City of Villains Collector's Edition
City of Villains Collector's Edition

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Product Description

City Of Villains is massively multiplayer gaming where players take on the role of a super-powered villain. Go on personalized missions for revenge or conquest -- or band together with your friends and become the menace that plagues Paragon City. Work your way up the ladder of a villain organization to gain super powers, then enter Paragon City and begin a reign of terror. Just be ready to deal with Paragon City's heroes and authorities. Do this successfully, and you'll create your own organization and erect a secret base. But stay vigilant - your activities will attract more, and more powerful, heroes.Special Collector's Edition features:

    * 14-day free trials of City of Heroes & Lineage II
    * Web of Arachnos - NOVEL flyer from CDS Books
    * City of Heroes/City of Villains HeroClix Game Map
    * 30 days free game play
    • Leap tall buildings, fly over entire cityscapes, run at super speeds, execute twisted schemes and more
    • Play and live in a visually stunning 3D world, in a massive multiplayer
    • Form a Squad of Villains and become a menace that plagues Paragon City
    • Build hidden lairs and forge new weapons for your evil adventures
    • Wage epic battles against Hero and rival Villain Groups in huge base invasions

    Customer Reviews:

    • Too many bugs to enjoy
      I like the idea of playing a villian and playing with better graphics that WOW has too offer. But the main and only two problems are the constant disconnects and half the video screen which is barbled (or tearing) on my laptop. Now I have two systems one is an alienware with a nvidia card and the laptop a dell xps with a ati mobility. I made sure everything is upgraded and tweak too work with most games. But there is nothing I can do if COV is having compatibilty issues with the ati mobility card as stated in their website (still being worked on). The tech support technician states that the problem is with my system and and ISP. I play other online games and I will definitly know if there is a problem with my ISP (not) so I decided it is best to cancel my subscription since I cannot enjoy the game and have next to nil on getting any help from tech support. I do not know what high end system is needed or what else must be tweaked. All I can say COV is a nice concept and nice graphics but I guess it all depends on what high end PC system you are using. I wish you better luck in enjoying the game....more info
    • CoV is great!
      CoV is great! Stand-alone or as an add-in to City of Heroes. This is the very best MMORPG on the market - by far!...more info
    • worst game ever
      First of all you have to buy it then to play it you havet to pay 15 dollars a month,also it's a pain in the a** to download it.Then when you finally start playing you see that the graphics aren't that good and it's annoying to move or change the view,and if you don't care about the veiw I played it for five miniuts and it froze on my brand new laptop!VERY VERY VERY BAD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    • NCSoft's latest financial results say it all.
      NCSoft recently published their financial report for the first quarter of 2006. Revenue for City of Heroes/Villains is down 58% in the last three month period. Keep in mind that many people sign up for 6 or 12 months at a time so this only reflects the people who's accounts have expired in that time. Also keep in mind that this is a 58% decline after including any new players who signed up during that period.

      They have so thoroughly ruined the game that most of the people who still have accounts are not playing them (choosing just to let them expire rather than play). They are offering incentives just to try and get people to log on once a week! (Check out the City of Heroes web site for more info).

      While other online games (like World of Warcraft) are growing through word of mouth, City of Heroes/Villains is hemorrhaging users en mass. The reason is simple, in order to slow leveling in the game they have made the game a tedious bore to play. You no long feel like a super hero/villain.

      Now you could trust the people giving this game a positive review keeping in mind they have a vested interest in getting people into the game to play with, or you could trust the nearly 60% of the players who quit the game in the last 3 months. You have only to go to their own site to see the incentives they are offering just to get people to log on. Fun games don't have to offer incentives to get people to play, people WANT to play.

      Avoid this one like the plague folks.

      For more info on their latest quarter search for:
      "NCsoft Announces 2006 First Quarter Financial Results"...more info
    • to gamer7
      my computer had the same video problem when issue 5 was released. on the main CoH screen where u log on there was a message that said my vid card drivers were old and it may not function properly. i have a radeon 9800 pro and i downloaded the 5.1 catalyst drivers and everything worked fine after that :D.

      anyways CoV is an awesome game. new maps, cool new missions, powers, archetypes, costumes galore! love it....more info
    • A good buy at a great price
      I'm a little biased being a long-time CoH/ CoV player, but at the Amazon price, it's hard not to pass this up.

