Loma Linda Big Franks, 20-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

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100% Vegan. 58% Less fat than beef franks! 6g Fat in Big Franks. 14.5g Fat in beef hot dogs. Completely meatless. Exchange: 2 Lean Meats. The Dietary exchanges are based on the Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, 2003 by the American Diabetes Association, Inc. and the American Dietetic Association.

  • Case of 12 20-ounce cans (240 total ounces)
  • Made with soy protein, onion, and natural smoke flavor
  • 58% less fat than beef hot dogs
  • Pre-cooked and 100% vegan
  • Makes a nutritious alternative to hot dogs

Customer Reviews:

  • Childhood comfort food
    I have been eating Loma Linda big franks all of my life and I still think it is the best out there! I enjoy them as much as I did when I was little. WEll worth it, and a great source of protein....more info
  • Big Franks -- YUM!
    Loma Linda Big Franks, 20-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

    God Bless Worthington, Loma Linda and Kellogg for delicious, healthy products such as this one. I've been a vegetarian since 1980 and could not find anything like their products anywhere, for a long time.

    Actually stopped eating hot dogs a few years earlier than that when I learned that the FDA allowed a certain percentage of rat excrement and hairs in beef franks.

    These big vegan franks are a gustatory delight to me. Once I open a can, I immediately start snacking on one. Sometimes the rest make it to the frying pan or grill with a little olive oil. Sometimes I just snack on the rest of them all day or two straight from the can. Delicious.

    Can't remember what an animal-based hot dog tasted like, and sure would not like to. The heavy, oily, acrid smells of animal food cooking actually make me ill. Happens when you've been a vegan for awhile. I'd recommend this product and the others offered here. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • The KING of vege hotdogs!
    Big Franks Rule! The Worthington brand Super Links are pretty close, but they don't quite compare to the Big Franks. First of all, these are even bigger than the Super Links (20 oz. versus 19 oz. per pack of 12). Second, these have better texture (doesn't crumble; resembles more like meat). Third, these taste better. Combine with Worthington Chili to make some great vegetarian chili dogs. Dice them up to use in casseroles. Cut into chunks and use with pasta (as "meatballs"). Or just nuke them and eat with ketchup. No matter how you eat these, you'll love 'em....more info
  • No Comparison!
    How do they get those eight fat juicy looking hot dogs in the can? I was very impressed when I opened my first can of LOMA LINDA Big Franks. Then I heated them over indirect heat in my Weber grill. They were delicious!

    I am not a vegetarian. You ask why I would bother - well, I have lived long enough now to begin worrying about my health - but I was brought up eating anything I like, and I love Hot Dogs! And you know the good part about LOMA LINDA Big Franks is we know what's in them! So healthy it's almost a sin.

    I would give them a 5 star rating, but my family was not as excited as me....more info
  • Don't be fooled.
    I have been a vegetarian all of my life. These are AMAZING. So moist, great texture, not rubbery. Amazing. I understand if you are skeptical. They are vegan and in a can. Do not be fooled. They will change your vegetarian pallet forever. The stopped selling them at all the health food stores around me so I got a case and I love it....more info
  • Better than the real thing!
    Loma Linda Big Franks taste great. They are better than a beef hotdog. They can be eaten in all the same ways, is healthier and is a good diet food!...more info
  • Acquired taste, but good!
    I grew up on Big Franks, so I admit they are an acquired taste. They don't taste like regular hot dogs. The texture is softer, and more chewy. But they are flavorful, and I think the flavor grows on you--although others in my family object entirely, and they find the aroma very disagreeable. But my youngest--and pickiest--child lives on them! They are her main source of protein. Fortunately they are basically healthful, and they are a great source of B vitamins. Plus, they are so convenient. You can eat them straight from the can. Start with the one in the middle so you can wiggle the others out that are stuck to the side of the can. ;)...more info
  • The first, the best
    These are the best veggie dogs. Don't be put off by the can. They cook evenly and well. Totally delicious. Glad to find them on amazon!!...more info
  • My Favorite
    Loma Linda products are very hard to find in stores so I was thrilled to see them on Amazon. I have eaten these since I was a child and they are one of my favorite foods. Some of my friends say they are an acquired taste, but those who like them seem to love them. ...more info
  • Great snack either as hot dog in a bun or cold
    Big Franks are great either cooked hot served in a bun with all of the fixings or just take cold from the can. I like them either way but do eat most taken directly from the can kept cold in the refrigerator. Compared to many snacks Big Franks are both nutritious and tasty. Eat with a coke or your favorite beverage without any guilt. ...more info
  • Eating hotdogs in peace!
    With four boys and a husband who are all carnivores, I don't have much of a chance! Raised a vegetarian, I now know how to cook meat and will eat some select items, however, I just can't handle eating meat hot dogs. Just not knowing what is in them is very disturbing to me! Well, we finally found a hot dog that the whole family LOVES! Yes, loves! Even my husband will eat these! I feel so much better about feeding these to my family instead of the "who knows what is ground up in here" kind!! Thanks Loma Linda! (by the way, my youngest and I love to eat them right out of the can...no bun, no heating...just some mustard to dip it in!)...more info
  • Amazing!!!!
    I love them! My whole family does! I have been eating them since I was young. The are so wonderful and such a great source of protein. I am so happy Amazon has them. Please keep them.. they are hard to find! Try these.. you will be very satisfied. ...more info
  • The best for a campfire cookout
    Tired of missing out as a vegetarian during campfire cookouts? Well no more! These 'dogs roast great on a stick, they don't crumble or crack, and they don't have any odd "skin" type casing like smart-dogs that blisters and bubbles under heat. Hotdog perfection! ...more info
  • Loma Linda Big Franks
    Good alternative to meat franks. Some frozen products are better, but they are not vegan....more info
  • Good Stuff
    We've been eating the Big Franks for years - found them to be the best of all soy dogs. Better than frozen, and better than the "normal" size because you get more flavor....more info

