Seinfeld - Season 5

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1. The Mango
What kind of fruit does Kramer attempt to return to Joe's Fruit Stand?
a) Plum
b) Mango
c) Peach
d) Kiwi

2. The Puffy Shirt
What does George's father wear in the pool?
a) Swim cap
b) Sneakers
c) Flip Flops
d) T-shirt

3. The Sniffing Accountant
Which grammatical element causes Elaine to break up with Jake Jarmel?
a) Split infinitive
b) Capitalization
c) Exclamation point
d) Question mark

4. The Bris
Who does Jerry enjoy mimicking in The Bris?
a) Marlon Brando from The Godfather
b) Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman
c) Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver
d) Sylvester Stallone from Rocky

5. The Barber
What movie calms Jerry's barber Enzo during his fit of rage?
a) Edward Scissorhands
b) Shampoo
c) The Barber of Seville
d) Hairspray


1. Peach
2. Sneakers
3. Exclamation point
4. Marlon Brand from The Godfather
5. Edward Scissorhands

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Product Description:
DISC 1 THE MANGO- Jerry learns Elaine faked orgasms with him and pleads for another chance. Kramer's banned from his local fruit stand and George discovers the sexual power of mango. THE GLASSES-George loses his glasses and thinks he sees Jerry's girlfriend with his cousin. A strange dog bites Elaine and Kramer helps Jerry buy a powerful air conditioner. THE PUFFY SHIRT-During dinner with Kramer's low-talking girlfriend, Jerry unwittingly agrees to wear a puffy pirate shirt for his upcoming "The Today Show" appearance. THE SNIFFING ACCOUNTANT-Jerry thinks his accountant is a drug addict. Jerry, Kramer and Newman plot a stakeout. George plans another career change: bra salesman. THE BRIS-Jerry and Elaine agree to be godparents to their friends' newborn boy. They find a shaky mohel to perform the bris. Kramer is convinced he saw a pigman at the hospital. DISC 2 THE LIP READER-George tries to get Jerry's deaf girlfriend to read lips at a party. Kramer becomes a ball boy at the U.S. Open. THE NON-FAT YOGURT-Jerry and Elaine try to confirm that their favorite frozen yogurt is non-fat. Their research causes a stir during the NYC mayoral election. Elaine dates George's boyhood nemesis. Now, for the first time, see two versions of this episode! THE BARBER-Jerry frets over leaving his incompetent barber. Elaine enlists Kramer to participate in a bachelor auction. THE MASSEUSE-Jerry's masseuse girlfriend won't give him a massage. Elaine dates Joel Rifkin - not the mass murderer. THE CIGAR STORE INDIAN-Jerry offends Elaine's friend with a cigar store Indian. Kramer sells his coffee table book idea to Elaine's boss. DISC 3 THE CONVERSION-George converts to the Latvian Orthodox religion for a girl. Jerry spots a suspicious ointment in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet. THE STALL-Elaine agonizes over a woman's refusal to pass toilet paper under the stall of a public restroom. Kramer convinces Jerry that his girlfriend makes a living as a phone sex operator. George befriends Elaine's "mimbo" boyfriend. THE MARINE BIOLOGIST-George starts dating an old classmate when Jerry tells her that George is a successful marine biologist. Elaine's electronic organizer injures a passerby when her Russian novelist client launches it from their limo. Kramer golfs on the beach. THE DINNER PARTY-En route to a dinner party, Elaine and Jerry pair off to buy a babka. George's jacket gets in the way at the liquor store where he and Kramer look for a bottle of wine. THE PIE-Jerry meets his girlfriend's father and loses his appetite. Elaine discovers that a mannequin resembling her has been showing up in window displays. George plots to buy a suit on sale. Kramer dates a Monk's cashier. THE STAND-IN-Kramer is hired as a stand-in on a soap opera. He encourages Mickey to put lifts in his shoes, but his advice doesn't sit well with the other little people. George is ready to break up with his girlfriend until he discovers that she's being urged to call it quits with him. DISC 4 THE WIFE-Jerry lets his girlfriend pose as his wife so that she can receive his dry-cleaning discount, but the scam backfires when his family learns of his "marriage." Elaine's health club boyfriend wants to turn George in for peeing in the shower. THE FIRE-George panics during a fire at his girlfriend's son's birthday party and bolts for an escape route. Kramer saves Elaine's co-worker's pinky toe. THE RAINCOATS (PARTS 1 & 2)-Elaine dates a "close talker" who loves spending time with Jerry's parents. Jerry is caught making out during Schindler's List. Morty and Kramer go into business together. THE HAMPTONS-A weekend getaway to the Hamptons spins out of control when Jerry's girlfriend sees George, a victim of "shrinkage," naked. THE OPPOSITE-George decides to do the opposite of his instincts and everything falls into place, even a job with the Yankees. Meanwhile, Elaine loses her boyfriend and her job, but Jerry remains "even Steven."

The fifth season of Seinfeld is without a doubt the series' best. By their fifth year, the Seinfeld gang had ironed out the bumps from the first two seasons, further developing characters. The loyal fan base that had been accumulating over the years was now more or less the entire nation¡¯s viewing audience. The pressure was on to give this new, mega fan base a high dose of their unique, misanthropic comedy, and Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Kramer (Michael Richards) delivered in spades. Yes, other seasons may have funnier individual episodes, but as a whole season five consistently delivers the goods, including many of the show's all-time classic episodes. In the season opener, Jerry discovers the secret, sexual power of "The Mango." While vacationing in "The Hamptons" we not only learn that George¡¯s date likes to sunbathe topless in front of his friends, but also that cold water has the power to shrink. In "The Stall¡¯ Elaine is rejected while trying to share toilet paper only to learn that the selfish neighbor is Jerry¡¯s girlfriend. In order to really make a life change, George decides to do "The Opposite" of all his instincts and surprisingly everything in his life falls perfectly into place. And of course, who can forget the ridiculous puffy shirt Kramer¡¯s low-talking girlfriend talks Jerry into wearing on The Today Show. This box set also includes the featurette "Jason+Larry=George" explaining how Jason Alexander embodied Larry David¡¯s alter ego to create George Costanza, plus deleted and behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive stand up footage of Jerry Seinfeld. --Rob Bracco

Customer Reviews:

  • It keeps getting better
    Essentially this is a repeat of my Season 4 review but with different favorite episodes. I will add though that this is the best seasons so far, the writers, producers, actors and directors are all in a groove. They know the characters, the story arcs, and the desired comedy experience all combining to a synergistic Seinfeld experience.

