Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

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Product Description

1875 watts of power. Mid size. Retractable line cord with push button control. Cool shot button locks style in place. 2 heat/speed settings. Dual voltage for worldwide travel. Travel bag for easy storage. UL listed. One year limited warranty.

  • Retractable line cord with push button control
  • 1875 watts of drying power
  • Soft comfort grip handle
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Limited 2 year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't buy this hairdryer
    Bought this hairdryer a month ago and as we speak it is in a landfill somewhere. What a piece of junk. Just stopped working one day. Would'nt turn on at all. To return it would be more of a hassle and expense than its worth and Conair knows this so they continue to produce inferior products knowing they won't get them back. The retractable cord worked when it felt like it. Don't waste your money on this one....more info
  • If only I could give this less than 1 star
    I bought this dryer as a replacement for one that my puppy managed to chew the cord on. My "old" dryer which I had for years, worked WONDERFULLY! I thought having the retractable cord would help to keep it out of his mouth and help keep me better organized. Too bad after less than 10 uses the "retractability" of the machine's cord stopped. Unfortunatly, this did not happen with the cord out. Furthermore, I was very disappointed with the force of the air - even on high. For the amount of noise it produced, I expected to be getting my hair blown dry in a windtunnel. I tried to take it apart to see it I could fix the cord, but the whole thing fell apart and I threw it in the garbage where it belonged. Too bad I didn't spend my time prior to purchasing it reading the reviews. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!...more info
  • Good Hair Dryer, Bad Cord
    I like the way this dryer dries my hair - quickly and frizzlessly. The cord is not long enough! My outlet is waist high, I am 5'6" tall and I have trouble geting the dryer above my head to dry my hair. On the second use, I tugged a bit too hard to get the unit high enough to use and the cord got stuck and no longer retracts. ...more info
  • Worst hair dryer I have ever owned.
    I got so fed up with this dryer, I gave up on it after just a couple of months. I now (very happily) own a Infiniti by Conair 223 Cord Reel Folding Handle Dryer, which, despite Amazon's title, does not have a folding handle.

    This was my second hair dryer with a cord reel, which I find convenient, but there are several things I really hate about it. It is very noisy and I have to turn the radio up loud to hear the news--even when using the slow speed. You should be concerned about hearing loss if you use this. The cord is way too short (4 feet) and when retracting it, rewinds so quickly that the plug whips around and hits me painfully in the hand. I have to be careful about how to hold it when retracting the cord. It also had only fast/hot and slow/warm settings. I prefer to use high heat and a slow speed, but that is not available on this cheap piece of junk.

    I highly recommend you do not waste your money on this hair dryer.
    ...more info
  • Won't stay in locked position after 6 months
    Like many out there, my last Conair dryer lasted nearly 20 years. This new Conair was very good for the first 6 months but now it only wants to remain in the convenient fold down/storage position. It's like someone broke it's little red neck....more info
  • Love it!
    This hair dryer is the BEST! It dries your hair in half the time a regular hair dryer would do it. It really helps for an on-the-go mom!...more info
  • Absolutely terrible
    I really hate this hair dryer. Absolutely every single time I use it, it shorts out and won't turn back on for at least 10 minutes. You want to talk about stress? Try getting ready to run out the door and never knowing if your hair dryer will actually finish the job before it calls it quits. And, even if I've only used it for 1 minute, if I turn this dryer off, it won't turn on again for at least 10 minutes. How can a stupid hair dryer overheat in ONE MINUTE? If the phone rings or my husband calls, I have to let this thing keep running because I KNOW it won't turn back on.

