SmellKiller 90000 Fish Slayer Smell Killer

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You'll make a really great catch with the Zielonka Fish Slayer. The Zielonka Fish Slayer is used to kill fish effectively and fast, and, at the same time, it removes fish odors from your hands. The heavy rounded head makes the Zielonka Fish Slayer so simple to use and highly effective. Just one well-aimed hit on the back of a fish's head puts an end to all its misery. Made out of saltwater-resistant, high-grade steel, it's virtually indestructible. What's more, the head of the Zielonka Fish Slayer unscrews and you can then use it as a regular Smellkiller. The Smellkiller excels where other cleaning agents fail. It effortlessly and quickly removes even the most stubborn fish odors. Our patented high-grade steel is a mini miracle of physics and is the reason why the Zielonka Fish Slayer effectively removes all persistent odors. Hands that reek of fish and guts are a thing of the past. And the Smellkiller is highly versatile; not only does it remove fish odors, but onion, alcohol, nicotine or motor oil, too v the Smellkiller eliminates all unpleasant odors on your hands. The next time you're out fishing why not kill two birds with one stone and bring home a great catch that doesn't leave you or the kitchen smelling bad.

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