Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil

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Expansion pack; Requires original DOOM 3
DOOM 3: Resurrection Of Evil extends the terrifying Hell of DOOM 3 - while adding variety and depth to the first-person action experience that is DOOM. Two years following the unexplained disaster on Mars, the UAC returns to the abandoned facilities to investigate a mysterious beacon buried deep in the ruins of the ancient civilization. 8-player multiplayer and jump pads deliver a dynamic multiplayer experience Real-time 5.1 sound, with room acoustics that are accurately modeled

  • Battle six new demons - including the hunters - with new weapons like the double-barrelled shotgun
  • Possess demonic powers to use against the enemy
  • Slow down time to outmaneuver enemies, or harness the force of gravity to control your environment
  • Manipulate objects and use them as weapons or access secret areas
  • Fight in all new 8-player capture the flag arenas

Customer Reviews:

  • Lord, may I register to go to Hell instead?
    Doom made Hell awesome, and this game made me want to be the marine. Sure it would make me crap my pants, but I think it would be kinda okay so I really liked this one and it was almost a little bit scarier than Doom 3 (yes, I said it...). The downside for me was there is no Online Co-Op like Doom 3 had, which was fun, and what is up with the Download Content thing? I can't even select it, but I can see that it is there...If you enjoyed Doom 3, you should really get this game. The multiplayer is fun too! I liked that it continued with the Doom 3 story. P.S. If you have Doom 3 on the PC, get this on the PC because there are much better graphics, mods, and more! I think there is even a Doom 3:ROE Co-Op mod too! Have fun! WORTH THE PRICE TOO!!!...more info
    This game is truly scary. I would recommend that u get the pc version if u have the hardware, and already have doom 3...if you dont just get it for xbox. u dont need the original doom3 to play!!...more info
  • Doomed!!!!
    BIG WOW!!!
    This game is a blast, it's fun, plays great and as a bonus, when played on the XBOX 360, it has DOOM, DOOM2 and more.
    A very pleasant surprise!

    Enjoy....more info
  • Review for the X Box version of Doom 3:Resurrection of Evil
    If you enjoyed Doom 3, then you should enjoy this game. Both of the Doom 3 games are all about heaping on the tension; combining a creepy atmosphere with enemies that like to attack out of dark corners or from behind. It's definitely a different feel from FPS like, say, HALO, and maybe it's not for everyone. But I dug it.
    That being said, I do have some complaints about Resurrection of Evil... first off, the game is substantially shorter then Doom 3-it seems that by the time you get the hang of the new weapons, the game is over. This would be no big deal if you were buying it as an expansion to the PC version, but the X Box item is a game unto itself. And it is actually more expensive then Doom 3! On top of this, the game didn't seem to be as polished as Doom 3: there are problems with sound synchronization, blocky visual artifacts and, on more then a few occasions, the frame rate starts choking. I had none of these problems with the first game.
    As I said, I liked the game. But the combination of the flaws, the short game, and the price, made it less enjoyable then the first Doom 3....more info
  • More of the same, and that's a good thing
    I absolutely loved Doom 3. The graphics, the gameplay and the classic Doom feel is just incredible. With the expansion, you get a whole new story, some new monsters, and more importantly, new levels to play. Although it is much shorter than Doom 3 (Keep in mind that it's just an expansion), ROE gives you slightly faster-paced gameplay and some breathtaking new areas. As an added bonus, you get the double-barreled shotgun, which is man's new best friend. And, once you beat the game, you can play classic Doom and Doom 2 as well as the Doom 2 master levels. This is a must-buy for all Doom fans....more info
    Here we go again, a few years after the events of Doom 3 a signal has been interepted coming from somewhere inside the Mars Research Facility.A team of researchers and marines is sent to investigate and as usual things go south and you find yourself the only one left.At least the flashlight is mounted on your pistol now so you will not be walking around in the dark unarmed anymore.Doom 3 R.O.E. locks in at about 8-10 hours,though only half as long as Doom 3,the inclusion of several new weapons and big ol' demons will keep you coming back for tons more.So if you're feeling tired and in need of a vacation,head over to Mars,they promise one heck of a good time....more info
  • Good Game
    If you like DOOM 3, you like this. Its basically more of the same with a couple cool additions and it helps flesh out the storyline from DOOM 3....more info
  • XB DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil
    The positive:
    Scary! It starts out fast, and gets you pumped up with fright right away. Plenty of gr-oss stuff to freak you out, MAN!
    The negative:
    I can't seem to figure out how to hold a weapon and a light at the same time. What the humphrey bogart is that on the end of my finger!?! How is it that a guy can't hold his pistol and his flashlight at the same time? With all the cool tech available to the guy in the game, why can't he equip his shotgun with his flashlight. I was having so much fun until I came upon a dark part in the game that needs extra illumination, but when I found out that I could hold either a light or a weapon and not both, I was dumbstruck. How stupid! Or did I miss something. Am I doing it wrong, or in the story beginning does one of his hands go numb and useless when he touches his flashlight?
    This is a major flaw! I can't believe the stupidity that went into this minor game detail, that for me, ruined all the realism to the point that I wasn't even scared any more.
    Cops hold their pistols over their flashlights all the time, why can't marines, damn it!?!
    ...more info
  • More DOOM can't be a bad thing...
    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is basically an XBOX port of the PC expansion pack of the same name. Like the original DOOM 3 before it, Resurrection of Evil manages to be a great port of a high-end PC title to the XBOX. The single player games manages to be very short-lived (less than 10 hours), but it manages to supplement this with some pretty good multiplayer modes, as well as the original DOOM and DOOM 2 in their entirety (these were previously included with the collectors' edition of DOOM 3). The action is fast and furious, as usual for the series, but it's over in record time. If you're a DOOM fan, you can do worse, and it's a good time while it lasts. ...more info
  • Call it Doom 3 2
    The story takes place right where Doom 3 ended... same look same feel, some new guns, the levels, almost done backwards... all and all I was amused and killed a lot of time and HellKnights... so I was happy! :-)...more info
  • The best fps game i have played yet
    First off i would like to say that in my opinion resurection of evil is not better than the other doom3 but is a great add on to the already perfected doom3. This game doesn't lack much except for the fact that the stages are shorter. This i didnt like, if it was just expanded a couple stages more and made longer this game would be perfect. But i think this game is better weapons wise. You get most of your weapons in the first 3 stages, and not like in the other doom3 were you got a gun per stage. :P otherwise this is an exact replica of the other doom3.
    But this is cool because you go back to previous stages in the other doom3(portal to hell, hell, teleporting bay, the stage were you fight the first dog demon thingy, and the very first stage of doom3) so its pretty well thought out and loads of fun