    I hate this piece of junk and am online right now trying to buy something else to replace it!...more info
  • No fires... yet...
    Well, my hairdryer hasn't started any fires, but it also hasn't worked correctly since right after I bought it either. The retractable cord doesn't retract anymore. The button broke off that controls that and, in general, it just isn't a good quality hair dryer. Pieces of a hair dryer shouldn't just break off. I bought a ConAir product because they aren't too expensive and last a really long time, but now I'm thinking I should go ahead and spend over $75 for a hair dryer just so it doesn't fall apart....more info
  • don't buy this hair dryer
    Unfortunately, like other reviewers here, my Conair 1875 watt ionic cord keeper died after a few months of use. While it was working it was excellent. But I don't expect a hair dryer to die after just a few months. Buy something else!...more info
  • Dont buy this hair dryer
    I have bought hair dryers that lasted years and years with daily use. This one I had for 3 months and it just stop working. Don't waste your money on this item. ...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I bought this at a mega-mart store just to have in my gym bag. My hair looks amazing after using this dryer. I have thick, sort-straight hair. Now there are less frizzies... Plus, the cord retractor and folding option are ideal. I am actually considering getting a second one at home....more info
  • Not up to Conair's quality
    I bought this product Dec 8,2006, and it lasted till Aug 20, 2007. It's not worth the cost to ship back. It just stopped working. My last Conair hair dryer lasted some 15 or more years. Think I'll check out some other brands by checking out these great reviews on Amazon. Don't buy this hair dryer, you will be greatly disappointed....more info
  • It'll do.
    I have used this hairdryer for many years now, but they always seem to overheat. I LOVE the retractable cord so I just keep buying them. THey recently changed the style and added the "Ionic" part. The hairdryer is a bit heavier than the old version and the "ionic" stuff actually makes my hair a bit limper. I'm giving it a couple more months and will determine whether I like it more than 3 stars........more info
  • Piece o' JUNK!
    Since our bathroom cabinet is short on space, I loved the IDEA of this hair dryer! Unfortunately, the idea was more a fantasy than a reality. I only had this hair dryer for about a month before the cord-keeper button fell out (spring and all!) and the retractible cord stopped retracting. Since that was the only reason I bought this one over other models, I was sorely disappointed! Also, this dryer is so L-O-U-D that I had to wear earplugs (no kidding!) while drying my hair so that I wouldn't damage my hearing! Hands down the WORST hair dryer on the market!...more info
  • The worst hair dryer ever!
    It worked fine for 2 -3 weeks and then it would get about half way through blow drying my SHORT hair and it would just stop. I had to let it rest for 10 minutes and then it worked again. Gradually the time it worked got shorter and shorter and eventually it just stopped all together. Very frustrating. Go get a professional dryer. it might cost a bit more but it'll work! And probably for a long time!...more info
  • Dont Buy The Conair Ionic cord-keeper 1875!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought my first Conair Ionic 1875 in New York. The selling points were, the handy size, the retractable cord, the wattage of the dryer, the price and the cool button. I really liked it once I got it until one day it just started cutting out every time I used it. I thought this was odd, every other hair-dryer I've ever owned usually last for years and I just replaced them because they were getting too old. So I kept using it, cutting out and all until one day I couldn't use it anymore. (By that time I had moved to Indiana and needed a new hair dryer). Well, I thought maybe it was a fluke that I just happened upon one badly made hair dryer, I mean, I didn't even have it a year yet -- so dummy me, I went out and bought another one just like it, and in a totally differt part of the United States. Don't you know, the same thing happened with this one!!! I'm convinced they were built to break down like that on purpose. If you want a good, long lasting hair dryer do yourself a favor and dont buy a Conair!!!!!...more info
  • Nice features but........
    I loved ths retractable cord hair dryer when I first bought it about a year ago. Now it's starting to stop running. It appears to be a short in the power cord in the inclosed casing. When I'm using works then it stops, then I shake it and then it starts to work again, sometimes. My last hair dryer lasted over 20 years. They just don't make products like they use to. For this price I shouldn't expect much. I guess you really do get what you pay for! This hair dryer is perfect to take on an airline. If it's not allowed on the plane and they throw it out,......who cares!...more info
  • Fire!!!!
    I have used three of these. The first two each lasted a year before shorting out. I kept buying them because I liked the cordkeeper function. This last one, though, shorted out and started a fire. I have notified the company and will see what happens. But I doubt that I will purchase another. It's obvious that this product has an engineering or manufacturing flaw and should be pulled off the market. ...more info
  • My third one.......each one lasted a year&a half
    first of all , let me be clear that the materials used in this dryer are NOT first quality....on the other hand the design is extraordinary.......i use mine on a daily basis and , provided you use them with (extra) care they will last more than a year......repairable?......dont think about it .if you open the folding handle, it will break apart in your hands.......i believe its components are so cheap that they do not resist being taken apart.....this product has been (since the begining)assembled in south america, just to seek the cheapest manufacturing process....more info
  • It started a fire!
    I've been through 2 of these hair dryers. The first one stopped working after a year. The second one's cord twisted up and could not fully retract. For about a week it keep going on and off. This morning the cord sparked, smoked, and started to flame. I will not purchase this hair dryer again....more info
  • great until it stopped working after 4 months
    Loved the lightweight and compactible dryer until stopped working about 4 months after purchase date. It would stop in the middle of drying my hair and then go on and off every few seconds. Very annoying. I will not buy another. ...more info
  • not that great
    I bought this dryer to replace my 10 year old conair, when it gets hot it would stop. Good thing I didn't throw it away. This cordkeeper only worked for about 4 months. It is also very LOUD! ALmost hurt my ears to use it...more info
  • If it ain't broke don't fix it, why did they change this product?
    I have been a long time user and fan of the Conair Cord Keeper hairdryers. I use them until they just die. Recently Conair changed the look of this hairdryer and at first sight I thought that it felt much more flimsy than my previous Cord Keepers but did not give it much thought since I have always been very pleased with this hairdryer. The hairdryer lasted about 2 weeks before the folding handle cracked. When we opened up the handle we found that the plastic piece that makes the handle fold was cracked in half and did not appear repairable. I went out and purchased another Cord Keeper thinking that I just had a 'lemon', well the second one lasted exactly 3 months and 1 day. Today I pulled out the hairdryer, opened the handle and heard a crack. This handle is also broken which prevents the hairdryer from staying in the open position. The product does have a 2 yr warranty but you are required to ship the defective product to a Conair service center along with $3 for shipping and handling - this would cost me more than the hairdryer, just not worth my time to box it up and take it to the post office!

    That being said, when this hairdryer worked it was wonderful. The two speed settings are the perfect speeds, the hairdryer is extremely light and the handle is easy to grip. The retractable cord is the best feature of this hairdryer and along with the folding handle it is great for travel.

    I did write to Conair and their response will determine if I purchase another Conair hairdryer plus I will be back to update this review....more info