The Sims: Complete Collection

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Get the best-selling PC game of all time and all seven of its expansion packs! / Rated T: Teen With The Sims - Unleashed you'll add a furry friend to your Sims family. Housebreak your pets, train them to do tricks, buy them toys, and do your best to keep them from destroying the house! The Sims - Superstar lets you experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous and guide your Sims to superstardom. Become a movie star, rocker, or supermodel and spend your cash on extravagant new items for your home. In The Sims - Makin' Magic you'll cast spells, hypnotize friends, and even turn a neighbor into a frog. But watch out, spells can go haywire if you're not careful. The neighborhood will never be the same!

  • The Sims -- the phenomenon that started it all! Completely build and customize your Sims' homes, decide their career paths and romances, and choose from hundreds of items to keep them happy. Their lives are in your hands.
  • The Sims - Livin' Large gives your Sims the wild life! A wider range of objects and styles allows even the most timid Sim to cut loose and live it up.
  • The Sims - House Party lets you throw the ultimate theme party. Engage in new group activities, and rock the house with different music and dance styles.
  • In The Sims - Vacation you'll choose whether your Sims will spend the weekend at a beach resort, rough it in the woods, or chill out in a winter wonderland.
  • The Sims - Hot Date takes you from candlelit romance to cuddling on the couch. Let your Sims enjoy downtown delights as their relationships heat up.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game That you Cant Live Without !!!
    This is the best game ever!!! I love it alot!!!! Mu favorite part is making the houses and the families!! I love this game because you get to do anything you want, you get to controll your sims,tell them what to do,you can tell them who to marry everything is totally up to you!!! I love this game,it rocks!!!!!!!!! ...more info
    Wow, thank you. After my family has spent a thousand dollars on your Sims collection, you offer it all for $35?? That has surely changed my view on your company. You do this to your loyal fans - the fans since day 1????

    Anyway, The Sims is a great buy. You all got extremely lucky. Give this series a try. It is very addicting, in a good way....more info
  • sims collection great, but addictive
    love the sims! bought this for my niece after we lost our first game and I don't feel like she's old enough to upgrade to sims2 or 3 because she's 8, so we bought the replacement from Amazon and it shipped quickly and was in perfect condition. ...more info
  • Wondrful game!!
    The Sims Complete Collection is a fun game with countless posibilities. go on a date with another sim, adopt a dog, turn your neighbor into a frog,or even create your favorite star and acully mack it famus. with all the styes, objects, and new game play The Sims Complete Collection is a great game and I strongly suggest it.
    ...more info
  • Great, but beware...
    This is the best game I have ever played, it is like playing dolls only for grownups and teens! It is awesome. It is an excellent escape from boring difficult everyday life. This is what makes it addictive. All video games have the potential for addiction but this one does more than any other i have played. It is a great game, but because it is a great game, you may, or rather, you probably will get hooked....more info
  • grate game
    The Sims and their expansion are grate. i love the Sims, its soo much fun. its also grate fro kids because it can teach them about money and romance and all that grate stuff. I rate this a perfect 5!...more info
    Awesome...lots of fun. You can get lost in this game....end up missing work.. LOL :)...more info
  • A bit overwhelming
    I love playing The Sims, but there's a reason that they release the expansion packs slowly -- it's too overwhelming to start off with all of them at once. This program would be perfect if you were able to install the expansion packs as you wished. It is a lot cheaper than buying everything individually, but the game is too overwhelming at first with 7 expansions right off the back.