    Seinfeld is network television comedy at its best. 10 years later as I watch these episodes, despite seeing them countless times on syndication, I laugh out loud. Each show is original, tightly written, well acted and of course freaking hysterical. Even better they have memory...or in more technical terms a long story arc which intermittently continues themes across episodes and seasons. This adds to the richness of the humor and the fullness of characters, it allows the characters to develop and even though they are frequently reprehensible, we also see ourselves in there behaviors and they become very likable. Most television comedy consists of static episodes with contrived jokes and pratfalls where the only laughing you hear is the laugh track. Not Seinfeld!

    Some of my favorite episodes from Season 5 include:

    The Hampton's
    The Puffy Shirt
    The Sniffing Accountant
    The Marine Biologist
    The Stand In

    The bonus material is generally excellent:

    - The deleted scenes are interesting, you get to see more of the show, but they generally are unfunny jokes or extraneous/redundant material, (its obvious to see why they were deleted). It helped me appreciate the creative process of comedy
    - I have not watched all the commentaries but the few I did watch were not very stimulating. The commentators are too busy watching the show, such that there are long pauses between comments and when they do comment, it something like...that was funny, how did we get away with that...over and over again. Stuff you want to know they don't tell you, for example, what was it like working with Bette Midler.
    - The Inside Look featurettes are very insightful as we see and hear about the creative process and the inspiration for the stories. An added bonus is the actors' anecdotes, especially Michael Richards. During the show I thought he was the weakest actor, present to just add some `low brow'. Now I how good an actor he really is; In the featurette we se a so soft spoken, relaxed, and well mannered Michael Richards (almost bordering on shy and reticent) vs. his hyperkinetic spastic Cosmo Kramer. The contrast is illuminating; he really created and made the most of that character. The other actors you can easily see inhabiting the characters but Richards was the biggest surprise.
    - The menus are creative and unique per each disk, mimicking a well known local from the show. While they are interesting to watch, occasionally its hard to find the specific menu you want.
    - The packaging is good as well but I disliked the packet photos which are cheesy artificial actor promo shots.
    - The bloopers are hysterical, you'll be begging for more.
    - Jerry Seinfeld's stand up is top notch as well.

    In review this is the best network comedy out there; if you want to laugh, buy it.
    ...more info
  • More Than Just a Comedy Series
    If you're a T.V. Seinfeld fan you will absolutely love the DVD's. The scenes that are cut to insert commercials by syndicators are restored on the high quality DVD versions. I grew up in the United States and had always liked the series from television. I was married while living/working/studying in China in 2002 and bought the DVD's for my wife on our coming to the United States in 2005. She had never seen Seinfeld before and had never been exposed to this style of humor or the slice of American life that the series presents. We have watched the DVD's over and over again and they never fail to make us laugh and lift our spirits when we've had a bad day. We utilize the closed captioning option and it has been a great help for my wife in acquiring an understanding of casual English usage including slang, and idiom. On a more serious note, owning so many seasons and watching the episodes regularly makes you realize the sad truth that much of American life really is focused on the themes of myopic self-interest presented and ridiculed in this series. I sometimes worry that individuals may actually see the series as a validation of their lack of ethics, morals, and connection with the Creator instead of as a revelation and jabbing at today's inappropriate social dynamics; just as the Archie Bunker/All In the Family series did in the 1970's.
    The DVD sets include great special features from "How It Began" to "Making a Seinfeld Episode", deleted scenes, behind the scenes commentary from cast and creators, never-before-seen standup footage of Jerry, original NBC promotional ads and trailers, outtakes and bloopers, and much, much more. It's obvious that a lot of thought and work went into producing the DVD sets and I can't wait until the remaining seasons come out for sale at Amazon. After all; "Who wouldn't love Jerry?"
    Episodes included in this set are:
    Season 5 - The Mango, The Glasses, The Puffy Shirt, The Sniffing Accountant, The Bris, The Lip Reader, The Non-Fat Yogurt, The Barber, The Masseuse, The Cigar Store Indian, The Conversation, The Stall, The Marine Biologist, The Dinner Party, The Pie, The Stand-In, The Wife, The Fire, The Raincoats, The Hamptons, The Opposite....more info
    Just when I think I've settled the title of "favorite" on a few shows, this set comes out.
    The Bris, with the Mohel, is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen on TV in any decade. You have the Mohel, who is brilliant, and the Pig Man Kramer rescues from the hospital...
    The Mannequin episdoe with the Elaine weirdo fan she meets on the subaway and sees herself replicated in a store mannequin with a snotty salesgirl with some unknown Middle European accent, great stuff.
    The Accountant; who can't stop sniffing so Kramer thinks he is a drug smuggler (allergic to his sweater) and takes a picture of him sitting on the toilet, another classic.
    And of course, the Hamptons, which has the gang weekending at the home of friends in (where else?) the Hamptons and we are treated to an "ugly baby" the sight of which causes everyone but the doctor and the parents to grimace at the sight of him, and Kramer bringing several lobsters to the dinner table, not knowing they were in commercial traps...and then, of course, the "shrinkage" incident.
    The Puffy Shirt (I don't WANNA be a pirate!) is yet another favorite; the Low Talker g/f of Kramer's gets Jerry (although he couldn't hear her) to agree to wear her "puffy shirt" design on the Bryant Gumbel show...
    And the Glasses, George thinks his glasses are stolen at the gym and shows up at Jerry's wearing his underwater goggles which prompts Jerry to address him as Aqua Boy. Kramer takes George to an optometrist who owes him a favor and George picks out lady's frames...Jerry sees him in the new glasses and says "I don't know what to tell you, Elton."
    Yet another great set to brighten up the worst day......more info
  • Sloooooooooooooooooooow
    Don't believe Amazon's statement that it usually ships in 24 hours. I ordered this on November 23, and two weeks later it hasn't shipped....more info
  • Very Strong Season, but still no Curb Your Enthusiasm
    This was my first foray into the world of "Seinfeld," and I have to say I was greatly impressed. Of course my expectations were high as this show is revered as no other sit-com in my lifetime is. It may be too soon to call it the greatest sit-com of all time, but there is a case to be made. Despite that, my heart still lies with "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the spin off of this show that follows around the nothingness of a producer as opposed to the nothingness of a comedian. "Seinfeld" is a more populist show. It goes easier on humanity and because of that the humor doesn't cut as deep.