      The content in CoV is great for a teen-based game. No blood or gore like M rated games, but you still get to do bad guy stuff like rob banks, ransack city blocks, plant bombs, kidnap hapless dupes, throw down with heroes (both NPCs and optionally player heroes), etc.

      You can also build lairs and super bases. CoH players can use CoV to do this too, as well as to gain access to CoV's PvP zones.

      Players who have both games get four extra character slots per server also.

      My only complaint is that CoV is a little weak as a stand-alone game. Compared with the older brother that's CoH, it lacks zones and a bit of content comparatively. Most of the new expansion content is created for both games, but that still means CoV has a deficit in regards to number of zones and amount of content.

      The content it does contain, however, is good and very story-driven. Enthralling mission info compliments the missions nicely. Some of it is just damn funny - villain monologues, mad scientists, evil plots, etc.

      The real steal isw what's inside the box. Fans and HeroClix players will enjoy the CoH/CoV gamepiecces inside. My personal favorite though is the Art of CoH/ CoV book that comes with the box.

      All in all, a great box for the price, and a great game too!...more info
    • It's good to be bad!
      If you enjoyed City of Heros you will enjoy City of Villains. New Achetypes and powers, new costumes and new areas to explore all add to the flavor of being a bad guy. Many of the powers are duplicates of the hero's powers, but that shouldn't really be a surprise, what is nice is they are combined in different ways requiring different styles of play to achieve your goals. There are subtle but important differences to playing a villain which bring hours of fun. City of Heros also introduces bases which can be built by the players once they have gained enough influance. Putting your very own torture chamber into the dungeon is hard to beat. Another good point for this game, you only have to pay for one subscription to play City of Heros or City of Villains. So what are you waiting for, release your inner megalomaniac and join the villains in crushing those self rightous do-gooders and make a few bucks on the side....more info
    • great game but BIG problem
      loved this game had alot of fun making characters and trying out the different abilities.BUT one HUGE problem for me and i know there is other like me and have the same problem.
      this is a 3rd person game but for some reason it does to me what ONLY first person shooters do, and that is cause MASSIVE migraines, bad eye strain, and nausea.
      and this game caused it to me 10x worse than i've ever had before, i even tried using motion sickness pills didn't help, and lasted days after i stopped playing it.

      so if you have the same problems as me stay away from this game, but if you have no trouble playing first person shooters then you should have no problems.

      there is no gear in this game to farm endless hours for btw its all about the fun and it was :)...more info
    • Its good to be bad!
      Easy to get into and play. does require a little more PC power to run than City of Heroes does. Overall a great game to get into. Great new content....more info
    • Great gameplay, easy to learn, so-so customer service
      Want to be a super-hero? This is your chance! Want to be a super-villian? This is also your chance!

      I'll get the bad stuff out of the way: fact is, if you have a problem running this game on your computer, or a game client or server bug causes you some negative outcome in the game, or the system admins make a change that costs you in the game, good luck getting help with that. The usual response from customer support: "we're sorry, there's nothing we can do". But hey, at least they get back to you, which is more than I can say for some other software companies. The graphics engine isn't very efficient, but hardware these days is more that sufficient to keep up; they aren't exactly pushing the envelope, so game performance doesn't suffer too much in spite of things.

      In-game content is somewhat limited compared to other MMORPGs. You'll get over it though, especially if you find the other aspects of the game enjoyable.

      The good? There's plenty. This game has been around for awhile now. Almost thee years, I think? But it's aged well. Game mechanics are very simple, which may disappoint the EQ/WoW crowd, but there is still surprisingly good variety to be had. In addition, while you can make weak characters and strong characters, it's hard to screw up too badly, and character development lends itself well to matching your role-playing choices.

      Inventory is simplified to very small storage of "enhancements" and "inspirations". Enhancements are long-term improvements to characters, while inspirations are temporary. The money is "reputation" or "influence" (villian or hero), and you don't have to worry about losing it or carrying too much of it. Character development involves selecting various "powers" on even levels, and selecting which powers to enhance on odd levels. At character creation, you select a specific character path to follow, based on archetype, and then on primary and secondary power sets. All characters also can pick a wide variety of supplementary powers (including "travel" powers: flight, leaping over tall buildings, super-speed, teleportation) from a common "pool" of powers.