    My suggestion, start off slow. Just get your sims jobs and start making friends. After that, experiment with buying new stuff, then having parties, then checking out the date scene, etc... Keep the odd stuff for later like the superstar and vacation stuff....more info
  • sims complete collection
    It is a great game but only for PC computers! What's up with that? I have a Macintosh computer and can't play any of these games I have to go to a friend's house to play this game! PLEASE make them for Macintosh, and I am posotive you will get a better business! If you don't, stop making them for macintosh computers. DEAL!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • No Ending In Sight
    the game is good but as you play it and advance in your chosen job, It becomes near impossible to get the top job. It requires you to have so many friends that it is more work than it is worth. Since you can never reach the top the game eventually becomes monotonous since it has no ending. Then the game turns into a good past time but no longer a great game. Other than that it is a good game....more info
  • great
    I have loved sims from the beginning.
    putting them all together is a plus.
    only negative,is you cannot to choose what you want to install.
    such as, I would have chose not to install making magic.
    But over all GREAT GAME...more info
  • Simply the Best!
    I recently lost game disks so instead of paying $10 per disk lost to recover the cd key i (and i had 2) i just purchased the entire collection from Amazon for $35! How can you beat that deal?

    As for the game... obviously it's the best or i wouldn;t have spent more $$ on it!...more info
  • Sims Complete Review
    Very pleased with this game. A lot of fun and very glad I purchased it....more info
  • Painfully Addictive
    This game works great on my Win XP system - just follow the advice of the manufacturers and disconnect from your network and stop all extraneous processes before playing (which also helps with other games I've found out).

    Additionally, I haven't used a single cheat yet and the game is definitely do-able, contrary to what some other reviewers say.

    If you're looking for a life simulation game that will suck endless amounts of time and possibly give you carpal-tunnel, this is the game to buy....more info
  • Not a "Complete" game as advertised
    I bought the new "Complete" version 'cause I've purchased 3 computers since I first purchased a Sims game and, for some reason, each time I upgrade my computer, I had problems installing the original The Sims CD so I bought one of their earlier combo packs (which basically meant REbuying games I already had) to bypass that problem. With the last 2 computers, I have not been able to install Makin' Magic (it thinks I've only installed up to SuperStar and - without asking - UNinstalls all my other CDs leaving me to start over (meaning I can either only go up to SuperStar or have no Sims installed at all). So, I figured buying this would fix that problem... and it did, but not without giving things up.

    I tried to make my first house yesterday and learned that many of the items (wall papers, objects, etc.) are no longer there. To me "Complete" means it should have EVERYTHING from the original game and ALL prior expansions, the ad even said that, but it didn't and I'm very disappointed that I either have to do without Makin' Magic or do without my favorite objects (and downloading hacked objects, etc. just messes with the game). It's only my second day playing so I may come across some other differences as time goes by, like the fact that it doesn't recognized the money cheat "motherlode" (it's been a while since I've played so maybe I'm confused and that's only a Sims 2 cheat but I didn't think so). If so, I'll try to come back and give an update....more info
  • I got it all seperatly
    I wish that I had known that they were going to do this. I loved the first disc so much that I bought all the expansions at full price as they came out. Thats about $30-$40 a piece. OH-WELL, I don't think I could have waited this long to play anyway. This complete collection is a steal and I would recommend The Sims to everyone. Stay up late and enjoy the game....more info
  • Still fun after all these years! (long review)
    I remember when I first received Sims Deluxe Edition years ago when it was first released. I got the game from a friend and started playing it and it soon became a "smash hit," for my computer. A year or so later I received The Sims Unleashed. But I never went out and spent loads of money of buying and installing the other expansion packs the game soon fell out of being fun and I went on to better things.
    A year ago I decided, after trying to replay my old Sims games, I asked for The Sims Complete Collection. I than got to re-visit with some of the old things I remembered from Sims Deluxe Edition and The Sims Unleashed. But than I got to explore and interact with new surroundings, new items, and new skins! Loads of fun! You have more jobs to choose from and more ways to buy, interact with other Sims.