    I have been eating these for over 20 years. I am a vegetarian,
    so these are perfect for me to eat. They are actually a "vegan"
    product, so people that a total vegetarians can eat these. ...more info
  • Delicioso
    I've been eating these for decades. Unfortunately, they got way overpriced in-store (7.50!) but then I found them on amazon (yeah amazon!) for a good price, and free shipping, no less. I love these and they're a great way to get my four year old to eat well. He's a vegetarian who's frightened of vegetables. Thank you, Loma Linda. And, thanks for keeping the eggs out so I can continue enjoying them. ...more info
  • LOve them, Love them, Love them
    As a relatively new vegans, (less than 2 years) hot dogs and White Castles are two "meat" products we missed. Loma Linda Big Franks fixed the hot dog jones, now we're looking for the White Castle fix. You need to work past the idea they come in a can, and then you'll find they're great....more info
  • They are not great
    These are my least favorite of the Loma Linda products. Unfortunately, the texture is a bit like modeling clay and the taste is unappealing to me....more info
  • Not the best
    The franks aren't the best substitute for hotdogs. I didn't like them much and neither did any of the people in my house. Before getting these I would highly recommend Smart Dogs, they have a much better texture and cook up a lot better. The outer layer is a little tougher than regular hot dogs. The best are Tofurkey sausages though. They are much larger than hot dogs, but have a great taste and texture.

    Don...more info
  • Best vegetarian hot dogs in the world!
    I have tried numerous vegetarian hot dogs and this is by FAR the tastiest one! There is another kind my Loma Linda called linnkettes or little links, but these BIG FRANKS are the best! They have a great beefy texture and taste! A lot of other veggy hot dogs have a plastic feel to them, but not these! I use these to make hot dogs, chili dogs, slice it up in my spaghetti sauce, anything!...more info
  • Outstanding, but ??
    These hot dogs are an outstanding vegan product, but buy them at your own risk. Amazon does not have a clue how to package any can product. Every time I order any food product in cans, I end up with dented cans. I have given up talking to Amazon about this, as they tell me that experts have designed their packaging. Excellent product, but poor performance getting product to customers....more info
  • Love Them!
    I've been eating these since i was a kid. I can't get them at any health food stores any longer, so i'm thrilled to be able to order them here!...more info
  • Best thing ever!!!
    I grew up eating these and introduced them to my very picky five year old. She absolutely loves them. We moved last year and I haven't been able to find them in a store - so when I found them on Amazon I was thrilled. I ordered them about six weeks ago (12 cans) and already need to reorder. She ate 6 franks the first day we received them. She asks me for them almost every day....more info
  • Loma Linda Big Franks
    I've been mainly vegetarian for over 35 years. I've tried many veggie hotdogs. These are hands down the best I've had. I have no idea what a hot dogs taste like so I don't know if these taste like hot dogs, but they are good!!...more info
  • Worthington Discounted Products in the Florida Area
    Sunbelt Natural Food Distribuitors offers great prices for Worthington, Lomalinda and Morningstar products for business, churches, or/and individuals to resale. They are located mainly throughout Florida, although they ship anywhere worldwide. For example, for wholesalers, a case of Big Franks can be purchased for as low as $39.13. This price may vary overtime. I can provide with more information if you wish....more info
  • Still love Big Franks and Linkettes after 32 years!
    We have been enjoying Big Franks and Linkettes for decades. My children, all vegetarian, were raised on them. A still favorite supper is Big Franks on rolls with sauerkraut, mustard and ketchup, french fries, and vegetarian beans. Perhaps for some Big Franks and Linkettes are an acquired taste, but I would say for most people who like hot dogs, BFs are great! ...more info
  • Yuck!
    I purchased these BIG FRANKS after reading the positive reviews and after enjoying other LOMA LINDA products. I have NO idea what the 5-star reviewers ate because I could barely stomach these pseudo-food products. I'm not sure what to do with the remaining cans because relish, catsup, onions, mustard and tons of other toppings failed to camouflage the rubbery off-taste of these "franks." My conclusion is that I think I'll eat all the condiments and dispense with this red-grey monstrosity.

