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After 20 years of styling the hair of celebrities, models, and everyday clients around the world, Jonathan realized the difference using pure, filtered spring water made on brittle, damaged hair and dry skin. Often advising his clients to shampoo with bottled water before an important photo shoot, Jonathan felt that water is essential to beautiful hair and skin, hence the use of Essential Water in every bottle of Jonathan Product. Now, with his Beauty Water Shower System, you can have pH balanced water that is free of chlorine, heavy metals, and harmful VOCs, and enjoy increased softness, shine, and manageability, while maintainin the overall health and color of your hair. The exclusive, patented two-stage Beauty Water Shower Purification System uses one of the highest-grade filters to change ordinary shower water into pure, pH-balanced water that is free of hair-stripping, skin-damaging chemicals and metals. It's like showering in natural spring water. And it is so easy to install. No wrench needed! Benefits: -Enhances pH balance.-Softens the hair and skin. -Helps preserve hair color.-Increases shine and manageability of the hair.-Filter operates on a regulated flow of 2.5 gallons per minute.-Filter lasts from 3 to 6 months.*Due to the size of this product, we are unable to offer holiday packaging, however a gift message can be included with your delivery.

Customer Reviews:

  • Totally Transformed Skin & Hair!
    I had seen this in stores and on "blow Out" but was suspicious it could really make a difference. Finally I took the plunge and was so glad I did! Within three showers I saw a drastic difference in my hair and skin. My hair was shinier, lasted longer between showers, needed less product and seemed to both straighten and hold curl better. It also has extended the life of my highlights and color. As for my skin, it now feels as though I have moisturizer on 24/7 - no rough elbows and heels! It has really helped with my hives as well....more info
  • Love it!
    I love that my showers are filtered now, thanks to this product.

    There are cheaper ones out there! I got the full system at Sephora and found this out later. However, this one has not let me down and I can see a difference in my skin tone.

    May not be good if you have eczema. I had an eczema flare up when first got this, but it could have been an allergic reaction to something else. I have only had that happen once in the year I've had this system....more info
    I have a whole house water system, my water still left my hair unmanagable. This water filter is wonderful! My hair is soft and healthy looking....more info
  • no more suffering
    I bought this because I figured out that I am allergic to Chlorine. I always felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin after a shower. Skin felt as if I had touched fiberglass insulation. Its been a few days, and these sensations are gone. I used to experience this as a child from swimming pools. I guess city water is getting more and more chlorine these days to the point where its almost like a swimming pool. Seems my hair is softer and more manageable too. I might have to invest in a whole house filter as well now.

    Update - After 2.5 weeks (4 showers a day) the filter is too clogged to allow any pressure - the volume of water is literally a trickle). The flow wasn't exactly great to begin (but certainly was acceptable) with and we do have good water pressure. I ordered a new replacement filter. Let's see if this one lasts longer.

    Update #2 - Replacement filter is running for 7 weeks so far with no signs of slowing down. ...more info
  • Broke after 4 months
    This product seems to do a decent job of filtering water, although I didn't test our water so I'm not sure. My daughter has a lot of rashes and severe photosensitivity. The filter seems to have helped those problems somewhat. (I'm not sure because changes in the weather, season, meds taken, food eaten, allergens encountered, etc. also affect her rashes and photosensitivity. And her improvement after installing this filter was fairly mild.) There was a much greater improvement in our hair; the whole family's hair was softer and more lustrous.

    However, the filter housing broke after about four months of use. It broke in two pieces right across the threads where you screw the filter on to the shower. The housing broke about a month after our 100-day warranty had expired. The plastic construction of the thread area seems brittle and cheap.

    I wish I could give this product a better rating. Before the filter housing broke, I was very happy about the improvement in our hair. Unfortunately, poor construction makes the Jonathan shower filter a bad choice. Buyer beware!...more info
  • Worth your money
    I purchased this product because of the heavy chlorine use in the town where I live. During and after showering I smelled like I had been in a swimming pool for at least half a day. Yuck. That can't be good for you. I am very impressed with this shower filter. I debated for about a month before I spent the money. I no longer smell like I'd been in a chlorine bath. Plus, my hair color lasts much longer, and my skin and hair are much softer and not so dry. If you have problems with heavy chlorine use in your city's water supply, I highly recommend this product. As an additional bonus, I place a bucket in my shower and fill it up with fresh filtered water to use in my aquarium. My fish love it and my aquarium is now chemical free. Very happy customer....more info
  • I can't remember the last time my hair was this bangin!!
    I bought this product 2 months ago, and let me tell you this: I can't remember the last time my hair was this bangin! Thanks Jonathan for developing (or at least putting your name on the side of a product already in the marketplace for years) something that effectively counteracts the awful city water that would otherwise ruin my hair on a daily basis....more info


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