OSTER Professional Products Wall Mount Hair Dryer

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Product Description

Ideal for any Home Environment. Unit can be conveniently mounted on the countertop or wall, freeing up valuable space. Offers professional grade power in the home.Ideal for any Salon Environment. Space saving ergonomic design helps reduce clutter in the workplace. Delivers 1500 Watts of power to meet all your professional needs.Features:- 1500 Watts Hair Dryer- Space Saving, Ergonomic Design- 2 Power Settings- Removable, Easy to Clean Filter Screen- 6 Foot Curl Cord- Automatically Shuts Off When Placed in Base Unit- Magnetically Secure Handset Easily Detaches from Base Unit.

Customer Reviews:
  • Poor Design
    Hair Dryer works nicely, But, the mounting plate leaves a lot to be desired. Dryer fits loosly in the mounting plate. I had to drill an extra hole to mount the plate and dryer tightly to the wall. The plate could of used better engineering. Overall, the unit works great. There is not a lot to choose from when it comes to wall mount hair dryers....more info
  • dissapointed
    Within 2 months, the hair dryer constantly overheats and turns itself off within 1-2 minutes. I have short hair and it turns off 2-3 times per use. I have to blow into the fan mechanism to cool it down before it will restart. ...more info