Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Forget what you know about traditional upright vacuum cleaners. The Dyson Ball has forged a new path for cleaning all floors. With a slight turn of the wrist, it turns with you to glide smoothly around tight corners, furniture and other obstacles. The low center of gravity reduces weight and increases maneuverability, and soft wheels are designed to tuck out of the way while in use. If animal hair has taken over your living space then you need the Dyson Ball Animal vacuum cleaner. Unlike other uprights, it boasts a mini turbine head to clean fur from stairs, sofas - even cars - and it comes with a low reach floor tool, perfect for cleaning under beds and other furniture. No more rearranging the room to vacuum! The included carpet care kit contains Zorb powder and Dyzolve spray for spills and marks. Especially unique to all Dyson vacuums is its patented Root Cyclone technology, a centrifugal force suction that remains constant, unlike other vacuums that can lose up to 50 percent suction while operating. Save money and time without the cost and mess of frequent bag changes. The clear bin lets you easily see when it requires emptying - a hygienic process that requires the simple push of a button. Dyson proves ???no loss of suction???, ???constant suction??? and ???doesn???t lose suction??? using the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard. Other features include:Telescoping wand that instantly releases

  • All-floors upright vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar
  • Root8Cyclone technology ensures powerful, continuous suction
  • Quick-draw Telescope reach; mini turbine head; low-reach floor tool
  • Hygienic 5/7-gallon dust bin; lifetime HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Measures 18-1/2 by 13-2/3 by 44 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • A year later
    Worked very well for almost a year, now it seems, I am unable to keep the many filters clean.

    I would rather have bags. Not a good choice for me........more info
  • Works well
    It has a very strong suction which is a must for a good vacuum. Like the fact that it has a ball and can turn easily. Only downside is that it is kind of heavy!!...more info
  • Dyson DC15
    What they say about the Dyson is not just hype! It is so incredibly better than any vacuum I have ever owned....more info
  • Dyson DC15, The Ball
    I'm the "one in a million" I guess, the one that truly loaths this vacuum. It is a nightmare! The wheel mechanism will not go in the upright position so that I can clean carpeting. My husband has to "rig" it so that I can vacuum, then if I put the vacuum in the upright position, I have to wait for him to rig them up again. I find the suction minimal. I can over a down feather, a small piece of thread, a tiny piece of paper and less than 50% of the time will it be picked up. When it works ... YES it works tremendously, but that is so seldom. I've only had this vacuum 2 months and regret ever purchasing it. I went on the Dyson website and sent e-mail from their generated form but it was returned from MailerDemon, unknown address.

    I find the onboard tools/wand very cumbersome to use. Using the wand portion of the vaccum though has been successful -- fantastic suction! I just wish it was easier to use, I'd probably try to clean my carpets via the wand!
    Poor product, very very poor! Frustrating....more info
  • Great Suction, a Little Hard to Maneuver
    The vacuum is great if you own pets...it gets the dog hair like nothing I have ever seen. However, it can be a little difficult to maneuver. Also, the cord is very long, but it ALWAYS gets twisted and knotted up. Finally, it is a little heavy..I wouldn't recommend it for older individuals or those with back problems if you have a multi floor residence. Other than those few cons, it is a great vacuum, the proof is in the canister. ...more info
  • Its an Animal!
    We have owned this for 2 years now. It was nearly $800 when we got it. At the time we bought it we had an old I mean OLD Kirby upright. I vacuumed daily with the Kirby but it burned out a belt and needed some minor work. So we ordered one of these. All I can say is WOW! When we got it, it had only been 2 days since the death of the Kirby. I got 3 canisters full of junk off the carpet in the first 10 minutes. By the time I did the whole house I had emptied the canister 5 times! Hair, dust, gunk whatever it was in there.

    The ball makes it as easy as Dyson shows on his commercials. All you need to do is flick your wrist in a direction and the thing goes that way, it is honestly amazing.

    Every piece of this vacuum is so well engineered. If it dies for any reason you can call a number and it will talk to the person on the phone to tell them what is broke (well via tones, not voice :)). They then send out a part for it to be fixed.
    You get what you pay for, go ahead and buy a cheaper knock off... IMHO this is the best vac I have ever seen let alone owned.
    ...more info
  • Obviously built by a man
    This is a good vacuum but difficult to use. The only real animal hair thing about it is the very large attachment mainly to be used on furniture. It is very hard to use the stick because you have to totally unwrap the wire, pull out the stick attach it to the hose and then use it. Also it has absolutely no edge power. It leaves an obvious 1 inch mark where it just doesn't "suck". So you do have to end up going around the room with the stick. For the money just buy a good bagless vacuum and you will get the same for your money. I bought a Hoover and it is great for the downstairs because also this vacuum is very heavy and hard to bring up and down stairs!!...more info
  • Good suction but scratches floors badly
    Have had this vacuum for several years now. Worked great on carpeted floors but we recently remodeled our house with all African Walnut. Unfortunately the Dyson has resulted in significant scratches on the floors due to the very small hard plastic wheels under the head. Now looking for something more hardwood friendly....more info
  • Love it!!!
    I'm a proud owner of three Siberian Huskies. That being said I have a massive amount of hair... everywhere. I have a Furminator( which I love) I use to brush them three times a week and still hair, hair, hair. The carpet was awful and so was our furniture. We went through two other vacuums that didn't seem to be getting the job done.

    Last Christmas, with relatives coming to visit out of state, I decided enough was enough. I researched online and read reviews for several other vacuums. I decided on the Dyson Animal(The ball version). The results ~ Amazing. The hair and dirt it picked up not only shocked me but, made me feel kind of sick all of that was in and on my carpet. I have a fairly small living room and I had to dump the canistor twice. It lived up to all the hype I read in the reviews.

    There are a few people who say that the suction isnt working for them as well as they had hoped. In some cases not at all. This is surprising to me. When I vacuum I can actually see the hair being sucked to the machine before it even reaches it. I let all my friends use it, because they love it and are saving up to buy one of their own.

    Bottom Line: Best $500 I spent so far. Met all my expectations.

    ...more info
  • Oh boy, am I in trouble!
    I bought the Dyson DC24 from Target because I felt I couldn't afford the DC15 and the lightweight, compact design of the DC24 appealed to me. Let me say, I have been incredibly pleased with the power and performance of the DC24.

    That said, when I saw Amazon had such a great price for a new, not reconditioned DC15 -- the one we originally wanted -- I had to snap it up. Wow, and uh-oh were my first reactions (that has to do with why I'm in trouble, which I'll get to later.).

    It is definitely worth purchasing for even more robust cleaning power (we have 8 cats!) and its generous array of attachments. It is more unwieldy, though not nearly as heavy as the ridiculous, poor-performing Kirby. With the Kirby, I had to get on hands and knees with a Gonzo sponge to lift hair, then vacuum - no more of that! The good news is either Dyson lifts pet hair without hesitation. The difference with the Animal is that while it is heavier to manage, it cleans even more definitively.

    A motivating factor is that I am an asthma sufferer, which I realize is exacerbated by the cats. The asthma's under control with meds, but I have definitely noticed dramatic improvement in my breathing and the utter banishment of household allergies due to such thorough cleaning.

    The "Ball" pivoting mechanism isn't hype, either. It reduces all that repositioning and maneuvering.

    So then, why am I in trouble? I am an idiot (or not!) because I am keeping both. The DC24 (small one) is perfect for whipping through the house on weeknights when I don't want to have a major production. It's so easy and light, able to get in tight and low places and I am never taxed or tired after using it. The Animal stays because there is simply no better cleaning to be had. I have had many vacuums in my life and if I could recoup my money from those manufacturers for the lousy performance of their Hoovers, Eurekas and Kirbys -- plus receive reimbursement for the extra hours I spent "double-cleaning" -- I could easily pay for the entire line of Dyson products with bags of money left over!

    ...more info
  • Your Vacuum Search Stops Here...
    This is a super vacuum cleaner. No other vacuum could convince me to give up my Rainbow (they cost almost $2000 new). This is as good as the Rainbow in that it doesn't circulate a bunch of dust, but it's a ton easier to us. I have had this vacuum a year now. I admit that it took me a while to get used to the on board attachments, but now that I really understand how they work, they are great. All I can say is, I LOVE THIS VACUUM CLEANER!!!! It is 1000 times easier to use than the Rainbow, and it does a GREAT JOB. Buy it, you won't be disappointed. Look at the reviews, they tell the story... most vacuums have a significant number of negative reviews, this one gets a huge majority of 5 star reviews....more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal Ball Upright Vacuume Cleaner
    This vacuume is probably the best vacuume I have ever owned! I love the way it operates in tight spaces, and the suction is very good as well. I could not believe how much it picked up after vacuuming with my old vacuume.The furniture attachment is wonderful. My furniture never looked so good. I have tendonitis and arthritis in my hand, so the light weight of this product and manuverability was important to me. If you buy this product, you will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Best vacuum ever.
    I have owned many vacuum cleaners over the years...from Hoover to Eureka to Carpet Pro to Dirt Devil...NONE of them beat the Dyson DC15 Animal. It is excellent with cleaning dog hair, etc.
    I cannot believe all it picks up and how easy it is to use.
    NO BAGS! NO MORE REPLACING FILTERS! It has a lifetime filter.
    It comes totally equipped with accessories including a mini turbine head for cleaning steps and upholstery.
    [...]...more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone
    The Dyson Animal Cyclone vacuum cleaner does everything it claims it does and my husband loves it!! Our family has 3 medium-size to large dogs and 5 cats in the house. As anyone could imagine, we have our share of pet hair. The first time we used our Dyson, it picked up all the pet hair that our Hoover left behind. We love the fact that it is bagless. It is easy to use and we would recommend it to anyone - especially anyone with pets....more info
  • Best vacuum ever....
    Has advertised power and no loss even when full. Extension wand is a little too tight so hard to do steps but great otherwise....more info
  • Incredible
    I have three house dogs ranging from miniature schnauzer to great dane. The great dane constantly sheds, and so, I constantly vacuum. They also track in grass and all sorts of stuff from the back yard. I may have a problem, but I vacuum once a day on weekends, and twice a day on most weekends. I have owned my house for 6 months, and I have already went through 2 vacuums from wal mart ranging from 99 bucks to 189.

    After my last vacuum went out, which was a hoover dyson clone that worked well when it worked, I decided to splurge, and bought the Dyson for my carpets and an iRobot Dirt Dog for my tile and garage. I am so glad I did.

    This vacuum is wonderful. If there is a pile of great dane hair on the floor, I can just get this guy within a couple of inches from it and it sucks it up. I read a review on here that said it wouldn't pick up powder or something they spilled in their kitchen, and I just can't believe it. Either I got the best model ever produced, or something is wrong with theirs.

    I do occasionally use the vacuum on my tile, and I love the fact that I can turn the brushes off and just let the suction do it's thing. In my experience of vacuuming on tile, you throw stuff around as much as you clean up. This puts a stop to all that. Whatever hair or crumbs I go over on tile floor, this thing sucks up. I love it.

    The other things....the cord is very long. My house is 2100 sq ft, and I can plug it in on the center wall in the living room, and nearly get every corner of the house with it. The animal comes with a lot of attachments, I have used this vacuum for 2 months now, and still haven't used but 2 of them. They seem well constructed, but no idea how they perform. The whole machine is easy to take apart and clean, and my 4 year old nephew loves it. When I go to use the extension hose, he calls it a transformer vacuum. The "ball" is also worth it, as it makes going around furniture and dog toys all that much easier.

    Finally, I know the price it steep. I am solidly middle class, and I don't regret splurging for it at all. If this one broke tomorrow, I would probably do it all over again. After I called customer service and tried to find out what happened, first.

    Hope this helps....more info
  • Totally Satisfied
    Does an excellent job. All it's parts fit easily together. Also much quieter than any other vacuum I've ever had. The cats aren't panicked by this one. You can actually talk to others without shouting. This is really a great machine!...more info
  • Wowzaaa!
    I have had this Dyson for a month now and am very impressed. I had an infestation of fleas (a trip with my cat to the vet hospital brought back never seen before visitors) and this vacuum cleaner and a few flea bombs wiped the whole tribe out. I have several oriental rugs and they have never looked better - it took three separate and thorough vacuumings, filling the bag each time - but I think I have finally gotten to the bottom of all the dust left behind by my old vacuum cleaner. Not that the Dyson doesn't do a good job - it really sucks up the dust and dirt. I clearly just had a lot of years of bad vacuuming in my house's history.

    The only problem I have with this vacuum cleaner is that now I want a totally clean house, all over, all the time! My floors are so clean now that I compulsively pick up, organize and clean so that my whole house keeps up with the current condition of my floors and rugs. But I suppose there could be worse things than a clean house...:)
    ...more info
  • Any Other Vacuum is a Waste of Money!
    My DC15 Animal is incredible. Everything this machine touches becomes immaculate. We vacuum weekly and our new Dyson sucked up years of ground-in dirt with the first use. Our carpets didn't need cleaning, they needed a real vacuuming. Housework is actually fun when you can really see a difference when you are done. Get one!...more info
  • Attention pet owners and parents
    Okay, so it did seem crazy to spend so much on a vacuum but I now understand why we did. I have two long hair indoor cats and two young children so I really appreciate a vacuum that can clean up whatever they leave behind (ie hair and crumbs). I laugh because when I initially received it, I can say I vacuumed a few times a week. I cannot believe how much stuff was actually in my carpets. Now, I only need to vacuum once a week to maintain. I really enjoy the bagless feature and the ease of emptying/reconnecting the canister. The extended wand alows me to reach my high ceilings and the attachments make it possible to vacuum around my curtains and everywhere in between. This vacuum is amazing!...more info
  • Great Product
    I think the Dyson Animal is an awesome product for the most part. I have some issues with getting the attachment hose unattached from the vacuum so I can use the attachments. The ball makes it very easy to steer. I really appreciate that the power cord is much longer than any other vacuum I've ever had. Emptying the contents is VERY easy with absolutely NO mess! I would suggest this product to anyone who has an animal with long hair, as it picks up the hair very easily, and doesn't get clogged unlike any other vacuum I've ever had. ...more info
  • GOD created this...that is the only explanation....
    as to why this vacuum works so good. I have 9 cats and, needless to say, pet hair is everywhere...all the time with no excuse. To clean my house I had a Eureka windtunnel style vacuum that I would use to go over the carpet in one area one time. Then I would have to get my shop vac to unclog the vacuum hose. To do a 10X6 rug it took 30 minuites to get half of the pet hair off of the carpet. This vacuum cleans and entire 10X25 room in about 5 minutes with no effort at all. I have to stop to dump once in that 5 minutes becuase it picks up so much freaking hair. When I first bought this WONDER..I first vacuumed a rug the way I was..took 30 minutes till that old vacuum stopped picking up hair. I then tried the DYSON...OH MY GOD...still picked up tons of hair. I can no lay on the rug and watch TV or just sit on the rug without worry. You will NEVER EVER regret this purchase BUY IT and throw the other out of the window or door or run over it with your car....just get a Dyson and get rid of the trash!!...more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal ball
    Super vacuum cleaner. This is the third one I have bought, one for my daughter who has a pet rabbit, one for myself and now one for my son and his new wife.
    Pet hair does NOT kill this vacuum....more info
  • Good modern vacuume cleaner
    This vacuume will suck up dirt and dog hair very easily. It only loses stars because it is hard to switch between different modes (upright, stair cleaning, and attachments) and it has so many parts it becomes confusing. ...more info
  • Dyson DC-15 IS an animal!
    Well, overall I am pleased with this purchase. I have had my vacuum for about a year now. It cleans the floors like nothing I have used before! There are a few things that I would change about it, but it does do a great job on carpet.

    Pros: great suction, easy emptying the container, great movement with the ball, and good attachments.

    Cons: I own a furniture/flooring/appliance store. The carpet reps for every company DO NOT recommend the Dyson for their carpet because of the suction. They say that the suction is so good, it sucks out the fibers in the carpet and is bound to wear down your carpet sooner than later. I, of course, found this out AFTER purchasing mine. My only real complaint when using it, while using the wand/hose/and attachments, is that it is great for reaching far away/hard to reach places, but for something that is right in front of you, it is awkward! My mom swears on Electrolux vacuums, which run you $2000 and more...and she swears AT my vacuum every time she uses it, and it is ALWAYS when using the wand.

    Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. You get what you pay for and I would buy this vacuum again in an instant....more info
  • Animal hair be gone!
    Dyson DC15 Ball DC15 Ball Animal Vacuum Cleaner

    I done my research on this vaccum before I bought it. Like many others I was leary of paying the price. My husband and I just purchased a our first home which is new, so I wanted a good vaccum. We have one cat and a Great Dane (115 pounds of shedding hair and unpleasant smells :). The thought of having our shedding pets in this new house with new carpet about drove me nuts. A flash back our of previous rental home haunted me. I didn't want a layer of hair all over every thing. Well a few days after we moved in I ran the Dyson Animal 15. I kept thinking ...It's new carpet and we haven't been here that long..I won't see anything. I was wrong. I don't know if it was where the doors were open during construction or what, but there was a moderate amount of dust/dirt in the container along with two big hand fulls of pet hair. I'm happy it picked it up don't get me wrong, but I didn't like the thought of that much hair being deposited every where in just a few days :) The Dyson does a great job. I empty the container after each room that way I can see how much hair each room has. It's like a contest to see what room wins (living room where our dog mostly sleeps). I also run the Dyson over her two dog beds..Oooh nasty..hair, dirt, and no telling what else. We live in Arizona so that tan/orange dirt/sand everywhere and I didn't realize how much of it our dog brings in. The first time I ran the sweeper over the dog bed I raced to show my husband what was in the container. I'm trying to train my dog to let me run the attachments over her for prevention, but not so much luck with that so far. I gave this product 4 stars (wanted 4.5, but it wouldn't let me do that) because of the weight of the vaccum. We have alot of carpet in our home and if you run it everywhere then you're body starts to feel it. It doesn't bother me because it makes me feel as if I'm getting some exercise for the day. The more I use it the easier it gets. It took me a little bit to learn how to use the hand vaccum attachment (I guess I can call it that). The attachments are placed on the vaccum to where it is easy to grab them. They also stay in their spots, not like some other vaccums where they keep falling off. Oh, I forgot to mention...one of my favor things about this Dyson is how the dirt, etc. is released from the bottom of the container with a push of a button. I can empty the container right into my trash can (inside), instead of having to go outside in fear of cloud of dust filling my house. If you have pets, or even if you don't, you won't reget getting this vaccum. It's a little more money in the beginning, but it's worth it and you'll see it every time you vaccum....more info
  • WOW!! Finally - Truth in Advertising!!
    The Dyson DC15 Animal is SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!! I don't understand why any user of this vacuum would give it a negative review. If you're on the fence and not quite sure about purchasing this vacuum because of the very few negative reviews written here - my advice to you would be - BUY IT and TRY IT. Read and follow the directions and if this vacuum isn't performing GREAT (not just OK, but GREAT), then you have a defective item. Amazon has the best customer service and return policy of any online vendor from whom I've purchased which makes it very easy to either return or exchange items. So, you really have nothing to lose by giving the DC15 a try.

    I am not a "vacuum expert", but I have owned and used more than my share of various brands of vacuum cleaners. I've tried every "vacuum technology" that's out there and nothing can even come close to the performance and ease of use of my Dyson DC15 Animal. I think that everyone would agree that "bagless" vacuums do a significantly better job than "bagged" vacuums. But, emptying and cleaning the HEPA filter, the pre-filter screen and the canister is a time-consuming, very "dirty" job that most users, myself included, detest. More work is created and the clean up takes more time and whole lot more effort than the vacuuming itself. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense! What good is a HEPA filter anyway when the dirt/dust/powder it collected ends up all over you when you try to clean it!

    I, too, was skeptical about purchasing my Dyson. Because of past experiences with "bagless" vacuums and the ordeal/mess of emptying and cleaning them, I swore I would NEVER buy another "bagless" vacuum again. But, my "bagged" vacuum just wasn't cutting it. It was good for quick jobs, but it certainly wasn't getting most of the dirt/pet hair/etc. out of my carpets. Over the course of several months, and after doing some research and reading hundreds of user reviews on Dyson vacuums, I finally decided to buy it and try it. I AM SO GLAD I DID!! My ONLY regret is that I didn't buy it SOONER.

    I am amazed at what this "animal" sucks out of my carpet and I'm even more amazed at how easy it is to empty the canister. It's a 2-button process -- 1st button releases the canister from the vacuum -- 2nd button releases the hinged, bottom door that allows the dirt to fall from the canister into a trash bag/can. Lightly wiping the inside of the canister with a dry cloth (every other time it's emptied) is all that's needed. That's it! No pleated HEPA filter to mess with, no accumulation of powdery residue that is impossible to remove and no dirt all over me. I love it.

    The Dyson truly delivers! It does exactly what it's advertised to do. It's very refreshing to know that there are still some manufacturers out there who are honest and not just spitting out a bunch of marketing hype in order to meet their sales goals.

    I hope that my review of the Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum, along with the positive reviews of hundreds of other users, gives you all the information you need to make a buying decision that is best for you.

    Thank you,
    A Very Happy Dyson Customer and Major Amazon Loyalist

    ...more info
  • I love it!
    It arrived quickly, was a snap to put together, and comes with lots of attachments. I have bassets that really shed, this vacuum picks it all up, and quickly! It has sucked up stuff I had no idea was in my carpet, I'm very impressed. It is easy to dump, doesn't clog, and works well on my vinyl and laminate floors, as well as my carpets and rugs. It doesn't suck up throw rugs like my last vacuum did. It does have a harder time with the shag throw rugs, and does have a tendency to grab them. I turn the beater bar off and it solves the problem, it doesn't collect as much stuff, but freshens them up. I purchased a Dirt Devil bagless first, it was less expensive, and a piece of junk and waste of money. This vacuum is worth every cent!!!...more info
  • Best vacuum ever!
    I have been wanting a Dyson for several years, but the price was a factor. I recently moved into my mothers house when she moved into an apartment. With her being older, she didn't get vacuuming done much in her last years in the house. I tried to use her vacuum, a canister vac with hepa filter and all. It seemed to blow dust right out the side and made me sneeze every time I used it. She took this vacuum with her when she moved, so my house didn't get vacuumed for over a month. With a family of four, along with several pets, it was a mess. I got my Dyson yesterday, and immediately got to vacuuming. It was the first time I vacuumed with a smile on my face. I cleaned my whole house in no time, stopping only empty the cannister between each room. It cleaned the floor till they looked new, got every hair and grit off the floor, my hardwood and tile areas as well as the carpets. It was easy to use, not heavy, as I had heard, the cannister was very simple to empty, unlike other cannister vacs. I never had to touch the dirt at all. And I never sneezed once. My house has never looked better, I can lay on the floor without feeling like gritties are sticking to me, and we can all breathe a little easier with the house totally clean. A truly great product. I wish I had gotten one years ago!...more info
  • Love it - but long hair ladies be aware...
    I love my Dyson, cleans like a dream and super easy to use.

    My only issue with it, is my own long hair! I have to turn the dyson over once a month or so and cut and pull hair out of the roller - I had this same issue with a previous machine, so its nothing new - I wish someone would come up with something other than the brush rollers under the machine.........more info
  • The Best There Is. PERIOD!
    We have had our Dyson since they came out. Paid $450 bux for the thing. It has been beaten, crashed, bumped, knocked, dropped, kicked, hit and peed on.

    You know what? IT STILL WORKS LIKE DAY 1! We have sucked up cat litter, cat pine, dog hair, nails, tacks, peanuts (packing), bird seed, food, drywall dust, dirt, pet food, plaster (when we remodeled the house)and even water. You name it, we sucked it up.

    We used our Animal to clean up drywall dust off the concrete floors before they were painted and sealed. Thank god for the vacuum otherwise it would have taken days to do it by hand instead of a few hours.

    This thing has cleaned floors, ceilings, baseboards, fans, kitchen, bathroom, cars, couches, carpet, tile, hardwood - EVERYTHING! It cleans whatever it touches! Period.

    Not to say some problems don't exist. There are some duds here and there, but to anyone that thinks this vacuum "blows" - is seriously brainwashed. You can't get a better vacuum. Anywhere. Period, the end. When you find it, let me know. Seems like people need to criticize everything these days. No matter how good it is, people always find something wrong with it.

    DYSON - IGNORE THOSE PEOPLE! They are the select few that will whine and moan no matter what they spend. You can sell this thing for $1 dollar and they would still complain.

    THANK YOU for an EXCELLENT PRODUCT! We will be buying another. The DC17 Absolut. Mainly because I love the color :D Also need a vacuum downstairs.

    Again, THANK YOU! Anyone reading this - BUY IT. You will enjoy it and have a much easier life!...more info
  • Buy it!
    DYSON VACUUM. What a pleasure to buy something that works as advertised. The engineering that has gone into developing this vacuum is very evident in the way it cleans and the precision with which the various attachments and pieces fit together. I have already purchased a second Dyson. If you need a vacuum, I highly recommend a Dyson....more info
  • Concerned
    Well it is a nice machine. But for spending more than twice the amount for a compliable machine I would think it would last longer.

    I had the DC15 "Ball" vacuum for less than three months when the main vacuum motor gave out. The Brush motor works fine, but without the main vacuum motor it is worthless.

    So now I have to send it back to Dyson.

    Long, long wait (did I mention long wait) for a customer rep to finally speak to me, just to say send the vacuum back to them.

    Overall nice machine But BUY THE EXTRA WARRANTIES if offered by the store. You will need them (especially for the price). My Hoover wind tunnel was 1/2 of the price and now I am back to using it once again (lasted over ten years)
    ...more info
  • Great!!!!!!!!!
    I just received my Dyson today and it it incredible. It works superbly on bare hardwood floors as well as upholstery. I have two dogs and they are always running around on my bed. One of them sheds ridiculous amounts of hair and shows on the bed sheets. After using the Dyson to clean the whole house I used it on the bed and I was amazed at how much hair it took of the sheets.

    I definitely recommend this product to anybody that needs a great vacuum and is a pet owner....more info
  • Review of Dyson Vacuum cleaner
    I am very satisfied with the Dyson. It really does pick up dog hair!
    Unlike the previous, and more highly advertised vacuum I had purchased
    earlier from a department store....more info
  • best vacuum ever!
    This is the most amazing vacuum ever! I just got it today and cleaned the whole house, I wish I had more to clean! The first time I used it (within minutes of its arrival) I gave it a few sweeps over an area rug that was recently vac'd by a traditional vacuum. The canister was almost full with pet hair and dirt instantly! I couldn't believe it, I was appalled that I was living that way and didn't even know it. Now I know why these vacuums cost so much more than the others, they are worth every penny....more info
  • A great vacuum cleaner!
    This is a great vacuum cleaner. I had a Rainbow and it did not pick up like the Dyson does. I have 5 cats so there is plenty of hair to pick up! The carpet seems so much cleaner and I like the fact that you can actually see how much it is picking up. I do wish that this model had a light on it. The ball design makes this upright so much easier to use. You just turn your wrist and the whole vacuum cleaner goes in that direction. I definitely vacuum more often but it is because I now realize how much cat hair gets on the floor in just one day!...more info
  • Dyson Animal is a Dog
    I bought a Dyson animal and initially I was happy with it. The first time my roommate used it, he damaged the attachment cover. Then the wand handle latch snapped off. This machine was used rarely. (I'm not the best housekeeper). A two year warranty won't help you when the plastic construction shatters in your hands! This was not an inexpensive purchase, and I expected a decent product.
    Alexandria Virginia...more info
  • Power Cords are NOT COVERED by WARRANTY!
    I upgraded from the Hoover Windtunnel to my Dyson DC15 Ball Animal and thought it was a good decision. I went against consumer reports reviews to my own chagrin. My DC15 is less than a year old (it turns 1 on 5/17/08) and its power cord has already gone bad. I was vacuuming and the machine shuts itself off. Jiggle the power cord and it turns on and off again. A call into Dyson support said it was something that needed to go to an authorized dealer to service. Your choices are Best Buy (Geek Squad - yes they service appliances too), or a local stores. Over two weeks later and after several calls into both Dyson and the repair store I still don't have working vacuum. Dyson reps say that POWER CORDS ARE NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY. Nothing on Dyson website states that, even under the section for coverage for my model machine. Its in the manual. Dyson will not sell a customer the cord. Its an electrical item. The repair store wants 39.95$ for the cord and 19.95$ to put it in. There is no prior correspondence from Dyson or the repair store to say that this item is not warrantied. Please don't make the same mistake and buy this machine. Its not worth the money....more info
  • Well worth the money!
    I was never the one for spending a large amount of money on a vacuum cleaner, but only 2 vacuums I have ever owned has changed this for me. My first vacuum which is the Rainbow, and very pricey, has cleaned up the dirt in the carpet, on the hardwood floors very easily and more importantly, kept the dirt within the canister. The Rainbow which sits on a water basin traps all the dirt to prevent from redepositing the particles into the air. This feature is very important because it reduces the allergen in the air, and possibly better for your health. We bought this 10+ years ago, and has repaid for itself with its versatility.

    With that long story being said, I have bought a smaller machine (in comparison with the Rainbow), the Dyson 15 Animal, otherwise known as The Ball. I must say I was very impressed after spending a lot of money on this as well. It cleaned up the dirt very well, and trapped all the dirt inside. Just as advertised, the DC15 did not lose its suction and was very powerful and effective. The filter is a great enhancement to the vacuum cleaner. The only miniscule problem I have is that there is no light/lamp for the sweeping head, which could have made dark corners more visible. I have compared this to the DC17 and could not decide. After further research, I went with the The Ball because of it's swivel head and it literally made cleaning in the corners and maneuvering such an ease. Please don't hesitate to spend a little bit extra on this machine. You won't regret it!...more info
  • Frustrating and disappointing
    I purchased the Dyson animal and thought I was purchasing an excellent vaccum. I have been extremely disappointed. As far as picking up animal hair, I would give the vacuum an excellent rating but there is nothing else that is good about this vaccuum. I wanted to return the vacuum after spending over an hour trying to switch the vacuum from it's upright position to using the hand held wand for stairs. I purchased the mini turbine attachment which doesn't even seem to appear to actually attach to the wand. Since it doesn't snap on, it is a forced fitting which occassionally falls off or once you actually get it on then it is impossible to remove!! It is so much fun to spend 15 minutes changing the attachments and rearranging this vacuum into position so I can vacuum my stairs!!! I have found this vacuum frustrating and annoying and it drives me crazy when Dyson airs its commericals about how much scientific study has gone into this vacuum. Maybe the company should stop their research and actually try using there lousy vacuums!!!...more info
  • Awesome Vacuum
    It's a Dyson do I need to say more? If you don't know this is the best of the best vacuums out there. If you have to ask why it cost so much then you probably aren't going to buy it anyways. I love it and would buy another one in a heartbeat if I ever needed another one....more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    This thing is fantastic. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a pet. When we got the vaccumn my wife had just finished a complete vaccumning of our home with our less than 2 year old Hoover. We had always thought the Hoover did a pretty good job. We took the Dyson out of the box and I was just going to try it out on our living room carpet. We had only vaccumned about a 10' X 15' area and I noticed that the cannister was already full of dog and cat hair. We couldn't believe it!!!! For the other half of the living room we got out the Hoover and went over the entire floor again to ensure that the "green light" was on indicating that the floor was clean.... when we went over the same area with the Dyson, once again, the vaccumn cannister filled with cat and dog hair. And the Dyson runs so much more quietly than the Hoover. I'm really sold. I bought the Dyson mainly because it was on sale, but knowing what I know now, I would gladly pay the full price. It's a great improvement and really does what all the advertisements say....more info
  • Terrible Vaccum
    I'm glad that I got to use this @ work before buying it!!! I found that it wouldn't pick up M&M's that a kid had spilled on the floor or small pieces of paper, it doesn't have an edge cleaner, it blows lint up into the air, and the hose and attachments are not easy to use. Not to mention, it is bulky and won't fit under furniture or cabinet edges. It took me awhile to figure out how to "drop" the base so I could push it around, no foot lever! I had to place one foot on the base to hold it down while I tipped the body back. I'll stick with my Hoover Wind Tunnel for now....more info
  • Wish I Bought One Sooner!!!!!
    I pondered buying a Dyson for quite awhile...I finally splurged and now I wish I had done it sooner! I took it for a "test run" in my living room and was shocked by the dirt it picked up--dirt that had been missed by my Dirt Devil a couple days previous...

    I am impressed with the ease of use, the attachments included and those available and overall quality of the product. I feel that this will last me for many years to come and can easily justify the price when compared to how many cheaper vacuums I have bought in the past that lasted a couple years and then ended up in the garbage....more info
  • One of the best purchases I've ever made
    I've been considering the Dyson DC15 Animal for about a year now- I finally took the plunge two months ago. This has easily been the best purchase I've made in a while!

    I had high expectations after reading reviews and wasn't disappointed. The Dyson effortlessly sucks up pet hair (we have three dogs with various coat types), dust, dirt, cobwebs, paperclips, whole potato chips, etc., etc. I first used this less than a week after vacuuming with our old vacuum, and I was amazed by the amount of stuff the Dyson pulled up. The carpet looks at least 10 times better.

    The attachments are great for stairs and upholstery. I've found that the Animal is just as effective on hardwoods as it is on carpets. The bagless canister is a dream come true.

