Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Cleaner

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Product Description

BISSELL" PRO HEAT 2X SELECT UPRIGHT DEEP CARPET CLEANER 12 amp cleaning system Tank-in-Tank technology 12" cleaning path Built in heater heats hot tap water up to 25 degrees hotter Dirtlifter PowerBrush lifts out deep down dirt TurboBrush powered hand held tool cleans upholstery and stairs Scotchgard protector with applicator tool for extra protection against dirt and stains Includes 33' power cord, quick-release cord wrap, crevice tool, tough stain brush Use Bissell chemical mfg no. 0735 (Ace no. 1225564) Pet Oder and Soil Carpet Cleaner, mfg no. 0710 (Ace no. 12007) Fiber Cleansing Carpet Cleaner and mfg no. 0720 (Ace no. 1099217) Multi-Allergen Carpet Cleaner Black Cherry Fiz color Boxed

  • 12 cleaning rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes get the deep down dirt and leave your carpets
  • Built-in heater heats both the water and cleaning solution for maximum effectiveness - now heats
  • Microban antimicrobial product protection helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold,
  • Patented built-in heater heats hot tap water up to 25? hotter for maximum cleaning effectiveness
  • Custom Clean offers four settings to choose from: light clean, normal, heavy traffic and rinse
Customer Reviews:
  • look good but...
    I had read all the reviews and having made what I thought was an informed decision i bought this floor cleaner and for the first day it worked great! I followed the instructions and the floor cleaner right afterwards, unfortunately when I went to use it the second day the floor agitators no longer functioned. When contacting Bissell I recieved nothing more than the help responses that were already in the instruction manual. Their only other suggestion is that I take it to one of thier repair centers. All I can say that after a great start with this Bissell product I end up feeling very disappionted....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    After much research I chose this carpet cleaner versus a Hoover. I wish I had paid more attention to the negative reviews as they were spot on. First, the single tank for clean and dirty water is a PAIN. It holds very little and there is no indicator to tell you when you are out of solution. So you are working away and then realize you have been out of solution for who knows how long!! You are constantly emptying and refilling the tank.The separate compartment for the actual cleaning solution never seemed to empty, so I guess the machine was just spraying water. Next, as others stated, it does not seem to do a very good job of extracting the dirty solution. When I would go to empty the tank it was usually less than half full. The carpets felt very wet and took quite a while to dry. Finally, after only a few uses and 6 monthes the thing doesn't spray anymore. What a waste of money! I wish I had gone with the Hoover!!!...more info
  • Been broken more than it has worked!
    I spent what I think is an UNGODLY amount of money on this product (around $300) after reading nothing but good reviews about it online. The hard floor cleaner attachment broke off on my FIRST USE then the floor cleaning portion (the MAIN part) broke after only using it about 4 times (the soap/water mixture stopped coming out...). By this time it was over a year beyond my buying it and my warranty was up so my husband took it apart and found that the gasket between the solution tank and the manifold wouldn't seal and lucky for me my hubby is a handy guy so he fixed it somehow. BUT on my very next use the hand-held wand portion stopped working! I cannot believe what a piece of junk this thing is for how much it cost me. I don't use the thing THAT much - all in all I've used it NO MORE than 6 times total in about 3 years ($50 per use!) and it has been broken more than it's worked. The thing is garbage now since I see no use in my hubby fixing it again, only for it to BREAK AGAIN on the very next use! Why should my husband keep having to rebuild the thing after every use? I figure I might as well just buy one that won't keep breaking every time I use it! I'm never buying a Bissell again, that's for sure! ...more info
  • This machine saved me over $4,000! GREAT!
    One day last week I walked in from my outdoor patio with a tray full of cooking ingredients, chili sauces, red wine vinegar, cooking oil, etc. and dropped the entire thing in the middle of my very light colored carpet I have so carefully maintained for many years. Every piece of cooked food with sauce all over it went on the carpet, including all the spices and liquids I use to cook asian food outdoors. I panicked and couldn't believe I did that.
    I quickly picked up as much of the food as I could and ran for the Bissell, but all the while thinking my $4,000 carpet was gone. I couldn't imagine it would even come close to removing these types of stains to the degree the carpet was soaked with them. Dark red heavy stains and chili sauces? No way.
    But I was going to give it a shot anyway. No choice. I used some cleaner in the machine I have had good luck with, which is called "Resolve" for carpet cleaners, not their other product for spot stains you do by hand. I ran to get the water in the machine as fast as I could and let it heat for about a minute. Then I went to work and made many passes over the mess. I had to empty the tank many times because of the stuff it was picking up. At first I thought it wasn't going to work. Huge red stains, but I persisted. A half an hour later and about twenty passes with lots of cleaner, the carpet was PERFECT. This thing saved me the cost of a complete carpet replacement! To this day, I still don't believe anything could get the stains I had out and I have tried most products, none with this success. THANKS Bissell. ...more info
  • It's great to have clean carpets
    I would much rather have different flooring, but we have carpet on much of the main floor of the house (and elsewhere). Although we have wood in the foyer, we inevitably track dirt into the livingroom and den. We have three children who take food in the living room even though THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED to! And, we have this fantastic Bissell Carpet Cleaner that removes almost all the dirt and stains.

    I truly appreciate this carpet cleaner. We bought it based on the reviews of several different companies' machines. We also purchased it to avoid paying a professional carpet cleaner and decided it would make sense to have one of our own. It is a purchase we are glad we made! Every month or so, my husband (his job) moves most of the furniture, gets the carpet cleaner out and cleans our carpets. They always look great afterwards and they dry within a few hours. The machine really scrubs stains and is able to suction up much of the water. It leaves big wet dusty piles of cat hair (even though we vacuum before cleaning), but I pick those up easily (my job). Our machine gets lots of use and has not caused us any problems at all.

    I've read that cleaning carpets frequently is not very good for the carpet-- it's supposed to add a lot of wear and tear. However, our carpet is still going strong and we try to use the machine every month or so. Our carpet can get so dirty looking after a while that I don't really care if it will affect its longevity-- having our carpet clean and fresh-smelling is much more important to me.

    ...more info
  • as good as I hoped
    I shopped online for weeks before deciding. I have been borrowing Bissell carpet cleaners for a while, this one seems to be the best so far. Assembly was easy. It was a little heaver then I expected. I like the water resivoir, they have improved the seals & latches. The stairs are labor intensive, as the water shoots out very concentrated & it takes a lot of work to get them dry. Maybe it just takes a while to get the hang of it. Overall, glad I bought it....more info
  • Bissell 2x deep cleaner
    I found putting the unit together was easy,it cleaned the white carpets of all foot traffic and dog markings,some months old , and although the carpet was wet for a day, due to the heavy clean it proformed as I expected. It was fantasic on the bamboo flooring and doesn't need a wipe over with a dry towel as I've always had to do. Very good product for the price and cheaper than calling in carpet cleaners four times a year. ...more info