    The Sims (where it all started).
    The Sims (Mac) is the start of it all! You are introduced into a tiny neighborhood if you are only playing on this game (the neighborhood I'm talking about is the one located on the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and only offers about seven lots, not much play fun if you wish for more neighbors to interact with. You have fewer items to buy, skins to choose from, and things to do.
    But The Sims pact the punch with some other treats, such as The Burglar (a thief that comes to your house at night sometime during the game and steals random items from your home). The way around this is to either install a Burglar Alarm or call for the Police if your home. I once shall the Burglar steal (not the prized TV) but a rug, a wine glass ceiling hanger, and a chair.
    Not only do you have to worry about Police, but fires. Your Sim can either be sitting by a cozy fireplace or making grub on the stove when a fire can break out. This is due to happen if you Sims cooking skills are low or if a couch or plant is set close to the fireplace. To battle this, get a fire alarm, have your Sim call a Fire Fighter, or put out the flames her/himself, but they can get engulfed and die quickly. Sims have a knack for panicking out of control at the fire, waving their arms and screaming. But besides all the "bad," of this game you can hire a gardener to take care of your plants for you or hire a maid, but this cost money.
    Speaking of money, you get money from your job just like in real life. But just like in real life, you have to pay the bills and if you don't, more and higher priced bills arrive and eventually you lose the house and you lose the game. You also have to worry about having money to fill your fridge and cook meals to keep your Sim alive. To keep your Sims happy and paying attention to his "Mood," bars. Bladder is also important, which can lead to Sims feeling down or disturbed by wetting the carpet.
    Appliances have to be kept up-to-date, if a Sims just happens to break the shower or a cooking stove due to lack of skill, they have to repair it. They can either hire somebody for this job, or do it themselves. But if they, once again, are not up to skill with repairing mechanics, they can die. To skill-up your Sims, have them read a book on mechainics or cooking, there are more items for your Sims to up there skills.
    Sims can have babies, or adopt them. Which is a pain at when the baby is young, but than the baby eventually grows into a full-fledged kid, whom has to go to school and keep his grades up. If not, he is taken away by Child Care and you are left without one.
    Another fun feature is a rather sad, classic character who will make your Sims absolutely miserable! His name is Sunny The Tragic Clown! You can be visited by him if you buy his picture and if you Sims moods decrease, he shows up to make it worse. To get rid of him, either destroy his picture or get your Sim's moods back up to full-fledged green!
    Santa Claus can come visit your home if you place out cookies, a Christmas Tree and a fireplace in the same room. Make sure your Sims get to bed so he can arrive! Santa places presents out about the room and than disappears the way he came in, which is buy a red ringed vortex.
    And the last fellow character is the most horrifying of all, The Grim Reaper. He only visits if you or a fellow Sim has died and you have to play rock-paper-scissors to get them alive again. The result? They come back to life, go ghost, or stay dead. The later is a grave will pop-up (if its outside) or a mourning ashes jar. You Sims can mourn at it over their loss of a fellow spouse or family member.

    Sims Creator!
    You can now design your own outfits and even re-do or make your own Sim skins! You can even make Sims that look like you or your family/friends. I even made all the band members from Green Day on SC.

    The Sims Livin' Large!
    This expansion pack offers more things to do, and especially more items to buy! Loads of fun! You can also get more Sims skins!

    The Sims House Party!
    This was especially fun to play! You can gather all the needs for a party, such as a dance floor, a cage to dance in, plenty of more items to buy and of course more skins. You are able to invite the neighborhood over and party out! Hire some help like a Canter to take care of re-filling the snacks! If you're party is awesome enough, you can be visited by a famous Caleb (that is, if you have Sims Super Star) but otherwise, you are visited by Ze Mine, who will make your House Party a drool.

    The Sims Hot Date!
    Your Sims can now go on a date! You are now introduced to Downtown where, of course, you can buy new items. You also get more skins to choose from, new stuff in Build Mode and much more! To get to Downtown, you have to phone in for a cab, which whisk you to the meeting spot wherever you picked from. You can flirt with that special someone by eating dinner and playing footsie in a booth, cuddling, making-out. But if your Sims moods aren't green enough or their relationship up, you might see your Sim get slapped or pushed away.