    This was worth every penny. I cannot recommend this vacuum highly enough!...more info
  • Worst Vacuum I've ever had
    I realize I am in the minority when it comes to a Dyson - but this vacuum is very (very) overrated. Yes, it does a good job on carpets/pet hair, but that's IT. Try spilling some rice on the floor - the Dyson can't get it up, you'll vacuum over (and over and over) that little speck on the floor, because the Dyson will zoom right over it and not grab it. Forget picking up the stray coin, or the beans from the beanie baby that the dog ripped open - you'll drive yourself crazy! This vacuum is heavy, bulky, awkward and hard to maneuver around and under furniture and other things. The "stick" is too small and too short as well.

    I.HATE.THIS.VAC!!...more info
  • Animal hair still wraps around brush
    Disappointed with my Dyson purchase regarding picking up animal hair. We have a long-haired golden retriever, and the brush has to be continually cleaned because the hair wraps around the brush roller like a thick pad. It isn't easy to get to the brush and requires some effort to remove it each time. Since the vacuum was designed for animal hair, I assumed they had solved the "hair around the bristle" problem present with all vacuums. My Hoover bagless windtunnel actually works better as far as the dog hair goes. ...more info
  • Excellent Quality/Performance Vacuum

    After purchasing my Dyson Vacuum three years ago, the quality and performance still amaze me.

    I have a Chow-Chow Dog who sheds twice a year, and my Dyson takes care of all his sheding problems perfectly. The vacuum works wonderfully on bare floors as well as all types and heights of rugs and carpets.

    The directions are very user-friendly, explaining the task of filter changing in very simple terms. It is great that the filter can be rinsed, dried and used again with no problems at all. Also, having no bags to replace is also a great feature. The machine empties very easily into the trash without any dirt residue at all.

    This product is definitely worth the price, and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a new vacuum....more info
  • animal friendly but not user friendly
    I also purchased this vac and am quite disappointed.
    The first thing I have a problem with is there is no edge cleaner. Sure it picks up directly in front of the head but then you have to go back with the attachments and clean along baseboards.
    The second thing is the head itself is too fat, it will not go under couches, beds anything that sits low to the floor.
    I don't think the attachments are user friendly, the hose is quite awkward. It is on the backside and it is quite stiff.
    On the positive side it has never lost suction. I do pick up alot of pet hair, but I could have bought a cheaper vac and probably been happier.
    In my case I could not return because the box completely fell apart upon opening, most stores will not accept returns without the original box.
    I will definately do more research next time....more info
  • It doesn't suck.
    I have a Dyson Animal, and I hate it. To say something doesn't suck, is good, unless that something happens to be a vacuum cleaner. I have to go over areas repeatedly to get it to pick up visible dust. (I can imagine what it's leaving behind that I can't see.) It's unwieldy, and doesn't get under furniture unless you take the time to reassemble the beast in a transformers sort of way. The pet hair attachment is equally ineffective. Some people like it. I just say, try it before you buy something this expensive. ...more info
  • Bagless = Bad
    Work at shop 5yrs. filtration poor, eventually will leak dust see it all the time. filters clog + inner hard to clean. Inner cyclone assm. builds up dust, nearly impossible to get out. Belts impossible to replace, says on box all dyson not for delicate carpets. I find it funny the asthma foundation supports this vacuum cleaner when it does not have "S" class filtration which is best. take it from me invest in a sebo, my fav or a miele or riccar....more info
  • Still Amazing after a year
    Have had this Dyson DC15 Animal Vacuum about a year now and it still amazes me. Yes it was a lot of money, but it has been worth every penny.

    We have multiple pets as well as the usual family mess and this unit gets it all. In fact in the beginning it was a little disgusting to see how much stuff it did get - but I am over it and just happy it is now in my trash bin and not in the carpets.

    On bare floors you can see the pet hair and "debris" being drawn to this vacuum from many inches away, the suction is outstanding.

    Notes: In the beginning we used to get a shock /spark that seemed to shoot up the handle on occasion. I phoned the company and within days had a new handle unit (free) and haven't had the problem since. They had recently changed handle designs slightly and I had gotten the older model. A+ for customer service on that!

    You do have to give the canister a strong slap to get all the hair and dirt out of it over the trash. This can be a messy, dusty situation so make sure you get the discharge area into the trash not up over it. And yes, on occasion I've had to use a tiny brush to get some of the dirt that was stuck up into the canister out. So those with extreme allergies to dust etc. might need to protect themselves during the emptying process, but during the vacuuming the dust does NOT escape from anywhere, it stays in the canister.

    It has a rather loud, higher pitched sound. Not louder than my old vacuum but the fact that it is an upright means you are right next to it all the time. We do keep a pair of ear protecting headphones (the kind you might wear to mow the lawn or use workshop tools) on the handle for easy use. Just a little added protection for your ears never hurts.

    If you don't use the attachments often enough you may have to relearn how to take the handle off and put things on, not a big deal but perhaps keep that diagram in a handy place.

    It is heavy to move around when carrying up and down stairs for example, but when you are using it the ball mechanism makes it very maneuverable and easy to get everywhere.

    This is a great vacuum and I would buy it again....more info
  • If only I could knit...
    This is a great product. The previous vac left lots of cat hair behind (2 Birmans). This vac picked up enough cat hair for a baby sweater, but, alas, I can't knit. It is the most maneuverable vac I've ever used. I used to have to move the coffee table to get between it and the sofa. With a flick of the wrist it got in the narrow space and worked fine.

    I agree with a recent reviewer that the manual is deficient. The diagrams are too small and the words are too few. And there are errors. The manual says that the on/off switch is yellow. It is red, with a circle that is sort of yellow if you look hard.
    Despite the manual I still think it is great.
    The only improvement I would like is a retractable cord....more info
  • Getting Up Hair
    I purchased the Dyson for my wife for Christmas. She is very happy with it. We have two small house dogs and the Dyson really picks up their hair well. My wife is happy, therefore, I am happy. Life is good....more info
  • Good Buy, Comparatively Speaking
    Yes, this is a $600.00 vacuum cleaner, but at that price it's still half the cost of a Kirby. My wife got suckered by blue eyes and an accent and we gave up our old Dyson in favor of a $1,300.00 Kirby which, admittedly, picked up a lot of dirt off the carpet but was enormously difficult to reconfigure for bare floors, or stairs, or vacuuming in corners. This Dyson, like our old one, is quick and easy to reconfigure, does a great job of cleaning, and the ball works quite well once you get used to it. The Kirby still used bags and I always worry that bags for the vacuum cleaner I have will go out of production leaving me with a useless vacuum and forcing me to buy the newest model. I'm happy to have a Dyson again.

    Everyone knows the best way to put some balm on the sting of a bad decision is to rectify it with an improvement, so I went for a more expensive Dyson and I'm happy with it. My wife is, too, even though she got it for Christmas....more info
  • Wonderful brand
    My husband and I purchased this vacuum for my sister. She had tried out our Dyson DC-17 Animal, and she absolutely loved it. She wanted this one because of the Ball feature. When she uses this one for the first time, I am sure she will like it just as well....more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    We are a 2 person household, one of us an allergy sufferer, with 4 cats, and after trying several vacuums over the past 10 years we decided to purchase the Dyson DC15 Animal based upon the reviews we had read here at Amazon. What a great decision! We couldn't be happier with it. It picks up everything it comes across, and what is especially amazing is how MUCH it is able to suck up! Our carpets are deep-down clean now, and using the turbo attachment provided for the upholstery, we no longer have cat hair stuck to our clothing after sitting down, which was a real problem with the other vacuums we had used. Many other reviews mentioned the noise and weight of the Animal, but I can't imagine why. It is far less noisy than our last vacuum, a Hoover bagless upright, and weighs about the same, if not a little less. The ball steering makes maneuvering the Animal a pleasure. Very little effort is required, and I feel almost embarrassed to admit that vacuuming is much more of a pleasure than it ever was before. We also like how clean and easy it is to empty the dirt chamber once it becomes full. With the simple push of a button, the bottom flips open and all the nasty dirt falls straight into the trash can! The attachments are easy to use and the 17 foot extendible hose makes cleaning those hard-to-reach placed a snap! All in all, we are quite excited by the performance of the DC15 Animal and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a vacuum that really does do exactly what it says it will: get floors (and drapes and upholstery, etc.) clean without being a chore to use! ...more info
  • Not Up To The Hype
    I purchased this vacuum about a year and a half ago and curse it everytime I take it out of the closet. Yes, it has great suction for dog hair and dust but don't try anything much larger. You might as well pick it up by hand. But that isn't the problem here. This unit in addition to a questionable design has one of the CHEAPEST power cables you could put on a vacuum. At almost six hundred dollars for this unit I am appalled. The plastic I can deal with but not putting on a high quality power cable is just wrong. Dyson should be ashamed of themselves. On top of that forget using the attachements. It is just dumb. Obviously designed by someone who thought they were clever but doesn't live in the real world. Forget cute and make it work. For $250 this would be an ok machine but at $599 it just isn't worth it....more info
  • Shame on Dyson!
    Not worth the money. Too heavy to maneuver, doesn't pick up all the dirt, there was one piece of dog kibble on the hard wood floor and it didn't even move it. It could suck up an army tank but if I can't use it, it is useless to me. NOT user friendly for this grandmother. It doesn't maneuver well from rug to hard wood floor or even wooden floors to linoleum. Worst investment we ever made. My Hoover did it all and it only cost $74 back in the day. A lot of hype for no bang at all. By the way, the instructions aren't very clear either. They tell you how to attach things but not how to unattach them. Poor investment and Dyson should consult women (especially us older ones who clean all the time) to upgrade his machines. It's heavy, cumbersome and I think it is possible that someone could get hurt using it. I am telling all my friends about this terrible product. Shame on Dyson for charging so much for something so difficult to use....more info
  • Dyson
    The BEST! I actually don't mind having to clean with this vacuum, for all sorts of cleaning jobs....more info
  • Great....at first, but not that long lasting!
    I loved this!!! We got it based on a family recommendation! It worked a charm. After purchasing it, we first used a previous model to clean the house, then the Dyson straight after; and we both amazed and disgusted at how quickly the cannister filled up!!

    It was very effective on carpet, pretty good on tile , worked wonders on pet hair and left the carpet extremely clean after each use - and the cannister full after use in our seemingly clean house.

    However - here is my gripe!! This would have received 5 stars after intial use, year one and even year two....but as soon as this fell out of warranty, the problems began!! I do not expect a vacuum to last forever, BUT this is the DYSON....the brand that "never loses suction"....if only that were true!! But I am afraid it does!!

    We began noticing that when using the hose, the suction was weak and now is practically non existant, we have babied this machine and so checked all the various components - most were fine but one main valve has become loose with little to remedy it and adds to the loss of suction!! It has seemingly lost its power! It is now failing when used as a regular upright vacuum - the cannister still fills somewhat...but dirt is left on the floor, or picked up and quickly released! The 'animal' attachment failed about 6 months ago adding to our fustration! Its effectiveness has become somewhat sporadic!!

    A family member...also a Dyson fan, has reported the same issues...all around the 3 year stage..so maybe this is their shelf life!

    So now we have a dillema...we loved this initially and have contemplated buying another...but does this justify the almost $500 price tag? Many other vacuums in the $200 price range work just as well and have about a 2 / 3 year shelf life....so though I am tempted to get this; am I looking at another 3 year at best model?? For that the price may be too high!...more info
  • You only THINK you have clean carpets...
    I read many reviews before finally ordering the DC-15 Animal and already assumed it would pick up some dog hair and dirt that our Oreck XL could not. In fact I would have been annoyed if it didn't and just to make it interesting I vacuumed the house with the Oreck XL using a new bag before using the DC-15 Animal.

    The Dyson picked up so much dog hair and dirt that I still can't believe it. We couldn't believe we were walking around on that.
    The difference is nothing short of amazing. And the Dyson is almost effortless to use for floor vacuuming. A few seconds is all it took to get the hang of the ball and we were easily able to reach around table legs and chairs instead of having to drag the furniture around to clean.

    The attachments are a bit of a hassle to use and while the extension hose is great to have, it seems convoluted and we are not impressed at all the button pushing, clicking and twisting it takes to use the hose and attachments. If we had stairs to clean it may seem less annoying and more helpful. Even so it really detracts nothing from this excellent cleaner.

    We have a Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner and have retired it to the garage now. After just a day of using the Dyson DC-15 Animal it's easy to understand that we don't need to ruin or prematurely wear the carpets with hot water cleaning - the Dyson made them look just as good as the ProHeat with a fraction of the effort/time and the dirt it pulled up speaks for itself.

    Our carpets are only a few months old and we vacuumed several times a week with the Oreck. We have a medium-sized mixed Pit Bull that has very short hair but stays clean and gets a bath regularly. We need to keep dust and hair out of the house and the sensitive electronic equipment I work with at home.

    Despite all that I am now absolutely convinced that if you don't have a Dyson you are just kidding yourself about how clean your floors are. Seeing half a DC-15 Animal container full of dirt and hair right after using the six-month old Oreck XL makes the point.

    It is a breeze to use - something I didn't get when looking at them in the store without power on - they felt heavy and clunky. In fact our DC-15 Animal glides when the brushes are on and my wife, who complained about how hard the Oreck was to use, loves the DC-15 and can use it easily, even with the brush bar off on our wood flooring.

    Best money we've spent in a long, long time despite our initial "it's just trendy and overpriced" reservations. After using it we couldn't be happier to have spent the money on it.

    ...more info
  • It does suck
    The best vacuum I have ever owned. Was using Wind Tunnel Self Propeled but this puts that to shame. It is very easy to change from carpet to bare floors with the touch of a button. One of the features I like best is it will go over throw rugs without sucking them into the carpet brush. I guess this sums it up. I have two dogs and a cat. I was emptying my wind tunnel bag about every 4 or 5 times I used it. I have to empty the Dyson almost every time because it picks up so much more pet hair. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • I absolutely love my dyson!
    I bought the Dyson DC15 Animal for my new house and I absolutely love it. I have owned many vacuums including a Rainbow. This vacuum has terrific suction and is so easy to use. I love the fact that you can turn the beater brush on and off for different types of floors. It also works on picking up animal hair that my other vacuums wouldn't pick up. I have yet to find anything I don't like about this vacuum. I am more satisfied with this Dyson than I ever was with my high priced Rainbow. If you want a good vacuum that is going to last and has outstanding suction power this is the one to get!...more info
  • Best vacuum I EVER OWNED
    I highly recommend this vacuum. It is easy to use, and picks up ALL of the dirt! The swivel mechanism is convenient. This machine is easy to take apart & clean, put back together & use....more info
    The title says it all, this was my 1st vacuum and I don't regret that decision! I have two pets who shed ALOT and this vacuum comes with all the accessories and more that I need to clean up! The cost is pretty up there, but once you own a dyson, you begin to wonder what you were doing without one. The suction resembles that of a shop vac, it's easy to use, and virtually picks up any hard to get mess....more info
  • this vacuum is an animal
    incredible vac. a bit on the big side, but after you see what comes out of your carpets- you'll never go back...more info
  • Last vacuum I will ever need to buy
    Ordering this product was as easy as ever, the arrival was exactly what I had asked for and the performance of the product exceeds all of my expectations. I have used Amazon for most of my holiday shopping in the past along with special events throughout the year.. I have never once been disappointed...more info
  • It's only OK for the price
    I bought the dyson Animal vaccum about 2 years ago now and I don't know if I would spend this much on a vaccum again. I have had to take it in to be professionally cleaned at least once a year. The first time I did that the Dyson approved dealer told me there was no difference betweent the animal version (purple- and the one I have) and the normal version (yellow and about $100 cheaper). He said they used the same parts and did the same thing. The suction is great when it is fully operational, but for the money we paid for the vaccum, I wouldn't expect all the follow up to ensure optimal performance. ...more info
  • Suction not as strong as Hoover Windtunnel
    I do LOVE this vacuum, the ball makes it so easy to operate and it is surprisingly QUIET. I wanted to point out though, that the suction power is markedly less than my Hoover Windtunnel. I know they make Dyson's that have more power than the DC-15, but then there is no ball... so my recommendation is that this vacuum is great, but if you really need a lot of power and would like to save $$$, go for the Self Propelled Windtunnel that is under $200, buying the Dyson actually made me appreciate the Hoover's power that I took for granted....more info
  • Incredible!!!!
    Simply amazing is the only way to describe this thing! I'm resolutely NOT in the jump on the bandwagon group, but this time I must make and exception.
    This vacuum has been thoroughly thought through from one end to another. The ball roller in the back is nothing short of amazing in how easy it makes vacuuming. If your even thinking about it, then just assume that you'll love this thing from top to bottom! ...more info
  • Dyson Vs. Oreck
    own the dyson DC15 and an Oreck XL21. I like the Dyson best overall although has it's own benefits.