    One thing "Curb Your Enthusiasm" certainly does not have is the splendid physical humor of Kramer. I got more laughs out of watching him than any other aspect of this show. Whether he was auctioning himself off or trying to save a baby he could squeeze a laugh out of me just with a simple contortion of his body, and that takes a lot of skill. The other characters all play their parts perfectly. Jason Alexander as George, the born loser who is angry at the world and wants the world to know it was the one I identified with the most. He is obviously playing the Larry David character. The bald head, hatred of humanity, and complete lack of luck . . . all the pieces are there. Much of the joy of the show comes from figuring out how fate will boomerang around on there characters and smack them on their behinds. Everything you see on screen is possible exposition for the cruel twists the writers have in mind. And like great comedy often does, it will have you cringing for the predicaments that Jerry and Co. find themselves in. The guest characters are nothing more than a parade of New York neurotics. This one talks to close, that one has an unhealthy dependence on TV Guide, etc. You'll laugh because it's true and not true at the same time.

    This show, like most sit-coms, has a memory problem. The only sign of continuity is in the last episodes when the greatest hits of this season make cameo appearances. All of the beautifully crafted episodes have at least a few laughs. The Puffy Shirt will probably be the legacy of this season and rightfully so. Still, I watch that scene and wonder how they pulled it off. I just know that if "Two and a Half Men" were to try that stunt it would be botched terribly. The opening comedy bits by Jerry Seinfeld are also entertaining. I felt especially vindicated when he called out people for their hypocrisy on water. The fact that people love water unless it's falling from the sky is a point I have been making for years. And I have also heard people make the point that you have to be a New Yorker to enjoy this show, but it's just not true. Sure, we're a little weird, but none of the humor is New York based. It could take place anywhere with fruit vendors and thrift shops. The eccentrics may have been a little harder to come by had it taken place in Minnesota, but that is beside the point. I may lament the fact that this show went for the biggest audience ever but the fact remains: This show was a huge hit with fans and critics alike, and that is the rarest breed of TV show.
    ...more info
  • Love Seinfeld
    Please continue to keep those seasons coming!!!! Look forward to all of them. ...more info
  • There's Something about Seinfeld
    The laughs just keep coming with "Seinfeld: The Complete Fifth Season". "Seinfeld" follows the mad-cap misadventures of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself) and his close group of eccentric friends going through everyday life in New York City. In this season, Jerry becomes the unsuspected spokesperson for a new clothing trend. George (Jason Alexander) uses his marine biologist skills to save the day. Elaine (Julia Louise Dreyfus) discovers a store mannequin that looks like her. Kramer's (Michael Richards) bungling has a profound effect in the mayoral elections of New York City. Created by producer Larry David and star Jerry Seinfeld, "Seinfeld" is the breakthrough award-winning comedy series that became one of the most popular television sitcoms. The fifth season is certainly one of the comedy series' best and features some well developed storylines with clever subplots and hilarious comic situations. The season also includes guest appearances by Courteney Cox, Jon Favreau, Jami Gertz, Al Roker and Rudolph Guiliani. This great box set includes such fun episodes as "The Puffy Shirt", "The Non-Fat Yogurt", "The Dinner Party", "The Hamptons" and "The Opposite".

    There is so much to see in "Seinfeld: The Complete Fifth Season" Box Set. All 22 episodes are presented in their original full screen format. The box set contains a carefully detailed picture quality and a clear 2.0 Dolby Digital sound. This 4-Disc collection includes 13 hours of supplemental extras like informative audio commentaries by cast members and crew on selected episodes, "Jason + Larry = George" featurette, deleted scenes, fun outtakes, series promos and exclusive stand-up comedy footage. Overall, "Seinfeld: The Complete Fifth Season" earns an "A"....more info
  • One of the best years for Seinfeld!
    This season includes what I think is my all-time favorite episode of Seinfeld: The Opposite. Everything that George has done in his life has turned out to be wrong, and so he decides to do the opposite for what he would normally do. The scene where the woman pushes the chair out to him after he comes on to her is arguably the best scene of any Seinfeld episode.

    "The Pie" episode includes the look alike mannequin of Elaine, truly hilarious in that the store-owner puts the mannequin in a compromising position, presumably after Elaine had an altercation in the store. Who can forget the line when Jerry helps Elaine steal the mannequin and is in the car: "I don't know about you, but I'm getting a hankering for some Doublemint gum." Another Classic.

    The Fire, when George pushes everyone out of the way(even elderly women) at a kid's birthday party and claims to be leading the way out.....Eric the Clown(which was a foolish name to George), was the one who put out the fire.

    The Hamptons have the gang go to the Hamptons for a weekend. And during this time when George is out shopping, the gang sees George's girlfriend topless before he does. After this, Jerry's girlfriend sees George with his swimming trunks down after he was in the pool......and there was shrinkage.