    The Sims Vacation!
    Now your family can go on a vacation, either to a beach resort, a forest to camp out or a snow wonderland! But doesn't pack that punch the others had, for things can get boring after playing for a long time. You Sims can buy things, play archer, volleyball, look for treasure, build sand castle, snowboard on a ramp, flirt in a hot tub, and send mail back to a fellow Sim! You have more skins to choose from, more items to buy and more interactions to enjoy!

    The Sims Unleashed!

    You can now buy pets! Choose from a dog, a cat, parrots, turtles, hamsters and fish by going to Old Town to your local pet shop! You can buy items for your pets, and interact with them by playing fetch, ect... But beware, for your pets are a lot like people, and need special edition to keep them home. If not, they become strays or are taken away. You pets can also have puppies/kittens which appear in the dog house or a basket. Its your responsibility to care for them until you can sell them, or keep them if you wish. Also, you can take your pets to shows and win awards. But before that, you have to train them, and that is extremely hard since they not exactly like people. You can't control them really, except make them walk here or there.
    You can also be visited by fellow pest, such as strays who seek unwanted attention, roaches, mice, rabbits, gophers and raccoons! But your pets can take care of this problem (if they feel like it) by attacking and destroying the pesty animal. Your pets can also die, so make sure to feed them and take care of their bladder. You can also buy them treats, scratching post, beds and toys.

    The Sims Superstar!
    Yes folks, you can now be a superstar! But at what? You can be a famous rock star, a fashionist, or movie actress or a performer! But this you have to work at, which is far more engrossing than having a regular job/career. You have to have lots of friends, of course, your skills must be up to the max to succeed, and you have to have lots and lots of famous friends! This is tough, for if you don't have enough "Star Power," (how high you are up on the Hot List) than the rich and famous will ignore you. Battle this buy obtaining Sims friends that are as low as you are but have a bit of star power. Eventually you will get higher friends and keep at it in Studio Town by either performing at the karaoke or acting out a script. If you work at it enough, you can become a Super Star!
    Another feature in this is a few other things. You can now hire a butler, an are harassed by Obsessed Fans that follow you everywhere you go, even to your house! To battle this, you can download an Odd Body Guard that beams them down and makes their life a living hell!

    The Sims Makin' Magic!
    In Makin' Magic your Sims can now be fellow witches and wizards! Perform magic, buy magical items and of course, get more stuff to interact with! You receive a box from the Mysterious Man that drops it off at your house, he knocks on your door, drops the package and leaves without a word. You can open the box and receive magical items to make your magic, such as a spell book, a A Spellbound Wand Charge and a EverAfter Crafter. You can also buy a hole that is an instant ticket to Magic Town where you buy all your ingredients and do quest to gain rare magical items. You also are able to bake your own ingredients, have more skins and items to choose from. And can even buy yourself a dragon egg! But the dragon egg has to be cared for constantly unless you want a hatchling to flame your house down upon hatching!
    Besides getting regular Sim money, you get Magic Coins which can be exchanged for goods. If you save up enough, you can buy a creepy, haunted house located in Magic Town.
    This is my favorite Sim game out of all of them.

    [Fun Extras]

    You can download more items, skins, ect... from sites online, use cheat codes to "green-up," your Sims Health, make more money and even in-put your own music/shows for TV/Computer.

    I hope you have found the following review helpful (if not time consuming). Definitely buy this game for your children or for yourself! I have spent hours on this game and find it very satisfying! ...more info
  • The Best Of The Best Game Of All Time!
    This is the most awsome version they've come out with (It's about time Maxis) I had already "Compiled" all 8 of my ORIGINAL CDs into a DVD, but then they got stolen by someone. So now I was stuck with a copy. I wanted an original version CD(s), but I wasn't gonna pay $80+ for all of them! The nMAxis came out with this one, and I saw it & couldn't pass it us. My wish had come true!

    For someone who doesn't have all of "the sims", this is perfect for them for 1/2 of what it used to cost ($39.99 or so) I'm sure when "The Sims 2" is finished it'll be done the same way after "The Sims 3" is released.

