Eureka 166DX Boss Lightweight Stick Vacuum

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Product Description

To spruce up a hardwood floor or to tend to an isolated mess, Eureka offers this petite stick version of their Boss vacuum. Weighing less than 4 pounds, the 2-amp vacuum can be used as a hand-held dust buster or an upright sweeper for emergency clean up and lightweight dusting. In addition to the stick vacuum's light convenience efficacy, it features an allergen filtering, bagless design, thus reducing bag waste.

The stick vacuum motor design features a special clean air system, where dirt travels around the fan blades to prevent any dust from blowing back out into the air and prolong the life of the motor. Dust collects in a easy-to-empty dust cup. A telescopic handle enables upright and hand-held use and is crafted for ergonomic comfort while vacuuming vertically on stairs or upholstery. A crevice tool and a floor nozzle are also provided. The vacuum cord spans a distance of 15 feet. This cleaning appliance is most successful when used on hard floors rather than dense carpeting. The stick vacuum is covered by a one-year limited warranty. With the telescopic handle down, the vacuum measures 5-1/4 by 6-1/10 by 25-1/2 inches and weighs 3-4/5 pounds. --Jessica Reuling

The handy Eureka lightweight conveniently cleans your house with an easy-empty dust cup, floor nozzle, crevice tool and a telescopic handle. It also converts to a hand vac, weighs 3.8 pounds and uses the Clean Air System to do the job without doing you in. Easy-empty Dust Cup Converts to Hand Vac Stair Cleaning Handle Clean Air System/Motor Protection Floor Nozzle Power-2 amps Cord Length 15 ft. Dimensions 5.25 x 6.1 x 25.5

  • Petite stick vacuum styled after Eureka's Boss model; for light cleaning of bare floors and some carpets
  • Bagless in design with allergen filtration for cleaner air; easy to remove dust cup
  • 2-amp motor; debris bypasses motor and fan while cleaning to prolong life of this appliance
  • Telescopic handle enables upright or handheld use of the extremely lightweight vacuum; 15-foot retractable power cord
  • Vacuum measures 5-1/4 by 6-1/10 by 25-1/2 inches in hand-held mode and weighs 3-4/5 pounds; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Eureka 166DX Boss Lightweight Stick Vacuum
    With all tile floors,and 4 dogs, I needed something more efficient than a broom, yet light weight and easy to grab anytime I needed to pick up some stray dog hairs or dirt that is always present when you have 4 dogs.. I love this vacuum stick! Its so easy, and light weight! On floors, I daresay it works better than my large vacuum! My only complaint would be that the cord is too short. The opening at the bottom is not large enough to pick up leaves, or anything larger like that, but as a quick clean up vacuum, its perfect! ...more info
  • Does the job
    Because of our light need for the stick vacuum, I got a more low end model. The Boss gets the job done on our hard wood floor and surprisingly doesn't clog with hair or other small particulates.

    The only downside is that it seems to not be very sturdy. While I haven't had any problems myself, I doubt it could take a real beating. This isn't a surprise for the price range it was in....more info
  • 2 stars at best
    It will pick up animal hair off wood floors. Has no effect on carpet, whatsoever. Has all the power of a $10 drugstore dust vacuum. Way underpowered.
    Product, not much. Amazon was as always, excellent.
    ...more info
  • Noise prevents top rating
    Love this tool! Sure makes life easier. Surprisingly powerful, but I guess the price of that strong little motor is the loudness of it, which means that I cannot get my 11-year-old with sensitive ears to use it (will try ear plugs). I like that the cord is short; on one hand it may seem like a hassle to have to re-plug it often, but on the other hand, just think of it as exercise, folks. The shorter cord keeps the weight down when coiled up, and is quicker to coil up. Same with the cord wrap--just think of it as exercise as you hold up the vacuum while coiling it. I also like how it's so easy to swing it around that my forearms are getting the perfect little workout. The slightly too-short handle can be OK if you just make sure to lead with your hips while vacuuming, meaning do not stoop but almost jut the hips a little forward as you vacuum. Happy vacuuming!...more info
  • Love this little vaccum!
    I recently installed hardwood floors in the dining room and living room, also have vinyl flooring in kitchen/utility rooms. Have 2 english setters and was looking for something to pick up the dog hair. This works great for that purpose. So much easier than hauling out a big vaccuum. Has decent suction, but cord could be longer. Just attached an extension cord and can now do all without changing outlets. Have a couple of low pile throw rugs and it will grab the hair off of them also. Well worth the money if you have dogs/cats and wood/vinyl floors....more info
  • It's The Boss
    I'm going back to college in the fall, so I was poking around walmart for cleaning stuff a few weeks ago I saw this vacuum for only $15. I thought "its so cheap, it probably doesn't work very well, if at all". I bought it anyway, thinking that I could easily return it if it didn't do the trick. When I first opened it and put it together, I thought it looked like an inexpensive child's toy (esp. the floor attatchment) with it's brightly colored shiny plastic. After trying it out on both hardwood floor and rug, I was really impressed with its pickup power. It picked up dog fur, crumbs, sand/dirt and even bits of string!

