Versatile, easy to use, and effective, but does have flaws
    I got this vacuum because I was constantly replacing the bags in my old vacuum and it didn't even have a rotating hand brush. I just got a dog and these weaknesses were really exposed.

    The Dyson is solid. The bagless canister and filter system is VERY well designed and easy to use. It's not messy emptying the container at all and it maintains good suction power throughout its use. Speaking of suction power, on deep pile carpet, it won't get ALL the hair on one pass, so don't expect it to. This was a slight disappointment to me, but I doubt anything would get it in one pass. The extension handle, IMO, needs to be longer as I'm constantly leaning over when using it with the bare floor attachment, although it does work VERY well on bare floors. I also think it's sometimes difficult to use the full length of the extension hose without potentially knocking the vacuum over, although if you're careful, that won't be a problem.

    Other than those small complaints, I'm pretty happy with the purchase. The bagless design was huge for me. The longer extension hose is great for stairs, and 30' power cord saves me a lot of hassle. It's also not as loud as my old dirt devil. I think it's slightly overpriced and probably should be about $75 less, but if you have the money and don't want to compromise too much, it's a solid purchase.
    ...more info
  • yes, absolutely
    After all my hesitation, I jumped in and committed to the Dyson full-kit. I have two German Shepherds, a Pug, and two sons in my two-bedroom bungalow. I have not been this in love with an appliance since I bought my front-loading wash machine.
    My floor is bare-foot, squeaky clean. Don't hesitate to consider a factory refurbished model, as I got a great price for a vacuum in perfect condition. Dyson made vacuuming a high-order, exacting experience. So quiet. So perfect. Make your vacuum obsolete and commit to a Dyson. It's a lifestyle change, and I say that in spite of the fact it's super-retro pathetic to wax poetic about an appliance....more info
  • What 's more do you want? 5 stars not 3
    This Dyson is going to be an addition to my five other vacs. The Dyson can do all the tricks that the other four can except the Roomba. The Roomba can run by itself without having you to get involved, but it will only do some light duty floor and carpet cleaning.
    My only complaint on the Dyson is the absences of a headlight on the unit. Otherwise, the Dyson is very powerful in suction, quieter and lighter than some other upright and canister vac that I own. It had the longest hose to reach those hard to reach area like the top of your bookself, the interior of your car or suck those spider webs off your high ceiling. By using the mini turbine head along with the long hose make the stairs cleaning job easier too.
    ...more info
  • Refurb. Dyson Full Kit
    All I have to say is WOW this thing is no gimick. It picked up dirt and pet hair from where I thought was the clean section of my capet, and so to all you pet owners I would highly recomend this vac. Also the set up was a cake walk compared to my old vac (it shall remain nameless). It is amazingly simple and easy to use. I did have a bit of a problem with the wand due to the spring back action and the floor tool did not work properly, the brush kept on getting cloged with pet hair. None the less this thing does the job both on carpet and on hard wood floor. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars cause of the floor tool issue and the value. ...more info
  • Finally, got my Dyson....
    I've wanted one of these since they came out on the market... but I had a Fantom Thunder, which was no cheap purchase itself and I couldn't see spending the money for a Dyson.

    Last week, the belt broke on my Fantom, so I finally pulled the trigger and ordered this DC 14 Full Kit Dyson. I read all the reviews of the different models and felt like I picked the best one...

    Today, I have been sweeping, and sweeping, and sweeping, and I cannot believe the amount of dust, dirt, and dog hair I have picked up! I thought my Fantom was amazing, but this is truly awesome!

    I gave it four stars out of five, because I am not 100% pleased with the price. I do believe it is overpriced due to its popularity. I also worry a little about the lightweight plastic that it's made of... I hope it lasts... The last problem I see is that the instruction book is totally worthless... not good instructions at all... it's made for people who can't read apparently, because you mostly have to go by the drawings and diagrams. We had a little trouble assembling it, and that was frustrating.

    All in all, I am very pleased that I bought it. I compared many different Dyson models as well as other brands as recommended by Consumer Reports, and I really think I picked the right one.