    ...more info
  • Great product!
    For any Sim enthusiast, the Sims Complete Collection is by far the best and most comprehensive collection of Sims software available. However, this collection will install EVERY expansion, whether you want it or not. If you want to customize your game, buy the expansions separately (but remember you MUST install them in the proper order!). If you want all the expansions, this version does all that for you.

    This product comes highly recommended for the Sim enthusiast who likes the simplicity of the graphics and the ease of playing the game. The only disappointment for me is that the game will only let you make a child or an adult. There is no teen life cycle, and you have to play the game long enough to get your couple to have romantic interactions to be able to adopt a baby--yes, adopt. But all other aspects of the game are great. And I love the large number of fansites dedicated to Sims 1, where a plethora of user-made add-ons are available (not to mentions the official add-ons available at the Maxis website)....more info
  • One Of The Most Fun Games EVER!
    I had the Sims and all the expansion packs,except Super Star which I gave to my grown daughter. We were hooked for years and had a blast with our simmies.It is not true there is nothing you can do about them or items getting"stuck" there is a cheat"move objects on" that you can do when you are in the buy or build mode that allows you to move anything,even pick up your sim and move it! When accomplished you do "move objects off". Plus there is a fan-site-made "hacked" item you can buy with sim money and download so you can do the same thing when you are downtown,if you have the Hot Date expansion pack. There are lots of "cheat" codes to make the game easier if one needs to,and you can learn all about them on the Sims forum. This game is a dollhouse,and toybox all in one. The building capabilities and interior/exterior design are awesome. My daughter and I built and decorated dream homes for our sims,like we could never dream of owning,even down to the wallpapers,flooring,exterior sidings,or brick, and paintings! We had hundreds and hundreds of Maxis and fan-made items downloaded for our games. It was a thrill just checking out the new items our favorite fan sites had to offer,like a canopy bedroom set,or wallpaper,or a picket fence, or even some beautiful lanscape plants. It is also fun,and sometimes downright hilarious to see your sim's reactions to the new(not replacement,however) items you give them!I decided to order this so I only have to install 2 discs,(edit:sorry,it is 4 discs) on my new PC,instead of 11! Can't wait until it arrives and I can start creating sims and their homes again.Of course I always make myself and friends and family,but we have perfect bodies in the game,LOL! You can make skinny or fat sims too,but there are not as many cool clothes available for them.

    BTW,I noticed one reviewer said the money cheat "motherlode" did not work for this.No wonder, the money cheat is not motherlode for the original sims, it is rosebud!

    Top-selling computer game of all time,says it all. Countless Sims-Addicts out there for sure.

    I cannot give the same praise for Sim2,which is eye-candy,but very exasperating as disheartening to play,It is a race against the clock/death,to accomplish any goals with your sims in this game because they age quickly and die,not enough time to really develop and have fun with them,unless you turn aging off,but all sims outside that house keep aging. I disliked it so much that I un-installed it,and have never looked back!

    Stick with TS1 to begin,anyway and find out why it is the top selling game.

    One tip: I unplug my cable modem so my anti-virus and instant messenger is disabled when I play. I would advise everyone to do the same and play "off-line",to avoid crashes....more info
  • Great, but beware...
    This is the best game I have ever played, it is like playing dolls only for grownups and teens! It is awesome. It is an excellent escape from boring difficult everyday life. This is what makes it addictive. All video games have the potential for addiction but this one does more than any other i have played. It is a great game, but because it is a great game, you may, or rather, you probably will get hooked....more info
  • It's simply the best
    They should have sticked to the original Sims. Sims 2 is just too complicated to be fun. The Sims gives you enough choices to make completely different characters and give them completely different lives so you can play this game three days in a row without sleeping and still not get bored (so I've heard, but I found out there's nothing in the world that can keep me up for more then 48 hours). Unless you fell off the edge of the earth 8 years ago and just returned, there is no excuse for not having any Sims Software in your home. So if you don't, buy it quick before somebody finds out!...more info
  • Sims 2 is not worse than Sims 1!
    Okay, I know you have your reasons, saying Sims 1 is way better than Sims 2 but I disagree - I like Sims 2 better, because:

    1) The graphics are way improved, which makes it more realistic.
    2) Lots more choices when creating Sim characters - you can choose make-up, customize their facial features, and mix-and-match shirts and pants, pretty much anything!
    3) There is way-cool furniture in Sims 2!
    4) There are lots of awesome expansions for Sims 2 - Sims 2 Pets, Sims 2 University, Sims 2 Open for Business, Sims 2 Nightlife, Sims 2 House Party, etc., etc.,
    5) You can have as many floors as you want! Go ahead and make five floors! No longer a limit of two, you can even have a basement! Yay, Maxis!
    6) Now, if your Sims have a baby, the baby will grow up and have some traits of their parents, aka facial features and clothes.
    7) Also, I like that Sims 2 is a little more challenging, and more micromanaging - you have to clean the house, go to work for money, keep up with homework, etc., so then you can do the fun stuff...SHOPPING! Which brings me to...
    8) Community Lots. Building stores in Sims 2 is can make a boutique, Pet store (if you have sims 2 Pets expansion), grocery store, video game store, and if you have Sims 2 Open for Business, you can have much more - night clubs, salons, even furniture stores - pretty much anything!
    9) The Sims in Sims 2 are smarter - - - you dont have to move around objects and such so they can get by.

    But, there are some things I like about Sims 1 that you cant get in Sims 2...

    1) Oh no! You cant have a hotel in Sims 2, like you can in the original Sims. Hopefully it'll be coming in another expansion pack. :-|
    2) I sort of like Sims not growing old - sometimes in Sims 2, I forget to use the "aging off" cheat code, so my sims accidently get older. :-(
    3) I like some of the things on Sims 1 that you cant get in Sims 2, such as the clothing and furniture. I think Maxis should have kept most of the original items in Sims2, along with the new ones.

    Well, no offense to any Sims 1 fans, but I think you should try and give Sims 2 a second chance. I love it! My friend has Sims 1, and it's really fun, but personally, I prefer Sims2.

    -------Thanks soooooo much for reading. Happy Simlish!-------...more info
  • Sims rocks!!!!
    I really enjoy how all of it. Since I have it I'm driving my parents crazy how long I'm on the Computer daily. You can build malls,and homes.
    Sims Rocks!...more info
  • Sims complete collection
    The Sims Complete Collection is amazing, fun and addictive. the build and buy mode are simple to work with and the help hints give a person great ideas. It's almost a mirror of everyday life, working and finding out what makes us happy. I use the build mode to create a home, even I would love to have and all of the home items are wonderful! If you need something to get your mind off of troubled times, this is the game. The pets are so real and animated. I've suggested it to a friend and even my children and they love it. I like the original SIMS the best not Sims II, they seem to drag out too much for me. Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it. Have Fun, Yvonne ...more info
  • sims is beter then sims2
    the sims is fun so is the sims2 but more items in the sims and want about the pets no PETS!!!!!!! IN THE sims2 it only has fish the cats and dogs ware did they go I guess you can preten that the toddler is a dog or a cat. if you buy this game be warn that thers no pets in all the sims2 pc games maybe they will make a pet game one day....more info
  • As good as it gets
    From the day I downloaded my first Sims game ,I've been stuck . I love the Sims .I have it for the Nintendo SP and DS and the Sims 2 for the PC . But my heart is with this complete collection . Unlimited play and it so easy to jump right in and get going and keep it going having the complete collection. Set up is a breeze . It's not as technical as Sims 2 so it just flows very smoothly .Top of the list and all in one package takes it to the next level . This is a must have . And I'd say get get 2 ... One for you and one for your best friend ... mine is Sims-ing ....more info
  • NOT FAIR!!!
    I'm going to be honest, I love the Sims. I think it is a great game, but I do not think it is fair that now you can get all of the expansion packs for 30 dollars, when they used to be 30 dollars each. It is great if you didn't have the game before, but is entirely unfair to the original fans that went out and bought The Sims when it was expensive. I bought every sims expansion pack, which adds up to well over 200 dollars. I started playing this game when I was like twelve, and that is a lot of allowances that my brother and I pulled to buy all those games. I personally think that the people who paid full price for all of these games should get some kind of rebate....more info
  • The complete package
    Well, first I bought The Sims Deluxe with 1 expansion and that got old after a while but now that I have this with all the expansions I dont know if it could get boring. There is so much to do now like adopting pets and going downtown. The possibilities are endless!...more info
  • Game WILL run on Windows 98 & 2000 NOT just XP
    This is for the person who wrote "Hi, Does the complete version only come in XP?"

