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TrueCeramicPro is the multi-functional styler you've been waiting for! This incredible, new Infrared Ionic Styler straightens, curls, flips and more! Unlike cheap imitation irons, the moist ceramic heat of the TrueCeramicPro keeps your hair healthy and hydrated, locking in moisture and adding shine. TrueCeramicPro combines dual-sided baked ceramic plates with solid ceramic heaters - creating a consistent source of infrared heat that straightens and curls at the molecular level. At the same time, negative ions are emitted to seal the hair cuticle - locking in color, moisture and shine.

  • Straightens, curls, flips and more!
  • Dual-sided baked ceramic plates with solid ceramic heaters
  • Quick and adjustable heating system ranges from 140 to 400 F
  • Safe and effective for all hair types
  • Narrow plates (1" by 3.5") Extra long 360 swivel cord
Customer Reviews:
    Here's the email that I just wrote to TrueCeramicPro customer service:

    My wife purchased the True Ceramic Pro a few months ago. It has already failed. This morning when she turned it on, the unit started smoking near the on switch, and now doesn't work at all. She's only used the product a handful of times because she's been out on maternaty leave since November. I was surprised to see that the unit only carries a 30 day warranty. Way to stand behind your product!!!!! Obviously, that should have been a red flag for her before she purchased it. Products made with quality parts typically carry a one year warranty. It's obvious to her now why the product only carries a 30 day warranty - because it's not a quality product. $150 for something that only lasted for a few uses, and she can't even obtain a free replacement unit. Ridiculous! Just like I'm taking the time to write this email, I'll take the time to write reviews of this product on every site that I can. I guess she should have read the reviews posted on various sites that say the units fail after only a few weeks. Not to mention the thing could have burned my house down with its defective electronic components!!!! I'll be sure to add my 2 cents worth about this product on these websites so more people will know about the quality of this product and how the company does not support it's product.

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  • True Ceramic Pro
    I bought it directly from the manufacture about 1 year ago. The first one only lasted a few months, it would not turn on like it over heated or something. They sent me another one and it is great I don't have any problems my daughter uses it every week. She shares it with her friends and cousins and they want one also. I have tried to call the # from before when I ordered but is has been busy for days like it is disconnected or something. I think it works great but wish I could get in touch with the manufacturer....more info
  • SCAM!
    DO NOT BUY THE TRUE CERAMIC PRO! It is not truely ceramic! Mine broke after only 9 months, which is probably why it only has a six month warrabty. The first iron they sent me stopped working after two days, and the second they sent to me had chipped plates, and the third stopped working after only 9 months and the painted on plate coating chipped off VERY quickly to reveal METAL plates, NOT CERAMIC! I regret buying mine, it was not worth the money. The quality does not match the expensive price. This item should be priced at $1.00 for its quality. SCAM!
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  • Disappointment
    When I first bought this product, I was not all that impressed. I thought that it was too small for the amount of hair I had, and that it would never hold up in humidity. Well, I have to say, I was right about the second impression. It didn't hold up all that well in the humidity like the infomercial says. But, it did make my hair a lot healthier than those cheap imitations you buy in the store. So, I continued to use it. It has now been a year since I bought the Tru Ceramic Pro and as it turns out, I'm having major doubts again. The protective coating has worn away, my flat iron is actually falling apart, and it already went dead. And the swivel cord was a joke. I actually have to spend minutes each morning to untangle it. I thought the best flat irons out there were the most expensive ones, but boy was I wrong. The most expensive ones...yeah right. Don't waste your time with this. My advice, go to a salon, buy a $40.00 flat iron. It works just as good, if not better....more info