    If you are wavering on whether or not to buy one, I say do it!...more info
  • Dysons really do suck : )
    I have had my Dyson for over a month now and it's simply fabulous! Mine was "reconditioned" but looks and acts brand new. For the first time in decades of dog ownership, I feel like I can really get my house clean. The rotating upholstery attachment keeps me from cringing when company sits on my couch wearing dark clothing. I bought mine primarily on the reccomendation of a friend of mine who has a Dyson (she paid retail and still loves it) Well, I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, if you're going to vacuum why not do a great job? And along that same line, if you're going to buy a great vacuum why not save some money? The reconditioned Dyson fits the bill 100% ...more info
  • Mediocre and Not for Thick Carpet
    I bought this vac with high expectations. Unfortunately, it did not live up to them. I have brand new thick carpet. If you turn the unit on and just let it sit in one place for a few seconds, the beater bar bogs down and trips a ratcheting sound that resembles the noise of a cat getting sucked in tail first. I can repeat the problem over and over with ease. Initially, I thought it was a defective unit. But I have come to believe it just can't handle the thick pile. It works fine on every other floor.

    After sending it back, I had opportunity to visit a Dyson dealer who also sells other brands. We threw salt, sand, rice and coins onto a big patch of his ceramic tile and store carpet and ground them in with our boots. Then I took the Dyson (DC 14 and DC 15 Ball), an Electrolux Commercial, Kirby G5, Oreck XL21, Eureka Sanitaire, and Riccar Radiance, and put them through their paces in a side by side test. The salesman didn't have to do much selling since the vacs had a chance to speak for themselves. While all the vacs got the stuff off the carpet, all but the Riccar took multiple passes (four on average). I also noticed that almost all of the vacs (except the Riccar) were strong on the right side but weak on the left. Both Dyson products beater bar seemed extremely underpowered on heavier carpet (we tried them on two weights of carpet) as did the Oreck. When we moved to the tile floor, the Dyson took the sand and salt off of the tile but left it in the cracks of the grout. Unacceptable to me.

    In all honesty, when I finished the test, the Dyson products felt like plastic toys compared to some of the other products. They did a mediocre job but were incapable of dealing with the heavy carpet. Just pushing them through it was a labor, wearing my wife out after one large living room's worth of vacuuming. The Riccar, on the other hand, almost crept forward on its own. The Dysons would probably have faired much better on lower pile carpet. Had I not done the side by side test I would never have known how they all compared

    I will buy a Riccar Radiance, the hands down winner in my tests. It is a little more expensive than the Dyson but far less than the Kirby. And it was the clear winner on the floor. The salesman didn't have to say anything at all. The Vacs did all the talking....more info
  • Best Vacuum so far
    Bought this vacuum since my earlier Hoover vacuum just stopped working (in less than a year). So thought might as well invest in a good vacuum. Thus got the Dyson. So far it has been excellent. It removes lot of dust and is less noisy compared to the old Hoover....more info
  • Love my new (refurbished)Dyson DC14 FullKit:edited
    It's now July 2008. The Dyson is great! And when I finally read the instruction, I realized I'd been needlessly suffering using tool attachments with the wand in place... the wand is removable!!! That allows easy access to furniture, stairs, anything. The really great thing is that the rotating furniture/stair attachment works fantastically when the wand isn't in the way... the rotating brush keeps going when doing our carpeted stairs and velour furniture. Cat hair is gone!!! I love this thing!

    OK. So I just got it and only used it to vac my upstairs (without moving furniture... just a quick test) and it took me barely 10-minutes for about 1200 sq ft of hard floor. It cleans great! It's extremely quiet, which makes me think it might be broken since Consumer Reports (and some reviewers of the DC 14 all-floors) said it was noisy. But after using a Hoover canister for the past 20-years, this thing is fantastic. Don't let anybody tell you that it doesn't do hard flooring. I highly recommend this vaccuum. I'll give a futhher review after a few weeks of use (and when I've had a chance to use all the tools). Consumer reports also gave it a lower rating for ease of use, but I put it together and got it going easily without reading the manual (don't tell Dyson!).
    p.s., the cat was scared, but nowhere nearly as freightened as he is with the LOUD Hoover....more info