Set of 3 Porcelain Mortar & Pestles 1140/60, White

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Product Description

Product Info: Pestles: 2 1/2", 3 3/4", and 4 1/2". Mortars: 2 1/2 x 1 1/2, 3 1/2 x 1 3/4, and 4 1/2 x 2 3/4.
Suggested Uses: Used to hand grind spices or herbs.

  • Set of three; 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch diameter mortars with three coordinating pestles
  • Crush, grind and powder natures healthiest eats
  • Matches any bathroom or kitchen decor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dishwasher-safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for little hands, too!
    Even after reading all the good reviews, my expectations remained low for this relatively inexpensive set. However, I was very pleased with the heavy duty, well made porcelain of these mortar & pestles. I bought them for my three-year-old who loves to help in the kitchen, and she can grind spices with the best of them! Of course, they're great for adult hands as well. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this set to anyone in the market for some absolutely terrific mortar & pestles....more info
  • May be I got defective piece !?!
    One of the mortars (3.5" diameter mortars) broke just after a week. I used it for nuts (almonds and walnuts) and hand washed it everyday.
    ...more info
  • great for herbs
    I love these cute little mortar & pestles. The insides are rough to help grind up dry herbs or pills....more info
  • Great Value!
    After shopping around for some time, I bought this product for two reasons: Price and versatility. The price was unbeatable. The three sizes makes it feel like I got three items for the price of one. These are great for grinding up our various garden-grown and dried herbs. We also use them for grinding dried Anaheim and Poblano peppers.You wont go wrong with this product....more info
  • Great bargain
    This set is very nice, and the pestles are proportionate to the mortars. They shipped in a well packed box, no scratches or breaks. I'm giving as a gift, and I'm sure that the receiver will be very pleased....more info
  • there great
    this is what I've been looking for. they came on time and none were broke. thanks...more info
  • Porcelain Mortar
    I am using these mortars in the kitchen for various purpose such as grinding spices. Excellent quality at reasonable price....more info
  • Nice Mortar and Pestle Set for the Money
    Really nice set for the money. Grinding surfaces are textured just like the more expensive sets. Lots of flexibility with 3 different sizes. Why spend more? Great buy for any cook....more info
  • Satisfied with product
    The pestals are not big enough to fit in the mortar...but it still works....more info
  • Great set
    I got a set for me and one for my sister. The base and the pestles are rough enough to capture the materials being ground and keep a good grip while directing power to the tip.
    One thing that's not great for me is that I have large hands and the length of the pestles is such that I wind up rubbing my fingers along the edge of the mortar bowl as I grind. This is just uncomfortable, but the only thing bad that I've come across. The weight is great, and it has good solid contact....more info
  • Very Happy With Purchase
    These mortar and pestles are used mainly for crushing perscription medicines. They work very well for this purpose and are great for traveling, since they are light weight. An excellent product....more info
  • too small for me but the other positive reviews are accurate
    I give this only three stars although this is a nice product and the other reviewers who liked it better are describing the product accurately. These items seem to be too small for me. I am fearful of breaking them but I can't get anything really ground up or mashed up. I think it does work but that it is not my style. Probably most of the things I want to smash up are much harder than dog pills e.g. star anise....more info
  • LOVE
    I loved them! They are great and are the perfect sizes for everything I need!! Thanks
    ...more info
  • usability
    this mortat and pestle do the job
    i used them right away.. grinding up herbs.. they work wonderfully. i have seen the same item for 39.99 for the set
    your price seems to low.. but they do the job.
    Harley Reinbold...more info
  • Good value.
    I like that you get three different sizes for what you would pay for one mortar and pestle retail. You can use each one for a different purpose if you were afraid of cross contamination. They are ceramic, but very sturdy and heavy. It is a good product. ...more info
  • great
    These are excellent products for the price and great to have around......even if will never use them....more info
  • Great pill crusher!!!
    I use this for crushing pills for my mom. it works great. love the three sizes....more info


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