    The Dyson is as advertised. It WILL NOT lose suction and the maneuverability is awesome.. Great for cleaning carpets and bare floors. i have mostly hardwoods and I have all but thrown my broom away. This leaves almost nothing for a "Swifter" to pick up. It easily picks up the dirt left in the cracks in a wood veneer or tile floor.

    It needs no adjustments going from bare floors to carpets. Just be careful about the fringe (strings) on area rugs. It will suck up the fringe and have to be turned off to back up and continue. I had 2 Hoovers and one Eureka that were useless and I had to take them back to the store as defective. You would think that paying about $300 for a vacuum would get one a descent product.

    The Oreck has two features that the Dyson doesn't that I Like. Kinda crazy I know, but it has a light, and number two is the smaller size allows it to fit into areas the Dyson won't.

    Another benefit to consider is that the Dyson does not have or NEED bags.. It is not going to throw dirt back into the air. Oreck has some kind of HEPA filtration system and the bags are not cheap, 8 bags for about $38 delivered.

    One last thing, very important though is that if you buy an Oreck you WILL need the canister vac... Oreck has NO attachments to it while the Dyson has a multitude of on board attachments that make cleaning sofas, curtains and even ceiling fans very easy and not a dreaded chore.

    I hope this helps you make an informed decision when you are shelling out this much money.

    James Cross jcross1958@yahoo.com

    ...more info
  • Great product. Worth the extra bucks.
    Always wanted a Dyson, but never could justify the cost. However, we now have two cats and a black lab. We thought we were staying on top of things, but now with the Dyson, it truly is amazing to see how much stuff you suck up where you thought it was already clean. The ball is very cool and really helps the unit glide with ease around furniture. I gave it a 4 instead of 5 because I think it could still be improved. Mainly, it could be a lot easier to use the hose. As it is now, it is sort of a pain in the neck to get it out to use and by default you end up with the whole unit with about 2.5 feet of rigid pipe that I suppose some would say makes it so you don't have to bend over, but it really would be just as good if you were able to just grab the flexible hose and go. Some other reviewers commented on poor documentation and I'd have to agree in that it is a bit confusing for some to figure out since they don't make it clear. Nonetheless, it is very logical so if you keep studying the parts, you figure it out as you go....more info
  • Awesome vacuum, but limited reach.
    We purchased a Hoover Wind Tunnel bagless vac to replace our dying vacuum. After using it once, we were impressed with the suction, but it clogged quickly and bye bye suction. So we purchased the DC15 Animal.
    The DC15 is awesome. I vacuumed the same carpet that I had just vacuumed with the brand new Hoover Wind Tunnel and was AMAZED at the amount of dirt that the Dyson was able to extract. It has GREAT manueverability and does turn at the twist of the wrist. It does take a little effort, so I imaging it would be fatiguing if you had to make a lot of repetitive turns. I was very concerrned about how much effort the vacuum would take to push because we are used to a self propelled vacuum. No worries there, the Dyson helps "pull" itself forward and is not difficult on the return. The major drawback that I found with the Dyson is that it really has limited reach using the attachements. Most of the pricer uprights come with an extended reach hose, but the dyson does not. Not only that, a longer hose is not even available through Dyson as an accessory. If not for that, I would have given the Dyson a five. I definitely recommend it.
    That's my 2 cents.
    Ken...more info
  • Best darn vaccuum ever
    The Dyson DC15 Animal is by far the best vaccuum cleaner we've ever owned. We've been married for 38 years, 3 children, 4 grandchildren and have NEVER been without at least 1 dog and a couple of cats in the house. That's a BIG need for a good vaccuum. The Dyson is the one. The real acid teast is whether is still works as well a year or two from now. From all the reviews I've read, we have nothing but good things to look forward to....more info
    I bought this DYSON because a friend told me, I was kinda scared because of the $$$$ but it's worth ALL THE MONEY YOU SPEND FOR IT!!! it's the best. cleans EERYTHING, I have a cat and all the hair sometimes kill you but with this DYSON ANIMAL you get out everything....more info
  • We LOVE our Dyson DC15 Animal, and yet . . .
    ... The instructions suck (pardon the expression) with the same precision that the machine sucks up every bit of fuzz and dirt and cat hair on your floors or upholstery.

    Dyson is British -- you'd think the "land of the mother tounge" could conjure up a helpful reference guide. Not a chance. We're talking HOURS of wasted time attempting to decipher that worthless booklet.

    Meanwhile, the machine is perfection. So go figure. The worst manual for the best product we've ever purchased....more info
  • Best Vacuum Cleaner on the Market
    Purchased ours in March 07. It has amazing power and truly never does lose suction. It picked up pet hair and dirt that wasn't even able to be seen. The old vacuum was a Rainbow. It's a nice system, but I hated having to mess with the water after vacuuming. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone who has pets and wants a good quality machine that will last years. Avoid the department store cheapies and buy a real machine. Go Dyson!...more info
  • not worth it
    unfortunately this vacuum does not work as well as an old dirt devil it was designed to replace. the canister "dump" is nice - but suction is not as advertised - and unit is heavy and difficult to use.

    may be good compared to many - but would not purchase again...more info
  • Dyson Animal Vacuum
    I love this vacuum. The "ball" is great, but you have to get use to it. It does walls great and I like the color. The suction is also good. The only thing I don't like it that is does not pick up gravel size particles very well with the brush going. BUT, that is the only thing I don't like, everything else is GREAT!!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    After moving from a house that had a high powered central vac system I was really disappointed going back to our old vacuum. I talked my husband into letting me buy a more expensive model. I am extremely happy with my dyson, in fact I would never go back to central vac after owning one. Not only does it have the same power, it also has a brush shut off so I can use it on my wood floor. I love how it moves and how easy it is to empty. It's much less bulky than the central vac system will all the hoses you have to carry around. I love his vacuum!!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    I purchased this about 6 months ago and have been very happy with it's performance. I have 2 dogs and it picks up tons of hair every time I vacuum. I am continually amazed at how much it does pick up every time I clean! The ball is fantastic and the machine is very easy to handle. Only drawbacks : 1. The cable needs to be tediously wound up after using and the entire cable needs to be removed each time before using (if you want all the functionality). 2. The cable is very long - this means less plugging in and out but more getting twisted up! 3. The step-on function to make the vacuum switch into usable mode can be tricky and needs a bit of a 'knack'. Despite the above notes, would buy this machine again and again - and highly recommend it....more info
  • My Dyson sucks, and I like it!
    I hate carpet! There, I said it. I have allergies; the only things I hate more than rugs and carpets are vacuum cleaners. Especially the ones that have an exhaust that appears to project more dust than what is sucked in. Because we moved to a new fully carpeted apartment (don't ask, it was the last one available), I was now coerced - or so it felt - into buying a vacuum cleaner. Four weeks of research reading through numerous reviews, consumer reports and comparison charts, I finally settled for the Dyson DC15. The vacuum arrived in a slim box that appeared much smaller than the device itself: it appears that good engineering does not stop at the machine, but is extended to peripherals and packaging. I skipped the user manuals and assembled the peripherals with ease. I pressed the big red button and there we go: clean carpets. Very very clean carpets. I am pleased with the vacuum's ability to trap the smallest dust particle in the canister and the ease of use. I have used every single tool it came with including the Dyson Dyzolv Spot Cleaner and the Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder. I even ordered the Dyson 49 Soft Dusting Brush. Vacuuming is no longer a chore I despise....more info
  • I didn't want to spend the money!
    I'm going to keep this simple. I read every review that was posted about the Dyson. I had a hard time spending such a large sum of money on a vacuum. After much debate I purchased the Dyson Animal and I'm glad I did. It's worth every penny. It's very quiet, picks up pet hair and glides along the floor with very little effort. I now enjoy vacuuming my floors. ...more info
  • This is incredible
    We first used the new vacuum immediately after using our old Hoover. I was amazed at the amount of dog hair and dirt that the Dyson picked up that the Hoover missed. Already it seems like the air is cleaner and fresher in the house. My only fear is that the Dyson is so much more powerful that one day it will suck the carpets completely up off the floor.
    ...more info
    I have a Jack Russell Terrier and a Rat Terrier. And now a new baby.

    I have been fighting a losing battle for years with my poochies' wiry fur getting ground into my carpet. I tried the Furminator products which were great for temporarily reducing their shedding. But this didn't address the mess that had already happened to my carpets and apholstry. Every time I would set anything on the floor, even just after vacuuming, it would have hair stuck all over the bottom of it. Now that just isn't going to fly with a baby in the house.

    I have laughed so many times reading reviews of these Dyson vacuum cleaners. Why would anyone drop half a grand on a vacuum cleaner? But when a friend with cats told me about the DC7 Animal she bought and how much stuff came up out of her carpet, I was intrigued. As time wore on, I became obsessed. And then my tax return showed up...

    I selected the "Ball" because of the enhanced maneuverability it touts. I have lots of furniture and twists and turns that made vacuuming tedious. If I am going to spend this kind of money, by gosh, I need to not only get all possible crud out of my carpet but I need to be able to do it with ease and speed.

    Let me tell you something. This thing is LUXURIOUS. Yes, it is a LUXURIOUS vacuum cleaner! Compared to my Hoover Wind-tunnel, it is quiet, I can hear my baby cry over the motor. It glides over my carpet. You can see an actual STRIP of clean carpet after one pass, several passes render the carpet almost pristine. The stabilizer bar will provide that traditional vacuum handling for when your wrist is tired, but turn it off and "The Ball" allows you to glide in zig zags, around corners, up under furniture, it's just FABULOUS!

    The canister is also fantastic. I was skeptical after having to fight my old vacuum's canister outside and covering myself with the crud I had just vacuumed. But all you truly have to do with this thing is hold it over a trash can or inside a grocery bag and press the release button. The crud just drops out. Then you run the bottom of the cannister over the edge of the trash can and it will shut the bottom of the canister for you. Fast, clean, easy. Praise the LORD!

    It also works on bare floors. You turn off the mechanical brush bar so it doesn't scuff and the thing just sucks up everything!

    One reviewer comments that the mini turbo brush is worthless. I thought so too until I realized that I didn't have it properly attached to the hose. Once it was attached properly, I used it to suck my short wiry dog hair off of their WOOL dog beds and 97% of it came OFF! Now I am sorry, but you just wouldn't see that with any other vacuum cleaner.

    So now I can put things on the floor with no dog hair sticking to it. I can vacuum without hurting myself, without aggravating my allergies too much. My house SMELLS cleaner!

    I retract all mean things that I have said about people being idiots for blowing this kind of money on a vacuum cleaner. If you have pets, then I would STRONGLY recommend this product. I LOVE MY DYSON ANIMAL DC 15!...more info
  • Absolutely awesome
    Easy, quick set up out of the box. I tried it out on a carpet that had just been vacuumed by an Electrolux Aptitude upright. One pass across the whole room pulled up about a quarter of a canister of cat hair and lint that the Electrolux missed. It put the Electrolux to shame. The Animal was easy to manuever, easy to empty, has awesome power and suction....more info
  • The Beast
    This item works really great, I have never seen anything like this. it's easy to use and clean. I really like it and enjoy using the dyson DC15. don't really care for the price, I fine it a little pricey! I have only been using the Dyson DC15 for a few month. I bought this item from Amazon ( sold by Amazon) didn't pay tax nor shipping so i managed save some $$.$$.

    Dyson DC15 Animal...more info
  • Solid performer -- highly recommended
    I've had the DC15 about 6 weeks now. I wanted to wait a few weeks for the review for some of the "wow, this is so cool" to wear off.

    Overall, this vacuum is nothing short of amazing. All vacuums have decent-to-good suction when you bring the home, but the test at my house has always been having it for weeks (we have two pets, two kids, and we live very close to a freeway). The Dyson truly doesn't lose suction. The suction out of the box is also *much* stronger than other new vacuums I have had. You will be *amazed* at how much dirt it takes out of your floor. I have not replaced or cleaned any filters, and it sucks as strongly as it did out of the box. This alone would make it worth the five stars, but there are other pluses.

    The ball design is incredible. Release the stabilizing wheels (push down the foot pedal while pulling it back slightly), and it is an extremely smooth rolling, agile vacuum. Turn the top handle like a doorknob, and it makes very tight turns. I can vacuum a complete circle around my toddler. :) She loves it. It also ratchets surprisingly low because of the ball design; I can vacuum completely under my son's playhouse bed (about 12 inches clearance) without having to use the low-floor tool.

    Note this vacuum is *quieter* than our Bissel CleanView that it replaced. (Which I always liked, fyi, except for the "having to clean the filters every week" part.) No vacuum is 'quiet', but I did not find this vacuum loud by any means. One nice surprise is that this is the first vacuum I've owned that my dogs do not bark at :)

    The accessories are effective. I use the hose, wand, duster, crevice tool, and non-motorized carpet cleaner attachment frequently (all attached to the vacuum). The hose is *just* long enough for me to vacuum my entire staircase carpeting from the basement to the main floor while leaving the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs. (I could see with taller staircases it wouldn't quite reach the top) The hose/wand takes a time or two to get used to taking on/off, but after that, it is a snap -- it is so easy & quick to switch between the vacuum & accessories that I do it more often. No hose attachments to detach/reattach. The on-board attachments also stay put very well; they are not that easily 'knocked off' like other vacuums I've had in the past.

    The included low floor tool works very well, esp on bare floors like my kitchen, foyer, and mud room. The turbine head tools is pretty worthless for stairs/plush carpet -- as other reviewers mentioned, it relies on vacuum power, and easily/quickly bogs down with any pressure. I have hopes though that it will work great on low-pile car interiors, but haven't made it that far yet.

    The dust bin empties easily. As advertised, you don't need to 'touch' anything -- just hold it over your trashcan (or put a grocery bag around it if dust bothers you), push the button, and it goes. Just a little shake required at times for the pet hair to let go and fall out. :)

    My perma filter (the only filter on the vacuum) is now starting to show just a *slight* bit of dirt coloration. Manual suggests every 6 months to wash it or as needed by your conditions. My conditions are harsh, so am guessing will probably be every four months for me. But still impressive -- the first week I kept popping it open to look at it and surprised it was still clean. :)

    Another item -- this is a belt-less unit. I have no idea how it works (gears?) but it works very well. I even (accidentally) sucked up an infant sock into the vacuum (which made the lovely belt burning smell before in my old vacuums), and the brushes just stopped. No breakers blew, no burning smells, no worrying about the belt now lasting me just another week since it was damaged. (note: I DO NOT recommend that you run a sock or something through just to try out the stoppage of the brushes -- just saying it happened and that was the result)

    The tank is fairly easy to open for cleaning as well (not dumping, which is a different operation). Depending on your conditions, you will need to open up the tank area occasionally to brush off the cyclones/cage assembly.

    Last (but certainly not least) -- this vacuum comes with a long power cord. It is several feet longer than what I am used to, and as such, I have to change outlets much less frequently now. Amazing how such a simple thing can save so much time.

    Summary: *excellent* value for the money, esp. if you live in a high dust/dirt zone. You get the legendary Dyson cyclone suction, plus a very well engineered, usable vacuum. The vacuum feels solid & well made. Nothing yet has struck me as 'brittle'....more info
  • Dyson DC 15
    Great product. Works very well. Only down side is that it is very loud. Much louder than any other vacuum that I have tried. The unit is also heavy, which my wife dislikes. ...more info
  • Weak Accessory Kit
    I've had this vac for about 4 months and the "pros" are:

    1. Fabulous suction as promised, with 2 cats and a dog our hair "problem" is no more. It is amazing how much you pick up on the first use from what you thought were "clean" carpets.

    2. Very easy to empty/clean tank, the entire unit is easy to maintain.

    3. Extra long power cord (which is both pro & con as you do have to handle it a lot, perhaps an autoreel of some sort is needed?)

    4. Love the soft fluffy dusting accessory...makes cleaning plantation shutters a snap!

    5. The ball makes cleaning around furniture and under low tables etc., sooo easy.

    Now the "cons". I have mixed floor surfaces, berber carpets in the bedrooms and stone throughout the living areas with hall runners and Oriental area carpets.

    1.The head "stumbles" over the hard surface to area rug transition and since the rear wheels are up this makes vacuuming the hard surface floors with rugs a dance of frustration. The head needs a height adjustment pedal.

    2. Inadequate manual and online tech support is pitiful. I understand how expensive color printing is, but would it kill them to put up some B&W PDF's at dyson dot com?

    3. The superior suction and way the unit rides on the ball makes it heavier than the usual upright and it takes some getting used to, my shoulders and elbow ached until I figured out the balance. This should have been addressed in the how-to.

    3. The accessory kit needs improvement. At 5'8" I have to stoop to use the extension wand with the floor brush or the cleaning tools and it is too short to reach the top of blinds, valances, window ledges, ceiling fans and light fixtures. All of which my Kenmore cannister with two wand sections did with ease.