    Well in this doom3 there are 2 new foes and 2 new weapons to choose from.
    -well im not sure what the 2 new enemies are called but there called something.
    -The two new weapons are a gravity gun and sarges double barrel shotgun.(which is my favorite weapon) I also think the shotgun is the most affective throughout the game until you get the rocket launcher and the plasma rifle.

    But also in this doom 3 you get a pretty cool artafact that gives you skills of destroyed foes. It is like a soul steeler err something.
    -well anyways you get 3 skills(but not right away)
    1. is where you kill a big teleporting beast, this gives you the power to move at tremendious speeds,everything is slow motion except you!! very cool.
    2. is were you kill another huge beast that has a diferent power, this gives you the power of berserker. berserker gives you the power to attack 3X as effective when you shoot an enemy, basically 1 hit kill with sarges double barrel.
    3. the third boss when defeated gives you invunerability. this allows you to walk on any terain. which is useful in hell and fighting the final boss.
    ALL THESE SKILL are used at once and you must activate the artifact to do so. You need to steel souls of dead marines and othe people to charge the artifact.

    I would also encourage you to get the first doom3 before buying this game, because you wouldn't know whats going on and you wouldn't know the full story. errr bye them both at once and play doom3 first....more info
  • Good but not as good as Doom 3
    Even though this is a great game (can't go wrong with the Doom series) I still liked Doom 3 better; 2 reasons: 1) Doom 3 is longer and 2)The ending in Doom 3 in my opinion is better. This is still a great game and definately worth playing....more info
  • Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil
    Doom 3 - RoE is a truly great game. It picks up where Doom 3 left off. In my opinion, this game is better than Doom 3 because the action is faster and there's less talking. You don't have to play through 3 boring levels to get to the real action like you did last time. All of the levels are brand new and more enjoyable this time around. That's right, the levels are more spaced out. Plus, there are several new weapons including the double-barrel shotgun. There's also weapon you get in the first level that you can use to control enemy fire and move stuff around. Kind of neat! There are several new enemies too. I like this game. The action is much more fast-paced. The gameplay is the same as Doom 3, but it's still an awesome game nonetheless. This game also includes PC versions of Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 2 Master Levels. ...more info
  • DOOM 3 v.s DOOM ROE
    Short and sweet,am i talking about the game or my review..???
    BOTH.....plezzzzz just trust us get DOOM 3 it sounds better looks better and is longer and a bit more creepy....
    Have fun with either one you buy.....shoot ya L8R....

    DOOM 3 4.5* OUT OF 5* DOOM ROE 3.0* OUT OF 5*.....
    WELL HAVE FUN:-) Just go play socom 3.....on the ps2 or HALO 2 on the Box......

    Ragman......more info
  • Lucifer within!
    This game is damn good. The graphic is quite good and also the sound is not bad. The Singleplayermode rocks and the Multiplayermode is cool. This game is quite good but I think that the original Doom 3 is better....more info
  • More of the same
    I loved Doom 3, despite it being a really pretty game with no depth. This really isn't too different. There are a few difference in weapons and objects, and it's pretty short, but since it's an expansion, that's all that's expected. This is a fun game, and if you can get it cheap enough, it's worth it. If you didn't like the first, you propable won't be converted on this one....more info


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