    The Cigar Store Indian episode has a female Native American that Jerry likes becomes offended when Jerry gives Elaine a "Cigar Store Indian" as a gift. This episode also has George breaking his parent's coffee table while his parents are away, and when they get back they discover a condom in their bed.

    In The Conversion, George falls in love with a girl whose religion is Latvian Orthodox, and then attempts to convert to the religion so that he can be with her. The episode also has Jerry learning about the girl he is dating apparently taking fungicide.

    The Wife- Jerry and his girlfriend pose as husband/wife so that they can get a marriage discount at the local dry cleaners. The plan backfires as the dry cleaner discovers the plan and Jerry's female friend thinks she is being used just for the discount, when Jerry takes in other clothes. This is also the episode in which George pees in the shower at the gym and is worried about being discovered.

    Best quotes:
    (to George) "Rock climbing? Where do you come off going rock climbing....rock climbing? You need a boost to climb into your bed." - Elaine in "The Stall"

    "My name is George. I am unemployed and I live with my parents."
    "I'm Victoria, hi!"
    - George and Victoria in "The Opposite"

    This season could possibly be the best out of all of them.

    Episode List from Season 5:

    The Mango
    The Puffy Shirt
    The Glasses
    The Sniffing Accountant
    The Bris
    The Lip Reader
    The Non-Fat Yogurt
    The Barber
    The Masseuse
    The Cigar Store Indian
    The Conversion
    The Stall
    The Dinner Party
    The Marine Biologist
    The Pie
    The Stand-In
    The Wife
    The Raincoats (1)
    The Raincoats (2)
    The Fire
    The Hamptons
    The Opposite

    ...more info
  • amazon you suck
    i ordered this over a month ago and it still has yet to show up...i had so much faith in you before this. maybe the pust office f'd this one up, but if not, you are losing a loyal customer......more info
  • Wrong Item Delivered, Poor Condition, No Response from Seller
    I ordered Season 5, however Season 4 was delivered. It was in poor condition. I contacted the seller via email to exchange it, but have heard nothing in 3 weeks. I have been a satisfied customer with this seller in the past, but not anymore....more info
  • Breathtaking!
    I love the episodes of The Pie[Listen,Natasha!],The Hamptons,The Raincoats,The Glasses[I don't know what To Tell you,Elton!] The Fire,It's like She's on The Price Is Right,[Imitates Toby!] What about Bozo! Kid: Who's Bozo? George:Who's Bozo? Bozo was a clown,hands down,he had his own tv show,he had cartoons. Robin:George:It's over for Bozo,He's finished. The Opposite,With the Jujyfruits scene,where she ates them on the side of Jake's hospital bed....more info
  • Still going strong
    Another great season for one of the funniest shows ever. Most series that reach a fifth year are running out of steam at this point, but "Seinfeld" was just getting going and even reinventing itself--the season finale featured big changes in the lives of George (Jason Alexander) and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) that would provide fodder for many great episodes to come. I have to admit that the character of Kramer sometimes became a bit tiresome as the creative team milked him for every possible quirk, but Michael Richards is such a talented physical comedian that he is almost always entertaining to watch. Among the many highlights are "The Puffy Shirt," "The Bris," "The Fire," "The Hamptons," and "The Opposite."...more info
  • When the show was really hitting its stride ...
    The Fire. George pushing away the clowns, the old women, the little kids. So funny! And it's true: what kind of clown doesn't know who Bozo the Clown was?! The Hamptons. So great! Gotta love that lobster omelette! And of course, The Puffy Shirt! "But I don't want to be a pirate!" And George being a hand model: another instant classic!...more info
  • Seinfeld: it wasn't funny then, and it is not funny now!
    Seinfeld was one of the most overhyped sitcoms of all time. I can't believe people are still watching this garbage because the programme was never any good to begin with. I used to know so many people who were such huge fans of this show, but I had no idea why anybody would want to watch this show because the programming was so dull. Seinfeld wasn't even remotely funny. In fact, watching grass grow is more fun than watching Seinfeld. If you want to bore yourself into a mindless stupor, than this is the DVD for you! But if you want to be entertained, stay far away from this dated and formulaic cr@p. Its so boring! BORING BORING BORING!...more info
  • get it!
    I saw reruns of "The Cigar Store Indian" and "The Marine Biologist" again the other day and they're still hilarious. Michael Richards and Kramer aren't the same person (although Jason Alexander as George was always the funniest character, especially in these episodes - his speech at the end of "Biologist" is classic!). I may think Alec Baldwin is a blowhard in real life, but I never miss him on SNL. Don't deny yourself what is probably the strongest overall season of this classic TV comedy....more info
  • "I Don't Want To Be A Pirate!"
    Although season four is probably my overall favorite season, season five contains my all-time favorite episode of "Seinfeld," "The Puffy Shirt." The whole season is well crafted, interrelated (plotlines from previous episodes recur frequently), and tightly written.

    By this point in the series all the characters are fairly well developed (except perhaps for Kramer) and the cast obviously fits together perfectly as the most complimentary foursome in television history. Several of the episodes are all-time classics. "The Puffy Shirt" and the concept of the "low talker" is my personal favorite, and contains all the hallmarks of a great episode: I am especially amazed at how the writers tied the hand model and low talking plots together in the end. My other favorite in the set, "The Marine Biologist," is another pure delight. Again, part of the magic of that episode is the re-convergence of the plots at the end of the show when George reveals the golf ball to the others.

    There isn't a weak episode in the season, and the DVD set contains numerous extras of note. I am particularly fond of the bloopers ("Not That There's Anything Wrong With That") and the "Inside Looks" sections where principals recall interesting information about the particular episodes.