    4. The crevice tools is too rigid and the fixed angle awkward, it stratches walls and furniture and/or can't go into tight spaces you expect a cervice tool to clean. I subsituted my Kemore swivling, hard rubber cervice tool.

    4. A flexible or swiveling extension is needed to make the end of the wand more flexible with the dusting brush and crevice tools. I needed to vac the built-in fridge coils above the fridge and there was no way to turn the tools to do it. I had to fetch the $99 shop vac. That's just stupid with a vac at this price point.

    5. A rear wheel break pedal is needed for wand and hand tool use so you can control the "traveling" of the unit as the hose extends and retracts.

    I would happily pay for an extension wand & swivel attachement as the lack of hand tool versatility is a serious flaw in this otherwise excellent vacuum and I require a second vac to do 100% of my household cleaning tasks.

    All things considered, I recommend this vac, the only other vac that I've owned that compares with or exceeds Dyson's suction and quality is a Nilfisk, which are pricier and not sold in the US. If you have wall-to-wall carpets and pets then the Dyson Animal will do the job. ...more info
  • WOW
    I just got the Dyson about a 2 weeks ago. We have a dog (mini aust. shepherd) that itches a lot and found out that she has allergies. We decided to buy a Dyson to help clean up our carpets to see if it would help her out. WOW what a difference this vacuum makes! We ran our old vacuum (which picked up a lot of dog hair and dirt) before we ran our new Dyson and we were shocked at what else it picked up. I have been using it everyother day and am still getting alot of dirt each time. I thought my Bissell did a great job but I am blown away by the Dyson's performance. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. Do some searching on the web, I found it elsewhere for $100 cheaper and received it in 6 days....more info
  • Awesome Dyson!
    I recently purchased the Dyson DC 15. It is lightweight and did a great job picking up my Dog's hair. The price at Amazon was the lowest I had seen for this product. The swivel design makes it easy to pick up dirt in tight corners and very easy to use. I only gave it 4 stars because this is my first Dyson and I've only used it a few weeks. Overall, very happy with the price from Amazon and the product. ...more info
  • What a Vaccuum!
    I could NOT wait for this Dyson to get here! This vaccuum is the best one I have ever had! And I have a Kirby! This Dyson out-performs the Kirby by miles! And I have 2 dogs (Peke & Aust Shep) and 2 cats. I have never seen so much crap come out of my carpets. It made me realize how dirty my carpets really were & I get them cleaned regularly! I showed my neighbor who cleans houses for a living, now she is getting one!...more info
  • Very happy so far...
    This is a fabulous vacuum cleaner. One of the big things that seriously annoyed me about my previous vacuum cleaners was the noise level. The Dyson is much less noise. It is also very maneuverable, which can take some getting used to, but once I figured it out, I don't think I can go back to a regular vacuum cleaner again. It is lighter than my old vacuum. the only possible negative thing I can say about it is that I don't quite get how the hose and attachments work just yet, but with a little more practice I'm sure those will be no problem. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone. I was a little put off by the price, but it is so much better than my old vacuum cleaner....more info
  • No other vacuum can touch this one!
    Ease of use, well thought out design, superior carpet cleaning (makes my old carpet stand up like new!) tidy disposal of dirt, and cool looking on top of all that! I never thought I would say vacuuming is fun!!!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a good as it gets. We have 4 dogs and live in a very rural area. We track in a lot of dirt. this thing picks up everything! It is so smooth and easy to operate. I wish I would have tossed our eureka long ago. It lives up to it's reputation....more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal
    This is the most wonderful vacuum ever! I love it! It does an amazing job and is so easy to use, it seems to
    float. It is the best money I ever spent. I can't recommend it highly enough. For the first time ever, I can't
    wait to clean!!!!!

    Great, wonderful, amazing, super, marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • How did I ever survive without my Dyson!!!
    This really is the most amazing vacuum cleaner our there today! I love everything about it! Well worth the money!!!!...more info
  • Outstading
    Have never had a Vacumm that cleans like this My old rugs look like new.
    Pushes better than any Vacumm Iv'e ever Had,if you don't buy one your missig the boat...more info
    After struggling with the Dyson DC07 for nearly a year, I was about ready to write off Dyson vacuums altogether! Horrible noises that came and went, parts that disengaged on their own leaving a Rubik's cube to put back together, bumping hidden levers that then wouldn't allow the vacuum to stand back..and countless phone calls to Dyson (I actually had their phone number of speed dial!) with "how do I...(fill in the blank) again...?" and the "Owner's Manual" was like trying to interpret modern art. BUT, I thought, I'd try ONE more Dyson and see if they got it right this time, plus the "ball" feature intrigued me. So, I bought the Dyson DC15, and what a difference!!! Easier to maneuver (love the ball feature), Manual is MUCH better, attachments are MUCH easier (wand makes soooo much more sense than did the DC07, and doesn't require Houdini to remove, use and replace)and the wide channel bar(picking up larger objects instead of just pushing them around) makes ALL the difference. OH..and it kicks butt on the hair of my dog and 2 cats!!!!YEA!! Dyson - I'm back on board with you now!!! Thanks heavens!!...more info
  • Great but heavy
    It is easy to maneuver, the ball works great! The on board tools are easily accessible but sometimes get knocked off. The way the hose extends and packs away is very convenient. The fact that the power brush is automatically on at power-up, forcing you to turn it off in many instances, is a nuisance -- it should be the other way around. The machine is a little heavy, but can be accommodated. Overall performance is fantastic. The carpet spray works better on set in stains than the dry cleaning product....more info
  • Works Great.
    This is my second Animal that I have purchased from Dyson. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. My first Dyson does not have the ball and the second one that I just purchase has the ball. I don't know how but this Dyson works better then my other Dyson. The new vacuum works great and is very easy to move around furniture and other items on the floor. The suction is great and the vacuum is very quiet. The 5 year warranty is another plus. ...more info
  • The Truth IS
    The truth is that any review for the Dyson DC15 Animal that is mostly bad is FULL OF LIES!! I got the model without the ball at my local Post Exchange and I love it. Just love it, love it, love it! This is the best vaccum I have ever used! That is the unbiased truth. I believe any negative reviewers are paid to be so. I found the story behind the Dyson intresting but I was a sceptic and expected my home use to prove the comercials and internet demos wrong. (I'm always in doubt of products that come off great on tv.) I have two heavily shedding dogs and a husband who continually carries mud and dirt into my home with his military boots. The Dyson is a God send! The mini turbo tool got ALL of the dog hair off of my denim sofa. I cleaned my baseboards and door jam with the brush tool. I did dust with that tool also it was great!
    Drawbacks are the following:
    I am considering the flexi tool to get behind, under, and on top of things without doing any heavy lifting. The crevice tool can be shorter and stiffer than I'd like at times. I cannot say how the customer service is since I haven't had any problems yet. Neither can I say how much repairs and part cost. The manual says a few things are not covered my the warranty (in case you're curious) it seems like sensible stuff like damage from using parts from other vaccums. The only possible loop hole is this "What is not covered - Normal wear and tear, including normal wearing parts such as belt, filter, brush bar, hose assembly, and power cord (or where external damage or abuse is diagnosed.)" I suppose that is the duplicity of most warranties? I am going back to get the 3yr "no worries" warrenty/insurace from the PX website today.
    I love the following:
    powerfull suction (a given)
    consistent suction (like no other)
    lightweight (19 lbs)
    no bags
    no filters to buy
    easy to empty
    great accessories
    powered brushbar (can be turned off) gives a self propelled feel
    easy to manuver
    compact design
    quiet (as far as vaccums go)...more info
  • Dyson DC-15
    Recently purchased the Dyson DC15 (Ball) Total Clean which included the mini turbine hand tool. One of the main features that influenced my decision to buy this machine was the advertised "easy stair cleaning" feature. I was very disappointed to find out that the DC-15 has the shortest hose extension of all the Dysons, only 10 feet stretched to its limit. An average stairway is about 14 feet. If you add the wand to the hose you can measure about 14 feet but it is measured flat out in a straight line which is a useless measurement if you are judging actually manipulating the tool to clean a stairway. I found I can only clean 8 steps up (of the normal 15 or 16 steps in a normal home with 8 foot ceilings. So, contrary to Dyson's safety directions, the only way to clean the top 7 steps is to carry the vacuum up the stairs and extend the hose down to reach the top 7 or 8 steps. You must be careful you do not pull the vacuum down the steps on top of you when doing this. The "easy stair cleaning" feature borders on false advertising in my opinion. The mini-turbine was also a disappointment. It is powered by the air suction of the tool but has no torque so that as soon as it touches the carpet it immediately slows down to a useless speed then winds back up to speed when removed from the carpet. I ended up using the standard simple non-turbine stair tool that comes standard with the machine to clean the dog hair from my stairs and it worked OK. The ability to turn the beater brush on and off to clean wood floors is a useful feature. Also, the maneuverability of the "ball" system is a good feature that lives up to its advertising. The ease of emptying the dirt bin is easier than my old vacuum. I did not find the suction or cleaning power any better than my old 12-amp bagless upright (about $179 new). I will probably keep this but would not pay the expensive price for what you get if I had it to do over again.
    ...more info
  • The Dyson DC15 Animal Beat the Kirby
    I've got a Eureka that I've always liked, we also have a Kirby that my belonged to my folks. The Eureka was starting to get tired so I started looking at the Dyson's because I was impressed with the design. Then I started reading the reviews and knew this was the one for me. I thought the ball design was great, very easy to maneuver and I liked the low front end, but I was a little worried that the suction wouldn't be quite as good as the newer DC17. Well after reading enough reviews I decided to go with the DC15 Animal. I got it today and even though we just vacuumed the house 2 days ago, I pulled out the all powerful Kirby and did the family room, then I used the animal. I couln't believe the stuff the animal picked up! There was three 2-3 inch dustballs in the bin when I finished. So at this point I was sold and happy with the purchase. My next hurdle was getting my wife to say she liked it, (I didn't get my better half's input before purchasing this, not a very bright move on my part). Her initial impression was it was bulky, and seemed a bit heavy. I showed her how far the hose extends and I won my first point. She said to take it into our bedroom and bath area and immediately complained of a very high pitched whine, and I agreed this was annoying. I called Dyson, they said the motor just needs to break in and this noise will go away. After I cleaned the bedroom and bath area she was sold! This area filled the canister with junk and I had to empty it before going any further. She absolutely loved the way this makes our carpets look. It's almost like new, (there are heavy traffic areas need to be steam cleaned), but all the little carpet fibers are standing up at attention and that matted down "I'm old and I've been vacuumed too much" look is gone. I must say we are impressed!

    One other thing that had me momentarily concerned... One of the big advantages for me was the 5 year warranty. So I was shocked to see that the paperwork that came with the unit said it has a 2 year warranty. I went to the Dyson web site and they changed this back in August to 5 years, so the paperwork is just out of date, or my unit was built prior to that. Either way it's covered for 5 years.

    Update - 2-26-07 The high pitched whine was giving my wife and I a headache. Dyson says it normally goes away in a few days, I ran it for about 8 hours with no change so I sent it back. The new one arrived today and it has the same noise, we'll give it a few days but if this noise stays the animal will go.

    One other note: the low reach tool is great, but the mini turbo tool is worthless. The turbo brush spins great until you hit the carpet and then it stops. Also this thing will not do a full set of stairs with the machine at the bottom, another disappointment.

    3-26-07 Now on my second DC-15, same high pitched noise... Dyson told me to take this in for repair, the repair place said yes this is a problem, so I felt good for a while. However, he couln't fix it, then noticed the one in his store made the same noise, another DC-15 came in for service, and it had the same noise. He called Dyson Tech support but they never got back to him, he thinks it's just the nature of the beast, or most of them anyway. So if you are older and the high end of your hearing is starting to go then this machine is for you, my father thinks it's great!

    However, if you have good hearing beware, this high pitched whine may make you crazy.

    If I could change my rating I would change it to a 3. For the money and all the bragging about engineering I would think they would address this problem or at least call the service people back and give them the scoop. I sent this back and thought about a DC17, but folks have had problems with the belt breaking and then having to wait months for a replacement. It sounds like the Dyson service is not where it needs to be right now.

    I bought a Bissell Healthy Home Vac. I found it to be as good or better than a Dyson in many areas, and much more affordable. The only big problem is it's heavy. The DC-15 is about the same weight, but the ball is much more maneuverable.

    Good Luck!...more info
  • Love it!!!!
    My friend has a dyson and encouraged me to get one. I noticed how nice her carpet looked (she has 2 dogs), so I finally bought one. It is soooo amazing! I love it and I highly recommend it to anyone. My mother-n-law is planning to buy one too! You will be shocked at how well it cleans and how much it picks up. We live in the desert, so we're always trekking in sand. We have two cats and a dog, so imagine the pet hair and dander. My Hoover worked great until we moved here. Now it's always clogging up and losing suction. The dyson is well worth the price, especially since you don't have to buy bags or filters. ...more info
  • The ultimate vacuum!
    This is the ultimate machine! The five stars review for this product are all desreved! I am a neat freak and now I will never be able to live with out my Dyson!...more info
  • Best vaccum I've ever owned!!!
    just recently perchased a dyson dc15 upright; best vaccum i've ever owned. It's easy to use, virtually quiet, and eats up dirt and dust like a real vaccum SHOULD....more info
    ...more info
  • The Best Vacuum I have ever owned!
    I have 4 dog's and one cat and every time I use my Dyson the carpet looks like it has just been shampooed. It works really great!!I highly recommend....more info
  • Best purchase ever!
    Wow! That's all I could say after first using our new Dyson. I'm one of the worst housekeepers in the history of houses. Add to that, we have 2 chow mix dogs and foster multiple homeless dogs to boot (about 200 dogs and puppies in the last 5 years). For the last couple years, I've been using our shop vac to vacuum the house. It was the only thing that could handle the hair, pieces of dog toys, torn up books, etc. When my husband insisted on buying a Dyson, I thought he was crazy. We replaced all our carpets with laminate flooring years ago when the foster puppies ruined the carpet. Everyone knows upright vacuums are no good on hard floors. Has Dyson ever changed that! Our DC15 Animal is nothing short of amazing. I remember little pieces of grit, sticks, dog kibble, etc. flying out of the vacuum when I used other upright brands (and I've tried them all, believe me). Not so with the Dyson. It not only sucks up the worst without clogging, it actually sucks dirt and hair from inches away. No need for the crevice tool to get the dirt along the walls; the Dyson gets everything right up to the baseboards.

    I thought I wouldn't like the pivot ball, but it turned out to be really cool. I weave all around the furniture with ease. The machine is really light-weight as well. I can easily pick it up and carry it around when I'm dusting. Speaking of which, the way the suction hose detaches from the body of the vacuum is really easy, and the on-board attachments are very convenient.

    If our Dyson proves to be as long-lasting as it is amazing, I will be one happy little camper! I only wish Dyson would make a steam cleaner, so I can have carpet again!...more info
  • This vacuum is amazing and beats all others even kirby
    Up until now, I have never cared much for mass produced vacuums. I had purchased a Hoover wind tunnel for our house when we first had it built and thought it did an ok job of keeping the floors clean. It was easy to push with the motor assist drive and seemed to pick up well.

    Well today, we got this animal and to give it a fair test, we vacuumed our house with the Hoover first, then gave the Dyson a try. Let's just say, I was blown away. We actually waited to empty the canister until my in-laws came over to see because there was no way they would believe the mess we pulled out of the carpet. It almost made me sick to think my kid was crawling around on all that dirt. Needless to say, we almost filled the canister with just light vacuuming and the more we vacuum, the more keeps coming up. I have to say, this vacuum really sucks!

    As for the attachments, the hose is a great idea and the easy access to the simple attachments is great. The floor tool and turbo brush is at best just ok, I doubt I will use them much at all. The great thing about the Dyson is the brush off switch is next to the power button, so you can switch from carpet to hard floors without changing anything.

    The ball is the best thing ever. The vacuum changes direction with the flick of your wrist and it is easier to push then our power assisted Hoover.

    Now for why I said I use to sell Kirby. One of the best tests you can do to show the power of a vacuum is sprinkle carpet powder on the floor and then vacuum it up. If the vacuum is worth its salt, it will pick it all up and leave nothing in the carpet. So I tried this and the Hoover left most of what I put down in the carpet. You could actually see a large amount of the powder being sucked up into the Dyson which is where is should be, not in your carpet.

    The suction at the end of the hose is also one of the best I have seen.

    Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this purchase and you will kick your self for waiting this long to own this machine.

    In short, this vacuum is by far the best thing I could have bought for our house bar none.

    ...more info
  • The US version not as good as the UK one
    I have two Dyson's both times I lived the UK. In fact they were one of the first things I bought without thinking about it. They were the most amazing things I have ever seen. If you kept going over the same area it would continue to pick up dust. I used to love watching it collect more and more from the same area. I knew the carpet was getting cleaner and cleaner. When I moved back to the states into a new house with my dog - this was again one of the first things I bought.

