Hunter 30730 Quietflo HEPA Small-Tower, Three-Speed Air Purifier with Ionizer

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Product Description

Small/Medium Room, HEPA Air Purifier, 99.97% effective, 11' x 13' room size, CADR 100, with Ionizer, LED Filter Change Reminder/Controls, 30% Better Odor Reduction

  • Air HEPA-purifier with ionizer for medium-size rooms
  • Three-speed fan for controlled, quiet operation
  • Filters all air in the room up to 6 times per hour
  • CADR rated to filter rooms up to 147 square feet
  • Active setting for efficient daily use; measures 11 ? by 12 by 24 ? inches (l x w x h)
Customer Reviews:
  • Would not recommend
    The reason I would not recommend purchasing this item (Hunter 30730 Tower Air Purifier) is that the price of the filter seem way too high priced for what the replacement hepa filters cost. At almost $30-40 a pop, depending on where you buy them, plus the carbon filter that has to be replaced as well, you can almost buy a brand new purifier. At some warehouse stores, you can buy TWO brand new purifiers for about $125.
    The Purifier works fine and seems to do the job it says it will do but until they lower the price of the hepa filters, I'll continue to regret ever buying two of the purifiers....more info
  • air purifier
    it is as advertised. It's three speeds give you many options and can be loud in turbo or highest mode. The middle speed or daytime mode is as loud as a fan and the lowest speed or night mode is relatively quiet enough to sleep through...more info
  • Service in Iraq
    I purchased this unit as a gift for my soldier son. I shipped it to Iraq. My boy reports great satisfaction with its' service in his living space....more info
    I have been using this now for several days and I really like it. I am an avid user of air purifiers and only buy Hunter. I bought these for the winter when the air conditioner is off. I bought 2, one for my son's playroom and one for the living room. On the low speed it is quiet and the air is very clean smelling. I really bought it because I hate the winter indoor allergies. I am hoping this will help. It seems to have alleviated my headaches I get when I am in the living room. The playroom is nice and fresh smelling and I notice my son's nose is not his usual "sniffy" after been up there for a while. So all in all, I would say this is definetly worth the price and will do the trick. Good luck....more info
    It was works a Christmas gift for my daughter in Montana, she says it works great and she loves it. ...more info
  • An item no household should be without
    I bought the Hunter Quietflo Air purifier, to place in a room in my house so I could smoke and not worry about bothering anyone else. It has more than met it's original purpose. I can smoke in a room and within minutes the smoke is cleared. I also use it my bedroom when not in the smoke room. Since using it in my bedroom I have slept much better( except in turbo mode-it is a little loud, it's only drawback, but who needs to sleep with it on turbo when any of the other 2 settings work fine). It clears the air of all the things i didn't think affected me, but obviously did. This item was definitely money well spent. i would recommend it for anyone...more info
  • Keeps the air clean and odor free
    I bought this primarily to reduce pollen in the air to keep my allergies under control. It seems to have helped, and I've found it is also great at eliminating pet odors (if I don't run it, the room starts to smell like our dog).

    The filter replacement indicator is helpful, and the filters last a reasonable length of time.

    I run it on low most of the time, which seems to be enough for it to do its job. It's not whisper quiet on low, but I find the noise level acceptable and I sleep with it running right next to my bed. Medium and high speeds are quite noisy and therefore I use them only to try to clear an odor in a hurry....more info