    This is what a box set should be: it is entertaining, complete, and has loads of quality extras for the true fan. This is comedy genius, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
    ...more info
  • Love the Fab 4
    What would TV life be without these four--this is one of the funniest seasons of Seinfeld! ...more info
  • Seinfeld
    The DVDs are amazing with the great "Notes about Nothing" and the "Inside Looks," these DVDs are a great family gift and are very entertaining!...more info
  • Magical
    Seinfeld continued to keep us in stitches as they released another classic season of the show. Larry David takes control in the early going with "The Puffy Shirt". This is one of the better episodes that Seinfeld has ever done. My particular favorite is "The Marine Biologist" where George must pretend that he is a marine biologist for a woman. Pick up the fifth season of Seinfeld, it doesn't get any better than this....more info
  • Best sitcom ever, but watch it first.
    I love Seinfeld (the show, not the person). In my opinion, it is the best sitcom. It is hilarious and witty. However, a show about nothing is not for everyone. Catch the reruns on TBS before buying if you are not familiar with the show. They'll give you a better idea of whether you should buy it or not....more info
  • Another Classic season
    I will do my episode by episode guide to the wonderful 5th season of one of are best TV shows. Here it goes

    65-1. The Mango-Jerry has a lack of confidence. He wants another shot with Elaine. Kramer gets banned at fruit stand.

    2. The Puffy Shirt-George moves back home and becomes a handmodel. Kramers girlfriend is a mumbler who ask Jerry a question. Jerry agrees and has to wear a puffy shirt.

    3. The Glasses-George looses his glasses. When he buys new ones Elaine is bitten by a dog. George thinks he sees Jerry's girlfriend making out with Jerr's cousin Jeffery.

    4. The Sniffing Accident-Frank Costanza wants to be a bra salesman.Jerry and Newman think there Accountant is a drug dealer. Elaines boyfriend uses a Exclemation point on everything

    5. The Bris-George gets a great parking spot at the hospital. Kramer sees a Pig Man as he thinks.Jerry becomes the Godfather
    and at the end a Psycho sky dives onto George's car.

    6. The Lip Reader-Jerry meets a deaf girl. Elaine has trouble with a limo driver and does not get to meet Tom Hanks. George tries to get the deaf girl to lip spy on his girlfriend. Kramer does a bad transation and George gets introuble. Kramer gets
    to become a ball boy at the US open for Monica Sales. George gets Ice cream all over his face at the beginning.

    7. The Nonfat Yogurt-Jerry uses the F word at the Yogurt place. George sees his friend Lloyd Braun at the place. Elaine dates him. They check to see if it is fat yogurt. Kramer dates the girl who test it.Lloyd Braun is fired from job with Mayor. Guiliani beats Braun's employer for the mayor of New York.

    8. The Barber-Jerry gets a cut from a bad barber. Barbers nephew is good and he gets one from him instead. Newman tells

    9. The Masseus-Jerry cant get a message from his girlfriend. The girl does not like George and he cant help wonder why.
    Elaine dates a man who has a serial killers name.

    10. The Cigar Indian Shop-Jerry's girlfriend hands him a TV guide and he gives it to Elaine who looses it. A Weird guy gets it and takes it to Geroge's house. Goerge is also grounded

    11. The Conversion-George wants to be Latvian orthodox for a girl. Jerry sees a fungus medecine in his girlfriends cabinet. Kramer picks up a nun. Later she leaves the Church.

    12. The Stall-Elaine gets mad at a lady in a TV stall. She is on sex phone lines. Elaines boyfriend and George go rock climbing. The mans face is hurt and Elaine stops dating him.

    13. The Dinner Party-They need to buy a gift.Jerry gets sick on a cookie and George buys wine. A guy is double parked and
    at the end of the episode it turns out to be Sadam Hussein.

    14. The Marine Bilogist-Jerry sees a college classmate a women who George likes. George acts as a Marine Biologist. Elaine has a bad book meeting with a Russian.Kramer goes golfing and hits a whale. George gets the ball from the whales blow hole.

    15. The Pie-Jerry's girlfriend wont share a pie. Elaine has a manaquin of her. The weird guy with the TV guide made it.

    16. The Stand In-Kramer and Mickey are stand ins. He used a lifter. Jerry must tell jokes to sick friend. Elaines date who is one of Jerry's buddies takes it out on a date.

    17. The Wife-Courtney Cox acts like Jerry's wife. George pees in the shower at a health club. Elaine tries to date a guy.

    18. The Raincoats-The Seinfelds come for a visit. The Close talker becomes fixated with them. Jerry made out at Schindlers List and Newman tells his mom and dad on him.

    20. The Fire-Kramers girlfriend heckles Jerry relentlesly.
    George panicks when he sees a fire at his girlfriends place.

    21. The Hampton's-George's girlfriend goes topless and later he is caught naked by Jerry's girlfriend. He yells I was in the pool. Elaine tries to pick up a Doctor. Kramer gets into trouble for picking fresh lobsters from the ocean.

    22. The Opposite-George does thing opposite and gets a Yankees job and moves out. Elaine has hard luck with Juicy Fruis her job goes under. Kramer goes on Regis and Kathy Lee....more info
  • Season 5 - One of the BEST and Most Memorable!
    Seinfeld is the type of show I wish I could still find on "Must See TV". Perfect chemistry between Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer allows us all to enjoy the humorous interactions between these 4 eccentric friends which is lacking in many pre- and post-Seinfeld sitcoms. The episodes in Season 5 are about the same quality as Season 6, but you can definitely tell that there is a change in the writing style from what was seen in Seasons 1-4 as the series begins to drift away to stories that become so bizarre that it's almost unbelievable, while still hilarious. The extras in Season 5 are also quite nice and very much appreciated, though Jerry Seinfeld isn't very animated or energetic during the commentary. Anyone purchasing this set won't be disappointed as there are many delightful extras and bonuses, including alternate versions of episodes with different actors and scenes!...more info
  • Im so gald for these DVDs!
    These shows will be kept in my top shelf for ages and Im sure they're something my kids will watch later in life n love.
    Cmon, we cant really choose a favorite show or season even. tey're all so very very good! The briss.. that guy is so akward.
    See, one of the great things about Seinfeld is that the main characters are great but the side-kicks, eventual characters or even once-in-a-lifetime apearences are so impressive. The oposite is fantastic, George tops himself again in the Marine Biologist episode. "its not a lie...if you believe it" the motto for his life is really paying off on thi season. GREAT, all in all its the middle part of a 9 year MASTERPIECE!...more info
  • The Best Season
    I have never really been a big fan of Seinfeld, but when the 5th season came around at 26.99, it was too hard to resist. This season is hilarious, and being a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the commentary by Larry David is great....more info
  • Maybe one season too late ...
    The fifth season of Seinfeld has arrived, and as someone who saw Seinfeld for the first time last year, I'm more convinced than ever that the genius of this series is still unparalleled.