    Two minutes after putting it together I was hugely disappointed with the suction.
    With pet hair on the carpet it did not do a good job at all. When you pull the vacuum bacwards the hair does not get sucked up at all, it rolls up and stays where you stop. I have to go around and suck it up from the front {push}. I called the companies support line within 10 minutes of unpacking it and asked if I did not put it together correctly or something. The tech said that the UK version was more powerful than the US one. The US consumers were more concerned with aesthetics than power.

    When you remove the hose and use the wand - the suction is great, but when you plug the hose back into the unit and the suction is dispersed across the entire brush head - there is not enough there. The brushes are powerful, I get strands of carpet in the tank all the time but not much dust. Unfortunately I want deep cleaning to pick up embedded dust and crud from within the carpet and that requires lots of suction. I have called their support several times to make sure I didn't forget a part or something. I have also taken the components apart and back together again to make sure there is nothing blocking the flow of air. Unfortunately there is nothing wrong. I even bought a spare filter and removed the hepa filter hoping that it would increase the suction power, but no joy.

    I signed up for consumer reports and researched upright machines and found that the Dyson 15 did not score great as I expected. I just got back from the store with the model that scored the best {Kenmore progressive 35922} and ran it over carpet that was cleaned earlier today with the Dyson. I was amazed at how much stuff was in the bag a few hours after the Dyson went over it. I wished I did some research before I spent $600US on the "animal". Reading the reviews of the Kenmore - there were other Dyson owners that said the same thing as I found out.

    The Dyson looks great and the ball is a nice concept, but for actual cleaning power - it falls short of the ones I previously owned. If you want the best cleaning power do some research where different models are compared to each other before you spend a big chunk of change you will regret. If I ever move back across the pond, I will probably buy another Dyson, but while I am here in the US - never agin. I might have got a dud, I don't know. I didn't want to pay to have it sent back to check....more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal
    The dyson DC15 Animal does clean exceptionally well. I am, however, very disappointed in the machine itself. The wand is too short (and I'm only 5'5"). The hose is too stiff and short. When you are tyring to use a floor tool the vacuum rolls along behind you, tipping over at times. There should be an additional handle so when you are using the hose and attachments you can pick the machine up or at least steer it. The "head" of the machine should extend out further and more shallow on one end to allow for cleaning under cupboards at kick plate area. You should not have to unwind entire length of cord to use wand. On the more positive side: It does have great suction. I like the ability to dump the canister and wipe it out. The "ball" mechanism works very nicely. I havn't found any machine I like better, Yet. It obviously was not designed by a woman that actually uses a vacuum....more info
  • dyson animal...the name says it all!
    This thing is great, first time in use it picked up so much dirt on a carpet that 'looked' clean, simply amazing. when it comes down to it, paying $450 for a vacuum might seem alot but with a 5 year warrenty and a machine that cleans very well is worth it.

    sure you can find a cheaper machine but as people say you get for what you pay and with the dyson its so true. ...more info
  • Awesome tool
    Even though the price of this vacuum is a car payment, it is the most impressive household tool I've ever purchased. We have 3 dogs who shed like Wooly Mammoths - this vacuum actually gets up all the hair, is easy to set up and use, and light enough in weight that I can carry it up and down stairs. I almost got rid of two throw rugs which now look new. The Dyson Purple Animal is awesome. ...more info
  • Stunned, shocked, and impressed beyond belief
    Wow. Hubby and I had a nice old Riccar - what we thought was the best vacuum on the market when we bought it. Then we heard about the Dyson, but it was a bit expensive so we kept on with the old one. Slowly, we brought the Riccar to its knees with damage to parts and such. Then the belt broke last week, and that was IT! I went on Amazon and immediately got this model.

    We plugged it in after about 3 minutes of assembly. Turned it on and were SHOCKED to see what came up from my floors! In about 2 seconds there was so much pet hair in the bottom that I thought my eyes must be deceiving me. I recognize that, with the bag vacuum, I couldn't see the stuff go in, but I did USE my old vacuum, so there should NOT have been all that hair/dust/crap on the carpet. But there was! I emptied the canister (so easy to do! So convenient!) 5 times in about 15 minutes - UNBELIEVABLE. My husband has been having a cough for months since we moved into this house. Now I Know why! All that dust! There must have been a billion dust mites!

    It is so fun to use because of the payoff (paydirt, hehe) from its excellent suction. I did run into an initial problem with strings coming undone from the sides of my poorly installed carpet; they got tied up in the brush after my first use. But this thing is SO BLEEPING EASY, you just use a coin and undo the sides of the brush and slip it out!!! No more hassles with screwdrivers etc. Plus you can wash the cannister, and although I felt air coming out at me, it was clean air. This is HEPA rated. The filter gets washed once every 6 months. I think I can handle that.

    So, I'm in heaven. I believe all vacuums will eventually be made this way. I saw competing sites saying mean/incorrect things about the Dyson. You've got to use one to believe it.

    Jennifer...more info
  • Works great, good design, could use a few refinements
    Overall I am very happy with the Duson DC15 Animal. It is vastly superior to the Kenmore upright with bag that this is replacing.

    What I like:
    1: Cleans very well
    2: Lightweight and easy to manuever
    3: Easy to clean
    4: Rugged
    5: Cord is very flexible
    6: Gorgeous looking, it's a work of art really

    What I would like changed:
    1: Getting the hose with extension tube/handle loose is a little awkward, and the hose without it is too short
    2: The attachments tend to come out of their holding spots a little too easily

    Nice to have maybe:
    3: Cord retractor would be nice, but would add to the weight and size so maybe not worth it unless Dyson comes up with something clever :)...more info
  • Great suction, great buy
    Having two cats, their hair and sand from cat litter had always been an issue. This has completely changed since the arrival of Dyson DC15 Animal. It is amazing how much this cleaner can suck in such a short period of time, and you can actually see how much you collected through the clear dust bin. After vacuuming, it feels like a new carpet! I never knew that vacuuming could be this fun! Though indeed pricy, we can definitely recommend this item, especially for those who have pets. ...more info
  • We Never Knew How Much Dirt we had in our House!
    We never knew how much dirt we had in our house until my dad bought this Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. We used to have a Kenmore vacuum that lasted from 1998-2006. This vacuum picks up a lot of dust from just two rooms! This vacuum is a excellent vacuum cleaner.
    I'd say that this vacuum is the best vacuum we've had since 1998.

    If you want a vacuum that will make your house the most cleanest house in the neighborhood. Get this vacuum today!...more info
  • Dyson DC15 Animal
    This is an amazing vacuum. I used it on our floors the first day and was surprised by the amount of dirt it picked up. I thought at first it was removing the fibre from the carpet. But after inspection found that it was dog hair, dirt, and dust bunnies. We vacuumed just a few days ago with our old vacuum so this speaks to the quality and efficiency of this product....more info
  • Look Ma, I can vacuum again
    I had a shoulder surgery and had a hard time ever pushing the old vacuum around the house. I can go very long periods without using it because it hurt my shoulder, back and neck to use it, oh and my wrist too. My allergies and even the dog's allergies would flare up for days after using the old one. Now, since Christmas, I have vacuumed my house more times in a month than I did the whole previous year and with no pain at all, ever.... none..... My family teases me because I actually like to vacuum now. It moves so easy with the ball system. Don't get the other kind, you will love this. It is so very easy to push and move and it really picks up. With 3 cats and a dog I know about hair... it's gone. Go with the DC15 roller ball. You won't ever be sorry. And it anyone would have told me that I'd spend $500 on a vacuum ever in my life and would have considered it money well spent... I would have laughed at them... and laughed some more. I love my vacuum!...more info
  • So far, very pleased!
    I was lucky enough to get one of these factory-remanufactured here from Amazon a few weeks back. This thing puts our previous $250 Dirt Devil to shame in every way. I have allergies, so does my wife and so do our two dogs. We've been using this for a few weeks now every other day because it's so quick, quiet and fun to use - we've noticed the whole house smells cleaner and our allergies seem to be improving. Placebo effect? Maybe, but I can say this thing doesn't leave a cloud of dust when we vacuum and cleanup is a breeze. The attachments are cool, but if you're trying to save a few bucks, go with the yellow one with no bells and whistles. The ball thing is no gimmick in my opinion, it really does help with maneuvering around objects. And the hose/wand reach is amazing that it works so well and extends so much! This feels like a very quality appliance. If you can find the refurbed ones, don't hesitate to pick one up at a great discount - otherwise, buy new for the 2 year warranty....more info
  • Best spent money in a long time
    I never thought I would spend this amount of money on a vacuum, but after hearing all the great things about it, I finally did it! I am THRILLED with my Dyson! The day before purchasing my Dyson, I had my house and carpets professionally cleaned. After purchasing my DYSON Pet Vacuum, I wanted to try it out. I thought, there is no way it'll pick anything up, because the cleaning company used their "super power suction" vacuums just yesterday. WELL..my canister was full!! I left it in there for my husband to see when he got home from work and his face looked just like mine after seeing how much came out of the carpets after a cleaning company just left! Needless to say, I love my Dyson and it was well worth the money spent! ...more info
  • Don't hesitate to own this techy gem of a vac!!
    Lots of great reviews, so we'll quickly summarize what we love about it:
    1)Goes over fringed rugs and electrical cords without eating them! 2)Highly maneuverable. 3)Super easy to clean catch cylinder. 4)Much quieter to run than any vac we've owned. 5)One switch to turn off beater bar making it a snap to transition between rugs and hard floors. 6)Cool color. 7)It ROCKS!...more info
  • I wish I'd bought it a year earlier!
    I did it. I bit the bullet and finally replaced my old vacuum. It was on its last legs and took about 4 times as long to vacuum as it should, didn't work well even after working that long, and left me needing a professional massage.

    I bought a Dyson DC15 Animal. It came yesterday and I vacuumed last night. This thing is worth every penny I paid and then some. I vacuumed every carpeted room in my home that first night in an hour, with the exception of the staircases. Now, I didn't move furniture or anything, I just vacuumed the main areas, but it was 10:30 PM when I started, so I wasn't into a heavy cleaning, just wanted to see how well it did.

    I found a whole darned cat apparently hiding in my carpet. That's how much cat hair it pulled up, and I just vacuumed a week prior. I shudder to think what it would have looked like if I had not steam-cleaned the carpets in the last 6 months.

    It was so easy to move, and it took so much less work to do 10 times better than the old vacuum. It's a bagless, beltless unit with a lifetime filter that just needs to be washed every 6 months, so that saves some cost right there in the long run. The waste bin where the debris is collected is easy to empty - much easier than a vacuum bag!

    The Dyson Animal DC15 comes with about [...] or so of extra attachments and accessories. In addition to the normal crevice tool, soft-bristle brush, and stair attachment it also comes with the turbo hand tool, the low reach floor attachment, the Zorb cleaning powder with its tool, and the Dyzolv spot remover.

    I'm going to quite my job and do infomercials for Dyson, I think. I love it that much.

    ...more info
  • Best vacuum ever!
    I had wanted this vacuum for quite a while before I finally purchased it. It picks everything up, it's easy to maneuver, and it's relatively quiet as far as vacuums go. I would highly recommend it. Buying it from Amazon, I got a great deal and I got free shipping! It came quickly and I couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Dyson DC15
    Great vacuum! Took awhile to figure out all the functions but performs great and is quiet!!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I am very impressed with the Dyson Animal, outperforms all vacuums. Highly impressed with the results and continue to be so....more info
  • THE BEST!!
    I own 2 Dyson Animal vacuums. I purchased one about 2 years ago to use in the upstairs of our home where our bedroom is located. We have 3 dogs and my husband has allergies to dust (I know, who doesn't??). The Dyson picks up dog hair - and people hair - like you wouldn't believe. I became such a fan of this easy-to-use piece of equipment that we just recently purchased a second Dyson Animal for the main floor of our home and I'm just as thrilled with it. I actually look forward to vacuuming because this machine makes it so easy. All the tools are right at your fingertips and switching from bare floors to carpet to the attachment that lets you reach under furniture couldn't be easier. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • A Real Vacuum
    Now when we vacuum, there really are clean carpets. Notice huge difference throughout our home. ...more info
  • Awesome Animal!
    This machine is an animal! I could not believe the performance. It is worth the $$ and I would highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • 1.5 years and still a great purchase!
    My theory on writing reviews is that lot's of people buy a gizmo, are thrilled about it, then 45 min. after playing with it write the most outstaindg review their vocabulary can divulge...

    Me... Well I've had this for over a year and a half, and it's still one of the best pieces of equipment I've ever purchased. I have a 21 pound Main Coon that sheds approximately 21 pounds of fur every 72 hours... Needless to say I wanted something that could handle the amount of fur that was being deposited in my apartment. For >1.5 years my DC15 has performed like a champ (sometimes 2-3 times a week during the summers). After every time I use it the apartment (floors) look spectacular - My cat look a bit peeved, but the apartment looks great!

    So here's a review with the benefit of some time behind it! Oh - and when I first took it out of the box - well I loved it then too! I found out that the person who lived in the apartment before me had black hair!

    Best of luck on your decision......more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum
    The very best vacuum out there!!!!! I have never been so excited about a vaccum. It is amazing!! Will never be without a Dyson. Definately would recommend this product....more info
  • 2 big dogs... nuff said
    Well... frankly I was skeptical. I was sure I was going to feel like an idiot for spending so much for a vacuum cleaner when I had a perfectly good machine already. But it was always dragging on the rug, filled up too fast, went thru belts like crazy, and didn't always seem to want to pick up everything. Maybe two full grown Great Pyrenees were taking their toll, so I bit the bullet and bought this Dyson.

    OK... I am plainly amazed by it's efficiency, capacity, and ease of use and cleaning. My wife and I were constantly trying to decide whether or not to let the dogs in if it was dusty, or wet (or day or night for that matter), but just today my lovely wife said "Now that we have that new vacuum cleaner, I don't care what they track into the house or how much they shed." - a miracle :)

    My sweet technopeasant wife has trouble with EVERYthing mechanical or electronic in the house, but she's easily able to handle emptying the cannister and locking it back into position... a job that was left up to ME with the old one. So just in that ONE design area alone, it was worth the purchase.

    We had to empty the cannister 5 times on the first use in the living room (yeah I couldn't believe it either) but since then, once is enough. This vacuum picked up dirt the other one couldn't even touch and now it's gone forever (the dirt AND the vacuum).

    I heartily recommend this machine to anyone who complains about the dogs (or cats) shedding and tracking dirt into the house... might even work for rug rats too ;)...more info
  • Great machine
    My wife and I absolutely love this vacuum. It does indeed have a stronger suction than any other sweeper we have ever had. With two collies, we do find, however, that we often have to pull hair off the rotating brush....more info
  • The Animal is a monster
    Vac is just as great as we had hoped it might be. I can't stop staring at it! Strange, I've never wanted to vaccuum so much before...
    Only downside is the weight - it's pretty heavy - if you've got lots of stairs or different floors to work on it's a bit cumbersome. But that's it.
    We're really happy with our Dyson....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is the best Vacuum we have owned. We have tryed alot but this is by far the easiest to operate. The ball wheel system makes it easy to control and stops the pick it up to change direction. The park feature that stops the beater bar when you put the handle in the uprite position lets you park the machine to pick up something without shutting it down or beating the carpet to death. Picks up better than any other and makes the carpet feel like it was cleaned and fluffed. Great job and well worth the price....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Best vacuum I've ever used. The broom looks a little flimsy at first but once I started using it I never realized vacuums could be so comfortable to use. It glides down the carpet easily and I love the ball feature which allows twisting the vacuum sideways as you're maneuvering close to furniture. Cleans great, quiet, can't complain!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned!
    I have owned at least 20 different cleaners, including a Kirby and an Electrolux, and this is the best by far. My carpets have never looked as clean. It is amazing how much dirt, dust and pet hair this machine cleans up. It is also very easy to clean at different angles with the ball. I would certainly recommend this vacuum!...more info
  • Best Vacuum I ever owned
    Was a Kirby owner and liked it but it was way too heavy to move around all of the time and got really tired of the bags. I love this Dyson Animal vacuum. Have dogs, cats and birds and this picks up everything. Easy to use and not too heavy to carry. You don't realize how dirty your carpets really are until you are a Dyson owner. I would've never guessed that my carpets were that filthy until I saw all of the dust and dirt the vacuum picked up. So, it turns out the my way too expensive Kirby wasn't cleaning at all.
    The only thing I don't like about the Dyson is the cord. Love that it's long but it becomes awkward when moving from room to room and you have to hold or try to hold the bunched up cord in your hand and try to move the vacuum around at the same time. This is hard to do sometimes and I end up running the cord over or it gets caught behind things because it is so long. This is my only complaint. It's a wonderful machine....more info
  • Works like a champ!
    Until the Dyson, I'd never owned a vacuum cleaner that worked. The first time we used it, it picked up carpet deodorizer powder that we'd put down over 6 months prior. Our old vacuum was simply leaving it behind. It seems that the only thing our old unit did well was make heat and noise -- and it cost over $250 when new just 3 years ago.