    This is what the sticker attached to the game says:


    OS: Windows XP, 2000, or 98
    CPU: 450 MHz or faster Intel Pentium II or equivalent
    RAM: 128 MB or more
    Disc Drive: 4x or faster CD/DVD drive
    Hard Drive: At least 3.8 GB of free space
    Video: DirectX 7.0 compatible video card
    -Video card must have 4 MB or more memory and must be
    capable of displaying 800x600 resolution in 16-bit color
    Sound: DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card


    So the Amazon webpage may say that this game only runs on XP, but going by the sticker it WILL run on Windows 98/2000/XP (as long as you've met all the other requirements). I'm only giving the game 3 stars right now because the 2 or 3 times that I've tried to play it have been pretty frustrating.

    If you click on an existing family things might run smoother, but when I try to "set up" a household things get messed up. For example: You buy a fridge and stove, but your Sims want a bed. So you sell the fridge and buy a bed, but then they want a couch. So you sell the stove to buy a couch, but then they get hungry and want the fridge back. I personally don't find this "fun", just really annoying. I actually started looking for a "lightning" button to zap my Sims to the Pearly Gates. I know there's a "Free Will" mode, but they still stand there grumbling at me. :-)

    They ALSO make a MACDVD version (MAC OS X), but THIS IS NOT IT!!! ...more info
  • kinda hard
    This game is kind of hard!! You can't cheat and you start out with only $20,000!!! After you buy your house and everything in it you only have $5,000 even if you bought the cheapest house!!! The game is still kind of fun but I know I was a little disappointed with it....more info
  • Addictive!
    This is a fun game. I had never played before and now I wish I had more free time. I love this game and time flies by when you are playing. I can't wait for Sim 2 to come in a complete collection. This game is all the extension packs and the original game all in one. I recommend it for anyone....more info
  • The Best Game!!!!!!!!!!!Duh!!
    Everything is great about this. It is a must have....more info
  • Some good, some bad
    Many things in this game get a five-star. But just as many get one star, so the average comes out to three.

    Things that were awesome...

    -All expansions within one. This game is so full compared to the original Sims, though it can be overwhelming at times.
    -You play God. You can even kill your Sims, or have them go into gay relationships.
    -Building houses is a real kick. I have one house that is Goth-style, one that is a villa, etc etc.
    -I love the pet option that comes with Unleashed. Spells are fun to cast (Makin' Magic) and it's fun to go on Vacation. I haven't really done much in the Superstar area though.
    -The clothes! Oh, the fashions that I can put my Sims in! (and this Complete collection has a program that lets you create your own fashions as well) As each expansion came out, more outrageous and wild fashions were available, so this collection has them all and then some. Thus, you could make a house AND a family that fit together, though the kids could have used a few more clothing options.