    Season 5 was a significant year for Seinfeld, for many reasons. First of all, of course, it was the first season that would have to withstand the critical eyes of a huge audience all over several countries. The big question was: would Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld be able to carry over the pure Seinfeld humor of the almost abnormally perfect season 4, and present Seinfeld as the ingenius idea it originally was, the show about nothing?
    It would be very easy to say "yes, they were" because obviously the show became a huge phenomenon, and needless to say, season 5 is indeed brilliant again.
    But I still think this season was not the best year for Seinfeld to "catch on", and maybe the remaining seasons would have taken a different route, had the show become successful one year earlier.
    Now don't get me all wrong; there's nothing wrong with the episodes per se, they just don't carry on the spirit of Seinfeld as properly as they could have.
    It's not a decline in quality, it's a change in style.
    For one, the show has now a larger scale with more sets and bigger settings. Again, this is not bad, but Seinfeld is always at its best on small- scale things.
    Then, there were some changes made in the writing. Tom Gamill and Max Pross have now entered the show, along with Carol Leifer. I believe the turning point of Seinfeld came with "The Glasses", written by Gamill and Pross, when George, due the loss of his glasses, mistakes Jerry's cousin Jeffrey with a horse. That's the point where Seinfeld became a little like a parody of itself. Gamill and Pross often talk on the DVD about taking funny bits out of their own lives and turning those into episodes. This is all very good and fitting, but what they failed to realise is that Seinfeld goes beyond "my high school friend used to eat his Snickers bar with a knife and fork". Starting with season 5, Seinfeld relied more on actual jokes and over-the-top plot twists. Remember, this is all perfectly fine, as it is really funny, but it ain't Seinfeld.
    The first 4 seasons didn't need actual jokes, the characters were so strong and dynamic and complemented each other so well that they weren't needed. Seinfeld was always at its best in lengthy face-to-face scenes or coversations.
    Why? Because the essential Seinfeld humor is something you can neither construct nor describe; it's a humor that only exists because of social dynamics; and because of a humor and cynicism that society created itself.
    Like Larry David said, it's based on the "absurd profanity of life", and the setups in season 5 onwards are anything but profane.
    Season 5 does have some great face-to-face scenes, but unfortunately, because the writers came up with more and more complex stories, scenes often change too quickly.

    Now, not everything's different. There are a couple of things that are superior to season 4. For instance, the characters of the show are now so well established that they could do a little thing or a small gesture, and you know what's going on. Jerry Seinfeld himself says that in a commentary track. The writers could give a line to a character and just know how it would play out. That's great, to know your characters, knowing how a weapon can cause the most damage.

    Now, this may all sound negative, but it isn't meant to be. Jerry Seinfeld said they had to change the show somehow because they knew they couldn't sustain the level of the first four seasons, and I think he's right. I just regret that it had to happen in this important year.
    Season 5 has enough of seasons 1-4 to make the new audience "get" Seinfeld, but it has also a couple of things that water the original idea down.

    The extras are excellent, as usual, with 20 minutes of bloopers, roughly 8 minutes of exclusive stand-up material, a great featurette, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries and inside looks galore....more info
  • Still going strong
    Thanks to a very strong fourth season, Seinfeld's fifth season saw the show go from a cult phenomenon into an entertainment juggernaut. This year represented the direct middle of the show's 9-year run, and by and large it was excellent. Not quite the equivalent of season 4, but still quite passable.

    There's no doubt that the fifth season of Seinfeld ended strong. Three classic episodes close it out: The Fire (with George's hysterical reaction to a fire), The Hamptons (with an ugly baby), and The Opposite, which I think is the show's all-time best episode. What a way to end the season: George in the throes of success, with a new job, apartment and love interest, and Elaine losing all that. The scene where George screams at the thugs in the movie theater is hilarious. There are great moments all throughout this season: The Puffy Shirt deals with the ramifications of Jerry's decision to wear the titular garment on the Today show, The Marine Biologist has George pretending to be of that profession, and there's the operatic The Barber.

    Although this was the first season that Seinfeld enjoyed massive popularity, we can now look back historically to see that it was not the show's best (nor its worst). My particular gripe is the episode The Mango. Don't get me wrong, I like the taboo-busting, but I found myself cringing far too often during this episode at things that were supposed to be funny. Your mileage might vary, though. In short, it's worth buying....more info
  • Gift 4A Friend
    my friend loves this series so anytime i need a present for him - i pick the next season. it's always a hit....more info
  • The Extras Have Improved Since the Former Released Season Sets
    Seinfeld was one of the funniest shows ever made and even if there were no extras lots of us would still buy the season sets. However it is good to see they are putting a bit more effort into the extras than they previously did.

    In season five extras include footage of the puffy shirt going into the Smithsonian. Larry and George where Larry David is compared to the character George. Bloopers is also excellent and very entertaining. The other usual extras are here as well with Inside Look and Deleted Scenes going for longer lengths of time, with the deleted scenes including a lot more of the episode on either side or the scene than was done on former seasons.