    Its small size makes it ideal for a dorm because I can hide it away under my bed or in my closet. The cord is the appropriate length for the kind of cleaning I do, because my space is limited. It's easy to use and lightweight, making getting it out and setting it up quick and easy (which is motivation to use it more often). I love that it's bagless and virtually mess-free; why would I want to clean up after a cleaning appliance?

    The sleek design and bright colors (mine is hot pink) are what caught my initial attention. Eureka did a great job making it look nice! I also love that I can use it to clean out my car with the options to use the crevice tool and as a regular hand-held vacuum.

    Downfalls: Wrapping the cord up is annoying and time-consuming. The cord holders are awkwardly spaced far apart and close to the body so the cord needs to accommodate to the convex shape. I gave up on the cord holders and just kept the plastic tie it came with, so now I fold up the cord and secure it with that and it works just as well. A retractable cord would be better but would be hard to do with this vacuum and keep the small size. Additionally, the cord would look nicer if it was the same color as the vacuum because it sticks out like a sore thumb.
    With this type of plastic wheel hair and fuzz can easily get wrapped tightly around. It is difficult to remove and really affects the motion.
    The telescopic handle is awesome, but I wish it was about 3-5 inches longer.
    A little too noisy.

    Basically, if you're looking for a small, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing vacuum this is the perfect choice. The positives outweigh the negatives- I can't recommend it enough!!!...more info
  • $25 King
    This is a bargain for $25, there are no belts, rotating brushes, or major parts to break. It picks up hair extremely well and gets dust as well. It is not intended to be a replacement for a full sized $100+ vacuum but gets the little jobs done better than those other cordless stick vacs. The cord is also short because it is meant for light jobs, not cleaning entire houses....more info
  • Great for "cat cleanup".....
    Got this product to clean up litter in a room where we keep our cat litter box. Perfect for this job! Also good for use on any bare floor areas and for small rugs where one can't use a large vacuum cleaner......more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!
    I love this Vacuum! I needed something to sweep the floor and rugs in my laundry room/mud room. I have two back doors both entering in the laundry room, anything on your shoes ended up on my rugs, so when you folded laundry and dropped something, it would be dirty again. I even let my 4 1/2 year old use it in the kitchen and he loved it (it was just his size with the handel down). Very easy to use. It's a little loud, but not bad. The only thing I don't like about it is the cord could be a little longer. Very easy to empty and the filter cleans up great. I had bought a Bissell 3 in 1 stick vac and it was horrible. This is 100 times better!...more info
  • Good vac for quick pickup-deserves 4 stars
    This is a complete revision of an earlier review in which I complained about noise and hard-to-access dust cup - would now give it 4 stars but apparently am not allowed to change my initial rating during an "edit". Once I learned to press the release completely, I find the dust cup easy to access. It does a good job of picking up cat hairs and bits/pieces from the carpet surface and hardwood; the dust cup holds a much larger quantity than I would have expected from a vacuum this size. So lightweight - easy to grab out of a closet and give the house a once over. Would have given it 5 stars if it were not so noisy - I use earplugs when running it. People who seem to expect this vacuum to substitute for a full-size on carpet aren't being reasonable - this one does a great job for what it is intended.
    ...more info
  • Finally found it!
    I have looked and tried numerous small vacs and I finally found exactly what I want with this little magic vacuum. I have tile floors that are white. I also have a black haired dog. This vacuum picks up all the dog hair and cat hair with ease along with the crumbs from the kids. I like the fact that it's not cordless because it's not convenient for me to recharge a vacuum. The large bin is also a plus as I can vacuum the living room, kitchen, hallway and den without having to empty it between rooms. The only thing that could be better is to have the kids use it....more info
  • Designers could have done a better job -- downgraded to two stars
    On the plus side, its three different functions (floor, hand held, and crevice tool) are excellent options Had I been able to test this for the designers, I would have told them the size of the dust bag enclosure is large and awkward. That makes it very hard to hold the unlock button (which is a little on the dinky side) and grasp the two sections in order to get to the smallish filter. Compared to the old Eureka Superbroom, this one falls short. For example, the on/off switch is smooth and almost flush with the surface making it a bit hard to operate easily. It's almost impossible for my smallish hands to grasp the too large and too smooth section. Either make it small enough (on some area) to hold easily, or put some sort of material that allows for some sort of friction for a human hand. (I will probably have to wear latex kitchen gloves when acessing the dust cup.) Again, compared to the Superbroom, the dust cup is smaller. Also, the pull-out handle is shorter than the Superbroom. Though, it is quite attractive--and so far the three ways it can be used are positives--but, if it weren't such a pain in the patootie to box up and take to the Post Office or UPS (not to mention the cost), I would ship it back. I was planning this to be a replacement for my old stick broom, but have elected to keep that one... I've had it for eons and dropped it more times than Bush has said "Stay the course." It's a good little workhorse, and will probably outlast its pretty and shiney successor. Hey Eureka... next time you design a new stick broom, let me test it for you. Addendum:
    After using this equipment a few times, I'd like to add that while the cord holders may have made the design "prettier" re-wrapping the cord is made more difficult because they are set in close to the body. Also, would it have killed them to find a way to attach the crevice tool, somehow... even some Velcro the customer could chose to place somewhere. It should be convenient, not somewhere else in the house when you find: "Gee, I need to get in there a little tighter... now where the heck is that crevice thingie... oh, that's right, it's way up in the front of the house in the closet... I hope." All this is why I'm downgrading it to only two stars....more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    This works very well for what I need. I use it in the kitchen and mudd room for dirt, dog hair and crumbs on bare floors and area rugs. I occasionally use it on carpet for loose debris. It can stand alone which is helpful and I love that it has a crevis tool for the hard to reach areas. It could use a longer cord, but I can live with it. I do have to say I have only had it for about 2 months....more info
  • Noisy!
    I guess this works alright, but it is so incredibly noisy that I turn it off before the job is done. I would not recommend it for those with sensitive ears....more info
  • Great for a quicky
    I used this stick vacuum at a friends house and I was amazed at how well it picked up. I have a golden retriever and she sheds like crazy. I'm always pulling out the big vacuum because I hate seeing the dog hair around the house. To my amazement, this is such a handy item. Simple, quick and comvenient to get out. Yes the cord is short but common sense-use an extention cord if you hate moving it from plug to plug. With four children, it cleans up the crumb mess on the kitchen floor too! I love it!!! Got to have one for myself. Mine is on order as I write this..
    Sue from New York...more info
  • Better than full-sized.
    I've been through three full-sized vacs looking for one as good as this one - my oldest, bag-using Hoover Elite was as good at vacuuming, but much heavier. The two Hoovers I've bought since then, with and without bags, haven't been half as good at getting up dog fur and kitty litter. So now, I'm just buying a second Boss for the downstairs. It even handles couch cushions and other upholstery - the only thing it doesn't do is get into nooks and crannies, since it doesn't have attachments. I use this vacuum several times a week, since there's no "hauling out" or "cord wrapping" or other headaches to deal with - fifteen minutes, and the job is done. Can't recommend it enough....more info
  • Great Product for Dog Hair and Hardwoods
    Very light, long cord, and plenty of power to pick up dog hair and other light items. This is not for someone who wants a full fledged vacuum. My only complaint is that it's made of cheap plastic and will most likely crack/break if dropped.