      Combat involves selecting which powers to use. Some powers heal or help you or your allies, others hurt or hinder your foes. They range from the basic firepower, gadgets, and technology all the way to supernatural, extraterrestrial, and fantasy side. More powerful powers take longer to recharge, or cost more endurance, or take from your health, or some combination. Power balance is pretty good, though continues to be tweaked as the game evolves.

      Social networking is easy. There's an in-game "find a team" UI...players can indicate what kinds of missions they want to join in on or invite others for. You can search by level, mission type, character type, etc. Having problems finding someone your own level to play with? No problem: lower-level characters can be someone's sidekick, allowing them to effectively fight at one level below their "mentor"; higher-level characters can be someone's exemplar, allowing them to temporarily drop their level to the mentee's level (no xp is gained in this case, except for that which can contribute to "debt reduction", debt occuring when one is defeated in combat).

      But the most fun of all is being able to role-play a villian or super hero. Brilliant game design, an amazing variety of character design options (both in terms of skills and in terms of costume), easy socializing, and playing out one's comic-book fantasies. All worth while!

      And did I mention? The same monthly fee covers the cost for Heroes and Villians. If you already have Heroes, get this and for no additional money you can act our your villianous tendencies to your heart's content! :)...more info
      The city of Villains is a stand alone sequel of my favorite game City of Heroes. To be honest I was expecting much more as COH player from the new game and I don't blame all these people who criticize it but there is something that we should take seriously under consideration and this that it is a stand alone game and that is how we must see it. I noticed that all the new players who never played COH just loved this game and this shows that my personal complain as an old player of the old game and my expectations should not be as criterion to judge the City of Villains.
      If you see it from this side COV is a very special game. All the heroes you can create are big fun and so unique. I would not advise non experienced players to try the player versus player mode and in general I believe that such options should be avoided from those who create such smart new age games. If you have spend hundreds of hours building your hero around Atlas City I am sure you will not be very impressed with this title but if you did not I strongly recommend you to buy and play this game it is something exceptional.
      P.S. check for dr.Kickass allways available to join you for a mish lol
      ...more info
    • Great Buy
      Not only is this product a steal for all the bonus stuff you get BUT this game is a blast. If you don't own it, buy it. And if you do own it, then buy it anyway and add it to your account for the extra bonuses you will get in-game for it. It also comes with a free month, trials of other games, a deck of cards of the CoH card game, an art book, and a whole set of hero clix figures.

      P.S. for those who know, the one I got from Amazon was one of the original box sets, so it was (like many of them) missing the Ghost Widow hero clix. Everything else is there and in great condition. Still a great deal!...more info
    • CoV in-game extras
      If you already own the game then this upgrade can be handy for unlocking one of the alcolade badges (earned by owning this version & the heroes deluxe version) & the arachnos chest emblem with matching cape.

      if you can get this for $20 or less I say its a great upgrade for in game items!

      please see the regular game version for a review of the actual game.

      ...more info
    • CoV is fun, if all you're looking for is mindless stomping
      First of all, you can play all the way to max level without taking part in PVP. Im not sure who the dude is that complained about the new zones only being PVP, but they are not. only specific zones are pvp, and they are the ones the heroes get to enter also. (maybe he was talking from a hero standpoint?) whatever the case, there is absolutely nothing forcing you to take part in pvp. There are no quests that force you to go there, no items from there you have to have, absolutely no reason to go there, unless you want to pvp. I actually wish CoV would have had MORE pvp, but I suppose what they do have is ok.

      As for the rest, in city of heroes, when you punch a guy so hard he flies through the air, lands on his face, and then disappears.. guess what buddy, you didn't just "Defeat" him. the game may say that, but you just knocked that dude into the river. sorry to burst your fuzzy bunny bubble.

      Both games are just two sides of the same coin, and they are very very similar in almost all respects. if you like CoH, you will like CoV, unless you have moral issues with playing a "villain," in which case, please pick up City of Heroes so I have somebody else to stomp in PvP.

      I've been playing for months now and have had no problems with anything on the technical side. It seems rock solid to me, though the beta was rough in parts. The graphics are fantastic, if you have the power to turn on all the cool features and you aren't playing on a laptop, which requires a whole lot more technical experience to get to function like a desktop. I am in the Dungeons and Dragons online beta, and I would put the graphics in CoV up against that any time....more info


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