Bumble and Bumble Curls DeFRIZZ (4 Ounces)
Bumble and Bumble Curls DeFRIZZ (4 Ounces)

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Product Description

Defrizz smoothes and tames, leaving hair shiny and amazingly soft.

  • One 4-ounce bottle of hair styling silicone
  • Creates a light, humidity-proof barrier between your hair and the elements
  • Two types of silicone help keep your hair from wilting in the weather
  • Adds loads of shine for a polished, finished look
  • Good for anyone; great for anyone whose hair is prone to frizz

Customer Reviews:

  • Takes the frizz away
    This is one of the better products I've used to reduce frizzy hair. My stylist recommended it over Aveda. I like both products but this one definitely controls frizzy hair much better. My hair also feels very soft when I use it....more info
  • Great for Natural African American Hair!!!!
    This is a GREAT product! Esp. for African American women w/o a perm..... It won't help when you get caught in the rain or in humid weather but it does help if you apply before you blow dry....more info
  • frizz be-gone
    Bumble and Bumble curls deFRIZZ is an excellent product overall. It helps to calm my naturally wavy (and, at times, crazy...) hair without weighing it down. It isn't as sticky as some other de-frizz serums and lets me go out in humid weather without the worry that my hair will become a hairball....more info
  • Made my hair even MORE frizzy than before I used it...bummer
    Well, I really was excited to receive this item because I've always heard great things about the Bumble and Bumble line of hair products. But I was quite disappointed when I used it. Instead of defrizzing my hair, it somehow made my hair more frizzy than ever and there was certainly no shine to be seen through all that frizz. I have fine hair and my hair frizzes very easily most of the time, but especially when it's humid. I'd think a defrizz product would do the defrizzing like it says. I can't see why my hair type should matter. But I tried it several times during humid and non-humid days and my hair still didn't smoothen for me...frizzed away... So I can't recommend it...I can't understand why there's so much hype about this product. Maybe it's their shampoo/conditioner line that's actually worthy of a good rating, but certainly not the defrizz product....more info
  • My Wife LOVES this Product
    My wife loves this product and the price is right on Amazon. Highly recommend this. ...more info
  • the search is over!
    I have searched and searched for years for a product that will help my hair in humid weather. I have lots of naturally curly fine hair which tends to get out of hand in the summer. I use this every day, whether I'm doing my hair curly or straight. it's just so great, I notice a huge difference and would never use anything else unless they take it off the market!...more info
  • Okay
    I did not find this product to help more than the average product. It seemed to work for a bit then when it dried my hair was frizzy again. Not bad, but probably wouldn't buy again....more info
  • Great product to prevent frizz.
    The best product I have found to prevent frizz (not 100% but the best I have found so far)...more info
  • best product for curly frizzy hair
    i have tried everything for curly frizzy hair and this is one of the best products i have ever used. i have been using it for about 10 yrs. i use about a dime size for my shoulder length hair as soon as i get out of the shower. i notice a big difference on days that i do not use it. i highly recommend this product to anyone with curly frizzy hair....more info
  • Not bad
    I think I've tried every anti-frizz product in the world. Last time I got my hair cut, the hair dresser used this stuff and I had the best hair day of my life, so I immediately bought some. I have yet to re-create that hair day, but this stuff works ok as long as it's not too humid. Also kind of leaves my hair feeling greasy. ...more info
  • Love it , Love it!
    I am 55 and have been coloring my hair for 40+ years. I used to have straight hair until the gray started coming in. After I shampoo and blow dry my hair it frizzes, and living in the southeast with the humidity, I need all the help I can get. I have tried all kinds of defrizzers but this is the best of the best of the best!! It is pricey, but well worth it - a little bit goes a long way....more info
  • Just as good as any
    I have very dry and curly hair and I have tried nearly every product available to make sleek, silky curls. This is just as good as every other silicon-based hair product from Biosilk, Aveda, Paul Mitchell, or even Pantene and Paul Frieda. Sigh. I need some sort of miracle in a bottle....more info
  • BUMBLE and BUMBLE de frizzer
    i have the crazy curly hair and am always looking for the magic potion.

    this comes close, the day you wear it it works really nicely for curls....but the next day my hair feels stiff and kind of greasy.... those of you that have the curly, curly hair know that our hair tends to be on the dry side, so it's hard to wash it everyday-- and not make it worse...... anyway, if you know that going in-- it's a great product! you don't have to use very much AT ALL. ...more info
  • Silky smooth, no greasy side effects.
    Finally, a product that leaves my hair perfectly silky smooth without any greasy side effects. A small dab will do for shoulder length hair. It tames the frizzies fly aways for the days where I want curl and smooths it to silky smooth straight hair for days when I blow dry with a round brush or straighten with a straightener. Perfect product. Very, very worth the money....more info
  • FINALLY no frizz
    This was amazing. I use B&Bs styling cream but humid weather makes my hair frizz up like I've been electrocuted! It's completely out of control. Generally I have fine hair (but a lot of it) and it is straight if I blow dry except for curlies around my face or curly/wavy if it air dries. This product finally got rid of those ridiculous curlies around my face that stick out in all directions. In the humidity - cruise/beach my hair is generally a mess because of the frizz but this helps tremendously. A little goes a long way.... I use it on damp or dry hair and it tames the wild and stray hairs. It can be mixed with styling cream and does wonderfully as a combo. I highly recommend this product....more info


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