    UPDATE: After reading responses to my review, I realize that the way to appreciate these franks is to eat them during childhood WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER (sorry... just kidding... I couldn't resist). Okay... If you don't acquire a taste for these during your imprintable years, be cautious about buying them now. You've been warned. GOOD LUCK....more info
  • Tasty Veggie Dogs
    Soy-based "meat" products can often be a hit or miss affair, but my family has consistently found the LL Big Franks product to be on the tasier side of the spectrum (even through several manufacturer recipie modifications). If you are looking for hot dogs for grilling, however, try the frozen Morningstar Veggie Dog product -- for our taste, Big Franks are much better at room temperature. Price-wise, buying through Amazon is less expensive than at our local health food shop -- not even factoring in the free shipping vs. gas used to physically go to the store. ...more info
  • Big on Big Franks
    I love this product and have used it all of my married life (21 years now). My children, who are not vegetarian, actually prefer these to real hot dogs. I am a born and bred vegetarian, so I only know of the vegetarian kind of hot dogs, but these are my favorites. We buy the cans and ration them. Getting a whole case of them for a great price through Amazon was exciting!...more info
  • These Vege Hot Dogs are the Best!!!!
    My three kids have been eating Loma Linda Big Franks for over 20 years and they still love them. The texture is meaty, the taste is excellent, and they make you want to ask for more. Kids are finky eaters by nature and my kids wouldn't have eaten these vege hot dogs for twenty years if they weren't first rate....more info
  • FABULOUS DOGS, the BEST I ever tasted!!!!
    Although I am a confirmed carnivore, and love all things meat, if I ever do decide to quit and become a strict full time vegetarian, these would become a staple. They can be now anyway, thanks to Amazon as they are very difficult to find. Once you taste these you will just be amazed at how fantastic they are, one taste and you will be hooked, they are simply great. You can have them in casseroles, on a bun with onions, pickles and relish or just have them all by themselves, they are unbelievably delicious and this is an excellent deal because they are very filling (without the cholesterol)and at 20 oz, one can will last quite a while, and 12 cans will def last a loooong time no matter how often you have them. I love them with any kind of beans, chili, BBQ, baked beans, kidney beans, or green beans. Have one frank and you will fall in love. Enjoy!...more info
  • Great Price!
    I have enjoyed Big Franks for years. Now that Amazon carries them I can get them delivered to my door at a price (including shipping, subscription plan) that is lower than I can find anywhere else....more info
  • A Macrobiotic Kid's Dream
    I grew up on these franks. They taste nothing like real hot dogs and have a truly unique texture. I didn't understand how my meat-eating friends lived without them. When we got our first microwave it was like a whole new world - hot big franks in seconds so you didn't have to miss a moment of Thunder Cats. I'm so very glad this brand is still around, even though I enjoy a steak every once and awhile I still crave the Loma Lindas. ...more info
  • Very different from Morningstar/GardenBurger frozen dogs
    This review is for people who are expecting Loma Linda franks to taste like Morningstar and Garden Burger-type frozen veggie dogs. I bought these expecting them to be quite similiar. They are not. They are, however, shelf-stable (I got them b/c I'll be overseas and need protein) and very nutritious at only 110 calories each.

    I just can't seem to get used to the taste and texture -- much softer and more pliable than the frozen variety, with less of a hotdog "skin". The taste is pretty different. Less meaty. Also, there are 8 per can, so storing the leftovers is a bit inconvenient.

    I can see how these might be great in a casserole or as part of another dish, but on their own (which is how I ate them), they weren't to my taste.

    I feel bad giving this product a poor review since it's my own fault for thinking that frozen veggie dogs and shelf stable ones in a can would be the same, but thought I should alert others like me who were unfamiliar with Loma Linda and expecting something comparable to Morningstar's product. ...more info
  • hot diggity dog- I dig 'em
    As a vegetarian who is not a great cook, I look for quick, easy meals. These big franks taste great and have the same texture as hot dogs without the questionable ingredients. It's fun to slather one with ketchup and mustard and chow down....more info
  • takes me back
    to my childhood.... these dogs are amazing.

    best way to prepare, wash thoroughly, pan fry on high heat until outside is almost crisp... serve with ketchup. no bun necessary, but if you want the carbs, indulge....more info


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