Santa Fe Dehumidifier - Whole Basement Dehumidification - Energy Star

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Product Description

The Santa Fe is an ultra-efficient residential dehumidifier guaranteed to eliminate basement mold and mildew problems. Unlike standard residential dehumidifiers, the Santa Fe can remove over 100 pints of water per day. The unit is also ultra-efficient, removing two to three times more water for the same cost as operating a standard residential dehumidifier. In a finished basement, the Santa Fe can be located out of sight and ducted to provide air circulation and humidity control to the entire basement. A dry, odor-free basement provides more living and damage-free storage space. Free digital humidity gauge with purchase. The Santa Fe has a built-in defrost system that is designed for operation down to 55F.

  • High efficiency residential dehumidifier- remove over 100 pints of water per day.
  • Gravity drain standard, condensate pump optional.
  • Simply plug the Santa Fe dehumidifier into a standard 110 volt grounded outlet.
  • Dehumidistat with a variable setting range