    ...more info
  • Eureka Stick Vacuum
    I had an old Eureka electric broom similar to this one. It picked up better when it was about to "croak" than others I have purchased when they were brand new. It is also easier to empty than others I have tried. I have hardwood floors and this vacuum works great....more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    I have two dogs and a cat and my house gets pretty hairy. This vacuum works better than the larger, more expensive ones I have used. I got it as a gift and just saw the price now. I cannot believe how cheap it is. I was thinking it was more expensive than the bigger ones because it is smaller and easier to use but works even better!

    It's very cheap, works great, small, light and you don't have to spend money on vacuum bags.

    I absolutely recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Does what I need ...
    Here's my situation. I have a cat box in my bathroom and I really didn't like sweeping the kitty litter up every day - the broom would kick up dust and I would invariably miss a bit of kitty litter.

    I needed something small, light that I could drag out and buzz around the bathroom (hard surface) with. This fits the bill perfectly. It's not exactly quiet, but not too bad either.

    I don't like the rechargeable stick vacs because my closet doesn't have a power outlet and I really don't want to leave it out and look at the thing. In addition, corded stick vacs tend to be more powerful and don't run down, but you do have to put up with a cord.

    This stick vac is basically a dustbuster with a telescopic handle and a detachable (bare) floor nozzle. It is not going to compete with a regular vacuum, but for light cleanup (e.g. kitty litter) it works just fine. I also use it on the low-pile carpeting just outside the bathroom door to pick up any stray kitty litter and it gets most of it. I don't think you'd want to use it on thicker pile carpeting or for large areas especially considering the floor nozzle has no brush roller - it really is designed for hard floors.

    It does what I need -- no more kicking up dust and no more kitty litter in the bathroom (I use it every day). I am happy with my purchase....more info