    Bad things?
    -Some of the 'rules' of the game are annoying... having to make a certain amount of friends to advance the job ladder. It was so time-consuming to keep Relationships and make them just so I could get a better-paying job.
    -One thing that pisses me off is the Beanstalk in Making Magic. I desperately want a magic beanstalk but keep getting crappy things like the geraniums or the stupid Root. I got ONE crystal (out of seven possible ones), and several ordinary beanstalks. I have no patience to keep buying magic ingredients to make spells in the HOPE of getting a magic beanstalk, or more kinds of crystals. Shame on the creators of this game for the convoluted rules.
    -Unrealistic time. It takes so many Sim-minutes to do simple things such as getting out of bed.
    -The bills that the Sims have to pay just for the stuff that they already paid for. Seriously.
    -I already had the Sims and four of its expansions before I bought the Sims Complete Collection. This was just a big money-making scheme (fortunately, I sold my single Sims games on eBay to recoup some of my money) I might buy Sims 2, but only when they stop making the expansions for Sims 2 and make a Complete Collection like they did for this one.

    So, overall, 3/5 (or 6/10 stars) No wonder so many people used cheats, or hacked game objects for easier use or download....more info
  • sims complete
    I finally got bored trying to get many things to work at the same time, takes time indeed. Maybe I'm too hasty in games and this is not the one for me....more info
  • Fantastic Game!
    My son bought a copy of The Sims for me, and after seeing how great it is, I bought The Sims Complete Collection. This set has everything, and I've been enjoying it every chance I get. There are many on-line groups devoted to The Sims, and so many free downloads of objects that can be added to the game. At the price Amazon asks, I would highly recommend this product for people of all ages. ...more info
  • Something for everyone, addictive, plays on and on!
    This is by FAR my favorite game. My kids' favorite as well as far as pc games. I could go on and on about The Sims but will try to sum it up.

    THIS is the collection you want if you don't want to go to Sims 2 yet. The graphics are older on this, you don't get closeups like on 2 (where you can zoom in and see what's inside the grocery store shelves, for example) but it's soooooo fun! Great for kids, adults, grandparents!

    There are easy 'cheat codes' you can punch in so you don't need to work every day. You can spend the entire game shopping. I have built a house to look like a cabin we used to visit as kids, a house like on The Waltons lol All kinds of houses! Love to shop? Do you watch shopping channels all day or spend too much at the real stores? Sims will kick that habit as you can move into a ready made mansion or build from the foundation up! SUPER EASY to start, lots to master. Put up the lighting you like, the flowers you choose, everything!

    **This game is perfect for someone who wants to design a real house by the way. Use The Sims to do it all, you can save a ton just using this game to do your floorplan, colors everything.

    This great set has all the additional expansions as well. I never use Magic but it's here if you want to use it, or just don't! Then you have all kinds of other choices...get a pet! Don't forget to feed it or you WILL be sad when it dies and it's little headstone is outside your Sim house! Go on vacation! Fall in love...or don't! Read books to learn how to cook! Just so much fun.

    Hint...not a cheat...get an alarm system for your house or people will steal your stuff :) and put a fire alarm in near the stove and fireplace or look out!!

    Okay, I promised not to go on and on. If you have never played the Sims, this is the game for you. Until you are ready to move on to Sims 2, this is all you need in one box....more info
  • A total waste of time and money!
    I have played many simulation games... Caesar, Civilization, Sim City, you name it... and Sims Complete Collection is without a doubt the most poorly designed sim I've ever had the misfortune to purchase.
    Poor help/documentation, a sluggish and tedious and confusing interface (even with more than enough PC power/memory/video), and abysmal playability are just a few of this game's shortcomings. No wonder there are so many "cheats" out there... the game is basically unplayable without them.
    Given that time passes more rapidly than real time (it takes 25 "sim" minutes just to get out of bed), so you soon find your characters have no time to explore their environment or expiriment with different interactions. Just bathe, eat, go to work, come home, eat, clean up, go to bed... over and over again, day after day.

    There are good sims and not so good sims, but even the not so good ones still have some playability to offer.
    Not so with the Sims Complete Collection.
    It's a good concept, but very poorly executed.
    A total waste of time and money!

    ...more info


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