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If you are tired of watching your little one's sleepy head tip at odd, painful angles & wake up irritable after napping in the car, the patented Rest Up Right Pillow can change your trips from frustrating to comfortable & peaceful. This pillow sits on the lap & helps support the head & upper body to prevent it from swaying & tilting. It is made of soft, huggable materials. A "pillow-top" in the upper contour gently cradles the face. The pocket supports the arms making the pillow easy to hold. A removable fleece cover is machine washable. Works with or without all types of car seats including toddler car seats, booster seats, backless-booster seats or without a car seat. To see if it will fit your smaller or older child, seat your child how they normally travel in the car & measure the distance between the child's chin & lap. The pillow adjusts from about 9 inches to about 15 inches & it can be cut even shorter. The pillow can also be slid up or down the child's lap for greater adjustment. Finally, your child can rest upright. All "standard" orders ship USPS PRIORITY MAIL.

  • Patented ergonomic design supports the head & upper body to prevent both head bobbing & forward movements.
  • Soft foam core & soft fleece cover. The cover is removable & washable.
  • Easy to use. Simply prop between lap & chin. A snuggly "pillow-top" has been added to the face cradle.
  • For ages 3 to 6 years. Adjustable. Comes with removable sections to adjust the height of the pillow.
  • FAST SHIPPING! All "standard" orders ship USPS PRIORITY MAIL...a 2 day delivery to most addresses.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    When my daughter switched to her current carseat she complained it sat up to straight and she couldn't rest. I found the RestUpRight Pillow and ordered one. It came very quickly and she is now very happy to rest in the car again with her new pillow hugged tightly to her and tucked under her chin. She regularly falls asleep instead of just resting.

    I love that it is adjustable with the removable sections of foam. I have both sections out right now and stored in the zippered plastic bag it came in in the back end of my car. Thank you for a great product that will grow with my daughter! I would recommend to all families with kids. ...more info
  • The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This pillow is a "must have" for anyone who has a child in a booster seat. I bought one for my Granddaughter after reading the other reviews and they were all correct. Not only does it keep my Granddaughter comfy but it also keeps her safe. Before this RestUpRight Pillow she would fold in half resting her head on her knees after falling asleep. Hardly a safe position! The RestUpRight Pillow does just that!! It holds my granddaughter in the correct position for her seatbelt to protect her as it was meant to do. She is 4 years old and I took out 2 of the foam inserts to make it the correct height for her so she will be able to use this pillow for a long time. I thought the RestUpRight Pillow was a bit pricey at first compared to those neck rolls advertized but it is worth every penny and more. Oh yeah, and my Granddaughter loves resting on her pillow, gladly reaching for it when getting sleepy. These pillows should be sold in stores along with the booster seats....more info
  • Pillow is a must for every toddler!
    I purchased this pillow for my son as I was tired of seeing him slumped over in his car seat while he slept.

    With the RestUpRight pillow, he is secure and alligned in his carseat and sleeps with a straight spine. The pillow is adjustable and the fabic is really soft. Also, its VERY easy to use!! It is well-made and it comes with straps so that the pillow goes over the seatbelt and it does not slip down while he sleeps....more info
    My daughter loves her pillow and I actually need to purchase one for the other car because when we switch she gets all stinky and says "now how am I gonna sleep mom?". GREAT INVENTION....more info
  • Best travel pillow EVER!
    I've been stumped in trying to find something for the car for my son to use that wouldn't bother my other two kids (we have a Lincoln Town Car, so it's tight in the backseat) and this pillow has been our pillow SALVATION! Works perfectly, my son's head doesn't loll around and it's narrow design keeps him in his own personal space! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I'm ordering the adult version RIGHT NOW!...more info
  • A good idea
    This is a great idea for kids stuck in car seats who doze off. For my 3 year old though (who is 40 inches tall) the fit was not good - too big with just one of the pieces of foam removed, and too short with two pieces removed. It was uncomfortable for him and he ended up not using it, preferring to rest his head on his big teddy bear. I tried it out and found it awkward, though better than nothing, and moderately better than u-shaped neck pillows which don't prevent your head from falling forward.

    However, I don't like the fact that it is made of polyurethane foam, which I was unaware of before I purchased it. I have read alot of health and environmental concerns about polyurethane and am not sure if I will try it again for my son for this reason....more info
  • Finally one that works!
    Okay, it looks weird! And yes they have to get used to the idea. But honestly it is the right thing! I tried other pillows and wasted money on them. This one works even for me! I know it says ages 3-6 but I can even use it and have taken it on airplane rides for me. I like it more then neck pillows. just have to support it with something so that it is long enough from my leg to my neck. At first I waited until the kids fall asleep and then just slip it in place. They sleep comfortably then. No more head falling forward. Then when they get used to the idea of it they hold it on their own. Getting another one so both kids have one and don't fight over it. Going to sell my barely used Toddler Coddler pillow that doesn't work to stop the head falling forward issue. Don't give up on this pillow! It is worth it!...more info


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