    The Dyson is one of those products that truly does what they claim. It's not cheap by any stretch, but you can see that it's working (vacuum with your old unit then this one -- it's SHOCKING!) and it's super convenient. The Ball makes it very maneuverable and the detachable hose/wand system allows you to reach anything. The brush tool really works on the stairs and the whole unit weighs maybe half of our old one. I can't say enough about it except that I wish I'd bought it sooner!

    Our old vacuum went into the garbage can the night we unpacked the Dyson and we haven't looked back....more info
  • Dont even think twice...
    This is HANDS DOWN - THE BEST VACUUM you will EVER own... we bought the DC15 animal, OH MY!!! I did the whole house with the old Hoover P.O.S. that we owned, and then used the Dyson. I had to empty the collection bin 3 times. And not because the bin is too small (which it isn't). It picked up so much dirt and hair and dust, I almost got nauseaous. Get this thing, its amazing, your allergies will thank you....more info
  • The Last Vacuum
    The only problem with this vacuum is what to do with all those vacuums it replaced ( 4) and the need to get a second one for the cabin.

    Like others have noted you do not really see what it does until you go over a just vacuumed floor done with another cleaner . The amount of dirt it collects is simply amazing.

    The whole machine looks and operates like a brilliant scientist started with a blank sheet of paper. Everything fits together, removing the dust collector could not be easier. With a lot of allergies I really appreciate that you just hold the entire cannister ( about 1.5 pounds) inside the dumpster and push the button. Trap door opens, dust falls away and you close the door. Once in a while it needs a light tap to discharge a large clump of cat hair.

    Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Can't believe I'm in love with a vacuum...
    I must've read 100's of reviews and reports about the Dyson products (and other vacuums) before deciding on the DC15 Animal Ball. I've never spent more than $100 on a vacuum so it was a big jump for me. But I am really glad I did because apparently my cheapie vacuums were leaving SO much behind. When I got the Dyson yesterday I first vacuumed a room with my old vacuum, then followed it with the Dyson to see if it was any better... the results were amazing and disgusting at the same time. I can't believe how much dust I have been living with in my carpets. I don't look at it as a $500 vacuum anymore.. I look at it as preventative medicine that will hopefully keep me from getting sick! So does that make it a healthcare expense write-off? ;-) ...more info
  • Pricey, but you do indeed get what you pay for
    I bought this machine in the fall to replace a 2-year old Hoover Windtunnel that was one of the biggest POCs I have ever owned. It wasn't a cheap one either, so I was determined not to waste my money again. Started doing my research online and at a few stores, and finally settled on this beast. We needed something that would do what the Hoover couldn't - pick up all the hair from our 2 Pugs who shed like mad, and not burn marks in our carpets like the Hoover would do when using the hand tools (no brush shut-off control). I have to say I am very impressed. This machine works like a champ. The ball design is absolutely amazing. It makes moving around corners and furniture sooo easy. It's not some ridiculous gimick to sell more units, it actually does provide better functionality. I can't say whether this thing ever loses suction or not, but I can say that it picks up more hair and dirt out of the carpet than the Hoover ever did. I honesty get grossed out how much comes up on a weekly basis. I thought we kept the house pretty clean, but the Dyson says otherwise...

    Moving on, the attachments that come with the machine are great. One for furniture, one to get under low areas. Both work extremely well. One nice thing about the hose is that you can use and stretch it without tipping over the machine, something that always used to annoy the heck out of me with the Hoover - stretch too far, and the machine would flop over, sometimes damaging my furniture. Emptying the canister is a breeze - you basically just pop it out, put it over your garbage can, open the bottom, and all the dirt just falls out. No clouds of dust, no messy spills - nothing, just right in the can.

    My gripes with the machine are few and far between. Although emptying the canister is a breeze, it is very easy to hit the release button on accident and dump all the dirt on the floor. Now that I am aware of it, I don't do it, but the design needs to be modified a bit to solidify the latch a bit. The only other thing is how the extension operates. There is about 4ft of solid aluminum tubing that all the attachments fit onto at the end. While this helps when using the low-reach tool, it is a bit awkward when cleaning the couches, or trying to get into tight areas. Something a little more flexible, or even a shorter solid tube would be more helpful here. Again, not a dealbreaker, but an annoyance nonetheless.

    All in all, we are extremely happy with the machine. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but when compared with some of the professional models that I have used in the past in the restaurant business (Oreck, Electrolux) which can cost just as much if not more, the Dyson stands up to them. Recommended to anyone....more info
  • Wonderful
    This is the best vacuum i have ever used. it moves so easily and truly never looses suction. i was debating on whether or not to get the ball but i am glad i did!!!!!...more info
  • Expensive, but it performs!
    It's startling how much stuff the Dyson picks up from the carpet, even after being vacuumed with another cleaner. Is it a gimmick with the clear canister rather than an opaque bag? I really don't think so. The "Ball" design is very maneuverable, and easy to use. The biggest drawback is using the hose for hand vacuuming - it's awkward to pull it out and use it. On the whole, it's the best vacuum we've ever owned. I hope it has a long life to help justify the price....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    I read all the reviews before I actually purchased one and I just wish I would have bought it sooner. It is AMAZING!!! I love it and would tell anyone who has pets or kids to buy it....more info
  • Greate Vacuum
    I think this is a great vacuum cleaner for the price. I love the fact that all attachments are located on the vacuum and that you can use them very easily. The ball design is by far the best; you can easily navigate furniture legs and twist it in and out of corners. My only complaints are, the rug agitator doesn't dig into the carpet enough and the construction of the vacuum seems questionable. However, my concerns about the construction are but at ease with the five year warranty....more info
    I got this vacume cuz I have a dog that sheds like crazy. My old vacume I just kept putting out money on filters so I finally broke down and got this. It was WORTH every penny.. I couldn't believe how much hair and dirt I got.I used to take an hour to vacume my living room now it took 10 minutes!There are some downfalls for me. I mean its big and awkard but I can put up with that! Another nice thing is I used to use the wand to get up against walls good but I didn't have to with Dyson. I also didn't like the arm extender that's long and awkard and don't move nice but other than that it's great.
    ...more info
  • Wow!
    I just received this from Amazon yesterday. Almost no assembly required, easy to use. I vacuumed an area 4'x4' and was amazed at how much junk I saw in the canister. It was amazing. I used the mini turbine head on my stairs and it reached most of the way up. Pay attenetion to the warnings about the stairs and do NOT put it at the top of the stairs because it WILL get knocked over. The cord for the vacuum seems longer than any vacuum I've had which saves unplugging/plugging in the vacuum for each room. I used it on tile with the rotating brush turned off and it worked great. I accidently rolled over a thin throw and it immediately stopped the rotating brush - other vacuums I've had keep trying to work. I think I may order the mattress tool to go with it. ...more info
  • It is an Animal..
    I had never heard of Dyson until a family member mentioned hers during the holidays. I had gone through several Hoover vacuums and not been dissatisfied until the last bagless model. Between two new kittens, a dog and 14 people in my home for the holidays, I was in no mood for a vacuum which didn't pick up. I researched Dyson reviews (thanks to all who write into Amazon) and finally settled on the DC15 Animal model. I thought I wanted the Mini-Turbine Tool for furniture so decided on the Animal Model because it also had the low floor reach tool. It was out of stock at Amazon so ordered it through another retailer - it then came in stock at Amazon and at a lower price so be patient with Amazon if they are out of stock one day :)The vacuum arrived yesterday and it was everything I expected and more. I can't recommend "The Ball" enough. I have mostly hardwood floors with area rugs and lots of furniture. The ball glided effortlessly around furniture and under the edge of cupboards, etc. After a traditional upright, it was impressive, to say the least. I emptied the container twice and took delight in seeing all the hair emerge from area rugs and flooring. The house also did not have the vacuum smell after I was done.

    Pros: The switch to turn off the beater bar is very convenient being on top of the vacuum. I will add that I think once it's off, it should stay off rather than the beaters coming on automatically with the vacuum if it is turned off and on again, but it's a small inconvenience. The low reach floor tool adjusts for bare floors and carpets. It worked very well under beds, etc. Pickup was excellent with tools and the vacuum. I was able to vacuum a long stairway with the wand.

    Cons: The Mini-Turbine is a waste. It stalled out on sofas and was unimpressive. If I had to make the purchase again, I would just purchase "The Ball" with the low reach floor tool and skip the Mini-Turbine.

    Overall, so far a great vacuum. My teenagers were even begging for a turn with it and liked the colors. Take the plunge and order "The Ball" if you have combination flooring surfaces and a house full of furniture - it's worth it. I gave it four stars because of the Animal package with the Mini-Turbine tool. It's not worth the extra $$....more info
  • Don't be fooled.....
    I bought this based on the reviews here, and I have to tell you, I was very disappointed. Something was not right when my son dropped the box of cocoa powder and it would not pick it up......so, I did some tests....here is what I found. I am not up on vacuum cleaner lingo, so I hope I get the terminology correct, or at least close enough so that I can explain well enough for you to understand.....so, here goes:

    As I said, when my son dropped the box and some of the powder fell out, I thought, "perfect, this is a great time to use our brand new vacuum." So, I opened the box, followed the instructions, and guess what, it barely picked up anything. The suction coming from the main head is TERRIBLE. It is very weak. After a little observation, I noticed something else, the bristles seem to move the "dirt" (I will get to this in a second) towards the intake tube (which is off to one side) and does a VERY poor job of picking up anything. Okay, now this is the part that really bothered me. On a carpet, it looked like it did a great job. Picking up what I thought was tons of lint and dirt particles. Well, I noticed something on a light tan carpet that did not show up on the darker ones....the bristles seem to pull up a very thin layer of nap and create its own lint/dirt. I tested this on a runner that is about 3 feet by 2 feet. How much dirt would you expect it to have? After 15 minutes I cleaned out the cylinder and then vacuumed it again. Guess what? Yup, the same thing occured. YET, on that tan carpet I mentioned, all the lint it created that I mentioned, well, it would not pick it up going forward, and only when I pulled it back AND lifted the machine to angle the head did it pick it up. The marketing is brilliant, but, in my opinion, this is NOT a vacuum to use on carpeting of any real value, as I suspect it may destroy them over time. The wand attachment is very awkward, but has great suction. The 3 attachments that fit on the vacuum, fit very well and do not easily come lose when cleaning. There is no place on the vacuum for the two floor cleaning attachments. The "ball" works great to steer/turn the machine, and really, it is a great concept and everything else works great. That is my reason for two stars, and not one. However, for $480 (20% off with coupon at BB&B), the main head of the vacuum should work much better, and more importantly should not cause potential damage to a carpet. I should also note that I removed all the hoses and checked them for any kind of blockage (none present). I should also note that the floor attachments that attach to the wand have great suction, but still, you would quickly become a hunch back if you had to do the majority of your vacuuming that way on carpets. The vacuum is also very loud, but I suspect that is because of the cheap plastic and lack on any kind of sound absorbing material. To all who own this vacuum, take a closer look, and after about half an hour, you will see what I mean. For those considering buying this, I can only say beware. Make sure you have the ability to return it when you discover what I have pointed out. As for recommending something better, sorry, I am still looking, though I am leaning towards a Miele. I will try to update this when I find something worth recommending. Needless to say, I am returning this machine. I hope this helps....more info
  • Don't buy this overpriced vaccum
    I bought the Dyson DC15 animal vaccum about a year ago as I wanted a real
    good vaccum cleaner after going through 2 Hoover Windtunnels in about 4 years. This vaccum is the biggest piece of junk I have ever bought, cheap
    plastic parts break off easly, the brushbar bushings are made of cheap
    plastic they lasted about 10 months using the vaccum once a week but that
    is not the only problem try ordering parts for this overpriced piece of junk the brushbar has been on order for six weeks now and is on back order
    untill sometime in January meantime my carpets have not been vaccumed in
    6 weeks while I wait for parts. I have finally cancled my order for the
    brushbar and I am going to throw it in the garbage where this Dyson belongs and will go out and buy another brand. My advice for anyone even
    thinking about buying this junk is not to do it, with the money you would
    spend buying this junk you could buy 2 or 3 Hoover Windtunnels and not have the problems I have had...more info
    We just bought this vacuum from the store and it truly does look like we have new carpets! I never thought I would be so jazzed about a vacuum... Suction is fantastic, as the commercial says. A few great features: the canister can be emptied with the push of a button into the trash, it glides right up against the wall and picks up EVERYTHING, unlike other vacuum's that leave an inch of dirt along the wall and it's lightweight and easy to push. Well worth the costly price tag! Also, we have a Golden Retriever that sheds terribly (which is the reason we bought the Dyson, our previous vacuum was clogged beyond comprehension) and this sucker picked up all the hair in one shot! I even saw dirt and hair in the canister when we didn't see anything on the floor. Highly recommended....more info
  • I will never own another vacuum!
    Having 3 boys ranging from toddlerhood to teen, a dog, a cat, and multiple birds, my carpets were showing tons of dirt. Allergies in my middle child were just awful. Then I saw Dyson. I looked and researched before making such an expensive investment but it has been well worth every penny. I have had my Dyson for a year now. It really doesn't clog up. It is easy to take room to room. It doesn't take any work at all to push it and my carpets are clean! Most importantly, my children are healthier now than they ever have been before. I really won't consider any other vacuum cleaner again!...more info
  • You'll look beyond the price once you use it the first time!
    After using this amazing vacuum the first time, I felt guilty that I'd used anything less before. The dirt, dust, and pet hair quickly filled the collection bin even though I'd vacuumed just 2 days before.

    When making such a significant purchase, I think the most important question is: does the performance justify the cost? Absolutely - after just a few months of owning the DC15 Animal, I can see a noticeable difference in the appearance in my carpets, especially the high traffic areas. They look much brighter and the deep-down clean helps keep my rooms smelling fresher longer.

    The features are easy to use; the onboard tools actually stay ONBOARD (rather than collecting on the closet floor with most of my previous vacuums); and it takes only a second to empty the bin. My favorite feature (other than it truly never loosing suction) is the ball, which makes this Dyson quicker and easier to use than any upright I've ever used.

    Of course, there are improvements I would like to see... latch that holds the collection bin onto the unit seems likely to fail, though it's held up sturdy so far. Also, the mini-turbine attachment fails to spin with any significant pressure, making it nearly useless. That said, this is the best vacuum I've ever used and well worth the price!...more info
  • Fabulous!!
    This is such an amazing vacuum cleaner! I have 2 cats and have easily removed all traces of hair and dander from my furniture and carpets in a fraction of the time it took with my old vacuum! In fact, my old vacuum never could get all of the hair out! The Dyson DC15 Animal gets all of the hair and I love it! You'll be shocked when you seen all of the dirt collect in the bin!! I vacuum 2 to 3 times a week and was shocked to see what this vacuum sucked up! Yuck! Hurry and buy one!...more info
  • The Absolute BEST Vacuum Cleaner...
    After a year of owning this vacuum cleaner, I still can say that this vacuum cleaner is the absolute best, even if you don't have animals! It is really LIGHT, easy to manuever, easy to dispose of the dirt in the canister, and the rubber edges keep your furniture from getting dented. Plus you never have to worry about running out of bags or the mess from having to install bags!

    In other reviews, I have sometimes read that it can make a sound like it is broken. It is true that if you happen to accidentally catch part of a rug or a fringe or something, it makes the WORST noise ever - but it isn't broken.

    We have a black dog and two black cats (and white carpet!) and they shed ALL the time. Plus I have really long hair and this vacuum cleaner takes care of everything. Occasionally, I will have to dislodge some of my long hair that can get wrapped around it, but NOTHING like with other vacuum cleaners.

    You may think that the price is a lot, but when you realize how much you vacuum (or need to) and how long this vacuum cleaner will last, it is so totally worth it....more info
  • Best Vacuum cleaner ever!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner about 3 months ago. We have 2 dogs (a lab/shepherd mix and a german shorthair pointer/brittany spaniel mix) as well as 4 cats.

    The week before we bought the Dyson DC15 Animal, we shampooed our carpets with a rental carpet cleaner. During that week we also vacuumed several times (with my Oreck which I've always considered a good vacuum cleaner...) - and thought the carpets were clean. Well, we unpacked the Dyson DC15 Animal, put it together (very easy to do) and fired it up. I was absolutely stunned by how much fur - and dirt - came out of our carpet!!! I was emptying the canister every few minutes while I vacuumed. It was incredible - from my living/dining room alone I got 1/3 of a grocery bag of fur and dirt.

    I continue to be surprised by the amount of fur and dirt I get out of my carpet every time I vacuum. The carpeting also seems to stand up more than it did before we bought the Dyson, and feels a little softer.