    Season 5 includes the shrinkage episode where George suffers the indignity of being seen after swimming, and the opposites episode where things start coming together for George when he goes against his natural instincts. The puffy shirt, Pappy not washing his hands before preparing Jerry and his girlfriend's food, the manikin that looks like Elaine and many other classics are all here in Season 5. Like with the other season sets you just have to own them.

    Also check out the season sets for Scrubs to see the benchmark for how extras should be done.
    ...more info
  • Seinfeld Season 5
    I was pleased with the quick response from the seller. I look forward to watching the DVD....more info
  • Seinfeld Rules!
    What more can I say, I'm a Seinfeld fan and the show has been my favorite for 12 years now. Just can't seem to get tired of this great show....more info
  • Fantastic!
    As I read the list of episodes from Season 5 I'm already laughing. One of the best seasons of the show!...more info
  • I think I found a censored scene
    Not to be a bug, but in the episode "The Wife", I distinctly remember the scene of George actually standing in the shower and a quick view of his feet as the pee is supposed to be going down the drain while 'flyboy' is watching in disgust. My DVD copy does not have it. I'm surprised it's not there or at least showing up as a deleted scene. I'm positive that scene still runs on syndication. This is a bad omen. Does this mean the episode about the Puerto Rican Parade will be eliminated from the last season's box too? How about it Castle Rock...Sony...why no pee scene?...more info
  • 5 starts for material, 1 star for the FBI warnings
    The material is among the best in the series. So there, I am among many others who love the series and recommend this.

    My point in writing this is to warn people who want access to their purchased material to seriously consider whether to make an investment in this DVD series.

    I just popped in the DVD and was stopped several times by un-fast-forwardable warnings.

    1. First there's an FBI anti-piracy warning.

    2. Then there's an Interpol warning in English.

    3. Then there's an Interpol warning in FRENCH.

    4. Then there's a black screen with white lettering telling us something useless about the commentaries and opinions not necessarily being those of Sony Pictures in ENGLISH.

    5. Then there's a black screen with white lettering telling us something useless about the commentaries and opinions not necessarily being those of Sony Pictures in FRENCH.

    Finally, after enduring their threats to you, the consumer, who have just paid a great deal of money to purchase YOUR DVDs, it begins.

    So if you are looking to pop a DVD in and check out that funny scene that you love in The Cigar Store Indian, you'll have to endure threats and warnings that threaten you with imprisonment. You can't do anything but wait. You can't jump ahead, you can't fast foward.

    Other DVDs are MUCH better at showing the warnings.

    In HEAT, with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, the movie lets you jump right to any scene you want without all the threats. Heat is one of the best DVDs out there in the way they handle forced copyright warnings.

    Seinfeld Volume 4, Season 5 is among the worst.

    The best material, the worst in presentation....more info
  • Must-Get DVD
    This is the absolute best Seinfeld DVD series. I couldn't wait for this to come out. My favorites are The Mango and The Puffy Shirt. Kramer classic line I faked it is a scream. DVD extras are great as well....more info
  • Another Brilliant Year
    Thanks to a very strong fourth season, Seinfeld's fifth season saw the show go from a cult phenomenon into an entertainment juggernaut. This year represented the direct middle of the show's 9-year run, and by and large it was excellent. Not quite the equivalent of season 4, but still more than passable.

    There's no doubt that the fifth season of Seinfeld ended strong. Three classic episodes close it out: The Fire (with George's hysterical reaction to a fire), The Hamptons (with an ugly baby), and The Opposite, which I think is the show's all-time best episode. What a way to end the season: George in the throes of success, with a new job, apartment and love interest, and Elaine losing all that. The scene where George screams at the thugs in the movie theater is hilarious, although people who have only seen later episodes might wonder what the big deal about George screaming at other people is. At this point, Larry David's onscreen surrogate was known for his inability to let out his anger, which made him more angry. There are great moments all throughout this season: The Puffy Shirt deals with the ramifications of Jerry's decision to wear the titular garment on the Today show, The Marine Biologist has George pretending to be of that profession, and there's the operatic The Barber, which focuses on the much-overlooked relationship between a man and his barber. Any trace of previous insecurity or hesitancy was eliminated: the show went boldly on, carving out an immortal place in pop culture.

    Although this was the first season that Seinfeld enjoyed massive popularity, we can now look back historically to see that it was not the show's best (nor its worst). My particular gripe is the episode The Mango. Don't get me wrong, I like the taboo-busting, but I found myself cringing far too often during this episode at things that were supposed to be funny. Your mileage might vary, though. In short, it's worth buying....more info
  • Excuse me, can you spare a square?
    The preeminent show of the 1990's decade, Seinfeld grew from an idea of "a show about nothing" into a sacred pop culture icon - not that there's anything wrong with that.

    The show follows the life of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and the exploits of his "short, quirky, bald guy" best friend, George Costanza (Jason Alexander), Jerry's neurotic neighbor Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), and Jerry's ex-girlfriend Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Through the years, they're joined by a loveable cast of characters that includes Newman, Uncle Leo, the Soup Nazi, Frank and Estelle Costanza, the Bubble Boy, and countless others...

    Following on the heels of Season 4, arguably the best season ever (with famous episodes such as The Bubble Boy, The Contest, The Pick, The Junior Mint, The Handicap Spot, and The Pilot), Season 5 offers its own case for Seinfeld immortality with episodes like The Puffy Shirt (a.k.a. The Pirate Shirt), The Stall (can you spare a square?), The Marine Biologist (or is it The Architect?), The Hamptons (there was significant shrinkage!), and The Opposite (George's newfound religion)...

    The Seinfeld (Season 5) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "The Mango" in which Jerry discovers that Elaine "faked it" during the time they went out. Determined to redeem himself, he begs Elaine for another shot. Meanwhile, Kramer gets banned from his favorite fruit vendor when he attempts to return a bad peach... Other notable episodes from Season 5 include "The Hamptons" in which Jerry's girlfriend accidentally sees George naked following his swim in a cold pool (which caused him to shrink like "a frightened turtle"), and "The Opposite" in which George decides that every decision he's ever made in life was the wrong one, and from now on, he'll do the exact opposite of what his instincts tell him to do...