    The Dyson is much much quieter than any vacuum I've every owned, and it weighs less than any vacuum I've had except the Oreck.

    I am absolutely thrilled with the Dyson DC15!! Yes, it has a high price tag, but considering that you would pay $200 for something that just doesn't work, spending $549 is worth it!! If you have pets in the house - BUY IT!!
    ...more info
  • Does the Job
    I was very skeptical about this vacum before purchasing. I reviewed several others. It arrived quickly. Relatively easy to use out of the box. We have several area rugs throughout our house. When I first turned it on it literally started sucking the rug fibers out and into the canister. Warning: Make sure you test this vacum on a small area with and without the use of the brushes! I found out after that the directions do say to do this for certain carpets. When using the vacum in the "non-brush mode" I can say it works good but in comparison to others I can't say its the greatest. When using on a carpet WITH the brushes on it does the job well. I could not believe how much junk was actually being contained in the clear canister. Again, if comparing to the Hoover Windtunnel 2 I have no idea. The fact that you can see the dust, hair, junk building up I think is half the selling point for Dyson. The attachments work well. Easy to move around. Not necessarily loud either which is nice. I'd probably give it 5 stars if it wasent for the brushes pulling apart my carpet but that was my fault. The roller ball is cool, easy to get around things too....more info
  • Don't use if you are a bird owner
    I bought this vacuum about a year ago, in the hopes that it would live longer than the other ones that I've had. True to it's advertising, it doesn't usually lose suction. However, bird dander is this vacuum's downfall (the brochure says not to use on flour, but it should also say not to use on bird dander). Anyone who has ever owned a bird (please note, I only have two cockatiels), knows about the tiny particulate matter that they constantly shed. The dander gets stuck up in the top of the vacuum (no matter how often I empty it), and I still have to go outside periodically and shake the heck out of it to clean it out so that it'll still work. This is a fantastic vacuum otherwise (and the fact that it still works after a year of this says something), which is why I gave it four stars. It works wonders on my carpets and on pet hair. But, it definitely was not worth the price tag to me....more info
  • Excellent High End Vaccum
    I wonder why it is not made it to the top in Consumer Reports, but this is the best vaccum I have ever used. The succsion is really great no close comparison to any other vaccum. Only thing I dint like about this is, when you turn it on, it starts the brush spinning too(Of course, we can turn it off). If we started off vaccuming on hard wood floor instead of carpet, it might hurt the hard wood. So Always remember to start it on carpet and then turn the brush off and move on to Hardwood floor. If you are going for Dyson Animal modal go for the Ball. It is easy to manuver on the carpet. Another feature request would be to retract the power cable automatically. Have fun with it and Enjoy!...more info
  • If you have a pet, you need this vacuum!
    Just a quick review - we just fired up the Dyson for the first time this evening. We had guests over this past weekend, and our living room was vacuumed THREE TIMES over two days. We ran the Dyson over it today, three days later, and filled the bin twice with dog hair that the old vacuum missed. (Our carpet is the same color as our dog, so we hadn't been able to see the hair before.)

    Also, we had a question about the handle (it had been redesigned from what was pictured in the instructions) and called Dyson customer service. We were stunned to discover that there was no automated menu - just a friendly American rep who answered the phone, explained the changes, and then offered to take our registration while he had us on the phone.

    Top notch!...more info
  • Well worth it!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner a few weeks ago and cannot believe how much dust, dirt and dog hair it manages to pull out of my supposedly clean carpets every time I use it. It truly is an excellent machine and the ball design makes it very easy to use. Also the cord is really long so not much need for unplugging and replugging...

    It comes with a number of handy attachments, but I bought a couple more - the flexi crevice tool (which is brilliant for getting into awkward spots) and the soft dusting brush (which I find works really well on blinds etc etc - dusting is so much tidier now!)

    A couple of negative points to note :-
    1. The cord is a manual wind around type which is just a bit of a pain, especially since you need to completely unwind it in order to get to the flexible extension and the cord is really long...
    2. It makes quite a loud, high-pitched noise - but then it does suck like blazes!

    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • What will they think of next ?
    This is just an amazing product. On a single charge you can almost go down to the 7-11 and back. If you get lost, you can just follow the neatly vacummed trail you made back home.

    It's sleek, it never loses suction, and it goes 12mph !

    I just love my new Segway by Dyson....more info
  • From cannister to upright....the new clean
    Married 41 years, have had only cannisters, one hoover, one eureka, and the rest Sears...always buying the top rated. The latest Sears, not even 5 years old needed a part as the large powermate suction kept cutting out. This was about the third time that we had to replace this part. It was no longer made...do you believe that? Tried other places to no avail, meanwhile the smaller powermate attachment had gone and we had replaced little things on this vacuum. Hence, the Dyson, really studied it, took a chance and it does clean remarkably well. I have been somewhat challenged by the transition to the upright but am getting very happily acclimated. I do hope that this Dyson DC15 animal will last to maybe ten years, five without trouble would be a miracle, but I am more than optimistic....more info
  • WOW It really works!!
    OK so i've read every review on the animal dc15 and thought ok they all say it works really good but would I really notice that much of a difference using it since I have mostly tile and wood floors with just area rugs over them.? I decided to bite the bullet since I have 2 shetland sheepdogs (very long coat and shed and at least one is always shedding) and 2 cats. I decided on the animal do to the fact it comes with the mini turbine head for the furniture. I also picked the DC15 model because of the ball feature. I went to several stores to try to purchase it locally but no one had it. However while there I test drove/pushed the ball in yellow and the standard animal. The ball is soo much easier to push and manuver then the standard model. I ordered it online with a 20% coupon and rebate so it ended up being fairly cheap for a dyson.=)
    It arrived at my house and I unpacked it and plugged it in. WOW!!!!!! I made literlly one short 5 foot pass over my rug I thought was clean and got gitty with excitment. This thing picked up an amazing amount of fur!
    I actually called the entire family to come and see it!! I kept on saying wow all the reviews were correct this thing actually does what it says!! It was full after just vacuuming my 5*8 area rug I dont know whether I was amazed at how well it worked or how appalled I was by how dirty the rug was!! It is very easy to empty just push a button and your done. I also love the fact that dyson listened to customers and you can now turn the beater bar off with a switch now. I actually vacuumed my tile and it didnt just spit the chucks back at my feet it acutally sucked up the peices of dirt!!!!!!! I then moved onto my wood floors and I could see the stray fur being whirled towards the vacuum to be sucked in!
    As far as the attachements go I only tried the Mini turbine head it worked fairly well. If it hits thick fabric it does slow the head down a bit.
    Overall I would have to say what an amazing machine! It cleaned my floors very well and made them look new again!! Even for the price I would do it again!
    PS Some people I noticed complained about the high pitch whine from the machine I could hear it but it was not bad actually we all thought it was less noisy then our older vacuum. (My cat even let me vacuum him ok so we got carried away)=)...more info
  • Incredible for Pet Owners, But Also Outstanding on Dirt!
    I have a Katrina survivor dog that I adopted that can simply be described as a "hair machine." Minutes after vacuuming with my old vac, I'd still see "hair tumbleweeds" here and there. I knew I had to do something, so I ordered the Dyson DC-15. It arrived one day before I arrived at home, and my wife opened it and used it. "That new vacuum is amazing!," she said. I figured "amazing" meant "better than the old one." I took it into a carpeted room that she hadn't vacuumed yet, turned it on, and watched in amazement when after about 3 linear feet of movement produced a swirling hairball in the collector. At first I thought it must be residual hair from where she had used it earlier. This was NOT a section of the floor where I could even SEE any hair. The floor looked relatively clean when I started. So, I emptied the collector and started over. Same thing. Incredible! And not just hair, but dirt!

    After about 3 weeks with this "Animal," I'm sold. Easy to empty, and every day it does it's thing -- never ceasing to amaze me. I use it daily, and the entire house smells cleaner than it did.

    The attachments are nice -- I don't use the mini-turbine head, although I may later. The extension wand makes it easy to get under furniture with as little as 2" clearance (maybe even less). I have a kitchen island that weighs about 400 pounds that I used to have to move to clean underneath (it's on rollers). Now I just vacuum under it. The cool thing about the tools is that everything you need is on the vacuum... including the hose -- but unlike a lot of vacs (like my old Electrolux), you don't have to stop the vac, pull out a hose, attach it to the machine, and revert to upright later. The hose is already attached. You just pull the wand up, press a button, and you've got all you need to get under furniture. This part of the machine is truly a clever design.

    This thing has tons of suction, too. Very impressive!

    Here are the "cons" to the unit:
    1) The hard plastic used on the collector seems like it might be easily broken -- although this hasn't happened yet. I'm not thinking "shatter" here, more like the latch might break. The jury's still out on this one.

    2) The manual could have been better. I read. I don't appreciate the "diagram-only" approach to some of the instructions.

    That's it, though... and the second one is minor.

    Everything else is a "go" on this machine. Get one and you'll see what I mean.

    Another thing... some of the reviews I've read complain about the "high pitched whine" or the color of the machine. The machine is pretty quiet. Much quieter than my old Electrolux, but it is A POWERFUL VACUUM and therefore will sound like a vacuum cleaner running! ;) And the color? Where do you keep this thing, in a display case? My advice? If you don't like the color, take it to a body shop and let 'em paint it for you -- but don't let the color cause you to miss what I consider to be one of the best deals going in the vacuum cleaner market.

    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Seen
    This beats any other vacuum I've ever seen or used. The amount of dog hair it was capable of pulling out of a burber carpet is amazing. It also pulls all of dirt that my dogs track in from the backyard out of the entry area, lightening the shade by a few degrees each time I vacuum. I never knew my carpets were that dirty.

    The ball feature is also a MAJOR plus over the static DC14. I can get around tables and into corners so much better in a crowded house than ever before and the ease of which it works has not been described fully. Many feel that the action takes a little time to get used to, but I felt that it was very natural and easy. I also thought that it would be difficult to turn on carpet, but in fact it's very easy.

    In short, the best product you can spend your hard earned money on....more info
  • I wanted to vacuum in my evening gown !!!!
    I admit it I hate to vacuum and have avoided it whenever possible BUT I was also tired of vacuums that would breakdown after 1-2 years of use- so I gritted my teeth - disregarded the price and bought this one - All I can say is now I look for a reason to plug it in and zoom around the carpets - It is easy to handle and I was AMAZED at how dirty my "clean" carpets actually were - I highly recommend this product - It brings the romance back to floor cleaning !!!

    Added after owning my vacuum for more than 6 months - Having gone through a shedding season with the dogs I have to tell you I still love this machine - the carpets are still deep cleaned and it seems to have no end to its sucking power. No broken parts no difficulty just love it. ...more info
  • Amazed in Illinios
    Have had this vacuum for a week. Read reviews until I was blind to try and decide if it was worth the cost. Looked for this model for another week (finally found it at Best Buy)
    I am so glad it is part of our family! The first time I vaccumed our whole house I filled up the entire trash can with crud, must have emptied that bin 15 times! It was so much I attatched a garbage bag to my belt (sick of walking to the trash can). I am a bit of a clean freak so that really opened up a can of worms. My carpet looks brand new! \
    *The extension wand is GREAT ... it works on the stairs and you don't have to break your back trying to carry the whole vaccuum up.
    *The One touch button to disable the rotating brush is nice and easy to go from carpet to tile to rugs
    *The way the bin is designed is easy to empty and easy to pop on and off without touching the yuck.
    *Extreemly powerful, the fibers in my carpet are left standing at full attention!
    *It is pretty quiet as far as vaccuums go.
    *The ball makes it easy to veer aroung courners and between things
    *Love the turbine head. Gave our upholstry a nice freshening.
    *It has a rubber bumper on the front so if you get a little excited and bang into something, you just bounce off.

    * The price tag is not for the faint of heart ... but so worth it.
    * Yes ... that cord is a little cumbersome, but on the pro side, it is nice and long!
    Other notes ....
    * Have seen people complain about the manual ... I thought it was fine, seriously how much direction do you need?
    * The vacuum isn't feather light, but it is sturdy and quality, plus it has a nice strong handle that makes it easy to carry.

    Overall would buy it months ago if I new what a beautiful job it was going to do. With two kids, a dog and a husband .... My carpets are plush and lovely once again!
    ...more info
  • Brilliant Design and Excellent Quality!!
    I have never been a fan of upright vacuum's.Clumsy,bulky,heavy, and difficult to maneuver..That is until I tried the Dyson DC15 Animal.This is an incredible design.Absolutely ingenious! I have a blast vacuuming the house. The ball is amazing! It is so easy to maneuver. Turns on a dime.Twist your wrist slightly and this vac goes where you want it to go.It is so easy to use! The suction on this unit is amazing-it never goes away like my old cannsiter/bag vacs I've used in the past.Easy to dump the bin. It is nice to be able to see the accumulation of crud getting picked up out of your carpet and off of your floors. Amazing dust and hair collection.Only downer is the small cloud of dust that you'll see when emptying the bin. This was always an issue with the old bag type/cannister vacs anyways. I just empty the bin into a garbage in the garage or outside.Did that anyways with my old vac.Also would be nice if they could figure out how to make the cord retractable..However,winding it is not as much of a pain as I thought it would be..

    Very clever design with the extension wand and the ease of use of the attachments.I picked up the soft dusting brush which is a must. I love dusting with this device. The mattress tool and the flexi crevice tool are also cool. I have tried the mini turbine head that comes with the Animal and found that it's use is limited. The spinning brushes do stall out when too much presure is applied. Not gear/motor driven unfortunately.I end up using either the mattress tool or the small "stair tool" to do the stairs and to firmly vacuum the sofa etc.The quality of the DC15 Animal is outstanding. It feels like it will last many many years. The attachments are expensive but they are quality items and you get what you pay for. Is the vac worth $600? I wouldn't hesitate to spend that money again for this unit if it were ever to die.I absolutely love this vacuum!!...more info
  • P. Capestany, Shirley NY
    My husband and I have needed a new vaccuum for a while now and we finally decided to spend the money on the Dyson and we are so happy we did. This is without a doubt the best vaccuum we've owned. We have 2 cats and have a one year old who is crawling and walking all over the house and this vaccuum picks up EVERYTHING. We first vaccuumed with our old vaccum and then revaccuumed with the DYSON and you wouldn't believe how much more it picked up. We are very happy we spent the money on this product, it was a great buy. Some people have complained about attachments on the other Dysons and the assembly but it was very easy and we had no problems. It only took us about 10 minutes to familiarize ourselves with it. Again, it was definitley a good investment. Buy this vaccuum, you won't regret it!!!...more info
  • Better than I thought!!!!!!
    I have been debating on getting this for some time now, but I finally broke down and spent the money on something that was well deserved. I thought I had the best canister vacuum out there. I vacuum everyday due to our large dog in the house, but I have to keep cleaning the filter or i'll lose suction. Before trying the vacuum out, I used my older canister vacuum which suctioned up a ton of hair and dust before using the new dyson. To my surprise, the dyson had a canister of dirt and dog hair and when I went back over the floor a second time the dyson had picked it all up the first time. The ball makes it so much easier and the animal model has some attachments that are needed for pets that the other models don't have. I absolutely love it and reccomend it to all!...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    We recently purchased this vacuum from Bed, Bath and Beyond. While we were a little uneasy about paying this kind of money a 20% coupon helped lower the cost to make it a little more reasonable. We have a shedding labrador and were amazed at the amount of hair that we picked up the first time that we vacuumed. The Dyson offers instant gratification in that you can see the dirt and hair going into the bin. It also offers a no-mess emptying that works at the touch of a buttom and emptys all of the dirt into the trash.

    The various attachments work great and the vacuum works well on all floors. The pet hair tool is of great use on our cloth couch which is a magnet for our dog's hair.

    We were torn between the regular animal model and the ball version but decided to go with the ball version since it has a much smaller head assembly and fits beneath chairs and cabinets easier. The ball makes vacuuming almost fun in that just a flip of the wrist allows you to steer it into all areas and make tight turns. We strongly recommend this model if you have pets in your home....more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    This is a lot of money for a vacuum. I thought I'd humor my wife by getting it even though I thought she was nuts. I have to say I'm impressed though. It does quite well on carpet and hard floors. The ball does make it more maneuverable than the averadge vacuum also. The bagless design makes emptying easy too. I you can afford to spend $599 on a vacuum, this is a good choice. ...more info
  • Review of Dyson 15 animal
    Without a doubt this is the best vacuum we've ever owned. It picks up much more that any other. It's also easy to move through tight spaces....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    Exceptional quality and performance. Upon opening the box you can see the quality of the machine and with only a few minor assembly steps you are on your way. Even though I had just cleaned my house I had to "test drive" it's performance. I was amazed at the dust and hair it picked up! The new ball design made turning around furniture and getting into tight spots easy. Well worth the price tag....more info