    Below is a list of episodes included on the Seinfeld (Season 5) DVD:

    Episode 65 (The Mango)
    Episode 66 (The Puffy Shirt)
    Episode 67 (The Glasses)
    Episode 68 (The Sniffing Accountant)
    Episode 69 (The Bris)
    Episode 70 (The Lip Reader)
    Episode 71 (The Non-Fat Yogurt)
    Episode 72 (The Barber)
    Episode 73 (The Masseuse)
    Episode 74 (The Cigar Store Indian)
    Episode 75 (The Conversion)
    Episode 76 (The Stall)
    Episode 77 (The Dinner Party)
    Episode 78 (The Marine Biologist)
    Episode 79 (The Pie)
    Episode 80 (The Stand-In)
    Episode 81 (The Wife)
    Episode 82 (The Raincoats: Part 1)
    Episode 83 (The Raincoats: Part 2)
    Episode 84 (The Fire)
    Episode 85 (The Hamptons)
    Episode 86 (The Opposite)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Some of the most classics, but some lack....
    This season has some of the most classic Seinfeld episodes in the series. Such as The Hamptons, The Opposite, The Marine Biologist, The Nonfat Yogurt, and The Puffy shirt. Those all provided so much laughs and were very well written. And a lot of the episodes in this season really show the true element of "the show about nothing"(or everything) and they really show how the characters are so childish and how they live their meaningless lives and that is truly what made the show great. Classic example of that in this season is George converting to latvian orthodox just to be with a girl, or Elaine breaking up with a guy for not using an exlemation point and i could go on and on about that forever. All great.

    Ah but there is one weak point about this season. It was somewhere from the episode the Dinner party, to, The Wife. All those episodes had classic Seinfeld ideas and story lines but something wasn't right. Sometimes they were out of character. Sometimes they were too extreme but a lot of it was that it just wasn't as funny as the other Seinfeld episodes. In the Dinner Party, classic seinfeld story line and everything but elaine was way too much of a bitch, more than usual even and George was almost too whiny even for George. The Pie, another good idea but, it felt like it lacked something and it provided very little laughs(although the Elaine manaquine was classic and hillarious). The Standin, i dont know but it just didn't seem like a seinfeld episode. It reminded me on some bad sitcom at that same time in the 90's. and the episode the wife seemed to be missing something as well. I dont know if those episodes had a different writer or something, but they were the weak points of the season. But other than that, every episode is so hillarious and classic.

    This DVD set will provide endless laughs and it truly does have some of the most classic and rememberable seinfeld moments. Some of the really great ones of this season rarely get showed on reruns, so it is going to be hugely appreciated to see these episodes again and especially in their entirety. After season four when you thought Seinfeld couldn't get any better, we get hit with this season. It had its bumps but the really great and hillarious times stood out above all. I cannot wait for this to be released and if you love Seinfeld as much as me and any other fan, this is a must have and is essential to the Seinfeld collection. Anybody who knows of when it is due to be released, keep us posted....more info
  • Just seat and enjoy
    I must confess that I am not a big gan of Seinfeld but still these is a very funny show. I recommend it!...more info
  • Yet another great season for Seinfeld (4.5 stars)
    Seinfeld-Season 5 would be the first season where the sitcom would be among the most popular shows on TV. Filling the void left behind by the end of the very successful sitcom, Cheers, Seinfeld would finish #3 in the Nielsen ratings during Season 5, thus continuing NBC's dominance on Thursday nights. The writing was still creative and continued to push the envelope of what could be shown on network television. This was also the first season to prominently Frank and Estelle Costanza as well as the season where Jerry actually held on to a girlfriend for a whopping 3 episodes. Disc 1 is very good with the best episodes being "The Mango", "The Sniffing Accountant", which features one of Kramer's most memorable scenes, and "The Puffy Shirt", one of several classic episodes from the season. And as with Seasons 3 & 4, Disc 2 is another winner as all of the episodes are very strong, the best being "The Non Fat Yogurt", which is featured in two different versions, "The Barber", and "The Cigar Store Indian." Disc 3 is also very good with the underrated episode, "The Conversion", and two classics in "The Stall", which gave us Elaine's most famous catchphrase, `I can't spare a square', and the season's best episode, "The Marine Biologist." Disc 4 ends the season on a high note with the excellent episodes, "The Fire", also known as "The Pinky Toe", "The Raincoats", which features a memorable appearance from Judge Reinhold as the close talker, and the finale, "The Opposite", probably the only episode in the entire series where things actually work out for George in the end. As with the other volumes, the special features are awesome. In addition to bloopers, inside looks, deleted scenes, and the notes about nothing, there is also a great segment on the evolution of the George character. Also worth noting is that for the first time since Season 2, not every show is top notch as noted in the mediocre episodes "The Dinner Party" and "The Bris." All told, Season 5 continued Seinfeld's winning streak which would ultimately lead to the sitcom becoming the #1 show on television in Season 6. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • HELP
    I was wondering if anybody could help me out with a question about the Seinfeld 5th season? Does anyone know the date that the dvd season come out on?
    thanks...more info
  • Seinfeld season 5
    My husband and I are big Seinfeld fans...we have seen basically every episode. My husband always said he would not buy a season because it is on tv so much, but when he looked over what episodes were on this DVD and with all the extras that the DVD offers, he decided to purchase it and is very pleased. Plus it looks fantastic on our hi-def television....more info
  • Seinfeld Season 5
    Seinfeld season 5 is great! I would definitely recommend this show to those who might have heard of it, but never watched it. It is funny and very entertaining. Purchase the first 4 seasons to get caught up!...more info


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